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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  October 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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cancer is a world we are the visiting te team,w todd meany gives us the inside scoop. we got some news if you plan to go to progressive field games 34 and five. jay-z is doing a concert to encourage the vote, all the details coming it is a typical october day there's warm up on the way
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gave three of world series begins today. if you go to progressive field tonight bundled-up. perk jenn harcher looks at the forecast j thousands will be downtown tonight. 18-wheeler jacket. you will not need your ranger. it's
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chicago forecasts, will be about 64 degrees game time. what the land out the southwest gusting at 35. it takes a while for our sunshine to come out.
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jessica dill joins us with more on why the packed and progressive fiel tonight we get ever closer to game time, was watch party tickets are so fast. progressive field hosting through watch party'spr for the away games in chicago, you can come downtown to watch the game on the jumbo dronec work at th time, saturday watch party is
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you can still get $5 tickets to both tonight's watch party and sunday seating is first-come first-served. tickets are only $5. that's good price considering some chicago bars are chargingt $250 cover charge just to get in. people are excited including clevelanders in chicago as we caught up with some of them. my parents grew up in cleveland. the cubs are the second favorit team in to see both of them together,s it is thrilling to s either one that deceived them facing off is unimaginable. saturday watch party is sold out, today and sunday tickets $ are still available,
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entire weekend work the filed on ticket gets you in the money goes to the organizations that the team donates to can still buy food and drinks while watching the game. get your hotel night as soon as we went tonight, those rates will doubl and triple for back here tuesda night. going to be working 24/7 might as well byo a downtown
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the dow tied at one game apiece they face off again tonight.. there are several changes, this is a national league home game, todd meany has more from wrigley field in chicago. were on top of murphy's bar in what is called wrigleyville. the bleachers are on top of. people will be there tonight getting ready ahead of tonight' game. there is a good view inside of so if you do not want to pay thousands of dollar you could spend about several
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national league game, there will be some switches taking place. >> were going to do what we are called to do and you've got to be ready. we have an athletic team. going to let you to make the decisions.. >> rajai davis says he is ready, carlos santana me playing left field, because there's no designated hitter p, that also means that the picture will be batting in the line-up, josh tomlin is ready, he says that hisag father will be in the cro, who has some medical issues was able to watch his son pitch in the world series tonight, he says that t he is focused on winning. >> not going to put too much pressure myself, there is the chance that it could help me to win the take pride in as much as you
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you got to take pride in your work ethic and still be good at it ri. my main focus is to be pitching >> final preparations at wrigle field have their american last-minute touchups to make it pristine for game three tonight of the world series will have coverage all throughout the world series here from chicago. it will be a great night, hopefully for the indians, todd meany from wrigley field. stay with us for more coverage of the world series, w have cruise in the windy city you can get updates anytime at fox >> both campaigns are trying to stir up support as a camp in th final stretch down to the presidential election, that
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big rap star from stacey frey was there as they began to give out tickets to jay-z. >> hillary clinton trying to motivate young black voters, itt will rally support for her with a free concert in cleveland ne friday november 4, the time and place a sacred, they gave out tickets in a building near the cuyahoga county board of elei euclid, they will distribute tickets, one per person at that location through the weekend. the same hours that the board o elections is open, armand a fre tickets will be available to every clinton campaign office i cuyahoga county acceptingil solon people are urged to volunteer for the campaigngn that will ge them a ticket upgrade it to mak sure that they vote, some are going across the street to cast
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ameer mitchell concert so i'm here to also support hillary clinton. >> to get the free tickets,t i'm going to vote early. >> the biggest god in the music industry, and i registered to vote, i'm going to vote for hillary. making history for the third time to vote for hillary clinton,ki i voted obama the first two times in th third time a woman the campaign will give out the free concert tickets throug the weekendll near the board of elections building, that is 30 in euclid, ticket holders will get an e-mail in the next few daysw to inform them of the tim and location of that concert next friday.
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of how many tickets are being giveng out, we have no idea of the size or location of the venue butut they have no fear t they will run out of tickets, they still plan to give them ou friday saturday and sunday. mike pence is spending the night in new york after a plane mishap at laguardia,ig is campaign jet skidded off the runway whil landing last night, then he walks through the plain picture that he is thankful that everybody is okay in place to b back on thebe campaign trai today, hillary clinton also deleted and said that she's gla thatay he and his staff are saf. donald trump's macon's final push or support in ohio. last night rally at the spire institute geneva was his third stop of the dayton ohio. earlier he spoke at
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about syria makes her unstable. now she wants to store a shooting war in surrogate, in conflict with a nuclearar aggression occurred very well lead to world war iii i think that she is in stable. if you look at what she says, i actually believee that she is unstable. donald trump withheld to campaign events, one in new hampshire and later in rapids iowa. at 1230 will see the 101
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one in california received $70 million
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after became public that his testimony helped prosecutors charge former penn state mey he child molestation was convicted of sexual abuse and ten boys serving between 30 and 60 years, the judgment through on on a separate claim thaty mike mcqueary was treated unfairly by the university. >> want to come, burger king will let you have it your way. >> when it comes down to
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last weekend, for halloweekends at cedar point., they're going to have great weather for the next three nights.eyn show you time lapse work of start off with cloud cover, now
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its way from west to east. this is the hi-def satellite imagege will begin to summit in trumbull county started to see some sunshine. >> to the west, already in full sunshine currently 50 degrees r cleveland upper 40s from wooster to akron-canton. will not be reduced much after sunset, will be about 2 degrees through midnight. if you go to the watch party or
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are friday night football, just transport typical october night with low 50s and you might need a jacket perk park perk park wins out of the southth bringin temperature from with 70 or above. looking at st. louis 64, kansas city 73. for us mid-fifties today on saturday, 74 degrees.
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for the watch party, about 34 degrees today partly sunny
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we will have another warm-up on tuesday. it is the end of an era drama twitter is pulling the plug on
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basic offering training for journalists, with several courses including how to best utilize facebook and instagram also offer various courses on facebook tools likeke facebook live,e,ik 360 videos and photos and instant articles, they say that it helps the online classes wil
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journalists to learn and create . twitter post the plug on the short video app called vine, shut it down for years after buying it for $30 million,o it that appear there last no more than ori when they will close it dow they say that they are laying off about three and 50 workers to improve the bottom line. >> new york burger kingngt lands in fast food prank wars with its halloween costume as they dressed up thee p building as t ghost of mcdonald's, the building was draped ino cloth including cutouts for the eyes,
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kidding, we still flame grill burgers, happy halloween, mcdonald's has yet to respondlo. are you going downtown for the watch party tonight >> everything you need to know
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those going downtown to the watch party progressive field, want to know just how much you jenn harcher, up, has the latest drama >> ed do not need your rain gear and you just nee to wear your jacket work of >> it will be in the low 50s tonightl at progressive field. >> it will be around 54 degrees the wind out of the south between five andd 15, in chicag it will be windy forgot.
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you are doing, and then yesterday yesterday. at this time. changes are coming when i got 50 degrees in clevel. will see some breaks in sunshins
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and dance ready for game three tonightht as the fans celebrate. you do not how to make the trip to chicago to enjoy the game t , jessica dill is at progressive field with details on tonight's's debate watch party. >> we are rested up after baseball. hope that the advance can beat the cubs on their turf. now that the fans will be allowed in chicago, will be watching at progressive field. >> their hosting three watch party's for the play games. you can watch the game on the
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saturday watch party sold out you can o still get $5 tickets tonight and sunday. it is first-come first-served seating, $5 tickets if you're still looking for some indians gear,, this air that i have sol overth some 2,000 minutes of postings merchandise in a week an average of over 10,000 items per day overtese 400 per hour. this is a big deal for the indians , i am here to buy more can find what i wantam as soon i get more they will distribute them immediately.ri watch party is $5, going to charity, game time in philly pm the doors will open at en jessica dill, fox 8
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game three tonight, and then came for tomorrow ande it's go to be in crazy time. >> todd meany, is in chicago covering game three sunny day here, the land is blind is goin to be chilly tonight we are supporting as have others who have come here for game three. lot of people, 40,000 people at wrigley field and thousands outside the bleachers or on top of the brownstones around the area. they will be turning on the cubs. >> i love it, it is something
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, even though you are visitor's. how they get, to the point.that you cannot even think it is jus crazyt busy cool moment to take him to be a part of it. is going to be crazy. >> mike napoli helps to that on out> of the bleachers. it is a nationally game so no dhme carlos santana to play lef field and josh tomlin will also be batting, you talk to a guy like terry francona, who has been to the world seriess , he knows how to make sure that his players aree brought to their potential, and that's what he's ready for tonight's i don't think it will be a ton of people cheering for us, that's where the feeling in the clubhouse comes is goingng to feel like us agai the world tomorrow, but us is pretty good. >> is going to be electric and
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supporting the tribe, be sure to watch and be part of the action todd meany fox 8 news. there was no shortage of cubs fanss for the first two games o the world series and while ther were many house fans at the cleveland games it's tougher to find indians fans in chicago bu we did find a few including som
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stay with us for postgame coverage, as the exclusive home of the world series, as we rall with our indians, election day less than two week awayay donald trump's focusing on ohio to make three stops the state just yesterday,,mp come it is a critical time, how do you convince the independence that you're the man for the job. >> the polls have been great,,d ohio has been fantastic. and pretty big in florida. lots of things are happening were very excited. saturday in gettysburg you got a lot of detail your first 100 days come contract with
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>> cutting taxes, to make the country safe to build the military,, it is so depleted because of were going to build up, in terms of border, with stronger borders we have to cut taxes and get rid of obamacare total disaster, we talked about the various things also supreme court judgeses, we have to the point.the right people supreme court it is all-important, the second amendment,isis and probably could go on forever. because the country is in such sad shape one thing that affect ohio is jobsuc. we want to make great trade deals instead of the horrible deals now. you see there iss a lot of enthusiasm, just to hear the noise behind us kraut has been amazing. >> had to ask about the indians?
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they've done a great job, just great team so let's see what happens, wishing him luck thank you. is only allowed to ask five. there were many people are waiting to see him so only allowededto a few minutes. still doing very well in ohio but not 1980, jimmy carter was down to ronald reagan nine pointsa befo the election. and every day it fluctuates
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cranberries and juice may not a natural way to prevent urinary tract infections. they examined 185 when he lived in nursing homes found that there was no significant
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between those given cranberries and those who were given a placebo.o. >> how a few days ago they're issuing warnings over decorativ contact lensesr for tom to say that they could cause injuries to your eyes including infection and loss of vision, their mark dodez code lenses to avoid long-term issues they recommend that you have them prescribed b dr..e reason costume contacts came out because of movies and other thingsbe and they have doctors stand by to prescribe them, th come from a maker that follows standardseses. >> they urge people to avoid bind the lenses of street vendors and stars. little bundles of joy at st. luke's hospital in kansas city
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thanks to march of dimes photographers took these pictures of the first halloween they also got a card, with the child's footprintst. got to cover this halloween, for complete listing of trick o treat times and each community go to fox >> it's pretty much akron's saturday and everything else on monday.e >> coming up rich demuro tech
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downtown, east 4th. will be popping tonight.
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big tech companies are launching new laptops. in the tech report, rich demuro looks at new models fro apple, microsoft and hp from la. a lot of people have been waitingg.for new laptops from these companies especially appl has been a while since the lineup changed. they took a chance with the macbook pro they have ditched the role of function keys on th keyboard has been replaced with ath touch sensitive screen that changes depending on the app used. a big week for mobile computing, all companies releasing new laptops. new technology that facets of life. >> they can to to blur the line between tablet laptop with a high-performance surface booki
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full-size keyboard, it has twic the graphics and processing ower and 16 hours battery life starting at $2,400. hp up-dated two of the best-selling novels the spectre x360 folds backe to the company tablet , it is thinner and lighter and there is nearly new barter, the slick looking in laptop is life of 14 hours. for 25 years, we have been defining and redefining what a notebook is. and what it can do apple took the most chances with its macbook pro lineup, they killed the function keys. keep around 45-year-old technologygy. >> in the place is a new touch sensitive touch a bar, it
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those views including bookmarks and shortcut tools for editing and those all-important emoji's. a fingerprint reader is built in so you can log into your laptop without type in the , there is still a headphone jack but models featurek multipurpose ports instead of standard usb. expect to use adapters. they start at $1,500 per that fancy new touch for pay at least $1,800 per these are premium computers for many people, price is the number-one aspect of a computer purchase s if you do things like surf the web, facebook photos are probably do not need a $2,000 computer, $500 computer is just fine these are more for work-related such as video
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a big event today. 20 years the council put out designer dress sale gently used, high-end fashions featuring st. john, chanel, louis vuitton the list goes on. they camp out for doors open at ten , you need to get their first get your hands on these great merchandis items. it is running all this weekend. and tuesday will be the last day. h they the th discount more. the money raised goes to wonderful charities in
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is at the jewish kennedy center
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tooday on "the real." >> not without the fabulous, kenya moore. >> on girl chat we discuss loni's love life. >> i date younger too. >> oh, do you? >> then meet the stars, crawford and damon wayen. and all eye >> krb don't think i can give this one away. >> "the real." ? this is our time right now


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