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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  October 29, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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thank you for linking up with usus. what a nailbiter last night at wrigley field. >> our temperatures will be ver mild, also in chicago deal, likely in the 60s, the winds will be blustery. can see the wave action with cloud cover. no rainfall underneath those clouds with a little bit of sunshine this morning, 57 degrees.
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the average high is 57 so we ar at that. and north olmsted also 57. from outer space you can see the cloud coverer. rain showers to the north lawn a funnel boundary petroff said tomorrow, there could be some light rain showers, those around 4:00 o'clock that will b on and off overnight, tomorrowa
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in victory for the indians game three world series. wrigley field elated center one years to host the world series with the also got josh tomlin, and coco crisp. >> call centeno made his left-field debut and he got his first flyball before too ng josh towers superb, kyle hendricks was just as good, he did not give up a run , the indians left plenty of runners on base in scoring position, an cisco lindor fits into the double play to end the fifth inning, and the seventh, coco crispft gets rbi single to right, michael martina scores, then it is one-zero the indians as the
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the ninth inning, cody allen gets the strikeout the indians win game three, one to nothing, they take a two to one series lead. john telich was at the game enjoys as from wrigley field. on friday night here, josh tomlin was spectacular. and then the base knock from coco crisp. in the bullpen they've got the door slammed, the indians have their fifth shutout and 11 postseason games rated the worl series two games to one. will have our hands full to get these guys tonight was a good example, that was as close a ballgame as you're ever going to find.l we found a way to manage to win
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that we want to be just one run better, that is about a far as you can get >> about to get the big hit or something to possibly help the team. and fortunately enough for me today it was the hit echo but whatever i can do bba conversation. to get the ball down was the case tonightt they got a good lineup that he kept his composure they're doing it, they are in a group. the step up everytime called upon the matter what.. >> tonight, corey kluber lookin for more success in the postseason
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game at wrigley field john telich fox 8 news in chicago. the indians pitching staff, used just about every trick to shut out the cubs to take a lea in the world series.ak >> matt wright with more on game three of the world series. good morning. the tribe takes a two to one laid the world series. it was a nailbiter down to the end.
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sightings of indians fans were few and far between and with ticket prices reaching $2,500 just to get in the door that does take a hit on your travel budget, i did talk to some fans to their reaction to the victory. >> was amazing it is like all of the indians fans are right here. all of the chicago people have been really cool.. >> it was nerve-racking. , head out for the last two innings, and lessened, it was
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indians fans are still celebrating as cubs fans try to forget and move on. see them line up to get last-minute tickets to tonight' gamet . >> indians need two more to win with corey kluber taken the mound, m the entire team in chicago will be here all weeken to bring you complete coverage of the world series. are there still left at ?rigley this happened yesterday and today people were camped out overnight before yesterdays gam sometimes they release last-minute tickets on game day and that's what these people ar hoping to get some of those coveted seats inside of the ballpark . thousands also packed
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tribe. bundled-up in their tribe gear he was basically a full house except for just a few outfield seats. to say that they were excited i a understatement. designed the game was here there was so much energy. benji is unbelievable. >> were going to go all the way. the indians and cubs will play again tonight wrigley fiel in another watch party is scheduled tonight .
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progressive field will be at full capacity for tonight's big game.. >> stay with us after the game postgame coverage we are the exclusive home of the world series as wee rally together to beat them. family got choosy friday as a robber was found guilty of killing a 50-year-old during holdup.p. and see how bruell was on just-released video is peggy gallek reports. >> two weeks ago,ts 50-year-old sunny patel was killed, on friday, and the cuyahoga county court republic dave young parenchyma the man responsible for his death was sentenced to life in prison.m please say that he entered this mr. hero in cleveland heights october 15 shooting sunny patel to death.
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>> this video, shows him following his weapon, seconds after walking into the sandwich shopco assistant county prosecutor blaise thomas said afteror he s him, he held his uncle at gunpoint stealing money from t cash register.te >> that he fled the store. that he assisted his wife with sunny. he apologized for his actions. want to tell the family, that i am sorry for my actions were wrong inti a desert to be punis want to tell my family i am sorry as well.p family members of sunny patel say their allies will never be the same without him.
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person he saw his last moments filled with was of sunshine and he took his life away for a few hundred dollars.un peggy gallek fox 8 i-team. >> they say that daveion perry was released from department of youth services in 2015 and on bond when the robbery occurred. >> a local mother arrest, accused of assaulting her sons elementary school secretary, akron police said that rochelle community learning center thursday after he did not come home,o son she said that she b screaming obscenities, throwing chairs and kicking his school secretary,g demanding she had to be restrained, the secretary sustained minor injuries, the child was found safely, instead of waiting to b picked up he walked to his
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i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action
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welcome back to fox 8 news on this saturday morning.. wrigley field, in chicago, look at all of thei people. that view courtesy of matt wright and doug herrmann. people. and, there is that sunset from last night, near chesterland perspective. these clouds have appeared at burke lakefront along with a mucklehead hanging
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the cloud cover from earlier this morning, you can see some blue skies 57 currently, it is mild closer to laketran, to the south, upper 40s. the average high at this time o year for us is 57, and that average high yesterday was november has the largest average temperature decline. >> with average highs at the en of the month in the 40s. two weekends from now, the pattern will shift for a while into the much more cooler category. >> so let's enjoy every mild da
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mark lowry down south towards mansfield, columbus, you can see some rainfall this afternoon assembling, light rainfall, thi evening calling for some shower through much of sunday. >> future-cast indicating maybe one quarter, one third inch of those amountsl begin to dwindle, they do not until maybe monday afternoon. today 73, with strong winds, lasting close to 30 mph program
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perhaps a a passing shower, les windy, with showers likely, 59 still above here is the outlook for the browns jets game tomorrow 1:00 p.m., rainfall with mid- 50s.. on halloween monday, mid- 60s. and then tuesday november 1, 72 degrees with the next shot of rain for thursday and then it and be cooler showers possible next weekend. california walmart will receive more than $70 million lawsuit claiming she developed cancer after using baby powder,
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handed down that ruling against johnson & johnson, she was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer 2012, two other cases had similar results in st. louis this year as johnson & johnson plans to appeal. cranberry and cranberry juice may not be an effective natural way for women to preventbean ur tract infections, young researchers examined 185 women who lived in nursing homes foun there was no significant difference in avoiding and affection between those given cranberries and those given placebos, matching similar studies. a new futuristic staff at a california reportrt program to help,a meet norma, piper and amelia, they are the new roboti in place at the san jose airpo equipped with a large touchscreen to give passengers access to info about the terminal, such as locations of departure gates, restaurants an restrooms, the also kk in six
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a lot of media lives to digital platforms facebook will offer training for journalists, includingoal how they can best utilize facebook instagram, also various courses on facebook tools like facebook live, the company says it hopes that the classes will inspire tens of thousands of journals to learn and createite.ns twitter post a blog on the on short video at vying announcing plans to shut it down for years after they bought it for $30 million, videos that appear in their last no more than six seconds, twitterer cannot say w or when it will close it down after saying that it would lay off 350 workers to improve the bottom line. new york burger king,
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the building was dressed up as the ghost of mcdonald's,t it was draped in white cloth complete with cutouts for the eyes, the sign outside reveals the practices thatst just kidding, we still flame grill hamburgers, happy halloween, mcdonald's
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tribe fans kent on the team to make some replacement for a guaranteed home run you got to go to parma. >> lorrie taylor says it is the only place that you can find ballpark pierogis, and people come from all over ohio to get them. a star is born in parma ohio, it is the ballpark pierogi. meet the mother of invention, including sports fan, and owner of rudy's strudel & bakery in parma. we had a lebron james protein pierogi for the championship and
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she put on your thinking cap, her babushka, and came up with pierogi, world series delicious to honor the cleveland indians. it is clear that in a pierogi, i see that they thereea official unofficial third of cleveland. >> it is 100% c town made of bratwurst from the cleveland downtown brick burial infused with ballpark mustard and serve with sour creamm and ballpark mustard sauce you got to taste to believe.y are made from real ukraine women, babushka and all. >> became all the way from bellevue just south of sandusky
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was fresh off the line for good .uck for the tribe >> a chance that you will leave with some ballparks >> absolutely, two dozen, i wil not let them down. they burned the late-night oil to ensure that the kid out of the park despite their favorite team, reporting from ridge road in parma, lorrie taylor, fox 8 newsro. it is just good luck. >> it is just good manners. >> would like to take one for the team. still to come, two down and
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csi numbers, for october. but i'll think you will be surprised, coming up. >> the wind is a factor we have winds of 20 mph gusting almost
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from outer space we can see the cloud cover. >> expected to assemble along the cold front this evening perhaps late this afternoon, about 3:00 p.m. we start to see some showersrn near ashtabula. they will move out toward cleveland andnd this evening. >> cold front, slow-moving weak front, enough to cool us down tomorrow today low 70s. the winds aloft show the milder air and another system through the
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josh tomlin biggest fan was in the crowd last night . >> is dad, made the trip to cheer on his son, matt wright spoke to jerry tomlin for this
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as the tribe should out the cards, thanks to josh tomlin with his dad watching behind home plate, was determined to b here. it is awesome. >> just got out of rehab. chance to see my son pitch my son pitch world series, would not listen for anything the world, i was going to be here. it was paralyzed two months ago, a rare condition involving spinal cord requiring surgery. josh tomlin
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you would see his son to pitch postseason but he was in the stands last night you can imagine the emotions. is a lot of excitement . >> you battle through things and to be here in person is unbelievable. says he's going back to texas this morningng to get back to t
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the tribe world series run as lots of folks happy, think abou the last time the indians wanted back in 1948, an alliance man, was a small boy, is watching that forged a deep bond with baseball. in 1948 indians versus boston braves, hudak watched his play. such as bob feller and larry doby,y, for him, they were more than just names he idolized the into watch them in the series was a huge treat.o >> i remembered it was excited to see bob feller pitch even though he lost. >> be savored every member, tickets, programs and sketchbook that featured biographies of
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from his parents cut from the same cloth as the big leaguers.. the patch is not on there, do not come with that, it was sold onon >> is dad played minor-league baseball, and that's with the 194018 that helped to set him o a pathat connecting to indians in baseball he became friends with him the original negative, and years lateritit he became frien with bob feller and satchel paige. satchel paige was tall and we both wore a uniform and i remember his cleats on the concrete..h if you are a veteran indents that you probably saw him at th old stadiumum on the third base line was the sign guy.n
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that they came to the games to watch me. >> basil has been a part of his life foror about all of his 76 years, he became a coach, mento and the sign guy, never know ho world series memories can influence, and with baseball h been a home run. one of the first people to write about him of the old stadium was dan coughlin. will have much more reaction from the indians locker room
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last night members of the 1986 browns gathered for a
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anniversary. coach marty schottenheimer was there and talk to fox 8 about a personal health battle, kevin freeman reporting. 1986 cleveland browns team, reunite at richfield hotel to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the specialty. to get to 86 you've got to have 8 there we had to build to get there. earnest byner says that he's working on this reunionn for several years. it's a night where teammates can't reminisce, and fans can grab autographs, interacta and win prizes >> it's about the guys coming together
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that brotherhood, that love tha we have for each other and to share that. the 12 and four record led the team to the afc championship,nd the drive by the denver broncos end of the seaso but not their bond. we went out together we went over to each other's houses raising each other's kidsds but had together was not just football it was lifee >> i have an opportunity to get together, that gives themty the chance to move forward but up. they get much of the credit of the success toto marty schottenheimer who recently revealed he has been diagnosed withh alzheimer's disease process it is not slowing him down.. but just know that this is the time of my lifecycle, i'm
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back on the sidelines if i knew how and could. marty schottenheimer was the best coach i played in the nfl and he created this chemistry that shows respect we have toward each other and the camaraderie of the last 30 kevin freeman fox 8 news. today, low 70s, absolutely gorgeous , this is webcam time lapse from geauga county, we start off just before sunrise. you can see these clouds, decorated the sky this is a loo
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chester live webcam. sustained southland of about 35, will bring the temperature to the 70s above average. currently, 60s, cuyahoga falls 54 and in solon, 62 degrees north olmsted, talk about that wild area for the month of october,r and how this is a departure fro normal. it is about 14 degrees above average. back on october 6, you look at
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a couple of times it was well above average worker in you get the second one from the middle of the month old way to october 202 right now we are i a bit of a ping-pong pattern, nicely done andre bernier.po they tell to departure, is significant withth 5.5 degrees. is above average worker.5 generally south-southwest and. is the pressure gradient that i fairly tight.
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today a high of 73 degrees clouds thicken with a raindrop or two,s though the phil niekro in the cool spot with 48 degrees.oo rain showers tonight about four or 5:00 p.m. overnight 59, cloudy and cool or or, we will notice the difference, with tomorrow showers , that monday, a high of 62 degrees. as they front settles we will get the increment weather out o the late late this weekend and if the tribe does return to tow for the world series, both tuesday and wednesday, games six and seven look to be terrific with low to mid 60s, let's justo rr hope that they wrap it
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beginning the month of november with rainfall thursday that muc cooler next weekend. it might be the sweetest bachelor party story.m the groom-to-be and his friends spend part of the festivities risking a dog in he seven popsn that appear to be living in the woods , an idea that a dog was still his hard. >> this morning that we were there, we have the front door wide open and we were cooking bacon, looked over at the front door of the cabin, and there wa a dog just sitting there, it would not come inside. >> with no clue word came from, they took a liking to it.
8:51 am
home, and that eventually she will go somewhere. >> without any notification or a anyone around it was clear that she needed help. >> she was dehydrated and hungry, she ate everything that we gave her as fast as she could. there was a spot in the woods, that she would go crazy to that spot and that eventuall come back. >> we connect t walked over and we found a gian hole in the ground. one of my friends, found these
8:52 am
we were washing the puppies because they were dirty , there was a group of rough-and-tumble man, who were out for a willing ?and inside washing a bunch of puppies, he says that they are healthy and now have forever homes. police arrest a topless college student for drunk driving when please, whilel second boyfriend. in texas they say the 19-year-old, a texas a&m freshman is charged with drivin while intoxicated with an open container. he said he tried tovi put her shirt back on, she said that sh was taking a snap-chat photo to send to her boyfriend won't sto
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your dreams for a red sox fan. park. this is his backyard, it is now a complete replica ofhi boston's fenway park, make-a-wish connecticut built the rep ballpark, which is wheelchair for thomas. red sox donating sought from the real fenway park and university of hartford baseball team provided bleachers for the
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the part comes complete with the great monster in left fieldldes and press box, thanks to all of the organizations that pitched in h can live out his dream anytime
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thank you for linking up with this. >> and of course, we have it to call the year with. the windsor very gusty.
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with a start to see if you showers about 3:00 o'clock. currently 64 degrees and 65 akron-canton, and the winds out of the south and southwest. we do have some wind gusts approaching 30. >> it will be windy today with clouds thickening before the call for the comes through tonight, tomorrow. by about 3:00 o'clock, you can see the rain showers near ashtabula moving intocleveland,
9:02 am
probably see a few today in the low 70s, rainfall tonight. lasting perhaps into monday morning, o e quarter inch or so, lets see what happens for next week, into november, think you'll like what you see. a huge win for the indians in game three of the world series. wrigley field wet it said one years,, they got the classic they also got josh tomlin and the rest of the indians,g
9:03 am
watch his pitching,os crowe sai tenet made his debut. josh tomlin, it was superb, and kyle hendricks was just as good you do not give up a run, the indiansns left plenty of runners on base in scoring position, and the seventh, coco crisp gets th rbi single to right, michael martinez scores, that it is one-zero indians as the cubs ge inning, cody allen gets the strikeout indians wedding game three, one-zero, take a two-one series lead as john telich was at the big game and joins us no
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in chicago, on friday night, josh tomlin was spectacular. and then coco crisp, one face not all that needed, then the bullpen, they slammed the door, the indians get the fifth shutout now leading the world series two games to one. we know we will have our hands full to beat these guys no tonight was a good example, that was as close a ballgame as you're going to find..s >> we found a way to manage to win the game, we said all the time that we want to be just on run better and that's about as true form as you can get. >> america gets a big kid for , you want to do something to hel the team..
9:05 am
whenever i can do, just to help out anyway possible.w >> it was great, the key tonight was to keep the ball down, they've got a pretty good lineu over there, but he kept his composure and he threw really well. they are in the groove and we thought that we would get to this has been a different guy , and there do a great job to step up every time that they are called upont. tonight, on fox it will be corey kluber looking for more success in the postseason b , it should be a heckuva game here a wrigley field, john telich fox news as a world series in chicago. indians pitching staff that gave in terry francona used jus about everye trick to shut out the cubs to take that lead in
9:06 am
more ont game three of the worl series. >> how're you doing? >> doing good, good morning fro chicago, the tribe takes a two to one laid a world series. it was a nailbiter down to the very end.. >> you can hear a collective sigh end of the game and joy from th indians fans scattered throughout the crowd. between and with ticket prices at $2,500 just to get in the door, does make travel a bit tired, i talked to some tribe
9:07 am
the reaction to the victory. >> it was amazing, like all 15 indians fans were right here. all of the chicago fans have been really cool. it was nerve-racking, i put my head down for the last two innings and just lessened, it was incredible.n tomorrow weigh-ins for the tribe, still celebrating as the cubs fans come to the ballpark hoping for a change tonight, corey kluber pitching tonight for the tribe,
9:08 am
series coverage from chicago. thousands of fans at progressive field teacher on the tribe. they were bundled up in their favorite tribe geared to go to the ball field was basically if full house empty seats in the upper decks in the outfield, say that they were excited was a bit of an >> it's like it was actually here, there is so much energy this town is amazing. >> it was unbelievable, are going to go all the way. are going to take it, if we do a way to yell at my friends
9:09 am
indians and cubs play tonight at wrigley field, watch party scheduled for tonight, it is already sold out, it will be at full capacity for two nights game. >> stay with us after the game foror complete postgame coverag, we are the exclusive home of th
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we will hear from wayne dawson momentarily as he just walked into the studio, here is a look at geauga county son said yesterday from their webcam in chesterland. conceived the high cirrus cloud in some jet contrails,
9:14 am
usually their stripped-down but nott this year, from outer spac you can see clouds are pretty thin. otherwise, some sunshine throughout the state for us it isis filtered, the clouds will thicken, with some rain showers developing about three or dinnertime, p contented with raindrops. >> if you go out tonight you ma want to grab your umbrella the big watch party at progressive field tonight, and we will be contended with showers tonight so you will nee your umbrella tonight and definitely tomorrow.hmb >> the lens shift, north-northeast they use quite bit from what turns out to be a
9:15 am
at between 20 and 25 mph or come that helps to warm us up into the low 70s today.s >> clouds thicken it, it will b very easy and there are showers showing up into 10:00 p.m. tonight as the rainfall coalesces ahead of the front and that will continue tonight. >> tonight 54 degrees, overnight, showers penetrate more than the southern part of the state aroundd wooster, mansfield, then by tomorrow evening around dinnertime, it will be swept out just in time for halloween. tomorrow for 29 degrees, with
9:16 am
the front it takes its sweet timeth ago high pressure builds. here is the forecast if you go to the browns game tomorrow starting at 1:00 p.m., browns versus jets, with spotty rainfall likelytt.
9:17 am
does come back to town, the weather cooperates with showers thursday and then late next wee and the weekend it is cooler. north royalton police investigating officer involved shooting, as serving an order t take a 45-year-old man to the hospitala when he snapped one o them the second officer shot the suspect, the officer was taken to metrohealth with serious injuries, the suspect was taken to parma hospital with grave injuries is under investigati. on friday, the robert wood to prison for killing a 50-year-ol great a hold upo. >> we now see how rufus the robbery wass in video just released, peggy gallek has more. two weeks ago, 15-year-old sunny patel was killed, on friday his family in the
9:18 am
daveion perry, the man responsible was sentenced to life in prison.. police say that daveion perry entered this mr. harrell in cleveland heights shooting sunn patel, then stole cash and ran out of the store. the video from the mr. harrell shows himim firing his weapon seconds after walking into the sandwich shop. assistant county prosecutor blaise thomas said after the shooting, he heldcoco the uncle gunpoint taking money from the cash register. he admitted to the shooting and apologized for his actions. is want to tell the family of sunny patel that i'm sorry for what i p did, i know that my actions were wrong and, a desir
9:19 am
just hope , and i want to tell my family that i'm sorry.. the family members of sunny patel say that their allies wil not be the same without him. >> i hate you for being the las person who saw in his last moments filled with fear. w he was our sunshine, it took away his beautiful life for a few hundred dollars. >> peggy gallek, fox 8 i-team. they say that daveion perry was released from the departmen of youth services in 2015 and was on bondas >> new information about a suspectedd world series con men running a scam, phillip harley charged with trademark counterfeiting, accused of selling fake badgest for those people who could then walk past security into the world series for free. w >> court records show he had a
9:20 am
$170,000 in one account and $30,000 in another account fromd a hike of the trails along the rocky river naturetr center nor olmsted can enjoy the great review, the wooden steps leadin up to fort hill reopen friday i had to be rebuilt because of ground shipping now they're ready, the bad part of the park
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recognizes sky? you see him every weekday morning here on fox 8, today, wayne dawson is here to talk about one of his passions. >> provide educational opportunities to ever to local youth, he and his brother do dawson ough the foundation work. he comes in and he is thinking of us . >> it is not like he has not been here before. >> thank you and fox 8, this is the eighth year of the bowl-a-thon. it was an idea that we started with the foundation in our moms name all about education. we start the foundation, and no
9:25 am
, we do a winter clothing drive for kids anda this year we adopt a family for christmas. we have been blessed, by judge as a it is about giving back and to allow young to understand that if we can do it, then could do it. they say, apply yourself and. >> that the message to send to people, so many problems with inner city but there is also lots of potential, want to get some of the potential to come t the forefrontt so that is what
9:26 am
i think last year, it has a family affair. each year, the fox 8 staff will come by to mingle. kenny crumpton, is a big supporter each year and i hope that you guys will come as well. this is the chance to meet our viewers, it has grown each year. we need to fill that thing up. i think we've got about seven the bowling lanes. >> eyeball the terrible game. >> i'm not much better but it i
9:27 am
>> want to thank the sponsors. jay honda, dominion east ohio, the indians, cavaliers, the roc hall of fame, fox 8 and this shirt will be available. >> they came up with this logo, on the back it says fox 8. >> it will be a fun time, $20 admission price including the shoes, bowling ball, food and beverage. and every cent raised goes to the annie l. dawson foundation, and we keep nothing for
9:28 am
back, it has been a blessing. colozza kits have been helped. >> we have given out 15 scholarships, it grows every year we bring studentsg to tri- eased, we speak to them it is a motivational date for high school students. is about to give back into the blessing. it has been a blessing to me. >> for more information and to register for the eighth annual wayne dawson celebrity bowl-a-thon go to fox >> h a
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this is pretty rare for october. record high as 78 today, we wil have low 70s a so far nothing on radar, partly cloudy noontime 66, and in the afternoon, the better chance of rain. mid-sixties this evening,
9:33 am
progressive field, the watch party, i would bring an umbrella, just in case , for the browns game tomorrow for sure,e, rainfall likely for the 1:00 p.m. start , browns versus jets. satellite/radar composite shows a couple of spotty showers over the lake, city 1 degrees cleveland currently. the watertown merger has declined small craft advisory in effect. up towards new england they've got rain and see some of the showers fill in with the front , that dips into the lower great lakes, maps in motion show how the front losing from the north. some indicate northeast ohio near lake geauga, ashtabula, with showers developing after about 2:00 p.m.
9:34 am
today then begin to quiet down and then switch around to the it will be damped tomorrow, and likely not get ou to the 50sa for the high temperatures. josh tomlin biggest fan was in thee crowd last night but was n always a sure bet his father, who has health issues was able to make the trip, as matt wrigh spoke to jerry tomlin at wrigle
9:35 am
by the night it was as the tribe should out the cubs, thanks larger part two josh tomlin his father was in the stands cheering him on, jerry tomlin was determined to be here. >> is awesome, not much of a big-city guy, i just got out of rehab centera, to get the chance to see my son pitch world series series. would not listen for nothing, s come hell or high water i was going to be here..i is journey here was a long one, he became paralyzed about two months ago, due to a rare condition involving the spinal cord that required surgery.
9:36 am
and unclear ife jerry tomlin could see his son pitch this postseason, but he was here las night, andis you can imagine th motion accounts for both. it has a lot of excitement. you battle through things, you think about things and he was fought his whole life to be her andnd to be here is just the topping of thebe also my career you could say. is a great thingr and to share this with the family it is grea to be here to watch this in person,h it is unbelievable. words cannot describe it. josh tomlin said after the game it was comforting to see his fatherrin to cheer him on, now, he's going back to east texas back to the dr. that he said he ran away from to be here to
9:37 am
fat-wrap world series run has many people think about the las time that the tribe was back in 1948, watching those games back then forging a deep connection with baseball. >> 1948 indians versus boston bill hudecstst watched his hero bob feller and larry doby etc., there were more than just names he idolize them. and to be here at the world series was a huge treat. remember how excited he was to go w to two games in to see feller pitchingo .
9:38 am
1948 teams sketchbooks featured bios on every player he saved his indians uniform , his parents got him uniform cut from the same cloth as the big leaguers.. that patch, is not on there, it actually do not come with th uniform, those rare made in tow and then sold on. his dad played minor-league ball and he was set on a path to connect it with baseball for his life and then he became friends with several of the team player including bob feller in satchel paige who he met as a small boy. >> he was tall and i was small, and i had on my uniform and i remembered his cleats on the concrete. as an end and spend you saw him as the sign guy at the old stadium along third-base.
9:39 am
them all over the stadium, the players told me that they came to the games to watch me. >> baseball has been part of hi life for almost all of his 76 yearsbes, he became a coach, me and, the sign guy, never know h members can influence a child and his wife with baseball has been a home run. >> was the first people to writ about him at the old stadium wa dan coughlin. s coach continues will have more reaction from the indians
9:40 am
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9:43 am
a plane for the entire kitchen fire at o'hare just were takeofr he said that 20 people were taken to hospitals with minor injuries, when there was a fireball on the aircraft which aborted takeoff,o the boeing 767 lellar tigner, it stopped befor the end of the runway at about 43,000 pounds of fuel on board.
9:44 am
lauderdale florida, fedex cargo plane caught fire after landing. they see it from memphis tennessee when the landing gear collapsed kitchen fire, they se the platee exploded on the runway, causing the engine to separate from the rest of the aircraft. planes left wing was also heavily damaged. there are no reports of injuries. we have got a time lapse jean cloud cover from this morning. is a pasty film with a front likely see the clouds thicken.
9:45 am
3:00 p.m. snow showers showing up on stor fox, the wind is from the south at about 12, gusting up to 29 i lorain. show you how this shakes out for the afternoon, it moves through tonight, tomorrow with strong south wind due to being sandwiched between two systems. it is a pressure gradient force between high and low pressure cooker according to th
9:46 am
it flows from high to low pressure. then you have the earth rotatio and the force that spends the air the northern hemisphere it is counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere it is opposite. do want to hear anything about toilets flushing, from yo guys. tonight 54, there is the rainfall between five and 6:00 o'clock with showers, if you go to progressive field, watch party, bob earley want to grab your umbrella. >> tomorrow 59 degrees showers likely
9:47 am
will be coming down. >> as it straddles the northern part of the state setting the stage for a gorgeous start monday, halloween, 60 degrees. it will be in the 70s on tuesday, close to 70 wednesday. the next round of rainfall, thursday in the cooler at the end of the week into next weekend. cavaliers and the raptors
9:48 am
lebron james makes a three pointer, with 21 points,, jr smith, had eight points, the raptors, clawback into the the game, demar derozan had 32, the game tied at 91, the kyrie irving finishes with 26 points, patrick, this is the law three-pointer the cavaliers winning 94-91. >> the browns have a starting quarterback against the jets sunday, josh mccown named the starter by coach hue jackson, ems the previous six weeks with a broken collarbone, cody kessler was ruled out with a
9:49 am
in joe haden is questionable . members of the 1986 browns gathered for a 30th anniversary. >> marty schottenheimer, talk to fox 8 about a health battle is kevin freeman story.. 1986 browns team, reunite in ridgefield to celebrate 30th anniversary. >> to get to 86 you can't have 84, 85, and then 86. to get there, we had to build t get there. former running back earnest byner says he's been working on this reunion for several years.
9:50 am
reminisce and fans can get autographs, interact with the heroesg and win prizes. >> is about the guys coming together to try to get back to some of that brotherhood, that we have for each other. 12 and four record led the team to the afc championship game, th the drive by the denver broncos end of the season. >> we hung out together, we went reason each other's kids. >> they have a opportunity to get together, that gives them the opportunity toth not move forward but to up. much of the credit given to marty schottenheimer revealing that he has been diagnosed with alzheimer's, he says it is not
9:51 am
>> i just know that in this tim ino in my lifecycle i'm not rea to go back on the field but i would jump back onto the sidelines if i knew how could. it was the best coach i had when i played in the nflfl creating a chemistry that shows respect and have for each other and the camaraderie in the last 30 years.. >> kevin freeman fox 8 news. sportsmanship at its finest display during the atlantic coast conference cross country championships, about 20 yards before the finish line, boston college runner, marilyn adams fell to the ground, cleansings and the tape came her side also louisville runner stopped to
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:55 am
criticism has been made of fox sports manager joe buck to show received favoritism toward the cubs during world series. some indians fans say that she has spent too much airtime prius and the chicago cubs and specifically the comeback of some indians ,
9:56 am
>> sam harris created a bed bat and beyond wedding registry for joe buck and kyle schwarber, so it actually purchase something, a white sugar bowl for $10. today in the 70s. >> is amazing. rain showers tomorrow, if you go to the watch party tonight, grab your slicker worker it wil be out of fear in time for
9:57 am
i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
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