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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Early News  FOX  October 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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happy sunday morning to you. it is october 30, otherwise known as the, day cleveland indians only have one game left toa beat. >> i know. the excitement. you actually see the announcers of the game sitting there crying. you can see on the westerntt horizon. >> you can hear the cheering from chicago. in cleveland this morning, what aa game. >> what i saw because some of us have to go to> bed just amazing to see the tribe do so well. >> now, they have one more game
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>> the whole enchilada. >> i can't wait. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> i'm talking enchiladas, now we want food. >> i think so. reviewing the super bowl again, i don't know why it's not about that. >> we talked about it. >> playing today asou well pitted s all about the tribepi obviously from the big when from yesterday both are tons more about that. let's hear a look at radar rain showers we are expected to come in last night, they kind of petered out, the showers are sending the actual cold front it self in some heavy water over the lake those will continue to slidell our way, just in time fr
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theim stadium. meanwhile, even light rain being reported, we are detecting car -- ground lightning strikes. look sick they faded away, that is a goodd sign. >> 18 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time to our south east, what a day yesterday. my goodness, it's a beautiful day. we hit 75 degrees. grounds browns and jets, 1:00 o'clock kickoff rain is likely, the forecast today includes rain showers turningg cooler temperatures in the mid- 50s you can see, the numbers, game five in chicago but if you're heading for the watch party tonight, it's going to be
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more, until then we'll send it back your, way. the indians are up three games to one. one win th away world championship since 1948. a seven -- two in here. >> you heard it right. three down, one to go for the cleveland indians as the tribe dominates game for of the world series.d canri you believe it? >> i feel like i'm dreaming. of course, cleveland got done the mound.
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looked up, got right to the highlights of the cubs stripe first in the third, anthonycu rizzo a single to center. cubs lead one --le zero. the indians tie in the second when carlos santana goes to the right. a solo shot third home run the so season. in the second, corey, helping his old, get a dribble in the third. he fleets, on third committed two -- one tribe. in the third, he singles up the middle, he comes around, for a second it is three -- one indians. he's pitching on three days rest, after his old ways. in one run, took off, six, and the six when they need to have someme insurance. in the tribe takes a four -- one lead.
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with this three runi shot in the seventh-inning. the indians are down just one win away from the world series title 1948. cubs lose your grip coming to games here, what would it be like to when the world series? >> i really don't know. can you imagine winning at wrigley field? >> i'm starting to. >> i thi w to pick came by the set for tonight at wrigley field. counsel county, john much first pitch tonight come is 808. every tv will be tuned right here. >> of course, it is no question thehe atmosphere in and around wrigley field has been electric this weekend.
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catch up with a small loyal group of tribesc fans cheering n the windy city. >> good morning from chicago where the tribe fans at around here are celebrating this morning. trying to find tribe frowns it's like where's waldo i thought as i one of the few fans around, it turns out it was actually a cubs fan in disguise. >> is dying to get to this game. i brother-in-law set i will pay for your ticket if you where and indians jersey to the game. how does it feel? >> it's awful, it six or sheeting. i've been walking around wrigley field for fourbe hours. i haven't seen one indians uniform. a lot of neat storiess among all the cubs fans on the streets surrounding wrigley . further from the midwestern, robbery among the two tribe fans in thern chicagoans, arjun in te ballpark it greatly lower t par.
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he's hoping that that's a case, that's not the case, go tribe. i'm so excited this is like really greatal experience. it's tough. a have to say can we were a little worried. cubs fans, agree we would like to get into the park allow more secure come you never know what's going to happen in the crowd. the tribe fans say they couldn'c before the roughly $2,000 per ticket to get inside the ballpark. certainly, the victory
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>> thank you. of mush you already have ticketk to tonight's watch party at progressive field comes you dont have to watch game five of the world series on television. thousands of fans cheered on the tribe and watch party for game for inside progressive field saturday night. tickets for tonight's matchup against the chicago cubs have already soldat out. the atmosphere inside was unbelievable froms the mome the first pitch last night the indians did not say how many people showed up. saturday nights watch party was sold out as well. the crowd went wild. can my three run homer in the seventh inning after the big when fans feel the tribe might just be destined for a world series title.
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surprised? >> know, corey is an animal. games over, the series hour. let's go tribe. >> i'm knocking on everything. >> indian officials told tell fox say before the game ended, saturday nights watch indian spokesman tells fox eight, right after the game ended, those tickets, sold out. fans are flocking to our city,
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>> the excitement is contagious, as it starts to sink in, just across the indiansns are to winning the world series. pratt's watch party when, the moment, they'll never' forget. everyone jumped around, everyone was having high five strangers, it's the end of major the. after what he did last night with his pitching staff, and don't think it'll go that far. a senior game at progressive fieldn was disappointing.
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indian tell you can have it all. city of champions, beautiful people. it's weather's amazing. we covered the indians, pursuit
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accused of vacant provincials to give fans getting into the trie games. not consider thee party, is facing a church. >> saying i do come hitting the baseball i diamond game for the world series is one day the couple won't soon forget. >> good morningge everybody it is going to be much cooler today. the forecast, there it is a look at those temperatures. in the 50s today, and a window of rain showers this morning, lasting into early this t afternoon. we will see how that impacts, if it does impact all of our sporting events today and eight
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welcome back everyone. we're giddy on this. we are justg giddy. we're all, i think, kind of in disbelief. we didn't think our tribe could do it. they do so else around right now i just really, i feel like i'm dreaming, don't pinch me. >> an exciting day. is a great night. it'say hard. and trick-or-treat coming up. were still hoping for good weather. it still looks great forin that. along with the month of november toto start. if only would end like it started. we all know better.
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it is not raining yet, but you can see then blob, heading over late, and these showers that are out of thel lake will eventuall, traverse thel lake they are settling to the south right now, some heavy rain falling around detroit. that goes back toward ann arbor. even some lightning strikes out there at one point ground lightning strikes that have weakened, and those thundershowers. lightning strikes havet diminished don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder. i don't think it's going to be a bige of deal but i think there's going to be some thunder out there, in the earlye afternoon 3 is filed currently in akron canton, and we will show you the temperatureil trace, or where these cables doing here?e
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, in the night. 75 degrees, yesterday, the average high, is 58 on this day, just give you an idea even yesterday, 59 the average high. look at that area of rain, it is destined for cleveland. were going to get rained on for sharper don't needfo your rain gear, watch as we put the maps in motion, noon: s 2:00 o'clock, maybe by the end game, perhaps after halftime, it begins to dryga out a little bi, that should last on into tonight as well. that is good news for those headed to progressive field. thee only issue is the north wid that it would be blowing off the wakelo. the browns and jets, kickoff at 1:00 o'clock, 56 degrees cloudy rain is likely, and of course, game five in chicago,
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here in cleveland, in chicago, they're going to be right about the same level i would say perhaps, a tad warmer, the temperature, but of courseut progressive field if you're heading there for a watch party tonight come you don't have tickets of course, you can see that gamee only on fox eight tonight beginning at 808 with pregame before that. fifty-seven today clouds, cooler showers are likely, andke eventually drawing out the clouds will hanging seasonably cool 40 degrees the nighttime low, with the north wind. that will definitely cut into you, if you plan on being outside. a cold front sliding to the south, big area of high pressure coming and we'll really keep our weather nice with a gush of mild air, look at the winds aloft. in the meantime, that trough of low pressure deacons and digs, and you'll see what happens in the forecast here, it does turn
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way, not for halloween, 58 that tuesday, 75. watch november 1, rain possible thursday definitely turning cooler, but nothing, this is still above average for this time of year, as a set the clocks back one hour, a week from toheday. >> will get some extra sleep next weekend. i'm all for that. >> we alll are. morning donald trump continues to seize on the fbi's new investigation to hillary clinton's e-mail. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. everybody justice, at last, can be properly delivered trump made
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call secretary of state, mrs. clinton's campaign, so there is no indication can weather the recently discovered e-mails being reviewed or even about her. >> the e-mail scandal come is saturday ourtopic president bill clinton campaign for his wife at cleveland state, clinton says the nation has a choice to make a build bridges like hillary wants, or build walls and republican donald trump has proposed along mexican border. the former president his from arkansas come also said he knows what donald trump's slogan really means. >> i knowl what make america great again means. because i'm a 70 -year-old white southerner, i know exactly what it means means first of giving the economy as it was a years ago. immediately, if you're just like a dictator, all make it the way it d was. that's like me saying i like to be 20 again and i word, but i
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>> election day is one week from tuesday. >>m the second suspect in a deadly street price has surrendered to clevelandd polic. he was wanted on charges related to the death of john, police say he and no racing on west 25th street he lost control on hit cover earlier this month in the 55h -year-old was in a wheelchair, and could not get out of the way. cleveland police are also investigating the death of a person downcl on for the victim was found by the security around 730 saturdayy morning was severe trauma to the headtr so far neither the police are cuyahoga county medical examiner's office has identified the victim in this crime. anyone with any information is asked to call cityy police. >> police also investigating the death of a man outside of the dollar general store on east one 16th street pete police say the victimstne was from on the
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he said investigators found that the suspect ran utip and hit the victim in the head, before fleeing before passerby's called 911. the victim has not been identified. h a man accused of selling fakef credentials appeared in court answer to those charges. he is accused of selling counterfeit credentials to world series games here in cleveland. clean police arrested him wednesday night they say he had counterfeit badges that allowses allow someone to walk past security series at progressivend field. time is 723. head over to us in the morning heating up the hard wood for the tribe isn't the only cleveland c team that is red-hot right now
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time is 728. all this time, it started off as a joke come it's grown into something bigger than the drive has everroth imagined. but it was dominate on the field today or the outlook not so good? we'll take it to the magic eight
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welcome back. post winds sunday morning. and tribe did it again. that's of the wrap it all up tonight. we've got another fresh batch of
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and get healthy lake erie. rain is not here yet, but it will be. we had 75 degreeses yesterday considering the average is 58, and the record high was 78 yesterday. we were close to a record, 79 is today's record high and we are running a bit of a deficit there in the rain bucket at hopkins airport may have a chance to a north and it will soquel into northern ohio by around te. should be raining- noon. then, there raino will be out of here pretty quickly within about three or four hours and that will take us through much of the browns game. the good news is the rain will be out of here in time for the watch party at progressive field. we are calling for a 56 agree
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is likely,y, but as important, game five in chicago, no weather issuesch there, here, at the wah party, at the north wind 15 -- 20. deftly need a nice warm coat on the way out thee door. one -- three quarters on the leica wednesday coming north east, the ways begin to pick up two -- 4 feet. the showers, big area to the northwest. it's only a matter of time before the showers clip the front pulling through. look at the big high, that settles right into cleveland. you know what that means. some very nice weather high-pressure are fairweather friend. here we go again.
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series has extra meaning one of the heroes of game four and his family at second brace and, in the chicago areaon needed, not playing against his hometown. that, caught up withag the fami, before the big came. jason, star player come with a three run homer last night. he grew up on the northern side of chicago suburb of north fork that's about 15 miles from her great field week many on the side of town, he and his cheered on the cubs. >>er i was a diehard fan gearing up, osborne a cub fans i'll die a cubs fan. as long as he's, go tribe. their allegiances have shifted for this world series. lastis night, his older brother was here with the rest of the family wearing tribe gear, ensuring on the youngestwe brotr other supporters from northbrook in the sands. he tweeted a picture of himself
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with the caption, say what you want, i'm living a dream. his brother telling me the family was hoping the drive with face any other team. of uss sleep, family comes firs, i'd rather be a good brother than a good fan for a little bit it's tribe gear all the way. >> he even lives in chicago during the off-season. his brother telling me hadad struggled with this matchup, but clearly he was able to put the struggles aside seeing the performance last party at not bullies, the same you probably heard orl seen if you are in indians fan of course. the phrases on shirts, on science. s it's all over the place pitted started as a joke earlier this year it's really become special to the team also for children in need. we show you how a fans idea is changing a few eyes.
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indians firsts baseman, has really taken on the life of its own thanks to the father of three who had an idea back in april. we all talked about what we should put on the sign. then it is endorsed by mike himself. >> boardrd after one of the gams inne a post- gamb interview comt took off after there and what makeste a spend most not proud a portion of each online sale goes directly toi charity. the toddler, even those it's a
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>> my son, he goes around, he sees as shirt. kind of amazing that it just started off as a joke in the van sign in cleveland. >> i love that story. there are a few things that can make a couple special day even moret special. where there would be rooting on the indians in the world series ofooti course just after they exchanged wedding vows chance to spend some time at progressive field takingen phots with their wedding party and enjoying both historic moments for the indians fan say they met at miami university in 2009, and looking forward to all long life together. >> i think it's a world series, i am a cleveland native. we are back here inl cleveland. beer celebrating. >> it's a beautiful day. i'm so happy to finally have my way. h it's a pleasure to be inside
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occasion. >> after leaving the ballpark the couple headed to the reception to celebrate their nuptials, and of course to cheer on the tribe. >> they mention, our world series postgame coverage will have much morewo reaction coming up. wreaking havoc. >> four yearsmo ago, hurricane sandy, help fell by the east coast it will take a lookel bac. this halloween costume is smoking hot. soso hot, it's taken longer and longer for the sun to come out.' >> until there's a time change.
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up. it looks a little bit hazy out theret too. i don't think it's quite as warm
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one of us come to time or so at
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can as well. >>
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west -- east along the front. fifty-nine brunswick. the double nickel andndal mento5 57 currently, sandusky 56. here is a look at satellite and radar composite, there is a pasty film of cloud, cover acros much of the state. breaks in the overcast, they will not last, this front, situated right about years moving southeastit. he really see the extent of the rain. it really never assembles. dry and beautiful throughout the daybe yesterday. if it works out okay, not too many complaints. 57 degrees today.
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the high for today, jeff believu is 60. showers are likely, at least for the first part of thee afternoon and then mostly cloudy, brisk, seasonably cool tonight with an overnight low of 40. north winds, they'll be pretty brisk. tomorrow looks grand. partly -- mostly sunnyny skies right onny par for this time of five -- 6 degrees above average. with a the could all the temperatures giving the entire month. cold front settling southeast quickly. a big area of high pressure that will bridge in here. it wedges the great lakes and it's nicer weather were expecting temperatures to warm ass well. there are changes on the way.
7:47 am
for to can see the mild surge for the first part of november. it begins to deepen. as it does so, this is to the north, right out of the cold. still, it's going to be cooler, josie in the forecast coming up. three days in a row. what a gorgeous stretch of dry, toasty weather. we'll have a chance cleang yard. get some outside work done. some folks be putting up their christmas lights. it's really of find time to work at of doors. for me it'll be get rid of o
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weekend marks for years since the deadly super storm sandy camesi ashore on the east coastf the country, the storm devastated the coastlines of new york and new jersey, some still struggling to recover. much of that damage was caused by the stormm surge. one in new york, measured a wave more than 32 feet >> this morning the investigation into a plane that caught fire on the runway in chicago continues. americanag airline flight was st takeoff when i had for take off because of the fire. more than 160 passengers and crew were on board the flight at the time ando they were all able to evacuate safely. officials say a major malfunction is the likely cause of the fire thatk delayed operations and why the busiest
7:49 am
they sprayed. so far, fedex has said what caused the fire what was on the plane fire officials say nobody was injured. you've only got a couple days left to come up with a clever halloween costume, it's going to be hard to top this one. the sky is poking fun at the samsung galaxy note seven. the ones being following reports of fire and explosion concerns. looks at the vaporizer to a bunch of note seven boxes to become anc smoking galaxy note seven has been say dressed up with fading away as a firefighter. >> it's easy to find thea boxes. newborns are getting, their first ever halloweene costume.
7:50 am
dimes distributed handmade halloween costumes to some of theares patients in saint luke scottsbluff kansas city nick you. photographers, don't even take time to take pictures for the families as part of an e early halloween celebration. they also got a car that read trick-or-treat that included the baby's web cream. 750, still ahead, game day for the both the tribes of the brown. the big question is, it crew
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great, indians >> the thing is, this is been such an amazing series. two teams that is one wanted this soriri bad for so long. what a phenomenal series.
7:55 am
no one really matters. will brown's get crushed by the new york jets today? or will they win? help the browns, what do we have? yes definitely pay the eight ball hase confirmed. >> should we remind you
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it's a little bit foggy today. >> a little bit of pace out
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truthfully, nobody is thinking about the hazes morning. we are feeling haze from last win.s the skies are clear because the tribe is one game away. it is a beautiful morning. it is a beautiful morning here in cleveland, good morning. thanks for waking up withg us. >> get the haze out of our way. set tentative toward new york state somewhere . the refreshing winds of change are blowing. something like that. considering mid- 70s yesterday, much cooler airr. rain to the north and some of the rain is pretty heavy. this is very light p rain around madison and some scattered
8:01 am
heights and solon. there some lightning out here too. they seem lightning. there definitely will be the potential for rumbles of thunder here later this morning once the line of thunder or showers settles into know what -- northern ohio. we have our average, which is 58 beta will be much closer to average for the brown's and jets. though showers should be out of here by halftime this work is
8:02 am
trying out for the evening. perhaps not a quarter of an inch of rain. were running a bit of the deficit. a nice warm jacket for sure on the way out the door in thee push, to the watch party, you know we can find that
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3 grams to one, one win away the heard that right. three down: went to go for the cleveland indians, as w a tribe dominates games, for of the word series. can you believe it? get down on the mound, the indians justst never let up in this game. cubs try first in the first. anthony gets a boost singled tot center. cubs lead windowshopping. in the event time in the second ending with carlos santana goes for the yard a solo shot at a third home run of the season. andt second, beat the throne first.
8:04 am
and as always. he puts a nail in the coffin come with a three-run shot. in the seventh of the indians are now their first world series title since 1948 with a win in game four. >> take a deep breath. tendons on the break the world championship, as we justth mentioned. john has been following all the action all season long. >> half of his career come one things for sure, there's something pretty special about
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go live to wrigley field or preps underway for what could be a historico game five. a know you been waiting, we've all been waiting a long time for this. i'll tell you they have just been grindersde this entire post season. it approached each and every game. the pitching staff come you cann say in those 12 games that they played in the postseason for the have a lot of total of 22 runs could you can say that they have not only they, but then cavaliers. cavaliers on every level clenched in the opposing team sitting than the indians have done so inin each level here, perhaps they do it as well here at wrigley field. last night, they certainly hit all the rightig buttons. sixth all-time and most wins in
8:06 am
what it would mean to win a world series championship. >> how much would this mean foro you? for cleveland, for the indians? >> long ways to go privy a lot of games to be replayed. play the game the right can respectay that. hopefully tomorrow we do it. >> is saying, he has to respect, each and every game, play the game the right way. they have had this mantra all season. long.
8:07 am
believe, early on that the most importantth aspect of what you o each and every day us to do witd the team being successful, not one each individual part. as you all know, just a win away. they cavaliers can certainly be a certainrs type of the team tht can showta you even though somee is on s three -- one, you cannot go to the bank with ithr yet. you have to win the next game. of course tonight, all eyes in the baseball world here in chicago. >> on the way to.o >> are crossing our fingers from , crossing ourng chose. ready. we mention, game five at wrigley field. for his second world series start. the cubs, or counter which almost who lost game one. first pitches only here on fox,
8:08 am
atmosphere, an electrically tape of mostly cubs fans, to catch up with a small but loyal group of tribes fans to cheer on their s team in the windy city. >> good morning from chicago, where the few plans around here are celebrating this morning, trying to find tribe fans comes a little bit like where'sg,nd wo and when i thought i saw one of the few fans around, it turns out it was actually a cubsi fan in disguise. i brother-in-law set i will pay for your ticket, if you where and indians jersey to thee game. >> it's awful, it's excruciating. i've been walking around wrigley field for fourur hours. i haven't seen one indians uniform. you find a lot of unique stories on all the cubs. fans surroundig wrigley. the mood is a bit tamer after the tribes game threeoo win is a friendly midwestern camaraderie
8:09 am
repacked all day and night saturday. long lines to getn inside and deep cover charges. we stepped into a bar, expecting to find plenty of cleveland fans, and said only a handful among the shoulder to shoulder crowd of cubs fans. they deserve it, we deserve it, go d tribe. he's hoping that that is the case, that is not theat case. it's tough. i had to say we were a little worried. he would like to get into the park with a little more security for you never know what's going to happen in the ay crowd and ty
8:10 am
inside the ballpark. certainly, the victory celebration was just a sweet outsideas. >> a maturity have tickets to tonight watch party at progressiveets field, you're gog to have to watch game five of the world series on tv. thousands of fans cheered on the tribe i watch party for game four inside saturday night. then in spokesman said tickets for tonight's matchup against thesman cs big atmosphere, it was electric from the moment of the first pitch last night, the indians did not say how many people showed up the watch party was sold out as well. the crowd went absolutely wild. the three-run homer in the seventh inning. after the big when of course, fans say the tribe may just be destined for a world series title.
8:11 am
are you surprised? it takes befor up, tickets are still available for some nights launch party in in spokesman tells us, that right after the game ended, those tickets of course will out
8:12 am
go to the facebook share this picture
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what about the watch party tonight? we've got the early november
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816 sunday morning. welcome back. can a little bit scary there, but david his usualar self. here's our cloud cover, webcam perspective it brokero lakefront airport, courtesy of the reflect academy. those clouds of thick, they are sporting some liking. check this out over the lake.a eventually, work when to be of the see some flashes of lightningo here. out to the north, mashup you look, coming up, likely, seeinge a flasher to hearing rumble of thunder. there is some out here to the west ofom toledo.
8:17 am
now, 63 in akron canton, 53 up in ashtabula as well and 58 in youngstown. still some out an temperatures around here this morning, which this time of year, the average high temperatures or 56. here's stone fox radar, you can see where the rain is comings down over the lakes come in pretty heavy rain actually falling out here pitted is destined to move into cleveland. you will deftly need your rain gear fornd be out and about. average high this time of year isis 58. we've hit 75 read about three or 4:00 o'clock temperatures didn't do a nose dive, that's for sure plenty of rain to be had to the' northwest, were having a little bit of difficulty getting the average rainfall. with one in the deficit, that'll be good. long about 2:00 o'clock ork seeing the main area of precipitation o quickly exit, as
8:18 am
initially, including tonight. that should be an indicator of how you want to dress. 57 degrees will do it today, northeast winds becoming north and eight -- 16. we'll see cloudy, brisk night, down to 40. tomorrow morning, we are going cover.t off with cloud high pressure builds in. beautiful temperatures. game five chicago, 52 degrees at the watchh party. brisk and chilly at progressive fieldk .
8:19 am
20. i'm just going to do no this, hopefully this is not quinn to be the issue of health talk about the forecast back here in cleveland pitted monday is a travel day, tuesday, let's pull out tuesday. that may be a betterll idea. tuesday and wednesday, whether go to game six andw seven? mid- 60s, mild on tuesday, first pitch 808, and the same thing on wednesday come right he the entire world series. it looks like a half something he wants too say. seventy-five ons tuesday. seventy-three on wednesday, and maybe a shower onn thursday. maybe i'll be admonished for even suggesting the forecast. next weekend, clocks go back and our pinnacle from eastern daylight time to eastern standard time at 2:00 a.m., it
8:20 am
>> presidential politics this morning, they continue to season the fbi'she investigation,. >> the biggest political scandal since watergate, and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last can be properly delivered. >> reclaim, she seven several private e-mail server will secretary of state to hide her criminal activities. clinton's campaign said there is no indication that the recently to covered e-mails being or even
8:21 am
it means first, giving the economy, 50 years ago. immediately, if you just make me dictator, all make it the way it was, like me saying i would like to be 20a again, and i i would not vote for anybody who promised to make me 20 again. >> election day is one week from tuesday. >> vice president biden's us thinking about the lights b outside, is campaigning for hillary clinton. he discussed the latest issue surrounding the campaign. he said he is not a big fan of former congressman anthony weiner has brought more scrutiny on hillary clinton asked a few
8:22 am
time in dc is over. >> i would do anything that she wants, she's elected president toto help her but i'm not lookig to be an administration. it's time foroooo me to move on. >> the vice president is also been touring the country for his cancer -- >> still to >> flu season is upon us right now, pharmacy has program to helpro keep you and your loved
8:24 am
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welcome back. itw is 825. now atson is here right 825. it's on the horizon. the new day to protect yourself come also how about a child in need. >> sir is here to tell us all about thee greens hit a shot gie a shout program. will s continue thank you for having me.
8:26 am
obviously, this time of year, i think people especially with young children start to panic, itt is flu season, it is just about upon us. sure, it is, that dreaded time of year, we are to dealing with that in my household, andre so a lot of people just want to protect themselves. exactly, the thing is, you guys, if g you tell us about this, the give a shout program, that something that's pretty cool for the last three years, walgreens has partnered with the united na at life campaign. were every vaccine that we get at a walgreens pharmacy yourou health care clinic we to a child in a developing country. >> that is huge, what an impact thatat has on those who cannot afford or don't have access to that type of medical dosages don't have it. >> i mean like i said, we think
8:27 am
are more vulnerable, or really come will suffer more from a, they don't get the shot. there are, that'se true. flu season, the flu is always unpredictable, and it's hard to tell how severe could be it as soon as he or she, recommends everybody over the age of six months old chair get a flu shot. it can be more serious for young people or elderly folks come are pregnant women. >> this one's a highly recommend getting the shot. what you tell people who come in and asks you get the shot, but i'm nervous, had friends or family who told me that gotten sick from gettinr it. what dotin you come you cannot t sick from the flu shot. itk is not a live virus paid you cannot geta ill from it. usually the worst thing that can happen may be a little bit of a sore arm that evening where the morning after. >> that's it it's that simple. >> it's very easy toit get. any walgreens pharmacy.
8:28 am
your flu shot there. >> you do not even need an appointment. >> just walk in and ask the pharmacy. >> every year, there's an immunization committee that chooses what viruses to put in the flu shots to protects us. they make an educated about what viruses would be, the most pertinent during the upcoming season. >> for more information about that get a shot, give a shout program head to our website. thank you so much for being here. >> good information. it's a quick great program you guys are running. >> think a lot coming up. >> the indians, we just talked
8:29 am
we talked about it a little bit thisou morning. they have this big lead in the worlda series, up three games to one over the chicago cubs. straightahead, will be back live at wrigley field for preview of game five. >> trick-or-treat is just around the corner in every community has a different time. our web team made it easy for you. they always do. we take care of you paid you can find the day in time for yourdo town, go to our website, click
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
it doesn't matter what the weather is honestly. things are coming up tribe, we arei just grinning erred in. we cannot help ourselves. it just cannot help ourselves. >> he gets it.
8:33 am
michael had amongst multiple heads. it is, a new batch, i guess. maybe the last batch of the season. there's some rain, and even then the best to the north of downtown cleveland. the winds have picked up just a little bit. you were able to see some heavier water, brighter colors out of theh lake indicative of heavy rain. some of that will be moving ouri way, don't be surprised if you see and hear that peals of thunder this morning, and early this afternoon. temperatures in the mid- 50s with basically cloudy skies it will be cool and by 9:00 o'clock, 49 degrees. if you're heading down to the stadium, the browns taking on the jets at 1:00 o'clock. rain is likely. if you take a bit of the dinner break, then perhaps heading over to progressive field for the big
8:34 am
will look the part it, but will leave behind brisk, chilly conditions big north winds, 15 -- 20. you don't have tickets to the game, then of course you will be ableetam to see don't have those tickets, you can see the game, only on fox. there's a big deal of rain, to the northwest, it's heading our way. voters need to be very alert and cautious if you're going to be out there today i wouldn't recommendifgo thundershowers, lurking, always tough, that's an understatement. cold front moves through, high-pressure built-in for a couple of days in aro row. are winds will be a little bit gusty out of the north. then eventually tomorrow, we will turn out of thee southeast. there is the timing on the rain, by about 1:00 o'clock, things quiet down quite a bit. they it could be a spotty shower
8:35 am
by halftime, we should be pretty much rainn free. there is our hourly forecast for to can see the temperatures slip from where we are right now they're coming down, we've already had a high temperature for the day. >> no 75 today. we look forward to tomorrow, thanks a lot. >> think you, aj. a tribe is just one win away from the world series temperature. a think we said that once or morningth they been following the action all season long, his entire life mind you. >> one thing for sure, there's something pretty special about this year's tribe. going to fill a sin, what could be a historic it came five out there in chicago, great to see this morning, jt. >> good to be on board with you autumn, and rosy, wasn't that
8:36 am
clubhouse, in toronto, as they had the champagne and there is certainly a fun thing. not getting ahead of ourselves because i think all along, the indians have respected the process of each and every step along thethndsp way, i think ths what makes a team so successful to makes a run deep into the playoffs. you have to enjoy the win. these guys certainly do it each and every time than their able to compartmentalize that, but on the back burner and focus on what's today. today, is game five of the world series. last night, a victory, very astonishing one in terms of how well they played, seven -- two victory, that is in the past has nothing to do with what could happen thisng evening. they've done that, as some players on his team, that are veterans, who know what it ism like to win a championship. coco crisp played on the 07 red
8:37 am
spring, up in boston, back in those days as well. the scenario comes forward to you in the way, the indians know they've got a play well tonight, in order to celebrate here, as opposed to pushing things off to game six or potentially even a game seven. here's cocose crisp on what it takes to win the big one. where one win away, go by the numbers earlier, but i also said, were playing, the best team in the nation they are not going to get complacent, that when it come out here, they're not going to give up on themselves and we know they're not. we have dry hair be ourselves, have fun and then hope for the victory, but we can't worry about the end result. always it happens our favor were going to go crazy but we have to worry about the game and not the end result. >> enjoy the game, like you said. the end results will take care themselves.
8:38 am
has his, way pitches a few solid innings, leaves things up to the bullpen. the indians have those bats working at the opportune times, then you very well could see a celebration before the month of november rolls around. but if it isll pushed to a tuesday, and the indians are fortunated enough to win on tht date, that would be one heck ofk a 37th birthday present for coco, that his birthday. >> they want to make everybody happy. will by theke e cake. >> good idea. >> be sure to know, that are t world series vote game coverage continues. will have much more ses reaction coming up, keep it right here, on the only station that you can watch, fox. >> 830 issue time. for the news this morning. or just named cleveland, america's hottest city. it is easy to see why at progressive field of course, we are going to taken to lasto
8:39 am
>> halloween is tomorrow, many of us will hit the streets with costumed kids to trick-or-treat just ahead a quick refresher on some safety tips wirer out hitting all that candy.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
after waiting 19 years to get back into the series, indians fans are excited. that's an understatement. flocking to our great city to cheer on thei tribe. >> the excitement is contagious. as it starts to sink in just how close the indians are two winning the world series. friday is watch party when the moment, though they'll never forget. >> everyone jumped around,
8:43 am
it is basically the end of major league, the movie. >> we run into dozens of fans before heading to saturday's sold-out party at progressive field. >> everybody'sro been counting s out all year. i feel like we just keep provig people >> he's a genius bit out of the werere going to go to game seve. after last night what he did with his pitching staff, i don't think it h h will go that far. >> to see a game at progressive field, was a coolest thing. >> we just want atmosphere. i'm 52,2, haven't had their many opportunities like this. were going to enjoy the moment.m >> the city is amazing, is a vibrant. i want to be part of it. a native colombian, recently moved to texas that has family here in cleveland. she says watching the indianssre play on the big screen, is worth the trip.n >> i mean the people, the
8:44 am
everybody is amazing. for now. >> it is amazing weather right now. >> it's beautiful. >> it's all amazing. isn't it? >> you want to be amazed. will be more amazed tomorrow with the sun comes out overaz a championship city. from your lips to god's ears. >> it is worth, >> just covering our p basis. you consider the closet they got there, one of our web cameras. even this, a lot of lightning over the lake right now, the line of showers, andnd thundershowers. these are settling south. you may be able to a be catch a glimpse of the lightning b boltr
8:45 am
hopefully by halftime maybe even some lightning around that will delay the browns game. fifty-five, painesville 54 and madison ravenna texan at 50, that is canton asi well. both 58, north olmsted 56 for this is how it looks the lighter view could you can see the rain stretches back toward indianapolis along the front.t. fifty-seven state, breezy cooler, showers, maybe some thunder as s s well. looks a good good bet. mostlyd cloudy, brisk se theal way down to 40. we are going to knock off 17 degrees from our temperatures were we are right now for the overnight lows. inland temperatures will drop into the 30ss tonight. partly than mostly sunny tomorrow. that is right on par 50 degrees and dry weather is on the way. look at how gorgeous the weather gets fed once thats front moves through, which willro be this afternoon, high pressure builds in, this is the weather controlu
8:46 am
wednesday,an the first part of november. not going to need this at all, games six and seven, tuesday and wednesday, progressive field, mid- 60s, hopefully, we will just need it foro all of the celebrating going on. the next round of rain on thursday, 63 cooler temperatures heading into the end of the week the firstk weekend of november, setting the clocks back ane hou, saturday night into sunday. will send it back to, you. >> halloween, is tomorrow, if you haven't noticed, and if you have children, there's a good chance that the final preps on those costumes are underway. >> kim has a few tips, so that you can make sure your trick-or-treating is a safe and fun experience. trick-or-treating can be fun for kids of all ages come, as long as you follow a a few safety tis beforeti heading out, make sure costumes are fire resistant,
8:47 am
sure it's non-toxic cannot forget to clean the faces before bedtime when it's time to go out and collectim candy, take the ks costumes and bags, so they can be seeno by drivers after dark you can also send them a small flashlights, glow sticks. children under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult it's okay to let older kids go out and groups, but you should plan a route with them and set a time when they should be home. once they hit the streets both kids and electronic devices down the attention to theirni surroundin. stick to the sidewalks or paths, keep an eye on traffic, look both ways and crossing roads. also, be sure to watch for cars that are turning their backing up try to visit only homes of peoples you know, or neighborhd houses that have a porch light on and halloween decorationsh up with a little attention paid to safety, halloween can be a fun and enjoyable experience for all.
8:48 am
a final look at your forecast coming up next. >> that's right. when we comeme back, rosie and a jane are going to put our artistic skills tog use. it's a charlie brown punk andow are ready just warning you.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
halloween is just hours away. is time to prepare your jack-o'-lantern, get it ready to go. our case for painting and set of carving. other think that's very smart idea. there could be problems. there could be tears piddle and thee tears. i did, i did all of it paid you guys were chatng commercialtt break. and i was trying to form my master plan. >> isis, which is not coming to fruition. >> the carver. >> your carvercommitted, did you carve this year?er >> you need to fix up and i'm working on the indians desistst
8:53 am
>> you'll see and pinning this blue, this is a tealn pumpkin yu may see these in some houses around. a teal pumpkin is for folks who, have not getting out candy, they're giving out little toys because children have foodit allergies. chocolate, or something like that could you see a teal pumpkin, at a house they're giving away, and may all have a regular h pumpkin if you see a teal pumpkin, that's a house that's giving way nonfoodt' tres a safer those kiddos. that could ruin your halloween, if you wind up with a food allergy. is adequate cleveland thing? it's probably not really. this is, we are not very talented. you think it looks good, set a guys clinton scene,od stern trid outline it. there we go, noou puns. given no cubs. the smell of the cherry nice. we have a new come see.
8:54 am
they they've gone away, straight, as effort has looking? >>@that they're going to drop the weather picture in their. and maybe or when addressing clowns are somee rain. a little bit ara happy, can barc do that on the computer. here's a good representation of what to afternoon. i would say be out of here by maybe 2:00 o'clock orr so. more around there. two and a half times. i woulda say. twenty-seven -- nothing. i like or your head out. >> sunshine, just november 1, and also the warmest temperature, that we have on a day, 75. what a gorgeous day. get outside, don't worry about
8:55 am
new line be outside celebratingr exactly. that's what the plan is. this or hoping. the weather is going to be perfect,ohe gorgeous. low 70s on wednesday, thursday is a next chance of rain. we will sports and theater temperatures term about 10 degrees off ofsea it 60 on friday partly sunny, and as of right now next weekend looks great, just cool that still above normal for this time of year, in the mid- 50s by then, and the clocks eastern daylight time to eastern standard time we set the clocks back one hour before retiring saturday evening. will have a little more ti sunse in the mornings. >> exactly. cancel be happy about that. >> i'm not a big fan of sunsets up by 30, i wish to just leave them alone. one way or thehe other. what do i know?
8:56 am
>> iti just want to see them wh, the cubshe are very scary, the cubs are too good of the team to be playing which is fine by me, but they're just a very good team. wed will see what happens. >> we cannot get overly confident, that is the thing. i think that's what jt was trying to tell us out today. the good news is, the team knows that. the tribe knowse that. nfl football, comes up next heard you're going to f lose our last hour news. don't forget, the only place to watch the world series is right here on s fox. have a great sunday. i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em.
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donald trump : i love the old days; you know what they used to do with guys like that they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. when mexico sends its people, they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever...
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