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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  WJW  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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be home in front of the hometown fans. one thing we can take away, we took two out of three from the cubs at their home field, with all of their fans and although that noise, so we're going to our place where our fans will be loud and to help us. >> the indians came back to tow today, the cubs will be arrivin tonight, they're trying to remain loose, encouraged to wear halloween costumes of the charter flight to cleveland the indians, try to wrap it up tomorrow nightin at progressive field. they will have two chances to
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their favor, tried to in that tomorrow night at 8:08 p.m.. if you had said that game six and seven you gotyo josh tomlin corey kluber and in front of th home crowd we would take that. you also have andrew miller ready and deck, if they've got a chance t wrap it up you can believe that terry francona will try to thro out c all the punches to wrap it up in front of the home crowd, in a game seven, anything could happen, because they are wildcards. another thing that we know is that it's going to be much warmer
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games one and two. we hear that tomorrow is going to be awfully nice. >> is going to be terrific, i had that mental imageng in my m of you to, you had so much glared up. war fronts are always welcome this time of year, we put this in the martian you can seewe th it comes through overnight. with some patchy clouds, by afternoon, looking good in the sweet spot, not only tuesday bu also wednesday if need be. what will happen,
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animate this through 11:00 o'clock, lance go south, west-southwest blowing out towards right field at about ten-15 mph program is going to be ideal it is going to be ideal. you cannot order anything bette and of course, the best thing would be the weather and a win tomorrow night which of course will happen because i will be wearing my red power tie, which is now at the cleaners again. >> thank you andre, we could
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>> fans are spending a fortune to see their favorites in the world series.. >> they may get a price break comes to game six is lorrie taylor joins us. you could save $1,000 on a ticket tomorrow night , game six. you how to spend a few thousand dollars to save thousand dollars.ndnd but don't look for any bargains like that if there is a game seven the first five games of the toy 60 world series have been goodao to flex-tickets medina but he'l have to take less game six because the shelf life and shorter because that game was never a certainty.ho standing room only states that costan $900 last week expected
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$600, he said anything the lower-level at $5,000 in th first three games might be closer to $4,000. if there is a game seven, $900 seats. that were selling earlier for $1,150. if they go to game seven it is uncharted waters,, it is a perfect storm if you are the ticket industry you pay more fo your clients because they know it is valuable with or without you. if there is a game seven, seat that cost $4,000 last week
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seven. although the ticket brokers say that they have never, they had seen indians tickets bring in more money than they have durin this world series. you just said $7,000, for just one ticket for game seven if there is anyone apparently that as to do with who we play. cubs fans will spin anything to see them play. >> it is a bargain to catch a game here, the i-team has found few come downtown tomorrow you will pay high prices to park >> ed gallek is or was that par
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once again we have two big games, game six and the cavaliers play at home, so a bi downtown parking lot operator said that you can expect the same as last week,ot parking prices close to the ballpark werell $100, the indians played game on in the cavaliers opened the season, and both teams will play at the same time expect parking prices to be similar to last week , if you walk a little you can s3ve money, they drop b half, a couple blocks away and even more if you blocks way further post on tomorrow, the cavaliers have moved the game time up to 6:00 p.m. so they're likely to fill up more space is earlier and look out for parki lot con men
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word of anyone busted for that. because down to one guy who is charging what people would call exorbitant amounts he said if they would not pay at the.a stay with us as we cover the indians pursuit of the world series more from progressive field. without dates at fox >> just eight days until the election, hillary clinton is back in ohio making as final push to win ohio, dave nethers from kent state university, so to a big crowd. >> it was a packed house at the
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she is in a race that could go either way. make a stronger statement today. about who should be the next president. her or donald trump's bican to packed house. she was critical of the fbi jumping into the election with just days ago, making headlines with a new e-mail investigation said that she them to examine staffers e-mails and sure that they would compass a conclusion as they did when the investigate occurs. encouraging early voting withrs more than a week until election day suggesting that have a donald trump as commander-in-chief of the ingasters.un you have to ask yourself, in a crisis, would you trust? who would listen to good advice, keep a level head, and make the
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person that you want as our president and commander-in-chief. spoke about 40 minutes, then to cincinnati. a large crowd, also some more international press that we hav seen earlierr. she spoke to the crowd about th e-mail scandal, the headlines dominating the political landscape. everybody i talked to said that it would not influence their choice on election day. and progressive field, francona speaking to the press before game six. i think that knowing these guys, gives a sense of
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we have asked the to do some things with short rest and things like that and i know how much they enjoy to meet the .hallenges so, i think it is obvious. i have really enjoyed going through this with the. we don't alwaysoi win. we make mistakes but i enjoyed it with these guys if joss stone won't win, he won't be himself, he will not back down.t will not back down from a challenge. he embodies those things as good or better as i have ever seen. >> how happy are you to have th
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and how challenging it were the last three games to construct the lineupw? >> i am. they also will have the dh whic i am sure they are thrilled i thought carlos did an amazing job.b. there was no crazy chances , everything that was it to him h made itim look like he was a le fielder, l he hit the cut off, i was really proud of him.. he volunteered. i was really proud of him he ha come a long way, it took a lot of work in that four days to be out there and i thought it was pretty cool. is here that we are just ballplayers, this is the world series, that we approach this a another baseball game, we know it is really important,
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senior leadership and they have played great baseball. the cavaliers are defending champions and the indians are just one awayar
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that we get the tricks and tomorrow we get the treat when the indians take the 2016 world series,, for that title here in cleveland. tomorrow, it's going to be great. don't forget to pick up your lucky time from the dry cleaners. >> i ate some ice cream. >> they said, don't spoil that time. >> right to go to 7:30 a.m. this morning. and then tomorrow morning,
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is getting really late. this is time lapse from 736. as the sun hits the trees and you can see it is really stunning, it was a gorgeous sunrise show you the more current time lapse in the next segment. that one is also cool because there is a phenomenon that we followed ot thanks to this cloud cover. this is around 25,000 feet, so the clouds are very thin. is comprised of ice crystals and there is no precipitation hereby, we have to widened out the view to show you these next
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does have some showers and snowfall in alberta canada. s this front will begin to move southward,, not until thursday. right now, it is still cool, that's 2 degrees county. the land is out of the southeast, indicate,o with high pressure moving away, it will be a decent warm-up int tomorrow. we see some of that in cincinnati, 62. this is the temperature change chart, you can see what is goin on . high-pressure system is cooling things down along the east coast, they warm up in minneapolis, omaha, kansas city. partly cloudy tonight 48,
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cloudy and the warm front goes through without in the fanfare. we then have a south, southwest wind at 3:00 p.m. then they begin to shift west, northwest, during game time it will be pushing out towards right field. b >> if there is a game seven, increasing clouds 74 degrees th rainfall on thursday, 60 degrees. just like last week we had thos games, and then i think that this will hold true with showersrs thursday then cooled down into the '50s for the upcoming weekendoo. it's not quite record-setting because those were in the low
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get your trick-or-treat costumes ready, before you dres up, go to fox for a complete list ofo trick-or-treat times, just go to fox >> . do you have your halloween
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amir eylon east 4th street, the pickwick camera. you can count the people on the street in one hand tomorrow it's going to be a different pitcher. >> we have aff halloween test, can you guess the costumes? gabe spiegel has some trending stories tonight, the cavaliers have a lot on this season, lebron james does not want any distractions especially fromm t kardashians, according to magazines, that lebron james allegedly told tristan thompson
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from the team paired they have been in a steamy relationship the past couple months, but worse is finalized from more odom is not happy with the distractions, he is a level to her and she is coming to good luck charm, he said that i they lost when she was there he would ask to step away from the game a little bit, but they did when. these two were seen at a
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lebron james, does not want any distractions, that he went toto bat for tristan thompson w he was in contract negotiations last year so this could potentially be an issue.t khloe kardashian and lamar odom had episodes of a tv show and, we don't need that, we do not need a repeat, halloween costume ideas. these are easy and brillia costumes? >> there is cinnamon, paprika, basil, can you guess this? it is the spice girls. the guests are going to come
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combine hot current tv shows in honeybees and you get.rr >> zombie. what about this guy? making your way in the world today, it takes everything you've got. >> that's a hint. and all that was from the tv show chairs. is done by one of the hottest movies of all time, and to your ability container, you get ? han solo cup. and, it is kind of creepy and
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it just speaks for itself. jackie o lantern. you can have all sorts of fun with your friends, i saw a good friend of mine, chicken and blue cord and it was chicken cordon bleu. speaking of frightening things, the browns have enough troubles on the field, but now it is spreading to
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local police to suspended in peggy gallek joins us with .he latest >> love field police chief work went suspended with pay while the investigation ongoing to determine if a valid policy at the hard rock, he was put on paid leave october 5he suspensi is due to reported conduct
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to previous directivest given to him by the mayor and rocksino. just obtained a letter given to last year stated that he was suspended two days without pay after he requested members of z top to sign a picture while backstage. he was also in november 2014, not to request pictures or autographs, neither the chief nor his attorney, would return calls. >> everything went through executive session counsel is aware of everything, plan a meeting within the next week to make the final decisionon. >> there says he hopes the investigation will be completed in about three weeks, if not sooner, some who have worked with him according to jim sullivan the past president of fop says he is an honest hard-working officer involved that the investigation is done soon.. just a day away before
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series championship in cleveland. with the team on the road in chicago,o, watch party sold out here in a matterer of minutes, where does that money go? as jennifer jordan joins us with more. >> if you are one of those for $5 general admission or $24 clu seat ticket to watch the world series games 345 progressive field, your several great causes at home.. who can forget that sea of red those tribe tells of a one in chicago with 20-30,000 watch in the game the scoreboard, ten of thousands of dollars was raised ton major league basebal charities as well as indians charities , including the boys and girls clubs of cleveland.
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place for kids, focusing on academics and healthy lifestyle, the club president says he is grateful for the donations. >> the fact that they dedicated some of the proceeds to the indians charities is a huge thing. working with indians were more than 30 years, probably on of the largest sports supporter over the history of the relationship, they care about things, they think about keepin baseball in the cityty, to suppt baseball and metro school districts and the boys and girl clubs. not clear how the money will be distributed, or the exact amounts w , and the indians could not release the dollar amount o how much was raised during all three watch parties, with 20-possibly 40,000
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that this well into the tens of thousands of dollars.i it was a great time for a wonderful cause . wasn't like the ballgame was right there, thank you. last night a sign that fans were holding went viral for the wrong reasons.sf the dawg pound sign was the of jokes again as maia belay is herere.
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we just wait one went for the browns, if we get that thing we're happy.y.t >> i don't think it well this year, were going zero for 16 this year, there still time, for the browns to win again for a few games. is the first year of the new regime so give them some time, next year could be different story. >> looks like we have a beautiful day for the world series game sixix tomorrow. >> today was nice it was a bit
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coming from the south, and then will the south, southwest tomorrow then says time lapse the first-hand this morning was this rainbow -ish color. it was a lot brighter, that was the first clue. the ice crystal clouds acting like c prisons will get a solar halo. you can see this subtle rain. solar helo following the angle of 22 degrees. the clouds thickened at the end. this is the most recent image
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if you see one, they happen all the time with correct conditions sometimes, it can catch people off guard but they do happen all the time.. lake water temperature 58. it was a cool morning we droppe off from 50s after the front on sunday down into the 30s, at hopkins officially 39 degree quite a few surrounding communities went to under 32 degrees like ashton, youngstown, i'm wayne dawson. >> i'm stefani schaefer.
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is to put this at the motion, the big shot of cold air power for the northeast made some snowfall for northern new england and new york state. you'll see us go from 74 into low to mid 50s, friday saturday and sunday if you want to see snow, there will be some to northeast new york state, ne england.
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it's almost time
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action
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halloween spending and world series rings are through the roof. >> now to natalie herbick with gse update . study suggests that uber and lyft drivers are discriminating against writers based on gender and race, it is suggested that they drivers in boston were twice as likely to cancel flights of those who hadoer aft american sounding names white sounding names. aftermarket riders waited 3 percent longer, they also took the other passengers were longe more expensive rides. world series of popular here, but is also drawing big numbers run the country last night, gam five dr sunday night football, it al drew the football game by 32 percent,t, it was actually t
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six tomorrow night on fox 8. i last americans celebrate halloween breastwork $8.4 billion worth chris lorek that is an all-time high and th 11 years that they have done a surveyth. $3 million on costumes, on average, spending is up nearly $83, say that they share their kids candy with or without the knowledgea. if you're not live for candy, you can always get a free doughnut, krispy kreme is offering, a trade for those who dress up today, she wear a costume to a participating krispy kremear will receive a doughnut, adult costumes
5:49 pm need to save for your trick-or-treaters that
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before the kids go out, this tech report from rich demuro. >> the smart phone to good use with these apps in the social for neighborhoodsds as a treatm you can mark your home with a virtual piece of candy corn and they know that you are giving out candy, hosting aal haunted house, look for those streets with the highest concentration of candy givers. keep an eye on them as they go throughout the neighborhood wit aor
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keeps track of them using gps you can see them in real time, just download the app to their phone inin you can monitor on another phone or tablet or desktop no complicated setup, it is free and works across iphone and android. inspired by the tv show, the walking dead, it will turn you into a scary zombie. customize it, and then you can share with friends on socia media as a picture or video, it might be too scary for the kids so it is rated 17 plus.t for something a little more family-friendly, pokemon go dream home agencies, until november 1 earning double candy for catches and there are more spooky wants to catch the norma just be careful where you were
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healthline scarabs opera, but someone did in the orchestra pi
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it is halloween night it will
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and some great weather for the tribebe the next couple days, a man causes a scare at new york metro opera over the weekend. >> they said that he walked up to the orchestra pit during an internation dumping a powder they do not know what it was an canceled the rest of the performance, evacuate in the opera house called the police,e they say that it was the ashes of his mentor who recently died. >> obviously, ashes of opera lovers mentor, being sprinkled into the orchestra pit, although inconvenient, is a far cry better than anything elseco, we appreciatels opera lovers who come into the mat, though held that they will not bring their ashes with them.m they are not identified the man and say that they are unsur
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we are live at progressive field where the tribe justt wrapped u their workout before game six. as the arch you ready another championship, look into what went wrong during the cavaliers parade chaos.. and the dog pound faux pas, the story behind the browns bundle that created a social media superstorm.m. long day for the tribe, the got back from chicago at 3:00 a.m. now they are practicing for gam
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there is no place like home. progressive field has been very kind to the tribe this season and postseason. they will have two times two in one game to wrap up the world series title for the first time sincee 1948. they have lost progressive during the postseason person the chicago cubs, game two at progressive. the couple arrived tonight to prepare for game six and perhap game seven wednesday. josh tomlin will start he has been phenomenal
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in those tomorrow be an electric atmosphere, he is up for the challenge along with th rest of the teamo . >> you just have to know, who i in the lineup and start pitching to them. josh tomlin knows the atmosphere will be electric tomorrow. he said that nothing changes, the bases are still undefeated part in tomorrow he just has to execute. jake arrieta will be starting


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