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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> major mistake in the outfield> dooming the tribe in game six that ms. play gave the cubs of momentum and forcing aa winner take all game seven tonight to good morning and thanks for joining us a a on this wednesday november 2 on natalie hanford christi cable internet christy capel and taught many for when was taken with scott sablenaanan good morg everybody 67 degrees at yesterday of 80 the clouds of increase in the one front to the north of cleveland and south of detroit and you can plainly see howan it's working outt the cause is spilling over and paralleling that we will see some pics of sunshine today look at this it's not only northern ohio is most of the midwestatat and right onto e middle of the country and we are still looking at temperatures much warmere than where we were yesterday at this time it won'tda take much to get high and the upper
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the sprinkles on radar it hasn't been a heavy event heresp so as we look further west west will more than likely a if you're driving on 48001 the turnpike into western ohio you may see a quick two-minute showerro this is not going to e a newsworthy event here is more than just noteworthy the coverage on the again will be relatively small te were trying to be optimistic that the forecasts were no image at our cleveland and 76 to recordo high and agronomic up to 20 percent going primarily if the game does it make if it goes after 11:00 o'clock to be an increasingly higher chance of may may be seeing a shower developingcrer that could affect the game but again warmer breezy 70 degrees by 8:00 o'clock himim right now the runways we look and we don't have any problems after accident free start on our wednesday overnight work watch
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and please slow it down to this construction zones wezo certainly have a lot of them theyot will be wrapping up as we head towards the wintertime and maybe we can extend a little much road at railroad bridgesil that will close at some point this morning i think what about eight and) eight and remain closed to the nighthi uneventful ride looks get there a okay 90 by columbia road at this construction project window will open northbound ramp to west inbound4 that should open o-dot says by november 11 just a few more days on the closure is up to game seven of the cubs evening of those series last night it's not the result we had hoped foros l a deal from reaction this morning.
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ballpark for a game seven yes we are going to a game seven and check this out a line of people are already outside the ticket office tut's people stard forming a line at third inning yesterday they're hoping the release some tickets i stated yesterday sometimes i happens limited numbericst brought it to a new level giving us an unexpected result last night a loss to the chicago cubs at nine ?-dash
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before russell greenwood and then graham and then at her with a grand slamam on a two oh page of making at seven setup this was the first grand slam cleveland is ever allowed in the world series and the cubs at first onet s s after mike nai rbi single in the for the indians loaded the bases but jake area jake area got out by striking out the on to win nine ?-dash three setting up a winner take all game seven tonightire he's got a good run of this thing we have another shot tomorrow so we have a resilient team will be ready to go tomorrow and try to quote this thing out is only one more game to play everybody to be ready to play word home playing in front of our plans with the klingon
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come up short to play do what we've done all year and get it to the into the back of the bullpen. >> that's right couric luber back corey cooper back on the mound are trying to beri the first to picture since 19682 when the three games in the world series everyone can do it for us it all comes down to tonightr going up against their cy young guy will see we have competence include for we are hours away from the world series finale circuit in seven were all eyes will be watchingl him that as you are be broke after buying the tickets jessica diehl live with more than skyrocketing ticket prices for tonight's gamelth god morning everyone already here
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to see a world series game this year this is your last chance to go if you are lucky enough to get your hands on ticketsou man and you'll ill be shelling out a lot of moneyn now as soon as the cubs it went up to 70 in game six of the world series tickets to tonight's game exploded on the resale market the ticket market tracker right before game six of the average asking price was to resolveee but after just the first innn jumped to 7 percent to $4,200o by the end of begin the game the asking price jumped over 19 percenth the tickets are actually selling for about $2,000 per tickett it's crazy expensive to see these two teams in game seven including the cleveland fans who watched it last night's game and refuse to give up on the teameao we are die hard fans diehard fans were all coming down tomorroware no matter what it
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till i die with him so much part of the cubs game h sucks that we lost will get it tomorrowow always so the mostt expensive tickets that were part yesterday for tonight's game was a pair of tickets or they were $19,500 each in the two tickets to are right by the cubs dugouthe they say the most expensive tickets cve . >> it'll be a good game the indians are continuing to honor the team membershe first pitch honors tonight ceremonial to grow honor of course for game 612 former indians pitchero dennis
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named for the all-star team and 95 while helping guide the tribe to the fall atlanta him of course foxy is your official world series station covering the site like no one else canano we are pleased to have former try manager mark hargrove and tony rizzo joining the foxy news teamge world series coverage of chris parks is the exclusive home for game seven series with exclusive coverage beginning from progressive field writes field right this morning at 6:00 o'clock rallying together on foxy ts eee and other news and manhunt is continuing for a suspect isiss the only police cruiser and oakwood village investigators to the it and the suspect took often occurs early tuesday one officer was injured in the before they abandon the creature cruiser on clever site are but a few other details of being released
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identified the third victim of a suspected serial killeredi ?-dash on grades ex-girlfriend at-d the corner used dna to idaho kempis cunningham remains found, they can home in mid-september after his arrest for a confessed to killing five women although he's been charged for two murders eric trump son of donald trump will campaign in northeast ohio today and behalf of the republican presidential candidate the younger trouble holding rallies in several communities throughout the day starting inng mansfield at 10:00 a.m. the also make00 stops in worcester can't and fairmont trump is expected to think his father's supporters while encouraging early voting terminal 509 weather and t traffic every eight minutes and just ahead in a report about the disappearance of the malaysian airline flight with a team of investigators happened in the final moments where it went down is usually not a good sign when your mvp candidate
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morning everybody just a couple of sprinkles here on radararin a few raindrops if you're driving to the west out near tiffin and sandusky and a few of them near worcester to coverage a pretty small temperatures in the 60s we'll will talk more about the forecastma for the world series will see breaks of sunshine could we break your record before game time will have a
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is >> you i love this song i'm never going to give you up whenever they give up our indiansup.
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your time this morning is 512 gorges gorgeous starter or they already weather and traffic every eight minutes were cold they put a post on the website and was saying hey guess what i i'm a twitter check it out forecast online of the forecaster for the world series up and running the world series history to i want to post on today looking at some of the weather and certainly one ofnd the warmest if it not looking back one of the warmest world series everok actually north of florida and certainly this far north we had a temperature i think it was in philadelphiaiais, 2009 world series close to this injuria because typically temperatures like this do not last a long time and in the evening and early november at halfn and a handful of times to get a temperature above 7524
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been above 80 degrees the last time was in 81950he because wewe calculate the odds of getting this warm at this time of yearte extremely small and have another day-to-day record highs will generally stayha inin the general upper 70s in northernt ohio a little cooler in akrone currently 67 of the clouds7 began to thicken up there is a warm front one front between chicago and detroite is finally seeing some showers and increasing cloud coverg sprinkles on radar pretty light nothing heavy it's starting to drift through cleveland and should be out of here by about nineg or 10:00 o'clock in the morning as with their local our local temperatures moderated 63 already 70 at just down the streetulr 68 of fox 862 currenty in akron storm foxy radar showing again the showers a showers primarily to the westxy to be lasting a minute or two
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south along 71 were rather arkansas forecast to the upper 70s unseasonably warmar normal high 57 will be 20 degrees above that we mention of record highs in the upper 70s pretty much in most locations in northern ohiott and will stake in the seven of theof world series at 30 percent chance of a shower if the game goes into extra inningsan will keepi an eye on the radar after 11:00 o'clock in the evening the rainin chances will start to climb and eventually the shower chances will be really spread across all of northern ohio overnightsp tonight we fall into the 50s we make up to some point tomorrow it'll be i breezy showers continued in the day and in and slowly began to taper off in the afternoon as temperatures in the northwest wind start to fall in the upper 50s couldul see a lingering shower tomorrow evening coming in off the lakeor without all of the rainfalll amounts to get half-inch of rain a pretty good estimate will be keep an on where is set up at again it'll be a fairly widespread rain event and we just reinforce the cool air
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friday highs in the upper 40s to around 50 at a whole lotta when did this weekendard and so even though it will stay in the upper 50s it will seem nearly as cold if we have that northwest wind off the late 30s for overnight lows ha to getting next week looks pretty good with the highs above 60 by next tuesday and could we did break a record yesterday your time this morning's 516 the first college football playe outg' plus a wide as accidental explosion why this accidental explosion checked on a pipeline in alabama a could soon be felt here and in other parts of the nation also whene we see bears in the news that of their getting and schools s still had a ahead a worry look at a cavalier of grizzlies in the wild now as we had to break your as a you as a blurry look at the inner belt
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good morning 518) you can see the lights at progressive field in the distance still be on all day and all night getting ready for game seven and hopefully gain seven when we can celebrate in the .treets safelyve >> we do weather and traffic every eight minutes it's time for a check of your commute r with a lovely patty harkin good morning to you natalie we look at we don't have any accident that this book with oakwood police they sayo still havel the overnight work along 271 northbound up north of rockside road please be cautious as you go through the zones b it's night and harder to see so please definitely slow it downa large road was closed today talking with macedonia police believe right around 8:00 o'clockinh real close of e railroad bridge by 271 and when it does it will be closedbe into november 9 this is 77 a
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will coming up from 480 the average 201 around town in the marathon and appeared as ann 150 it is at $182.86 at sam's club and broadway in a 271 and 480 i noticed the west side is definitely cheaper than the side and from the submitter heisey that speedway is at as buck 88 you're still below that $2 mark and it certainly does sound and feel dead in nd. wallet >> new report focusing on missing malaysian airlines flight 370 suggestst it was out of control when it plunged into the ocean the jet disappeared more than two yearsmo ago during a redeye toe china the new report was developed to following a three-year conference of aviation experts they say debris tracking points to a crashpo in the southern coast of western australia report did not make any conclusions on
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flight paths the iraqi the flight path the iraqi special forces inside city limits of to take the city back from isis the goldenberg a's is called reportedly took control of the state television buildingdeg the militant group claimed it most ?-ellipsis the fact of capital and they pushed and iraqi forces out more than two years ago the bulk of the iraqi military still a few miles outside that city's concerns of this morning about this week's alabama pipeline explosion shut crew had the pipeline sparking the blast that killed one worker injuring five others the pipeline has since been taken off-lineng it providesid about 40 percent of the south's gas the pipeline is expected to remain closed at least for the rest of the week wildlife expertspe they track several of the radio bears to this area and took a picture the plane during a flyover it's like 13 bears
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that many of them are female and they may have been related maybe it was like a birthday party or something by life officials as are the never t seen that many bears together before in one spot.. >> they're just hanging out a little birthday party gathering enjoyingng 522 your time this morning weather and traffic every eight minutes of a may seem hard toh believe but the cavaliers did something they've never done before with lebron james on the team om t tonight with complete postgame coveragega fox eight your exclusive father of the world series as we rally together with the indiansge
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and mostly cloudy skies and noontime temperature will be well up in the 70s a high yesterday of 80 and look up to want thehe widespread warmth of from cleveland back to illinois it looks like temperature is in st. louis up in s the middle 80s yesterday done to 68 there's the one front is starting to see a few isolated showers developinga along the front further west will call it sprinkles again nothingl heavy diesel trip to the east and away storm parks overdosing the shower narrative and again light rain south of overland and a overloaded a quick showers of that cannou impeach r shorten a 65 chagrin falls and 55 and 68 of fox 867 in strongsville high temps today know has 70sn some breaks of sunshine the forecaster for game seven of the world series will stay between 70 and 72 strongee southwest wind that just like yesterday kept a 30 percent chance
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if the game goes after it goes beyondaf 11:00 o'clock that evening the shower chances will start to climb highly that was anything during the game and so at least weather would not be will not be much of a factorurs on the reigning nba champs all caps they just keep winningte the best start in 16 years cap's hosted houston last night rockets up to a really fast start before lebron and justin thompson connect on elliott are you ready for it houston led by six after one cleveland rallied most teams fought hard to get to the hook this up and the basketnd him there you go scored 19 or 13 boards and james harden that james harden had 41 as he normally does he cap used in the game in the fourth timely with the long trade in cod lead because with 32k lovett did in 24 in the caps
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holds the top spot followed by clemson in the michigan texas a and and m holds a fourth and final spotmi at a loss last month to the crimson tide there are ahead of and be in washingtonmms ohio state since its two outs in the sixth spot we got it beat michigan to have a chance to get in there time right, now 527 after coming up short twice to wrap up the world world series title indians opened that their what their at what their time is a charm with a major mistake in the outfieldsese >> 's house we go to break youro take a live look at for uri for any in-state work party will be back with a
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>> this game seven that you've got do to really really good picturesset and it'll be excitig is an honor to be a part of it
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everything we have. >> the world series comes down to one game and a costly mistake in the indians outfielder to help the cubs taken six c c good morning on ts wednesday november 2, 2016 it'll be an exciting day. >> that is for sure it is 53168 degrees we have the scott sable standing by with a look at the forecaster to beautifula yesterday today looking much the same another dayda in the high 70s in fact were already pushing 70 about click fraud airport i and lined with the breaks in the overcast we are seeing temperaturesth more of a reflection of the brakes on the overcast and low 60s l few lone showers this one down ourer work another one now willard's candor popping up andl eventually fading over the coverage a small fee are driving you may see a a few on the windshield but that's about itfe widespread change in temperature rock creek and 50


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