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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 5, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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denied their musical heavy hitters come to cleveland and support of hillary clinton as the march toward election date entered the final weekend so may have an interested and more than just the democratic nominee for president jay-z and beyonc? headlong into nights free concert in support of the clinton campaign fox a melissa reid is there with more. the clinton campaign point out all the stops the rappers jay-z and now conferences right
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scheduled to appear alongside clinton as she's hosting they get the vote out event at cleveland state university's will bring center. as reported before beyonc? will join her husband. tickets we're given. my friends and i can best be went door to door we asked people to vote early. they gave us an orange ticket to come. were all thick supporters of the clinton campaign began weekend but we want you all we can to help her get elected. that's really what brought me here. you know they're showing me close race between the two what are your thoughts on for attempt to get the vote out. i really think that everything
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is all part of the clinton campaign to get ohio voters to vote early specifically millennial's as african-american voters you can see the concert well underway behind me jay-z and beyonc? hillary clinton and so special guest i'm told back to you. hillary clinton is done campaigning in cleveland her campaign announced a sunday stop a public auditorium and by her side none other than lebron james. the cavs superstar endorse clinton last month for tighe information and on over to our website and look under seen on tv the meantime don trump is appealing and election ruling handed down by ohio federal judge the order presents the trump campaign and its supporters from harassing or
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the order would face contempt of court charges the democratic party says trump's campaign speeches we're a call to action for supporters to be poor watchdogs today trump continued to focus on what he calls a rigged system lots of bad things are happening all tell you what. there can a be amazed when it's all finished. how it's all flushing out the system is a beautiful system when it works so many times you see this. things going on that are incredible. coast campaign comments like those are protected political speech. gearing up for tuesday they county board of elections was very busy all day today as voters continued to come down to cast their ballots early over all early voting is down from 2012 officials expect 11,000 people to come through their doors between saturday and
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or office is the only early voting location in the county. tarragona county board of election officials say more than 6,000 workers are ready and tried to go through various precincts jury members on the a day to find a gang member guilty of killing three people in the side of a barbershop nearly two years ago now determine whether he should die for his crimes kevin freeman live in the newsroom with the details and reaction from the victims loved ones. that jury was given yesterday and mounts the verdict this afternoon they found douglas junior guilty on dozens of charges including aggravated murder. it's judgment day for 21 -year-old douglas schein junior on trial for killing three people inside i warrensville heights barbershop we the jury
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aggravated prosecutor say a member of the heartless street gang. the rival gang led to this shootings inside the chalk lines barbershop on harvard avenue in february of 201523 -year-old walter barfield 31 -year-old brandon white ladson and 32 -year-old william gonzales we're all killed. three other 13 people and tried we're wounded. relieved because this is a long process. i'm here because i'm looking for closure but my closure still isn't dying to it. share is the mother of wayne gonzales they we're disturbed by schein's lack of emotion when
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it's hard to watch was killed inside the barbershop for four months later her other son aaron sean chen of the driveway of his grandmother's home. erin was a witness and identified shine as the shooter friday jurors also commission china or constrain the mortar from his jail cell. although the shooting was gang-related her sons we're not gang members. there was also convicted of several shootings a happen in january before the barbershop murdered his be back in court november 16 when jurors we're her testimony to decide whether
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penalty much more to come. please in sheffield like our best to getting us ascended murder suicide the swat team responded that investigators have not released the names of the people involved the only early convenience store sharing severance video from a bazaar robbery at his store this is this scene and the food mart on program check this out. able to break in the store do the sooner he hangs upside down and grabs lottery tickets from a display them pose them back up right to the ceiling suspects never touch the form the owner hopes sharing this video will lead to the arrest of that suspect. local sheriff's multiple charges is back in jail tonight after a judge revoked his bond prosecutors send dusky share made threats about witnesses i
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mrs. buckingham video showing the handcuff sandusky county sheriff been escorted into the area county jail thursday night. overmyer was indicted on several charges and august we have been free on a hundred and $50,000 bond but a judge has now revoked that bond. 250,000 cash and 25,000 personal pleas by the judge pending that bond. the sandusky county sheriff will remain in jail and tell he can post are $250,000 cash bond. the bond was revoked after prosecutors alleged that while he was free on bond overmyer purchased a deadly weapon. failed to notify the court of his changes and address. overmyer pled not guilty to all the charges we're his arraigned
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court documents filed state they we're controlled substances found in the shares office the sheriff is accused of taking drugs from drug take back boxes. area county sheriff says he has known overmyer for several years but says that doesn't change how he was treated at the jail. to ensure that he is true though as everyone else permitted to our custody will follow the order of the court tonight meet a man that's devoted his life to fighting real demons. will go inside an exorcism and see how the actual ritual refers to what you see on tv and a movie employee getting paid
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in this fox 8 eye team exclusive. cell phones we're just beginning the latest products at the center of a massive recall. crying foul over a bizarre punishment how a high school student ended up getting suspended the touchdown playoff additions jp pj and danny immediately five fox 8 at ten
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a lot of this is beginning to die out that hasn't been the case great start to november 1 and 2nd record-setting warmth the collection and normal of very gentle going into the weekend. you can see despite the temperature to 24 hours ago is in the negative by 10 degrees on average across northeast ohio we're still doing okay but because the skies have cleared out though wends have lightened up to nearly can't tonight where seen the temperature slide much faster tonight than then we did 24 hours ago. here's the satellite the clear
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39 so 32 in: nokes the moon is artie said tonight. that sets an hour later tomorrow night with 11:00 o'clock. ford the day tomorrow sunny and mild a high of 59 and that is a handful degrees above normal and it looks like will keep that going into sunday. a reminder attanasio is the time change your e on saturday night before you go to bed which are clocks back one hour an extra hour of sleep otherwise you're are going to be early for everything. spring forward fall back. that extra hour of sleep. four years researchers have looked at the potential dangers of cell phones there taken a different approach to all that a
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university reveals why your phone could be holding you back. a playboy model facing serious charges why social media post county i am authorities the indians front office taking care of business just days after the final out the news that makes fans very happy. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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official say that and are subject conversation show al qaeda could be planning terror attacks monday texas and virginia the threats have not been deemed credible other reports of the us government thinks hackers could circulate fake information on social media maven shut down parts of the power grid our internet. a block always entails some extra precautions obviously the fbi says is working with law enforcement identify and disrupt any potential threats local elections officials say votes are not a risk of being hacked since ballot systems are not connected to the internet new york city argued a shot and killed while searching for a
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authority say the officers we're try to approach the suspect in a vehicle when he opened fire sergeant paul was killed in that shooting as well as the suspect the second officer was shot in the leg and is stable condition the 19 year veteran of the nypd. the stabbing of records bigger school prosecutors say to people and a student faculty member we're hurt the suspect believed to be a former student was also injured unclear stabbing the extent of the injuries remains unknown. rolling stone apologizing to university virginia administrator after a jury found the magazine the famed for a gerbil the magazine's publisher nicole autorama was the credited story about a gang rape of the fraternity house a please investigation found no evidence to back up the claim rolling stone admits to missteps in the
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$7.5 million in damages. still to come in ohio mom accusing a school of discrimination controversy swirling around our transgender first grader inside that could end up in court. getting ready to meet the commander in chief find out when
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miller can't blame live at the world state senate cleveland state university scene of a big concert featuring jay-z b the main seen that searches come in the audience right now get out and vote she is very interested zero course and winning tile county in a big way back here on sunday as well. researchers i can state university believe that evidence that cell phones may be bad for your help the findings may not be exactly what you would expect or texting and comes to settling conclusions.
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is a constant companion for those around us an annoyance. you'll see students walking across campus and often with their faces bit and their phone. if you're walking behind them you'll sometimes well well-known not detection driver searches researchers i can state university texting and walking in fact they been talking while walking we recorded walking speed we recorded heart rate students we're using the phone for texting or talking on the treadmill it reduced walking speed and exercise intensity so we wanted to see does that translate to real-life we have landmarks on the ground we record the time it took for students from go to one landmark to the next coded them as they we're using their cell phone. that may literally be bad for
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of the effect was maybe a little bit larger than we anticipated a ten to 12 percent reduction in walking speed that could be significant because the pace of walking is a good predictor of cardiovascular disease. a lot of people but the professors say that they are some people who are walking is the only exercise they'll ever get some cell phone users are not surprised by the study's conclusion. my own life when i look at my phone when i'm texting are calling someone actually walks lowered to. surprising listening to music over the phone may action increase your place researchers suggest they bump up your own place by giving the phone arrest. the figure being physically active to be the cell phone alone. and intent fox 8 news. a very tough thing for our young
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one of the scariest movies of all time believe it are not real exorcisms are on the rise tonight you meet a man who's taken part in the ritual and hear his theory as to why the monica possessions are increasing. school lunch crackdown students
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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still gets paid tonight the eye team is a major update in the case seeing his accuser cashing in a massive recall for sam's site as teams exploding smart phones we're just beginning safety concerns over another product. a bit of a one up on the way
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election day and beyond the extended forecast news at ten continues right now. the eye team getting to the bottom of a mystery with your tax dollars a new development in the case of the expose with a city employee getting paid long after she died eye team reporter at gallic has the latest. a city hall kept sending paychecks now young team has uncovered what happened to your tax dollars and how county prosecutors now have indicted and indulge son and daughter of the guards who died same day cash 12 just sent after the crossing guard pass away taxpayers want justice and an
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thi incompetence. we went to city hall we silas he did not have a series of checks and balances for pain crossing guards so a dead woman paid october 2014 october 2015 guards only earns 20 bucks a day but that adds up. the city kept sending out paychecks even though the city wasn't getting timesheets finally the state pension system caught it number of things a city spokesman says this case led to new procedures to make sure the city pays guards when they actually work. you have to take it to the school that you're working with they have two initial off on it after that a goes to the police
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criminal charges included theft and forgery for correcting and cashing the check should i have been set prosecutors say the told $2,000 city hall asking for a tax increase so those taxpayers you met have no patience for sloppiness. fox 8 eye team. records show the suspect facing the check charges are living in las vegas they go week. asking for help today and on the nine human remains the back of the vacant lot near east 55th in ditto avenue last month the medical examiner wants to hear from anyone pleasant seen or spoken to a love what an weeks family members are asked to get dna sample to see if it is a match anything other than on this particular case the man who shot his two -year-old nephew and nine -year-old niece is
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prison 31 -year-old lindsay was convicted in the 2015 shooting that left a girl paralyzed from the waist down the defense attorney says though appeal the conviction the eye team is learning more about a pair of arrest alluded to fake world series tickets why harrison is accused of selling fake tickets for $2,500.02 other men are also accused in similar schemes they also sold fake tickets and passes for thousands of dollars. fortune cleveland museum of art for decades was soon be on its way back to italy this known as code xd and states back to the year 1335 is purchased in good faith by the cleveland museum of art in 1952 turns out it's essentially a piece of a larger him just doing italy portions of it had recently appeared on the swiss market the museum was contacted by the us department
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the tying government is being finalized. the 7580-degree degrees temperatures we had earlier this week are gone for a while the weekend is looking pretty good. given you enough time to get that we artwork done. will have to worry about and that in the short-term this weekend. that's the medium-term beyond their. changes are "will happen for a little while be have elbow room i want to show you three time lapse is courtesy of j reynolds he was out and look at the sun sunsetting right our crossed the city skyline right our across the key power beautiful. this from berkeley airport still some patchy clouds now going in tonight this one from chester and is it starts almost at
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crescent moon following us down as is going to be setting almost in the western sky right there we stopped the action at 940 tomorrow night the moonset will be around 11:00 p.m. will though be up a little bit higher. the atmosphere is absolutely totally clear almost florida to almost the west coast. by scattered showers and looks like from albuquerque up to st. george temperature wise we're starting to see fall back especially inland right up against the lakeshore right above 50 is all show you in just a second. and cuyahoga county but him brenda up against the lake is
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thirty-eight and 37 there getting get the golden high school work tomorrow morning. thirty-two to 39 spread now you may go outside that. check in with aging in the morning clear and quiet 12 night 11:00 p.m. a little higher a little brighter. mostly sunny and tomorrow 59 degrees that carries through the weekend i and large apple out tuesday it's obviously election day. first of all here's the bridge of high pressure which covers us for the weekend here's our sneaky system that's going to try and edge. very minor patchy clouds maybe a spritz or sprinkle. about the only other rainy system of any great consequence
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be very quiet for this election day and that is good. there is the patchy clouds for tuesday aside from that beautiful this weekend. saturday sunday and monday wednesday thursday is quiet near normal next system begins to approach late in the week at this stage in the game still not saying that supercold we thought we might be seeing the beginning of next week. intel the weather goes. still to come here is the treatment of a first grade at the center of a big controversy ohio score taken he from the family of a transgender child by could play out in court. plus prosecuting a playmaker charters the monospace. that she posted on social media friday night touchdown the
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that's just minutes away keep it here for high school football highlights from all over
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for professional athletes monday up fox 8 at 6:00 o'clock ohio state star matt will have an former cleveland browns breakthrough thing you should treat everything from bad news to concussion syndrome how 90 percent of patients are seeing improvement if it works for them could it work for you ailments fox 8 news special report coming up right here monday at 6:00 o'clock. family of a transgender first-graders continuing legal action over the way their child is being treated in ohio outside of the last month their first grader the tosha is transgender she was born as logan the school makes natasha use the bathroom near the office. network administrators no compromises we're made school says the issue will be decided by the supreme court administrators say that once the clear direction is provided by the courts they will follow at the family says they already have direction under title ix
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and end-all is uncomfortable. by all means no one would know she is a boy. in may present obama's administration good news to see the family is considering legal action. los angeles prosecutors have charged a playboy model over photo she put on social media danny matters to go photo of a room and posted it along with insulting comments about that woman's body the 29 your faces a misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy the snap chat post came with the caption if i can't unseat this you can't either. she later apologized and deleted her social media accounts there for the posting to police and revoked memberships she could face up to six months in jail and fine. the company recalls millions of
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phones last month is recalling nearly 3 million washing machines sam some is recalling 34 miles of washing machines between 2011 and this year excessive vibration the machine is also detached well and use safety officials have received more than 700 reports of malfunctioning top loading machines would nine injuries including a broken jaw south korean company is offering free repairs rebates new machine or full refund for the last 30 days. coming up here ten night up next it's the subject of movies and tv shows but after systems are two real. we have seen people lose it. fearful a man who's participated in the ritual a hundred times find out why he says their
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[ corvo ] delilah won't go with a fight.
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? i don't know what grand scheme you've got under way, delilah. but i'm coming... to put you in your grave. ? so it begins ? [ male announcer ] rated m for mature. a warning about our next-door some fun images and sounds disturbing one of the scariest movies of all time now the new dramatic series on fox an actual exorcist is sharing spine chilling details from inside an
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story very disturbing here's fo. shrouded in mystery depicted and hollywood. those have been there say the truth is far more terrifying. these creatures are not human after centuries of fines the catholic church is revealing secrets from inside an exorcism. try to counter information. because daemonic manifestations are on the rise car drew brewing in the united states alone. that's pretty horrific a harrowing battle between good and evil that's beyond surreal. a crazy exorcism dramatic stuff is going on. your little shaky today. skeptical so was he with a masters degree in psychology but
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demon diocese of pittsburgh. training priest and put dissipating internationally and well over 100 fallen exorcisms. and so far behind a serial killer for her murder hundred percent. found in thought and nearly every major religion. ms. concrete signs of possession. starting with supernatural strength. the distance is they never get tired and a trying to get their hands on you particularly around holy relics other signs include an inexplicable knowledge of hidden things and all languages. the person was interrogated and english french latin 20 in german. and probably responded to all
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as creepy as it all sounds adam says is actually a lot like a courtroom proceeding was to specific rules and guidelines covered by god he says once the person passes medical and psych exams by licensed positions than an interrogation prospect begins. he going to things that are curiosity that are not relevant to the case. sessions last several hours and can take years to complete. because on like the movies it's never just one demon. it's rice to a person's like having a lease on the apartment.
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from taking part in gas leak called rituals to parents cursing a child. but adam says the most kind of victims come from both hunting and spirits medication. the time got i don't trust you. for my information in a spiritual world. which adam says they must repent before finally being framed. not everyone is saved sometimes the person dies. unfortunate falls says adams never thought it could happen to them. in pittsburgh suzanne fox 8 news. still don't believe you read more of that and tips and importing demons at fox 8 coming
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experience including what he said the ms. did to his dad and retaliation. coming up our student gets his money because of a chicken nugget the story behind a bazaar incident and a high school cafeteria. kaz are to meet the president
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sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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high school student tennessee gets is been a because it's a good actor chicken nugget at lunchtime student at think it has offered five chicken nuggets of the cafeteria live carson clay says he's they actually the day super six chicken nugget on his tray the cafeteria worker noticed that and told him he had
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produce still taken to the principal's office and suspended for one day accused of theft his mom picked a social media to try to sort it all out the thought is all a joke. a lot of my friends and people i know texted me messaging me is this an onion post. is one of those articles that is funny. for those who are not familiar the organization part of the confusion was to his fall because it intel the principal he had paid for the extra lunch eventually car says the school apologized saying they didn't tell the full story he says the school removes a suspension from his permanent record. two days after the indians season ended in game seven of the world series the travis front office is getting to work
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up carlos santana's $12 million option santana's but the season between first-base in dh had career highs in home runs and rbis run scored and hit. at think his place speaks for itself the performance he had this year. both on the field is wanting this to do anything to help the team make a the decision exercises option. very easy decision to two francona is sticking around the indians pick up his 2019 in 2020 option sober the manager of the indians for the next four seasons. they lead the indians to a pair of postseason appearances the indians had finish above 500 in each of frank's known as four seasons as manager. the pair of free agents mike napoli and roger davis will hit the open market they made it
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back and they're also debating whether to offer a one-year qualifying offer with $17 million to mike napoli the struggle down the stretch and in the postseason. the performance on the field impact in the clubhouse. talking to mike we know he like to be back you to. have to take time and work through. the next few days something we will do. they decision still to come the browns pick their starting quarterback for sunday's matchup with the cowboys rookie cody kessler is under center hugh jackson says once evaluates kessler in figure out they can bring the longform answer at that key position jackson however was quick to point out the browns are not ruling out drafting a qb next spring.
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they welcome the team to the nations capital on thursday two days after the election president expended the imitation in june after they calves .-period the golden state warriors in the mba finals. and you know what this night is a very special night around here friday night touchdown is just minutes away. those three gentlemen already with all the highlights from the first round of the playoffs system there tonight. perfect weather to play football. it was phenomenal just talking danny and i of phenomenal. season for friday night high school football for the rest of tonight looking for a clear skies but look at that low 32 and outlying areas 39 in the city tomorrow a beautiful day
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even monday. that's all the time we have. and stay tuned for friday night
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now, on "crime watch daily" from here in new york... ? ? >> chris: she was a beautiful college student's dates from graduation. >> everybody always called it the hannah wilson laugh. she would do whatever they could to get her to laugh. >> chris: after a partying with friends, hannah wilson was found dead. >> were first impression. >> a hand for kelly reveals a man with a troubled past. >> when you look at those eyes, and you are looking at the soulless. evil. >> chris: could this case finally helpful? >> it is my opinion that his m.o. could find out. >> chris: he is one of the most infamous convicted murderers of all-time.


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