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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  November 6, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EST

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a.j. colby, is back in the weather all of that extra energy after thatat extra hour of sleep. >> eye candy sweating just afte walking 10 feet, so you give me more credit than i deserve. we always try.
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bright sky, even though it is an hour earlier, sunset will be at quarter after five tonight. visibility issues this morning, but not like yesterday. ashtabula, now has zero visibility with thick fog worker some areas may be experiencing paci dense fog. park here are the temperature today, going to make it into th 60s . not too much of a drunk tonight.
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38 degrees. this is courtesy of high pressure, the next weather systemu in the plains states will be here on tuesday afternoon. today mid-sixties, sunset at about 5:16 p.m. july,, a great night for stargazing, details on the forecast that includes much cooler temperatures coming up. >> at a reno nevada rally, donald trump was brushed off stage by secret service because of a disturbance in the crowd, after he was escorted by the secret service swat team showed
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that chaos broke out when he revealed the sign that readid republicans against trump, someone in the crowd yelled gun and that's when this uber spun in action, trump returned to the stage to continue his speech. on the campaign trail, election day is right around th corner. the candidates focus on swing-states has steve harrigan has the latest from florida. >> both candidates and florida saturday hoping to win the 29 electoral votes, donald trump talkedon about why he believes can pull out a win. >> your ears are packed quite i two different locations, according to what they called
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either tied or a hillary clinto was in pembroke pines making closing arguments. >> want to be in their present for everybody,t would raise with me or does not, people vote for me and don't vote for me let's build for the future. circuits, are spread out over crucial states, in michigan crowd that he is th leader needed for the world to be saved, america needs to be strong and donald trumpo will lead all the world stage with american strength . joe biden, in pennsylvania, many polls show the convention in pennsylvania, he says that a trump presidency both help the middle class.
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billions of dollars can vote for donald trump it is is in your interest exceptf probably get you into w but that's a different thingp. >> tonight, hillary clinton goes to pennsylvania for an event with katy perry, steve harrigan fox news. >> the candidates make a last final push here.. >> hillary clinton teamed up with lebron james, allison brow has more. kids are the future and i believe thatat he started it an believe that she will continue itit i am all about communities starts from the ground up. lebron james to meet with hillary clinton on sunday, following last months endorsement,t, the rally at the public auditorium, today'she
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trump is not impressed. she has all of these celebrities and failed politicians to campaign for her and sheofig has crowd so much smaller than these. zero heil boater safety does not hurt to have lebron james i her corner. is good to have his support. >> some site will not matter at do as they are set in their ways.ey >> based levees don't know anything, they follow the democratic left wing bs. >> allison brown, fox 8 news. tickets are still available, you can find a linke on fox >> on it is the final countdown to election day,
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their ballots the board of elections was packed with early voters,,t maia belay has more o how your boat is influencing t election. >> just days away, many are still undecided to trust them o if the vote matters. >> i'd never seen such campaign andd such disapproval on both sides. >> donald trump has accused the systemem of being read, the case in cuyahoga county absolutely not, we do not have recollectionsns i'm not seeing election fraud want the voters to know that they have confidence that we are transparent , the vote is safe, and will be counted. according to cnn, ohio is no republican, their effort to garner star power during a jay-
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>> it was overwhelming, was not a significant impact that we di get some of those voters, then yesterday prior to the concert some trickled in. >> so far saturday, 2,000 peopl have voted early. darell scott says oh heil isn't just the republican. >> i think that jim brown says
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she is everything that trump isn't. >> he is not a sexist, is not uniform is not . i have said that we will come out on top, it might be closer than i thought but i believe it will still be the same.
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sunrise this morning is from chesterton, we do have som high level cloud cover there is some patchy dense fog especially near ashtabula so have seen some reduction but nothing major lik yesterday during it is not his coalition yesterday. on election day tuesday, this will allow some cloud cover to form perhaps so showers to simple but not expecting that tonight, browns versus cowboys, kickoff
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first energy stadium, it will be sunny with upper 50s. again day for football. today the high will be in the mid- 60s , about ten above average. the winds east becoming south a ways between one folder last. sundown at 5:16 p.m. monday morning, plenty of sunshine it will be mild, 67 with plenty of sunshine. on tuesday, high pressure movin east, not a powerful system in
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eventually bring us the chance of ll afternoon rain showers tuesday. about 20 percent chance, probably after 3:00 p.m. partly cloudy tuesday when paul was open at 6:30 p.m. polls are open tuesday morning election day at 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. left over shower wednesday morning possible, about 57 degrees, on veterans day, rainfall late a pretty importan front coming in friday into saturday
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we start to see a rapid recovery on sunday with a high near 50 degrees. the family of a transgender prescriber is considering actio over there child's treatment in school, smiling faintly moved near dayton last month, the first grader is transgender, she was born as logan, the school makes her use a bathroom in th office and the girls bathroom i off-limits, in her mother met with administrators but no compromises made, the issue wil be decided by the supreme court, this is that once a clear direction is provided they will follow it. t los angeles prosecutors have charged a playboy model over a photo posted on social media, she took a photo of a naked
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them with comments about the moment spotting the 29-year-old faces a misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy, the person came with the caption, if ike hit and see this thing did a cameo, she later apologized and delivered social media account, the jim nagy reported the posting tweets and about her genau nuosce membership she could face up to six months in jail and a fine. >> st offered five chicken nuggets in the cafeteria linene of said he'd put on a six, the cafeteria worker noticed that told him he had to pay for an extra lunch, he did, but he was still taken to be pencils office and suspended for one day, accused of theft, as his mom jumped to social media, people who knew
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they asked if it was a joke as i've said that it actually happened which is one of those odd little funny articlesey. >> with those who are not familiar, the onion is a satirical news organization, said that part of the confusion was his fault because he did n tell the principal he paidhe fo the extra lunch, then shall the school apologized said they did not know the full story, he sai that the suspension was removed from his record. still to come, some of us are bitter about the world series
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family had a lot riding on himself, world series was an understatement. started as a joke. after 108 years of not going to the world series. she told her husband that it becomes one you would have minimized the ab to thought that it was a safe bet bush is wrong.. that if the cubs won the world series, then he can be very good, if not then he will be all over.eod >> i have my doubts about the cubsbs, i'm not going to lie,
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where those two guys the nurses call them copy. seven games, and plenty of memories. >> the indians fell short of wanin , we had a lot of fun to play news stories of the fall classic. >> it also made for some classi moments. it is a day we awakened for, history in the making in the
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>> summit had a marked majestic over then jim thome.. >> need to see one of those tonight. to francona has been the guy. we had some fresh paint and world series logos all throughout the dugout. are they going to win? >> yes. >> they got something to cheer him up. he is cleaned up behind us,
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such, this is great, party at napolis with this guy. >> that's kenny lofton! i am proud to be a part of this. this excitement is crazy. >> , we've got chef michael symon. reminded me taking that i am feeling good, loaded with four victory. >> thank you for the win tonight,t, all the world will rejoice especially cleveland, g tribe !!! for one night the heavenly father is an indians an. the calvary has arrived, there is a dark horse team in the al, lookout for cleveland.
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get the goats eye view as we
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ht to pass the children's health insurance program. as governor, he froze public college tuition. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit, economy in america. ted delivered, and when it mattered most he had your back.
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send it back to a.j. colby the first time cannot hear you guys for some reason,he good morning we were always saying wonderful
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look at that tape high yesterda of city for. 9 degrees. a thing today it will be the same deal. record high was 76, back in 77, sunrise was at 7:07 a.m. turned out to be a lovely sunrise. a few streaks of cirrus clouds. up there, it will be in time, low '60s, at kickoff, at 1:00 p.m., upper 50s, with plenty of sunshine, 46 degrees
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dover new philly, 37 degrees, west winds between five and ten nods in waves of 1 foot or less. pressure will be off to the east, rainfall and new england the closesti precipitation is i texas. it moves northward and eventually interacting with a cold front from the upper plains. a strong system and the pacific northwest that has since lost i strength, giving us some shower election day afternoon. it's going to be a great night
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and then getting cooler next weekend. >> the i-team gets to the botto of a tax dollar mystery drama a development in the case we expose with a city employee who got paid long after she died is ed gallek has school crossing guard died but the city hall kept sending hep now uncovered what happened to tax dollars, as cuyahoga county prosecutors indicted the guards son and daughter cached 12 checks and taxpayers wantt justice and an explanation. who is overseeing things? what is management doing ? >> is incompetence, these are our tax dollars.
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went to city hall, found that they do not have a series of checks and balances to pay crossing guardsds, so she was p from october 2014 through april 2015, earning $20 a day, but that adds up >> the city kept sending they do even thoughgh not receive timesheets the state pension system caught it, they noticed contributions kept coming in for a woman who had died..on steps are now in place that were not there before. spokesman says this led to new procedures to make sure tha they only paysl when they actua work. the paperwork is filled out come of be signed and then take to the school and then after that it goes to the community police commander. the charges including theft and forgery for collecting
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sentnt, they say the total abou $2,000th , city hall is asking for a tax increase, so those taxpayers that you have met, have no patience for sloppiness. that's not your dollars, you get them from my taxes so use i wisely. ed gallek, fox 8 i-team. >> suspects facing the charges live in las vegas and they go t court next week.. and elyria man facing charges were leaving his power in his car while attempting to run fro police, they say the 30-year-ol reginald grey led police on a chase before losing control tha fled on foot he said that he was leaving his 2-year-old daughter in his car in ran because he was highw, they found cocaine and a large amount of cash,
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the queen of our strong is returning to garretsville tonight tonight with some changes, sky lanes boeing says that you need to be in attendance for the drawing, for those jackpots starting at less thanan $750,000, the starting jackpot is three and $42,000 , a years worth of drawings without a winner created a $3.4 million jackpot in september. in bolling, 300 is a propagandist, with 12 strikes, a row but doubtful that anyone achieve that at a weekend bowling event but everyone stil walked away winners.. >> as host of the saturday event, wayne dawson the goal wa to raise money for scholarships winter coats were young people in need and to do some balding, here is bill sheil.
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exciting spares. >> an exciting time for everyon eighth part in the annual wayne dawson celebrity bowl-a-thon. >> started by his comment wayne dawson and brother judge willia dawson to honor the mother. >> she was a sticker, we want t provide scholarships for like m brother and i, people who don't have money to attend school tha is what we have been trying to doe >> were so happy that so many people have supported us come from this event we can provide scholarships,s, coats for kids and mentorship for those who need it.en >> manyt. of the fox 8 family, joined to go bowling at the game of wickliffe, it also draws support fromat corporate supporters. >> goes way beyond monetary
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will see the optimal value the idea is to mix a good time with a good cause to benefit good this want to thank northeast ohio for supporting the foundation t this is the eighth the largest, in the money raise goes toe college scholarships and to help inner-city children,n, have some recipients here today. the experience of been a lot of fun, like anything, it takes work to get he that it will pay off in the lon run.i >> people helping people, with generosity is to spare, bill sheil fox 8 news. still to come. one of the smallest babies are born is finally home after
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a boy, nebraska weighed less thand 1 pound of birth is now home after1 300 days in the hospital. he was one of the smallest ever born at just 14 ounces, he fought to survive, spent the first ten months in the hospital, now he waysys at 15 pounds, they say that while he is still hooked up to some machines, the hope that he will soon be off of them.. to have him home. a 12 year alaska was born with underdeveloped optic
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cannot fix. >> guessingan anything clearly unless it is just inches away fromrl his face as now any piec of technology is helping them t see,s bonding moment has the report. >> you would never know that he cannot actually see the ball. >> out of focus is his reality, he's gotten good to see beyond it. a look at all the people know that is where the ball isp identifying see a smaller blog and all that is ball. >> in the classroom it is not that easy. they just naturally moved to the floor so that he can see were clearly. >> .he can sit at the table wit the other kidss thanks to the classes that have a camera and two small sed screens, you can also use a remote to zoom in an
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board from anywhere in the room. funny to see more clearly are usually top one if not a use th bottom ones.u >> he is now more of a kit instead of concerned student to look for where he can go sit. is made moments by this possiblele for the first time, revelation. the diagnosis when you first got it was devastated because we see us. >> be found the device through social media, they flew to seattle to try it. after you put it on he zoomed in on my face and said that again see you really clearoo. we wanted to bi-rite dan dodd did not have the money. >> costs and $15,000, the family family, went to go-fund-me to
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cost. within 30 seconds we have the first donation and then we watched as more donated >> they raised $50,000 in 24 hours, six weeks later it arrived and they have not looke back. otherwise be some things that he cannot see and cannot do >> he has got a big heart, that's pretty unbelievable. in the classroom, or on the field, he has the tools to keep life and focus
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now we send it over to our cool kid. by pseudo- stories, i always think of how much we take for granted.. that was a very cool story, looking at this time lapse wrot this morning he noticed something in the foreground, at avon lake worker look like they had badged.
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about one hour earlier. will have clear skies, with a crescent moon. and mars, will be the viewing highlights.
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range snow mix today, browns versus cowboys, with kickoff at 1:00 p.m., 57 degreest. highs today of 64 degrees and sunshine. it is not as cold as yesterday morning . 46 degrees cleveland, dover new philly is 37. you can see light winds. it will be sundown and 5:16 p.m
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tomorrow, 67 degrees. there is the turn down in the middle of the week. then a cold smack lasting just several days, but enough to get the lake revved up a bit we will have highs in the 40 saturday. how it is over and thanksgiving is three weeks so why not start talking about christmas, they part of the celebration is on its way t dc, thisf 80-foot salt spreader will be this years national trait it was found in idaho
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four finalists that met specifications set by thet capital architect. hundreds queue out to watch som cut down the tree using the traditional crosscut saw >> was not expecting on wednesday morning that we would have a turnout like this>, it i exciting to offer something lik that into how the nation to be able to enjoy it. >> it will be decorated with more thanan 18,000 handmade ornant state symbols of idaho. december 6 the country will watch as an idaho resident flips the switch to turn on the
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is the only traveled to visit katlyn wyllie this year and now a star after a high school debate. >> got a opportunity to be on display for a big audience. sir lisa go, that you first got the public eye with his impersonation of donald trump. is impression, would soon put him face-to-face with the donal
8:56 am
when you meet a famous person, a person that you have marked, for a long time and your actual going to meet him face-to-face, you get really nervous. h with some encouragement from the crowd and a small window of opportunity, he went for it. in fact, even donald trump was impressed. >> he put his arm around me and said i want this kid mit. >> he said as much as it has gained notorietyh in her though that it would lead to this weekend.houg >> last tuesday, we have the block debate and never thought that saturday eye would receive a text to meet donald trump it
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i guess it was the luck of the .raw >> what has been a heated campaign, a lighthearted while it was provided by a wyoming native, in casper wyoming. we have another hour of fox 8
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good morning, thank you for linking up with us. >> and, a.j. colby is here to sort out this atmospheric haziness.
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barometric something?? i had to do some research, thank you so much. >> we like to help. >> and that is one word for it, just kidding, this would be som photochemical reaction. >> there is very little wind an the temperature inversion, thes are all wild guesses, as i make it up, some of it, we have visibility, 6 miles acting, youngstown, about less than hal mile. 5 miles in ashtabula county earlier they were down to zero. 49 degrees cleveland, here is our forecast for the browns
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stadium , 1:00 p.m., you will need, there will not be much wind. that you still may need a light jacket. today, a gorgeous day with bright sunshine, and highs in the low '60s. we will have bright sunshine today sunset at 5:16 p.m. 64 degrees at 5:00 p.m. clear skies tonight, good for stargazing you can see wires in the crescent moon with a overnight low of 46 degrees, th averageov overnight low this time of year is i believe 39 degrees.
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outlook coming up with something changes for next weekend just moments away.oo last night, intense inside a rally in reno nevada for a donald trump. he was brushed off the stage by the secret service because of a disturbance in the crowd. swat team, appeared and a man was detained, this is chaos ensued when he revealed a sign that read, republicans against trump. someone in the crowd reportedly yelled gun, that's when the secret service wanted action. donald trump return several minutes later to continue his speech.ntac >> on the campaign trail, election day is approaching. >> campaign is in full swing an they're focusing on swing-states, as steve harrigan report from miami florida.g-g-
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saturday in florida to make the case open to win themm 29 electoral states, donald trump talk to voters in tampa about what he believes he can pull ou the win. >> the ring is in fact all over the country, and were going int different locations, into what they used to call democrat strongholds. where we are now either tied or leading. >> hillary clinton, was in pembroke pines to make her closing argument. want to be the present for everybody, degreesw with me and those who don't agree with me, people who did or did not vote for me, so let's get out and vote for the future. >> surrogates for both candidates were spreading out over other crucial states, mike pence told a michigan crowd tha trump is the leader needed.
9:05 am
marketing is to be strong and donald trump will lead on the world stage with american strength. on vp joe biden visiting pennsylvania. many polls show that hers lead diminishingl in pennsylvania, h says that a trump presidency will not help middle-class. >> if you're worth, 20-hundred million dollars faux fur donald trump, it's in your interest except that he will probably ge you into war. tonight donald trump goes west while quentin goes to pennsylvania for an event with katy perry, in florida steve harrigan fox news. >> the candidates are making a final push in ohio. >> today hillary clinton teams up with lebron james as alton brown has more on the matchup. from the cavaliers to the campaign trail.
9:06 am
believe hillary will continue but barack obama started his oldest daughter look round up. hillary clinton after his endorsement last month,ry she has these celebrities and failed politicians campaigning for her. essay does not hurt to have lebron james in her corner. >> did look up to lebron james becaused it's good for the cit. is good to have support because he is so popular. >> some say do not matter what the candidates do becauseo they are sent in their ways.
9:07 am
millionaires if all the left-wing democrat bs, i'm sick of it. many voters are not waiting until november eight to go to the polls. >> cuyahoga county board of elections was packed with early voters asas maia belay has more how your vote influences the election dramaaas away many are undecided >> and never seen such campaigning and things said, this approval on both sides. donald trump's accuse the system of being >> we do not have regulations i cuyahoga county nono
9:08 am
that they can have confidence that it will be transparent the vote is safe, secure and will b counted. decor and you cnn, ohio is now leaning republican, her effort to get star power during a jay-z concert did not translate into any votes.d >> it was not overwhelming, it was not a significant impact >> so far saturday more than 2,000 people have voted early a the cuyahoga county board of the line is as itu wraps around the building. trump's importer and pastor darrell scott says ohio isn't .ust leaning republican i think it is moving towards thehe donald trump not just the party he is the magnet. >> he says he will be in new york with donald trump election night to support what he calls
9:09 am
>> he is not sexist, he is not anti- muslim or anti- anybody is pro- american and they turn his pro- american dialogue into discourse and divisive rhetoric. >> hall of famer jim brown spen saturday campaigningng for hillary clinton says that she is everything that donald trump is not.y there are the films in i think that donald trump takes selling the assets in the oval office.lmnn >> i've sat from the getting that is going to be who thought would come out on top, it migh be closer than i'd thought but i'd believe it will still be th >> maia belay fox 8 news. we are eight down, he to-go is still no windsn, for the browns, we will try to snap tha losing streakor today versus th cowboys, rosie joins us with a
9:10 am
the magic eight ball senate is going to win? >> no, but it has been wrong, seven out of eight times >> it is not the season that hu jackson and the browns envisioned ha when they opened training camp in july, they started with over one dozen rookies on the team. they have lost eight in the roa to open the season. they have had some chances last week they had a 20-seven halftime lead over the jets tha lostadea , cody kessler will be the starting quarterback, this weeky they traded for pro bowl linebacker jamie collins from the new england patriots for a conditional third-round pickng is expected to play sunday, cowboys arrive in town having 1
9:11 am
to consider on fox 8, i think i will get up to such aolee that think that tony romo may even play. real loss amenities, so at this point.,., what have you got to lose? >> sometimes your luck just has to change.y
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will come back to fox 8 news , it's going orning to be a beautiful day in cleveland, with well above average temperatures like yesterday. we had a great sunset last night, watching those jet contrails a the sunset with those high-leve clouds made for a pretty seeing. clearly don't new philadelphia,
9:16 am
64 degrees. >> it is fairly mild this time of year. you may need a light jacket at the game, looking at a few clouds but that is the extent of it. there will be some high clouds that may filter the seventh from time to time but basically it will be sunny today with light winds, that will increase election day tuesday, from the southeast.
9:17 am
1:00 p.m. you can see that came here on fox 8. :0 we have a link pregame show as well. with 57 degrees. it will be a sunny day today, a high of 64 degrees. tonight, it will be cool, sunset at 5:15 p.m. jay reynolds,t said that it is n it is aa waxing gibbous moon th willn eventually be a full moon tomorrow.
9:18 am
of high pressure moving east. here is the front, that will have some moisture head of it, on election day afternoon about three or 4:00 p.m. start off with partly cloudy skies the polls open at 6:30 a.m. and closing at 7:30 p.m. it will be in the mid- 60s, absolutely a couple of days in a row, with showers on election day afternoon they will be light an passing and a chance of a shower also wednesday, on friday, veterans day, 52 degrees with a shower preceding a potent weather system that will take u to the
9:19 am
perhaps some wintry precipitation . dierks bentley sergeant killed and another one wounded while searching for a suspect in home invasion friday in the bronx. they say they were trying to process aspect in a car whenen manuel rosales opened fire killing sergeant paul tuozollo as well as a suspect that was killed, the second officer injured, year veteran of the force who was survived by a wife and son.n the police say a man accused of cheating and wallin like a dog for two months is a serial killer, they discovered the body of a man fraud in the form of tom cole up, saturday confirmin it was the boyfriend of the woman kala brown
9:20 am
may have also killed and three othersy have not yet found the bodies.ha let me clarify, we have found forr from spartanburg. wewe know of one here on the property and possibly tomorrow, we have now found the other two we have been shown where they are possiblyw located on the property but have not confirmed it, until we find something, th evidence or the body. >> so potentially seven bodies? >> yes >> the 45-year-old todd kohlhep appeared in court friday, his bond denied, investigation is very active as they search for victims. closing arguments to begin tomorrow in the case ofof justi ross harris, the man from georgia accused of intentionall leaving his collar and a hot ca
9:21 am
that the american struggling, in 2,008 she said that he hadth struggled with pornography, she said that he would never deliberately harmed their son and his death was an accident. >> that he forgot and left him in the car,. >> you must have forgot. a memory expert said his case resembled the other h death cases in the havoc caused bye bye a memory lapse, but on cross examination the prosecuto said that they say he was sexting before and after leavin his son in the car. it is donald trump, who is getting his own comic book the chronicles his rise to politica power and his presidential
9:22 am
storm entertainment is known for comic books featuring politicians like hillary clinton,n, marco rubio and michelle obama, they say they hope that this comic will promote literacy and knowledge
9:23 am
ted strickland. love this man. he's the son of a steelworker. he's the first in his family to go to college. he's a minister and a public servant. so when he was in congress, he fought to pass the children's health insurance program. and even though he took office as your governor about a year before the recession hit, by the time he left ohio was the fifth fastest-growing economy in america. ted delivered, and when it mattered most he had your back.
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the good times keep rolling for the cavaliers after wedding six straight dual this is the only undefeated teamtr in that week after defeating philadelphiak o saturday night. mcgyver lebron james, because
9:26 am
plage on and out of ten scoring. he finishes with 25 points. channing frye knocks down the three, last chance for philadelphia. that he loses the ball, the cav recover, they beat philadelphia james after.1 >> we put ourselves in good position, we did find a way to win, we had to get better because tonight we had some breakdowns h. that we got the right stuff at the right time, and we still have lots of work to do. >> wrote to commerce continues for high school football teams divisions 35 and seven, the buckeyes hosting new
9:27 am
trouble on the opening drive fo new philly.e he then has the loose will poulter, they try to score there's nobody open so he takes off running. goes the distance but then ther is a holding penalty that negates the touch and they cannot generate any offense after.r. the quakers get on the board first.. new philly has the lead, the ball is they lose. the quakers are all over it inside of buckeyes territory link to this 1 yard touchdown run in new philadelphia into th seasonn 17-14. akron svsm down to do-over down to dover. has a 9-yard touchdown run. he scores again
9:28 am
than a 1 yard touchdown run. and then check out the run from dontay taylor. because the handoff. thanking the irish a 35-seven lead advancing with a 42-seven victory. archbishop hoban versus toledo central catholic. sadowski over ashland, river chagrin valley, her weigh over genova. central catholic over mancheste and mogadore painting jackson mills. purple raiders can clinch the 25th straight title with a victory over john carroll next saturdayay, the shout outs them
9:29 am
he threw for two touchdowns. the next saturday game will be in alliance at 1:30 p.m. a down and ate to go down so to their first victory at home today versus a good dallas team they may be only winless the cowboys of 16 straight. cody kessler startingng, hue jackson said he will start the rest the season if he is healthy. you can see the game today on fox 8 followed by postgame show.
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welcome back on this sunday at 9:30 a.m. and a.j. colby is ready fromm remember sally jess raphael? those are like hers, they look lovely, this is a look at radar on this sunday mornings >> herein cleveland ohio.
9:34 am
the closest precipitation is in new england, some snowfall in new hampshire, vermont towards the state of maine. we have a lack of cloud cover just a few high-level clouds moving is high pressure moves to the east coast, the next systems from the plains states worker showers arriving tuesday afternoon, election day, it wil not be very hefty. there is a big bunch of cold ai for us next weekend and maybe a early as friday into saturday morning.
9:35 am
perhapsps some lake effect drama today low to mid '60s with sunset atay 5:16 p.m. it will be called tonight.browns versus 1:00 p.m.. highs today 64 game time starting at 67 degrees. the i-team, exposes a mystery involving tax dollars.. >> city employee paid after she had died, ed gallek is more. cleveland school crossing
9:36 am
city hall kept sending paychecks, have uncovered what happened to your tax dollars, as theve cuyahoga county prosecutors now have indicted a son and daughter of the crossing guard who died, they say that they cashedua 12 checks that were sent after the crossing car passed passed away tax-rate want justice and explanation of how this is possible.nd >> who is in charge? what are they doing. >> it is total incompetence those are my dollars. how did this happen to went to city hall, they did not have a series of checks and balances to pay crossing guards, aa dead woman was paid from october 201 through april 2015, they only make $20 a day but it does add up. >> this city kept sending paychecks , even though they did
9:37 am
state pension system noticed contributionsth that kept comin in for an account of all who have died. z spokesman says that this led to new procedures to make sure that they only pay for wor performed. >> paperwork has to be signed within you take that to the school and after they sign off on it then it goes to the community police commander. criminal charges including that, forgery for cashing checks checks. >> they say that it totaled about $2,000,ks city hall is asking for a tax increase so those taxpayers that you heard fromtre have no patience for sloppiness. >> that's not your dollars, you get that from my tax dollars so use it wisely. ed gallek fox 8 i-team.
9:38 am
live in las vegas, they go to court next week.e and elyria man facing charges for leaving his child in the car while attempting to run from policehe the police say 30-year-old reginald gray led police on a chase thursday30 that he lost control and fled on foo before he was arrested, he said that his 2-year-old daughter wa in the car, he said he ran sa because he was high they found cocaine and a cash is facing a number of 300 in bowling is perfect but doubtful that anyone achieve that adds a weekend bowling event but everybody still walks away >> post of saturday's event, wayne dawson and brothers goal to raise money for scholarships and warm winter clothing for young people in needed, here is
9:39 am
it was an exciting time for everybody took part in the eighth annual wayne dawson celebrity bowl-a-thonth it was started by wayne dawson and his brother judge william dawson in honor of their mother. >> she was a stickler for education she said it was the keys to success so we want to give back to provide scholarships to students like w didv those who may not have enough money to attend schoolse and that is what we have tried to do. were so happy that so many people have supported us, it is from this event that we can providesu scholarships and coat and mentorship. the fox 8 family joined a large crowd bowling at the game of wickliffe coed also proves corporate support.
9:40 am
monetary value education, is where you can see the optimal value is a wonderful event you want to think northeast ohio fo supporting the foundation this is the eighth largest and the money raised goes to scholarships and to help inner-city children, we have some recipients here today. the colg and lots of work but like anythingng that's worth that it takes work and it will pay off in the long run.wo
9:41 am
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9:45 am
the city shined in world series, the team did not come >> local businesses a cashed in thousands as matt wright takes a fans flooded downtown for the world series ring watch parties in the streets including cavs fans. said it was cheaper to come to clevelandnd to buy ticket get the hotel room and party than to go
9:46 am
nikki sullivan said sales tripled during the world series in line with nba finals. they brought lots of visitors downtown, with significant occupancycy for the hotel rooms we had packed restaurants and hotel rooms and recommends. >> 2,000 hotel rooms per for th rnc that were both world series charging as much as three times normal rate. all the hotels downtown were fully booked and we were able t charge premium prices.d
9:47 am
amount of ride requests compared to average weeknight, where people travel to downtown cleveland. and working downtown a long time have seennd the businesses kum and go and feel bad for those who were not able to hold onto see this kind of business that it has done for the neighborhood. >> matt wright fox 8 news. aj colby does not get a break. >> and there's also christmas shopping coming up to do. >> this is webcam time lapse,
9:48 am
premier flight academy, you can see some elements of wispy high clouds , just decorative with no precipitation. the wind is light out of the south. today, plenty of sunshine, we will hav some warm while days, with mid to upper '60s, still above average with mid- 50s. sunset today at 5:16 p.m. worke
9:49 am
back one hour and check your batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors. next weekend it will be called, with a grade snow mix and high in the low to mid '40s with a freezing start saturday morning. you can see the lack of cloud cover, best chance of rainfall in new england, much of the country is very quiet. theth browns versus cowboys game at 1:00 p.m., it will be sunny throughout the game with upper
9:50 am
it will be a great day for football. a bright sunny day for today. it will be a high today in the mid- 60s, tonight's cleart 46 degrees with the winds light out of the south between five and seven.wi tonight, it will be a waxing gibbous moon. and then a full moon next monday. in the sky tonight to the south-southwest will be venus. a great night for stargazing an today and tomorrow you will nee your sunglasses with sunshine core.
9:51 am
maybe after three or 4:00 p.m. tuesday, election day. wednesday thursday looking good and then 52 degrees friday veterans day. and then here comes the cold ai
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
that is unfortunate. and moving right along. >> here is the forecast i would say. it is a repeat performance, upper '60s tomorrow, and tuesday 623 degrees the polls open at 6:30 a.m., you may need
9:56 am
4:00 p.m. it will be light rainfall. then wednesday 55, and thursday upper 50s. on friday, veterans day, in the '50s with the chance of rainfall in the afternoon with cold front arriving for the weekend.a >> there could be a wintry mix,
9:57 am
9:59 am
? ? lookin' out on the morning rain ? ? i used to feel so uninspired ? ? and when i knew i had to face another day ? ? lord, it made me feel so tired ? ? before the day i met you, life was so unkind ? ? you're the key to my piece of mind ? donald trump: she ate like a pig. does she have a fat ass? absolutely. boob job is terrible. she's a slob. lips are too big, solid 4. disgusting pig. flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm chris wallace. with just 48 hours to go until election day, we're live in our brand new fox election headquarters here in new york. >> we're on the cusp of something that's so amazing. >> after more than a year of a polarizing campaign, america chooses. at stake, the presidency, control of congress, and the future of the country. >> we will have change. the question is what kind of change are we going to have. >> today the latest on where the polls stand, live reports from the trail, and interviews with both campaigns. first, the republican vice presidential nominee, indiana governor mike pence. >> this country's coming together. we're going to make donald trump the next president of the united


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