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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  November 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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thanks for joining us. let's check in with scott sabol f >> good morning. looking at this forecast, it is more likely that we are going t get rained on on election day. yesterday let's go backwards an work forward. we're well open to the high 60s. look at thee normal high. fifty-five. we're going to be well about that and probably see our temperatures climbing about fou we were yesterday. lookinger good here later today the widespread clear sky and areas of fog.
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climbed into the middle 40s from the strongsville and clevelandhe even a larry a. here's a look as we look furthe west. l there's the pitching low-pressuree and our forecast looking ahead toward election day does increase our chances o seeing a few showers although temperatures today will be running almost 15 degrees above normal. our shower chances will start to increase especially late afternoon into the evening on election day. i don't think we will get raine heading out to vote early on. and seasonably warm and another court date today is an hour and secretly warm fall continues with temperatures climbing into the hightu 60s to the near 70. we're going to affect the weekend and it's going to get tricky coming up in a few minutes.wi >> thanks scott. we do have some breaking news. this coming out of rocky river.
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for chinese are on the scene of thiso in rocky river. what happened was there was a chase that started with the shooting out in theha rain this morning round 1:30. vehicle took off down like wrot and ended up on a dead-end street in rocky river. soso they evacuated three homes and it is still a very active seen theac person is in their vehicle in the backyard of one of these drive so to hit englewood plucked up in callahan. that is where the vehicle isd. so please and swat teams are on the scene.le so steer clear of that. let's look at the other roadwa this morning. we have this issue down and independents. it is aisd water main break. police say could be terrel weekend and working on the problem.w will check it out in sky fox
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no problems there. looks good as he looked with inner beltsd and 77 at hartfor. nobody was out there. wrote construction will start todays between celtic main and southd broadway down and akron. it is that close to an will be closed through 2017. wayne and christie, back to you. >> time is ticking of the presidential candidates make a final push today.h they're looking to pick up last-minute p voters in the fin hours of her clinton will make her for her not election pitch with a rally tonight. she is expected to be joined by her husband and daughter chelse play as well as present ball a first lady michelle obama. meanwhile republican nominee donald trump will be in new hampshire tonightin. present obama is also expected to make the stop in the granite state earlier in the day. potion tight race in the race for the white house national
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donald trump by aioue 46-44 per margin and that was -- and the numbers are basically flipped for donald trump 46-43 percent. meanwhile new developments in the election. bombshell from the fbi for the agencies finished its review of e-mails and hillary clinton server investigation. >> that's we been talking abo for the last eight daysys and nothing a restoration d for the fbir telling lawmakers the agen has finish reviewing the latest e-mails fromt her clinton in th us c is no criminal charges sho be filed which is the same assessment they made in july.. the last month james, told congress that they had discovered the e-mails linked t clinton in a separate and -- and the newly discovered e-mail could be connected to its investigation of whether clinto handled classified information
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server. spokesperson campaign systemic lead matters to resolve the dom trumps his quickness being took to play a ring. we are glad this matter is resolved.e >> you can't refute 650,000 new e-mails in the day. you can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. g she knows it.s the the people know it. and now it is up to the america people to deliver justice at th ballot box on november 8. >> as for clinton and set of mentioned enough controversy, she's staying positive as she closes out her campaign. clinton said she is hopeful and optimistic about the future. >> coming down to the final hours.s thank you, todd. a camping stuff for hillary
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news reporter allison brown has more. >> the meat of two days before the election, hillary clinton, lebron james, and jr smith. >> i know you are excited to se her.. of big campaign push with a strong message. >> we have to get out and make d sure we vote. we have to get out and be knowledgeable about going on. clinton'sii public auditorium attack on sunday and people eve more their cavs jerseys. >> we have to go.e we have to go. loves lebron and we have been talking about the debate and discuss specific to your book clinton herself, and assuring people that she is off for the task. >> i will never, ever, quit on you know matter what. she also wants to make history on november 8, not just for
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that she wants to make the country better.. >> everybody should have the right to got as far as their hard work and talent will take them. she texted everything from job growth to equal pay for women. shows interest campaign sync it has been hateful at times. >> it would create a strong writing middle class. >> feeling of hope from hillary di and lebron. >> lebron has always been a positive force in the city of cleveland. allison brown, fox 8 news. >> for them to a dozen people have already cast their votes a part of votingt in cowlit county. if you don't want to fightou th crowdig, you could still vote
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on euclid avenue in cleveland. and hope from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. parking can be an issue. thebe good news is there is fre parking behind the building. don't forget fox 8 has you covered both at home and online. we will give you life results for the evening on tuesday. don't forget always turn to fox 8 .com for news elections coverage. there were cheers for stripes and high-fives for scares. and from the long with this theme of the nfl to the undefeated team in the nba, we have the latest in sports comin up next. >> good morning, everybody. the storm fox radar is not present any major issues and an unseasonably warm afternoon. we made it into the high 60s and we will duplicate that one
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big changes in the forecast. we will talk but what that mean onin the eight day when we come back. you can't fake steak.
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check out these temperatures. in the 30s, especially into jacket and ashtabula county. the temperature is 48 and it is 37 in worcester, clear skies.
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time. this paulson september 1 has been one of thei warmest on record after very warm summer and typically whenw you have wa summers, that trend continues i the fall. once can the pattern is goingg start to shift as it pushes of cool air. the endof of ahead of the warm-up the winds will pick back up. this is the beginning of ain pretty big weather system affectingg b us late tomorrow o election day and continuing int 30 sunday. until then temperatures running forur 15 deg we are anticipating a few the showers to push through. will take well to get there and morewe than likely was recently selecteded and a showers developing late in the day tomorrow andin not in the morni. today's and sees complete formative beautiful afternoonmp. forecast high temperatures betweengh 65 and 70. widespread warm southeast winds. temperatures are little under that in may putting --
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areas of fog early tomorrow morning and temperatures in the early 40s and on election day, mid-sixties. we mentioned the kick the cloud and breaks of sun early. here's the future radar by two or 3:00 in the afternoon and then rightlgarlyly on throughk ohio. >> and the majority of this rai will occur after sundown tomorrow. and continuing to the overnight tomorrow night and there is the forecastm. most of what occurred tomorrow evening and then continuing to bring that breakingui to early wednesday pits our election day f if you're going out tomorrow morning asto he picks of sunshi and we mentioned later in the days ago commit to it later the higher chance of seeing some showers afterch three or 4:00 accident temperatures by 7:30 people still stay in the middle 60s. this a look at the radar and it sticks with us on wednesday. about a week ago we highlighted a wave of colder air and it is
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it will not affect various west to find out to snuff cold air and water temperatures are so warm. there will be pockets of lake effect snow andl it really wil not allowed to a whole lot as w build more find that as we look at the eighth day forecast again.t good chance of showers late tomorrow to tomorrow evening a a slight chance early on wednesday. temperaturesr bounce around a little bit and temperatures pockets of lake effect and back in the 50s early next week. traffic time with patty. >> good morning. we have breaking news out of rocky river this morning. they had a shooting out in the brain and the suspect fled. it ended up on calling and driv and late they have call handwrite blocked off as well a inglewood avenue. the vehicle is behind one of these homes the suspect is stil in the carr and support crews are on the scene.
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fairview, communities are us on the scene of this incident. pick evacuated to the homeshi a they have this standoff going o in rocky river. they'll say have inglewood blocked off because of this. two othered things going on and have this breakdown in independence. no and it could be all week about they've work on fixing that. traffic is going the east and west but as he hadhe across the bridge out up lakewood and 22nd no problems here. it is just one late so it tends to getat a bit congested in the morning. for gas prices it to jump and the averages over $2 we are seeing many prices over the
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go to our website, you will see the gas tracker tab. you will also se gas prices in your neighborhoode. >> for:17 is your time. the dallas cowboys have a fielding clinton. and the browns main winless.s. we have here monday morning sports. >> the losses are piling up in the half reached a franchise record for the browns have los all straight going back to last season after losing sunday. red-hot dallas cowboys. t started okay for the brownson cody kessler hits -- it and the free for your game and through the field goal and it 3-0 browns lead. cowboys answer and that shot great "quickly and the compass
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easy kill elliott had big day. ezekiel they sent the browns 20-9. the got to coach better and put them and better situations.b and it is what it is. it's unfortunate thatt there ar some things that i know that we can do better.
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>> browns are prepared to start cody kessler provided he is healthy. these numbers against the cowboys and sunday and the team struggled to his score touchdowns. eighteen of 27 and one touchdown. get that nice long pass to star the da. he did that an interception but he wasn't helped by the running game. thirteen carries for 45 yards oy the day that is that good on any sunday. >> kind of had meant them and a penalty.p it pushes back a little bit. is unfortunate because they wer capitalizingi and that was on u offense of lay. continue to do that in the second half.ti like i said, keep going back to complete games and finishing games and we give our chances a
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second half and unfortunately keeping them going. elliott had o state a good day in the buckeye state. two touchdowns on the days and the defense hasn't good time lining up the line of scrimmage and they missed a ton of tackles. it's been the same oldld story week after week after week with the browns defense. >> we've got to step up. we've got to step up. we've got to play better. with got to keep the ball in front of the so t we are not playing very well. sor we have got to pick it up. >> will be very shortly brownso of the on the field thursday night. he will face the baltimore ravens in baltimore. the pittsburgh steelers and ravens 21-0 lead.
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21-14 to step a four-game losin streak and they move into a taught at the tops of the afc north with the steelers. from the national football leaguem to the lone undefeated team in the nba. whatever pace of basketball.k the cavaliers is 6-0. in the closing seconds of the game.i they will host plant the tuesda night beforere going to the whi house the cavaliers will play friday night in the nation's capital. we are out of sports time. >> your time is 4:21 on a monda morning. your weather and traffic every eight minutes.r >> we will explain why coming up. >> unlock on to and vote for rocky river had school
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nominate her school to be featured right here on fox 8
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good morning, everybody. 49 degreeses, 43 bedford and
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same temperature here at fox 8. forty-six in painesville and we have areas of fog to contend with early onav that ball quick burn off. sunshine and clear sky and till tomorrow and election day. to click the cold front in the rain developing now and the showers will make it in here late tomorrow. we will keep it unseasonably warm today in the some showers late tomorrow. temperatures will still stay of good probably 8- 10 degrees abos normal. forecast for today sunshine consistently form temperature w. mid 40s tonight. showers mid to late afternoon andnd continuing through the evening. he kicked forecast in a few minutes. traffic timea with patty. >> thanks, scott. we have breaking news coming ou ofew the west side this morning and rocky river.
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streets blocked off. collar and drive in inglewood video the shop this morning. this is thehe team most want to call dispose rock river police and the rateo in fairview and it's all on the scene of this and it happen on one, but this morning , shoot out in front of the suspect foot down my cabine and itfo is a. been working in the backyard of one of these homesin please see pick you three homes. they are still on the same the suspect is in the picture in th car police the approach of the tires are spinning in the mud. that is the situation they are dealing with the swat team . the shooting took place in the brain and the details on thatpl
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it down there. let's look at some of the thing going on in s this could really affect your morning commute. northbound ramp 21m before dark side. two-3 lanes with the water main break that happenedwa over the weekend. the work could take place all weekl long. soap on-site that affected. northbound side is pick you may want to take a deep to around that is it will be congested this morning. traffic is like i'm and goes for 271, sore overall the highways, -- we will keep you updated on pat of those problems. wayne and christie, back to you. a large crowd turned out to mak the eighth annual wayne dawson celebrityhe telethon. >> if i think everybody for showing up. people had a chance to roll if he plays and this is fox it celebrities it is also a good
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awards scholarshipsra to studen and provides warm coats" and ha children who c need them. it was a good time. i wantnt to thank everybody in of our supporters and sponsors. was the biggest one yet. the states to see familiar faces. and we took up that whole place. >> what a party. and thank you for coming as well. >> absolutely. get a wonderful time..we keep it here for much more fox news in the morning. we will be right back.
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