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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  November 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the push is on, both candidates, i jessica dill reports on where you can vote early.. >> former us attorney general janet reno has passed away. >> another loss for the browns, but they seem to be getting better, recap coming upe.
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vote early. >> you can still vote early today at the board of elections office onon euclid avenue has w be fined jessica dill, with wha you need to know about early voting and how the candidates are spending their at e electio eve. it has been quite a year, we have made it to election week. you can come down to vote early the line is getting longer here. people are down here at the board of elections during an timee to vote early. about 10,000 people havet cast their vote as early voting in cuyahoga county, you can take part in the final day of early voting, you have to vote at the board of electionste befor 2:00 p.m. there is free parking not available. i-phoneefrpa. you have to have a valid postmarked by today.
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campaigning hard on this final day before the election, hillar clinton is inin, donald trump i in new hampshire and michigand and pulling no punches in campaign. >> she will be under investigation for a longil time for her many crimes against our nation, our people and our democracy.ur >> this election is a moment of it is a choice between division of unity, between strong steady leadership it has a tight race, nationally, hillary clinton was a lead above donald trump, and ohio he is shown to be above her, your vote will count, the encourage you to come down to vote. it does not matter where you live, as long as you are
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vote, then you sign in. until 2:00 p.m. to vote here. locally, a standoff that lasted all mornin and rocky river is over, a man wanted in connection with a shooting in lurings refused to leave hise vehicle which was stuck in the mud behind a home on s colohan drive, he was take into custody no word on his edification, it started with a shooting at lorain around 1:30 a.m. this morning the details of that are being released yet, we will bring you the latest.:3o
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reno has passed away. died this morning from complications from parkinson's disease. she was one of ea bill clinton administrations most polarizing figures, she faced criticism in herer tenure for the raid on t branch davidian compound in wac texas also authorizedt the arme seizure of 5-year-old elian gonzalez in miami so she could return to cuba, first woman to serve as us attorney general, was 78 years old. >> fbi now confirming hillary clinton will not face cruel charges related to private e-mail server,r fbi director james comey sent a letter to congress says that his agency is sticking with its july decision not to file charges against her it comes after a letter he sent to congress ten dayse go said that the fbi have found new e-mails eco-savvy pertinent to
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the matter. you cannot review six and 50,000 e-mails in a matter of days, she is guilty,y, she know it, the fbi knows and the people. donald trump's and it was worse than watergate, and it is noi not know what he talks abou. we will have the latest election results, all evening tomorrow here on fox 8 and fox >> . and the weather department, we welcome warm, sunny skies. do we have rain forecast anytime soonw especially tomorrow s people go to the voting polls polls. check in now with a.j. colby,
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there is&(d5k?l??l? in the sky is andre bernier would say,iqbnupq? nacits. speaking of?r?x(h? that, sunshi their. karley's disintegrates. the water torture is 58 degrees you can see the lack of clouds from outer space, lesser chicag before any cloud cover shows up
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cloud cover will not be evident until sunrise tomorrow. w?5
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the details of a man behind a crime in south carolinana , the real estate agent may be a serial killer, last week the police arrested todd kohlhepp after theyto found a missing woman on his property was chained up in o storage container, they said that he confessed to killing several other peopleneh in a cr spree lasted more than a decade they believe that he also killel the boyfriend of the woman who property.of all of this unraveling, just 8 miles down the road. and come on out 13 years later that y someone down the road, t my brother was killed by the same person.t he's been charged with four murders and maybe late to as many as three more . missing 10-year-old girl in
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gomez disappeared from a church prayer service to the night. after four days of searching robotic phone saturday next to and uncles home about 3 miles from the church, he was taken into custody for questioning an is being held without bailo. the police north carolina string of ev events, so i'm fired shots at a donald trump sign in front of a man's home, here's bryan mims with more. >> these are the bullet holes. >> shattered glass in his front door, and sprinkled on his fron porchch, gunshots that's james powers counts, at least wanted. and on his front porch, is a four by 8-foot donald trump sign. >> this is my ride as an american citizen.
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>> this is where we live, this is where we come for sanctuary, motorized. and then said they shot up his house because of bad donald trump sign that he hasas put up he was out to dinner, when the bullets were fired between seven and 8:30 p.m. saturday, they go home and called the police. >> i'd ed do not try to specula on what if, that every bit of this can be replaced,d we are safe, and th is disappointing. >> of the first time that his science have come under fire. has had a big trump's sign here along the mooresville parkway that have beenh set on fire, h filed a report and the sign still stands. >> this semi retired grandfather says it is the fourth time he called police about attacks on
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>> i've never heard anybody else's political signs. >> is not about you remove any of his >> as an american citizen, my to t to choose is my right choose. on his front porch, the flag waves, bryan mims, chinese police department found a way to punish drivers o using high beams.s.t the negatives in front of a car with itss hy-vee is turned on for one minute. mi driving with high beams, that blind drivers, carries a $44 fine in china, they say that sitting in front of the high beams is optional, but it is unclear whether or not the punishmenter is an alternative pay the fine, some call this a
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concussion is not slowing
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it is a glorious monday. have a look at this time lapse of sunset at 5:16 p.m. last night. you can see a couple of jet contrails . the third week of december we em begin to regain time on the end of the day, at the beginning of the day where losing time as. look at them blue sky.
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already very little cloud cover high pressure is firmly in plac over the ohio valley. tomorrow, so showers, likely after three or 4:00 p.m. what is in store for us is a cold snap. it will be dropping into the 40s. that will be saturday the anytime some nice weather or coke we had to talk about perhaps the chance ofw a wintry mix, lake effect, precipitation it is still to early to tell. there could be someea what snowfall mix dann, especially i
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you can see the sickening cloud cover and the association with the cold front. today a high near 70, the average is low to mid 50s, tonight 45 degrees, the first-quarter moon overhead. it is waxing, the full beaver
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rainfall tomorrow afternoon evening. the election day forecast, in the morning, mid- 40s. polls closing at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow. a high of 65 degrees. the forecast, with rainfall again wednesday, thursday 57, a shower on friday veterans day ander then in
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testing. chicken patties sold in ohio, are being recalled,ke complaint of plastic pieces in oncor branded chicken patties that were sold in six states including ohio. they were produced on august 5, you are told to throw them away
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coming to mcdonald's big mac, they will soon offer two new versions, mac junior andff gran mac, though trying to get more interest in the big macs, that was introduced 50 years a go, the grand mac will have two all beef patties waveve one third pound, the mac junior will have one paddy, and no middle bun, they have been changing the men to reverse a slowdown insa winemakers producing
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you a memo physical high, if yo want to have cindy had to go to california, that is the only state where it is legally available.forn a sideline is not keeping dillon park dale earnhardt jr. from going fast, he was pulled over for sundayay for speeding while he was driving to texas motor speedway, his fn a page or on twitter a police officer writing out a warning for the nascar drive when asked how fast he was going, he said, not fast enough. still to come, it is back. people hope to win hundreds of thousands of dollars, are in luck just in time for the
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you have just a few hours left to avoid electio wise to vote today, to vote early, it has to be at the board of elections office on euclid avenue, is where jessica dill here to everything you need to
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come down to vote early.ot the lines are getting long during noontime. 10,000 people have cast their early votes today, you can take part in the final day of early voting.nn you vote at the board of elections before 2:00 p.m. there is a parking lot availabl for, if you have a debit asked to be postmarked by today. both candidates are still hitting the campaign trail, hillary clinton is a pennsylvania, michigan and nor carolina, donald trump's in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. as a paul nowell punches. >> hillary clinton will be unde investigation for a long time for many crimes against our nation, our people and our democracy.un this election is a moment of reckoning, a choice between division of or unity between
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a loose cannon.t >> early voting nationally she is dating him, in ohio, he is above her, you can come down here to vote early until 2:00 p.m.. the local girl scout troop memorial to honor a police officer killed in the line of duty,po the troupe from amherst area will plant a tree at the elyria post of highway patrol to honor trooper kenneth velez was killed on september 1 while on duty, hit while on a routine traffic stop, by a driv on i-90. >> queen of hearts raffle is
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bowling, there are some new roles, the jackpot yesterday wa more than $370,000, a winner chosen but she was notw present to claim the prize, according t the new rules will only receive a $2,000. we want to give away a lot of money every drawing so we reformatted the payout scale so the least amount that she would win today if your ticket is drawn, andleth you will get 10 pot.. the winner of the 50/50 raffle was in the crowd, proceeds held homeless veterans in portage county, the next drive is december it is another great day in northeast ohio.
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if you do go out to vote, this is a look from outer space. it's tough to see any moving elements on that map, there are a few clouds tonight will not be clouded over until sunrise wate which is about 7:00 o'clock and sunset at about 515. high pressure drifted southeast. a cold front, arriving about noon tomorrow with a few shower
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get out of here fairly early wednesday morning. for the weekend, a different story. cold air saturday. perhaps a lake effect, will keep you posted. looks like a good shot of cold air that will be brief. today a 70 degrees. tonight first waxing corn moon. it will be the full bevo mill next monday.
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july it is the first-quarter moon and then nex onday will be the full moon, beaver moon. >> those cowboys had a field da here in cleveland. >> the browns remain winless says, break it down in the
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the losses are piling up, they have reached a franchise record, losing 12 straight go back to last season after winning sunday to the dallas cowboys started okay for the browns,th cody kessler, they drive ended with a field goal and the browns rating three to nothing, the brownsal answer on their opening drive. the cowboys to delayed, seven-three. ezekiel elliott, had a big day. defines the endzone for the first time in nearly a month. against the cowboysff delayed. browns defense, gave up 400 yards but they did have som moments. the cowboys had a field day, they could run and throw.. dallas, 21-three lead. the browns scored late.
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it was 21-ten.. but it was all dallas, they sen the browns to zero and nine. they play good enough, it starts with me, got to courte better to put them into better situations. it is what it is. it is unfortunate, there are some things that we can and wil there are some things that just keep wearing its ugly head >> they're prepared to start cody kessler for the rest the r had some e's healthy, decent numbers but the two struggled to score touchdowns, he was 19 and 274 203 yards and one touchdown. he had aa long pass to start th game, to isaiah crowell. he was not helped by the runnin
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not good on any sunday, but so probably get the momentum had appealed to that pushes back and it was unfortunate because they were putting trash together in capitalizingnge . we need to do that in the n second half, just enough go our way, we had to go back to completing games to finish the end we give ourselves a chance and came out the second half cannot capitalize. ezekiel elliott, had a big day in the state. he rushed 18 times 4902 yards with two touchdowns, the browns defense had a hard time letting up, and they missed a ton of tackles. is done the same story, week after week, for the browns defense trouble we got to step
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we got to play better. make sure that we have tacklese. which is are not playing very well. we have to step it up. >> it would be a very short wee for the browns, they will play again thursday night in prime times,l versus baltimore ravens baltimore. on sunday they hosted the steelers. the lead out to a lead before the steelers scored 14 unanswered points, the ravens winningun streak in the air atop the afc north with the steelers. cavaliers getting ready for a big week of basketball, they ar six and zero at trivedi 70 sixers saturdayy, they will hos atlanta tuesday at the q. befor going to the white house to mee with the president at winning
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there will playn friday night i
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a new virtual reality technology could help obesity fight, tokyo university researchers invented goggles they can reduce the food intake by 10 percent by enlarging the picture to trick the brain into thinking that it isg eating a larger person they have increased the size of food by 5. >> may be one of the most divisive presidential elections now they call itpr election str disorder. survey, found that more than 50 percent of americansns feel stress about the election
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many are going to therapist. the election is causing some people to search for ways to ge out of the country, travel to canada increasing 40 percent according to hotels .com, and getaways to mexico were up 107 percent. people talking about leaving after tomorrow, jetblue will be there to take you, they have a today, vacation sale starting on november 9 with flights startin at just $34. f dog spa in minneapolis is selling election themed droppings bags.
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the election, people laugh, sometimes they buy it for friends, it is a fun election joke.y >> donald trump's is called the and, they have several locations, they say that they'r not keeping an official tally o which bags are selling better. do you like them do you use them or if you don't like them? >> the candidates have two of the most recognizable names in america butr neither of these is running for president. because they happen to share th names with the presidential hopefuls, they say that sometimeses their e-mails or ignored and she has to send facebook and her account has been suspended multiple times, meanwhile, dr. donald trump and the
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and was met at the trump tower. will not let me have my name. i have reached out to him, intermittently over the yearsh. >> a suggested that he should join the cup and shave his head and we could raise lots of mone for cancer research. they say that they will not be voting for the republican
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election day is almost here. in the tech report, wished here looks at ways that you can participate in social media. you can bet lots of people will be up social media tomorro to share their opinions on facebook, twitter, instagram an their having special election tools , here's a look. it will be one of the most social relationsit with million posting online. >> facebook, will help you to prepare forp election day, it will show you a preview of your voting ballots. you can see the candidates, national, local and by entering your home address you can see propositions and referendums tailored to your, then you can choose if you want to share wit
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yourself your choices for easy referenceal, if you're not sure just one click will take you to postings on the candidate of topic she can see what her friends on twitter, official election hash tags. send a direct message with your address and you will get an automated response with your polling location, valid information in more. alson special stickers to add to your photos including uncle sam american flag, and a version of the classic, i've voted sticker. on instagram and snap-chat, you will find updates from your friends along withw election themed filters expect to see behind the scenes reaction from candidatesilct , if spotify has a
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ease anxiety with everything from eye will survive to our e-mails, the end of the world a you know it. >> concluding with brahms lullaby, the song used that my kids to sleep.l it usually works, google also i helping just search word live oak? and up pops a special too to show you your polling location and what you need to bringlou, if you want links of these things including the spotify playlist go to has been a loud crazy run but the end is near.ud
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donald trump, getting a run for his money. is so real and so disrespectful introduce you to one of the best trump
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a couple licks it go that high school student kevin millburn got attention with his impersonation of donald trump. >> ,h did not know that it would lead him face-to-face with the real donald trump. >> you so rude, disrespectful, they are taking us down. guilmette donald trump, over the weekend. he even did his impression for him.. mr. trump was impressed and called him really aggressive. said that he wants him on his
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today on "the real." >> it's week two of the celebrity co-host takeover. >> this week, we've got ashanti. >> i'm so ready. >> and it's all to you with our viewers choice girl chat. >> when did you bring adam around? >> my mom had a little trouble. and man crushes. >> plus, monique. sisterhood. >> "the real." >> you picked our hair. >> you picked our outfits. >> you picked your favorite segments. >> it's our viewers choice show. it starts right now. ? this is our time this is a another minute to get it ? ? this is our time grab ahold ? ? it's time to go get it ?


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