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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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when i 90 detours will be posted the rains have stopped just aus few petals notes to jump their out there to 70 went and cedar local and express post look good in both directions.oc road construction started on mondayon is going to be like tht through next year. wayne and kristi pack to you. and nation has the new
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defeated will his democratic rival click to 218 republican picked up late wins in arizona and wisconsin to lock up his victory for he's on his way toy winning spite us heat is seated 2-43 percent to win 18 electoral votes. he has been elected the 45thhe president the united states of america. it was a stunning upset but now he is vowing to unite america. what a victory after a long, tough battle by both canids we
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donald trump received a total of 274 electoral votes to clinton's 218 to clinch the election. victories and premier battleground states that his appeal across the industrial midwest help them see all that wouldust he also took down the democratic partyo and he looks forward to being president is also vowing to unify a deeply divided nation. now it's time for america to find the wounds of divisions. all republicans and democrats andre independents across this nation i say it is timeen for us
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administration and focus onfoc bringing the country to get the donald trump spoke with us yesterday ahead of themp when w hear we had to say to fox 8. he beat hillary pretty good hee broke the law that democrats have been heat one states that no one thought he would win. a devastating blow not just to hillary clinton but the entire democratic party. stacy fry joins usti with reacta from her campaign. >> hillary clinton has not yet broken to her supporterscfr herr chair sent them home he took the little after 2:00 a.m. this morning.le >> everyone should head home gee some sleep will have more to say
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the giant roomel with a glass vy whatla they thought was going to be the first woman ever elected presidentrs but in a shock to everyone she was calling to his can see it was around last night around 9:00 p.m. say this team has so much to be products whatever happens tonight thank you for everything as the night wore onp they watched in tears s time trump surge it looks like she was going to his fame and ot enthusiasm mean so much to herie into him and of us we are soe proud of you and we are so proud of her shoot she's done an
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yet. >> hillary clinton is expected to speak this morning but we don't know when or where theere question is what does she do not she's been a senator second. as setdo's b another big questiw did that all thoseno get it so brown they will be evaluatede tire system it clearly doesn't work anymorevv apparently doesn't work anymore a big ninepp for ohio for income and submit all disputed their challengers to maintain their seats dir todd meany has more he that will affect their power in washington. what happens is the donald trump your republican second and a house in those types of years you can have a lot of t transitn
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looks for 114 congress is throu the seats there were in play as of last night and most of them going to the republicans they picked up a tonng of seats in y of the major elections s the balance of power is now 51-47 will fill in the press the democratic spots here there are stillwiid two races that have nn been decided this is the current ways of stands when we will be watching his results come inen and this oneh would be louisiana would have a policy has two and 50 percent of to become a senator in the current leader t is john
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peers that will go down like that's out students right now as they continue the way it is all part republicans of about 53heay-47 and a number senators that right there that's big news for trump because if you republican senate been a republican house you can move a will livelcies bicanan charges he likes to make.l these are the votes that are our there right now donald trump todingng few undecided states things like alaska which isunde then projecd redhe the ones we want to look t our wisconsin and minnesota which is not been decided how donald trump is leading a michigan is routes that trump is leaving her handprintsgan new hampshire only by about three or 400 votes that's a very close one as wellross is a weird
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to donald trumps that out follow the winner take all it most other states toto visit part ofa what republican you going democrat.rrwh this is the current map. things were going in this soon as there is instability we do know who would would t with a little bit of stability it is popped up for the last few hours many people arelipped surt
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of michigan and pennsylvania that was it. your time not is 5:11 a.m. scott, good morning. at the raint, hitting akron in philadelphia with a left over
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he's got his name on everything he owns. everything turns to gold. it was check in with scott sabol for a look at the forecast1 temperatures of pull down with the rain we have been well above we're going to take a ta look at how this year temperature license beginning of january kim bears to some of the warmer years that happen similr to this one. forty-seven and akron with some rain in person of rain along 76
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few left over showers to the northfe will stay steady most of the morning a close-up no storm fox radar shows the showers and he's had a break north of akron good popped up in about an hour ago over the lake and now moving down will continue with additional rain south of chardon. it's been fairly quiet will need to keep an eye on this as we check out the rain againn courting from north to south at about 20-30 miles per hour. that's the overall outlook showing this rain moving out of
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the temperatures stay steady between 47-53 degreesa tonight e begin to clear out with close the middle 30s highs in the upper 50s we mentioned this before better part of last week at this one there's not a whole lot of rains is through on friday and comes through a lot quicker with temperatures falling around 50 insulting the lowericks f 40s bs friday evening. we are right on the western fringe of this quick littleli burst of colder air is cold compared to what we hadst it's t winter like it's not super arctic air it's a little early
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the friday evening into friday were looking at minimalni amounts of accumulation that this is accu temperatures go up over this coming week and this is been the warmest year on recordy from january 1 yesterday average temperature has been over a little over 57 degreesarr fisher top five list sunny 45 middle and upper 50s sunday was sunshine the mid-fiftiesan50s most of next wk watch out for hydroplaning. i was looking all over the road. if you're just getting the 17 minutes after 5:00.0
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for avenue were told and unclearnas shotot ifd any officers are hurt the suspect's name in not been released closing arguments will take place cl argued they used his new straight by the victim's car and he feared for his there is a case can 77 victim in the last two weeksse some robbed at
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police presence was taking matters into their own here. p changes in my past every day i don't know. don't text and walk. one of the suspects is described the victim was unable to give all good thingsn mustoo come to an end how they h
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rainfall area is headed back to i 76. and a few of those leftover further east and west and a break here over cleveland the
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then they hit three to get within 3. james had 23 to kevin love added another 24kev the hawks were
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to seal the win. they cast drop to 6-1 of this is the white house tomorrow before place from lot hardrick to the runway they are trading their jerseys for deathly seey a money raised from this event local too the flashes of hope charity cleveland indians have big expectationsvela then he lived o themhe only 22 years old he credits his father for skills
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to the kent state flashes. fourteenth ranked broncos stuff the flashes on defense for safety. brff they didn't .-dot don' touchdowns is that a pair of running back thanking 10000 yards. and they became the first team attend wounds. we encourage you to stay with us for coverage of this a store collection about this all morning long on there and on our
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good morning welcome to fox 8 news the this wednesday november 9, 2016 things are waking up with us are


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