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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning welcome to fox 8 news the this wednesday november 9, 2016 things are waking up with us are
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that's a windy conditions. the striving this heavy rain that came through cleveland much further southiny it completelyt we still have some left over
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improved temperatures in the high 50s will we see the mixture snowow we've been hinting at that and for a while will will check it out inina a few minutes. >> it's not a bad rush are a sugar patty harkin. the rains are no longer coming down that's good newsins
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that nation has a new president she then i am the bottom of your screen for all your local resultsotur and we'll clinton ho 18 and trump is ahead we by abot 500,000 than the popular vote by defeated fifth democratic challenger 52-43 percent to win the 18 electoral votes.3 donald trump is not the us president-electd in a stunnings upset right before's bigwigs he spoke spoke with fox 8 thingstue
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spoke exclusively with fox 8 anx he expressed confidence in this campaign. >> with a great countryidn it help them leadership and help. my team and the beginning with make america great and that's what we are going to do.
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have vowed never to support trump chance moving forward in his speech he said three clinton called toi congratulate if he congratulated her and her family on a verytull hard-fought victory. she did called donald trumpump
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with stacy fry who has reaction were prettyrs confident until they woke up this morning.e e how do they get it so wrong will be the question. and a couple of states are too close to call so we will not havelere anything more to say tonight.yth so bring the first woman president they watched in disbelief as the returns came in became increasingly apparent thatcame they were not going tod
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happened is the reflection act larger forces the obviously the country is going to be thinking all for a long time and we will come to terms with the nightoion they failed to show up at the polls with they did for obamatoi
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cleveland voters approve the issues first tax increase raising the rain from 2 percent the public health apartment. it will provide more than $8 million for election coverage
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impacted the balance of power.
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south of tuning green and down to portage lake.ou seeing the bulk of this heavier rain right now as we lookoksas further north the rain is much lightere edge of the race is up towards chardon not a whole lot of redevelopment to the north ita
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them were able to pick up the rest which left them with a total of 45. it's 47 week's is' birdies thee end of the business they just keepsen being to 1,010th of us democrats. t this is the new hampshire race which is too close to call right now the leader of this race final races the louisiana to have to have a runoff election be she have to have 50 percent of the votebe in order to become the center. it all broke out there's a 25 percent t lead. this expected to go republican and they bounce off the way they didhe this senateen majority that's a big help to donald trump see trace to work w
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we're donald trump waits in michigan we are still waiting for those to come it if it goes away take humidtito he get more votes than say george hw bush the huge dip. they weren't sure who's going to it's still down by
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when they opened up here that'sh it indicated will see how things there that the investors are sayre historic night. it's pretty much a mandate now this winning dill he's won the election and he has both houses decide it's going to be interesting. will you be big tasks big canbig get those those things for news 5:45 a.m. another look at your wednesday morning commute when
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the next president. were are expecting to hear a concession speech later on this morningg we have a lot to tal about this morningt's link it to all of it as soon as we check in with weather and traffic. >> the strong northwest for the


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