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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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donald trump will be a presently owe him an open mind and a chance to lead ourse democracy and tries the peacefu transfer of power and we cheris it. it was a race for the record books, after a long line of waiting for results, donald trump spoker on his plans for t
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him a chance. dump trump breaking through democrats blue wall and handedu the request of shocking defeat. today, she tried to cover supporters thought she had a clear path to the white house. >> lauren blanchard is more fro new york. >> this is painful, and it will be for a long time. >> hillary clinton delivery a a upsetd before her supporters urging them to unify under president-elect donald trump. >> the open an open mind and a chance to lead..en >> she also had a message to young girls opened that she would shatter the glass ceiling.
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speaking from the rose garden, president obama reassured the nation that their between cordial shift administrations the next 72 day's. peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of our democracyn as were going to show that to the world,e i pledged to every citize that i will be the president for allt. >> he ha party, many who are unenthusiastic about his candidacy including house speaker who seemingly changed his tone today. >> donald trump heard a voice i this country that nobody else heard turning politics on his head. >> to date mitch mcconnell said that anticipates the first thing she does is president is a supreme court nominee to the senates, lauren blanchard fox
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carter county may have voted for hillary clinton thatt difference of support father south, he took cuyahoga county byby eight to one margin donald trump received no votes and one precincti n and only one vote a for others she did well in the near east and west sides. to the south donald trump weathermaker. he won convincingly that the esult that clintons borders were hoping for thought that their would be enough clout to influence the statewide vote bu not the case.thto america over the last couple days unit listened to the words that trump/pence said in the words mcclinton saidmp, what is
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supporters were not influenced by the city hosted the convention where he was named the nomineeon last night, the markets are dicey they do not like uncertainty, today as they all spoke the markets reacted favorably 56. were a far cry from the overnight futuresa, the dow was down 800 points at one time the credit the turnaround with the conciliatory tone of his acceptance speech. >> this is policies are progrowth. on getting rid of the trinity i
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speech expected tono change his tone as he works with republicans in onen rather than see it ripped up a think what will happen isish will be some modifications. for our economy to grow, keep it right here for continuing coverage of the election of donald trump as the 45th president, coming up at 10:00 o'clock tonight cleveland road in the race and you can ge updatesg any time by going to fox >> .
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to the southwest that would counter to the freezing mark. get ready for some patchy frost especially west and south away from the lakeshore.a we had lots of clouds there wer some early warning downpours. the clouds, east of 77 were so stubborn. to the west youre recovered wit sunshine, while in the east and
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of sunshine . tonight, clouds will be clearin out. we will all have some sunshine tomorrow.w. it will be a great day to allow temperatures to top off closer to 60 degreeses. lakewood police and fbi knew ho to locate a missing woman.fb >> toy for it is the missing fo three weeks, roll-in off-and-on has been missing since october 16, she worked at aladdin, her coworker said she was a tremendous help and was
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concerned because she was a devoted mother would not leave her son . >> we don't have any good information about where she might be so we need to find her so were reaching out assistance the urge if you have informatio to callll to people in court accused of cash in their deceased mother's paychecks. they say that she worked as a school crossing guard, she died city kid sitting paychecks no one has been charged or discipline from the city to put steps to prevent this from happening again to workers making cars, gm announcing toda suspending its first shift at
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submission lordstown makes the chevy cruze, they blame slower car sales because people are driving more suvs and trucks.s. that will affect more than 1200 workers jim is investing $100 million in transmission plants ve in toledo and indiana
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dubai sound on the property of a south carolina ma asked me to f. and s., they say the woman died from a gunshot wound to the head the man died from a gunshot wound torso last week they found a woman chained inside a container property the found the body of her boyfriend tom deaths in 2,003 connecting to seven and all. c >> a lightbulba is playing for sparking a massive fire at the former bethlehem steel plant near buffalo.. thick smoke could be seen for miles, explosions were heard before the roof collapsed, hundreds of firefighters were t control the blaze the word of injuries they say it started with a hot lipo fell onto
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lightbulb lightbulb colorado low raise the minimum wage for years to $12 in 2020 start with the boost to $9 starting next year, numerous businesses amendment, labor unionsag and advocacy groups retard especially as the cost of livin housing continue to search in the state cannot live on $300 a week , the rent and costs and health care is rising, and food and people cannot make it. these are not teenagers working these jobs these are parents, these are seniors these are adults who need to meet basic
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the mirror dr. treating the conjoined twins separate last month that they're doing better than expected.a jaden ananias were born at the top of their heads.s. they underwent a surgery last month to be separated. they've had their breathing tubes removeded such operation, the dr. said that they're doing so good your say can rehab center in the coming weeks. into starting to feel like winter, we are in the heart of the fall season. were getting closer to thanksgiving and at tha . winter season is not too far off. we had some cold shot.
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we got them full super moon occurring mondayer november 14 will be 40 percent larger and 30 percent brighter. will be the closest as 1948. the land is beginning to relax. overnight. you can see of the cool air. to the last, it would be above normal . should have
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advisor's warnings to the south it will be a chilly nightt especially west and southwest. were in for some sunshine tomorrow. is high pressure will be building. and then it moves out. this, could produce a few showers and maybe if you wet snowflakesf the east. the main differences on saturdays going to be that much colder.r. looking at the forecast online, many areas could have some patchy frost tomorrow 60 degrees, 6 above normal, lot of sunshine. on friday, would be a transitio
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with raindrops and wet snowflakes cannot be ruled ott friday night. on saturday, called with mid- 40s. sunshine on sunday full super moon on monday. city council members are expose by i-team cameras.os >> of fox 8 news at 10:00 o'clock, ed gallek takes his hidden camera to cleveland city council meeting to see who was paying attention and who was watching a baseball game? and exclusive tonight at 10:00 o'clock. good news with a holiday travel season, gas prices are
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the averages about $2.20 here i ohio is is about $2.06, many in the area have guessed although the air reaches $1.89 through one court cutting continues to take its tollcu, on cable and satellite companies, dish network announced added some 36,000 subscribers that there were 162,000 and in the service it marked the second crusade of large in subscribers forhe windy's reporting a boost in profits increased to more than fivefold to $40 million despite a 22 percent drop in overall revenue. a child's condition keeps him from being in class,d' it said that his robot, grady loper missed a lot of school as he battles a condition thanks to technology you can attend class
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by using a robot on wheels from hisro laptop, it is equipped wi a camera and microphone and allows them to interact with hi teachers and classmates without risking infection.mac he has proved doctors wrong by being able to play sports and setting goals for himself when he gets sick. now know who will be the next president after a long campaign. >> so how are the youngest makin francisco lindor golden globe
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the country divide a must now come together underr donald trump, it is proven to b a that appeal to swallow for some, kids were watching the election, now someme say their kids are asking questions they don't have answers to they say that q q after every election a emotional time and offer advice to talk to kids, talk to them, and then listen to what they say, asking what they have hear and what they mighbe and worried about and use that they say ing point., that do not underestimate how much they may know between what they see on tv and hear and rea them to not ignore their concerns or questions . those not happy with the outcome, and they may have played a role intou creating government website crash overnight. the immigration site went down around 10:30 p.m.ra in access h
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regarding moving to canada to become a canadian citizen group in recent months after donald trump won the nomination, shaw band dump trump is not do anything small so his celebration cake after becoming the president-elect was no surpriseer was in the shape of donald trump busth, at the trum towerth last night, they said i took 50 hours to me, many poke fun on0 social media said looks sadi and that it does not look much like him, there were, under the hash tag trump cake, the cavaliers will enjoy the spoils of the nba championship, when they visitit the white hou tomorrow. and wayne dawson will be with the team,us keep it here for live report from dc tomorrow on fox
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then ends did not get the commissioner trophy but some ar well-deserved recognition, regulation to francisco lindor named a gold glove winner at shortstop to become the first indian to receive the honor sincece grady sizemore in 2,008, is also the youngest shortstop to get the honor since 1980 and also postseason honors, traffic, nominated for manager of year and tyler naquin nominated for rookie of the year andnd co kluber for the cy young award. they will be announced next week.eun that does it for fox 8 news. >> be back again tonight at
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