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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 10, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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good at morning everyone today is thursday november 16th and has a chilly 41 degrees outside. things to being with us. my name is scottin -- my name isg todd meany let's check in with scott sabol for a look on the weather.od not all whole lot of wind them moisture us will contributing factor to a forecast tomorrow. the winds will come out of the north tomorrow though explain the details with the 32 in2 pierpont and with some 40s along the lake and we're going to see a sharp drop in low 30s heavy'
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nation's capital 35.te the warmer colors will indicate much warmer than yesterday andan also the colors look fairly high that colors i would not over emphasize that too much. it doesese emphasize the daytime highs of monks 60 and we are looking for looking for ceiling through the weekend. there's a frosty cold start. traffic time with patty harkin.a itrk is 6:01 a.m. things are running pretty well replay and check downtown wee could not find an accident isac good news for your morning commutecod in about southbound general picking up some signs for construction work during the
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coming into town no problems coming across the in about anyth overnight work is long gone and all lanes are also moving quite well as yououa come into downto. todd and kristi back to you pack in the studio. is on his way to the white house but todayod because his meeting withtin president obama is the first of the transition from onerom president to the other stacy fry has more on that in the protest a broken out over the election
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she is a very emotional speech everybody is in their side loses an election. but the remember that were actually all in one team.emb it's 72 days until the inauguration this transition to tell by chris kristi is working on the list potential cabinet membersthi therefore to keep the party to have a considered can
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friends and family desperately looking ford a 24-yard lakewood woman who has disappeared good morning we do want to say sa there's no crime they say this is the missing persons case and that's when they are very worried abouttha dozen asking at of questionsen about ten ands a they have noe agenda surgeon urging anyone on this informationon
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possible. this is exactly what behalf here.s there her ex-husband was arrested a charge of violating her protection on his not been charged with the woman'se disappeared that they do say that he was seen in her apartment buildingy d cleveland woman is being treated this morningor she got shot ine head. go
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male suspect was witness running from the scene. general motors is scaling back their workforce. it will affect more than 1200han workers they're doing the same where thegan playay khmer is made the last day willy be january 23. it was a million dollar plane tuned the front entryion pack ik
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wayne dawsonis joining us from thehew was a good trip it's a little chilly hereood in our nation's capital and althougha there isl joy in cavaliers to te somber mood in the nation's capital there was a candlelight vigil and protested outside the white houseou last night and a flag burning at american un donald trump is elected the that sadness iss going to turn into june that later on if you happen to be a cavaliersrsl fan. who can forget that last game of
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golden state warriors a gym andy a series they were not supposed to wind down three games to oney night you still hooping.op not as much is i used to i had d
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got to play. about two years ago the top of the to put on a shirt.of he can't be just walking around without a shirt on. b come on man. i guess it's you go like this i guess if you are in decent shape you can do it. hard. thank you.u eu it's a chilly outside secondly they have a bit of address code for for the white housee a i dot
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didn't know it is doing lebron james has been here before here can place at the miami hisia assistant on the special because he's coming wth the cavaliers and representing this hometowns cand market centr about 2:00 this afternoonma thas for sure he has a relationship to be like old times when lebron
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low 50s by one or 2:00 but a few spots approaching 50 we sees any snow mixed in the we are inn sky fox are going to keep an eye
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we are not anticipating any winter weather coming in tomorrow.ip he's put totally you know what to say this social mediaut as e look at the temperatures listers
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temperatures are above 40 right through cleveland bay village. into monday the months passed widespread found given the lack of cloud coveronn measures went from upper 40seas were looking t temperatures widespread. therefore cash is committed is committed a lot quicker here's the warm up it's a relative
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40s tonight we start to cloud over t0s and see how we start e if you as the front interacts with the lake and temperatures begin to fallroth t e next in thisil in the course 70 this is breaks apart the streaks late driven clouds it's going to shift the lanes by saturday for going to get temperatures climb back in the middle and high 40s tmpe much less any sorf
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the end of next week overall we're not anticipating any coincidence the middle of the public this is a decent eight-dayce issues.e it's one of so that does tend to
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continues right now we areare running accident free we will pack toodd and kristiti you in the studio.tud searches ongoing in seattle for gunman who opened fire inin downtown they don't believe it's related o protesters happened at the timen investigators now believe that 16 -year-old kristen french was adopted. aaa short time later police arrt or 20 -year-old boyfriendt they are now searching a lake nearby where dobbs was arrested. police and affordede town are a commending their mayor frank
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get the getaway car's license platet than 12 hours beforee two crews containment last nightwo policeo say there was a worker who is changing some light bulbwa he dropped on some cardboard that's
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fiona helps them little stars
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with more on the forecast here is scott.or the temperature still hoping that 30sti when she really mid 30s are reports was hoping for frost a lot of this default will will will be close through t it will continue for at least the temperatures bottoming out. from easily karen downtown cleveland in bay village right now temperatures hovering close to 40.ll late tomorrow morning there is something warmth or relativeorn warmth ahead of the front. another look for huge areau that'sg relative to the average temperature this time of yeare
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getting wayot can't rule out a shower and it's a really weak point to pull trend to colder with temperaturesend starting ot in the 40s notice how we see a couple of these oakland shows and as the temperatures fall. thirtys tomorrow eight any especially after sundown a few flurries could be mixedn but we are not anticipating any accumulation at this time. it is 6:25 a.m. the change of scenery for the cavaliers as they posted their fundraiser more than p a thousands of northeast ohio businesses and visitors attended this event last night they were treated to a full reception before theydeda
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the runway. you look at how the committee's such as natural to get back. i've always been thatat type ofof the person into given back that was how my parents raised me giving back is important thinkti good things have happened for us and we try to make other gs just as good as ours. the event j benefits flashes of hope in the children's tumor foundation. to greatt
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who looking forward to the most.t. we'll have to see. we're to looking forward to both i'm i'll be back with you aboutu
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who canre l put the palm were po or music video for fun costumesu just get creative we want you to
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shakespeare's play maybe timeless but they were writtene inaey a form of english used ag time ago. basededt on the sis to antiquatd if you get them up and moving out who they see what's going on that helps them with thethe dialogue and they get more intor
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it's more than just being in th cluster it's about being part ot the community students from all have force the past few weeks for those less fortunate the food drag not only helps those who need to praise to life the lessons learned in theology andn kindness and caring andari thinking about theirs.. >> you hear the word spread love. and being kind where they are part of the trinity family. spirit of her people who've gone to the samet experience he cann really chinese seniors get a chance toc shut its professionals in theirh chosen field spending one day
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of their breasts of their livesv in that something to cheer about. tvicic roosevelt leftwich,a fox 8 news. select how cool.ool very cool. we want to congratulate next week's".n it is a shot high school in east >> we will visit the cardinals next weekend wayne will be very happy. w
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cindy and mitchell from trinity high school.f it's timegh now for the career b board ofe the day.he for information on this and other jobss click the jobs tab t
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good morning welcome back my name is patty harkin.n. i got off the phone with independence police and theyd have a new water main break.rea it's an old parks throughout road between was creek impacts will road that something to be aware of you can see slowdowns approaching that it's june valleyview bridge and into downtown 70 went and 90 stillsti looking good. water main break we just what you about. police are on the scene, no, you will not be going around that.ha we will send it to scott he hase a look at that eight-day in the coffee quiz. >> today's mostly sunny with temperatures in the low 30ss m a slight chance of a shower tomorrow on veterans day there won't be much with the front we start out in the 40s and fall
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into the lows 40s. fifty-five on sunday low to mid 50s most of next week with a slight chance of a shower next tuesday.eehan we still have some dry weather ahead. we have some cool kids with those from are cool school we are sitting in mitchell from trinity high school. they are athletes the track inrc there's some records two. improvement is always good to your bringing improvement to your team he went to have a quiz. yes. we're a dependingng qui on you today.od
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the evidence that shows think in which great lakes. was at lake huron lake superior lake erie more lake ontario terrified to choose from i have junot he gave you for that will maybe make it a little easierfor you know anything with the edmund fitzgerald.d.
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superior 1970. there you go to wrote a song about ricardo whole bunch whole bunch which is coming upin at the irix center ballet theatre's nutcracker which is coming appear in a few weeks and some mcdonald's can certificateseks he would you gie breaking rights for being rightw is the artwork today. thank you. by the way cindy and mitchell seen our official" we would like to o get matches with your colo.
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of the gets about 20 secondsery your director of admissions who happens to be here thank you both for being things. they were nice kids very well behavedery let's check in with kenny crumpton's at 654. owns hudson zone is having none to hudson in a couple yearsdso u might be pleasantly surprised on a lot of things that areasat happening here we would talk about that when we come back. kicking it with kenny, stay with
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election yesterday during all caps on yesterday during a very emotional concession speech. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power, and we don't just respect to that. we cherish that. >> after the transitionterl coaf something governor chris christie is been heading for monthsv but according to politio the transition team has a mandateti whenever possible it o be a contender that. i'm just not going to say his name anymore. >> i wonder will always kids will play. >> i don't thinknknd they won'te sweeping floors at the white house users from a a if it is going to try to make that as
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say. the smooth transitions into a going to do today ever award is being offered trying to findry a missing woman from the city of liquid. what we know about her disappearance so far. >> good morning that is really worrying a lot oa people here in lakewood. it is the mother of a three -year-old doctors disappeared. .-dot just disappeared. the 24 -year-oldee has been missing since october 17. her ex-husband was arrested on the charges of violating a protection ordere ss
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42 pounds attach your left hand left-hand interests. left hand and wrist grip us rest. by cnet her apartmentnt on edgewater dre in lakewood she works at a restaurant or coworkers say theh knew right away something wasn't right when she didn't show up for work.k. >> she looked like she was very happy shee loved everyone she worked for sure and come in in to work command to work with how she would do anythingg for anybody. very of her. >> police say there's a possibility she's up she is up from the detroit area they are following up leads there no crime reported just a missing persons case the good news is the three -year-old is okay in a good place.e. >> from center court to pennsylvania avenue is cleveland cavaliers are heading to the white house today.i pinging wih
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>> it has awoken the 202b a busy day at the white house behind me all great achievement for the steam coming to the white househ getting a chance with presidentr obama at the white house to enjoy that momentwh and we get a chance to experience it. i am happy to be a part of it. >> icing on the cake to a history making season. the 52 -year-old drought is over. >> a one point 3 million fans
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that means a visitch to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> it is a big deal to mee that our coaches have it something we've accomplished. i have a couple of front it is always good to see a familiar face for me to bring along my teammates. >> aftert the seven victory president obama spoke with coach lute by telephone and had some advice forep the 39 -year-old youngste. >> there still pretty young are you still p open? >> i play a little bit but not as much is that used to. >> a holder you know? >> thirty-nine. thirty-nine if got to play it. >> i hung up about two years ago
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>> nothing like some advice from thee president of the united statese you know he is a big-tie basketball player.u tyrone haa chance to come back in 2002 but decided not to come he was a member of the washington wizards at the time, and he won the championship with the lakers. the lakers came to town he asked him to come he said that's okay this time he is bringing his mother she always wantedo that chance this year they are not just being congratulated for being a great basketball team but also for what they do in the community. barack obama is also going to honor them for the things they do. a great, great day. there are rules governor k-6 may be better. we will bee inside with these specifications. i know the
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probably a cavaliers jersey with photos from the backthb we wille what happens is going to be exciting. i am looking forward to it. >> this is something you have been looking forward to very cool. >> all right your time right now is 7:09 a.m.veve a suspected sel rapist behind bars this morning accusedth of murdering an 81 -year-old woman. >> howwo this man may also be connected to at least three other cases including one in ohio. >> temperatures are going back up again. right now we are looking at belt widespread low to mid 30s. look at these temperatures back up to the middle and high 50s. we will talk more about the chances of rain and get a look. >> not too shabby honored thursday morning commute. we
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mix. cleveland clinic is now ranked number two inis the natin and number one in heart care fr 22 years in a row. access the number one her care anytime,
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personal dispute with the police decision on the court is now facing several charges including contempt of court andn assaultig a probation officer. >> it is 6:14 a.m. on your thursday. >> seventy-seven northbound don't do the turnpike dealing with an accident in the left lanetu so that is causing delay
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northbound right found right by itself for 90 it is in the right berm other than that things are looking okay to 5500 block of old brecksville road we go to scott with a look at the forecast. >> skies remain most that is close to the plate and landte drop lake in land drop another ten low 30s here are your temperatures now. there is your 39 and strongsville.
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issue if you parked outside. forty-one in new york there is the beginning of the front. the temperature change will be fairly significant today. the warmer color will translate into highs today in the upper 50s near 60 there is the week front coming in their friday mention the frost a cold start this morning 55 juniors six years we increase the cloud cover tonight lows in thehe 40s tomorrow will turn colder front comes through late morning the winds come out of the north can't rule out a shower or two. it's not going to be a big significant system as the front goes through the winds shift that will fall back into the
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afternoon early evening as the temperatures begin to fall, we are anticipating a few flurries highly doubt weng will get anyl accumulation see the high over chicago and notice the shade of white over the lake that is the lake induced cloud cover it is a limited right to their i as the high starts to move further east it shuts the liquor find down it will turn colder fridayth temperatures with the harsh it bounced back eight day forecast tomorrow looks better and thinkingng veterans past and present at seems to be pretty week even the next week we are not anticipating any widespread rainfall. looking
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days with temperatures above normalad since the first that is the least numbere and probablyob the least number we've ever had. >> there are some numbers for youveha. >> a couple more numbers for you. 7:18 a.m. is your time. let's kick itou with kenny crumpton. >> good morning, you guys as you can see we are in hudson, ohio. we are showcasing local artist. when we come back, we have something brand spankingav new to show you. kicking it with kenny. >> time for the fox eight stork report. cleveland's own say hello to mason from mason. he is two months oldh i am just admiring the baby. upload a
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full-color on your television that is a great it to them to them just watching somevi post n facebook michael jackson's old super bowl halftime performance. >> i remember that forgot of breakout was. 7:29 a.m. is your time. good morning let's check in with scott for a look at the foreca. very angry i would say yes it was absolutely. right now the lake is much quieter it will got pretty roughte especially late tomorrow but it will be short-lived. clear skies high cirrus clouds otherwise crisp and cool we've hador a wide re in temperatures as we look at with rock creek at 35 we did
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chardon. temperature of 37 a 31 in solent. canton and 31 at 29t with the cold spot on and was disabled the forecast continues to violate the highlight the sky withrenu high clouds eye contac weakening cold front with the temperature change going back up againem with the shade of orange and red translates intod sunny with highs around 55 and 60 degrees tomorrow much and mid 40s early a couple of showers will develop along the front te northwind will start to cool a storm temperatures start to fall from the 40s back to the low and middle 30s that will be cold enough for a few leftover flurries, but e we will clear ot old quick with an eight day
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so. >> good morning we have a couple of problems as we head out the doorpr 77 northbound past for 90 we showed youst this disabled school busow it is still up thee causing for delays. also this accident 77 northbound down by the turnpike this is what they are dealing with out by the turnpike 77 northbound left berm. as you can see flashing lights are congestion down there. and then the disabled bus is off to the side and police cruisers are off to the scene those two areas are quite congested this morning and we do have the water main break in independents on old brecksville road i the 5500 blok of old brecksville road. >> president elect donald trump is on hisnt way to the white hoe to meet with president obama
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the protest that broke out over thee election. >> people have been marching in the streets chanting not my president> ar carrying signs tht say donald trump out america hate again. >> outcries against the selection from chicago to election from chicago to california philadelphia to oregont 5,000 gathered outside of trump tower shouting today the transition begins president obama is invited donald trump to the white house media the oval office at 11:00 o'clock; hillary clinton to challenge the risk of results. in a very emotional speech11 said to get behind tp the president ist doing his part
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>> everybody it is sad when their side loses an election,, but the day after we have to remember we are actually all on one team. >> seventy-two days until inauguration day they have been working on a list of potential cabinet membersng and advisors expect trump to lower those who are stuck by him side make rudy giuliani and private sectorsm working to keep the party together is considered a contender. >> we will see what happens. we see what be sure to keep it give a keep it right here for the coverage of the election usto donald trump is our nation's 45th president. you can also find an update at >> also topping are headlines this morning friends and family desperately looking forox a 24
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inin we have the latest. >> good morning, everyone. right now, there is no crime actually reported police say this is a missing persons case, but something as a lot of people worried here withs police asking a lot of questions. friends say it is very unlikely for the 24 -year-old to just vanish without her childr- and without telling anyone no sign of her since october 17 when ups to work at aladdin's restaurant she was last seen at her edgewater pretty much what she is five foot 4 inches tall and about 132 cap she is a tattoo on her left hand and wristto they are urging anyone with any information on the case to call themc as soon as possible. >> law enforcement were is about a lot of a lot of things going on in the community
7:35 am
toe the ex-husband has been charged with violating a protection order however he is not been charged with the disappearance arguments not a crime just a missing persons case they said around for her apartment start to give windows they are just really helping someone saw something looking out therestlp anything contact police. >> it is now almost been five months since the cleveland cavaliers one the nba championship. >> the celebration is not over meeting with president obama at the white house. what else look at the white house there,he win. >> that is great. you are looking live at 1600
7:36 am
to be a busy day for the president first of all he has this very important meeting with donald trump at 11:00 o'clock. they will meet in the oval office and oval office and talk about the ll transition of power probably a press conference after that and thenpr this afternoon meeting with the world champion cleveland cavaliers. >> final seconds it is over. it is over. >> lebron james is the champion at least as third visit to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he's been here twice before with the world champion miami heat, but this time, it is different. >> it is a big deal for me because i am able to take my teammates and the coaching staff something we accomplish.h. >> coach taiwan little got to come with the world champion los angeles lakers in 2002 but he declined. >> ike was a young guys did not
7:37 am
our second championship and i was what's, 22? playing for the wizards they came into town the environment environment go with the lakers but i said no i was stupidtla but a young guy you jt take things for granted you don't really understand the opportunity and what that with that man so noww 17 years lateri am able to go again am going to take fullo advantage of it. >> no, both men will be here and it is a dream come true. >> for me to be able along my teammates means more to me than anything. >> oncee again, the cavaliers willin meet with the president t president at 10:00 o'clock this after noont the cavaliers will probably talk a little basketball va take a lot of pictures probably present him with the jersey with a 44 obama on the back. as i said before lebron has been here twice before this is his third time
7:38 am
member of the cleveland cavaliers so it is very special to him. ev coach is bringing his mom it will be a great day for the cavaliers and i would imagine c it's huge for the president two he to he is a huge basketball fan. >> we will talk to you in a little bit. >> 7:38 a.m. diagnosed with leukemia after a bump on the head. we willch tak about the fight for this little guy with the men and women in
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i think that is one thing he will not forget here now? 7:41 a.m. welcome back. the countdown to dick goddard's final forecast keep watching all
7:42 am
and career of dick goddard you don't want to miss out on. a real-life halloween nightmare a three -year-old boy diagnosed with cancer. >> everyone is coming together including men and women of blue to help out. we havei the stor the sights and sounds a child and notu on a playground but inside a hospital room for little john oliver of south russelljo diagnosed with leukemia just a sick on november 1h. >> he originally hit his head and had a bruise and i took them originally to the doctor because i t thought he was having postconcussion science. >> after a blood test, that was a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia too many amateur blood cells and in a child's blood" blood marrow isn but now is normally full of life
7:43 am
become the first six rounds of chemotherapy. >> every parent's worst nightmare hearing your son has leukemia. >> his dad is currently on sick leave from his job as a police officer in the village of south russell and geauga county. his sons diagnosis is deeply affecting his second family and blue. officers has been with the police department for five year with kids and seniors. when it was his family who is in need, his family came together and individually the police force participating ine the no shave november fundraiser with each officer toning 50 books and for going shooting for an entire month ago was to raise 5,000 votes in addition to adding ago
7:44 am
more than $17,000. >> we're so grateful we can't thank everyone enough. >> he e also has a ten -year-old daughter with a very long road ahead, but they say john oliver is a strong cobbler. >> cancer free and then it doesn't come back. >> how often you can get new deals on amazon ahead of the
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so happy our producer lloyd some are really ocean floors earlier this week i was whistling li ?- 80s british the soul. >> takes me back to my date. >> wn >> let's take a look at scott to see what is happening on the forecast. >> judge it out and see what is happening today where the winds are picking up a little bit. the winds pick up a temperatures start to climb he has the eight day forecast. a little warmer today between 55 and 60 veterans day is tomorrow. we will have the week front coming in from the northwest a few localized
7:49 am
there is not a not a whole lot a lot of moisture with the showers localized 20 percent coverage as the temperatures fall into the 30s by late afternoon early evening 30 to the overnight low friday and saturday partly sunny 45 saturday after noon a lower 50s most of next week. the week front tuesday. looking at now as indicated on the mentioned heading into the third week of november we would startu to see the weather systems become more stronger and active it looks as if this following weekend we could be looking at pretty well off whether you're at this.itel looks like it wille mainly are raini producer and nt a wintry weather producer we will see what we have. it may be rough by next friday. >> to problems. coming up 77
7:50 am
earlier was a disabled school policepto the right berm are now on the scene in the right lane it is now blocked as you can imagine 77 is backed up towards for 80. and there is n accident they have blocked off on the left lane this is for 90 trying to get back on because of the accident 77 northboundus which is more of a disabled post the right both the right lane is blocked t 77 northbound past the turnpike traffic is getting by single fileas obviously it yes you are slowou down by the turnpike breaking it down for 480 up to
7:51 am
past. >> could good morning. appreciate theod update. >> it is now 7:50 a.m. let's see what kenny is's up to part f hudson zone. >> that is a. really cool things to show you including the live and work and create space.
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>> good morning, everyone lots of cool things happening here. hanging out good morning. >> good morning. tell us a little bit about this. t >> we are uncommon it we do so down not because we all do something that is not a, common i.i. i do jewelry and work primarily in the chain may also it'sy like the armor but i make it a little more g does mixed-media. >> so all three of you guys are here. i love you stay right hereve we walk into karen studio good morning, caring, how are you?u? tell us about your impressions and your take on
7:55 am
representation all based on nature or sometimes my memories of days gone byontu. >> and he said a reason to work with all your always doodling you always have something in your hand summer some of my earliest memories before i could work with a parent are pencil crayon in my handwriting. >> this is core you guys actually offer classes for people here as well.. >> yes we do. >> come with me. >> collage jewelry making painting parties parties and it it is all good stuff seed she does oil paintings and she is alsol influenced by the night sky you will sees stars and moons and that sort of thing. friday
7:56 am
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> there is a commonality. >> thank you, kenny. >> back to you guys. >> good morning. wearing our our orange and brown for our cleveland browns. >> that is right we are going to win your t only local news weatr and traffic until 10:00 a.m. coming up at the top of the hour we begino with stacy. >> good morning donald trump hea president barack obama malan he had to meet with motion out with protests across the country. i will fill you in. we can't use a description of the woman i tell youth where she was last seen. >> good morning. look at the beautiful count cloud deck care showing clouds moving out clear
7:57 am
how warm only getis today? aree still anticipating flurries tomorrow? wean will talk about
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>> good morning to you on this thursday. you are saying you wish it was friday. it's been a long couple of weeks. >> i said it should be friday. i don't know what it is.e if we all call in sick tomorrow: six
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you're looking for us i can entire at entire coming down with something. >> i will be the professional one and show up to work tomorrow on here for everybodyy traffic and weather and sports. all right. temperatures fell into the low 30s we have 29 the coldest spot 32 in willoughby now up to 35 windsgh are picking up slighy with a slight southwesterly frontly you should be about 50 y noon. the front seems to be weaker and weaker here as the warmth is dominant now only 11 days of temperatures more than a


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