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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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finding neverland dot conner don palace theatre. all right. luck that's it forpa the 8:00 s right now.t all right. thank you so much. waiting for that music. the animation. good ic. morning on this thursd. we are doing it ourselves. how are you doing. i'my todd meany. m happy friday eve we like to call it around here i'm stefani schaefer thank you for being with us today.o fo we have promises and prott today for president-elect donald trumpp the latest as he gets ready to head to the white house.hea only person going to the white house a lot of people from cleveland will be there.e. cleveland cavaliers and wayneyn dawson will join us live in a couple minutes with how the team will be honored by president obama. very big day.y.willbe cleveland browns are hoping to get there first win of the nd bro tonight. big game tonight. thursday night we are wearing
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i like that. up later we think we know the lucky charm. special surprise little outfitte change. wardrobe change. no wardrobe malfunctions c just changes going all right we're going all out this morning. it will be great idea especialli if you like you have friends diehard h browns fans or somethg looking for christmasro great idea. you will love it coming check in with scottp. see how te forecast is shaping up for thif thursday. good morning guys good morning sing the sunshine this time of the morning in the time of year it doesn't warm us up nearlysuns impressively as what it would have donea a couple of months ao good to see and of course the clear sky last night we had the fast issue right now beautiful looking contact here high fairweather cloudsw as we look t the temperatures which aree starting to climb. middle upper 40s most locations across couple of sheltered areas colder than that. wayne dawson in washington dc outside the white housee wit
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little warm up as we look at the temperature change indicates shallow warmth warmer colorscols would indicate temperatures today shoulddic make a run at 6. the week front coming in tomorrow. the chance of aht shower. go with 60 we've had 11 days since september 1 temperatures appreciably below normal. that is never happened before at least in the record-keeping i've looked back on.appe enjoy it. we'll talk more about the eight day in just a few minutes. guys back to you. thank y donald trump is on his way to the white house. he will meet with president obama this morning. it's the first step in the transition of power from one president to the next. fox 8's stacey frey is here with more on that and the protests that broke out over the election rhe nexthat a tresi kind of sporadic all over theer country yesterday. people have been marching in the streetsu chanting not mine president and carrying signs that read donald trump makes america hate again. it happened here in cleveland last night and in a lot of othee mpeagai cities across the united states.
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not my president, not today. outcries against the election from chicago to california, philadelphia, to oregon. in new york as many as 5,000 5,0 people gathered outside trump tower. putsie g and chanting.. here in cleveland the crowd wasr much smaller but no less passionate about their response to a trump presidency.h smalee today that transitions begins. president obama has invited donald trump to the white house this morning.ide oed they will meet in the oval office at 11 a.m.wil some have called on hillarymoffh clinton to challenge the election results.illa toha she, in a very emotional speech said it's time to get behind trump. the president doing his part to calm the country and encourage americans to move forward.cour everybody is sad when their side loses an election, but the day after we have to remember thatbr we're actually all on one team. it is 72 days to the inauguration. donald trump's transition team, headed by new jersey governor chris christie has been working on a list of potential cabinete members and advisers for months.
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giuiliani, as well as prominente people from the private sector.o chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus, who has worked to keepr the party together and thed candidate on message, is considered a contender for chief on staff. going to be a busy time. not much time to get it all together but that's how we do it. all right. thank you. friends and family are desperately looking for a 24h year old lakewood woman who has al reraly24.eatw she is a mother people who knoww her sayt of the fbi has now joined the police department as well. jessica dill is live at thedepen police department with the latest. good morning everyone. the fbi says they're going through they're leads any leads that come in they have offered a reward h for anyone who can help bring them information for this missing woman. everyone so terrified what could have happened to her hoping she is okay. no crime has been reported this
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and a lot of police officers asking a lot of questions and a lot of people in this community concerns. friends say it is very unlikely for 24 year old roaa aldhannon f to just vanish without her child and without telling anyone. there has been no sign of her since october 16 when she didn't show up to work at alladins restaurant. she was last seen at her e lakoter apartment in lakewood. she is 5 feet 4 inches tall and about 132 pounds. she has a tattoo on her leftatto hand and wrist.o the fbi has now joined the the ch. they are urging anyone with anyy information on this case to call them as soon as possible.nematnn law enforcement worries about a lot of things lot of things going on the in the community that we have to pay attention tt nothing that gets law enforcement attention when you have a missing person and this is exactly what we have here. her ex-husband was arrested on a hetina of violating a protection order but has not been charged
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there has not been a crime committedd just a missing woman. they say the couple was divorcei recently becamevo official and e was o in her apartment in edgewater with another person that's when they saw the ex-husband there. he'sanothhe been charged with vg a protection order but not charged with a disappearance hopefully she is okay. okay. our thoughts and prayers with her family right now. thank you so much. otheroughts ander y news this m. a pregnant cleveland woman is being treated in the hospital this morning after being shot in the head. police say it happened tuesday ths s on east 101st street.pregt 23 year old shavonte chester wao rushed to university hospitals,e but her condition has not been in the meantime police are looking for a male suspect who was seen running from the scene. general motors is scaling backai its workforce, including a third shift suspension in lordstown. the trumbull county plant makes the chevy cruze. gm says car sales are down, asnu more people shift to suvs and
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the third shift stoppage will affect more than 1200 workers. gm is doing the same at a michigan plant, where the camaro is made.e.miigais me. the last day for the third shift will be january 23rd. the rock and roll hall of famefe will unveil renovations mades ma over the summer to the plaza and inside the building later today. the million dollar plan to improve the front entrance was approved back in march. the project calls for a newov bc outdoor cafe, along withh improved lighting, a concert stage and loudspeakers.roved the new outdoor space is designed to accommodate about 3,000 people.. the unveiling ceremony will begin at two o'clock.digig3ilinc all right. from center court to pennsylvania avenue your cleveland cavaliers are heading to the white house today. they will get a presidential congratulations on winning the championship.l get a a wayne dawson is live in washington, d.c. this morning you've got to be excited. i am excited. beautiful day in the nation's capital but it will be a busy day for a commandermmaer commander-in-chief president
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all-important meeting with the president-elect donald trump at 11:00 this morning. very interesting meeting and after you that a meeting with the world champion cleveland cavaliers. with it's a great achievement for the team to win a championship g goo the white house get a chance to see president obama in the white house and enjoy that moment and summit of that worked so hard fork a last year finally here ad we get a chance to experience it. happy to be a part of it.o x that is personal presidential congratulations icing on the cake to a history making season the curse broken m the 52 -year-old drowned over. a 1.3 million fan love fest. lebron james and cleveland cavaliers world champions that means a visit to 1600to 60 pennsylvania avenue. it's a big deala for me i am abe
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and coaching something we accomplished.. i've had a couple run ins in a good way with president obama. it's always good to see a familiar face but for me to be able to be able to bring along my teammates means more to me than anything.mmates m after the cavaliers game seven victory president obama spoke with coach lue by telephone. he had some advice for the 39v year old youngster.icfor you're still pretty young.un you still hooping man?oping m not as much as i used to becausa i had a tough job ahead but this summer i will play a lot more though.but is yeah you got to stay in shape. how old are you now? you g 39. yeah at 39 you got to keepyou playing. i'm going to keep playing i love it.t. i hung it up two years ago. congratulations again.ons ain thank you mr. president. nothing like some presidential and vice the president sayssays you've got to keep playing
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morningp the first team to coe here to the white house to be welcomed by a president boston celtics back in 1963 they were welcomed by president1 john fitzgerald kennedy. barack obama will be leaving office in a couple of months and he is reflecting on his time here at 1600 pennsylvania avenun he said the number one peruone r customer about being president was being able to flyii in air force one number one park. second perk o he says is being able to meet the championship teams and cleveland cavalierse will probably be the last championship team that he greetp when he leaves office in january. may oice be so. and dry at wayne. thank you. i thanks. still to come fox8 news in the morning following developments
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shooting.n tell you where it happened howed police are working to track down the suspect a swat situation aui lot of developments. here's a question for you. could you still have fun at an alcohol free wedding? here' foy why not?not? one couple is going viral for considering a dry reception. we'll see what you think next in sideng this morning's download. the speeches won't be as fun they'll. good morningu everybody. look at the sunshine the winds have died down a th little it. . pick up out of the southwest temperatures rising nicely the high 50s could make a run at 60. given the fact soa much warmth i think 60 is a pretty good number to reach. talk about the rain chances tomorrow look ahead to the weekend and a sneak peek at thanksgiving week to in a few
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[music playing] good morning to you on this thursday. is that jamie foxx? talking about alcohol. today's download. for most people, weddings are a chance to eat, drink and celebrate.. very nice. but one couple is going viral for foregoing the alcohol at their reception because they say their families can't handle it.. isgo f when they asked the internet for that opinion. always that crazy uncle. people were divided some say it was tacky unnecessary people say trying to save money. others sayee
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people can survive. should just serve tasty mocktails. ive. have different things going on don't want anything embarrassing happening don't want to have to watch your family particular s babysit people. a dry wedding reception we went to thehe expert kristi capel. she doesn't drink. she knows a lot about that. th ia had a dry wedding reception everybody stayed in town like at we had a blast in we didn't even take off our honeymoon yet. we just stayed in to the last second you only get it for three hours. normally reception halls three or four they can't have fun and less little libations. more fun if not remember everything that happens. and llmerr could be people in yr party may have some concerns about. i'm concerned if we have dry
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more shall funniest home videohe show. it's aid lot of those. that's a good one. l and those toast get really creative. you guys have alcohol at yours? yes. i mean, i'm sure some people wish we would have had it s bute didn't. may be some people did ande you just didn't know. a flask. they enjoyed that dry wedding. it's a dry kristi and how.ry let's get to some of your comments and/or writeso on our facebook page my fianc? and i i are both sober three years wes w don't plan to allow alcohol at t our wedding if they can support our sobriety and our choicet sts home. that's completelyy understandable. we're not getting married to get everyone good point for co-pay was as iay don't care either way but if wae bride and groom and the wedding party are all drinkers i suspec
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a dry receptions which is well within they're rights. angie writes wh wel have a drinw and then but certainly don'tdont need it to have fun. f. weddings are about celebrating the new life of the couple.. the fun comes from the people involved. not the alcohol.t bryon feels that it helps peopll loosen up ae little to make the reception a little more fun thatr go to a wedding didn't have food. nice. travis says it doesn't matter really bu to have considering how much money and time some more than others put forth to make ito too your wedding. okay. in some cases especially if you've got people who aree alcoholic or alcoholism in the t family you don't want that in the environment you can certainly see or someat i who dt or are offended by it or what have you. yo can cater to that person goingrn off of the last comment.
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wedding i expect alcohol when i show up at the front door. got to be with the bride and groom want. absolutely. very good. worried about people getting home. absolutely. d abut p most people do it. i don't know the percentage. a lie do. a lot don't. keeps you dancing. t. does. percentage probably has more alcohol. percentage proba i would think. all right. you do what you want to do. do you do you. we want to know what you thi wedding reception?ecp head over to vote onote our web poll leave me a comment i'll read some more coming up. like to mention a special birthday this weekend. marine corps birthday today. yes it is. back in 1775. what. veterans day tomorrow. mention that make sure we throw that out.ran
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officiated..ciated. big birthday. it is a big birthday. check in with scott outside see what's happening with the forecast. c winds dropped into the high 20s late last night we hadht w some trust in temperatures arere going up that was the fox eightt hour forecast showing low 50s hn.noon. high clouds light northwest wind comes out of the southwest later today. chardon 45.ust bainbridge 44 middleburg 3345 here at fox8. wayne dawson out atat just outside the white house temperatures in dc 50 degrees. the week that not a whole lot of moisture w with this. little bump up in temperature the 24 hour temperature change shows most of the works ho in te upper midwest ones that moves in that will translate into highs today approaching 60t .roain only hadg 11 days withwith temperatures at least 1 degree below normal since september 1. historically that is unprecedented because typically
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about 30 days. 30 or 35 days with temperatures below normal. we've only had 11 of them. warmest on record continuescord today.c cold start high of around 60 as resort to cloud over tonight will fall to the mid- 40s. wel to increase chances of jusa fewc localized showers along the front. temperature started outh in the 40s and watch them fall this is the temperaturet by evening lower middle 30s. any sort of localized rain shower could be mixed in with a wet snow flurry that bigg of a deal. hardly worth a mention at this point but notice the streak of light over northern ohio. pretty much break apart as the high moves in for saturday. event saturday the temperatures will stay middle t and high 40s. again nothing earth shattering called on the eight day forecast 50s from sunday through the end of next week slight chanceay of a shower tuesday. will start to see more of a central useday. southern storm k late next weekend and into
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this is what we've been hinting at the last'vebe couple of week. doesn't necessarily means no it just means the storm systems will become deeper and more potent and could cause somee flight issues especially heading into thanksgivinges week. right now the biggest threat would be rain andbi mayg be some severe weather. some thunder. we'll see how it goes. quiet patternnereer.. bottom lii not last forever. will give you more of a specific look w localized details as we get weg closer. we'll take it for the w that's right. thank you.anky still to come at 9:21 a gunman opens fire in a crowd.cro police are stillw trying to trak down the suspect the latest on the search and that becomes. we showed you yesterday gigantic fire in new york.o bethlehem steel plant away it still causing problems for people in theel still area toda possible cause. a mayor goes above and beyond her job title how she stopped
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welcome back. breaking right now one of twowo officers shot in pennsylvania overnight has died.right fice s it happened around three this morning in the city ofityf canonsburg about 20 miles southwest of pittsburgh.h. one officer was taken to ace nearby hospital by ambulancer where he later died and the other was flown to a hospital in diesburgh.s ital a a
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searching for the gunman at this time.invar stay tuned to fox8 on air and online for the a search is ongoing this morning in seattle for a gunman who opened fire on a crowd in downtown.sealema five people were hurt in then wh attack, including two men who are in critical condition.attack a seven eleven store manager heard the shots, and told everyone inside to get down. sen the shootings happened at a busy intersection.tersec police don't believe the attacki is related to an anti-trump protest that was happening at an anti.e. fire crews in buffalo urging people to remain indoorsws following a massive fire at a ft former steel plant. a the roof collapsed as firefighters were trying to put out the flames.s. fortunately, no one was inside. the fire burned for more than 12 hours, before crews contained it last night. while an official cause remainss is unclear, police say a worker changing hot light bulbs dropped
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unbelievable. an ohio courtroom turned into a wrestling ring when a brawl broke out and it was all caught on camera. you see 56 year old anthony was hammond barge into a courtroom during a hearing demanding to speak to the judge. police told him to leave but he did not obey..duringng dehe dg that's what happened next.ned xt he is tackled and taken into custody. police say hammond had ae isackn personal dispute with the police division and the court. he now faces several charges including contempt of court and assaulting a probation police in a florida town are commending their mayor, for chasing a group of robbers who stole her purse. surveillance cameras show one of the suspect knocking down 64 year old alice burch during the chase.r oldl she admits it was dangerous, but she did get the getaway car's license plate. could i found. police then arrested threeen teens, who had a bb gun.rr officers are still looking for
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they say not to do that. you never know. let them go. i think in that moment so many times it easy to get caught up wanting to get it. don't mess with a woman and her to ge it's not necessary the purse but like that make up inside. you don't want to don't want to have to buy that again. you're thinking my wallet is ini there all the stuff can happen and what a pain to have to re a big honor for our world champion cleveland cavaliers. a the team meeting with president obama at the white house who else is there? wayne dawson live with more on what we can expect to during te visit. getting ready for a bittersweete goodbye for our own goddard. he's retiring in a couple of weeks will take a look at his favorite spots where he loves to visitoo ouplhis furry friends. look at these temperatures
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50s could touch 60 with clear sky today. highlighting some showers could we see a few flurries? we'll check it out eight day in
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dawson is to celebrate with the
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day here. as president barack obama is a but inst of activities our and a half from now a chance to come to the white
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as a young guy you they think take things for granted. i'm going to take full advantage of it. it's a dream come true for me to be ableam aiming for than me to anything ai that's going to be e third visit t chris anderson has
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going to be at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon00 and inspected this s they have in a game tomorrow nit at 7:00 p.m. ga because they have to get back to work in another championship to win this i'm sure she said she is always
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goosebumps for her. it's really extraordinary.ose >> remember when they won the championship and he was crying on the sitehe is going to have a great day today. one couple is going viral right they say their families
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internet for their opinion people were pretty dividedhe and that's tacky and unnecessary they didn't want alcohol they didn't want it around. and some couples just don't drink. >> there probably not going to pay for it. g what ather people or fun wedding.ed let's get to some of your
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family away reception with class every day. ae didn't have alcohol at mymy wedding. i wasn't getting ready for everyone else forever to gett g drunk my kids are there if you don't like it and stay at home don't use someone else's celebration asasd an excuse to drink mineral zinc alcohol is necessary at weddings that causes people towe do they usually would not do have seen too many times when people ma especiallyntrolin children the library really drink and i don't want to spendi my wedding reception babysitting drunk peoplein are likely to be safe for kids so might receptin
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we went to the courthouse ourselves the question i'm asking could you have fun out of dry wedding reception and celebrate two people getting married and overwhelmingly p 77 percent of you said yes. interesting. still to come to view start your holiday shopping or wrappingviee latest part the amazon is happening in the sheriff of thehe design without any controversy awesomeo creative and and talented customers.
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youed fe an 82nd video a lot of people claim is helping them
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between 2 and 5 during happy hour.
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the holiday season is well underway sometimes as often asas every five minutes until december 22 that
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we continue a month-long celebration as we all now is createll us, greatest passion in life is protecting cats and dogs genevro drug mr. goddard's influence. that's truly beyond words his supports one however holds a special place in the side andnd that is the cleveland apl.
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is not a little emotional how dd you feel about this. in september of 2,015th he organized the first apl telethon in this year they brought in thh
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taking care of animals in recognition brought w everything else that e has done over decades friend. thank you.u. sweet little faces and all the his life and legacy all night long. we hope you have a good luck for your browns.
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coming up after the break you have to check out this cute
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feeling about this.a 2016 is the year of the cavaliers.16 made all the way to the end of the world series and nine your cleveland browns hope they could they take on the
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this.tho that's that. the tie in the jacket. what a great idea your own browns checking y is te perfect christmas gift suit jackets cost about a hundred dollars but it's a great gift to have.ol
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actually --tua if this is a live look for it is
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scenery for the cavaliers i they do it at the q all the way downw that stylis him into giving back.
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even princess leia. scott were charm. not win or the beard.
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snow flurries by late afternoon and early evening as we fall into the 30s.ieson let's check out the week what's coming appear and about five minutes.s.c >> we have my favorite guest of all time and all of the world i live in america. fabulous food show. jason roberts . we have someone here who will be
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cleveland brownsleb providing us with the school suits that they hadth i love these outfit these are really it was a skydiver always dreamed of station. g i love it. he went to clubs and he said it would be great if i could sky co dive into clemson into the field.
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excited as it came down. that's really awesome. scott doesre it need his suit he has a beard waiting for theo browns to win a game until her should all say thank you you
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good morning welcome to new day cleveland. david is on an assignment is okay becausess, i mean, it one f my favorite guest here of all


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