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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  November 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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we have the very latest from that coming up. breezy, with lots of sunshine, it's going to be changing as we head into the next 24 hours with a cold snap. mr. obama and donald trump
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sincend donald trump's victory. check in with jessica dill joins us on this presidential transition that will be taking place over the next several months from this is a time-honored tradition, as the transition of power. there may be some tension between. said on the campaign trail. we do have video of donald trum and his wife arriving in dc. the dc visit takes place in the oval office.i they were discussing the presidential transition , outside construction is underway for th inauguration.. white house spokesman said it may not be an easy meeting, the presidentnt
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his responsibility and rooting for mr. trump to unite the country, mr. obama has experienced the benefits of an incumbent president to develop thehe energy necessary to help the incoming president took it off to a good start.o >> instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team set eight years ago and we will work as hard as we can they sure that this is a successful transition. mr. trump will meet with paul ryan, mike pence will talk with vice president joe biden and michelle obama will speak to the next first lady melania trump t give her a white house tour. the meeting his ongoing between mr. obama in donald trump , they
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donald trump is the lighthouse against a backdrop of protests across the country >> people were in the streets from coast-to-coast as stacey frey has more. chanting of not my president in signs that read he was , mak me america hate again were sprawled across at least two dozen us cities last nighta
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they set fire to a donald trump effigy.. one of the smaller demonstrations here in cleveland,ne thousands of peopl angry over his election as they marched in the streets in oakland, philadelphia, la and outside of trump tower in new york city working some called o hillary clinton to challenge thh election results, she won the popular vote but he won the electoral votes work on some worry that voice will not be heard by donald that this is the beginning of the >> preparing to put forward a right> way sex is anti- immigrant agenda for call and we want to challenge that.t. this is my country, this makes it feel lik i'm not part of it. >> two dozen people were arrested in la, and 15 outside
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trump tower. this potential homeland securit chief said there is no legitimate reason for the protests. milwaukee county sheriff david clark said that they must be quelled. trump supporters also rallied outside his manhattan home andd outside the white house. from center court to pennsylvania avenue, the cavaliers are going to the whit house today omer to get a presidential congratulationon dawson is in washington with more on what this meansrealw fo team. big day for the cavaliers, they will be at the white house to meet d the president. they wanted to come here before he left office on january 20. he is such huge basketball fan. and they will do that today. who can forget that last game
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warriors. a series that they were not supposed to winin, they fought back, to end the first championshipipey in 52 years. then there was the parade, 1.3 million people, in downtown cleveland. the city came together, like never before. >> than a few weeks ago, the raising of the championship banner, today, the team willll congratulatedi by the president barack obama at the white house. >> .the first time he has reached out to the team. pretty good for first-year coach. >> that was pretty tough. >> do you still play? >> i do a little bit but not a
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>> got to stay in shape, how ol are you? >> 39ha. i'm going to keep playing, i love it . >> i hunted up about two years ago. >> thank you mr. president. >> tell jr to put on a shirt. >> i will. can't walk around without a shirt, not for the whole week. iman her shirt and, come on, if you are in decent shape than you ca do it i guess. thank you. >> coach k tyronn lue had a chance to come to the white house to meet president bush in 2,002 but she declined when he was a member of the wizards after i a won the championship the lakers this season before. lebron james has been here twice
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because it is with the cavaliers, wayne dawson from washington dc. what a big honor for the team. part of me wants to see jr smith andnd a tattoo shirt. a-b something with tattoos, jus to rest the presence of little. maybe take a photo with the pri big changes are coming to leave weekend forecast. >> we will be in until the 30s overnight , if that is not the worst of it,, let's take a look at downtown cleveland, and see how things are with jenn harcher. the next 24 hours we will have some big changes. 2
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pleasant. if you have some yard work, today would be the best day, if you don't want to be too cold. looking at the temperature change over the last 24 hours. yesterday we were five-10 degrees cooler than now. it is a great afternoon, a little bit of a breeze out of the west-southwest between 15 a -20 with some higher gusts. it is 56 degrees cleveland, and low 50s akron-canton. expected to rise around 60 degrees today. in the south, you will likely b in the upper 50s along the lake, and that low '60s. sunset at 5:12 p.m. with about 57 degrees. tonight, it will be around
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and then dropping off as that cold front pushes through. tomorrow night will be a huge difference there will be a brave cold shot that will stay with us for abour 36 hours. let you know when we will be on backup. and news about this full super moon next week. its great student recovering after being hit by aa car whilei crossing the street according t kirtland superintendent bill wade, at 8:30 a.m. this morning the eighth-grader was crossing the street to the elementary building when hit by a car he was treated and released at rainbow babies and children's >> a pregnant woman is treated after being shot in the head in cleveland
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101 street. she was taken to university hospitals her condition is not been released, and are looking for a male suspecter who was s running away. joe tomaro's skill and back including a a third shift suspension in barstow, they mak the chevy cruze they say that car sales are down as more people drive suvs and trucks, the third shift stoppage will affect 1200, they're doing the same thing at a michigan where they make a calero, the last day for the third shift will be january 23. >> the rock hall of fame will unveil renovations made during the summer to the closet inside the building today.. the million dollar plan to improve the entrance was approved in march calls were a new outdoor caf?, along with improved lighting, concert stag and loudspeakers the new outdoo spaces to accommodate about 3,000, the ceremony will begin
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wildfires in north carolina, the latest on what is fanned th
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urging them to remain indoors after a fire at a forme steel plant,t, roof collapsed a they try to put out the flames yesterday, nobody was inside it burned for more than 12 hours before they were able to contai
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a worker changingng light bulbs dropped one on some cardboard lighting the fire. >> evacuations taking place in five carolina counties as 20 wildfires continued to burn, an look at them from space. a drought has been blamed, and burninge bans have been established throughout region. once conjoined twins separated last are doing much better, they wer joined at the top of their heads, they underwent a 27 hour surgery to separate them, they're now s breathing on thei own, the dr. hopes that they will be able tor do the hospit for a rehab center in a few weeks. black friday because day for
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we see lots of sunshine message fromof chesterland time lapse. it is a gorgeous day. it will be above average by about five-10 degrees currentlyy 56 cleveland and 53 akron-canton. it is warmer than yesterday at this time. >> one thing we don't have as though land out of the 20. regardless there is a a lot of wind.t here is the system, high pressure will keep us try under the sunshine. over the next 12 hours, it will be changingsu , a cold front will
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after that, cold air will likel reach high in the morning and then dropth. the high will likely come aroun 7:00 a.m. >> i didn't expect falling temperatures throughout the afternoon. rain and not looking at much, i think it will stay mostly looking at the nighttime, increasing clouds with a cold front
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than my new constant lake effect with the land out of the north. can see some lake effect clouds around midnight. it will be washed or start. as a cold front moves in friday to saturday, not expectinga muc with it. could be a few sprinkles. but that is a slim chance. it will be changing ov 2 degrees, tonight, increasing clouds. on friday, starting at 50 degrees, and then falling into the upper 40s in the afternoon then after sunset low 40s with just a few showers. looking at the forecasts, saturday on the chilly side wit upper 40s..
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and mid- 50s next week with us by chance of rainfall tuesday and wednesday. this year's election results and see people claiming that
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mr. obama and donald trump meeting for the first timer. si he won the presidency. >> it has a tradition to prepar for the transition. there could be some tension. donald trump was taken at the white house by a secret entrance.e.n the meeting took place in the oval office. they discuss the finer points o the presidentialal transition, construction is underway for th inauguration. white house spokesman saiddio m not be an easy meeting, the president is sincere to fulfill the responsibility and rooting for president-elect? >> succeed to unite the country.
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to give the incoming president get out a running start. >> i've instructed my team to follow the example ofof preside bush's team eight years ago so that this is a successful transition. the vice president and the iep elect and the first lady's also today. >> who got sunshine and it's more beautiful than ever. but, there is a big cool down coming this weekend . is going to be chilling.
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roof-cam, jenn harcher looks at the forecast. it will be above average today. average high is 54, we will be about 60. currently 56 degrees in cleveland. want to start at midnight tonig will be about 50 through the night, starting off tomorrow with the high. then it will be falling as they confront ms. to the south. by noon most of us will be in the upper 40s0s and then at dinnertime, will be some upper 30s romance field to youngstown and new philadelphia.
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tomorrow night today around 60 degrees, it will be breezy, a brief cold shot over the weekend but warm up on, then monday, help the super moon. it will be the closest since 19488, it will be 40 percent larger andit 30 percent brighte. there will be some lake-effect
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gastritis snapped a nine-game losing streak on national tv tonight. >> buckeyes get set for a saturday game in maryland coheres p.j.. >> one thing about the cavalier is that they are human. they lost eight regular-season game the first t on tuesday. there were not shooting particularly well. there were 11 of 42 from three they are in dc to visit mr. obama, after winning the nb title in june over the warriors. it will be in dc to play the wizard the browns have shifted course
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zero and 16. they lost nine straight to star the france versus ravens tonight. it will be in prime time, the last time they had a 20 point.leadad before the raven scored 25 unanswered points. browns opener started zero and ten franchise history they have lost 12 straight dating back to last season. franchise record. they have lost 19 of the last o the case and of the last 30 that have lost 27. coach jackson only responsible for nine games.. and dance world champion series gear will not be sent or donated, announcing wednesday that the indians merchandise will be destroyed instead donated. they say that they were destroyed them to protect the chain from an accurate merchandiseo
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the buckeyes mall b ferrets against the terrapins. attend that dropped for the last, maryland quarterback was knocked out of glass week's game against michigan. the buckeyes of want the last two meetings by combineded 101-56. jane doe center for the cavaliers last night posting bi shots little stars fundraiser
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liters attend the event there were treated to a reception before the cavaliers accompanied pediatric cancer survivors down the runway. >> look at how it has been good to us, the team coverage is natural to get back others. i was raised that way to get back, good things happen for us to try to makee other people's lives this is good. it benefits flashes of hope and the children's tumor
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of bladder cancer, 5-0 seven studies, reviewed low levels with a high risk of bladder cancer, the found that they actually respond to vitamin d which can stimulate the response,poul it does not prove it causes bladder cancer to drop, the cockfighting supporte becausee the reaction they witness may help prevent cancer by identifyinghe abnma before they develop into cancer. more kids are now being bullied either online or throug their phones, you may feel helpless, they say that there are steps you can take to the few child t feel safe, laura ingle
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going has gone on in person butt with use of the internet company has gone online to launch attacks round-the-clock. >> cyber-bullied is prevalent, that with kids is a pretty big problem, lots of them don't kno how to socializetyty with each and online platforms just give them another way to interact with are not monitored. >> cdc, latest data shows 6 been boldeded through their cel phones or the internet, that ca leave them without self-esteem, and they can feel depressed, an parents feel helpless, they said that you should keep the lines of syndication open, need to have conversations with the kid about is able to speak up, but for some kids,is that will come naturally, they will be able to assert themselves until the
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but for others, they made need an advocate. >> if you find out your child is ach victim, the first step you should take is to collect evidence. that means having access to you childc social media as well as taking screenshots of the phones.ll meant to be "the, many axes to your phone so we have evidence to support that you are bullied, we want them to use their social media, as they want, but what's more important tell them that you need to take action and to see what the have posted online that caused some anxiety, this ad while it may be uncomfortable, you need to write it out. >> is normal for kids to pick out, when confronted with the possibility of their parentck going to another person to know about the bullying. that is natural, that might com with not wanting to confront a
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some kids may actually be related that their parents are stepping up to the tragic and more evidence on cyber-bullying but it is difficult in studies and surveys may not always accurately capture social media trends,
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have been encouraged by the interest in wanting to work on the issues. of what it is important for all of us, regardless of partyty preferences, to come together. to work together.
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chance to brief the incoming first lady. they had an excellent conversation. blue lot make sure that they fill welcomee as they compare a prepare for the transition from one will do everything we can to help you succeed in the country do succeed. thank you very much president obama. this was an issue that was goin to last maybe ten or 15 minutes and we had never met each other. i have great respect, the meeting lasted for almost 90 minutes. and it could have gone on for a
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we discussed lots of different situations, some wonderful and, i look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. explained some of the difficulties, and some of the great things that have been achieved. so it was a great honor to be with you and ilo be with you many more times the future.. like your body. will not be taken any questions thank you. there you have it. there were only going to speak about 15 minutes together and it lasted about 90 minutes.
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with questions but mr. obama said that they were not taking questions as well as a moment for them to talk and also first lady michelle obama speaking to melania trump as well. it's nice to see the transition of power taken place in donald trump says he looks forward to many more conversations about the good and bad stuff and at the end of the day we are on the..
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continue our month-long celebration of goddard to prepare for his final forecast. >> know that his passion is to protecting four-foots, jennifer jordan shares with us one of th placesfe that will not be what
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for decades, but the guard has done for animals has been beyond words his support for shelters his second amount, tha one holds a special place in hi heart, the cleveland apl. >> we are here to help animals who are victims of cruelty, neglect or to help those whose owners cannot keep them in. cats and dogs, unlike the county, the apl is run on donations fromt funded solely b donations, and our service fees. we are the cuyahoga county agency that enforces ohio protection laws, how do you feel about this trip to
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speak for themselves and onee i 72015 organize the first annual cleveland apl telephone, 13 raised one of $30,000. this year and brought it even more to total $140,000 per mont that money goes to take care of animals, her second chance program is incredibly expensive. forehead of veterinary surgeon says were getting close to providing a level of veterinary care. to get them to loving homes to make sure that they okay. last year that it feel honored him for his efforts to promote animal welfare. >> in recognition of what he brought to us through that even that everything else he has don over decades to be our pets bes
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>> jennifer jordan, fox 8 news traveling fishermen say that the worst day fishing is better tha the best work of german but tha is i still apply when you are pulled overboard? sometimes you have to let go, south dakota man learned that the hard way, 500-pound grouper pulled him off of his boat, off became his fishing pole to someone else, and they were abl toe reel in the fish,
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today on "the real." >> he's been by her side for every moment. >> now adrienne and israel take us for a look at their wedding. >> i just snorted! plus, ashanti is keeping it real. >> then on girl chat, we're talking about snakes on a for real. >> being on a plane is enough scariness. i don't need a snake on the plane. >> for real. ? this is our time don't waste another minute of it ? ? this is our time grab ahold it's time to live it ? ? starting right now right now right now right now ? ? it's our life we got a choice ?


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