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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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40s for lunch hour the attraction some showers along the front will stick a look att that and the eight-day forecasti
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good at morning everybody thick clouds are beginning to thicken
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there's the clouds further eastr itth notice the temperature down to 45. close thoughtht bruce of the coldol front late morning around midday will will the front and broken fashion beginll to slide from north to south we will go overcast across northern ohio. a few of these these cloudsov wl
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to cloud over the temperaturesm will start tope fall to the 40s and the pack to the upper 30se pay sundown tonight. this is the point of our winter
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which is the fifth thanksgiving week. that's what it this is the area shumpert at highland. if you're traveling south of
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together. which is just one lane from 77 and 90 east gas prices did the. they only averageas $2.03. the browns are drop to 0-10.-10. the franchise record monday morning running back will join
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coming behind it is and begin to fall to the 40s and upper
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pretty when the outside will talk more about the we can in just a few minutes. browns will have ten days
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fall into the high 20s it's going to be a pretty chilly night the west wind will start to become more of the dominant driver over the next several days and all theri way through next week is the highs settleswa is is not conducive for a lot of cold air highs thefo middle and upper 40s middle 50s fairly consistent weather next week we look ahead to the doll was dry weather that will expand from tomorrow all the way through next thursday as many weather iy
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falls apart this is not going to stay this way forever it's been next friday we it keeps you prey thick weather system developing we hinted at this three weeksee ago third to fourth week of novemberth will start to see the storm systems near 60 was strong when notas spread and if those temperatures stay that way even for thanksgiving wehat the way going to go his higher chance of these better. rain producers rather than snow when you look out much more than five or six days it'ss pretty sketchy. this is the general outlook as s we see it right now. not let's check in with patty harkin. she is just getting us some.
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accident down in macedonia early this morning d talking with poli down there is closed throughoutr the morning commute you willo nt able to shop at high of 82 is your suggested detour couple of other roadways are still closed in macedonia they're supposed t reopen and tonight's and later on today north freeway free ride getting onto the inthe about watch for day work today. they will be working in then privately in about a half-hour
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election have spoken into the streethe specifically important oregonpe there in toronto down police haveor this all started t as a peaceful protests all this on thet day that he went to washington to make president post ofr the first timee the original after they describe throwing things police trump went to we twitter calling the protests very unfair writing inside of five and media chose after his s pleasant message about his day in washington he met with obama at the white house he also stop
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transition process m payments fr about 90 minutes in the oval officeay most of all, i want to emphasize to mo that we now are going toat the cancer's help you the country succeeded spence i very much look forward toto dealing with the president in the future including counsel. anti- trump our lady of rallies were held an outlay throughout the country as well. i one point police and portlandr announced everyone would be under arrest and used tear gas to try to pick up the group most protest has been peaceful nationwide a couple of instigator makes everyone look
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connected to an assault and robbery they believe the suspect in the redshirtie is the one tht attack this man downtown 1138 -- p.m. the other suffered was found using the victims stolen credit cards sheg said first husband s a long time indians fans thes t temperament florida what it again and since they were losing i can't be left h t he was walking to his hotel fewo blockst away that's when he was attacked. despitete all those peoplepeo downtown no witnesses come forward. new look for the rock 'n roll hall of fame is now open.n. with a bang the rock calloc officially unveiled a public art as part of a series of renovations including and a
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changes are coming. and when we looked out of we said we're not going to refresh us we need to transform this place your time not is 6:37 a.m. on3 this friday morning7 will see
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coming up next.orto you can tell the president is a big follower of our team has also the best moments of his teams to the millions us military members who fights m for our freedom bit homeland diaries americans veterans follow force they share their struggles
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morning commute. i did it 150 second a few morefw cars up and at them no troubles making your way into town. same story deathly starting to get crowded on this veterans day the we don't have any incidents on the freeways hopefully will stay that way. that ramp is now closed permanently of course we have over 76 and that will last through the early part of the todd and kristi pack to you.ou. the president always wins thei winning teams to the white housn that could you tell yesterday that he's a big fan of the cavaliers on and off the court there's some more of what he had to say. welcome to the white house and give it up for the world champion wuse cleveland cavalie.
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world champion include and in the same sentence. that's or tiger lot when we talk about hope. and change. and i should add that knocking off the warriors they cemented the 1996 bulls have the as thete greatest team of all time. and then in game seven the road only to fight backe e lock up the title was an unbelievable two minutes there was the block what lebron said it was the defining play of his career shot by kyrie irvinger putting the cs on fire in the stop by kevin
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but it wasn't just those outstanding players't not been a not throughout the year michelle's brother who was an excellent basketball player for you p said you can learn a lot about somebody's character for the rest of the basketball. when you see lebron james not just for his power in speed is vertical it's his unselfishness it's his work ethicer's it is his insistence n making the right play is he sought when this kid from akron's broke down and fell to
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finally to fill the promise that hepro had made all those years o and deliver that championship
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bouncing around from plant plate two-point in place to place here. a streak of rain developing along the front a lot of that in new york we are kind of on the french. the moisture is limited, so the chances of rainfall are extremely fraught small. moving over closer to canada goalsetting along the front right now it is quiet temperatures will fall into the 30s and 40s sandwiched aroundnd breaks of sunshine the coverage around 20 percent. so we caner forecast in just a few minutes traffic with patty. >> good morning. good news i just spoke withh macedonia polie to say it is now open at highland. a big update for sure. some lane restrictions
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sheppard has reopened cap highlands. this is the inner belt bridge. not a lot of volume ones coming in. usually we see a lot of stuff right now but not so much. very light volume adding into the downtown area. more volume to him down by warrensville 77 northbound all running at the posted speed limit. >> 7:01 a.m. rallies continued to go across the nation against donald trumpp. >> and ra can i got out of hand we have the very latest. >> portland police say peaceful a peaceful rally scott overhandl when protesters started causing
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are under arrest remain where you are until you receive further orders. >> police and tear gas they were anti- trump rallies in los angeles denver and minneapolis columbus and oakland, california. most of those of been very peaceful trumpif tooko twitter saying the rallies against him were very unfair and blamed the media.hi about 90 meeting and won that went a lot better than expected according to those whon were there. it's saying they were unfit for the office. >> explaining some of the difficulties and highflyingth assets from some of those really great things so, mr. president, it was a great honor of beingbe with you i look forward to being with you many, many more times
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notifying the press. another priest leftno earlier in the day when he left the press corps new york white house says it is deeply concerned about his ou leaving the reporters out. he ditched them in new york to fly to washington and then ditched the mac and going back. >> opened is not what is to come. >> two suspected gang members wanted for murder and virginia are behind bars in northeast ohio. us marshals arrested the man in medina apartment estimate. they allegedly shot a man using an moose machete on him. they are now waiting for extradition to virginia. >> police are investigating an abduction and objection in the
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of akron campus a man on menace over man on the silver truckme offered her a ride before assaulting her she chose poorly she was then dropped off about t an alert to students and staff yesterday urging thema to be careful. >> cleveland browns will have ten days to get ready for that next game. one day for its loss each loss pay app. >> second and seven of the 25. a unlucky from princeton although he got his arms and in this oneg here is another throw just a little bit over the
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fumbled the ball away the baltimore ravens highlights with three touchdowns in the second half i that put the game away. there is the worst start in franchise history. >> i felt like we needed to get a spot i was not playing musical chairs back theni function and at a faster rate and do some different things.ti >> going in the skin and helping to. >> jackson says they those pittsburgh on sundayth and that
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>> moving on cleveland had a big celebration we all remember that they got to experience another part of bringing home the title yesterday. >> welcome to the white house give it t for the world champion cleveland cavaliers. >> of beautiful autumn day in the white house rose garden.. >> also, before going further, to give a special thanks for jr smith's a shirt for showing up. we were not sure it would make an appearance today. >> receiving a presidential congratulations for a championship season.> iv loyals all the way through so when in attendance. >> we feel we have been w throh
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the ring ceremony, and we could not miss this opportunity. >> the crowd of more than 400 invitees, families, friends, and officials of the cleveland cavaliers, along with state and .ocal leadersls >> for this to happen ever made to be able to be here in the rose h credit with the president there is nothing better. there is nothing better. >> i had a chance to bring my met the president she wanted to meet lebron. >> coach talked about his mother not being there but she is there todaye and calls it a blessing. >> it is amazing i just never thought this day would happen. i am so privileged and honored to be hereil just that my son wanted me to, brings come and bring in share thise date with
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the finals. give it up for the champs. one last time. today one of the final times president obama will greet the team at the house before leaving the office work something he calls one of his favorite perks of the job. >> , 2016 world champions cleveland cavaliers, we want to pr >> i like this now the only thing is the sleeves get tights, can i carry,? i'll show you exactly the hottest video on te web right now at the cavaliers did american challenge which is
7:09 am
one of those viral videos for everyone kind of phrases and someone roams around with a camera develop their there have lebron and the first lady witha selfie jr just kind of freezing. >> a couple of different versions i noticeded. >> the cavaliers return to action tonight with the washington wizards game time is 7:00 o'clock. >> 7:09 a.m. still to come ?- gunned it down. hundreds come to gathert for a fallen officer an update on his partner's condition. >> plus take a hike of the dead after a devastating loss. ss hillary clinton has been spotted some what you would not expect to see her. >> showers developing way out over the lake we will talk about
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>> it has been a pretty easy rush-hourr my give you an update on anything that could be one way or just a moment. access the number one care in ohio
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welcome back to fox eight news in the morning. gathering together to honor a phone officer in an ambush he is a veteran and leaves behind a a we and four children. his partner
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suspect, 47 -year-old s and his wife who is pregnant were founded in the home after an apparent murder suicide. >> an amber alert in texas canceled following a tragic discovery of a missing teenager's body. the 16 -year-oldcci female was reported missing they were found shot to death in their home on tuesday search crews are looking for her and founderhe with her body was recovered in the woods >> they plan to file charges againsts her 21 -year-old boyfriend. >> the first lady and milani at trump had a meeting> with a shared today first time by the way that is to have matt f from the press corps. >> the meantime hillary clinton literally took a hike yesterday
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bumped into her. she told ms. clinton she voted for her and clinton offered her a hug and gratitude and they actually walked together project not discuss serious politicser. >> 7:14 a.m. is your time. looking for patty for a look at trafficr. . >> it is nice out there. a little windy out there so hang on to your car doors so the car next year just like it scratched up fm >> larger road continues to bei closed and then today they were also closed north freeway right under 271 close to the week through next friday. very light
7:15 am
and nine minute commute the clouds are beginning to increase more of the wind wind fairly mild weight last night into the early morning hours. right nowh we are still above 50 with a few locations were winds are not as strong for thet south and lower 40s. a rat morning no rain at least right now. the winter weather outlok is posted online we will talk more about next week we will kind of ticket in pieces here after the upcoming weekendie
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further west but for the most for a part a non- eventful morningr all things considered and then change will be a cold front. a game streaks of cloud cover showers a few outme over e lake way out to the north there i think that areaor of rain movg ran into the middle of lake erie will eventually further south with some showers. moving fast comi begin to fall later this afternoon it will seem pretty windy later on. we fall back to the 40s mid and upper 40s by early evenings 29 tonight by tht time the lake cloud cover it
7:17 am
tomorrow, the front is gone. look at baygo west wind with up with the dreaded temperaturespe generally in the middle and upper 40s. we must mention that next week with the pattern keeping us try it with this pattern continuing through next thursday. do not be fooled by likes a mid-october we are talking about the third week of was somewhat of a pattern shift it weather systems will become muce stronger with the initial indications before the next systembe would be winds thursday temperatures climb into the 60s and right now some rain friday into saturday. we will see what happens here it will cap more active as we approach thanksgiving. >> 7:17 a.m. kenny crumpton live at the i accenture writing around to knock off part 7 but e
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believe it. yes, having a lot of find out the food show a greatye time because there is a lot to do. he has his own book, and it is about auto mechanics. when we come back, gluten-free gluten-free but tasty i love it stay tuned. >> time now for the fox eightgh stork report cleveland's own welcoming cleveland's own. we take a look at justin from heights with an adorable photo. it is okay he is only a couple of weeks old. to have your little one featured in the stork report just that over to >> growing up as a little girl here in northeast ohio i used to watch you every day i remember working for the first time with you a channel eight it was
7:19 am
wonderful singers many know some don't i was so very honored to sing with him many timeser we ud to sing songs from phantom of the opera all of northeast ohio that was aa big moment for me o be sharing the stage was such a wonderful man that thing i love about you most respect you so much is what you have done for the animals. you have been their voice, and we all thank
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i am hanging out with the always common reserve anybody and asked if i could come to cleveland. this is tht five today. what are we making? >> to eggs to whites. not quite a frittata but this is my take on expert if got some eggs and a pressure cooker that will cook for six minus works best. that is not fully work.
7:23 am
>> it happened it just happens. the eggs are in their and cook for six minutes you put them in the pressure cooker so they feel real easy.o a fabulous food shw this evening but another fun filled weekend a little bit more of a health aspects. just an your eggs and your hot hand. he saw no cream and no better. can you put some of that pepper in error please. that is a big granger you have there, kenny.i so then we suddenly have layers and layers kenny is a fork or a whisk? >> let me go back and forth and
7:24 am
and it can look done here i've down here i've got some toast. bread that is gluten-free. that is not even look like bread. it looks like a granola bar. >> note used as sugar. try some of that. do youas eat eggs? wy areeg you eating though rob read you should eat the toast. >> this bread is something if you have a a gluten intolerance, private issue with gluten this is what you go for to my website chef jason roberts robert stack, almonds and oatsa and chia seeds and it feels feel it's not like typical gluten-free bread where it word is over process it's prettyty average. you want to try some of this? >> my mouth this fall you eat it. been there. kenny crumpton
7:25 am
>> here is so funny.un >> kenny you don't have to talk going. the fabulous food show coming up time now 725 still ahead ?-dash honoring our veteranso some did not like the outcome see what a local college student is doing in te
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will come back to fox eight
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that is why we have been in the 50s close to the lake spill over into ohio by late morning we will start to see the showers orkin and ten working at ten or 11 or 12:00 o'clock and
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and donaldi trump and number mac until yesterday and taken to rally against the president elect. >> failure to comply with this order will result in an arrest to exclude impact. >> that was the scene in
7:32 am
their ignited a peaceful protest no sign of tension yesterday at the white house obama told trump he wanted him to succeed and would do anything you could to ensure a smooth transition something many in the country columbusou they said the trump residency will not be one of unity andf inclusion. >> we cannot stand by and let him take over this country. >> this alley is more than being against the personll most of the rallies across the country have
7:33 am
7:34 am
of renovations 21 years old it was time for her i will wait for us we looked out and said we are not just going to refresher we need to transform the placece and what better time in cleveland it is really raising.n it will be vey
7:35 am
which is today.t the city's veterans day parade will parade will kick off at 1245y and then it looks around at city hall. there is a long list of freebies and dealsls and we want to thank you for your service 7:35 a.m. it is almost time for the 2016 turkey bowl.35 little bit of skill our parent company is recognizing men and
7:36 am
homeland iras america's veterans follows for veterans as they share their struggle all thes special airs tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. right here on fox
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it is been just over a week since india sauce game one of the world series. take a look that looks much different than ith did the grounds crew was ton and all of this is something they do every three or four years.hi a good time she planted. >> it works. we didn't aboutdn the current did out the current side and spread outrr the dirt underneath. that helps its rain gutter and then it training better and then we present that will be good to go that next it which is april 11. >> it is crazy they say it will
7:40 am
plan they believe can get things done she shared the planbe so check it out. >> a day after the presidential election demonstrators take to the streetshsi in cleveland voig their frustration over the outcome. >> they are also supported hillary clinton and s admits she was also very disappointed the candidate did not win. >> i was pretty confident we're goingen to see it but tuesday night and wednesday morning to
7:41 am
day plan of its own. >> i want to learn and read but is much ast i can't from both sidesot of the issue i think its so important to be educated. >> she she's as it turns them into something positive.ed >> it keeps the motivated and passionate m it can be easy to t discouraged. a plan she believes people protest absolutely can be a way to get
7:42 am
>> why many people are logging
7:43 am
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7:45 am
many are upset 50s further south temperatures will even out and eventually start to fall is the front moves further south with the strong northwindllfr
7:46 am
the eight day forecast is coming up at the top of the hour.. traffic time with patty. >> it's beenti an easy rush-hour the seeing some slowdowns to 71 northbound up towards broadway nothing out of the ordinary a little slow heading towards warrensville center. you can see the slowdown trucks going down we will see some sunshine today grab the shades overtime has been easy a nine minute ride a quick four minutes between route won and for 96 all the way to i 90 nice
7:47 am
shepherd at highland it was closed earlier due to an >> obama care and roman is on enrollment is on the rise one dayy>> after donald trump, is to dismantle at more than 100,000 people startedsm health plans according to the the department of of health and human services wednesday was recorded is that first day of it opening novembey to >> if you plan on going to macy's to pick up anything from the donald trumpr clothing line the department store says it is permanently jumping trump macy's dropped it posture after controversial comments the company ceo says the chain has no plans to restart now that the election is over it as not been
7:48 am
flames ?- customers posted videos of themselves burning new balance speakers on social media after one of the company's vice president said things would move in the right direction with trump and the white house. now the new balancevemp shoe compans doing damage control saying it was referring to a trade deal somewhat hurt american jobs. >> 7:48 a.m. is your time. let's check in with kenny is kicking it at thet >> it is very very fast. when we come back, an awesome food
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described their his style is country style is country music with an attitudele the band performed all over northeast ohio today they will beed out there i cowboy cowboy saloon at
7:53 am
listening to river hotme we want to think the salsa musicians for coming in. speaking of awesome ?-dash are you? into the magic of tv. here we are. okay, you are a juicerwe you are very jui. >> tell us about all of your great stuff.s >> we do juices fo the indians these are some of our favorite ones we're really eagle centric is all named. >> explain the difference between the raw juice and that. this is a pickup juices we pick up at the grocery storeth. >> this is 6 pounds of organic produce. so organic.s i have the best machine you can for commercial use
7:54 am
of the fruits and vegetables for sure. >> you have a few mixes here explaintegre what is in the dift mixes and what they are supposd to do. >> you will hear this a lot is to merrick you will find it in indian food and curry it is anti-inflammatory i use it with the athletes that helps somewhat them with their muscle recoveryl you don't need botox done it saves a lot of money you don't need d wrinkles ginger. >> it is so strong that is great for your stomach another great anti-inflammatory the closing or boarding pushes everything through and helps her tummy. if you have any kind of stomach
7:55 am
have kale chips and rock cakes and juicy putting this. those are another great thing. it is full of fiber you can soak at home and then you have this delicious pudding. do you have any of your d little cheers? >> i do i put them and a lot of the cashew melt. >> she it is good for what? omega threes you have tons of the most healthiest things you can hearh us right now they expand you can put them in anything it is great i love the herculesi and this is actually but a lot of people use for energy theye use it before hand that has all your greens and their 6 pounds. it is so good for you.od >> that is an equivalent of
7:56 am
like you are and you can get alh your fruits and vegetables andge just drink them down you got it and then aphrodite pineapple apple and meant. >> that is my favorite though she's brought that to us before. >> let's see what happens a little magic in a bottle the you. she is great. for being with us on this friday morning don't forget we have your only local news weather and traffic at 10:00 a.m. >> coming up at the top of this hour ?- good morning a second day of protests against a trump presidency presidency the trump presidency was favor they turned firedth violent and the president's reaction to it. >> temperatures are studying the 50s your clouds increasing you have seen some rain over the
7:57 am
here? we talk about the weekend forecast in just a moment. >> the cavaliers meet the president we president we have a look coming up. >> plus, the newest kardashian apparently is a role dream. they have their new baby. >> and it is hard to keep up with those cardassians. a lot going on. >> and we are celebrating to wonderful holiday is where it s veterans day. jt met up with the national ice cream days. our friends and then they have something fabulous for us. don't forget happy veterans day we veterans day. we will be
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a great friday morning to you on this november 11. it is veterans day. that is also national ice cream sundae day. if you are looking for an excue to have a great sunday it is te deal. i we have a list on website. >> good morning happy friday happy veterans day. >> i am christie capel we will toss things overr for all look the temperatures up in pretty mild i know it is windyt with a few spots where the winds of not been as strong down to the middle and upper 30s. cuyahoga falls at 47. the


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