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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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the last thing on my mind that's do a manic and challenge. hold on baby. good morning to you on this friday morning it is november 11 also veterans day.nieters i'm todd meany. i'm stefani schaefer. thank you for being with us this veterans day this friday morning. more than 48 y hours since donad trump was elected president inr the news still being met withwih mixed reviews. we are live with more on protest and what happened during his first visit with president obama at the white house yesrd white house yesterday cleveland cavaliers were also honored we'll show you what happened during the visit how the team ou h as well with the firstll lady. wih h lae of those challenges as well. today as we've been saying it's veterans day we are honoring local veterans and alsosa lettig you share stories and also great pictures in this morning's download. check in with scott sabol see how the we canwth forecast is i shaping up.s scottha good morning.mor goodn morning everybody. 9:01 storm fox radar winds aree picking up in contact beginning to increasee
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because of the winds and now th cloud deck moving in temperatures where a fellow 40s near alliancee mov we are seeing a quick jump in temperatures door fox radarar a little streak of drizzle quickqk shower between sandusky and norwalk heading south and somee redevelopment over the lake. not real heavy but coming at us rightg from the north at about . that's the forecast2 the front f self not a very potent friend. don't have a lot of rain with that but the winds behind lot oe pretty strong in temperatures lower 50s that u eventually as the front goes ev south watch as thes temperatures begin to fault later on today. back to the 40s and eventually 30s bytba early evening.eni. can't rule out a flurry or two as the temperatures drop but the most partu sharp temperature drp in bounce back up tomorrow att the eight day forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. thank you so much. m okay. topping our headlines today. donald trump goes to washington and protests turn to turmoil int
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it was day two of rallies against president elect donald trump on the day he went to the white house. fox 8's stacey frey is here with the latest. good morning. president obama and donald trump had never met until yesterday. and the meeting was less awkward than anyone expected. things were a lot more contentious on the streets across the country where connesters have taken to rallynk against the president elect. failure to comply with this order will result in arrest and compy w the use of riot patrol agents to include impact weapons. that was the scene in portland oregon overnight where a handful of what police describe as anarchists ignited a peaceful protest into a riot. they broke windows and threw things that police. it was the second day of protests against a trump presidency. there's even a petition online to make hillary clinton the president since she won the popular vote. no sign of tension between president obama and donald trump a nbamd day at the white house.trp three days after calling donald trump temperamentally unfit and uniquely unqualified to beo be president, obama told his successor that he wanted him to
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he could to ensure a smooth he csition.n. it's something many in thee country feel very uneasy about. in columbus purchasers said they're worried a trump notice he will not be one of unity and inclusion.n. we can't stand by and let it take over this country. this rally is about more than being against a person cthi it's being against an ideology that divides and excludes and oppresses and dominates.. love trumps hate. we want to stress by far the protests were very peaceful it was a handful of peoplele that a sergeant and poorly described a anarchist ds people who jumped o whatever rally is going on and stir up trouble not necessarily because of directed at trump but whatever the cause peaceful protest all in all. overshadows people were being peaceful. exactly. exactly.
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president were talking shop, their wives went on a tour of the executive residence. michelle obama continued a white house tradition by hosting incoming first lady melania prre talngwives w wthe exmic they discussed raising kids in the white house and met with the white house curator. like their husbands, yesterday's meeting was first time the two tising ke huse e whte tor. all right. in other headlines making news this morning.ig two suspected gang members wanted for a murder in virginia td gang nd bars in northeast ohio this morning. us marshals with the northern uhio violent fugitive task force arrested the men at a medina apartment last night..arres a man, and used a machete on him. the suspects are now in thehi medina county jail, awaiting extradition to virginia. police are investigating ananmy, abduction and sexual assault near the university of akron campus. officers say an 18 year oldld nd sersityf woman was walking back to campus early sunday, when a man in a an silver truck offered her a ride, before assaulting her.r. she tells police he then dropped
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the university sent an alert tot students and staff yesterday, urging them to be careful. an st when the cavs won the nba title, cleveland had a big celebration. they had a parade in the players got to experience another perk of bringing home that title yesterday. t they went to the white house. our wayne dawson was in the rosr garden for the visit. welcome to the white house and give it up for the world champions cleveland cavaliers. idyllic moments in our nation's capital a beautiful autumn day in the white house rose garden.e i also before i go any further want to give a special thanksreo jr smith shirt for showing up. i wasn't sure if it was going to make an appearance today. covers receiving a presidential congratulations for a championship seasonn er loyal fans all the way from solon inin
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cavs. went through the seasonjoney weo the parade. went to the rain ceremony and we couldn't miss this opportunity came just for this event. crowd of more than 400 invitees family and friends and officials of the cleveland cavaliers along with state and local leaders. for this to happenn for me to be able to be here m in the rose garden with the president and the cavaliers there's nothingg better. there's nothing better.etr had a chance to bring my dot. i for this in my daughter already met the president okay. and she wanted to meet lebron. coach talked about his mother hs noto being at the nba finals because she was battling cancer but she is here today and she calls it is h a blessing. it's justb amazing i never thought this day would ever happen. i am so privileged and honored just to be hereh my son even wan me to come and share the day withe t him as a blessingssin altogether.
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i don't even know how to put it. from 120100. where this all comes down to is a team that for the first time in nba history comes back fromk being down three and one in the finals.bei give it up for the world champs one last time.pfo today one of the final times president obama will greet a fll team gre at the white house befe leaving office. something he calls te one of hs favorite perks of the job. o from cleveland cavaliers we want to present thisthworld cha 16 obam. i like this. come on guys.obsey. the other thing is i don't these sleeves get tight.s can i rip them?them? i ripped them. i'll show you exactly how to do it. wayne dawson fox8 news ho at the white house. that's awesome. by the way you hear the words of
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hour. you've got cavaliers doing it. people standing around freezingc the whole team got involved which was kind of quote and thet selfie you will see lebron taking with the first lady an actual selfiese on instagram. we have it on fox eight. o and of course you're seeing it now. really really. a lot of fun there. great. awesome experience for our guys. and farnc away and we can't waiw until he comes back we can talk with him next week about his great experience.nce. covering two of the greatest with president obama and now to see all of that it really and ia experience for him. hi. let's talk about those brownies shall we. cleveland browns willies have 10 days to prepare for their next game hh after this loss in baltimore in prime time tv.f second and seven at the 25. and getting open and making the catch is seth devalve. cody kessler connected with the rookie from princeton, to put
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but after a three and out early in the second half, coach hue jackson pulled kessler for josh n ha, .n. on his first possession, the on hran was hit as he was making a throw, and the pass was intercepted. after a three and out on their and th p next drive, mccown's third possession of the game also ended when he was picked off in the end zone. he also fumbled the ball away on another possession. the browns had 144 yards of total offense. meantime, the ravens scored three times in the second half to put the game away. l aw ssioe browns lose 28 to 7 dropping to oh and then the worst start in franchise history.browns lo obviously i made a switch a quarterback because i felt like we needed to get a spark. wgain, i know i made thisis statement before, i'm not playing musical chairs. i wasn't playing musical chairse ot today, what i was trying to give our offense a chance to function ou a faster rate and do some different things. you know, i was doing everythinv
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out.n i was still there on the sidelines, supporting josh and rooting our team on.foome i stil coach was like, you want to make a switch. you do the best you can and go in there and do the best you can to help the team. the browns return to action on sunday, november 20th, when they host the steelers.s. yout you indhe h this sunday no browns. no. take advantage of getting the yard work done getting the lawh furnituree in. all of that stuff. put up thanksgiving lights. those two.o. you have some of those. day. we honor and salute men and women who served our we're letting fox8 viewers say thank you and share photos of their favorite vets next in this morning's download.d.wereiewe s what would you do to try and keep your house clean for the holidays? see what one ohio mom did and why it's going viral. hi scott. really that appeared today again. here we go.ere temperatures in the 40s will start to fall again chance of a
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are still pretty minimal.
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welcome back. hi wayne. going to be windy. hopefully wayne's flight is not as windy. coming back to town. hold onto your hats. communities all across northeast
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part of veterans day.will pe to that's right. in cleveland, mayor frank jackson will lead a ceremony at city hall at 11 this morning. , mor afterwards, the city's veteranss day parade will kickoff at 12:45, heading east on lakeside to east ninth before heading south and ending back up at city hall. sou at ci long list of freebies and deals for veterans on our website, special right now in our download we would like to hear yousdo and who you're thinking ofw today.nw try to do it every year if we can depending on when veterans day falls. thank event. somebody in your life important to you. a lot of pictures people sent in n let's start with some of those. think we have this is christian t christian hostinh that radioo for the navy star. featured in the documentary
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this is john he served in world war s ii in europe. his family says he is 92 years old andf loves his country. thank you. what a great picture. this is sergeant findley and the national guard and currently on his second deployment.t. the big thank you to ralph. he served in world war ii. so thank you for your service as well. and a lot of you have been sharing memories d veterans on our facebook pagege pets as big thank you to my wonderful husband who served our country.o catherine writes appreciate all of the veterans serving and who have served our country.era patricia says big thank you to all of you who have served and are now serving. ou georgine writes i think you to t my dad the big thank you to mymy dad has been in everyone thatt has served our country we salute and remember rob rights to all of your
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country. god bless you all. lori sayss all oliver facebook friends thank you. o francis thank you for theo support fox8r news team. t of course. marietta says thank you american flag emoji's. thank you for your dedication coming fromomg ed o'briant.ant. god bless them all 10 he writese for us as god bless you for your servicee big thank you from sue and shannon griffin. t as well. if you have a veteranofur that u would like to thank t you can sc itn over to our facebook page or send a picture if you have one. those are really cool to see some of the pictures. those who are still alive andoft going overseas interesting as some old pictures to we love it. very nice. so proud so wonderful we'll do it again. yes we will do it againndl w and don't forget if you're heading out for breakfast or something we have a long list of freebies
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our facebook page if you want to look or take advantage of it. you deserve it.e t thanks christy. we'rean going to get a weather check right now and see how s things aree looking for today. o veterans day and of course and to the weekend. no browns game on sunday the lof opportunity to make thosese leaves. exactly. mulch them up whatever you need toto do. winds will start to die down as well.l. windy today and tomorrow into sunday looking a lot better. see what's happening here andnd the clouds are increasing w cold air interacting with the warm ineeont a lake to drive th spaces to those clouds. and eventually share the temperatures will start to fall sizzlelready seeing some sh a couple of light showers noticed the temperatures in the 50s to theres north. kidded right now 45 cuyahoga falls up 6 degrees at 51. all is driven by the wind ahead of a cold front now the front hereive will start to move sout. a few of these showers on storm foxsh radar. one of the out near sandusky at
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a few more over the lake. going north to south o at a prey good clip today. temperatures will jump off there we go. falling into the 40sto eventually 30s this evening and any sort of thehe intermittent localized showers quickly fade i away. not going to be a major rainjori producer. there's your temperatures dropping 40s in 30s by evening tonight upper 20s mostly clear after some clouds early. giving way to aso c nice dayay tomorrow becoming mostly sunny high of around 47 and the high iq testri intense tomorrow in look of the temperatures climbing into the 50s and we keep it dry. the ridge of high pressure pretty much overhead theof h mof the month starts to expand which means no organized weather systems nowwhi dot before hallon i think about two and half weeks ago low i tweeted out the long-e outlook in general terms which does show and up next week into thanksgiving week that pattern
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aggressive. doesn't necessarily mean cold weather just means the storm systems will becomeeces more ine and right now anticipating some pretty good wind ahead of that first one on friday. than another onen probably heading into the great lakes la into the ohio valley some point the middle of next weekk of thanksgiving week. again we'll see what happens. hp we can nail down details this th far out there that gives you a general forecast as we look aheadii era for the next couple of weeks. cool. thanks scott. still to come on fox8 news at nine.99 learning more about the deadly ambush on pennsylvania police lebouers. awful situation in pennsylvanial the latest on the suspect hisanu pregnant wife and, how theecthe community is coming together too honor the victims. those officers. the music world honoring a legend. . a look back at the life of leonard cohen. what will happen to donald trump's plane when he becomes our next president? will he still get to fly in itit back or will he need to use air force one?? wi to fly we have the answer for you
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welcome back everyone. what a story here. hundreds gathered together tooat honor a fallen pennsylvaniaother officer in an ambush attackbush early yesterday 52 year old scott bashioum was killed in the attack. he was a veteran of the canonsburg police department and leaves behind a wife and 4
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his partner officer james saieva is in stable condition after he was shot in the stomach.. the suspect, 47 year old michael cwiklinski and his pregnant wife were found dead in the home after an apparent murder suicide. an amber alert in texas has been apparen canceled, following the tragic discovery of a missing teen's body.eled the 16 year old kirsten fritch was reported missing after her old k mother and sister were found mothero death tuesday. search crews found her body yesterday, outside baytown. prosecutors plan to file murder charges against her 21 year old boyfriend, jesse dobbs, after taking him into custody wednesday.nst herer d, se the music industry is mourning the death of rock and roll hallc of famer leonard cohen. the singer and songwriter influenced countless artists inl coh. his 50 year career.reer he published several poetryd sal collections, before joining the folk rock scene in the late sixties..collecec his song hallelujah has beenenis
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bands and groups. cohen was inducted into the rock hall, in 2008.hal his cause of death is unknown. leonard cohen was 82. s 82 a california brush fire is under control this morning, started by a semi. use the video right now. a huge fire.e. the driver was heading down a southern california highway when he saw flames erupt. the d downghway whled for help. as his truck burned, the flames quickly spread to the roadside brush. aurne t the burned about an acre, but crntrol.. mechanics are now checking the truck, to see why it caught fire. now that donald trump is president elect he's going to have to make some tough choices like what plane he's going to pke some touat pane a us official says trump will have to switch out his private jet for airforce one. the military owned plane is equipped with special features c to protect the commander in chief.l f for example, in the event of aoa nuclear blast, its special
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using his private jet, he'll have to install all of those very expensive features using his own money.verx still to come. it's only been a week since the world series ended and, already progressive field is getting a makeover.t's onld series y they don't mess around that's for sure. see what's being done and where's all the grass? don'meat's they were right there broadcasting live a week ago. ao more from the cavs a great visit to the white house we'll show you some videoeo ofpl themselves that.elv t cool stop behind the scenes when we come back. scott. the winds are picking up tracking some light rain a outan over the lake temperatures in so to fall later on today the eight day in just a
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progress will be mason green. -- the grass will be mason green. >> of that would come over and my grass up. rock 'n roll hall of fame is no open.
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renovations we need to drill fo the next 20 years. the new ticketing system will b put in place have some concerts out there. communities going across northeast our will be paying tribute to the mentor women who served our nation as part of veterans day mayor frank jackson the latest ceremony at 11:00ma it's east o lakeside and it winds back at
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and christie capel is recognizing some of youra veterans. doug herman, one of our four tartan first is still serving. so definitely think you to everybody. >> ed.d., we love you. it is such an honor. our first text comes to donnie. thanks to all the veterans. never forget our veterans.
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implementing these things right. we see the number of metals of service. carl died about a year ago. a great pictures. he certainly to 651967. he served in germany and was released on honorable discharg. and this is pure some hope sergio. hehe is serving in the army national guard currently. so a big thank you to him. happy veterans day to my mom an dad and brother. in my boys christopher and sean
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jimmy. revocable more on our facebook page. maurice's to all my facebook friends, thank you to all of ou veterans will continue to veterans pretty could be that a well. 's on our. this restaurant's purpose is spitting out our restaurants. if you're r veteran who you may not be picked out the day, make
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>> and honor our veterans. it's a second 50 minute documentary bring a name to the face of the millions of milita members who p fight for our freedom every day we will follow for hello veterans as they share their struggle isve. the special airs this saturday 5:00 p.m. right heresp at 5:00 p.m. >> dick goddard is a veteran. many people don't know that. >> no, he always wears his jacket. up next were honoring our favorite meteorologist as he gets ready to retireou a few we from now. stay tuned for the story. now the players are sharing
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c with that say. they're very presidential visit. >> put on your creative thinkin cap. we're looking for bowlers who can curl a turkey will and tons of cranberry sauce pretty don't have to be an expert either. somebody that enjoys rolling turkeys. you have tog after impresses w the pollt him anything to get noticed. you'll for the details to enter
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welcome back. i love days like this. i've done it too.o. it is amazing. >> the careful as you drive around there.u
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work. it's okay now. when the temperature start dipping -- all month long were getting ready for the final getting ready to leave, and northeast ohio commences in stafford is a closer look at -- with the wally there. >> youngest for days the year, ohio is sleeping lakeside town. for one day, several decades, becomes larges festival in the entire state fo over deck its every fall,
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an incredible event inspired by a cute caterpillar. >> they came up the idf of my daughter was like ten years old. dick goddard stoddart -- started the wally bear as a pt fundraiser in from the competition with another weath prognosticator. the groundhog is supposedly then other end of things. according to legend,o a wide li means mild weather. >> caterpillars have really one many times versus the computers. >> the forecast is just part of this huge event, which almost didn't make it past that first parade in 1972.
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>> there were other challenges. we'veve got some brutal, brutal november days.l >> they continue to grow in the town of birmingham. so much so that after eight years -- >> the church in birmingham kicked usus out. he said that you are interferin with their sunday events. >> nineteen communities wanted it and settled here. >> why? because of beautiful for million. >> with more thanea 100,000 people fox 8 friends from the parade i impressive, the largest one day festivales in the nation. >> how old are you? >> five. one euros too late because i wa born in decemberer. kids competed in caterpillar races in costume contest and a fun run, with.ra also bedazzled in brown and orange. and despite the menagerie of
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out that this never been a problem . welcome except the 1975 controversy, when his daughter, kim, won the wally bear 500. >> they were throwing things at mea, absolutely. >> they said it's all in good fun. disbarment busy -- free slice of americana is guaranteed to make you smile.e. >> i tell people if you don't like the event, you will get their money back. >> keep watching fox 8 news on long as we celebrate thein incredible life an extraordinar career of our friend dick goddard. have you told your kids -- how many times he told your kid to keep the house clean? daily. and how well did it work out?t what ohio month toward another
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for the seasoner after his pregnant girlfriend attacked hi with boiling water.r. latest on what happens in man's condition.n we're going to explain some of the pope's. thinking -- we are going in that direction.
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his girlfriend attacked him wit boiling water. he's a star tight florida international universit and was likely going to be consideredn for the nfl draft. his girlfriend the officer he wasn't ngry that paying attention to her so she put a pot ofpa fun and water on him while he was in his dorm roomn. he had go to the hospital with severe burns on his head and neck and arms. this womanr is five months pregnant and pleaded not guilty to a felony charge ofh aggravat
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>> the bald eagle needed a little help after a flight went to far. look.en both of those were actually bon stuck in a storm drain in central florida. look how huge they are.ce third is one of the birds was protecting the othere expert says. >> they start fighting over therere territory. rescuers feed -- about an hour later. of that.o all you do is ask her son. it shows that stretched across
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this room is been thing for the. closed until november 21. >> is not something issue per student print about kids. so far he saidud that it from t dogs gone and the bolivian.l i wonder what she does with the dogs. >> thathh is fine. that is a great idea. this year swing and dungeons and dragons little -- at the museum in new york. campers are also loved and transformers that actually didn't make the cut. >> i love that. i think he would with the horse and stopped so they will have
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it.tne there is lobbying and the defense services. don't ask scott sabol about the transformers. he is very passionate. most men don't really enjoy shopping mall and journey is getting customers way to get ou of it sort of political thinkin mall in shanghai. the goingol husband nursery.c they can drop an awful the shop and most guys are not complaining because of that looks likeec. got some comfort chairs and a big screen tv. the sign reads husband nursery and english print japanese the characters translate to husband storage room.m.
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we're going to produce here for a while until we get back. didn't you just go hang out in the man cave. o >> sheet is claiming it. >> in the other place. >> i believe her. >> called boys are like, gosh. earlier we showed you video. not just for you we have on han -- >> aren't going timeout so from
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>> uninterrupted was good. we're here at the white house. is this mine or yours. all put together.mi unbelievable day we've got here. we have the white house. tremendous, tremendous honor. we've got a hundred percent honor. we've got to make sure that we
9:53 am
recap on today. as as we wind down, just great day to be here, man, at the white with that trophy months. us saying barack and michelle. mean so much. it's very humbling experience. never think he can be part of white house and for me too be celebrating this moment in franchise history, >> that is really powerful. very powerful. >> that is a long time for him. look at that.o i really like that. speaking of uniting, let's go d some weather. how about that. that is nice uniting.
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that is a bunch of garbage. take a look at the time lapse from the heart of geauga county. we're startingco to see the clo cover of processing the clouds developingter over the lead. radar and temperatures on the 50s. it's not raining and will be an we will get a shot of rain in cleveland . you see what's happening here i iss going to get involved with akron over the next hour or too. the showers are not getting to see cleanup should be moving o through and i would think they make day, one of thew afternoon a lot of them start to fade away. temperatures will fall intoa th 30s by made evening. the evenings looking decent wil stalk about that as we have a few moments before the end of looking and now, those are all kinds of crazy gamest. this is all part of our roadkill.
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it is a clock tower or somethin like that.l they could have drinks and even have early date milkshakes. it's part of the big show comin
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- welcome to new day cleveland. let me tell you, we today are in one of the most beautiful suburbs of akron. we're about 45 minutes outside of cleveland, situated between route 91 and 303. we are in hudson. i cannot wait to enjoy this day, david and i are going to be go to 10 different places, just some of the stops you're not gonna wanna miss when you come to this great town. our first stop happens to be right here. let's go inside. (upbeat music) well it appears that i'm starting things off with a full stomach


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