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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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by the time it happened and when i left there were no polic that was at least 20 minutes. >> receiving multiple calls of several vehicles shooting at on another. have obtained dispatch recordings , one transmission reveal that dispatchers had no cards to send. >> the work shows a finally arriving after 47 minutes. >> investigating why it took so long for a patrol car to arrive we foundd delight to get crime scene investigators to follow up.p. there were no csi available until the next day, it is a big problem, with police response
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gunfire or the shortage of the police,or five bullets hitting charter school, there were no kids there, but it takes a long to the get the police car, reaching out multiple times but no vaccination yet from the chief's office,bu bullets into the school and he's only 10 feet awayle >> with the internet the truck or just trying to scare the pers >> spokesman for the school called thee police response concerning says that the school has officers inside and outside when the kids are there, keep asking until we get an explanation. there has been concern for a long time.
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back on the question of need for more officers, this is something that was to bring up monday. teeing up and the families of these officers killed and injured the line of duty,d pegg gallek was there enjoins us. >> and officers were shot in th chest december says the place whys of ohiowoas reached out to help hi after he was injured today he and a friend returning the favor. on behalf of myself, and ray manger of mac's screen printing we like to present to you a check for the proceeds of the shirt i designed onene is thinking the members of place whys ohio, who helped him when he was shot last year,
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me because low months ago when weather shot in the line of duty,y, the place whys ohio whe one of the first groupshe that gave the support and assistance when i needed it. >> he wanted to do something to thank them, so he got the best way was to raise money so that the members can continue to hel others, and they raise more than a thousand dollars. since we operate solely on donations because we will be able to help other officers in the future because we know it will happenb, the money was raised by selling t-shirts, celebrating the cavaliers and indians winning season. >> i feel good about what we did, i was hoping that we woul sell more to make you more mon but i think we did pretty good. >> there are still a few of
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donated to a local charity members of place whys ohio says that it will be put to good use. >> we don't want an officer to feel left out, if you liked tha they are forgottento you want t to know that we are here to hel them. t >> if you want to help, go to fox to find a you can order the shirts, there are still a few left, as of last night the browns are off to the worst start in the teams history. >> zero and ten, lay some of th most dedicated fans not wanting to watch, as they've ever spoke to some of those today joining us..s it is bad, no way to sugarcoat it, season ticket holders have paid a lot of mone
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don't even want, the fans are frustrated and the team can't help but know it. after years of expectation, the browns worst startte is wearing nonfans alike jim byrne season-ticket holder since 1985. only miss two games since then. it is pretty painful. >> he is president of theame s east cuyahoga browns back christie's enthusiasm waning. try to sit together, used to be a dozen and a couple guys sa that they can't take it anymore >> she has been a diehard fan since a childld. >> lives browsable, a photo albu shows pictures of her with browns players and coaches including coach jacksonhew it is very heart wrenching because no
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the games, for her she thinks the team is better than zero in ten. >> i say that it is horrible bu next year with the 11 draft picks so far and so much colleg potential you have to trust coach jackson and our coaching system. in his conference call on friday, coach jackson said that he is also frustrated . >> is disappointing, none of us want to be in the situation and especially our fansbe don't wa this is where we are into we have to fight our way out of it. he has been a season-ticket holder since 1964. >> is tough but the thing is th indians and the cavaliers had a challenging time a and eventually they wanted i am very confident in the coaching staffwa that we have at this juncture that we will prevail. watching teamers has some
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to give the tickets away. i understand that i know that, i have a few friends that are that way but you will never , i am a diehard browns fan. they have the steelers coming up, so what do you think westward frustration or optimism?is we want to know, go to fox >> you can let us know your
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it is week two of the high school football postseason, and the quest for a state title startst to come into focus, the mega-bus razo tonight that's where we find p.j. zieglererth. do-gooder contra travels, it's a great game. >> good evening it is a southwest conference rival showdown between westlake and olmsted falls. usually do not know a lot about the i-phone in the postseason, they know each other or comedoe weeks ago, they met and olmsted falls in a classic matchup became down to the final two seconds, westlake wedding, 34-31.
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they've got their best playoff run in 32 years. olmsted falls, upset midview last week 31-28 became down to the final seconds. >> tonight olmsted falls runnin back versus the westlake waterbeck both our impact players the teamss carry the team to the next roun of the postseason the game 's beginning at 7:30 p.m. highlightsp. of this in the oth big games coming up tonight on week 11 edition of friday night touchdown at 11:00 p.m.m.
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dan coughlin for highlights fro all over it is friday night touchdown at 11:00 p.m. fox 8. today honor those who served today is veterans day, downtown cleveland celebrates with the parade, includingng members fro every branch of the services. as well as police color guard marching bands. special event also have inside city hall that paying tribute to h the veterans. while those in attendance, are to world war ii veterans. this year's theme is celebratin its 75th anniversary of the united services organization,
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veteran we talked to says the way america treats its bets now much different fro when he served ando i it is a change for the better. i was from the vietnam era they not treated us very wellhe. we came back we were spent at hand to not want people to know i was a veteran in the sense that has been spoken about now the veterans are treated a lot betterer. >> today's ceremony awareness for the green light initiative, the national campaign to establish physical national support for veterans b changing building lights to the
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today 53, record 73. want to show you we had the hig of 53 40s. currently, the most of the day, and the north wind is between ten and 15. plans are beginning to subside overnight.
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there are frost advisories and freeze warnings in the southern plains including or virginia, carolinas, tennessee kentucky. look at those gray showers. a look at that front. as you head towards the england some snowflakes h in the higher elevations for quick look at these temperaturest that will stick around through tomorrow and then recovering sunday the pick day. high pressure is the name of the game for the entire weekend wit
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tonight low 30s, some errors tomorrow could wake up with some upper 20s, despite the sunshine, the highs only recovering to 37 the back to th 50s on sunday mid 50s. on monday, super moon. rg3 has not played a down for the browns amountsrg to getting
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is the nfl look into rg3?
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an hour or less before kickoff. there is a full relevancy was o the field prior to the one-hour for now they're checking to see if he wasas cool on the time limit, they should be deal with bigger issues >> still wondering how a team we need a timeout prior to he did . >> coach jackson going to josh mccown early, the team was in the lead but the bigger issue i like a talent, it's not a predicament that coach jackson put the team in. they say that they all have cody's back. >> we can all play perfect, cannot afford to give the other
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nothing in the world like high school football. we have games for friday night touchdown, say ed face and the bulldogs at twinsburg.g. the wildcats meet solon in mentor. there on a roll, they were big winners against clinton glenoak. saint ignatius has five shutouts, medina is in mansfiel is facing liberty,
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going to be on the top of our game to beat them we bend and some tough games so rely on the experience to push through. >> magic takes place in strongsville, that is where p.j ziegler is. ten weeks ago these two teams played in olmsted falls in the bulldogs won in a last-second fashion. tonight will be the offense of the demons versus the olmsted falls bulldogs. tried to continue the success from last week with four touchdowns in 34 on the year versus a running back from olmsted falls would try to care the bulldogs into the postseason.
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showdown. who would've thought it would b these twowo in the second round highlights coming up tonight on week 11 of friday night touchdown. >> the hilltoppers to keep it rolling. and ravenna. a matchup against warren g harding. can anyone slowed down the hilltoppers? we will have. the cavaliers are looking for better offense of moment there during the manic and challenge
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a car park and go from bad to worse in jus
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to get him out ofn there to safety fromof local police officers with their lies on the line to make a daring rescue. eight burning pickup truck with a man inside. >> to painesville officers or creditedle for a rescue on came as matt wright spoke to those officers for this story, the active is hospitalized, his says he is grateful to those officers who ran towards dange to help. near the painesville riverside cemetery wednesday night. onen -- camera rolling as
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officer elvert jordan moments later, they run towards the burningthey truck with a man tr inside. >> he was not responding, i looked inside i saw a puddle of blood on his shir /the window and they pulled into safety/ just think that we got there the right time time during one they say they were doing their job not consider myself to hear wha we do what any officer across his country would probably do what it makes it look good, it's my job, i'll do it every day fo have to good one you agree to be
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says he is okay, doctors are running tests on the victim to try to determine what medical issue may have caused it. vice president-elect mike pence is taken on a big responsibility he will lead the donald trump transition to replace and chris christie, wil now serve as vice chairman, donald trump announcing other transition team members including former house duke energy and ben carson, jeff sessions and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. or the dozen other people will advise him onot transition matt including his children become his wife and gop chairman reinc
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>> travel and travel adrenaline protestsan occurring on college campuses, man-up size enchanting. >> as many as 4,000 marching through the streets in portland today president trump tweeted that he's proud that peoplent h a passion for the country and that we will come together. jury deliberations and in the case of a former police offic murder today the jury told the judge that they cannot reach a decision and th murder trial of ray tensing, just told them to keep keep addedl the officer is on trial for shooting sam dubose last year was unarmed, they have the option to convict him of voluntary manslaughter a forest fire in north carolina forces more evacuations could they continue to rage in the western
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chimney rock is now under evacuation order,r, so far uncl how many homes could be in the fire's past, there has been a state of emergency and 25 counties in the state. if you go out tonight, we have 45y the way discussing at 230. as you take a broader scope the wind shiftingng
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you can imagine how cold it's going to get myy. hopkins 45, and buffalo 39, upstream, 46 minneapolis. the front was responsible for the cloud deck today as well as brief rain showers through midday many did not receive any. as the clouds break apart, the pretty clear overnight, it will
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called tonight and tomorrow morning. high pressure is in control fro the plains states, through delmarva peninsula. >> tonight, most of us fall to around freezing, and even though we had the sunshine, it will be chilly tomorrow the average low 50s, and then warmer sunday the super moon on monday with upper 50s. showers starting midweek and again friday and saturday. rest of the week will be in the 50s0s and maybe a 60 on friday
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thanksgiving holiday weeks. today we continue our salute to our service members on this veterans day, the number of world war ii veteransis in our area is dwindling. >> if you want to learn about service and sacrifice,yo have a talk with a veteran who served, their stories are wants to inspire us as rose ledger spoke with a westlake man about witnessing history. one common thread
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feel that they just did there part,he like flying over japan fine-tune across europe if you ask for a 9-year-old bobby bell-mack he did what he was supposed to. it means think about the soldiers that i was with they had seasoned troops and we were green.
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>> they also got him come he wa wounded during battle,e, receiv a purple heart. but, after weeks in hospital, h went back to europe in time for the battle of the bulge, the cash to general patton's third army, in combat for 150 straigh days and ended the war in czechoslovakia but not before was witness to one of the most historic moments to meet russ troops along the elba. they were playing their recordings in dancing and doing somersaultsyda. >> he came home, got married, had two children now has grandchildren in great-grandchildren, he says does not till war stories because a lot of his friends never got to live their full lies is heated,t roosevelt leftwich, fox 8 news,
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for the last six years, the veteran day celebration in amherst. they haven't mural commemorating vietnamm, world war ii and kore war and will have another one t emember those who served in afghanistan, desert storm, rock just a inspiring time to be invited. today it was originally called armistice day end of world war i fox 8 celebrating by remembering thos whoo served proudly. may recognize dick goddard,
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he is the father of dave nethers, spent part of world wa ii as a reservoir, it was taken entries liberation fromvo prison camp in germany and his return .o the united stateses this is 94-year-old colonel myers served in world war ii's services great-grandson's. if you have a photo of your bedroom, go to our website fox >> especial veterans day surprised for a decorated marin whose family. there were given $5,000 for groceries
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also had ptsd. he was recently notified that his disability benefits are being cut byth d the va, that's his wife are so grateful for today's gifty . we're in a battle with the va about losing some ratingg and even that bit of money helps to offset costs we have to eat so we at least have that covered. this is one of those things somebody is watching out for us, it doesn't matter where they're at, it gives you more hope that there is good people out therew. says he has benefited from programs offered by operation homefront nonprofit that helps military families.
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military with a 60 minute documentary calleds homeland diaries, america's veterans that follows for veterans as they share their struggles, it will be airing saturday at 5:00 p.m. on fox 8. avenges the most trusted name in weatherman, she is the home of fox 8 news, but back on a
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him as that way people get to have a street named in their honor, bu then not everybody is dick goddard, all monthly celebrate dick goddard to prepare for his final forecast as bill sheil shows us while the honors and awards he has received one of them is more visible than all
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for more than half a century dick goddard has been cleveland's own forecasting the weather. he has been named twice the mos popular tv weatherman in america. his advocacy for animals is second to none and for over 40 years as held the largest one-day festival woollybear man with many accolades because he is such a asset to the communit came as no surprise when city council renamed streets of toxic coal soap his honor dignitaries
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to maintain the confidence trust of the people is remarkablee that's me as the mo remarkable thing about dick goddardh 50 years. dennis kucinich brought a message from president obama. >> ums milestones and your life represents an important part of the american story. as he was escorted to his table his companions said, do you know that your tennis shoes are lighting up. >> the festivities kicked off with him receiving aside civilizing theas renaming of th street in front of fox 8 as dic goddard wayi presented by the mayor and councilman jeff
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dick goddard is an asset and we want to acknowledge him.di >> i cannot thank you enough. thank you for showing us the way. >> bill sheil fox 8 news. want to pay tribute to three important members of the fox 8 team tournamentth away sake by also celebrate the careers of jim holloway, herb thomas and russ herbruck . chief photographer jim holloway six by this morning, h started in 1981, did many longshots were fox 8 news in th morning.
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also retiring, is herb thomas who started here in 1969, just one month before graduating fro high school he coproduced wayne dawson's neighborhood specials has been with new day cleveland for the past two years. >> i have appreciate working with you guys, you have been very professional, stories will remain in those cars >> and russ herbruck is calling it a career was here in 1991 and has been shooting countless stories for fox 8 newsroom has his career. says he to see the cavaliers winning a title was a great way to cap his career, congratulations and good luck t
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perfect tom, can be a sometimes tedious process.. >> visit dozens and one day
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eyes of the real estate world ofey focus on northeast ohio o thanks to the way that they use virtual-reality treatment lorri taylor saysksre it is sure to c the way closer but it sold and only here.
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in the industry's never done before.e. >> they show a million-dollar estate and walking through the halls of the home, enjoy every luxurious detail but taking par in a broker's open house, 20 miles away. walked down the staircase felt like i wanted to reach out tok grab the hand railing it wa that realistic. is the brainchild behind the idea of turning homeses using samsungs virtual-reality goggle for the future of real estate will be through these goggles. >> became of the idea of using them as a real estate tool during open housess after tryin them at a conference a couple weeks ago drama getting calls from agents of miami, denver,
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>> using virtually all decay be a timesaver, saving time drivin fromsa house to house, they can accomplished in less than an hour and you don't have to leav your chair drivenyo they how to shoot the home with the 360-degree camera can't say enough about how they improve his' clients experiences. allowing out-of-towners to save time and moneyxp. to narrow down the choices to a few. intake stator from thousands of miles away from it says it benefits the sellers. i was gung ho from the start. >> he said there were no longer have to clean up and get outt every time someone wants to see the housee it is their home mor than 100 agents to her while at the burntwood tavern and brecksville.l you think this'll make a difference? >> i hope so.u >> vr is the future of real
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news. thank you for joining us
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