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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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began us on breaking news, amy magic throughout the season that the indians to a world series appearance in july tribe skipper interpret, is manager of the year.a >> get to he became one of eight merger league managers over the years to win the war twice forgot he got a ton of those to be buck showalter of the orioles in jef bannister of the rangers. snow band three occasions in tribe history where a manager hashi won the work, trevor gile has wanted twice the first and 2013vo of the first year that he
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eke out first-place votes on 22 of 30 cast of the indians under francona onef 94 games and one central division for the first time since 2,007, here he was reacting to the awarde. with something like this happens if someone thinks it is an individual award for that is the furthest thing from the truth. is the incredible players or o cook it is the front ownership, the coaches, the coaches work so hard every day. >> and of the one that gets to take about every once in a whil i wish that we could do this together because they are so deserving, and i know, i need t say more, come feel strongly about that. his teams have posted when he records in his last 12 seasons,
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injuries is what he has collected his second such awar. kudos to tito francona. >> we look down to the weather forecast with melissa myers tal about sunshine and snowfall. succubus 60s, 70 and snowfall a a few days later so we got some wild transitions coming up. today we had a high of 62. when something pretty like the south-southwest. we had a club break with a lot of sunshine today at times, the clouds added a hazy appearance. rainfall from upstate new york
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northwestst to make it mostly cloudy tonight. and maybe if you really wanted raindrops through midday. solon tonight low 40s mostly cloudy and then tomorrow 50s. looking real good on thursday and friday for the bottom drops out. accused of shoplifting suspect, makes a run for it, back in the car mnto a police officer as he has his gun drawn dave nethers joins us from fox
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officer tells them that he will shoot if they don't stop and they continue. it happened at a walmart in canton, they say that the officer tend to rest won't accused of shoplifting from the walmart when confronted by another manr who got between them. video shows a scuffle between the officer and 49-year-old tro gordon. he orders everyone in the get out but the driver backs up into him with the officers gun drawn.n. continues issuing commands says that he will fire if they do no stop, t they drive off anyway. >> he would have been hit, at that point., i think that he showed great mental and professional restraintk do not fire his weapon and potentially avoiding a life-threatening situation. all three occupants of the
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by a canton patrol officer who poked into the stark on serious chargeses, much more serious than shoplifting, from fox 8 studio at the university of akron, dav nethers.n a man has a sense of death for the murder of a kent state student. a portage county judge gave the death penalty to damantae graha 103 accused of killing a 2-year-old nicholas massa. westlake teenager killed during a home invasion in kent in february have yet to be tried, they wil be in court tomorrow. scary moments for a neighborhood in tremont, two people brought at 2:00 p.m.,, o west fifth when a man working a a home was robbed of his cell phone,a then a few minutes later you won't get enough for car this is it two menn n took her
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ended up crashing her car into a parked car and ran away, these neighbors a,e say that they are shocked. >> i was surprised at first i did not realize what was happeningisu then i heard a wom screaming and i just ran upstairs and she was in the middle of the street said that i want to make sure that she was okay and then called 911. >> will they believe the suspectss are teenagers, many here in the neighborhood have video and say they will review them hope that it will help the place to make arrests.s. >> fire at aa poultry farm maso county, 20,000 chickens were killed when the fire swept throughgh a bond and nova township, it took hours for the to put out the fire at the minimum poultry farm,, thousands of eggs were destroyed that
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problem to blame. wst cleveland scene officials and greater include rtata announcin that public square will remain closed to publix the buses,n th said they were closely with rta for several monthshs to develop plan for public square the best interest of the citizens. still to come, surprising names that trump may be added to
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a live look outside. the sky lanes looking gorgeous. today we had plenty of sunshine. enjoy these one temperatures,
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>> donald trump transition team gathers at from tower to talk about the road to the white house so far he has madeo reinc priebus as his chief of staff and former breitbart ceo stephen bannon willar be a advisor. his son,l was there along with mike pence, jeff sessions and others whose names have been rumored to be in the ring to fill some of the top positions. >> gp leaders like paul ryan say the days ahead that we work ver with trump and his transition team. on the scene page with the president-elect i talked in virtually every day we spoked mike penceok this morning were the scene page, we're going to make sure that this is a successful administrationoio an make sure that the voices we heardd of the people are acted upon.
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president, mr. trump plans to renegotiate nafta, and meanwhil the obama administration vows to aggressively defend and implement policies hoping to salvage with can of obama's legacyw. mr. obama makes a final overseas trip as president, he was greece today touting ongoing support for nato, he says that the us remains committed to the alliance, and a news conference he also addressed the election said he was surprised that donald trump was victorious and also said that donald trump tempting toto fears about globalization. >> time will not tell whether the prescription be offered,t whether brexit or with respect to the us election ends up satisfying those people that ar fearful or angry or concerned.. i think that's going to be an interesting test .
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also taken to germany and perui where questions about donald trump are expected to dominate his conversations na. become invalid the dakota access oil pipeline is blasting the army corps of engineers decision to delay work y on the engineers are considering whether to delay a decision for the pipeline across the missour river reservoir in north dakota they say the decision is based on pure politics while they hav done nothing but play by liberals. the pipeline has sparred protes from native americans who claimed the project threatens drinking water in cultural w gogo makes an effort to crack down on thick news of the internet, they said will ban al publishers with articles intended to mislead or deceive readers. from itsd network the exchange through which they sell display ads, they say it is similar to have been in place to block deceitful ads like weight loss
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twitter wants to help stop online harassment. they say they will expand a function that lets you view to counsel he didn't want to see tweets from. focus on keywordssedi phrases conversations, and thos view things will see thems but others well, there also retrain its reporting about his policie and hateful conduct.i melissa myers cover talking about somesn forecast printer you got that coming up in the forecast. looking at some clouds for sunset at 5:07 p.m. electrode the folger homan avon lake it's very smooth out there on the leg leg.
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the official high of 60 degrees aboutre 2:00 p.m. currently 57 degrees at hopkins. the warmer area still to the south west but that will bee coming in her direction on thursday friday. if you have some vacation time, that would be the two good days to do it. lots of sunshine today. this front that will stay to th north. as it does byto you may produce few raindrops , a spot shower in the morning until about lunchtimee . this model shows from
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east of 77 could be a brief raindrop in the early morning. otherwise just partly cloudy skies. that they change occurs on saturday >> thursday, partly cloudy to mostly sunny, tonight low 40s mid to upper 50s tomorrow. mid-sixties, on thursday and friday, good day to get the artwork to. saturday the temperatures tumbl with some chilly rain showers i the morning
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snow-mix in the cold enough on sunday into where it will be lake effect snow with the highs in the mid to upper 30s the way that it works, then on sunday monday we could have someay first accumulating snowfall snowbelt before s tuesday and wednesday with upper 40s and rainfall. sunday into monday could mean more than 1 inch or two of snowfall in the snowbelt. tonight at 10:00 p.m., cracking down on underage drinking parties. the parents could be responsibl even if they don't know that th kids threw a party, although
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usually larger cars with the motortrend car of the year one this time it wase going to the chevy volt compact all electric car. they have a hybrid called the chevy volt, the chevy ball does not go on sale till the end of the it will sell for aboututth $37, in you can drive to 80 miles on a single charge.u if you packet for holiday, you're not alone for aaa calls of the biggest thanksgiving rus in years, 40 million to take t the highways and skies, driving is the most popular motor transportation between november 23 and 27 gas price will be the second cheapest in decade, airplanes will have the most messenger 62,007. >> jetblue launched a 48 hour ou
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round-trip on some routes someone with fares are listed low as $34 one-way, were good for monday through thursday and saturday between december 1 of march 9 there are several blackout dateser in that window time the two-day sale in the wednesday night.. >> with tensions high, the part that put his foot downte after scuffle broke out between passengers, united airlines pilot banning all political discussions on his flight understand her but has their opinion, that's fine but have the common decency to respect each other's decisions. there's another flight tomorrow, i hope that is clear, that flight was going to mexico being punked reminded that their work on the flight to have a good time.
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and reply got a dream of a lifetime, 11-year-ol jacob heberling has been curiou
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a go, he had a stroke and was diagnosed with a rare heart disease, a thanks to a heart transplant, he is on the mend todaya he was a step closer to the strength of becoming a master not atst nasa glenn research center. first child to get a hands-on tour of the facility was a possible thanks to special wish cleveland onea if you are a fan of apple products there is the perfect christmas gift their selling $300 photo book about itself designed by apple in californiaia it showcases 20 ye of the design was oriented images begins with the 1998 imac and ended with the 2015 apple pencil, steve jobs took
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the imac debut of the small book will sell forr $199 and a large version for $290 million in goes on sale wednesday dedicated to the memory of steve jobs bisson who is looking for the new nike self lacing sneakers for christiansbse they reveal the p of the hyper adapt, costing som $20. users of the nike+ apple get early access to purchase the shoe on november 28 though december 1 1 it will be available at nike soho location and then it will be available to everyon else be of the nike+ app and
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hey, so i saw a movie trailer the other day. how could batman possibly fight superman? i mean, isn't that dumb? maybe he uses kryptonite. well, batman's got a lot of money. maybe he builds a suit that can do everything superman can do. no, no, no, no, no. i've seen that movie. it's called iron man. (quietly): what is happening? i don't know. but it's beautiful. and now ben affleck is batman? oh, he was great in shakespeare in love. ooh, we should watch that next girls' night. we could do a double feature with the leonardo dicaprio romeo + juliet. oh, i love me some leo. and it's gone. oh, hello, everyone. i am happy to report i'm feeling much better.


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