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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  November 18, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning to you on this friday. it is november 18. welcome to friday. we made it. >> happy friday. >> aj has> a look at your forecast things are about to
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>> a 72 degrees high today. we will be very quickly drop in te 30s it d looks like saturday overnight lows in the 20s. you see the high-level clouds decorating be some nice just the sunrise just from the geauga 47 at akron canton by this after noon you will be able to shut t and you will need your shades for sure the sunne will be out n in generous amounts. 13 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this.pretty impressive stuff we have the southwind talking up the temperatures, it is very easy to have this record-breaking eyes. you definitely need the gusty winds that time of year. visibility
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everyone else's doing well in good shape compared to yesterday that is because winds are coming in with more of our guests of five of 15 miles per hour high pressure sliding to the east here is our weather system producing blizzard like conditionswe across the western part of minnesota into the dakotas. that will add to the northeast in the meantime, a northwest flow over the lakes the cold air lininges up for lae effect snow. we will have all those details coming up >> 8:02 a.m. is your time. catching up on breaking news we of been following all morning long. learning morning about more about the first energy illuminatingir company it all started with an apparent robbery. we are live at it used 146 l street with what we know o far. >> good morning. the good news here s ?- the police officers ae all o okay no police officers
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clear dozens of officers out here before, but they have cleared itth were first energy s reopened i you can get into work here today they were targeted because they were looking for scrap metalge cleveland police were called out to east 146 for a group of males trespassing on the property. when they got on scene, the four-man one shot at officers. police returned fire at one suspect it in the taken to theas others to others arrested one suspect dido did it get away. dozens of officers on scene including the police shooting sceneonen chief police chief hes what he is what he had to say. >> when they confronted him the males began to run one male turn to open fire my police officers bothff officers returned fire. they r struck one of the suspec suspects continued s to flee otr officers arrived and it up
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fourth when we are still lookint for. >> police are now both theyviewing both officers are trying to find out more information o on the fourth suspects so they can put all wide open and a warrant out for him these people are young person shot in the shoulder 18 years old is in stable condition the two that were arrested were 17 years old. stick with us for updates on the story. >> onto the other top story more evidence of the soaring drug epidemic going on even right here in ohio especially. >> a facebook users streamed live when user streamed live when he came upononk three meno appeared to be passed out from an overdose. we are we're but all over the story talking to manyry involved behind-the-scens the guy you actually took the facebook video as well. >> it is absolutely it disturbing and all too common according to the numbers. the
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especially are particularlyti heroin abuse police are doing with daily overdoses using the new set of narcan moore than doubled and he needed to use it again yesterday. h >> what did you take? what did you take?ou >> he streamed this live as a pop up to two men passed out the mcdonald's parking lot and sandusky one slumped over in the sea the other unconscious on the ground laboring to breathe. the ambulance showed up within minutes the driver come to be a must immediate action to get them on the ground talking before the two were takenheng to the hospital. i se with them by phone this morning you said when he pulled up he could tell the man on the ground was an really rough shape. >> the paramedics came, and they said it'd been like ten minutes later than he probably would've diedn. i've never seen anything like that before i i'm seeing videos online and stuff like that, but as far as an person
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person like this. it's rolled out around here. >> it is so bad that sandusky police chief went on a rant about it writing it is on i have met with fayette county sheriff we will join efforts immediately to combat the epidemic although we strongly support recovery and treatment efforts traffic will continue to be pursued with additional resources and try to putdd a cap on this the chief ae at the level of overdoses and for her died. the fire department has administered narcan moore than 170 times more than doubled what it was last r spoke with them about mother of the man unconscious on the khanh carter center the norse does nurse told him he needed for doses of narcan. >> , goodness so disturbing. thank you for the update. 806 a.m. i 90 is reopened that involved at that they0 accident
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veryus busy interstate during t rush-hour. the bus had just left from the triscuit bus garage there were no passengers on board at the time.. we're learning about a standoff that started just about 6:00 o'clock yesterday when you us marshalsar were serving an arrest warrant we arere told the 32 -year-old s and a eastlake woman he refusedo come out ofe the home icon he drives where there was a five -month-old inside. police say he was threatening to hurt himself and police. he finally surrendered just before 8:00 o'clock last night. the baby was not her. >> hundreds are expected to fall downtown cleveland today to protest president elect donald trumpon a celebration was held akron tuesday may. tonight's protests is scheduled to begin with a rally in public squareed
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11:00 o'clock. nearly 900 people plan to attend. >> keeping you updated on news stories that is just in test results are in. some cleveland schools for a very high level of lead in their water. it is very important to know the district says no students have been exposed. this school year. they turned of the drinking water sources and 69 buildings over the summer stations were installed in the place, buter the tests show 9 percent of the 1700 sinks and fountains were elevated they have all been replaced we will continue to work on b the story and bring you the very latest. >> health officials in lakee county say their up and 12 confirmed cases of legionnaires disease including one with a a death in july. they started at cooling towers and eastlake next
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shocked he died in august less than aug week after being admitd to the hospital. >> he went to work six days a week, and that is all he did. he had to be in work because he was like, basically, and in charge at nighttime. >> the absence cleaned and tested negative for the >> another big story we are following. still ahead on fox eight news in the morning ?-n find out why he is no longer getting an a person. >> plus, an and unlikely meeting president-elect donald trumpp. >> good morning. everybody, and hope you're having a beautiful start to the day look at all caps on on the fox eight forecast. temperatures well on
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we are not going to hang onh to it unfortunately. in fact, kenny crumpton, we are talking lake effect snow. oh no. don't say that, aj . don't say that.t it is pretty warm here at the i accenture we are previewing thet christmas can ask any event happening this weekend when we come back, lots to show you
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managed to get tickets to the
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temperature drop average temperatures upr from the beginning to the end of the month where we end up in the mid 40s t t much colder air is on te way. easy all of the boat traffic from out there b it yesterday out on lake erie, so now we are contending with just a few high clouds these are decorating no space of beautiful morning here in cleveland with 58 area. that is quite spectacular 47 in canton ashtabula the same uk started off a 38 actually. the high was 64 yesterday when the averages 14 below the average high as 50 wednesday was a degree or tos either side of 60. even up to the present stage. one more my all the day
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cold blast in here. major changes with highs in record territory today. the cold blast is you in for saturday tomorrow into sunday and monday even. we play off look like affect the snow showers high ground east of the city. the good news is thanksgiving travel looks okay. no major weather systems. perhaps some rain thanksgiving evening, but that transitions to wet snow. very cold and dakotas where we find a blizzard going on there. we are definitely on the milder side of the system. look at the temperature contours you see that cold air blowing in tomorrow into the afternoon hours. we will start off with a high temperature of the day at midnight most likely mid to upper 40s and temperatures willer flock into the after noo center of low pressure with the systemem right here continuing o move to the northeast heavy and
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blizzard warning in effect for this area. look at this andd western minnesota. eastern parts of south south dakota. winter storm warnings elsewhere onar the backside of these systm was 72 on the warm side here. breezy, mild, the record high today is 71 set just one year ago. the winds are going to dust that a very good clip. $15.25 perhaps even higher. those wind gusts increasing clds develop. they will be scattered from west to east. some of those showers will eventually transfer over to snow. that snowve wednesday a lot of the wt gusting the 40 miles per hour.
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dropping into the 20s saturday night. mid 30sin 38 and then the things do quiet down which is good rain on wednesdayqu the attorney general of the united states. there may also be another some white surprising coming. i am convinced
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>> the leader's unofficial as trump is still just a president-electct trump offer a better job of national security advisor and eight meet with one of the fiercest criticsig and conway indicated that k too would be willing to set aside
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that report is confirmed. making a murder a federald appeals court blocked his released yesterday. pending the appeal of his 2007 murder conviction. o getting empty confessed to a crime he did not >> blaming the cincinnati zoo for a controversial controversial killing of a gorilla. the zoo's barrier around the gorilla enclosure was not income plans for housing primates. back in may the gorilla was then shot and killet by zoo officials in order to save the child. the animals that sparked a public outcry that is still going on. although the zoo could be fined becauseo it was not in compliae
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dangerous animal. what i a good book i $25: the halls getting ready to take off holiday music on theea radio with our wonderful friends o tht
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thank you.than he is talented.k all right. 27 minutes afterral the hour alt 8:30. still ahead on this fridaym cavv fall to the pacers with lebron b on the bench.
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that. good morning aj. good morning to youugoo and we e looking at a beautiful start toa our day. look at that. gorgeousus web camera time lape from andca what of geography at the.e. what's in store for the weekend? big changesor or code no going o record-breaking warm details are
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good morning. welcome back talking about puttingtak up my christmas ligh. talkingas about our weekend l how we are doing christmas decorations.. climbingdec on the roof yesterd. glad you're here today. thank you. we check in with a.j. colby at t 8:31. just waiting hello to mike great to see him in the studio here. i've got 50 degrees right now 47 akron canton. very mailed look at that.hat. 13 degrees warmer than just yesterday at this time. going to feel great today.
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the winds will start to pick up and the cold front coming through. likely instigate some showers ..morrowin and then we transition to the coldert airr behind the system d you could see that lake snow band setting up right there almost look like ithw plows into ashtabula county and perhaps even a little farther inland.ab we will be putting some numbers on these snow amounts coming up shortly. on my confidence level in those numbers which are always suspect. 71 the record high today. we are likely going to see that record broken a short-lived recorden it was one year ago guy winds out of the south increasing clouds and breezy. showers after midnight. there will be scattered west to east. then a blustery day tomorrow. much coolera rain in the morning is possible scattered showers
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effect snow stay up on the latestct s s fox eight forecastc colder weekend mid- 30s going to need your coats for sure. thanksgiving week y not too bad guys. no big storm systems of consequence we'll keep you posted.stems thank you so much. we do begin with breaking news right now. four suspects breaking into forst energy service centerer leads to a police involved shooting. we know three suspects are in custody. jessica dill is live at the center on east 146th street with the latest on the investigation. usesspec a a good morning. good morning.g.. all police officers are okay that's the good news. one suspect was shot in the shoulder and is in the hospital. two suspects were arrested. e offics the ode sp a fourth suspect is still on the run. aroundd 2:00 this one in police called to a report of breaking and entering at the first enery center.t when police arrived they found four suspects inside trying to steal scrap metal.when pothe f they began to run and as they were running one of the suspects shot at officers. two police officers returned fire, hitting a runns
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one suspect did get away police are now interviewing the three arrested to get more informatioi on the suspect they are looking for to get a warrant out for his arrest.. it's not worth it. to come here because number one we will see you number two a really good chance you will get caught in whatever you can get for thatce get isn't worth youe if you end the police. if p you try to cut our wires ad up your lecture pleading yourself. it is not worth it. ure lea he went on to say that cleveland police arrived immediately and said it was almost like a droe type situation the security seri guard able to help police officers as it was ongoing because of the amount of security cameras around wng the center they could see every move the person and suspects were a making andnds talk to policet directly. goes on to say ita is not worth
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is a good chance he will get caught. to officers on paid administrative leaveve interviewing them in the suspect to get more information on that fourth suspect to put a warrant out. we'll keep you updated.p u jessica dill with the latest on our breaking news this morning.. thank you. other news now. a facebook user live streams a very disturbing scene as he pulls up to a sandusky mcdonalds. it's an incident that police all across northeast ohio say has it' th routine.faboverdscdusk each situation so incredibly sad here. fox 8's stacey frey is here witd the video and we have to warn you it's really difficult to watch. w good morning. two people unconscious in a mcdonald's parking lot in sandusky. these men needed help and they needed it right away.twosciousda luckily there were people who were willing to help and a nurse who happened to be there.e. what did you guys take? what did you take? heroin? we need to know so we can save his life.need t what did you take?
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eddie wimbley is the one who streamed this live on facebook. two people passed out. s one of them was in the driver's seat the other on the ground. o somebody called 911 and the ambulance was there in minutes. the driver had already come to at that point but the other man remained unconscious on thee ulthe driver ground, gasping to breath. i spoke with that man's mother by phone a little while ago about what it took to revive her son.n. i guess they had to use four ofe them. that's what the nurse told me. when they got there he was and i took four narcans to bring him back to life. just this week the sandusky police chief posted a rant on facebook about the drug epidemic in his city. the mom tells me in the sun is atthose four doses home released from the hospital last night.
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story for us. thank you. still to comeoo on fox eight news. bringing thanksgiving dinner to you. what the queen of homemadevindin martha stewart is doing with her holiday themed meal kit. plus mike fratello is in thello house.s iuse. hear what the former cavs coach thinks about that drama between lebron and phil jackson.whatthik first we'll check in with kenny crumpton.
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equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. [music playing] [music playing] welcome back at 8:40. a lebronless cavs get their hots streak snapped by the pacers. cg yes they do. but if we know anything it's a long season.. former coach mike fratello with his review of the game and we'l' hear what he thinks about thatl dust up between lebron and phil
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maybe you should start of there. tough starting point. for those who don't know what happened phil jackson madeso reference in an interview he did with jack a mcmullen out ofut boston and in the article he was saying lebron wanted special treatment. a playerebed sp who needs it wat special treatment all the time. referred back to an incident in miami aerr and as he was talking about his says lebron and his posse wanted toy night in the cleveland area. ar happen to be around the holiday time by the way.e i think unfortunately still open his mouth and said something he shouldn't have said. worry about the new york knicks athe w little bit of trouble rit now rather than cleveland cavaliers. when everyone reacted totonowthe posse first i think generational gap thing phil jackson will be 72 years oldld and a language that
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same thing i don't think he meantt os anything as far as racial tone to it. but he could have used the word gang would they have been upset if he you worst gang or guys. but he said posse. and the way he followed up to the reaction clancy games junior his dad a very famous college coach cla who was with the knicks organization had a tweet back him out and he h talked about te posse foundation which is a group ass that tries to help hih school students pursueth education. that's the only wayolle phil trd to retort what was being said about himm he let clarence gains tweet come out making people aware a goodga thing called a posse foundation. think we should move on get past it. andd lebron handled it great. he did. as he always does. speaking of himim he set outse against indiana. jr was out as well. we didn't have too tough guys
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going off the best player in basketballam what you can look back and see games without lebron playing cavaliers are four in 16. a vital cloud and he came out in made an interesting statement people may not really understand but he said we didn't know meaning kindly if kevin didn't understand how we're supposed to play when lebronh is not there. because you falls into a pattern of understanding how to play when lebron is there he will shoot and in times he will hinder and youh have to fit your game into a. now when he is missingha fit wep up a little bit. and he acknowledged the fact he thinks much better suited becauseledgedct organization lg them know a littlezatio bit soot tonight lebron is not going. not an injury thing they'rey're monitoring his minutes he will be 32 years old when they get to playoff time and he is not so many minutes six straight years to the nba finals for lebron incredible the amount of minutes
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seven-game series in every rounn of the plants.ant you think we'll see more of thah then? of lebron sitting out? no question organization hired more and more peoplen to get ino the areas that we never dealt with before. the trainer before ver taped and ghosted airplane sliced hotel rooms decided when you arere lifting weights and said you're okay you can play. now they'veio got nine or 10 people that do the same thing this one guy used to do. four years in the nba the influence now uu people people that deal strictly with your body recovery should bet recovery day they tell the coach with the general manager in youe have to be on the same page or you're going to have a split in the organization. do you need more depth in the point guard position? we could probably use another guy in there iti what's holding itoldg up is the spot being held by mo williams. i think my guess is they'rere going around talking to other team saying mightn like to get
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guards will take one of them off of your hands.ree take him in the deal so that cavs don'tda have to pay his moy they're already paying enough. mike will be with us once a week throughout thee cavs season in the playoffs as well because we know we're going to get there.l you coach them to. the clippers are doing prettyoi good should we be worried about them?ngng you need to worry about the clippers be a really good team play they have two losses nowv also. atlanta has snuck ine t nine and two. another one of your teams. ne a lot of players. you'veof only grown from all of this. makes you stronger. good to see you. thanks so much. we'll toss things out to kenny crumpton at the i ask center.
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good morning. good morning you guys as you can n see vanessa is whipping up some awesome christmas magic with her painting but guess what? she's not just painting for her. we are pettingain j red and brod will be mixing that right on our plate. willllwi a christmas painting c. right here at the i ask center.g use the medium. you guys can come out during the christmas connection eventcti starting today at 10:00 ending sundayay at 5:00 and vanessa will conduct some classes. vanessa good morning. now that you have your kids n.arted here they're on a roll. talk about this. how many classes will yous wl conduct over the weekend cracks here throughout the whole weekend doinghra our sessions ad running about five or six times each day. okay. srun overage year we had some
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going to paint during thedurg sessions.ns. three options that we have for the whole weekend. come intave sign up at the frot desk with me tell them which painting you want to do whichit class which timeslot works. no experience needed i will walk you through step-by-step. okay. show as some of the people you have painting will take a look at their creations. let's talk about this. this is what you do for a living. ia used to be in arts teacher ad i was trying to figure ou else i can do. always part-time andat i knew these things were pretty populp myop goal is basically to just spread creativity in keep art alive. i travel aroundspread r a travet studio. you don't have a building. b you don'ti you go to the people. convenient and if you don't have the space at your home or your business to do a corporate event i can definitely set you up in a bar or a restaurant and a local venue kids party's.arty's. libraries.
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travel to you make it convenient.twill you your teaching where painting throughout this weekend these can beoughout used as gifts. absolutely. give them toto your best friend youryor mom or dad. display them on your mantle witm all of your other holidayt decorations. mrs. clause is enjoying herself. what's pretty cool is people get cabin fever this time of year so this is perfect eventeopl or war you come to their house. anything i can do to make it simple on you you don't have to go anywhere invite your friends over and dott have a good time. and again each session about an hour. these once this weekend about an hour. when i do them at your home you will get larger canvases and i d go at your pace i don't let a time limit on it. youmit want to rush through in n hour ort take three hours i am therefore you. awesome. vanessa tak th at artfully minor wit
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lots of stuff happening go-ahead vanessa work your magic.c. lots of stuff happening here at the i ask center when we come backcklof lots more fox eight s
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goddard where do i even began. it has been more than ann honor andh a blessing to work alongsie you for the last several years to learn from definitely one of if not the best meteorologist ever.dee of course to your viewers over the several decades you haveou worked here we were all going to miss year we wish you a happy retirement we love youwe w. don't be a stranger. all right. the countdown to dick goddard's final forecast is it's coming up on tuesday.nal f keep watching fox 8 news all month long as we celebrate the life and career of dick goddard. all right. martha stewart is trying to make thanksgiving a little easier for
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her meal kit includes all the ingredients needed to make a holiday dinner for eight to 10 d people, including a 12 to 14 pound free range turkey. customers can expect to receive step by step recipes and proportioned ingredients for stewart's classic stuffing withi dried cherries, cream cheese mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts and brown butter apple pie.ed potated where di brown butter apple pie or before that. the full meal kit with the turkey costs $179 just the sideu eforthe runs $119. if you want to do your own turkey. but we just found out the box is tuld out.ou doyo sorry folks. but don't worry in addition to martha's delivery service blue'y don't hate that messenger. blue apron, plated, hello freshh and chef'd still has options available for purchase..ach you can do that it just won't be martha. such a tease.
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walt disney world revealing its first drones holiday light show over it's disney springs fit those are all drones.e a 300 drones maneuvered in the air over the water.ll doing this through the end of the year called star bright holiday show. dames and types br have not been ounce but once they do we'll let you all right. closer to home the akron zoo will flip the switch tonight on their newest event wild lights.a th 25 miles of lights and displays throughout the park.k. wild lights also includes santa land and smore what. the lighting ceremony is set for 6:30 tonight. wild lights officially startsofi next friday and runs everycial weekend until december 30th. still to come we'll talk about jennifer lopezz heating up the stage with her h ex. we also want to talk about this.
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all right. performing sunday at nighttown in cleveland heights at 7p.m.m. all right take it away guys. [music playing]
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all right. the biggest names in latin music were honored in las vegas last night.igge nsic winners included shakira and carlos vives.d but, the biggest moment of the show came when jennifer lopez as you saw and marc anthony performed together mad then kissed on stage.. the couple who officially divorced in 2014 have two children together..thple wh friends. good for them. here's low room or are they back together?w the author behind harry potter is hoping to make box office magic once again. the highly anticipated fantasysy to ke adventure fantastic beasts and where to find them lands in theaters today. eddie redmayne stars in the harry potter prequel set decades earlier the story, penned by jk thee sts rry ots a magic zoologist and his magical
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comedy the edge of seventeen ctarring hailee steinfeld. the c with all of that winter weather coming and might hit the theaters. we'll be there. not.we you have your date night. very excited. shoes read all of the harry potter books. watching movies all the time. it will be exciting. good. all right. good morning everyone thinks were being with usng on thiss friday. that's right we made it does for sure. i'm todd's rig november 18. hi ev also talk about which stalled school districtt has led in the water systems will let you knoy all about that as there's elevated level came back school district find out what officials are doing right now to make sure everything will be all right. shocking video we've been seeing all morning two men overdose outside of a restaurantin talk o the man who stepped in to try to help save app life in a very important warning. the biggest concert of 2017


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