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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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comedy the edge of seventeen ctarring hailee steinfeld. the c with all of that winter weather coming and might hit the theaters. we'll be there. not.we you have your date night. very excited. shoes read all of the harry potter books. watching movies all the time. it will be exciting. good. all right. good morning everyone thinks were being with usng on thiss friday. that's right we made it does for sure. i'm todd's rig november 18. hi ev also talk about which stalled school districtt has led in the water systems will let you knoy all about that as there's elevated level came back school district find out what officials are doing right now to make sure everything will be all right. shocking video we've been seeing all morning two men overdose outside of a restaurantin talk o the man who stepped in to try to help save app life in a very important warning. the biggest concert of 2017
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in august and he is coming here to cleveland were giving away ai pair of tickets at live we have our fox eight contestants in the studio coming up how they're going to win and how you have a chance to score tickets for yourself. little contest today ch. it will be fun. checkcki in with a.j. colby seew this weekend is shaping up.a it sure is cleveland when you haveve weather like today. 71w and storms the next. exactly november cleveland weather imagine that. these gorgeous today. and one change from yesterday at this time visibilities much improveded in fact we were looking at zeroe visibilities in some areas but now these are perfectt little bit of fog around over new philly.ewp that's it.h tough to keep it around with the wind out of the south this is a pretty goodp cruising wind direction andis speed to keep te fog at bay or mitigated anyway. look at the winds. by tomorrow morning we're
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sustained at least 20 may bemaye 25 miles an hour southwest gust that will be higher and then by saturday evening these winds will really be coming in with the gusto. talking 30 or 34-mile an hour a winds with a gust close to 40 and of course we're setting up some pretty called not only cold air but also winds that are tha starting to line up for some lake effect snow. otherwise 61 already in cleveland. 55 akron. ar worcester at 43. we won't handilylyw beat our red high temperature for today whih was set just last year. 71 we're looking at a sunset tonight at 5:05 in temperatures m:y mild in the low 70s. big changes for the weekend including snow we'll have all of those details including the eight day forecast that takes s into thanksgiving day.
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aj thank you so much.ouo breaking news were following right now lead found in the water of some cleveland schoolol buildings. it's important to note the districtim says no students this year have been exposed to it that's because they shut down more than 1700 fountains and stinks over the summer and that's when they started testing them.hem. water coolers were put up in their place. the test results are back in 9 percent of those fixtures wer found towe have elevated lead blood levels. all being replaced entire report and more information centi on this inclug the findings from each particular school buildingis g u can check out our link we have all of the information for you posted on of courseof we'll be following this into the noon hour and into the later newscast as well. also following more information about this police involved shooting over at the first energy illuminating company. the jessica dill is live at east 146th street with what we know so far.
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taught in 70 stephanie good morning. taud morning everyone. the good news no police officers werel injured. the scene has cleared behind me first energy reopened reopen for a lototts employees butbb of people came in here this morning for different suspect they say they were targeting this area because they wanted to get the scrap metal. around 2:00 this morningng cleveland police called out too use 146 for a group of malesup trespassing on the property.he t when they got on scene the fouro males ran and one of them shot le officers.t onscsc police returned fire. one suspect was hit in the shoulder.spe was he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. two of the other suspects were arrested one suspect did get tw away. dozens of officers were on scene early this morning, including the police chief and police union president. we just spoke with 4th district commander brandon kutz. here's what he had to say. when they confronted them the males began to run one turned and opened fire on my police icttcers.nd polol don tz. hado ned both officers returned firers r
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suspects continued to flee othr officers arrived we ended up arrestingr three of the four. te the fourth one we are still looking for. the weapon the suspect used for the shooting they have that beat foundedb on scene might have malfunction and suspect dropped it after that shooting. people are young 18 years old that one shot inyo the shoulder the two arrested were 17 yearse old do not know the 1 age of the first person that a police officers are on paid administrative leave right now they interviewed to try to find out more information on the suspectt still on the run as well as the three as that were arrested. being t interviewed as well. tons of security camerasin thats how the suspects were caught somebodydy security guard watching the cameras and able to help the police officers as they were one scene they could still see in the cameras which direction to go telling police officers were to go. spokesperson advised people not to do this. you'll get caughtodv tons of
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more lighting as well.. to stop this from happening again.p awful situation. appreciate the update jessica thanks soa much. 9:05 want to update you on a disturbing case out of sandusky a facebook user live streams a very shocking scene as he pulls difaceok ueams as.s. middle of the day. broad daylight. it's an incident that police all across northeast ohio say has become routine.hatol fox 8's stacey frey has been bn us with the video we want to warn youwe it'sw tough to watch. it really is. unfortunately not the first time nfth. seen something like this.. two people unconscious in a mcdonald's parking lot. these men needed help and they needed it right away. scius wow, wow, hey somebody call 911. eddie wimbley is the one who streamed this live on facebook. two people unconscious. one of themu in the driver seat the other on the ground. thero he yelled for someone to call
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you can see several people showed up and tried to help,,yoa including one woman is a nurse. she was able to wake the man in the driver's seat. the other remained unconsciousns on the ground, gasping to brief. i spoke with eddie wimbley by phone earlier this morning. i as an pulling up there not moving. i get out and i check on the guy that's laying down o and he wast moving like response or anythig i went to go touch him his body was hardree i look like he had longer to go. just this week the sanduskyk th police chief posted a rant onsa facebook about the drug epidemic in his city. he wrote; we have seen levels of overdoses in the last two weeks that are unprecedented. we have had as many as 20 plus overdoses and four suspected overdose deaths in the past two weeks.seen levs in thes 2 pluved sandusky fire department hasosed administered narcan over 170 times this year, up from 80 last year. ti loved ones are dying because of
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they're doing everything theyy can to try and crack down on the dealers in this head that's where law enforcement can ts rey step and obviously sympathetic to people who have a drug addiction problem they needne support as well spoke with a mom sup in thatnn the groundd video she tells me he needed for doses vid before he was revived. so frustrating for the chief the sheriff coming out and saying couple of days ago talking about this and this happening againdao much we havet had come out and cuyahoga county prosecutor in so many different counties saying the same thingdu and it'shtorying e s mixed in wd it's just terrible you never know might just be one timeei ad it ends up killing your. a deadly dose.. have to understand people have these addiction problemss the mm of the man said she knew he had issues mostly with alcohol. the family didn't realize how bad it wasea until and actually the way they were notified of
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really. my goodness. tragic. so tragic and these drugs they say are so hard to get off of with rehab the success rate is not that great like 15 percent.e it is so hard it's got such a hold on these people's bodies. the bus operator was not hurtn rta released aot statement they say their prayers are with thisr man and his family along with employee in that.wi i-9 be closed from west 140th to mckinley for several hours.. that is what we are learning this morning. the incident is still under investigation.hat is wlearon. already. we're learning new information this morning about a standoff in mentor. it started just after o'clock yesterday afternoon when the us marshals were serving an arrest
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we're told 32 year old joseph bene was wanted for theft and threatening an eastlake woman. he refused to come out of the home on connie drive and there was a five month old inside. police say bene was threatening to hurt himself and shoot police. he finally surrendered just before 8 last night.t.he fi we want to tell you the baby was not hurt fortunately. good to hear. hundreds of people are expected to be downtown cleveland tonight to protest president elect hundrecleanp. a similar demonstration was held in akron tuesday night. tonight's protest is scheduledek to begin with a rally on public square at five then a march to cleveland state and back ending around 11.e at fveand sa one of the organizers of the rally says it's to protest trump's rhetoric during the campaign..on of hhral keep the pressure on, remind them the incoming inc administration, that we're heren even in the newly red state of ohio, we're still here and
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facebook page indicated nearly 900 people plan to attend and 2600 were interested. the protest starts during rush le pla t hour and as people are heading to the q for the cavs and pistons game which starts at 7:30. ng or c you might to the rally coming back towards public square.t a federal judge just ended the probation of an ohio college student, who tried to rush the stage at a donald trump rally in a justenhiococosmarch. thomas dimassimo was originally sentenced to one year of omamo was. but a federal judge cut it short based on a recommendation by dimassimo's probation officer.r. the u.s. attorney's office did not object.e u.object dimassimo was also fined 250 dollars... and other news today. a vigil was held last night to remember the victims of more than 100 unsolved murders in cleveland. ce 150 friends and family members attended the memorial at the third district police station tl honor those whose cases are still open. one by one an ornament was hungn on the tree bearing the name of a loved one and the date of
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organizers say they wanted to remind families they are not alone especially during theherei holidays. number one to let them know that we haven't forgotten about themn their case is not just sittingao someone's desk. and know that they have support members of the homicide unit were also there so familiesom could get an update on their cases. u a reall doing. let them know they have not beeb forgotten and they are working still.l. lake county health officials now say there have been 12 confirmed cases of legionnaires disease lhavbe including one death since july. investigators believe the outbreak started from the cooling towers at consolidated precision products in eastlake. which is located next to wherere s at 54 year old tony washington worked.54 his family is still shocked he died in august less than a week after being admitted to dispital.hocked
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that's all he did he had to be at workk that's basically in charge at nighttime.h but his doctor wanted him to retire. cpp has since cleaned the sanitized the cooling towers and they have tested negative for legionella bacteria. still to come we're learning more about the death of aneora. gorilla after a child fell into its enclosure.ter a ch we'll talk about the investigation surrounding the ohio zoo. if you had to pick one th be?l ng thed tok it may be a sign of the times but, find out what's topping most lists.. we'll see if you agree, next, in 'lis morning's download. it's our talker on this friday. high age. chocolate. age. word. can't live without. fox8 our forecast temperatures on the way up look at that bright sunshine. clouds.ds. when will the bottom dropout? it will get cold.
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looking good. my goodness. the sun is out it will be 70 degrees hard to believe anda bunch of high school munchkins today.y. a football game.
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saint anne's and saint ignatius. 70 degrees in the end of november.r. holy war part two. let's check in with a.j. colby.b any ofy. the games good tonight that stuff isme not coming ining until later. it will be windy little bit on the breezy side. but wle b it's november in you w like you said you would think playoffs would be held with snow but not so much. different story will get into that in a minute. first of all dt shot from the b camera out here in geauga couny and thisin from the chester lane area. blue skies and you will seean every so often maybe a jet contrail or that's just about it. a great looking day out there. s the lakes to foot or less begins to crank up today to to for eventually 325.
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could be 38 not a gale's out there on the lake. that is likely on saturday. look at the warm air. st. louis paducah w up to the northeast 60s all over the place. u the atmosphere it is ushered out of here by the cold front which is currently producing blizzard like conditions over that dakotas and western minnesota. record highs for today will likely get crushedre we are 71 here in cleveland. that record high was st one year ago today.r g 70 in akron canton. warmed up 72 cell records there in r youngstown. meanwhile look y at the winds. falling out of the south and the wind casts cast tomorrow morning begin to veer toa the southwest and some fairly high velocities. 20-mile an hour winds increasing to 30 or moreh saturday evening. rain out of the northwest
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for perhaps lake effect snow. computer models indicating couple of hotspots perhapss geauga county may be intoino portage county and also ashtabula county. it appears that the eastern countiesla will pick up some accumulation. how much? will put some numbers on that within the next probably six to 12 hours. maybe at noon time s haven't decided yet. so ve a little bit of a question accumulation. butost system. look at that thing wrapping of us know this is heavy wet snow moving through sioux falls and up into the twin cities area. that low will take off into canada scattered showers rain out ahead of it tomorrow morning. then the transition from that to wet snow and some lake effect snownh of the very least like ad hands has high pressure builds mondaynot until afternoon.
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that lake erie snowmachine. mostly sunny and breezy. 72 at least with a gusty south wind increasing clouds breezy today. today showers after midnight. developing from west to east. pretty scattered not a lot of heavy rain wes then tomorrow blustery much cooler. rain in the morningrrow puzzle scattered showers. changing over to snow afternoon and especially after about five or 6:000 gusty winds. we could have gust over 40 miles an hour.ul definitely blustery day. sunday more of the same highs in the mid- 30s. 3s upper 30s on monday. hoping to sneak in a little sun tuesday 45. and heading to thanksgiving week with potential for some rain showers f on wednesday in near 0 for all of your thanksgiving travelse we will continue to kep
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we'll let you know what to expect. you have to a little somethingr everyone on the eight day. ait true. cornucopia of forecast. thank you appreciate it. just how important is a goodt ia wi-fi connection to you? a new study found that most people rank it number one in their life even beating out sex. a mostst what? 1700 working professionals were surveyed, 40 percent ranked good wi-fi first 36 per was their most important human luxury or necessity. wi 36 perc chocolate came in at 14 percent and alcohol, 8 percent.late cam if you're wondering why wi-fi ranked so high 75 percent of those surveyed said wi-fi had improved their quality of life. what could you do without what couldn't you doho without. that were not even be on my top 10 list or maybe even top 20 i don't think it would make thatht list.
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that's incredible.s don't know if it would be way up there for me. incc i do like my phone. 9:22. still to come a toddler's tod birthday party a horrible story turns tragic shooting involved.l a lot of new stories to get you caught up on particularly this one here. there was a shooting at thiss party and now the police are searching forr this friday morning. little guy with autismts was so excited to recite his lines in a thanksgiving playay you're going to want to see what happened as he stepped up to the microphone. very controversial.ed to t [music playing] [music playing] all right. tickets aren't even on sale, yet but, we're giving one lucky an' viewer two tickets to see bruno mars at the q.
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a golden opportunity for someonp to win tickets.ortty today this hour. ho. see the contest live coming up.
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career of dick goddard.go as thedd countdown to his final forecast on tuesday they have a morning announcementn. so hard to keep it in. help me. he'll find out on tuesday.tu it's the moment we've all been waiting for. will to tickets for 50 better0
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oh wow. if you're listening to a littleli bruno mars. it's a cool is that. as he told you earlier in the month coming to the q and we have britney jones darla hill andndw joy into my town thank yu for being i will pick bruno's mars seasons. that shows august 15 the tickets will go on sale on monday this
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this new all comes out. earlier this week we tied in with the news and then it shalla empire to cute chef perfect for call it is that a been ninth and tenth caller and they wille receive a 24 care
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who are you bringing. congratulations. civic thank you soso much. civic thank you so much.
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>> we begin this article. set new. this came out. he is ceric do the same for song.ti by the way you may not have been able to win a ticket today, but we'reay, going to giveaway more tickets next week.
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see you next week to seeh is there anybody at all who does a really their chocolate. prior in the weather center. what a beautiful day we've got in store.e. at least the record high today is 71 and i think we will.
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deathly going to be a gusty wind out there today increasing clouds showers willre develop bt it's going to be it's not going to be a big deala in terms of preset. it will be after midnight. you said morning flakes produce
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to be there. you guys have your things have you ever seen the savage ownsav holiday show now. kenny, you will love this. all flying in formation. and they form different things n the five minute show.sho there's like an angel. at the holiday show expected to run through at least the end of the year. >> that's disney they think of everything. we'll check in with natalie and david. >> we're going to have somealien
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so part of the that takes place
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- welcome to new day cleveland. i'm david moss. - and i'm natalie herbick. - and we jumped in the car today and we came out to the very edge of medina county to visit - mapleside farms because we're in brunswick! we're gonna visit a whole bunch of different places. as a matter of fact, i understand there's a restaurant here where the people are from thailand, so it's a pretty cool little restaurant. - interesting, you know what else brunswick has to offer? another farm here that you can go and visit reindeer, and they have camels, and they have horses, and they really have everything under the sun. - did you ride the camel? - i didn't get on that one, no. he was not in the mood for me. - he was in a humpy mood. (natalie laughs) there ya go. - we're gonna show you that place, too, and then a great place for stationery.


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