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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 21, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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him bolivar are not just two days ago we we're in t-shirts and shorts tonight the hands codes and gloves are out. almost sees the core the dawes dove in the store this weekend strong when such that many people indoors today. thank you for joining us at ten i'm bill shows jennifer jordan now the problems for the busiest travel week of the year. pages turning byford jann hunter tonight joins us with a look at the thanksgiving forecast what happened it was summer two days ago. it may feel that way what a dramatic change. bachelor's or less it's having on storm fox doppler radar have a few snowflakes and those flakes are right here on the
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much but there in the air. a live look from our fox cams if we could it routt storm fox in there and show you the few flakes terrifying operon ashtabula county also down into start county as well, and that's just about it you'll have to take my word for it i guess. a look at the cloud cover and this was from earlier this afternoon boy it is really one cascades. tough to find any sunshine at all today but there is a little bit of dry air and a little strike that's working his way out of toledo down towards mansfield most of the heavy snow northwest pa and into the empire state of new york and other foot of snow is projected to come down they are getting hammered with snow and have been all weekend. not so much and cleveland we put up seven tenths of an engine
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2.9 inches mansfield point to could've had less are more in your backyard i did see a couple of amounts that were close to half a foot us know it's tough to measure a couple of factors working against that would be the compaction and the melting that went on. the ground is still relatively warm 33 and cleveland though doesn't feel warm winds are generally northwests 21 miles per hour still gusts higher than that and the windshields are in the teens to near 20 degrees. looks like the snow band is made into a quiet down tomorrow morning hopefully will get into a fair amount of sunshine are lake affect is still out there it will be windy additional light accumulations are possible out east very dusty northwest when we will have the full a day forecast much more ahead stick around for that and tell then
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guys. you have to look to see what the forecast will be very soon. i lecture initial question go. will be watching. all the cold temperatures that went in the snow which is gearing up for the holiday season across northeast ohio. joining us live from i 90 and cleveland and allison some travelers have some concerns this week. definitely some concerns for this holiday travel week as we saw this weekend the weather can change very quickly. and so they want to be proactive out there. it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays here in cleveland. i was so how do a day.
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cold over the weekend is the first snowfall of the season. were getting a little taste of the upcoming winter. a nicely planned. the weather can change quickly in the road conditions can change quickly to that's our people like caleb are thinking ahead to those thanksgiving holidays. i tried to watch out for black planning to take its lower regardless of the conditions this week because holiday travel means more people likely on the road. as long as people are being safe and taking prescribed is nothing to worry about whether you're out enjoying holiday light display it's our ice-skating plan ahead for what ever the weather has in stored. it's hard and the weather time. the weather gets to you but i
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really quick the pays to be proactive because the cold temperatures can be dangerous to. definitely a lot to think about this time of year when it comes to these cold weather conditions bill and jennifer that shows us anything zero .-dot is on top of things this weekend for our first snowfall more than 60 crews out here getting everything good for drivers out here on the roads. i 90 looking just depends on where you are we saw madonna there are 3 inches of snow behind you know snow because the ground so warm people get an a lot and some people skate by. just depends on where you're at. allison brown live for us and cleveland. if a town we are very familiar with your northeast ohio lake affect. depending on where you we're tonight another look like fall
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wonderland fox 8 shows us how some local residents are doing with their first snowfall of the season. the push and call between fall and winter never more apparent beautiful fall colors fight to outlast the white snow. and beachwood there was just a dusting farther south east went to won the war. the snow is falling right now and it is sticking to the ground enough to gather absent and have some fun. i she's right but there was plenty to keep people busy. donna said part of her day shoveling and shortens where making way for customers willing to brace the wind. just to clarify everyone is safe the first snow of the season is
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others can't wait intel more snowfalls. what's your favorite thing about the snow? that is going to go away. with time it will as the last of the fall flowers try to hold out as winter barrows through and chardon fox 8 news. of course that means it is that time of year again fox 8 is your official school closing sign-up sign up on just cake closings at the top. eleven down a five to go and still know when further cleveland browns as a pittsburgh steelers come to town and snapped their four-game losing streak. fox 8 sports anchor joining us live with more on yet another disappointing sunday along the shores of lake erie i hate to say we thought this was coming but we thought it was.
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less of the days are getting longer and longer. the factory of sadness as getting sadder by the week the cleveland browns losing streak and 2,016th has had 11 and the end is nowhere in sight a long day for the cleveland browns. cleveland look like there had into the locker room down 6-02 browns defensive penalties this do is an on-time down. two-point conversion to take a 14-0 lead. 1 yard line they settled for a field goal pittsburgh keeps their playoff hopes alive with the when the browns fall 20-11 news of visibly upset trail prior after they game. i think today our defense played great they kept them out of the end zone for a while. we have to score touchdowns.
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game it did that thing. those calls and there on joe haden. we we're playing great defense. we had a help them and scored touchdowns. doesn't get any easier they welcome the new york giants for first energy stadium eli manning and company arrived in cleveland on a five-game win streak at think that was a microcosm of the brown season they give first and goal at the set up for three points. same story each and every week injured quarterback guys missing tackles guys not making plays offense of line now blocking. i don't want to give to much of pj defenders the other statement and all-pro he was pretty vocal after they game today. what he thinks about the offense of line coming up in sports.
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that the full-blown academic. i fox 8 at ten hair went sweeping the nation killing 47,000 people year could marijuana be part of the solution to the growing problem. a plea from a high school athletic trainer post on from his home they simply cannot put a price on. he has a passion for the weather
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boy it is really filling wintry out there. we are being spared the brunt of this winter storm compared to what new york is going through the state of new york and general northwest .-period check out these warnings that an artifact three counties in the state of new york that are not being influenced by this gigantic winter storm out over the canadian moisture but also great lakes moisture several want her storms warnings lake affects no warnings and affect all over the place northwest pa also saying that we had several reports of d northwest pa again we have been spared by probably the blunt of the system some lake affects no still falling light around a lines interesting how it has
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lakeshore also snowflakes flying from about madison and perhaps even into geneva and jefferson otherwise the westside is clean. look at these waves. this is the fold your house perspective. the lake is very a neat when gail and affect these temperatures are chilly 30s be in cleveland right now. checks and had 2835 at the lakefront sacking in the wends feels like 23 right now 21 at hopkins. ms. get our attention wind to bundle up for tomorrow morning bundle up they kids and am think organa be concerned about much in the way of snow when does close to 30 miles per hour it did expire this evening actually is about 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. leaks and fearless lake erie even a cure on getting in on the
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band all the way up in the lake huron and circulating that into erie pa down into ron mercer pa still snowing there. snowfall forecast bring that bull's-eye of sort of air and northern parts of new york 2710 night. additionally light accumulations are possible of 36 tomorrow that should but i would tell you with that blustery wednesdays when chill readings are still going to be in the low to mid 20s definitely of thick coat on the way out the door. bundle up is feeling a lot more like christmas then thanksgiving. looking like it to. the trump transition in full swing coming up the name don trump's are considering from
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president obama is saying about the president-elect going off
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a heartbreaking story of texas please are looking for the suspect who shot and killed a please officer already had to get in a squad car it happen this afternoon in san antonio
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detective benjamin marconi twice in the head marconi was a 20 year veteran on the force please say the suspect is considered to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to both officers and the public. as we look to the white house president-elect spent the weekend holding meetings with advisors and interviewing what he called numerous patriots as he works to complete the national security team fox news with the latest. president-elect on trump is working to assemble a new administration any with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and cancer secretary of state chris, among others. he is preparing to be the president of all the people of the united states of america the president-elect begin filling key administration positions last week picking alabama senator for attorney general and kansas representative mike
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general michael flynn was also selected for national security advisor. we will pursue policies to temporarily suspend immigration from areas that harbor and train terrace and tell better vetting this put together mitt romney is considered a key contender to become the nation's next secretary of state and retired marine corps general james mattis is a possible pick for defense secretary. at think change in the important we get someone had of the state department that understands what don trump set over and over again. an economic summit and prove present obama working to reassure world leaders that existing relationships will transcend party politics. i can guarantee that the president-elect won't pursue some of the positions he has
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but what i can guarantee is that reality will force him to adjust former texan governor is set to meet with president-elect trump on monday fox news. a meal fit for world series contenders what had a steady him once thought screaming fans filled with plenty of food today.
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over the years to come to know him so many of dick goddard hobbies melissa marr shows us there is one you might not know about. the record 70 and 77. he's an incredible weather men planned the present animal activist. i do all i can. is anything he can do? you can add to the already
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artists it's a passion is had his entire life in fact mister got her actually graduated from can state with a fine arts degree. he was so good the walt disney studio offered him the job. sync on tuesday disney in california that's a they we're then got a very favorable response the same week had offered to try tv channel 3 ky w give you 13 we contract is television history. mr. goddard and forget his artistic abilities the beginning of his weather career they used talk and paid for his weather maps of course there is an annual dick goddard weather kind under he designed that still was hundreds of illustrations. and 1998 dick authored of whether guide to continue to sell to this day and it are many cartoons and illustrations that demonstrate both his incredible
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for several years dick would publish i weather almanac as well it to shows off his wonderful talent. we are thankful that he did. today's daily continues to use all of his talent each year a new bully bear sticker is designed and one by hundred of thousands of us. yes mister goddard you truly are one-of-a-kind. they countdown forecast is on tuesday and we have some must-see tv for sure there's never been another one like this and there never will be it all happens tuesday at six. saying goodbye to a local legend you can guess that cause the central manual valley is prices of plea from a high school athletic trial what he's asking of the thief who broke into his home. idea that's raising eyebrows are
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someone broke into his home and what was stolen is absolutely prices eye team reporter at gallic with more. from football to soccer cross-country the high school always wanting more championships learning more rings for 30 years hank don has been collecting those rings as athletic trainer than wednesday of thief broke into his home and stole his collection. twenty-five brings just like
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when you look at the rains. you remember things. the kids have played there the west park neighborhood virtually nothing else taken but the rings hank is hoping someone has a conscious. there someone honest of out there these are someone's rings let's return them. the breakdown happen door open came home from the door open didn't want to go in until please cut here offices didn't find anyone inside hours earlier a neighbor had see seen a strange man around here. those are so identifiable look upon shift already on the lookout the odyssey julie said before we showed up he said called if anyone brings in any of those rings this pot shop would love to catch a thief and get those rings back where they belong.
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cold less by lifted silver the sentimental value camper price on that. they come in every do our best to give them. hank even has a message for anyone involved in stealing the ranks. justice would be simple please return them. of questions asked at gallic fo. anyone with information should call the police first district detectives. sunny and 70 degrees on friday to snow this is what it looked like. earlier today not what everyone wants to know blow the weather affect their thanksgiving travel plans as we get ready for the big holiday week wednesday off in the busiest travel day of the year. take a deep breath. there is a gigantic.
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the pacific northwest could probably fit was something off the pacific really the whole country is looking fairly quiet maybe a little bit of rain shower activity but no big snows no lake of fact. hallelujah to that. got a get to graham us. my grandma just celebrating 93 years. a li i really did call her. i think everyone's can a be an find travel shape sf and good news. all these clouds hanging in there every once in a while, like a half hour ago being out in the front yard a little snowflake action. saw one blimp of sunshine of the top of the screen at the very end that's about it here's the storm fox no flag flying here of
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over to medicine pitching playfield these are very light snow showers right now also some scattered snow activity down around canton as of this point. south and west over and picking up snowflakes. could there be a little bit of accumulation not out of the question but it's really not likely. much of the scope is looking pretty clean as of this point otherwise where's the action. 33-degree temperature here are really quite compared to what's happening up in new england low pressure is spinning away. back over the great lakes and it is piling up out here in upstate new york they are getting hit hard. flatlined temperature over the last 24 hours lows tonight dropping into the mid 20s and lynn next and crannies. closer to the lakeshore '30s as we wake up tomorrow morning still going to need some they
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the door for the morning rush. thirty-three i should say here 31 ashtabula you can see that cloud cover is turned to dwindle a little bit will get into sunshine to mile leftover snowflakes on a quarter of southeastern down towards mahoney. the heaviest snow in new york and northwest pa so we should not have to worry about anything piling up snow should not be an issue for that does come down is light when direction is northwest and the wends hanging right and their two perhaps tuesday morning finally quieting down tomorrow of 36 degrees high after some flakes flying around in the morning and can't cover looks like will thin out into some sunshine here next weather system comes at us on wednesday
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get into a bit more of a seasonal temperature virginia see on the fox a day forecast highs of 41 on tuesday and as you mentioned mr. got it's funny forecast on tuesday. lots of surprises plan for what i'm here. wednesday afternoon near 50 and thanksgiving day scattered showers 49 in the 40s on friday that's a little clipper system coming in look at the weekend saturday sunday temperatures and the 40s as you head off on the holiday weekend a lot of folks shopping is a holiday. it's that time of year again fol closing station get alerts on air and online. sign up on fox 8. just cake closing at the top. credit controversial ideas and
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it is a highly controversial idea a new question is emerging as part of the answer. 47,000 people died from overdoses close to 700 died and
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people want to look closely a marijuana tonight we did into the controversy through the eyes of one man story. there are things that are probably going to cost me my doctor probably going to cost me my supply of marijuana. this has to get out. bob is nothing if not a survivor. the flow of wisconsin's bob doctor put him on opiate like it in. overtime his body build up a tolerance and he needed more pills to stem the doctors told bob and his mid 30s who is too young for knee replacement that risky he later wound up in a wheelchair. he took the pills and start to become a drug addict. i was taking a 12 or 14 a day and at night bob is lane the
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please god don't let my wi-fi me dead from opiates. every time that happened i was braver. worried that he was going to die soon bob made a radical choice to transition from opiates those two marijuana to manage his pain. this isn't a stoner stereotypes about getting high and playing hockey sac. this is people's lives. i 2014 study in the american medical association concluded states that we're legalize medical marijuana have about 25 percent lower average death rate from drug overdoses than other states. another study found marijuana help by 30 percent are more to control chronic pain reason people like bobcat to it. i don't want a bit opiate drug addict. that concept you can use
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experts regard as a gateway drug one that leads to harder drugs. the government schedules opiates on was scheduled to drugs that can be abused would have some medical value marijuana is scheduled as scheduled one of many big government sees as having no medical value. is a harder to study schedule one been scheduled to. harder for more restrictions on it but the restrictions are therefore there for a reason. we also have to and the dea monopoly of medical marijuana research at a senate hearing several lawmakers push to change the law to allow more marijuana research. i know people are saying we should wait intel there's more research before changing the laws but the one thing that's blocking the research is the law. the dea schedules drugs based on review of scientific studies
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the 11 studies that met is criteria they sell 11 studies was too small a sample to draw drop conclusions from but added this started reviews positive revolts suggesting marijuana should be further evaluated as an adjunct treatment. here's what they told congress. there is a perception thing in schedule one marijuana as less attractive. changing a prescription as a potential to be probably important supporting but a research. we know from experience of millions there are benefits of medical marijuana we know that a broad coalition believe that marijuana should be an option for medical purposes the marijuana was killing people is the end the paper. opiates are the epidemic a lot of studies have not been done
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classification the drug company has. which prevents doctors from learning more about hermann. marijuana can kill you runway the falls out of an airplane. like other drugs and alcohol marijuana certainly can contribute to death most notably of drivers are high and kill someone the trauma of a car cash and ohio more people now die from hair went and other overdoses than from all types of car accidents whatever their cause combined in the marijuana doesn't have the author withdraw systems that opiates can. 's doctor wanted him to stay on opiates he said new worlds are prescribing them that bob would come in more often. doctor looks at me and says this is what the dea once.
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bob doesn't favor marijuana abuse justice medical use for people like him trying to control severe chronic pain without overdosing on opiates. it save my life. bob a speaking of his personal experience only sharing a story he may help authors who are suffering medical marijuana back in september tensions are high after the presidential election
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because of possible listeria urged to discard any product they best before date january 23, 2017 on the lid this area young children for only people. very impossible television show cameras in setting a lovely voted yet did not know the outcome because he did a particularly like either candidate since sun then live
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i'm kind of found the center of the cyclone. it's very peaceful and being an artist and a writer busy with yourself and hasn't been in close contact with anyone works from home and a careful to avoid the internet and that. screaming fans at progressive field was full of food today. the indians served up all of the thanksgiving fixings from turkey to hand to stephanie and of course pumpkin pie to area charities cleveland inning starting pitcher and his wife carly for there to join in the festivities, and says that she is one of the ways he licks to give back to the community. is pretty special for me to be
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the meals with the visitors from organizations like our lady of the wayside the boys and girls club the cleveland and the city mission. one of the most part biscuits on late-night tv. could this be one of the best jam sessions of all hold onto your hats recognize her who's coming to call for karaoke. the ncaa tournament down another
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he had killing about carpal
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ahead at who be making a guest appearance in. the carpal karaoke skit is hosted celebrities and thing is like lady gaga adele the direction and yes the first lady michelle obama hold onto your hats who again could this be the mask as brun picture on is to graham with the caption what unstoppable force meets in an immovable object thanks for the lift james gordon no word on when their fa karaoke session will be revealed. the beat goes on for the cleveland browns of 11 straight losses to start the season only five games remain the get one
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three coming anytime soon the pittsburg steelers came have a lost four straight they take a 14-0 halftime lead heavy on bell 1 yard touchdown run second on-time play of the half after two bronze penalties they the company did two-point conversion the browns have the ball and the third quarter of the steelers one-yard line channel 440-yard field goal to cut the pittsburg will be 214-3. steelers of 17-3. game with a concussion the countdown carry barden's. vega has 17-9 game the steelers got to mikell he fumbles the ball. for a steelers touchdown and this. leads talented 4-9 rent he has more now from first energy stadium. i think you know the routine by now starting quarterback gets
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somewhat of a competitive affair but in the end the visitors in the first energy stadium with another went and the browns are still in a bad way perfect on the year. that was our strategy in the off-season that's a we decided to do. you have to lie in the bed you made. we want to win the game help our defense out we have to score more points. it is their victory hiding in the last five games of this regular-season obviously this sunday will get an early answer
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fox 8 news first energy stadium. i hate to ruin anyone's thanksgiving but it is now official with today's loss of the pittsburgh steelers the browns have been elevated from the playoffs cody kessler got the start. in cleveland kessler snap the street of a hundred and 21 consecutive passes without an interception on his picked off in the first quarter also love sunday's game with a concussion they did not return. if you're playing the schedule game try to figure out where the browns next one will come from next week isn't looking good for the browns they host the red-hot new york giants new york-based the chicago bears sunday in new jersey eli manning found sterling shepherd for the 15-yard go-ahead touchdown pass in that third-quarter to give the giants are 22-16 went on of
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the men's soccer team loses and the ncaa tournament and they cleveland state volleyball team has won the horizon the championship for a second straight year the find out who they play in the ncaa tournament next sunday. wake up weather kids at the busstop have to bundle up. very thick coat i would say windchill readings in the teens tomorrow morning and highs in the mid 30s perhaps a left over on the eastside tuesday. we had into the thanksgiving holiday with rain showers possible and temperatures near 60. that's all the time we have at ten the rizzo show is next the
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