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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  November 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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it is what it is. he still owns it. another good question.ti okay. you guys do that. you guys got a conversation.rsa good morning to you monday november 21. don't know what they're doing over there. i'm todd meany.ememdot hi everyone i'm n still discussing all of that right now. police have charged some suspects the latest on the lash of the smash and grabs that we feel like for a while we were doing a story every single day. the very latest on what's happening northeast ohio. the right people and now it's over with. vice president-elect opens up about being called out by the
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comments and in the download with kristi. do you love pie?tion int who doesn't? we have a sweet idea with a awh fabulous twist.twis coming up see how you can make o delicious and easy pie bar foryo your thanksgiving day guest. a little bit of everything. can't wait for that. sounds goodt r to me. we'll get an update on what is happening weatherwise as folks are doing a lot of traveling this weekend it's thanksgiving. scott. thi hi guys. pinks ofing everybody sunshine trying to break through cloud cover. northwest went very strong wind chills now pretty consistent cn most areas wind chills between 55 if 15 and 20 degrees. temperatures have been generally middle upper 20sbe further soutn start to see the temperatures climb close to 31 westlakeke around 31 at fox8 for a while. check it out look at that snow up in upstate new york. more than 3 feet of snowte with
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. not anticipating any snow. northwest winds continue gust at times to around 25 to 30. mention the wind chill stay in the upper teens with daytimeime temperatures in lower 30s. talk more about the rainnte not snow chances on the eight day and look ahead tot the upcoming weekend in a couple of weekends meantime onto our top stories today. five people have been indicted for recent atm smash and grabs in cuyahoga county. it's a crime that was happeningg been i every week for awhile sometimes fopengngly.. jessica di justice center with more on the information for us. good morning. good morning everyone. we know three out of the five were just arraignedoodmornyone. they are being held on 500,000-dollar bond. we are waiting for the other two to be arraigned later this month.o cuyahoga county grand jury indicted five people for taking part in severallun atm smash and grabs over the past 16 months. derielle jones, troskey banks,
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mak thderiel arrested.d. they were indicted on numerous counts including engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity during thefts that began in july nuerding 2015 and went all the wayengat n through november 2016. the suspects are accused off targeting gas stations, convenience stores and pharmacies with an atm. these suspects are also accused of stealing vehicles to be usede in the crimes.hiles the indictment says a lot of times the suspects removed the passenger seats of the stolen vehicles in order to get the three out of the five just indicted this morningng being hd on a 500,000-dollar bond the other two will be arraigned onee later this week one later this month we'll keep you updated. todd and staff.up does a cow we appreciate thank you. ap 9:03. our other top story this morning trump's twitter battle, his transition team, a multimillion dollar settlement. op smorning it's been a busy weekend we are catching up w now for the president-elect donald trump.wtd fox 8's stacey frey is here with
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donald trump began the weekend with something he said he'd never do settle with the former trump university students who sued him for fraud. m he's agreed to pay them 25 edllion dollars.p gan n nerth tf future chief of staff reince priebus said trump wanted to take office without distraction. the president elect spent the weekend building hisprede administration meeting with a slew of high profile visitors at his private new jersey golf club.. potential candidates included pow jersey governor chris christie and john bolton, the former us ambassador to the united b on saturday trump and vice president elect pence met withoh retired marine general james matt secretary of defense.etar and mitt romney who is beingy fn considered for secretary of state.. some democrats aren't convinced the president elect will honor his campaign promise to clean up washington d.c. but others expect to try and work with him on key issues. he is not draining the swamp, h is filling it up more. more swamp creatures than ever before.more. we challenge him, work with us and keep your promises to blue
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couple 10 -year-old son will not be moving to the whiteear- house right away stay in new york until thea end of this school year on the floor in front reportsdar n the queen will inv donald trump and his wife for state visit in the summer invitation expected after the inauguration.. the country prepares to separate from the european union.r a very big fan of stacey frey thank you so much. breaking news this morning at 9:05 following 16 -year-old reported missinga earlier this month has been found e unfortunately boy found in a vacant home.ant his name dogs animal andh seen n november 9 going to school at officers found him sunday after responding to the re vacant home on east 54th street. they say he had gunshots to his left chest areas this is just into the newsroom getting information on thiss day with a
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on this developing and other headlines today. cleveland city councilman matt zone is taking on a new role, as president of the national league of cities. the ward 15 councilman was elected to the position at the group's summit in pittsburgh on cly counci o 1n nef thnana the nlc represents 19 thousand communities, and helps them deal with issues that affect cities.. zone is the second clevelander to serve as the group's president. george voinovich was the first, back in 1985.. togroeve the cleveland browns re the season, while the pittsburgh steelers are looking to take control of the division. pittsburgh scored on a short td run to end the first half, after two defensive penalties gave the steelers a pair of extra plays. the browns lost quarterback cody kessler to injury in the third. he left with a concussion, after a personal foul on pittsburgh.os the steelers had eight sacks. josh mccown came on to lead a scoring drive, connection with gary barnidge with just under sen minutes left in the fourth,m great catch. close to within a touchdown. but, with about 3:30 to go, pittsburgh stripped mccown of ti
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the ball, and pounced on it in the end zone for a touchdown, to 24 to 9 win. the steelers are now five and five, and tied with baltimore. the browns are now oh and eleven. five with bal i didn't think we played well on offense at all. we have to get better, and i take responsibility for that. we have to make more plays and we have to do a better job of finding a way to score.. if we want to win the game, we have to helou and we got to score more points. point blank, period.d.weke morew me, e to hel we lost a couple really good players, i think the best in their position, but that was ou strategy in the offseason. that's what we decided to do, and you've got to lie in the bed that you thth the browns will host the seven and three new york giants on sunday. you can see it here on fox8 at one o'clock.. new y y a cool, new place to have fun in downtown cleveland will open to
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an ice skating rink at publicg square will feature a firstrink skate at ten am, with slider, the senior pastor at old stoneee church, and a two time junior national ice skating champ from gates mills. tickets are ten dollars, and include skates.h, ad d p frs mis. meantime, crews will also set uw cleveland's christmas trees ll today, ahead of saturday's winter fest celebration. that's always going to bego spectacularng every year so good i love that the ice-skating rink is i open. public square stuff taking shape. a special guest friday night' hamilton in new yorkda vice president-elect mike pence. may have heard a little bit lt about it will tell you what happened after the show drawingg controversy we'll explain see ie you think it was appropriate in this morning's download with kristi. military fathermoni already morg after his son is killed in afghanistan.n. hear what happened when he was on a flight to get his remains. scott. good morning everybody.
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little chance the any snow which .s good warming back up again talk about the thanksgiving
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dear we are. live look at public square. deae lot.. will be debuting the big ice-skating rinks to the right. look ati that. that is awesome. that is great. drawing more and more people downtown and making it a greatrt
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go see a show. a ice-skating hangout. perfect. vice president elect mike pence gets a surprise after seeing hamilton on broadway. he was booed by the audience and then the cast had a message forp him during their curtain call bows.ene afteseoadw.castad take a look. we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us but we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values, and work on behalf of all of us. pence had left his seat befor the message but apparently could hear it in the hallway.e mge he says he was not offended. president elect donald trump,trm however, took a different approach.h. he tweeted quote, the theaterthe must always be a safe and special place.alys the cast of hamilton was very rude to a very good man, mike apologize. he then later tweeted quote thah the cast and producers of hamilton, which i hear is highlh overrated, should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior, end quote. excuse me. me. the show's creator linmanuel miranda is a known hillary
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hashtag boycott hamilton is trending on twitter as people debate over whether this act was appropriate.debat and a lot of controversy over the weekend social media people talking about it.bout it kristi capel has your comments in this morning download. like 300 comments. the time and place for something like that? that's kind ofm what some of th critics were saying time and placehhe it in supposed to be te as a guest and this was said to particularly one of th other people said if he had the opportunity take advantage of t the only time you may actually be able to talk to somebody likk that directly one-on-one. he wasn't a part of the showee d honestly i felt kind of sorry for him. i put yourself in somebody's shoes and walk into a theater and beyn somebo you know peoplei understand it's politicsou but that's just my. i agree. you have to look at howi our nation is so divided and the
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not what they paid for.h they paid for the admission toso seen hamilton.. not to get you don't know howo thatn' kno could have sparked or between them audience members. i don't care if it was hillary and tim kane. sure. absolutely.olutely. it does seem uncomfortable. rallies are different protesting different. es are u go there. dinner and a show and a little preaching. apparently. josa comments here. some of you guys. i was going to take my my grandchildren to see hamilton because of theirirgr treatment f parents and family i will not be taking them though the play is american political history not the proper form to pfor personally addressed address him and make him uncomfortable.perso and he did say his quote of that's whatq true speech sounds like if it is. i agree with that.
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respectful. michael says apparently freedom of speech spoken politely is considered rude. aeredu what they should have done is i'm not going to read the rest. amy says i find it funny conservatives always talking about al how liberals alsols als sensitive too every comment and now conservatives are demanding an apology for a comment.n cindi says i watched it on youtube personally felt it was obnoxious. he came to watch a play was trying to leave quietly before the crowd le call them out to make a political point.vvthecrial o roxanne saysin getting a little bit rough. seriously. l he says he might ask pence pence respectfully but it wasn't thete actors place to make that plea to him. c. beverly says vice president-elect not needdc aot lecture from anyone let n alone because of hamilton.ilton. president-elect donald trumpaldt
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oflton ca harassing vice president-elect mike pence at a performance friday evening thank you for that.t. plans to uphold american values. steve sayss joyce as uncalled for nobody pay to hear a cast member preach about politics. tony says abut he figured out hs twitter password again. talking about donald trump. of course how he reacted.d. let's see. tony says welcome to my world. when you have kids your site starts to get. angela says trump supporter will say the following what he said was not harassing or rudesu where he said it was disrespectful. dana says i watch the video there was nothing disrespectful about n what they said. i think they were pretty pre straightforward withy him. but respectful at the same timer and lastly sherry says freedom r of speech exhibited politely and times like these this is an
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anarchy nor rudeness although i canar appreciate the vp electvpe might have felt a little bit uncomfortable. so we want to know what you think.. is that how you work the glasses. it lookshe good on you. that's how you work them. g we want to know what you think i have over 300 comments to sift through. you are going to get more putting on the glasses.hrough stop.op. anyway and be as nice as you caa so i don't have to edit your comments.y i guess it's going to happen overreacting.e anyway. a good debate that's for sure. thank you. take them off for now. check in with scott outside see what's happening. good morning everybody. here we go take a look at whats going on and what's happened the last three days. we have gone haed record highs n friday 74 was the temperaturere
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we went from robert high temperature one ofwent f the wat days ever this late in the yeare to snow in less than 48 hours. that has happened before by the way. never happen in november. never happened in december upber with a bunch of times in march. in march we go from cold to warm and 48 hours not the other way around. it was been a long time since they not hee temperature at or . that's the second largest stretch asth temperatures above freezing. we are borrowed time with the warmth w and fall and summer and here wee go with wind chills in the 18th. a fair amountt of cloud cover more clearing further west than south. current 9:00 a.m. windchills 14 the windchill inw worcester. wr 19 inc akron and wind chills wil pretty muchkr go nowhere all day long. because that's no upstate newate york reports of 3 feet of snow off of lake ontarioo.. over the last 12 hours.
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anyway 12 hour radar shows improvement we'll have the brisk northwest wind12 oows picks up n temperatures lower mostly clea. lower middle 20s will make it up above 40 tomorrow mostly sunny.unny. look ahead to the forecast out ahead of the next frontto a ran system not a snow system is already developing out and n get rained on rain develops late friday late friday late fr wednesday evening into early thursday morning thanksgiving. right now the ln saturday ou another clipper ligt snow friday night into early saturday look ahead on the eight day forecast now that temperatures ig even with the passage of a couple of systems e don't drop a whole lot. the coldest day this week rain late rain late wednesday night into t early thursday chance of light snow a clipper on friday andnd goddard's final forecast coming up tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.0 p.
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closing station. here we go.ocial kind of hated thanksgiving beini the timeframe we'll get a big slap in the face. here it is. i grew my bearded knew it was coming. that is why. thank you. 9:20 the time still to come foxo newsx at 9:00 a.m. to separate police shootings in two different cities. they both have different outcomes. the latest on the investigations, next. trate if you bought hummus recently dheck the label.ings i i nex find out about a big hummus recall and a lot of people may be having itit for find out if your food is affected. plus, a big hit on the football thanksgiving field but, it wasn't a player who ended up on the ground.
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welcome ck san antonio police are on the lookout this morning for aanto suspect who gunned down this officer.. r. detective benjamin marconi was killed whi traffic ticket just outside police headquarters. marconi was sitting in his cruiser when another car pulled kffic ticcpolics.n the person got out of the car walked up to the officer and fired two bullets his o. the shooter got away, while marconi was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are now actively searching for the suspect and have identified the vehicle believed to be driven by the suspect..the saw ro detective marconi was a 20 yeare veteran of the san antonio police department. nwe veesusctf meantime authorities in floridai have arrested the suspect whopet shot and injured a policeh officer during a traffic stop last night. police say they took the suspect into custody after he exchanged
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officials say the suspect shot jarred ciccone in a drive by shooting on the island earlierrr that evening and fled the scene. police gave the neighborhood the all clear after advisingg residents to lock their doorsoci and avoid all windows. authorities say traffic remainsf impacted as they continue to investigate.imp the tense standoff over the dakota access pipeline in north carolina really escalated overnight. deputies fired tear gas andr g water cannons into the crowd off about 400 people. that's even though the temperature was 30 degrees. a sheriff's spokesman called it a riot. police say they used the waterta to put out fires the protesters were setting.o put ut at least one person was arrested. l the protesters have been tryingg to stop the construction of the pipeline saying it will hurt the environment and destroy some historic sites. just released video shows thehot rescue of six people, on a sinking boat.resueing at the coast guard released this. footage of what happened. here it is. five miles off the coast of
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somebody on the boat calls for help on a radio.on a chopper crew was able to lift all six people to oo no one was seriously hurt. look at those waves coming through. workers at o'hare international airport will announce thist o morning when they will strike during the busy thanksgiving holiday travel about 500 workers voted for avof strike on thursday.or they mainly work for private contractors at the airport including baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors andrs,t wheelchair attendants. they are asking for union rights and 15 dollars an hour. the un they don't expect to shut down the airport but will create a big disruption. sabra dipping company has issued a voluntary recall of some ofof its hummus and spreads, because of possible listeria contamination. huu consumers are urged to throw out any product with a best before date through january 23, 2017. after that it's okay.s okay listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children or elderly
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going to be having stuff for tht holidays bought stuff this weekend in anticipation be unaware of that. great appetizer that's for sure really popular especially now. all right.t. straight ahead yesterday's icy conditions caused a massive pile up on a busy northeast ohio road..l rstrghrday'sscon the latest on a 40 car accident and is the road back open, this morning?g? we'll talk about that. tomorrow is a bittersweet daywey here at fox8. dick goddard is officiallyoffia retiring. up next we take a look at one of his biggest passions now, makinn a big difference across ortheast ohio. win todd and i return. scott.scott. good morning everybody. 9:30 and finally seeing a letup in the snow storm fox radar looking f pretty quiet. windchills no haven't seen windchills this cold and aa longtime the eight day when we
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ice sculpture in the front yard.d. wow. that looksks presidential and then the flake is paying right there. speaking as a hamilton actorsact says they wi apologizing to vice president-electct after they had some strong words form at thethe end of friday's performance here's what we said. we are a dicer diverse america. he says that hamilton --
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not say they're sorry because there's nothing to apologize he's not offended both trump and pence are welcome to come backstage addinghe'snde art is m bring people together.e and we are debating it witht kristi here in the download. it's interesting too bring to light. i was reading some common strain the r commercial breaks. they just go and they toa have fun it's a broadway show. they been slammed with politics
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yeah there's ever been in this
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count me out as seen hamilton. donna writesee paul says the american theater
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dangers problem and why is being
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ole bunch of your money. i also need your social security number, too, because then i can really take you to the cleaners. unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here.
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get the facts you need today at be a do-it-yourself type bar foo all of your guest this thanksgiving.r
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the show her how to set up up high it's a lemon supreme. it tastes delicious. high and things giving go in hand what's most popular around this time of year. the doors pumpkin in piquant those are the top prize, but for usse right in they love the french silk. you have a tradition of decorating your we can do a little bit more at home with the kids.
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little turkey's faith the q.he it's so simple above the supply at baker script and we turned it into that. they are healthy type things were going to show this with alh he want. and they can make whatever they want. they love itit because they are busy all the adults are reallyau asking nicely and then the
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i'm in from a family with ten kids wanted their one -- one of my sister once their pumpkin pie a little bit different. cheddar cheese and bacon is his favorite. it's delicious it's like breakfast again. iteis a really good and another thing i do that i thinkgo if people are allergic to peanuts about that cute thing on top of that.
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we made piquant pipe. everyone gets a little sampling can we mentioned this this is an upside down pie. this is special we don't sell this. this is the apple pie that we sawln''th price you can flip them right
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they have mentor. they've been to them all. i am from minnesota i'm not as familiar with them here.i
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flat tose meet his sons remains was killed by suicide bomber earlyuic this month and on his right to the dover air force base in california to recover his sons remains aa everyone to remain seated so the military family could exit firse to make that connection that's an passenger started booing him. most importantly it was really
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just ask one of the audience members.s.
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is that you. he was on the sidelines for the rest of the game. wa you've got to be careful when you are running her it's a life feels in the guys are coming out like that. r
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that was stanley that knocked you guys over by the way. th let's see what's happening with the forecast.t. no snow and when chosen the teens we went from a record high of 74 to snow in less than 48 hours.ow they've had almost 3 feet of snow we've not seen quite thatui much and start to see breaks of son in so lake driven cloud cover all lawaws of our chancesf holding onto whatever snow is on
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going to melt off on tuesday. that's the way it's goingf bunch of great step for the show.
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