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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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z26ckz zixz y26cky yixy it is the don of another wonderful day here in northeast ohio. the 23rd 5:00 is your time. good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm wayne dawson. >> and i'm kristi capel. scott sabol is in the dick goddard weather center. >> rededicated the weather center yesterday toa represent dick goddard's 55 years of weather history. we are thankful to see that appear. we how the banner at the bottom
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we'll talk more about dick goddard and her celebrations yesterday.l we all know rain on radar. initially there will be rain. it will transition in some spots for the westit over to a wintry mix and some sleep and motives no showers.y toledo just jumped up to 32. the warm-up has begun in westere areas. any precipitation should hold off until midmorning.a in the late morning across a lot of this is evaporating before it reaches the ground. most areas will stay dry from mid-to-late morning.s we could see some rain and a few wet snow flurries mixed in. it will be short-lived and will have a in the afternoon. there's a break in the afternoon.. temperatures rise into the 40s with more steady showerss holdig off until after sundown tonight. it's kind of a tricky forecast a
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thanksgiving forecast in just a few minutest. we have a couple of water main breaks to tell you about.e the cavaliers and the trail blazers tonight at seven there will be more volume downtown. it is the biggest party night of the year.i if you're going to do that, enjoy but have someone else could you home. gng bennington and klein there is a water main bre open.enni hancock's is close between keller hannahah and park drive. >> traffic flow very well along to 71. the drive times, no problems here at this early hour. ninety coming in from avon. eleven minutes on 71. seventy-seven north down on the.
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>> our top story today be no plans have been set for the 16 -year-old cleveland teenagerer found dead in a bank a home. >> me while family and friends are trying to cope with the loss of their loved one who was life was taken way too soonv. jessica dill is life at the funerala home in middleburg heights with more on the death of alexander mullins. >> such a hard time for the family going through the unimaginable right now. they haveun to bury their 16 -year-old love when at the same time16 they're trying to be grot what happened to him. about 50 family members and friends gatherb for a vigil last night at the big a home where alexander mullins was found dead on east 54th street. they carried signs and left flowers and stuffed animals. alexander was last seen at
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weeks ago. then on sunday his body was found in the make a home with a gunshot wound to the head.d correction with a gunshot wound to the chest.. >> police still don't have any suspects which makes everything so much harder for the molins familypect who say they will ner forget how great a person he was >> i would missed that smile of his. i would tell him to get a haircut, i that shaggy blond hr of his. he has such a huge part. >> the family says they will find the killer and get justice for alexander.for the viewing will be from sunday on sunday from one until 5:00 p.m.
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>> please are silly for a gunman who killed a father of six at cleveland clinicic convenience store. forty-four -year-old marwan zahriyeh was killed. police believe that he may have knowna his killer because it appears he tried to push the gun asideau when it went off hitting him in the tested the gunmen left the store with virtually nothing.. >> i hope people learn from this.. don't get sad, remember. remember how so i lived and try to continue to be a good person because he was a good man. he did not deserve this. >> friends and relatives hope the surveillance video helps identify the killer. h >> the mother out to be a rice says she still searching yearst after her 12 he also shot and
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demonstrators held a four by protest in front of the headquarters yesterday.p tamir rice was shot by cleveland police aftert investors say he was handling and airsoft pistol whichay officers thought was a real god. neither of the officers was charged criminally but could face disciplinary action my plan is for immediate firing of the officers which are still working in this building behind us. fic there is n have dead babiese in a state of ohio or this country which you all call america. >> i discussed it with america. >> his mother also calling for the incoming prosecutor to wreak consider charges against the officerson and she wants to be with outgoing attorney general loretto lynch earlier this year. they settled a lawsuit with the rice family for $6 million s.
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will have additional staff in placeff to help passengers with the busy travel season. it is expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year traveler should expect longer lines at taken counters and security checkpoint. also people hitting the road for the holiday should expect more to watch fors people driving aggressively or texting and driving. weather and traffic every eight minutes is coming up.a >> package bomb investigation. who sent a package in the mill to a philadelphia man that exploded when he opened it. >> is a rivalry game with playoff implications, how the gamei on saturday between ohio stateon and michigan could help other big ten foes. >> are forecast so far is quiet know rain on radar at least not close to mansfield. there are reports of wet snow near
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today and how we anticipate a
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walk him back to fox two news in the morning. o city.o thank you for joining us. i wayne dawson. >> let's check it was scott's able to see if there's good weather for those traveling. >> thanksgiving looks a lot better than today if are going to be traveling in western ohio if you look up forecast i what has happened y it's been this le driven forecast the we have a northwest wind keeping the flout
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we've melted off a fair amount of snow that we've had over the weekend.d. yesterday's high was 39. after two months well below normal as we look at the temperatures noble highs about snowfall for the season interesting that were looking now at snowfall for the seasonsh almost pick up an inch of hopkins.c that was just a couple of days ago. snowfall forhe anticipating any wintry weather here iswe that would allow for accumulating snowfall. what has is concerned now are the temperatures in the upper 20s.s. there's a warm front coming into ohio. that allows for a transition over from rain to wet snow near toledo.o right now everything is looking quiet from mansfield down to akron and canton.qu
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working into western ohio.o. temperatures in cincinnati are almost up to 40. as the warm front starts left both will have that warm air overrunning the cold air. that will be brief temperatures will be climbing quickly up to the lower 40ser tips purchase a patient will hold off until later this afternoon.tint look at the temperatures as they say in the 20s look at the jump up by midday. a lowerl approaching 40 40s as the wind began to pick back up. there's that transition for the once that transition begins to climb that's will have rain. steady rain holds off again until late afternoon and early evening.te
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rainfall amounts at this point looking at about a quarter off n inch in a few spots up and ashtabula county.uain there's a cold front coming in on thanksgiving.t front ghost to the east. we'll see how this works out as temperatures remainl in the middle and high 40s. looking ahead now on friday, going to be shopping on friday. it doesn't say like a whole lot here. clippers did not have a lot of voice with that.l watch the jet jetstream starts to buckle that meets frequent weather systems. i think the trend is for cooler but no arctic air in the forecast c at least not right n. again temperature stayed generally in the 40s and and a chance for some rain by the beginning of next week. >> travel problems, should not
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of course the kids are off for the rest of the week.of >> by 14-inch of time on this wednesday morning.. wednesday weather may be to blame for a tragedy. >> we get a look at a accident why some believe changes a were not followed. >> here's a live look at the innerbelt bridge. patty harkin will have a look at your commute as we do weather
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while come back. >> while come back. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes.o >> water main break bennington open but it is a little wet. b not open hack talking close betweenn keller and park drive they had a water main break happened yesterdayt so it is still close. we still have this over in closure in macedonia issue be open at some point today. this is 90 out west 25th approaching the innerbelt bridge and 77 eddie's 30s also no issues.d roadways are nice and dry for
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please keep awry here on fox8. >> thank you. federal investors are working with>> philadelphia police plead to look into a package explosiop >> the blast left a man in his 60s sears in her.a todd meany is live with more on the casedd. good morning. a friend of the victimsaid to snap off the received packet is at his house but packages that we're delivered by mail. this package detonated he opened it wouldis the neighbr saves 4:00 a.m. that this blast rocked the area. a lot of people woke up as a result the 60 to roll pictures remakes he believed the packageh contain medication. police say what was inside with something not normally seen. as now been taken to the atf for further examination.k investors are trying to backtrack this and find out who set the package to the victim the xb there's been no nexus to
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or ideology right now and nasa were talking about so right noww it was sent to we will see where that leads us and we'll go from there wwh we think this is a sie incident appeared we see no ties we will keep you updated. >> police do not believe there's any other threat to the public at this point.noe' the victim is expected to be invest scarce able spare no expense to find out who did this tost this poor guy gets inhalers and sent to his house po all of a sudden an explosion was exposed that wasn't there. >> todd meany reporting. we will person of interest in custody this morning in detroit in connection to the shootingg f a university police officer wednesday officer suffered a gunshot to the head last night. investigator track down a man after findingve a blue mountain bike with a secret officer
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i said to be fighting for his life.i police are not sure what led to that shooting.p a man accused of gunning down a san antonio police offers of this weekni got married the day after the shooting. hours before he was arrested 31 -year-old tyrone mckane was made monday morning and was later arresteded while with an unidentified woman and a two -year-old child he's accused of killing detectiv marconi was d shot while sitting in mr. cole patrol car on sunday. mccain is facing capital murder chargesnd. >> a basket of trying to see why a 3-ton beam fell at a new york construction site killing two workers on the ground with a crane was lifting opponent when it came loose and crushed the cranes cat.i construction should not have been done as the winds were gusting at more than 40 miles an hour.w a deadly crane collapse/are led to new regulations for work on windy days.
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-year-old boy was waterslide where ten -year-old boy was killed thiss summer has been to knowledge been has been demolished. it was billedowle as one of the world's tallest and fastens waterslide it wasee killed after caleb schwab's death the two women in the same routes were also her.. the right had passed inspections two months before i happen.e >> time right now 5:21 a.m. on a wednesday morning. weather and traffic every eight >> a major soccer playoffs the workforce a match between montr?al and toronto that started 45 minutes late. an operation giving tree will start over the next couple of hours. we'll be in the front yard collecting gifts and toys. if you can stop by and help us
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good morning. most areas middle upper 20s. take a look at the temperatures for the western this is where it'sth going to get critical as the warm front moves northng we going to have a lot of warm air over running the service.o there is a higher chance of what we are saying for a brief transition from rain and sleet and even a few wet snow showersn at this point in the transition would be short-lived were highlighting the majority of the rain in this warm front moving in later today..hi o a quick shower for the western
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a day in just a few minutes. >> thank you. the buckeyes will face the wolverines on news saturday and columbus.e clemson holds the first spot. >> montr?al holds the edge in the major league> soccer east finals their claim with toronto
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the balance then painted over the old lines and put down new ones. detroit will do so at a new arena the pistons plan to move back into downtown detroit. pistons have played at the palace of auburn hillsis since 1988. 517 been an nhl friend she's a team now has a name. the biggest golden eyes. a team owner says he wanted a powerful name the team which is
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>> the golden knights of the first nhl expansion teamen in 16 years. >> wet center say must be done twitter business will be her. >> saints along to a cleveland legend. why have a look back at dick goddard's career as a ride off into the sunset. i live look at i 480 this patty harkin will be back with a closer lookat at your wednesday morning commute.t
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good morning everyone welcome to fox8 news. a live look at downtown cleveland. looking lovely on thanksgiving eve. 32 degrees.o right at freezing. i'm kristi capel. >> let's check it was scott sabol for the forecast. good morning. >> 28 degrees right now on
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twenty-three in cuyahoga falls, mostly clear. during is be replaced by cloud cover.r. there's a warm front started to lift northward noticed that the temperatures ahead of the warm the cool air is much colder. looking at mansfield, they still behind not the temperature in toledoey down into date in midde and upper the warm air is over running the cold air. at this point we have not had any reports with wet snow or sleet. if there is any, it would not occur until midmorning and even then it would be brief. a shower or little pellet of sleet west. were talking about norwalk west. most of us will not see any rain until around lunchtime late morning by then temperatures would start to climb back into the upper 30s. we get aid lot of dry areas with more sustained rainfall during


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