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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 25, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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>> a live picture from public square tonight wrapping up this gloomy rainy thanksgiving day. thank you for spending part of your holiday with us. bad weather today, just a good day to stay inside and hang out with the family. what it looking like for black friday shoppers. let's get right to melissa myers for the answer. >> is going to look like today. a gray gloomy cloud cover. maybe you're already out there. some stores opened earlier today. a 44 at hopkins. forty-one in mansfield. toledo down at 39. the air feels that much more chilly. because of that, the heat out of the car, you're definitely
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stores pretty rapidly. we have winds from the south and west around 5 miles per hour. the wind will remain pretty calm tonight. we are getting rid of some of these rain showers and really lots of clouds, the cloud deck that is so stubborn. for the most part tomorrow it will really lend a hand to just a gloomy overcast sky. rainfall rates here the past 24 hours not impressive, but again dreary, mist, drizzle a shower here and there. a lot less in ashtabula and about the tenant of the mint and their western area. overnight in nightclubs, clouds,, and more clouds. pockets of missed in drizzle in there. at times a low ceiling may be a little foggy and patches. that will be three tomorrow morning. tomorrow evening there could be if you spot showers trying to creep in from the north and west most of you go out pretty early in the morning, grab lunch and then it's time to sleep it off
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from getting up at three or 4:0. main mid 30s tonight. tomorrow if you spot showers in the evening. cloudy, temps mid- 40s for the rest of your forecast just minutes away. to get lots of news to catch up on this thanksgiving evening with thanksgiving meals barely digested, lots of folks are already turning their attention away from stuffing due stocking stuffers. many stores are open and early black friday shoppers are already back in the malls. kevin freeman live in mentor where people are looking for great deals tonight. if you have to work on thanksgiving, at least i get a chance to spend it shopping in the mall. again, this is great lakes mall and mentor. it opened at 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. jcpenney opened at 3:00 p.m. you can see it's still packed with a lots of people here. one of the more popular stories here, victoria's secret as we pan over here, pink, the store so popular yet to stand in line before you can get inside.
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time coming out thursday night to look for black friday deals. >> i love thanksgiving. >> would you like about thanksgiving cracks because reed for thanksgiving. a lot of people decide to come out and shop. we came out to walk off the calories. the eating is over and it's time for to shop. earlybird shoppers left the dinner table to search for bargains at the mall. >> about 4:00 o'clock when jc pennies open. they had big lines there. jcpenney suspects. they were smart though. they were the only store that was open only came to the mall. we got here around 330. pennies was packed. long lines. we made the trip through there and then took one mode out to the car, came back, went to macy's, sitting and waiting and she's doing my shopping. >> he and his wife have main thanksgiving day shopping an
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thursday evening although some stores like jcpenney opened their doors at 3:00 a.m. he is the back holder. i give him the bags and he sits. we found margie and yes, she had more bags. i went to bed, bath, and beyond and use my coupon. he just couldn't keep up krefski geek great lakes mall managers say they expect that sales this month and next month to be higher than this time last year. shoppers they say it's worth leaving the table to find discounts, special offers and before the mad rush early friday we did that all morning long and all early afternoon and then we came up. so it worked out. he works tomorrow and i will decorate it home. >> and so great lakes mall itself closes at 1:00 a.m. although there are many stores including macy's in jc pennies that are going to stay open all night long.
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black friday at 6:00 a.m. and stays open until 10:00 p.m. as you can see, people are getting an early start on that black friday shopping. >> it's really busy behind you there. i love the way she did all the shopping and he had to do all the heavy lifting. i guess that's just how it works out. >> that's how it works. he is to take one mode of bags to the car and come back. when we saw he was all by himself and he said no, my wife >> have fun out there. if you still need some help, we have you covered. go to our website and check out our black friday guide with ads, store hours and just about anything you need to know. sad news to pass along. an annual flag football game came to a tragic end in kentucky when at least one gunman opened fire, a witness happen to be live streaming it on facebook
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in louisville, two people died, four others injured. a total of 19 shots were fired the shooter or shooters are not visible in the video. fbi agents are working with police to try to find the suspects again. a flag football game. we now know the name of the six child killed in monday's school bus crash down in tennessee. keontaye wilson. his brother described him as a tough li now in a better place. he and 36 other children were on the bus when it hit a tree in chattanooga. five others died on impact. five others, and hospitalized this thanksgiving evening. laughably and santelli bars mark a growing memorial. more than a dozen other students were injured, some with severe head or spinal injuries. the tennessee titans will donate $25,000 to the whitmore fund
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out of every tragic story, always a story of people helping others. today neighbors pitch in to help volunteers boxed care packages with donations from all across tennessee. they say they wanted to remind them that they were not alone this thanksgiving. >> hundreds of folks who might have gone without thanksgiving dinner were treated to more meals today handler by cleveland police. officers in the second district teamed up with america for the big event. they started kicking around 7:0d everything up and sent police out to deliver both to the needy and the elderly. >> we have a total of 101 families that we're serving in the community. also given extra boxes to the police department to serve the homeless on the street. and not alone provided a hot meal to folks that would have otherwise gone without, but it also gave police a chance to connect with members of the
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work to try to rip and in preparing 1500 turkeys and setting the place for 21,000 guests. that's at the unsung heroes of saint augustine is due every single year. it's a huge undertaking, but so worth it. >> happy thanksgiving to you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> a lot of people are along for the holidays and they want to make than cheerful that they have a place to go. >> gravy, gravy, gravy. >> @love this place down here. i'm homeless and i come back every year because when i was homeless, they took care of me.
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that's amazing. all walks of life in here. they don't turn anybody away. >> don't forget this at christmas. where here at christmas two. the im from the congregation of the sisters of st. joseph. this is the day i love the most is thanksgiving day when all these people come and enjoy a dinner and they're all happy. getting a meal and maybe they won't have one tomorrow, maybe they won't have won another day, but they are singing down there today and all that means that they're celebrating thanksgiving day. >> happy thanksgiving from your cleveland browns. still still ahead tonight the holiday twitter video of the team posted that earned some less than favorable responses with fans.
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american family say they kept trump talk away from the dinner table and why one politician says she's not been pushing for a recount. and it's a holiday tradition that never fails to bring out the creative side of our viewers. lovel recap the turkey bowl coming up. >> recapping the weather today. temperatures pretty seasonable. still cloudy and damp. a whole lot colder as you head towards denver at 25. looking at air travel. nothing too troublesome. little area of concern across
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a live picture on ease for straight. it's kind of quiet. it might not be that way and an hour or so after people get done talking politics over thanksgiving dinner table. don't do that. how weekend? i'm hoping it's going to be nice for tailgating when the browns get their first victory on sunday. >> are you buying it? cahee i'm not buying it. it's been a tough year. but maybe you're thinking about that ohio state and michigan game played in columbus on saturday. high temps in the 40s. mostly cloudy so it should be a good day. if you have tickets, you're
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we have this wind coming in from the south and west. again it's damp and cool for the most part when you factor in the dampness. otherwise, getting rid of the rain showers and we just have this sucked in. i think tomorrow, black friday will be a lot like today in terms of gloomy conditions. not necessarily a bad day for shopping. it will be on the cool side, clouds will be a really long with the patchy fog in the morning. all day cloud cover. toward the evening hours you forget the early bird specials all just take good deals later in the day. that's fine too, but you may be dodging raindrops especially near the lake shore. and then a little mixing going up with snowflakes small night as well as early saturday. the rest of the weekend unscathed. pretty similar to what's considered normal. we make that he again maybe if you spot showers in the evening.
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some light snow. especially early on saturday. make sure you do some shopping. i know everybody's hard to go shopping for everyone and not get something for yourself. by saturday afternoon low 40s, partly cloudy. still good for travel through monday. fiftys to near 60 by tuesday. rain and wind accompanied by the frontal boundary. the law temperatures to transition back to the 40s. wednesday, thursday and friday of the drive. >> i love that kind of shopping. one for you, too for me. still ahead, keeping the peace despite politics, why many avoided election talk at the
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politics knows no holiday. president-elect donald trump started the day with acute reminding americans he's working on thanksgiving. he says he spent the day trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s. meanwhile hillary clinton tweeted for the first time this week wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving and thinking her supporters for handmade signs lining her streets. >> after an emotionally charged election the nations top leaders and incoming leaders are pushing for peace and unity as we head
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there's a new push for a recount in several states. >> the football and the countries current president. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward is one country. you were hoping theol unite the deeply divided american people as well. >> it's time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens because when america is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach. >> a recent poll determined 53 percent of americans are dreading even the thought of talking about politics over thanksgiving this weekend. 43 percent are eager to chew on that. one of those chomping at the bit.
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and then there is just a basic principle of democracy. >> stein launched a bid wednesday to seek out bed place in pennsylvania and wisconsin where he won. he and many others believe there may have been voting irregularities want the campaign has raised more than $2 million read. >> the face that is basically funded itself overnight reflects the incredible hunger out there aon actually start and to start creating an election system that we can believe in. >> keeping exclusive i say just what they see at those dui checkpoints. a fox a family tradition. there was this years turkey champ? we will recap one of our
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>> from 16 contestants to one champion, the annual fox 8 turkey bowl was a success, once again. here is a look back at this morning contest. >> the turkey bowl right here at giant eagle. i'm impressed you got the
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you have to beat nine, let's do it. fourteen. this is the butterball all off. that is a strike right there. he have to get a strike to keep it going. a butterball gutter ball. so, i would say the winning form you have to use. i am ready. it's beeline bowler. he doesn't need. >> hi grandma, how are you doing. bringing in the new year. your daughter came all the way from colorado. >> and my grandson. i'd love that stuff. our resident in house.
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we've got mediums, got even littler turkeys. >> many turkeys. >> all-american alice k +-plus-sign. does not them all down. the corner. she is back for redemption. did you play for this. no. that's a way to go into it, don't even think. there is brick. protests are own cheering section. that's respectable. >> you guys are just copy and the load. >> i believe im. >> oh, that looks good. that's a strike. >> we've been married. oh, that is a good throw. well done. that looks good.
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a strike thrown by captain kitty. >> and may not have been able to three peat, but the relationship i developed with those have been amazing and it's been it will last a lifetime. biggie here kitty, kitty, kitty. he's trying to distract. the finals are coming up next. he's got it. he's got it. he's got it. ladies and gentlemen. justin levine is your 2016
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this is a dream come true for sure right here. >> girls dancing is always my favorite year in and year out. helping others while playing football. still ahead, how a local groups holiday tradition raised more than $245,000 for a great cause. welcome home. why thanksgiving was extra special for a member of our fox
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>> holiday crackdown. the a-team has exclusive video that shows the dangers on the road on this biggest party night of the year. home for the holidays why a member of our family is extra thankful tonight. cold and rainy. melissa will let us know when
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your long holiday weekend. you're watching fox 8 news at 10:00 p.m. >> the fox 8 i-team has exclusive police video on a warning for all drivers. what you need to know about the road date this holiday weekend. what happens even with front driving checkpoints. this weekend summit counties shares deputies won't be surprised to chase down a driver like this never stop for a dui checkpoint. how does a guy drive through that? deputies found him driving drunk at more than twice the legal limit. you saw the checkpoint is of the cones and officers standing in the road. how fast are you going to their? >> , begin. >> and officers won't be surprised to find a driver like this drunk and denying it, thanksgiving weekend so
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extra patrols everywhere. >> how much did you drink? just a glass of wine. but you said he hadn't had anything to drink. look at how big this week and has become for drunk driving. we checked with the holy patrol and found the number of drunk driving cases around thanksgiving and some recent years rivaled those around christmas, new year's or even st. patrick's day. oddly though, we had to ask about this. we looked at county dui checkpoints and for it and hundreds of cars passed through, but only a handful of people get busted for driving drunk. usually some others get busted too for having no license or arrest warrants. the first check. >> lieutenant joe davis with the dui task force says checkpoints can help catch drunks, but checkpoints set up regularly should keep drugs from driving in the first place.
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way out of the problem. the way to work ourselves out of his problem is to make intelligent decisions before we get behind the wheel. >> still, investigators will be surprised this weekend to find drivers like this. >> right now we can place you under arrest. this is going to prove to me that you haven't had anything to drink. still this weekend summit county sheriff deputies and the task force on drunk and impaired driving will let checkpoints and extra patrolso all across northeast ohio. now a look at the other top stories the cleveland heights police department is asking for information to help solve a hit and run that injured a 12 year old boy. these are photos of the car of the older model pt cruiser that did not stop after hitting the boy who was using the crosswalk on the road last night around
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recognize the car right there, please call police. federal authorities say in ohio man who plotted the attack on the capital building kept trying from behind bars to urge others to commit violent in support of the islamic state. the allegations are part of a memorandum filed ahead of. they want a judge to sentence him to 30 years in prison. inspectors have to go in and give the all clear before workers can return to a lorain county out of camp. people were sent to the hospital due to high levels of carbon monoxide. thanksgiving and football go hand-in-nd the meadows turkey bowl and mcdonough county so special. hundreds of folks come together to donate money to help families in need. as was felt like it still is us after 27 years the football game and the spirit of giving are stronger than ever.
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mcdonough county, only a few things you need to remember at the annual meadows turkey bowl. first and foremost ready come to have fun and help people in your community. to its two hand touch and everyone plays. three, by all means, make sure you don't pull a hammy. what started as a family and neighborhood football game 27 years ago is still that put so much more. the family includes the entire community and dozens and dozens and dozens of friends and neighbors from around the area, state, and the nation and this calls about scoring a touchdown to help out others. 100 percent of the proceeds go up 30 percent set aside to help those who are needy that have cancer. thirty-four guys playing into games all the players able to
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help people in need this year with money raised by the players and other community donations the meadows turkey bowl will give back more than $245,000 a cause that everyone wants to be a part of. >> during the summer, i will actually have some of my donors i may bump into and they say are you playing in your turkey bowl, when do i donate. >> they just know. >> they know. what are the keys to the game? there's actually only just one it's about being thankful for being part of a community a big community that just wants to help others when they need it. everyone is best for concern for families helped ease their struggles even as she struggled against the disease that took her life this year. her husband alan is in the game carrying on the legacy that beth has left behind. we went through what cancer does to families, and emotionally, financially, and to be able just lift the burden for other people to the money we raise here, she would love that. on the misty morning and mcdonough county. they games are fun, and the bragging rights are huge, but nothing is better than being a part of something a lot bigger than you are. >> that's an incredible amount
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they were just having fun. one of our photographers that this group just playing a little in the pit skin. they get together every year in the morning before gorging themselves on a holiday meal. it started with a group of friends and thanks to a facebook group grew into a pretty decent coed game of about 20 people. we don't have a name for it we just have a bunch of friends together and have a great time of year some calories before eating the birds, we did it halfway last year and they share weekend on the parkfield and get a bunch of our friends together. we woke up a little bit early and watch the macy's day parade. then i went and picked them up so that my mom could cook in peace. betts, mostly to get out and have some fun before we sit around and watch football and eat. >> and nudge and a smile. as for the drizzly weather near tremont, they took it in stride
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if your heading out early tomorrow for black friday shopping deals, what is the weather going to be like? >> a lot like it was today. kind of dreary. it should be for the most part just cloudy, not in terms of any downpours at least. we're looking back you're a couple of hours, but it's been dark since 5:01 it was really just kind of gray and dreary outside today. the little fog around tomorrow morning. i would say that's about it. a quiet day overall. forty-nine the official high temperature. forty-four the low. obviously above normal. it's 47 and 34. sunrise at 727 sunset at 5:01 p.m. current temperatures. like at the dampness in the air. low 40s with a little dampness makes it feel even chillier to your body. forty-two in youngstown. thirty-nine in toledo. at hopkins we have a pair of force right now. south winds right now from the
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of when conditions too. fortys and '30s upstream. we also have at least 150 out there, 53 as far south as raleigh. yes, we had a few showers early on today, but overall it's going to be about the cloud cover. i'm hoping to get a few breaks tomorrow sometime. i don't think it's likely. i think for the most part is cloud cover all day. still, no major message heading out to those shopping early specials may be then grabbing lunch and a like i'm snoozing the rest of the day. when you get up early then you can understand how hard it is for our morning crew when it's really like to get up in those early morning hours. we are looking at winter storm warnings and we have some winter storm watches. overall, these things are quiet in terms of if you're driving anywhere, in their travel, if you're flying back to anywhere this evening.
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here is a look at tonight. we stay cloudy. there could be some missed and drizzle. tomorrow we go mainly cloudy. if you showers around especially in the evening. tomorrow night, if there is a little mixing as they go into saturday morning, we could have a few lake effect snow flakes through midday. that would be the only caveat in terms of the conditions for the weakland and travel. the otherwise the rest of weekend at least locally no complaints. if you have delays because of where you're plane is coming from or where it's going. thirty-six tonight, mainly cloudy with that patchy fog. mid- 40s tomorrow. yes, a spot shower or two during the afternoon and evening. when you're out there getting those gifts, get out right to eat, grab a siesta and then a little wet snow starts to i bet you sleep in late saturday if
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fifty to almost 60 on tuesday before we go back to dry conditions and temperatures falling back near-normal in the 40s. >> melissa, thanks so much. overcome with emotion. the cheerful reunion as a member of our family sees his son for the first time in six months. they just wanted to wish fans happy thanksgiving, but what the
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>> a holiday tradition different for every family. it turns around there are a lot of folks around here that decided to go to ihop the pancake houses packed this morning. we're talking standing room only. some folks were there for a big breakfast hoping to stretch out their tummies for that big meal later in the day. an extra special thanksgiving homecoming today at hopkins international airport when involving a familiar face. >> it doesn't matter how long there away or how short, use can't wait for them to come home. >> cindy and others can't wait to see her son, she she's gave another's life. dave is one of our veteran fox 8 reporters and their son matthew is serving in the army and hasn't been and are they so has since june we were there when
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arms. >> i was walking off the plane and i heard he felt like like i was going to cry. i haven't tried yet. i haven't i'm going to, but i haven't yet. and it's been a long time. >> it certainly has. he always seasoned veteran reporter dave another's queerly short on the words today but those pictures say it welcome home matthew, and thank you for your service. good stuff. showdown at the issue. will michigan beat that the guys on their own turf? we look ahead to the game everyone is top can bow coming up on saturday. the cold hard truth about what you ate today, we are here to give you the terrifying
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>> i'm thankful for my life, think over my children very painful for gods grace every single morning. she is thankful for her birthday and thanksgiving. i'm thankful for family, au we are thankful for good health, our family, we are thankful for everything that we have.
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>> we are thankful for family. definitely family. >> family. absolutely. and my a beautiful granddaughter. >> we are thankful for our health, we are thankful for our religion, we are thank have each other, and we are thankful for living in america. >> our 50 year anniversary is coming up. >> 50 years. happy anniversary. i am thankful for rock put that together. they wanted to wish fans happy thanksgiving, but browns fans
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to get the biggest rivalry and almost wiped the second ranked ohio buckeyes are hosting michigan press the buckeyes are favored by jp. leading the way he will have an uphill battle against michigan, number one -ranked defense. it looks as if the wolverines will start back up quarterback john pokorny. after welton stayed broke his collarbone a few weeks ago. the coaches been saying all along that his state is day-to-day. the dude broke his collarbone for this is the biggest showdown since 2006 when the buckeyes
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the buckeyes won that one they are 13 and two. the game kicks off inside the issue saturday at noon. of course, our browns are 0-11. at least their play nice on twitter. here is their thanksgiving message to you or their 750,000 twitter followers. ? happy thanksgiving. >> isn't that lovely.
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said about the browns brass after last week and floss? began to call them out. well, we lost a couple of good players that aren't the best of their position, that was their strategy in the off-season, that's what we decided to do and you delight in the bed that you've made and i don't make the decision on who comes and goes so that's not something i can concern myself with. for me it's a do my job the best of my ability and do everything i can to help our team win and the guys that are making the personal decisions, they are the experts on that. so they are the ones that have to make those decisions and look at those decisions when they're made. >> got to lighten the bed they made there. browns fans fired back after getting the thanksgiving video. nick lengyel saying browns, vitiate the dog pound is
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season is almost over, certainly not thankful for this team the browns so sad, where just terrible. mark@i'm thankful for joe. a great guy who doesn't deserve to be on the worst franchise in football. and finally, lori beth clark thinks happy thanksgiving browns, i will never give up on my brownies. and cavaliers star kevin love showing the love on instagram after his blistering what he wrote on instagram. that first quarter was wild. the best teammates and the. khiry finding the early again
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good friday morning to you. they did not say a lot of cars. or going to the store isis running. you can shop online. let's check in to aj.


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