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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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an hour and a half students wer warned of an active shooter which is not the case they said their first thought it was an accident as the rush to help victims. there were people everywhere, he had as many as he could, and just a tragedy to know what els i can say. >> i looked over my shoulder, went back to help some people, and after that i heard gunshots and all that it was from a police officer. investigators are crediting the quick action of ohio state officer
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underway at the campus appears the suspect was acting alone th amount of his unknown. that officer, i did a remarkable job eliminate the threat within two minutes, he certainly saved many lives, there were officers , firefighters responding to bed fire alarm so that help students better it had that law enforcement officer there in time to take quick reaction. kevin freeman is at the club's hospital where some victims are being treated as he joins us.
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three different hospitals. the universe to police chief, the mayor and the governor were here the total number of victim is 11, the injuries are not life-threatening, six were take to ohio state university wexner medical center. for the victims are osu students one of faculty and staff member who are being treated , two are being treated for stab wounds, three from and another one for cuts michael tregre met with three, five others were taken to two other hospitals. pierres more from andrew thomas. there were two stabbing victims and two below are struck
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two were taken to riverside methodist both of them were hit by the car one orthopedic the other is a skull fracture injur he is awake talking and appears to be stable. to individuals taken to grant with lacerations. and want more taken to grantee was the victim of the car with an orthopedic injury and was since discharge. the governor says this is a tough resilient community and despite this tragedy they will be even stronger.
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that classes will resume at ohio state tomorrow. at this point., there is no motive. keep it here for continued coverage of today's columbus attack, with more and parts fro osu campus with updates also at fox >> . four -month-old baby fighting for his life after a car crash, occurred last week as his parents share their story with peggy gallek to thank a caring stranger who helped. 's mother, should these photographs of him in his hospital room and is not left the hospital since he was admitted last wednesday after the crash, so photos that she has shared he is in very seriou
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they were leaving their apartment to go to work when a pickup truck t-bone the car causing his car seat to be injected, his father was knocke unconscious and the mother bega searching for the infant, when stop to help her find the baby remain strapped into the car seat and they got him to the hospital from the back seat when he was, outside to look for him and cannot find him anywhere, that' when the lady who took me to barberton emergency stops and help me to look for him. >> just thankful, to have survived it and i could be my son who was fighting for his life. they continue to investigate th don't know how long it will be
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any charges or possibly filed. they set up a go-fund-me accoun for the medical bills. i-team follow developments in a crime caught on camera, said in a store owners the hospital, ed gallek is here. charges filed, now the case is likely going to go to the grand jury for more charges for a the corner store. >> joseph mascellino charge for this last wednesday, the man handed round the old brooklyn food mart in cleveland, he attacked and jump in the store owner in pistol whipping him, another worker help to fight hi off, they say they found him in a nearby backyard, now charge with aggravated robbery. the city judge said in a stiff
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from strongsville, 31 but no other felony record in cuyahoga county court. there are a spree of their last night they rested another man for a holed up in the slavi village area, and several days ago there was a store owner als killed and that is also. clean the place city officials new crisis intervention policie developed for officers, civil agencies worked to create the new policy they hope will continue to increase positive interactions between officers and the public on today they asked the public to review the new measures , they say the new crisis intervention policies will help several goals for the police. where things we want to accomplish, to assist people
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improve safety for officers and people in crisis, as well as their family and other people, to promote solutions. that it is a community solution and to avoid the necessity for intervention by the criminal justice system unless there is serious matter after the public input, and adjustments are made there wi federal district judge for fina approval. you may have noticed changes at cumin hopkins airport increasing fees but do you have any reason to complain? >> jennifer jordan joins us. the increase as the first in years with the added revenue improving the airport to
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attractive for airline carriers. >> pay to park at hopkins just got a bit more pricey. it went up $1 but still cheaper than other places and much more convenient the fare increase of $1 went into effect on thanksgiving day, the brown lot at $9 a day, fred szabo says the rate hike was overdue with rates much lower than other airports throughout the country. >> in the airport nearby or nationally we are in the lower percentile of parking rates it is a competitive business and w offer premium parking at the
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there are a number of off airport opportunities. providing free shuttle service to and from the main terminal, the additional revenu estimate to be about $1 million annually into the operating budget they have undergone majo improvements costing $36 billion, including updated terminal facade, security checkpoints in parking signage. safe flight the cost of making those improvements i don't travel a lot but i travel enough, it does not make a huge difference. >> you got to have improvements security, got to pay for it. and it's going to create more revenue than special since it has not gone up in a long time. expected more improvements in toys 17 in an effort to beautify the facility to make it more
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the airport looks great and you fly in the other airports around the country, they were nicer, but not so much anymore. >> and is going to get even better next year. >> the countdown to get those
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it is a good even for i skidded no public square here is a look at the forecast and the sun did come out yesterday.
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today with cyber monday so people are getting their online deals today. we had some rainfall, that will be more widespread overnight, and , some might rainfall most of the area it is cloudy and overnight tonight severe weather in louisiana and mississippi from this system it will bring us rainfall tonight through early morning tomorrow. by sunrise it should be departing and with the rainfall increasing so will the strong
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low 50s, but still about 8 degrees above normal, tomorro it will be reindeer and warmer. rainfall tonight, with increase tomorrow morning both the cloud and more sunshine the same fron will be lagging behind low pressure will bring us another round of rainfall on wednesday. >> after the front it will begi to be cooler.
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tenth-one quarter inch, show you, the strong winds, up to close to 45. of them began to die down early tomorrow night of her 40s and then warming up to low 50s tomorrow low '60s, about 20 degrees warmer than no. sunset tonight will be at 4:59 p.m.. >> on wednesday, scattered rainfall likely
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and then december rise with that 40s thursday with rain/snow mix on friday and then falls back to about 40 degrees with a high on saturday with like effect possible. that a mix on sunday, still in the 40s until the beginning of next week. can music changed the way you taste chocolate a new study says so and were
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talk about a tasty test involving chocolate and holidays that are not considered to pass them pc test. >> is here with our trending topics. >> you got to be careful what you say or celebrate, you never know who may be offended according to a city that took i upon themselves to change the name of the holidays coming yet be careful what you say, some people find things insensitive including holidays, so the city of bloomington indiana has renamed good friday and columbu day the new names are now being fall holiday and spring holiday the mayor made the change last friday. he says he wants to demonstrate the city's
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inclusivity, good friday is observed by many as the day jesus was justified, state celebrates the discovery of the americas, kind of random holidays to change the names. >> that is good friday, that is mildly grotesque, that is not just any random day. that is the problem, you end up offending people. now f a experiment, food scientist say that the taste of chocolate can change depending upon what music you are listening to, university of oxford researchers, did a serie of experiments testing the theory is said that a series of soft flute notes convict our trump aide's career. or as a sharp harsh tone, can make this a piece of chocolate
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way we eat and experience food, so we're going to put that to the test. >> here is experiment neuronal. so tasty chocolate and tell me how it tastes. >> a little stale. does it tastes creamy and
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and keep on eating and then we won't play the second piece of music. >> now just turn it up a little bit , does it taste more better and do you feel like breaking things? i may have a cavity, i don't taste any difference. >> maybe you are immune. >> now walmart, eat more chocolate. now one more. how does that make you feel?
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music. this one i agree with. >> . i think that chocolate tastes good no matter what. we've got the rain and wind of the forecast, is gusting up to 40 mph overnight. and then some warmer temperatur tomorrow, look at that and a
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some breaking news, matt wright has been in columbus today following a the tragic events at ohio state university. >> are a number people were injured before the suspect was killed, now the question is, what is the motive as matt wright joins us from columbus. investigators are still here outside of watts all it happene at months ago we saw a tow truck haul away the suspect's car. it happened just before 10:00 a.m. they said it was quick and methodical began afte students gathered outside of this building due to a fire alarm. as firefighters ramped up their work they said a pasco the car plowed into a crowd of 50 hitting
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he began stabbing some people with a butcher knife a officer quickly shot and killed the suspect, law enforcement say that he is an 8-year-old studen from somalia who was granted legal residency. thought it was just an accident if he had a seizure, tha with a knife it was very scary, you hear and see the stuff on t but to see this in front of you it is very scary, and you can panic.
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28-year-old osu police officer alan horujko who shot and killed a suspect within one minute perhaps saving lives the process they say that the attacker was alone in the motiv is unclear, we do know that osu was placed on lockdown 490 minutes while students were told to remain in place due to an active shooter , but that was not the case, and then kept the class for counsel for the reai they are praise of the quick actions of law enforcement to stop the attacker. >> kevin freeman continues coverage with the press conference that happened about one hour ago, the good news is
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life-threatening. the total number of injured is 11, six at the osu's wexner medical center in columbus, for victims are osu students, one i a faculty member is another a staff member, to our tree for stab wounds, three from injurie from the car and another treate for lacerations. were taken to two other hospitals michael drake met with three of the victims, he i i want to thank the first responders or did a remarkable job, you think about this timeline, from 9:52 a.m. until 9:54 a.m., it shows how much practice, training, expertise and coronation existed between the campus police, columbus
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state police and recovery team, which is our special unit of the highway patrol, the county sheriff. there was amazing coronation. said that this incident will make the community stronger, classes will resume tomorrow. were breaking news, this time having to do with the ohio state game. >> big cat reprimanded michigan coach john harbaugh fighting th school $10,000 for violating the sportsmanship policy for criticizing officials after the game saturday, the coach blaste the officiating after the schools double-overtime loss he
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brands it reached a new low, the record is no zero in 12. what happened off the field puts there star quarterback bac in the spotlight as maia belay reports. >> first enter for inju girlfriends belongings were stolen in the browns family parking lot. rg3 girlfriend said on twitter that their wallets were stolen from the car, that peopl we talked to did not show much sympathy. >> is just like a purse. >> your honor for string
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hard to win anything. are still rooting for all the browns, they said that their handling the incident. browser still searching for the thirty-first w the year, every tried to make the best of a bad situation. the team, enters the break with only four more chances to avoid a winless season, say about how much you want about wanting high draft picks, there is no one in berea will not do
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browns cannot keep odell beckham junior out of the endzone. scored twice and the victory by then sunday. the teammates would cause mistakes to seal the fate, coac hue jackson, enter a post game discussion with management remain steadfast believing that the losses will not continue. bunch of fighters in the room and i never lost many fights, and so, we will keep swinging. we will keep fighting and to fight the right fight in us wha we need to do. we heard from sashi brown two weeks ago we wanted to hear fro
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the browns pr. the team put john greco on injured reserve with a injury i the third quarter said that the offensive lineman oakland. teen's practicing today and tuesday and then off to rest of the week as they got there by week. some of the downtown hotels and restaurants are kitchens of the business because they have about one on what they can get from visiting fans and yesterda was a great case for all of those giant fans were at the
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it has been a cloudy day, this view from the folger home, it is a way to ease back into the routine post most of us are exhausted from the extended weekend. sunset was at 4:59 p.m. that time of year, it feels like
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for most of the area, and all rainfall bug bite tomorrow that will change. tonight is about strong wind gusting 40 plus. storms from louisiana to alabama, advisories and warning across the rocky mountains, most
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increase to nine. where the rain fell they do not recover much, rain will be gone by tomorrow. >> it will do so after noon time. scattered showers wednesday, tonight, one quarter-one half inch rainfall. on wednesday, another one tenth to one quarter inch. upper 40s tonight in the 50s tomorrow morning. with a high tomorrow in the '60s about 20 degrees above normal. and then once the front makes a
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temperatures will drop the wintry mix friday saturday. the players and the fans
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so i asked thursday night football still around? these addresses today's rumors
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potential jurors qualified in the trial of dome roof, who killed nine parishioners in
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last week he was declared fit to stand trial and then into active susan kohler that the judge called an unwise decision, 22-year-old accused of opening fire at the bible study group, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty h has been pleaded not guilty, mother and 6,000 ornaments will be used to decorate the tree, handcrafted
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>> afib thursday mac football b a thing of the past which are on social media do you have sienna miller's about the nfl considering stopping that gave about the rumors are just rumors, they released a statement that said it was committed to thursday games in the reports to the contrary are unfounded. election result now it's time for new hat we have grown accustomed to donald trumps famous had election he is changing it he was spotted with a new ads featuring usa on the side of the number 45 that signifies him as the 45th president, cleanup aid you ginormous edition of th
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summerlike day one of the biggest online shopping days to find deals but keep your information safe as ripped
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ep >> one of the top online shopping days, we've seen this evolution was started as a day in the way back to work after black friday, today, people hav that power in their smartphone, people are searching for nes classic, hatchimals and toys from the trolls moving. >> you can price compare, and product availability, go to summer monday .com for a thorough listing of retailers the coupon codes and offers. >> then the dealnews .com uses its pricing data and its team o experts to decide if a deal is good. >> if you're looking for citroen xm tech radar is here to help. >> city lots of 55-inch tvs
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that is the new thing also drowns treatment as you shop they scour the web for the top deals. we have the star deal each year and usually targeted best buy fight each other for the better deals. >> be sure that you deal with a legitimate website only enter information officer is a lock in the address bar making a secure and be true then research to check for things like return policy and contact information that works. the browns, will not be in the playoffs and not the super bowl. >> wait till you hear about the
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there's gold in anheuser-busch taking a page from william walker comes to th latest promotion, it is a gold canna bug bite that lucky fan super bowl tickets for life. they say that there are 37,000, cans around the country, you just follow the immediate instructions to the automatically entered, or you can print out the old rapper. for more details fox
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tackett happened just outside of watts hall at 10:00 a.m., that left some injured and people panic throughout the campus from suspect identified as abdul artan the city is somalia into the country as a refugee before being granted residency status was a student at ohio state use to car as a weapon, the evacuated due to a fire alarm, then the car, slammed into a
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they say he began stabbing people with a butcher knife for a campus officer shot and kille him the campus put on to lock down for about 90 minutes >> speaking to the confusing first new orleans that lets people stunned, people are freaking out. a car driving through a crowd o people. a first survey thought that the guy had lost control and it was accidental, then he was trying to hit what was in front of him. i saw one guy who was flipped over. >> there was someone, who was in the way and i threw him out of


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