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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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though means yes we do not have that this year. the pattern is going to shift pretty quick as we see temperatures in the middle and upper 50s ceric no rain to the north it's been raining steadily from akron to the new philly. steady rain fell coming out us from the southwest what will need to keep an eye on here it's not really noticeable currently on radar is that this dividing line that we posted here is going to have to be shifted later today there will be showers developing last of that line a few isolated showers will start to flare backup again with the heavier rainfall staying further east and south there will be a few more split forecast today with temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees. whatever is left of purple move out and then temple now at the clipper coming in late tonight and into early friday cold
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shower with daytime highs both tomorrow and on friday a lot of cold air it's a new idea that could keep our four-legged friends from falling into the wrong hands. maia belay has the details on the proposed database node track those who abuse animals that may be harder to get away with left on her vendors things have gotten away of a small funds gathered stop how change that making it a felony to home companion animal councilman is the chillers to take a versatile something the person years old to purchase her dog for try to pick her another had the they on our registry for animal abusers
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that would create a universal database to attract convicted animal users. sharon harvey is the ceo of the animal protective this it's difficult to track animal abuse cases. right now we don't have the ability unless we have actually handle that case. he's being her for about three weeks in all of that animal cruelty investigation. take a report of fuson neglect cases are on the rise, 12 percent >> simon says this will protect the animals so many of us love animals are people's family
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being able to implement let the intent was behind carter's fault in cleveland, maia belay, fox 8 news. >> cuyahoga county sheriff would maintain the registry it has opened it up and running accident or early next year. now some factory workers and a tiny celebrating together how much they will take home from their their powerball win. worlds oldest woman celebrates another candle on her birthday cake. but she credits for her
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a beautiful start weatherwise know her and her blow it is a gorgeous start scott will have more on the forecast coming up and probably to have its office freeway it's a water main break princes shut down will have to avoid that stretch of roadway talking with the forecast here is scott. good morning. the cloud deck is beginning to increase further north have yet
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cleveland over starting to see showers developing along the cold front further south was the high yesterday was 61 degrees and we continue to have warm weather 55 rain in the temperatures are some heavier rain further south backside of this through left over showers over sandusky and vermillion the split forecast of us are chances seen the development further benefit what were already seen here there's a showers near portage lake that will feature kind of a split forecast along the front the
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the courses onion in glacier and antarctica they have to layer of marathon in 2013 the women's winner one of just over six
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