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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we will start to see the middle of the lake become pretty active with lake affect to the windchill us in the middle and high 20s and the overall forecast does not show all whole lot of change the only change will be the ring direction primarily out of the west spirit it will be more northwesterly
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and let light snow areas further south we will have some snow mixed in there locally temperatures are above freezing that the temperatures aloft are not above freezing. we are starting to rain and wet snow later today with slushy accumulations we could see a little more than that daytime highs pretty much where we are right now. we have a handful of different weather systems that will affect us over the next week will talk snowfall numbers looking back over the next 70 years and see if that gets us any indication of the winter ahead. thank you, scott. highways for the most part was pretty good out here we do have the overnight work still out here along 90 eastbound as you had from hilliard to mckinley there working on overhead signs
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through that construction zone tonight the monsters in the admirals the puck will drop at seven will see more you have a train and a pedestrian's their richmond street overpass not intersection morning good morning everyone. donald trump making big changes as he prepares to make over the we take over the white house but first he is saying thank you. ohio says -- he says ohio is one of those
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support that he told supporters that he was warned that he must win ohio and his win him by a significant margin that surely help him clinch the election. he also made a big announce announcing his cap next yesterday. he is the latest appointee that has drawn strong cri praise but he says it's all about uniting the country. i know you find that hard to believe. although this you're probably does not find it hard to believe. we are going to bring our country together all of our country where going to find common ground and do we will get the job done properly. we will get it done properly.
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midwest he says states like ohio and pennsylvania and michigan and wisconsin are really the way that he is headed to the white house is not other claims which is why he's going on a think you to he laid out a plan for his presidency well in ohio. we will hear about that coming up in the next half-hour. >> we are getting close to an inauguration day. it's seven weeks. is that too many print i would do the math and let you know. >> in other news to tell you about. amanda accused of kill people in portage county and one of them was a pregnant woman. david darnell calhoun junior was armed and dangerous. he shot 33 -year-old lashawn sanders and sarah marshall on wednesday what they were sitting at a car in ravenna township they knew both victim and anyone who sees him should contact the
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the rest of her life behind bars for killing and neighbor over a dispute about her cats. a judge a sentence linda buckner for the death of kassie hudson. her remains were found in february. walter was also in cited in the death that he has been declared incompetent to stand trial. berkeley was shot and 8:00 p.m. on the way avenue on the westside early thursday morning family says he is getting money to buy a christmas tree for his family. right after he got the cash and man held them at gunpoint and demanded money. they try to negotiate saints is christmas in his children he said the suspect then shot him in the chest. he didn't even talk to him at first like i say give me your money.
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this christmas. i've kids. there was no negotiating there is nothing there was a shooting. police are checking surveillance in the area to id the suspect anyone who can help is asked to call cleveland police or crime stoppers. >> i'm missouri man was the 15 years in prison for picking up a brooklyn teenager and keeping her captive for one month and is all. christopher schroeder pleaded guilty in july. he said he november of 2015. he drove her here to ohio and took her to his health he destroyed her phone twitter user safe next names he still faces charges of statutory rape in missouri. >> police are asking for help in the missing case of a 15 -year-old girl but she was walking home from the library from -- she's up 5-foot 4 inches weighs
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memorial services are being planned for longtime akron dj jim should know. it's a sad day hits thank you all very much for your kind messages as we remember him today. before joining the summit back in 2002 he spent several years at the local radio station a program director says that he was the true music leveler with a they will have the summit may up 5:00 p.m. he passed away on wednesday at 62 years old. civic several northeast ohio committees obese flipping the switch to its up on their christmas lights tonight. the christmas tree lighting is at 5:30 p.m. bid will feature more than half a million lights stretching several blocks along the road, stay lit through january 3 holiday celebrations will held in the park at five.
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tonight at 6:00 p.m. >> rise and shine. it is 50:07 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> another tragedy for the nfl. for the second time this year a former player becomes a victim of a roach rate shooting. road rage shooting. was a awoken's dunk looking to pump up the cavaliers against the lakers. >> good morning everybody. we're starting to see lake effect over the lake and it will drift further south today with daytime highs stay pretty much where they are into the upper 30s talk more about the weekend and the look ahead to
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are you a baker. every once in a while. is that not all out. the forecast is online. you get a little stickers bar the banana bread.
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that just threw that out there. the forecast discussion will look at a couple of numbers are only 20 percent of our seasonal snow occurs before new year's day a lot of times you do get the snow in november or december but when you look at a averaging 20 percent of our seasonal snow occurs before the first of the year. only one winter in 2007 and 2008 finish with above averages. the harder it is to finish up the season with above normal snowfall. the next 3-4 weeks would be a pretty good indicator when we look back is stored click with breaking apart and usually we get organized lake affect we don't really see that happening
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the upper 30s a little too warm for that. for us here further south i highly doubt we was see much of this reaching these locations. it would melt as it reaches the ground with those west winds shifting income and more out of the northwest. it appeared on-again off-again lake driven showers with rain and wet snow temperatures stay steady see how we start to see these pop-up if anything i think accumulations would be primarily out east where it interacts with the higher elevations. cody may be on the crests the
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and monday timeframe. and get progressively colder. it does not mean it will stay this plan on winter been in the short-term we are anticipating the storm track to stay where it is to interact with the cold air coming in next week meeting daytime highs into the teams.
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when you look at that she looked at past years it's only happened one time your time right now is 5:15 a.m. mission malfunction the cargo rocket heading to the international space station forcing the crew to get by a little longer with that they half. >> as we had to break it's a live look at the inner belt bridge patty harkin will have a live look at traffic as we do weather and traffic every eight
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welcome back to fox 8 news in the morning. 38 degrees outside. that we can start spend week it out. it's happy hour at noon. 5:18 a.m. a short time. >> are you in patty. >> that's extra funny. we're going to o close it down. absolutely. it's absolutely a party. i'm in serious doubt we do have a train accident involving a pedestrian in painesville. they don't have any intersections that are bus you can see flashing lights. here's the motion and what is happening.
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close it tomorrow morning. just a few hours for the christmas story run. i find a tent for sure. let's look at 71 at west 25th as you head into town. no problems there overbite granger. gas prices average $2.16 in cleveland. three cents higher the guest at kinsman road and 197. hopefully when you click on this you'll see lower gas prices in your new bread. wayne and stacy back to you. for the second time this year
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in suspected of road rage incident. >> good morning. of will smith was shot and killed the louisiana police believe that he was the victim of road rage another former college star may have suffered a similar fate. he was gunned down in new orleans yesterday witnesses say joe and another man were arguing before the shooting say joe mcknight were involved in some sort of a traffic accident. he did play in the nfl with the jets and that she and was from the new orleans area they say it happened at a very busy spot. he just wrapped up his seasons in the canadian football league
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police are describing an officer killed during a domestic violence call as a model police officer. the swat team later killed the gunman who is trained to use two children as human shields. they're trying to hear what went wrong with the cargo rocket that expl space station. without any problems but it broke apart about six minutes later to brief sell into southern siberia. this is the fourth field cargo runs in the last two years there no danger of running out of supplies. they now have a permit to killed on the online she does not want
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the-4d size. she's working to catch and relocate the animals she blames the 50 cap for killing ten alpacas animal activist say killing the big cat would be unfair, because it is basically acting on instinct. your time is 5:22 a.m. the panthers suffered a forgettable loss. there rematch would be a big changes in the flats on the look at some of the new establishments that will replace
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it is 5:24 a.m. lake effect snow continues to fall out thesis pretty light the sports temperatures in the middle and
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mixed in with connie out. hardly anything here in cleveland a northwest went will take over later today as we highlight now that area of lake affect off of lake michigan that will drift further south. coverage will start to increase today. coverage on the grassy services will be out east today into tonight highs pretty much where they are down upper 30s to i a better chance we could see a general snow late sunday into sunday night will talk more about that with that warm front which is a warm front in name only pay this time next week. >> the cavaliers had to deal with adversity last year that's why they're not ready to panic despite another roster lost.
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up by three midway through the second the clippers then took over jj redick scored 21 points in the first half the cavaliers recorded just 12 assists of the game and knocked down nine threes pages the first time this year they failed to make at least ten three-point shots. they'll try to avoid the third straight loss in chicago tonight. massillon. will return with a rematch panthers scored first on a 17 yard pick six in the first quarter it's a rally to take the
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four minutes to go. he went 14-7 for the third straight division. >> after a 15 breaks -- after a 15 month break from golf tiger woods is back at it. his tee shot holes it up nicely. a birdie put him at four under bit he struggled on the back pulled his tee shot into the water for another double. he says he led all lead a really good around step away he finished 17th out of 18 players. if you're just getting up it is 5:27 a.m. donald trump taking a victory lap. i'm here today for one main
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thank you. donald trump returns to campaign mode after a stop in cincinnati. how he plans to backup some of his promises pitts make a tandem tracking team. how they both work in different ways as we go to break here's a look at i-480. no problems that we can see the patty harkin will have all you
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visit right now. experian?. be better at credit. him it is december 2. i am on my second cup of coffee. these are big cups of coffee. >> anyway, let's check in with scott sabol to see what is happening weatherwise. >> good morning everybody. it is 5:31 a.m. as we are looking at over the lake there's now whole lot of lake effect here we lake effect rain and lake effect snow most of this is not holding together here the temperatures are not


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