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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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vote. >> it's a big day for politics in south carolina. we're taking you to the polls as voters turn out to cast their pick in the presidential race. good evening, i'm jenna caiazzo. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox, record voting turnout is expected today in south carolina as the candidates in a tight top presidential race competes for votes in the palmetto state. former florida governor jeb bush is fighting for last minute votes and possibly the future of his campaign. after a shaky finish in new hampshire, florida senator marco rubio made voters to heels on endorsements from govern everybody nikki haley and senator ted scott. senator ted cruz spent the day in d.c. at justice antravious scalia's funeral andly arguing saying that the future president should choose his replacement. >> it's not one branch of
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should be a choice given to the american. >> donald trump is warning people not to be complacent. what do voters think? voters in south carolina are making theirs heard. voting opened up at 7:00 o'clock this morning until 7:00 o'clock tonight. a steady stream of voters has gone through fort mill taking advantage of their time to vote. they say it's vieting because the role that voters can play in the election. >> this is a really important one and people need to understand that. we've got a chance to make choices that a lot of countries don have that choice, have that right. >> four precinct one in fort mill, voter turnout is typically 20% for a primary. officials sells us that number is around 25% today. again, just a reminder, the
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we'll have a live report from fox news at 6:30 with more on tonight's south carolina primary. governor nikki haley is throwing more support behind marco marco rubio. governor haley stopped his headquarters today. earlier, she announced her endorsement of the florida senator for president. she said that rubio is the one to restore american greatness. governor haley acknowledges her friendship with rival jeb bush, but she said that's not what election is about. >> jeb is a menner, he's a friend, he's always been very good to us, but you know, this election is not about picking your friends. it's about picking someone, you know, i'm a mom. want some unwho will keep our country safe. >> rubio finished fifth in the new hampshire primary, citing a poor performance in the gop debate a few days earlier. south carolina polls has him trailing donald trump and ted cruz.
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jackson spent the day touring the palmetto state encouraging people to vote. he'll attend rallies tomorrow at churches in chester, rock hill and columbia he said there's 1.2 million african-americans in the state to vote. about 1 million are registered. jackson is also urging south carolina to expand medicaid under the affordable care act. residents in nevada are heading to the polls today much the state's democratic caucus is taking place and they're deciding between hilary clinton and bernie sanders. both sanders and clinton took time to meet with voters today. nevada republicans will caucus next tuesday and democrats in south carolina head to the polls four days later much the top court has denied a stay in north carolina's redistricting battle. the u.s. supreme court's decision means the new congressional maps the legislature passed friday will
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the rule being upholds the state's decision to move the congressional primary from march 15th to june 7th, that change does not impact the presidential primary. a federal court ruled the old maps were racially biased and unconstitutional. the ruling impacts the 12th district, which runs through mecklenburg county. friday, congresswoman alma adams talked about her run for re-election. she said she's rubbing whether the election is in three weeks or three months, i intend to keep working hard for the people in the 12th district in washington, end quote. thousands came together to honor the life of justice scalia today. scalia reportedly died in his sleep last week while on vacation in texas. he served nearly 30 years. the service was at the national shrine, which the largest catholic church in north america.
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coming up later in the show. amanda cox is standing by in our weather center. i thought today would be warmer, but it almost felt every couple of minutes it would rain, so she'll bring us our accue weather forecast. >> we saw cloud cover overhead, so even though we got into the upper 50s and lower 60 alaska cross the region, it felt cooler because the sunshine was not out there. the temperatures were on the milder side. unc is out there, it's quiet, but a lot of cloud cover. she was saying that we have a possibility of maybe a shower at any time much that's because we did have a couple of showers pop up in a few places. we didn't expect to see a lot, mostly on the lighter side. there was only about a 10% chance and that's what we saw. this is overdone. a lot didn't make it to the ground because of dry air at the surface. each when i was driving in this afternoon, we had spritz here and there, so that continue to be the case throughout the
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temperatures all nlt in the 50s, coming back, but drop be off slightly. we'll still obvious reaction and the mild side. temperatures will be in the 40s for our lows. we do expect to see some rain, some shower activity coming in as we move through the day tomorrow, better chances will be during the afternoon and even hours, but it moves out quickly. as we get into the start of the week wreaker going keep some cloudy skies and showers popping up from time to time all the way through tuesday, but there's a much bigger storm system with heavier rain that will move in wednesday and that may last into the morning hours on thursday, then behind the system we do expect to see some cooler temps coming in, but you can really see that we are going to see our heaviest amounts and highest percentage for precipitation will come on wednesday. every now and then from that point, from before that could be more hit or miss. i'll have more details in a few
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>> thanks. new at 6:00 o'clock, more reports of fire department break-ins are being reported, this time in cornelius. thieves broke into a number of firefighters personal cars between 3:00 o'clock and 5:00 a.m., four trucks were broken into and windowed smashed. the fire department said it received a call around 2:30 a.m., but the call was canceled around 2:45. nothing valuable of reported missing, but they were rummaged through. the cornelius fire department wasn't the only department with brick inns. the huntersville fire had four personal vehicles damaged while on duty. not many items were taken, but windows were break enforcement officers. this he believe it's connected to the cornelius brick brain inns and others. regardless of the damage, they said they will respond to all calls promptly, saying they come to work because they're passionate about helping people.
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related to any of these crimes is asked to call crime stoppers. and a tragedy has hit the charlotte 49ers men's basketball team. team, student manager austin rainey was killed in a car accident in northern virginia on his way to washington, d.c. with friends. the team and staff are heartbroken about what happened. the funeral for ray ney will be in chapel hill next friday, february 26th at 11:30 a.m. and we're counting down until daytona 500. it's less than 24 hours away now and you can check out the great american race right here on fox 46 tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock. joshjosh sims, logan sherrill, they're in daytona. they had a fun day at the speedway, they always do. they're joining us live to explain. hey, guys. >> what's going on, yen that? another beautiful day at daytona international speedway, logan sherrill and myself got on the track bright and early this morning, even before the pros
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>> yeah, we got a chance to ride with david reagan, a sprint driver that will be in the daytona 500 and really fudge get a chance to do this, i highly recommend it because you don't really understand what the drivers goes through and the way the body really moves around in the car until you're in the cargoing 120, 130 miles per hour. >> exactly. hopping in the pace car this morning, for those who don't know what the pace car is, it's what it sounds like. it sets the pace for the drivers while they're warming up and restarts. let's get to the video. logan sherrill and myself hopping into the car, pedal to the medal a hundred miles an hour before we new it. what got to me first, it wasn't the speed, but going around the turns, you could almost see and hear we were almost vertical. if you go slow enough, the car will start to slide down, that's why you have to keep the speed up. it threw me for a loop.
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it doesn't seem like it when you watch it on television or at the bo of a turn, but 35-degree banking, then 18-degree banking at the finish line, the entire speedway all two miles at this track, at some point has some banking on it because when you're going that fast, tough have the banking and even then, when you are going that fast, it doesn't seem like you're going into the banking. i know that sounds confusing and i apologize for that, but believe me when i tell you, you don't feel like you're in a bank. >> it was incredible because of the speed thank you don't feel that and this was my first time experiencing that. i know you guys did it last year. i was like a kid in a candy store, smiling year-to-year, and reagan was incredible. >> he was, and that's what's neat about having a driver on the track every single one of these races. they can give you a little bit more in-depth knowledge and in-depth analysis on what you are feeling, what you're
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experiencing than any joe smoe off of the street because they're on the tracks for tenth ten months of the year. >> coming up later in sports, final day of sprint cup practice. i'll let you know what the guys are talking about strategy-wise heading into tomorrow's daytona 500. what do you have, logan? >> kyle busch. kyle busch a year ago broke his leg, the compound fracture that put him out half of the season, then he came back. one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. kyle talked to me about what he's experiencing, what he's feeling, and if he has any nervesnerves or fears jumping back into the drivers seat. >> make sure you tune into sports for that. for logan sherrill, josh sims live at daytona speedway. fox. >> any normal day, i would say your activities trumped mine, but goitd to spend my afternoon with steve smith, so i think
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here. >> i got to see that on facebook. i know she just posted it or her husband posted a picture. i'm jealous jen jenna, but at the same time, we're in short sleeve shirts. we were sweating. >> yeah, yeah. all right, goo is, we'll check with you many a bit. don't have too much fun out there. we'll see you in a minute. thethe feds are cracking down on hoverboards. they're putting stiff regulations for the companies selling the devices. we'll discuss atr the break. >> being a voice for the people who may not feel comfortable stepping. >> a former panther legend is
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>> welcome back. we have breaking news to tell you about. hilary clinton wins the nevada democratic caucuses. rebounding after a second place finish to bernie sanders in new hampshire. we'll have much more on this coming up at 6:30. well, the government is cracking down hard on hoverboards and the companies that make them. the consumer products safety commission sent a letter to manufacturers, importers and retailers of the scooters. the government says it will recall or take any hoverboards that don't meet federal safety standards.
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52 reports of fires that users say were caused by the self-balancing scooters. those fires caused $2 million in property damage. fire concerns have led to hoverboard bands by several airlines and college campuses. it's a good weekend to take a road trip. prices at the pump are holding steady at well below the 2-dollar mark, and according to, the average price of gas holding at $1.71 a gallon today. prices are down 16 cents from this time last month, and they're down 56 cents from this time last year. that is good news. i love hearing good gas stories, right. >> yes. >> amanda cox is tandzing by. a beautiful day tomorrow. a beautiful forecast to round out the weekend. >> we have a decent day temperature-wise, but a lot of cloud cover and there could be showers later in the day on sunday, but not a washout by any means, so you should be able to
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in mind a shower may pop up. we had a couple of showers today, mostly hit or miss b.j. a 10% chance. most of the area stayed dry, but the clouds have been the dominant feature. the storm system to the west is getting closer and that will affect yous into the day tomorrow. we're at 58 degrees right now, mostly cloudy skies, winds out of the southwest around 9 miles per hour. that southwesterly flow is helping to push our temperatures up and with the extra cloud cover across the region, our temperatures will only drop to about 48 degrees if an overnight low, plenty of clouds, mild temperatures, except that isolated shower will continuing to possible throughout the overnight hours as well. as we get into the day tomorrow, we'll continue to keep the clouds around, but with that storm system coming in from the west, we have a better opportunity for some shower activity later in date on sunday and sunday night, but it does pull away pretty quickly, then things should start to dry out a bit. however, it's not going to completely go away because the
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will be to the south of us, keeping cloud cover around us as we head into the start of the week, so we expect to see the clouds and maybe a couple of showers stick around on monday and even into tuesday. despite the extra cloud cover into sunday, temperatures headed to the 60s, possibly near 70 degrees in a few locations. not only unsettled weather for monday and tuesday, but as we work our way throughout the course of the week, there's another storm system that will bring another opportunity for precipitation and that will come in on wednesday where we could see heavy rain at times much the daytona 500 is going on for tomorrow, and it looks like beautiful weather down there. josh and logan were telling us 70s, as well as a lot of sunshine. here's your extended forecast. unsettled at least through wednesday, temperatures in the 60s for sunday and monday, then back to the 40s and 50s for much of the week. >> amanda, thanks. so families took to the bowling alley today, hoping not toanl o
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help strikeout domestic violence. it was all for a fundraiser one professional football player started in charlotte a couple of years ago. fox 46's kevin maycheck has the story. >> it's really nice to see nfl player take a stand against domestic violence. >> former panthers wide receiver steve smith signed autographs and met with fans who took some spare time today to do a little bowling at park lanes. >> i'm having a ball out here. >> while certainly a good time, the event raises money for a cause that is near and dear to smith's heart. >> my mom is a survivor of domestic violence, so understanding what it is and what she went through, what we went through as kids. >> two years ago, smith started the strikeout domestic violence bowling event, which has raised tens of thousands of dollars to 4e7 victims, but he says one of the best things about it. >> being a voice for the voiceless. being a voice for the people who may not feel comfortable stepping up.
6:20 pm
like smith, veronica cruz found her voice after falling victim to domestic violence. she's paying it forward by sharing her story with others. >> sometimes domestic violence seems ambiguous to people who haven't experienced it, so putting details to my experience helps people get better insight into the issue. >> and it's an issue that affects more than 9,000 people across mecklenburg county, and that does not include those that have gone unreported. >> really bring ago awareness to an epidemic that fans spans across class, span as cross race. it's growing. one in four women may be impacted by domestic violence in their lifetime, so it's really an epidemic. >> in charlotte, kevin maycheck, fox 46, with. >> it can include rape, threats, assault, harassing phone calls.
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urge to you speak up and call 9-1-1 immediately. targeting the hispanic vote in the presidential election. what the democratic election and the camps are doing to rally votes. it's all about the benjamins, but not for some. a harvard study is linking the 100-dollar b in the battle of the burgers, jack made a "declaration of delicious"... he took a stand for hand-leafed lettuce
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>> the atlanta-based centers to disease control is calling for some healthy newborns to be tested for the zika virus. in updated guidelines, the cdc says mothers who travel to zika infected areas while pregnant should be tested and so should their babies. new research indicates that zika be passed from mother to child during delivery, all mow the cases are very mild and without symptoms. a florida middle school teacher is accused of having sex with one of her students. stacey hooks is charged with
6:24 pm
count of traveling to meet a minor for sex, and three counts of sending harmful materials to a minor. the school superintendent says at one point, over the last month, hooks was reprimanded after being observed eating lunch with students and sharing a drink with the victim. deputies say she had an ongoing relationship with the student that became inappropriate. >> when you're a young person in middle school and you're involved with a teacher at that level, not only is it very inappropriate, but it's against the law. >> investigators say the student's mom was looking through her child's phone when she recognized the teacher's name and messages coming from her. hilary clinton has won the democratic caucus and hispanic voters could have been the ones to push her ahead of bernie sanders. fox news cons dant bryan llenas is in las vegas with more. >> growing to vote for hillary.
6:25 pm
are you going to caucus. i'm like, what's that. >> twenty-seven-year-old hilary clinton campaign organizer is a families faa is in the neighborhood, knocking on doors since july, specifically targeting hispanic woman. >> husband is like, well, if my mom is for her, we're all for her. >> the clin con campaign has the organizational advantage, spending nearly a year calling, training, reminding hispanics clinton is experienced and will pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> it's a very, very personal issue here. >> according to the pugh center, at 7.6%, nevada has the highest undocumented in the nation, many latinos someone who is here illegally and is participating. >> we're seeing a phenomena and it's the younger voters who engage the parents and grandparents and get them out to them to vote, which is typically from the parents and grandparents down.
6:26 pm
young latinos to win nevada. his campaign here relying even on undocumented immigrants to canvas. >> he has a good rah part with younger people and the latinos, and hopefully it spreads. >> pedro and isaac are volunteers for bernie. >> i signed up for a bunch of people to help to go to caucus locations. >> they realize when we come together as a whom, it's a momentum, a movement. >> the sanders campaign is hoping that same day voter registration will increase voter turnout in a state where nearly half of latino voters are millennials. in las vegas, bryan llenas, fox news. >> a former u.s. treasury secretary, lawrence summers, wants to get rid of the 100-dollar bill. the reason, a new study connects benjamins to criminal activity.
6:27 pm
study and reaction to the idea is mix. >> it will be more inconvenient if they got rid of it. >> would you miss it if they got rid of it? >> i wouldn't. it's hard to break, too. >> you buy something. you go a hundred dollars. no. >> since the bill is the second most commonly circulated in the country behind the 1 dollar bill, summers knows the odd of getting rid of it forever aren't good. the u.s. used to have bills up to $100,000, featured on that note was woodrow wilson. >> it's a south carolina showdown, as republican candidates battle for votes and in some cases, the lives of their campaign. i'm caroline shively in columbia, south carolina, i'll have that story coming up. >> goodnight a good amount of cloud cover and showers tomorrow, expecting mild testimony shawn cooper user for
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i'll have your full seve >> a record turnout is expected today in south carolina as candidates in a tight gop presidential race compete for votes in the state's primary. fox news correspondent caroline shively is standing by live in columbia, south carolina with the very latest. how are you? >> i'm good, jenna. breaking news coming out of nevada with 79% of the precincts reporting hilary clinton, fox news can project that will take nevada home. now, we still have 30 inter manies before the polls close here in south carolina t is an inincredibly important state for some candidates that if they don't finish strong here tonight, their campaigns may motor speedway continue of the as the voters head head to the polls throughout the state, jeb bush is fighting for last minute votes in south carolina and possibly the future of his campaign. >> such a volatile time is
6:31 pm
i think we'll do that. we'll see. >> after a shaky finish in new hampshire, florida senator marco rubio made his final pitch to voters on the heels of endorsements from governor nikki haley and senator tim scott. >> i'm as conservative as anyone running for president, but i'm a conservative that can eight unite our party. >> ted cruz spending the day in d.c. at justice scalia's funeral and reiterating the next president should choose the next placement. >> it's not one branch of government, it's two. this should be a choice given to the american people. >> and frontrunner donald trump is warning his supporters to not be complacent. >> the more we can do it and the more we can win by, the bigger the mandate, the better it is and the easier job we'll have. >> meanwhile, hilary clinton and bernie sanders spent the day fighting for a win in nevada, which polls this week showed this week at a dead heat.
6:32 pm
think we'll do just fine. >> now, just fine is getting him about 48% of the votes for sanders there in nevada. now the delegate breakdown means 21 delegates for clinton and about 15 coming out for sanders with three more still to be decided, so a long road to go for both parties and with he should see results rolling in here in south carolina in about 30 minutes. jenna, back to you. >> thanks so much, we appreciate you filling us in. we'll check back in a bit. we'll have the latest results from the south carolina primary and nevada caucus starting on "fox 46 news" at 10:00 o'clock. well, the weather is iffy today, you feel like it's a beautiful day, but then for a second you feel like it's going to rain, so i feel like we're back to the roller coaster that we've gotten used to. amanda cox standing by with our weather forecast. >> that's a perfect description, a roller coaster ride. cloud cover over head, showers
6:33 pm
on the milder side. we got into the upper 50s, lower 60s briar creek road looking out, a lot of cloud cover across the region. a few showers have popped up, not a whole lot. we said about a 10% chance throughout the course of the day and it will go up through the next couple of days as well. we have 61 degrees this afternoon, starting out at 43 early there morning and we'll get warmer as we head into tomorrow. we're keeping an eye on this system getting closer to the region. there's a frontal boundary that will be coming through here and keeping us unsettled into the second half of the weekend. temperatures are in the 50s right now, so we've come back a bit burke with the clouds overhead, expect to see the temperatures holding on the milder side, so low also only dip into the upper 40s, lower 50s across the region, could see 30s off to the north and west, but really a little up from the recent nights. for second half of the weekend, the clouds will be prevalent, we'll have shower activity
6:34 pm
system pushes in, not expecting a ton in the way of precipitation, only at about a 30% chance, and most of of the activity will come in the afternoon and evening hours, but clears out quickly sunday night into monday morning. your sunday is not going to be terrible, but plenty of clouds, a 30% chance, 68 for a daytime high, then keeping an eye on another, bigger storm system that will be coming in for your tuesday, wednesday time period than could brings us a good aunt mo of precipitation. looking at a 60-80% chance of precipitation and as it works its way up the coast wreerks expecting cold conditions and rain there. may be a couple of snow showers or a little bit offense wintery mix in the mountains at the tail end of this as we get into your thursday morning. but basically a rain event for our area with temperatures on the warmer side, 60s through monday, then into the 40s and 50s for later on this week. >> amanda, thanks. thousands show up to honor the
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>> thousands in washington pay respects and celebrate the life of late supreme court justice antonin scalia. he died last week at age 79. fox news chief legal correspondent shannon bream has more. >> thousands gathered today at the national shrine, the largest roman catholic church in north america to bid fair weal to antonin scalia, the 103rd justice to sit on the supreme court. today's mass was celebrated by his son, the father paul scalia. >> in the waters of baptism, antonin died with christ and rose with him to new life. may he now share with him eternal glory. >> speaking of his father, scalia the son, noted his father's believe that a funeral should focus more on god and the
6:38 pm
his high court colleagues were among those that gathered and grief, to celebrate the life of a powerhouse, whose impact on the court will be felt for generations. >> hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirt that has been given to us. >> vice president and mrs. biden who have long had a friendship with the sca l i can't family, represented the administration today. scalia's son noted during the funeral mass the relationship his father saw between his commitment to christ and his country. >> when faith is banned from the public square or when we refuse to bring it there, so he understood there's no conflict between loving god and loving one's country, between one's faith and one's public service. >> the burial of justice scalia was a private event for family only. foos his colleagues, they'll be back to work on monday to hear
6:39 pm
in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> coming up, chase elliot adds to an all ready impressive week at daytona.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
trophy case after today's >> last year's daytona 500 winner, the man that will start on the poll tomorrow. could there be contact? chase elliot, dramatic finish at daytona gets the checkered flag.
6:42 pm
logano in dramatic fashion to win the opening race at daytona. elliot will be on the poll for sunday's daytona 500. less than 24 hours before the green flag drops on the great american race, today the garages were busy trying to make their final adjustments before the 58th running of the daytona 500. josh sims joins us live from daytona beach, florida, with more on how the teens are preparing for sunday's big race. right, josh? >> that's right, anthony. any issues with your car, any final concerns with the track today, today is the day to iron all of that out, the final sprint cup practice before tomorrow's daytona 500. the drivers have 1:40 out on the track, some taking the full 1:40. matt kinseth out there the whole time. others, a couple of quick laps bark in the garages and ready to go for tomorrow. dale earnhart, jr. continues to excel here at daytona international speedway. he turn in the fastest time, and
6:43 pm
he's won the 500 twice before, he'll be starting from the third position in tomorrow's race. depending champion joey logano shows a strong case to go back-to-back, turning in the second fastest time this afternoon. brad keselowski right blind hi. it's time to turn the attention to the actual race and find out what strategy will be for some of the top drivers. >> it's timing, it's circumstances that lead to an offensive move. all the other tracks you race at, if you're better, you take it from the guy and that's what makes it so difficult and the 500 so difficult to win because there isn't a roadmap. >> the last lap of this race, you know, if you get the chance to win it, you want to take it right then because it's once a year and might be once in a lifetime. >> you know, even with all of those strategies, there's no guarantee that's going to equal
6:44 pm
we know the daytona 500 with a knack for being unpredictable. with the great american race tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock, can be seeb on fox 46 wjzy. reporting live at daytona international speedway, josh sims for fox 46, with. >> thanks, josh. another footnote to be added to the nascar history books during sunday's daytona 500. chase elliot, the youngest driver to start on the poll for the great american race. the 20-year-old won the poll last sunday with the fastest imawfling time, 196 miles per hour. he just edged out matt kynyatta mckenzie. he's making his daw biew in the 24 car, the car that jeff gordon made famous. he'll have a little pressure heading into his first daytona 500. >> i don't think so. there's as much there as you let be there, you know, and for us, i think the only expectation and pressure is that we put upon ourself with the race team and
6:45 pm
thethat's the important things, try to do the best to be prepared and control the things that you can control. there's not a lot you can control at sunday's race track like daytona, but there's still a lot of things we can control control and make the most of those and go from those. >> kyle busch won the 2015 sprint cup championship but didn't race in the 500. that's because he was injured in the xfinity race in daytona. logan sherrill is live at daytona speedway with how the champ is gearing up for race day. logan. >> anthony, if i was asked to describe a super speedway like at daytona with one word, i would have to use what you just heard from josh and the other drivers, unpredictability. case in point, what happened last year n closing moments. xfinity opening season race here at daytona, kyle busch's career nearly came to an end. busch was caught up in a huge
6:46 pm
into the infield wall that didn't have a barrier. the result, the compound fractures to his right leg and broken left foot. injuries that kept him out of eleven races before coming back to win the sprint cup championship last year. i asked busch earlier today if easierhe's nervous tomorrow. he answered by saying he has no reservations for climbing into the drivers seat for the daytona 500. >> the anniversary this weekend, to be able to race in it this year, i'm optimistic, i'm excited. i would love to be able to win that race. it's a race i have yet to win in many i career. with everything that happens 365 days ago to what we accomplished and celebrated at the end of last year with a championship, we're ready for rock 'n roll now. >> now, as i was waiting on kyle to finish with other interviews because as you can imagine, he's a busy man. his mother gay was standing around, i have chatting with her, and i asked her, gay, how
6:47 pm
i'm sure kyle will be cool, calm and collective. how does the mom feel? she said of course, as you can imagine, she hates this track and what mother wouldn't because there's so much unpredictability that can happen out there on any lap of these 200 that we'll see tomorrow at the daytona 500. reporting at daytona international speedway, logan sherrill, fox 46 sports,, with. >> thanks, logan. to college hoops. unc bouncing back with the loss to duke against miami, the heels led by nine at the break and broke it open in the second half. bryce johnson led the way, he had 16 points and 15 rebounds. north carolina beats miami 96-71. duke at louisville, the blue devils were in control in the second half, then things would get a little chippy. jaylen johnson would elbow greyson allen. johnson would get teed up, but his team would get fired up. the cards go on a 22-5 run and
6:48 pm
devils 71-64. a clutch three to pull charlotte within one with 123 seconds13 seconds to go. john davis has the shot to tie it with the three, but it is off the mark. western kentucky rallies from 13 down at the half to go on to beat charlotte, final score 59-54. after belk areen nation david son taking on league leading st. joe's and jack gibbs putting on another show. the a-10s leading scorer dropped 35 points for the wildcats, it's his ninth 30 point game of the season. the cats made their free-throws down the stretch and hang on for the win, your final score 99-93. that's a look at sports. jenna? >> anthony, thanks. still to come, how one children's medical center in texas is helping families with
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
insensitive care unit the staff al dell's children immediate sal center is doing special to help families with newborns in the neonatal unit. tonya ortega has the story. music >> nothing is sweeter than a
6:52 pm
music but in this case, mom doesn't always get to embrace her child the way she would like to. >> she has been in the nicu for eight and a half months. i don't always get the option of being able to pick her up and hold hoar to comfort her. >> doctors are careful with caring for her, scrubbing up, wearing protective clothing for her health. suzanne looked into music therapy, recording her voice for baby to hear while she's gone. >> i can't be here 24/7 to know she might be upset and just wanting to hear my voice, you know, and that it can be a comfort to her. >> the woman behind her is dell dellla. a certified music therapist, using her guitar to bring joy to new mothers. music
6:53 pm
they were not anticipating a very complicated birth with medical complications, it's really a very distressing experience, but when you bring new music into that, all of a sudden it brings this level of normal to something that's very abnormal. >> the babies who come to the nicu at dell children are the sickest of the sickest, needing treatment at the highest level of care, so there are guidelines that she must follow. babies must have been born at least 28 weeks into a pregnancy, and must be at least a week old, as well ago medically stable. she tells yous that the voice of a mother means so much more to a imagine where. >> research shows that the most important sound that an infant here is a mother's voice because they've been hearing that, that's the first human sound that they've heard. >> singing to the baby helps with bonding as well as with
6:54 pm
she has her mobile station wherever she is needed, recording moms or dads singing or even humming. >> nicu is a long, hard experience. there's a lot of highs and lows, there's a lot of two steps forward, one step back, so it's a stressful experience. anything you can do it make it more come forking, it's helpful. >> the barnaby headlights have been attenborough hospital for two months with their baby and love to hear their songs playing which epidemic they come to see him. >> knowing that we're leaving him with a piece of ourselves, just being able to hear our voice when we're not here, it's huge and it's comforting to him
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
music >> all right, here's a final look at your weather. we're getting into an unsettled weather pattern, sunday and monday, 30%, but a lot of cloud cover and temperatures in the 6 60s, then cooler in the week, wet by wednesday, a big storm system bringing us a good amount of rain across the area we expect to see things drying out later in the week and next weekend, but those temperatures are going to be back at a more seasonable level later in the week f you like the 60s trierks get out and enjoy them, but keep the umbrella handle in case.
6:57 pm
that's nice, as long as there's no sun, but you can get fresh air. >> you won't be cold. >> this is true. >> exactly. >> it will feel pretty good. we'll be right back here at 10:00 o'clock to bring you the
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