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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  February 22, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> a controversial ordinance is now back on the table for charlotte city council. we'll tell you about the debate and what ordinance would give to the lbgt community. good evening from "fox 46 news." we got reaction to the results of the south carolina gop primary as pal moto state voters select donald trump as their winner. good evening. i am kayla ayers. >> i am bill melugin. city council will vote tomorrow night on the controversial ordinance that aims to protect the lbgt community. city leaders expect the meeting to last for hours. now people tell us, the spot late on the bathroom issue
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>> what they say about us as being predators, pedophiles is unfounded. >> i think when you look at it, this is sort of a solution looking for a problem. >> that ordinance would add the following to the existing nondiscrimination ordinances. marital status, sexual orientation and the gern identity. the speaker list has been closed. 144 people on the list. we'll coupe posted here and on-line on this story. well, tomorrow, you are able to weigh in on the student assignment plan. tomorrow, you are able to weigh in the student assignment plan sh. two forums are planned. this is video from carmel baptist church. the opportunities are meant to give families a chance to ask questions, talk about their
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now last week hundreds debated bus route, to neighborhoods. the goals are to diversify the schools and also create equal opportunities for kids. tomorrow, a form is planned in district five from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at meyers port baptist church from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. doubling the support of senators marco rubio and cruz who were in south carolina basically tied for second. >> trump leads most polls in by 20 points. now south carolina voters are weigh in on last night's public ap primary results.
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hi, ashlee. reporter: hi. while donald trump won over most of the republican votes, some people are not thrilled with the results. >> the first in the primary sent thousands of voters to the polls to cast their ballot on the republican ticket. with trump dominating the pack, raking in estimate of nearly 240,000 voters. >> they have to choose out of one of them. i say rubio approves. i think they have more qualifications as anything. >> i definitely don't think he has any at all. >> according to the south carolina state elections commission. more than 700,000 voters cast their ballot on saturday. averaging the voter turnout to to be about 25%. south carolina officials say that is a record number for the primary. while voters say, they are not surprised by the outcome.
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general election may bring. >> no words. i feel like he is keep you of a yoke. when i hard that, it makes me nervous. south carolina has a long history of kicking the gop nominee. officials say the primary results could put trump in a good position heading to super tuesday. as for voters. some say they are to weigh their options before supporting a candidate in the general election. >> when you look at the qualifications. they have them, but with every, with every candidate comes, you know, some dirt and some inconsistencies, so you kind of speck lit as to whether or not they are going to be a good person to be president. it is across the board. it is not perfect, guess.
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for the primary next saturday. kayla into thank you, ashlee. both will be at the university of south carolina on tuesday. a president town hall forum ahead of the democratic primary on saturday. >> official say while 700,000 people voted. the republican presidential primary and about 59,000 absentee ballots were returned. that is compared to 27,000 four years ago. they say one of the factors hoping to keep voting lines short was the record number of absentee ballots that were returned and attribute to get voters to vote absentee. more awareness of how to do it and social media for influencing people to vote early. >> this has been a significant hurdle. voters in south carolina are amongst the most important for gop president hopefuls in a
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coming to exit polls, trumps the favorite. the cruise has an edge with voters history repeats itself the should be pointing in the direction. >> in the 60's. sharpton, 61 degrees. we're warm across the board this time of year. we have 54 in boone and jefferson at 55. of course, these temperatures will be slow this drop off for remainder of tonight. that is in spite of a cold front that has pushed through the area, at least largely pushed through the area. a little bit lynnering to the south. as far as showers go. we have showers earlier in the day. you may see a few more passes as we get remainder of the night and a couple of drops here thor as we get to tomorrow morning. however, we're going to see some significant rain at least significant rain chances here over the next several days as we
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we will see a 50% chance. we'll get a 7% chance on tuesday. then, wednesday, up to 80% chance. i do want to point out. as we get to wednesday. we do see potential for some thunderstorms in the area and the potential for severe weather as well. make sure are tracking with this over the next couple of days as this becomes concrete in what we can expect to happen. of course in the next ten minutes. i will breakdown what to pecks over the next two days and how much rain you are expected to see. >> all right, thank. new tonight at enten. a prayer service is held this evening in kalamazoo michigan for the victims. six people are dead two others are injured. a man started shooting people. he was an uber driver.
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saturday night. police say 45-year-old drove around the area of kalamazoo shooting innocent people in three different locations. >> this happened in cedar avenue just before 1:00 in this he morning. gastonia firefighters say the fire started in the kitchen. $10,000 was caused by the fire. the blaze was caused by lex call fall function. the home had no working smoke arm las. >> a serious wreck in gastonia left one person fighting for their life ap another facing charges. this crash happened around 10:00 this morning. they believe a tractor-trailer and suv crashed into each other then a third car rear ended the tractor-trailer. officers believe the driver of the third car, 37-year-old parsons was distracted by her
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officers believe the driver of the third car, 37-year-old andrea parsons was distract bid andrea parsons was distracted by the cell phone and taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. 26-year-old santos is now charged with dwi having no license and for making unsafe lane change. radio sullivan sked ud to appear in court at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> the ciaa tournament tips off in charlotte this week. the 71st men's basketball and 42nd women's basketball tournament hitting the hardwood in the city for the 11th year in a row now. the conference starts on tuesday
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concert, the fan fest are all a part of the upton action through saturday. ciaa is the first african-american athletic conference, and one of the most recognized conferences in division two. >> anthony joins highlight. anthony, it doesn't get any closer than this, does it? reporter: that is right. nascar season kicks off with the closest finish in the history of mini daytona 500. we pick it up in the final lap. now matt kenseth has the lead. check out denny hamlin. he makes the move on turn 3. kenneth goes to block. he falls back and would finish 14. they are racing to the finish line and it is danny hamlin by 100th of a second. it is the closest finish in the history of the great american race. look at that. danny hamlin wins the great american race for the first time in his career.
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in daytona beach. he joins us live with reaction. >> well, anthony, what can i say? my first trip to the daytona 500 and i got to witness history. danny hamlin as he just saw, just edging out martin truex jr. at the finish in the closest finish in the history of the race, denny hamlin entering the big three lane for the first time in the daytona 500 in his career. i mean, in my life, the daytona 500 as a kid, since the pinnacle of our sport. >> this is a total team effort from joe gibbs racing and toyota. you know, those guys. no matter what it takes and essentially was trying to go up there to block to keep them from getting to those guys. he gave me a strong push. i went with it.
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>> now hamlin's victory marks the first for joe gibb's racing in the daytona 500 since 1993. now coming up in sports, hamlin is going to bring us through the final lap. what was going through the mind, how he was able to make the time push. reporting live at daytona international speedway, fox 46 sports wjzy. >> thanks a lot, we have much more on the daytona 500 plus, we'll hear from dale jr. coming up later in sports. >> while all right, thank you, anthony. still to come. now you will hear why the story will most likely go down as one of the greatest comeback stories
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we'll be right back. >> kyle busch did something today he was not able to do last season. let's talk about his road to recovery. hi, logan. >> yeah. bill, kay that, something nearly impossible to do here in the race. that is hear pin drop. how to on weekend, on this year, on this weekend, one year ago, that pen call in the form of a 3300-pound race car. >> i can't do this.
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back across the field. >> the big one part two at daytona. they can't do that. i meap, he hit that wall head on. it looked like he never even slowed down. >> this was the end of the season openingment? kyle busch hit the inside wall at 150 miles per hour. resulting in a compound fracture the right leg and a broken left foot. now what easily could have been the ebb of bush's career was the starting block for another team. got put into place. it was gnat nascar team to ving into action but a physicalle therapy team. moto sports and one of the leading members. >> pull back. you take one leg and extend. >> orthocarolina motorsports has been rehabbing for nearly ten years. they worked with nascar teams both big and small, but no matter the size of the teams,
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process more fluid. >> oh, it hurts when dow that. won't necessarily be able to explain where it hurts or the purchase shores in the area where a lot of these drivers get such great feedback. he wanted to know everything. >> kyle busch began working with orthocarolyn na motor sports days after having surgery on the leg and foot. he compared with the work at die secking a race car which made it easier to pun point what body part needed to receive attention. >> this stretch is hurting here, doing this, pulling there. he would be able to decipher through like a crew chief and paque sure we are doing the right things and not hurting something else down the road. >> when we are honest or driver, we are going to do this. you will probably feel a lot of discomfort with this one. if they know that going in. okay. you are not going to hamstring me on this. you will be honest with me and tellle me when things will hurt. that is where it started from.
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andand honesty built overtime. they are buying into it better. you earn that trust. develop that rapport. it was long roaded to recovery for bush. he had to watch 11 races from outside of the driver's seat in the toyota. well the help of the team. he overcame every obstacle thrown in front of him to fact the way to one of the greatest comeback stories in sports histories by winning the first sprint cup champion ship. ken was huge part of our team and what it took in order to get back to get back to the car. what the fight was like to get back to winning a race. what the fight was like from went withing a tries becoming chase eligible. from becoming emable to winning the championshi a fight the whole yearlong of just overcoming obstacles in adversities and thing like that that were thrown at us and put in our way. i know, it really, really set in. there was a lot of emotion shared in that night. >> to know i have a small piece of that big team to help rehab himmack and to see him come
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points be a to within the raes and become dominant. yeah. there was nothing going to stop him. it was awesome. >> it was great story. what us the most common in injury he sees between the drivers and crewmembers. to our surprise, it is a lower back injury. why, you ask? because its from the flights from track to track for ten straight mons, and if not, it is typical rotator cuff or maybe ankle sprain. but, yeah, a lower back in area are. one of the downsides of the job. not a bad job to have. reporting live at dow mean in. fox 46 sports wjzy. >> thanks, roggin. can see that. that is the long season. it is a lot of travel. the next race car race is the quick trip 500 at the atlanta motor speedway. and watch this race here on fox 46 starting at 1:00 next sunday
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>> welcome back. money into be ob he way to purchase more uniform for the officers. the city council will discuss a contract to diss can the police uniforms. the city council will discuss a contract to purchase police uniforms and the contract will impact more than 1800 officers and 300 civilians. >> the contract will replace all of the existing lights and will add new lights and infrastructure support the fixtures.
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allowing to donate. one bill go to pick high school and the other bus, the olympic high school students will use the bus to learn more about mechanics in the matthews fire department and will use the bus to train firefighters to better respond in the event of a bus fire. meteorologist: we're going to see showers through tuesday and then, we are going to crank it up a little bit getting to wednesday. we will see heavier rain moving in. we talked about this earlier. potential for some thunderstorms maybe even severe weather. then as we get to the weekend or toward next week. we will see temperatures cooling off as well. but so far, so good. we're sitting at 61 degrees. we have winds out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour. southwest. we coop the warm air moving in across the region. those will switch to the north tuesday. now, i will track the weather for monday and tuesday. we'll take a look at wednesday. little bit later on in the newscast. that cloud cover s sould be fairly thick as you get up and
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then, of course, we will see chances for hewers as get to the late afternoon the early evening hours. about 50% chance and some of those showers could potentially be heavy. this is 6:07 we are looking that. then we are going to see off in a on showers stretching through tuesday as well. 7:30 may be affecting the morning come hut. i don't think on tuesday. will come down heavily for too long of a period. we should see several periods are we are getting reason across the area. now when we are talking about rain totals. pretty good rain totals. let's get back us to here. real quickly. see them climb obviously to the mountain ranges then pushing to the south. then we get charlotte. we are talking about maybe half. to three quarts as we get now kind mine now. the heaviest of the rain days to be wednesday so adding to that so could be looking at flooding once we get wednesday. all right. make sure you are tracking with us. with the "good day charlotte" and nick in the morning then me
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nights as well. tomorrow. it is going to be mild. we have a cold front push through now. again, fairly weak cold front. we will see temperatures down a little bit but not a ton. we're actually in the 50's. fairly mild as we start at 7:00 a.m. 20% chance of rain during the morning hours. 7:00 to 9:00. then it gets up to 30 at noon. living i said. the best chances come through the evening hours between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. gain, right now. i don't expect thunderstorms in the area but there could be a few periods where we see heavier rain flushing. then we check out the three day forecast for you. then we get to tuesday. look at big temperature drops. money at 63 and down to 49 on tuesday. but we'll warm back up on wednesday to 64 again looking for strong chance of shower and storms. then we'll delve more into that and show you how coolle we get and as we head the weekend. all right. thank you, breyian. >> aside from a couple of showers. today's weather was ideal and
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the park attendance has nearly doubled in the lost that years from just over 350,000 and 2013 to nearly 700 thousand in 201 a. park rangers say the park's close prox am toy charlotte is bringing in a lot of newcomers as well. >> we decided to do something active for once. it is beautiful at the top. i like a lot. due to increase in vettors. park rangers say they are simply running out. they are having to devet a significant amount of time imagine traffic in and out of the park. >> we have parking spaces at the mon tain throughout the whole park. we have 500 spaces and there are some days we see over 1700 vehicles dom the park. we are asking foam please avoid please schedule around the peak times?
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to 4:00 p.m. and especially on weekend and holidays when the weather is nice. rangers in encourage anyone planning a trin out to check the park's web sit and facebook pages for parking alerts. >> dozens of people attend the woodcarving exhibit at the recreation center today. moreover than 700 wood carvings were ened in. well-known professional carves serve isogonals for the contest. amongst those in attendance was legionary and internationally would carver tom wolf. >> you can see it develop from the start to the finish, you know? so you are really, you are really creating something, you know? i think that is what interests a lot of people. it is really habit forming. i meap, it is almost like you get about it by it. you cannot quit. >> now the other things going on at the woodcarving show includes wood burning. there is lass raffle and door prizes log to the show. >> still to come, the san bern ma know vick tips are fighting back tonight.
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filed against apple to get information off the shoot earphone. plus, tens of thousands of people infected with the zika virus including pregnant women
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the vaccine. >> a developing story tonightment this the man accused of killing six people be a injuring two other in the
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rampage was actually uber driver. >> it happened on crackle barrel in kalamazoo. jason did ason went up to five pem and shot then vehicle. the daily shooting happened around 10:24 saturday might. >> i got a text saying that there was an active shooter. wondering around shooting people. he started hearing about the rampage. fearing for his safety, he got in the consider and drove to grand rapids for the night and didn't realize how close he got the scene. we thought we were driving away from everything but it turns out where where they picked them up, with its a couple blocks way. they were done by, i think they picked up near the brewery and ended up driving flast. there were four people. one drive in old mobile minivan in the parking lot when the police say dawson randomly started shooting at all of them. he had encountered those folks in the parking lot and bemean
1:32 am
they were dead four dead on the scene. we have one clapping to life as we speak. the second shooting happened afterten continue the evening at the dealer sh in on stadium drive where a father and son killed. the massacre began at 5:42 saturday night when sawson shot a woman put pell times in the parking let of an apartment complex. you see the other communities, sandy hook, a have you, you think, are they that much different. can someone snap and decide to lefeff vill reign? unfortunately, it happened us to. >> we're learning there may have been at least one warning sign. this post on facebook shows he drove in a crazy matter when he had uber passengers in the vehicle. the woman urged everyone to stay away from you a k youson. earn sent out a statement giving condolences to the families confirming that dawson was also
1:33 am
uber states that he passed a back ground check. chad lan is done one of the neighbor and said he never saw any red flags. >> he mainly stuck to himself. he listened to music. he played music all night long. living here for the last three years. i have never seen any distress like there was any problems. members say it is hard to fathom what happened without a clear motive. >> this is so random. s whyson dawson did not put up a being when they arrested him. in kalamazoo, josh landon, fox 2 news. >> a seas fire in jair may be a few hours i way. secretary of state says both sides are now expressing strong interests in ending jill's five-year civil war. the president of syria and the opposition rebel reasons the process of ironing out the final terms of a cease-fire those terms in clud a complete sensation of all military active airstrikes and stage on both sides.
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russia's backing of assad, the united states' support of the rebels and all other allies involved in the conflict more than 200 thousand people have been killed in syria's civil war. >> nearly 37,000 people are infected with the zika virus. the mosquito born disease has been linked to severe birth defects in brazil they confirm a 17% increase in just the last week. including more than thousands of pregnant women. the disease is believed to be caused by, cause a brain defect and im pars brain development. there is no treatment whatsoever for zika. the international health communities working to find a vaccine. >> well, some victims of the terror attacks say they will file a legal brief opposing apple oniphone. they are filing the motion in hopes of forcing applele to unlock the end cripped phone. steven larson, a former judge is now repping the victims.
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where they were targeted by the shooters. larson says he will file the brief in court early march but declined to say how man city this. apple has declooned comment that time. >> south carolina author tris now looking for two men who fired shots into the air after a fight at a mall. this happened around 7:00 last night in columbia. police say no one was hurt. this happened around a 7:00 last night in columbia. police say no one was hurt. the police chief says they were initially looking for three suspects, but it appears that that third man was only trying to break up the fight. the chief says he hopes to release camera video of one soon. >> lawyers for bill cosby's wife camille are in deposition. camille questioned under oath in a massachusetts defamation
1:36 am
the woman suing cosby for defamation are amongst 50 who come forward publicly over the last year with sexual assault allegations now he has denied all the charges even filed a countersuit against the women. a we will seize cooler air moving in. although, we're right along a fine line, where areas to the north are going to be a bit cooler than the glen, south. i want to show you a little temperature show real quickly. again, over the next few nights. we're doing okay. we're at 52 as you get up tomorrow morning. very mild. in the 40's. the weekend, well, bottoms out again. drop below freezing at least to start the day. now, let's go ahead to track the weather here within more time. looking over the next few days. we teak to you wednesday this time. again, i am pecking a cold front to bring in better chance for thunderstorms. and maybe severe weather toho the area. this is 2 chon 12 in the afternoon tomorrow. look for scattered showers during the morning. the afternoon the evening hours
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then again, we see it pick up again tuesday morning. then off and on you showers ons day. now we got a big system that is developing out of texas and going to see severe weather opportunities all the way along this if you happen to be trav thrown west. timing for us right now. take us to the afternoon. lit morning through the afternoon hours. on the front edge. if we see the thunderstorms to severe weather going to be during that time frame. maybe 10:00 a.m. through the afternoon hours. then we see it get through and are in on the back side of that as well. we will add to the rain totals we showed you a half inch to three quarters of an inch. then we will throw maybe another inch on top of that as we get to wednesday. then of course. temperatures will cool off. tonight still looking solid. 40's-50's across the area. overovernight lowsten tomorrow. a bunch of 60 he a again. even though we sea a drop-off from about 5 to 7 degrees across the area. charlotte still at 63 for the daytime high. very comfortable outside. but does call off as we get to
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a cold front that will be bringing us some rain. dropping us to 49 for the high taus day. but nice warm-up wednesday. out in front of the cold front of 64 that second cold front is strong. across the area. i want to mention a wintry mix and snow possible across the moun tape on wednesday into everything clears now. we are dry for the weekend. again, starting out out freezing and ending the low 50's. all right. thank you, brian. well, this just in. governor pat says if the charlotte city council passes the controversial nondiscrimination ordinance tomorrow night it will most likely cause immediate state intervention which he says he would short as governor. in e-mail exchange ob taped by fox 46 between the governor and two city council members. he says not only the citizens of charlotte will be impacted by changing basic locker rooms but also citizens as are the state and the nation who visit and
1:39 am
he adds as a former mayor of this queen city made it a point to stay out of shall sures being voted on by the carrot city council and the ordinance aims to protect the lbgt community and mu back on the table after it failed to pass last year. more than 100 people are already on the speaker's list for tomorrow night. and city leader expect that meeting to last for several hours into. recapping last night's intense night for voters during the first in the south. donald trump took the lead coming out on top in south carolina. trump's leading most polls in the vad by 20 and down listening the support of senator's marco rubio anteed cruz. the two pass cry tie for second in south carolina. >> the screaming you hear now from across the potomac is the washington cartel in full terror that is a conservative grass
1:40 am
the better we will be as party in general. hillary clinton was fund-raising today fresh off the 5-point win over the senator in the nevada democratic caucuses. >> dem cra and republicans have used the comments about mexican immigration to fuel the la continue know voter support for candidate. the week union is even helping workers in trump's investigate gas hotel become citizens so they can vote. traveled from washington, d.c. to volunteer in nevada after 13 years in the u.s. she is on the path to citizenship. >> totally important one. certainly what i hear from the it is scary. it is scary. i think it is time to mobilize. >> republican rivals could benefit from the republicans weary of trump. the caucus is set are for tuesday. >> the eight remanning returning to work tomorrow for the first
1:41 am
colleague the late justice antonin scalee. the contentious battle over who should replace him. kristin fish has details from washington. well, no question that president obama will nominate someone to replace justice scalia. this the question is when. right now, president obama in the process of with it ling down to a short list. on friday, we photographed at the what house carrying a stick binner in side on the resumance records of people who the white house says may be worthy of consideration. >> i suspect the president will be dedicating a significant portion of the weekend digging into that. >> last week president obama called two key republican on capitol hill and mitch mcconnell and senate committee chairman. but both ton say they will block any replacement at this point. bam mace am promising to nominate someone who is qualified someone who is most fierce political anone was serve
1:42 am
imagine who could possibly fit that cry tierian the midst of a heated presidential race. last night, candidates on both sides weighed in. >> here is senator ted risen south carolina followed by hillary clinton in nevada. >> his passing, one week ago today, underscores the enormous stakes of this election. >> it is not just one, but two branches of government. a we all want to get secret unaccount machine if i out of pollle tks that starts with a vowsiding if new just is to the supreme court. the supreme court return fras monthlong recess tomorrow and begin hearing oral argue ams if only eight justices on the bench noontime frame when the ninth seat may be filled. >> fox news, in warn tonk reporting. >> coming upth in. daytona 500 is a race to the
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1:44 am
about the historic >> this year the race lived up the hype. the closest finish in the history of the great american race. chase elliot making history as the youngest pole sit in the history of the daytona 500 just 20-year-old. not a lucky number today. 4p las down. 30p las to go. dale earnhardt jr. spins on it
1:45 am
he crashes. he is knocked out of the race and it is the first time he did not finish the race and 32 starts. final lap, denny hamlin in fourth makes a move on turn three. the leader goes for the block. he gets left behind and finishes 14m and so martin and hamlin race to the finish line. danny hamlin beats truex the line but look at that. 100th of a second. the closest finish in history of daytona 500. denny hamlin wins the great american race for the first time in his career. wow. look at how close that was. now live at daytona international speedway reaction from today's winner denny hamlin. josh? >> well, first of all, anthony,
1:46 am
let's go back to that final lap. as you saw matt with the lead going into it. then on the third turn denny hamlin able to make that move and come away with the victory. the question is, what was going through hamlin's mind. how was h push with his answer may surprise you. >> i don't remember it honestly. giving me a push and not letting
1:47 am
i know we got outside of this 18 and the 78 and then, the 20 came up for the block high. i saw that the mild was going to be the only way i could get around both of them. then, we cleared the 20 and drag race to the 78. >> hamlin's victory marks the first for joe gibb's racing in the daytona 500 since 1993. so the drought is over. anthony, the first trip to the daytona 500 get a chance to once witness history. reporting live at daytona international speedway, fox 46 sports wjzy. thank you a lot, josh. this was a thrilling win for denny hamlin. for the guys who finished behind them. it was heartbreaking. here is matt kenseth shortly after the race. >> a split second decdidsion to make those moves and felt like i made the right one, you know, we were there. you know, the start finish line. 20 feet further back. we had it.
1:48 am
i am proud of that effort and proud of how we work together all day long. maybe could have, should have, would have, maybe had a chance to win if i pulled a different end. it was a good day for us. a great day for joe gibb's racing after long, long time of here. that is cool. hopefully we get a chance to do that here these days. >> all right. it was disappointing 500 debut for chase elliot. that was kyle busch not matt kenseth in the last soundbite. he lost control. his car had to be repaired and
1:49 am
tar heels rebounded with a 96-71 win over number 11 maemi on saturday. he finished with 16 points and 15 rebounds as the hills improved to 22-5 on the season.
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the news
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girl scout cookies started shipping through the weekend. irl scout cookies started shipping through the weekend. now check out the impressive collection at the state fairgrounds in milwaukee, wisconsin, this houses no more than 172,000 boxes of thin mints, peanut butter carmel delight and soon enough they will be on your doorstep. > mints, peanut butter carmel delight and soon enough they will be on your doorstep. >> it is awesome because tough come here and house what they see and what their buscoimp is all about. it is and out their business. >> for those who have not placed your order yet, don't worry. you can find girl scouts in you can find girl scouts by at airocery stores selling these delicious treats. >> a retired football star hit the field to inspire high school students in oakland. fox has the story.
1:53 am
knee. gh ember to get the knees high. saturday morning practice started off with star power with recently rey aed seattle sea hacks running back mashon lynch. if be u think he eased up on leading manp hugh backman. think again. >> look. a little different. >> a li leleadfferent. >> a little different. >> yeah. >> yet. >> so go. >> jackman got work on the field alongside of the players anthroing a few passes. put it up there for us. >> oh. oh. >eld >> we almemst had one. it is pretty good. >> the actor invited the teem the screeer tg of the newes nvie about ane jumper who overcame the odds. >> heleadd it his way. with you a loftminople agu tst him. they came together to in spoor the athletes. bleed shy, live is raising
1:54 am
group the fas iy foundation. >> get that. get your rhythm. >> the cofounder said the aim is to rep out to kieem > litou must provide things for the come-tape taunt opportoorties as well. wesine it. wer ske kids and do career workshops. for the teens on the fidel, meat great. i meant a tough practice. eeir mean, like, likesineing the hurdles stuff like that. >> fox 2 news. >> and we'll be rigeli back with the final chnow of your
1:55 am
1:56 am
1:57 am
a lot of rain head org way. >> all right. folks, welcome back. we can see >> jtchy fog across the area. you can see areas outside of the area where the visibiliput is down signific> yly so, prssey good across the area. again, aloft moisture. we have relatively slow winds ton det and so as you wake up tomorrow morning. enc on age be u to be careful. couu be >> jot ohy fog. slight chance for morning showers at 2%. airable mbrella. thest throughout the day up to 50% through the afternoollecnd the eveer tg hours couldor mfect the commute home from work and more so than the comspote into. k. relativelto.ild day for us. 52 and 63 for the day. we're doing well on that u t ont. and look at be ur exakntedded forecast. we will see a seesaw of temgoo
1:58 am
few because we're at 63 tomorrow t. then down to 49 ons day. then, attain. pecks anenty ofst next three days in. monday tuesday not astioch as wednesday and of cos ate wednesday does have poe tonings see thunderstorms maybe even some severe wes ser. gain, make sure you continue to watch over the nemgcou ane of days as that deternut s. the good news is. we clear out. thed about ni3 it will cathis akmperattiocs to drop down the freezing nook start the day friday saturday. >> basically just in general as it is. just got to make it through. >> r det. >> theragao be u. >> light. >> again commute is over. maybe a bit of a mey here right. >ste feel like upon days will be a thrown a bit tomorrow. thankshe
1:59 am
coming up on today's telecast: >> i'll tell you, that just burns the devil up! >> whoo! whoo! whoo! >> the devil is a liar! the anointing of god will-
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