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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  February 25, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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from our standpoint we are not willing to just let it happen. bill: the mayor of met the said he may wind up charlotte-mecklenburg schools. we will find out why and what he wants done. severe weather rep to the charlotte area bringing powerful winds with it. tonight the extent of damage summer dealing with after trees came crashing down on
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>> i'm still here you know. i don't work here and that's how it is. bill: former panthers player and ravens player stock -- talks with genet caiazzo about commuting back and forth now is using childhood experiences. good evening and thank you for joining us for "fox 46 news" verdana bill melugin. kayla: i'm kayla ayres. first time fox is thousands of families with charlotte-mecklenburg schools share more regarding the controversial student assignment plan wanting to wait to see how their kids education may change. bill: the possible benefits of maybe branching out impossibly starting their own school district. david sentendrey is live in the newsroom to explain what do you think about doing. >> that came to light earlier today when the mayor mathewson out a tweet in a nutshell said he wanted to look into his town
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completely. annabel mendez is celebrating her daughter's tenth birthday by creating art outside of their neighborhood school. matthews elementary. >> i know the teachers are like a community so it's almost like home. >> almost like him but simply the cms assignment plan could soon be splitting up students from their home area schools before this as a chance to become reality. matthews mayor jim taylor said his town may want out. >> from our standpoint we are not willing to does that happen. >> at tuesday the fourth education approved a list of goals for his assignment plan including equitable access for all children maximized efficiency in the use of school facilities, reduce the number of schools with high concentrations of poor and high need students and provide options to students not meeting the state performance standards. wednesday morning less than 12
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out this tweet, a call to action for not just the town of matthews but for pineville and mid-hill to possibly leave cms schools. that's thousands of students they are looking at potentially starting up their own school district with. >> a lot of it will depend on what ms does. >> while the conversation starts at town halls certainly it will require the state legislature to allow such a move. it's something the mayor says he started discussing with federal members and rally. >> they are imported they are willing to support a look into the possibilities. mendez says her family loves their school and she's open to looking at the possibilities to keep her children at home. >> i put all of my effort into this school because it's my hometown school. >> earlier today we did reach out to cms and their not wanting to comment with us at this time. reporting live in the newsroom
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bill: cms conducted a student assignment survey. those results will be released at a later board meeting. once a student assignment plan is approved it's going to be implemented no sooner than the 2017/22 school year. kayla: strong wind and heavy rain hit the queen city. this video was taken at the union in uptown charlotte and will mark a tree on top of a car. that was just one of several scenes where trees came down on the city. to get the latest on where things stand now let's head straight over to chief meteorologist brian basham. >> good evening everybody. this was a major player in our area today. here's the good news is moved on and move off the coast of the atlantic and everywhere north carolina doing much better than it was earlier in the day. we may still see a few drops. i was driving around around 9:00 lisa rein. the wind continues to blow have
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going to be our biggest issue as we get into tomorrow in the following day. we are under a wind advisory tonight until midnight and we will be looking at winds at 20 to 30 miles an hour. czars steady wins, not gus and gusts of 24255 miles an hour. there's there is not a wind advisory for thursday but the weather service is contemplating another one so this is lingering through tomorrow as well. i will check that for you plus we will show you how cold is going to get over the next couple of nights in another 10 minutes from now through the meantime i want to remind you if you haven't picked up your fox 46 weather app do so. today perfect example of why you want to have a pity contact the stores before they move into the area. you will get watches and alerts notifying you on your phone. kayla: thank you brian pier one it comes to the weather tonight is a very different story than i was this morning when severe weather ripped through much of the area including mt. holly.
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leveling a single story home. emily spoke with a homeowner who says she actually feared that this one they would happen. >> it just so happened to be the largest tree in her backyard measuring of the sport feet wide issues its yearly spirit would fall but never imagined the amount of damage it would cause. it was just after noon wednesday when alicia hunsinger got the call. >> my neighbor across the street told me it fell on my house and demolish my house. it was a combination of strong winds and saturated ground that force to this monstrous tree in hunsinger's backyard to come crashing down to the center for home. the impact blew out the front door and everything in the trees path crumbled. >> my kitchen is pretty much destroyed but i hope i can salvage some pictures in there. >> a similar scene played out in
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tree snapped in half and crashed through the roof of a townhome. as in hunsinger's case no one was home at the time. the structure was declared unsafe. crews began working to clean up the mess from the inside out. >> there will have to be some temporary shoring of the framing for us to be able to get a tarp put up there. >> sanders are represented for bank or restoration. she says business for them it's been nonstop for the last 24 hours. >> we started taking trees off of houses yesterday from the ground being so wet, and having to tarp the roof, broken trusses, water damage inside and so we have had crews all day doing those types of things. >> while crews work around-the-clock to bring peace of mind to those affected
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just grateful to be alive. >> you have to look at the big picture. kayla: while the rain has moved out of our area still very windy on the ground and very wet which makes incidents like this one more likely to happen. kayla: thank you emily. downed trees were not the only problem caused by today's storms. the number of car accidents were reported as well. l medics in charlotte tells us tell us as of 8:00 they have seen several wrecks telling us they're there are been several power outages throughout the day and the damage is affecting intersections and traffic lights up there. we actually just checked with duke energy before our show. they told us listen to this there are currently 16,000 power outages in charlotte and surrounding areas. high winds caused a tree to be uprooted and crashed into a house in myers park than another tree came down on a house in queens road.
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completely blocking the road. cfpb said the area may be shut down in both directions even through the morning commute. >> the first thought i had was my wife when we walk around the block always worries. she looked up and saw a falling limb and she thinks trees are falling on her and i always make fun of her but they do fall. sometimes it will do property damage and sometimes people are in the wrong place and they get killed or injured. >> thankfully no injuries. more tips on staying safe during the severe weather and to get pictures the storm damaged head to our web site at >> new attention on city manager announced he will not be asking for contract extension. ron carlee has served as an city manager since 2013. he acted as the city's chief executive officer responsible for the appointment of an
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all city operations. ron carlee implemented the policies of the mayor and city council. mayor jennifer roberts called ron carlee quote a great public servant and wished him the best in his next endeavors. ron carlee made his announcement on twitter saying yes it's true i will simply a free agent and quote. sinclair was ron carlee will be doing after he leaves office and an exact timeline of his departure has not been announced. also new at 10, two people are in custody charged with possession of drugs and unlawful conduct towards a child. rock hill police say tuesday they were responding to a welfare check call of an elderly woman in the 1300 block of salida street and found a woman sitting in a wheelchair apparently disoriented when the neighbor opened the door to the trailer where the woman lived officer saw a toddler sitting on
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inside and found lacy henderson and freddie lazio's and they believe both were under the in police found marijuana in the house and a loaded shotgun in the room where authorities say a toddler could on a hold of it. >> where the teenagers accused of shooting a puppy with a bb gun 18 times in rock hill is now offered on a 5000-dollar bond to this after he faced a judge for the first time this morning. the 17-year-old amonte that was as a high school sophomore and is being charged as an adult. he's now facing felony and cruelty and torture charges for what investigators say he did to the six -week-old puppy. investigators say douglas wasn't alone in the crime. he and a 14-year-old injured the dog. both the teen and his family declined comment on camera outside the courtroom and the puppy is now recovering at the rockville animal hospital. no surprise he's already been adopted. woman is accused of trying to
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at hiding those drugs inside a bible. take a look at the picture linking county deputies sent to us. they tell us france's mountainside to sneak illegal drugs into brandon kirby. mountain was arrested and charged with providing drugs and tobacco to an inmate. kayla: as the heated debate surrounding the nondiscrimination ordinance continues charlotte city councilmembers are speaking out about how they voted. some believe there still a very real possibility it could all be struck down by the general assembly. governor mccrory is threatening to lock the ordinance. wood is so emotionally charged for so many is the fact that the ordinance would provide section to men and women to use the restroom they identify with. this makes many wonder what legislative intervention might look like. >> we have to recognize what happened in charlotte has ramifications for people in the
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ed drives it against the ordinance. we called speaker of the house can moore's office moore's officer miller told the ordinance might be partially blocked or blocked in its entirety and it will be discussed during the general assembly session in april. >> weathers panthers or ravens it's not about which team you are it's about what city you are invested in charlotte. bill: steve smith cemetery anchored jen caiazzo to talk about why family and football. stick around, you will want to see this exclusive interview. kayla: a public apology from a public official. when he ranted about in the meeting that upset a lot of people. bill: city leaders and one local town are working to improve their downtown using
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that bill welcome back. he's an absolute legend in the queen city and even though he doesn't play for the panthers in a more bands bows down to the one, the only steve smith. jenna caiazzo got to sit down with him in a one-to-one exclusive interview. take a look. >> use of force on the field. >> when you say what does he do on the football field -- and in the community. attention football fans, steve
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queen city. what are you doing here? >> i live here. they say you are still here and i say where did i go? i'm still here. i still live here. i don't work here anymore and that's how it is. people come and go and move on the job but i have the unique opportunity that i can still invest here. >> while he plays for the ravens his heart is in charlotte and will always be. >> my home. this is where my children go to school and this is where i pay taxes. this is where it claim residence. so this is also my committee. p when he is and playing football is working tirelessly on this foundation organization founded to help those in need. families of victims who chairs the support they get from smith himself and the hands of his foundation. one group that benefits is near and dear to his heart. >> my mom is a survivor of
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the statistics that they say that children the witness have a higher accessibility to being an abuser as well. i am the child that they faced just six are about so i want to make that, understanding that i know as an adult the ramifications and the residual effects it's had on me and the way i see things. >> while he helps the community in baltimore he tells me he will always have carolina on his mind. >> it's not about which team you're on, it's about what city you are invested in that charlotte. bill: smith was drafted by the panthers in 2001. he spent his career at the panthers until he was drafted by the baltimore ravens in 2014. brian certainly one of the most entertaining players to watch out there.
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so need to see that. take a look here at some video. look at the downpour we are seeing across the area. this was shot by her own robin kennedy. she captured the storm as it was moving through harrisburg around 1:00 today. the system has caused to high school in middle and elementary school landfare is county to be without power in a lot of areas without power, my house to get hit and didn't get back on board until 9:00 p.m. tonight. that maa be an issue that many folks are struggling with but here's the good news, we are seeing the storms have stopped. the bad news is we still have this wind and it is going to stick around through tomorrow. we will see specific us. steady wins in charlotte 24 miles an hour. these are solid steady wins not just gus and so it's definitely going to be an issue.
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40 miles an hour. it's whipping around out there guys. keep in mind that our ground is still very saturated and with lens on top of that as we get into tomorrow they will stick through tomorrow during the morning hours, 20 miles per hour winds in charlotte 30 plus in the mountain ranges and again they will stick around for most of them thursday. they will break thursday night. dropping down to single digits but up into the teens into frightening. not nearly as monday and friday but nevertheless it will be a cold couple of mornings and again throwing that ran on top of it 2 inches the last couple of days a half-inch adjacent to and after 3 inches in charlotte. that ground is wet and we have had a lot of downed trees across the area. don't be surprised to see more of that as we get into tonight and tomorrow. temperatures will start to fall
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47 with winds blowing at 23. satellite and radar we may see a few more light showers in the area tonight. our big weather the frontal boundary moving to the coast. taking everything offshore but we are seeing a potential for rain scattered showers but we will be focusing on opportunities for snow in the mountains tomorrow. we could be talking a couple of inches pay-fors totally done. cooler temperatures over the next several mornings in but a nice warm-up for. >> into the weekend. we'll show you that coming up 10 minutes from right now.
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swing with thousands of fan fans and alumni expected to show up at thousands of middle school and high school students packed the charlotte convention center. cia education and a host of more than 5000 students from cms and others surrounding school districts. the students an opportunity to meet with college recruiters. organizers say is centered around the basketball tournament but education is definitely the main focus. >> you have to be a student, well-rounded, motivated. you have to make sure your grades are where they need to be that's why we continue in the tradition. students met with recruiters and colleges in maryland virginia pennsylvania and north carolina as well as military recruitment officers. it's continues through saturday. city leaders in kings mountain have big fan plans to improve their downtown area.
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the state grant. those funds going towards parking lightning and signage. as pam smith tells us officials also plan on using technology to improve it. >> a downtown area can tell you about about the city. for kings mountain people filled downtown represents small-town wealth but it could be improved. >> downtown is -- the mayor is grateful to be receiving $96,000 from the state to develop downtown kings mountain. just exactly where the money will go is still being worked out. he said it's likely going towards park lighting and signage. >> i think the monies from the state helps. >> the grant is the only thing city leaders are excited about. they're also working on the smartphone app to better promote
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the apps development is still in its early stages. geisler said it will be good to place for someone looking for a business. >> if you want to know where to go. brett hawkins is a lifelong resident of kings mountain. his bike shop opened a month ago. >> it's great to know that the city wants to promote my business. >> he said the city is special and is looking to improve while still maintaining its character. >> people want the convenience of a big city but they may not necessarily want to live in a big city. they like to live in a small community where it's a tightknit community and everyone knows everyone else. in kings mountain sam smith fox 46 wjzy. kayla: other cities receiving us grants include dunn
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pembroke. bill: imagine people you don't know dumping trash in your yard
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do it at the city is going to kayla: recapping our top stories this thousands of families with charlotte-mecklenburg schools
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assignment plans. local towns are waiting to see how their kids education may change. the town of nappies meant ellen prineville are discussing the possibility of separating from the cms district. nothing has been decided yet and it's an clear the steps of towns would need to take to make that happen. bill: heavy rains who wins cause several treasonable on homes and in mt. holly ed treece by a house at half. the home is a large damage it might have to be bulldozed. selvin envisioned drive big tree came crashing down onto townhouse. thankfully the homeowners and home. a powerful storm system continues to threaten a large section of the eastern u.s. including virginia for the state's governor has declared a state of emergency. in that state alone at least three people have been killed after suspected tornado hit the town of waverley. among the victims of 2-year-old
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jim is being tracked in this time. severe weather threatening more than 88 million americans with potential for tornadoes damaging winds and large hail. the mid-atlantic to the northeast to powerful storm system hitting the south hard claiming at least six lives. the town of waverley virginia especially hard hit with at least five buildings damaged by suspected tornado. downed trees and debris closing the roads in and out of the town of challenge for first responders. >> the debris is very heavy and it's all over the place so we are still trying to rescue people. high winds knocked over trees further south. this one hit a taxi in columbia south carolina. >> i didn't see it. i don't even know where it came from. i'm just thankful that i'm alive meantime the midwest hit with heavy snow on wednesday with
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parts of indiana and illinois. the winter weather threat extending from michigan to upstate new york and england -- new england after confirmed 10 tornadoes from the same system hitting the gulf coast. leaving hundreds of homes in louisiana mississippi and florida damaged plus a dozen injured in at least three people dead there. stick with been told there are 2700 homes without power. >> the winter weather in the midwest blamed for flight cancellations at chicago's airport as well as school closings in several states. meteorologist dan janice dean "fox news." a big system affecting the country. here's what looked like for us. this was taken by james posting this time-lapse of today's severe thunderstorm in the prineville area.
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thanks for sending that in, he actually posts a lot of great videos about the weather on his facebook page and check out this incredible video. a storm moving over the queen city this afternoon. you can see those huge clouds overtaking the skyline and scary stuff. this caused so much wind blowing chairs across the building in uptown earlier today. again the system is largely an moving on however we were at dealing with window that backside this storm. that's the big issue over the next couple of days, mostly tomorrow. lots more win. also mountain snow will develop. the tail end looking for freezing overnight not tonight but the next several nights. we will show you the seven-day forecast in another minute. i want to show you temperatures already beginning to -- not bad
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still fairly warm in the 50s as well. based on that cold front that pushed through 40s for the area here but if you want to point out boone and jefferson temperatures are freezing or near freezing. to retract the weather across the mountains we will see snow buildup. not a ton of snow but we will be looking at a couple of inches in the mountains. if you are thinking about skiing over the weekend we will add a couple of inches of fresh new powder thursday and a lot of that begins to move out as we get into friday. let's look at low temperatures for the remainder tonight. freezing in the north, 30s and lincolnton and gastonia and 40 for several areas charlotte monroe and wadesboro and tomorrow we'll see temperatures cooler than they were today. keep in mind that a lot of various of the 70s. they will drop 15 or more degrees as we get into
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thursday into friday. he dropped to 31 and they will overnight. low 50's for friday and saturday the two have wind but rather some sun. then we take a nice jump in temperatures on sunday to 62. we will warm to the mid-60s monday tuesday wednesday with a brief chance of rain on monday. bill: i love that forecast next week. two suspects or lose tonight after please in moscow said they kidnapped a teenager held at gunpoint and robbed her. investigators say the teen was contacted by the suspect about an advertisement on how to make money fast. she met them at the wells fargo in rock hill tuesday around 1:00 dimension and that's what police say the men pushed her into their car forced her to withdraw money from her bank account. one suspect is described as a black male medium height with gold teeth with a second that
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wearing a denim jeans outfit. the public official is apologizing after his someone was caught on video making some consider to be offensive remarks about people who live in the area he represents. lloyd quay an appointed member of harrisburg's planning and zoning board said during a public meeting last fall he messed up and said the wrong thing. the comments came just after public outcry squashed plans to build a rock quarry in an asphalt plant. if video is surfacing after the same developer had come back to the table trying to rezone the same piece of land. >> there are said town meeting and there were altars there. the elders would say your ideas are good in your ideas are bad
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home. quay said he never meant to insinuate that the people in harrisburg and not the voice. the mayor said he can't comment on quay's remarks because the attorneys looking at the video. bill: subsidiary is bringing jobs to charlotte. piedmont airlines said it plans to hire three new people for brand-new positions. piedmont operates flights and smaller jets for american radius of right now there are home to 1200 workers at charlotte douglas airport. they're not the only one tiring. any facility in something counties bringing 49 jobs to the area. a facility near midland. the company plans to invest $40 million. currently the company employs 2000 different employees in 17 locations including 12 manufacturing facilities in north america as well as winning in europe.
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microwaves toss into your yard. one charlotte woman is a sad reality. strangers have been dumping trash in her yard. the homeowner says she called 311 to report the city but she was told she had to clean up the mess yourself because it was on her property. if she did and she get it built from the city. >> if you report it why does that go to all of this? kayla: with neighbors found that was going on they organized a community cleanup for this saturday. the organizers said the service is expected to put it up for neighbors to use. officials tell us homeowners are responsible for their property
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stump thereby complete stranger. bill: the confederate flag removed from the carolinas gatehouse grants could be on the move. the flag move to somewhere in charleston. the study will investigate building everything from colombia to trust and would be beneficial for the palmetto state. they have asked for $3 million to expand its current space plus a half million to display the battle flag -- flag. that photo will be considered. kayla: a third consecutive win in the nevada caucuses keeps donald trump the clear front-runner in the race for the republican nomination. unless there's a big-time shake up in the republican race that looks like donald trump could steamroll his way to victory on super tuesday and be sitting on more than a third of the 1237 delegates needed to pick up the nomination. the other candidates are not going to goo quietly. the correspondent carl cameron
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they look. buoyed by his third winner of donald trump was telling pat robertson --. >> things were said that were lies and i won't mention it. i've got to be good person today at least within the next hour. out of a record 75,000 votes cast in the battle to combat 29.5%. that's more than rupee at 17,900 or a combined with cruise' 16,079. >> we won the invention with goals, we won with a young, blue one with the old, be one with highly educated debate one with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated.
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with hispanics. i'm happy about that. trump is not won a majority in any state so rubio hopes that others will chop off to one candidate can --. >> until there's some consolidation you're not going to have a clear alternative to donald trump of the argument we have made is i'm as conservative as anyone in the race but i can unify their potent party. >> they ought to face off against trump on their home turf in the next three weeks. cruz is in texas on super tuesday and kasich maffia has endured when each state's delegates is winner-take-all. endorsed by texas governor greg abbott to cruz optics is the crown jewel of the most important day of the entire election. >> we can't get this wrong.
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the time for the clowns and acrobats and the dancing bears has passed. >> for all the candidates -- they keep forgetting when people drop out we are going to get a lot of votes. trump has big rallies is the race goes national and ted chris has six days to figure out how to beat donald trump in his home state because losing texas would be lethal. president bill clinton will be rallying for hillary clinton in the palmetto state tomorrow. clinton will seek a potential voters at the freedom center on east main street in rock hill. doors open 11:00 a.m. in the event event will kick off at 1145. polls opened at 7:00 saturday morning for democratic or merry voters in south carolina. time to send it over to josh sims for a check on sports. what's going on? >> lawrence go toe-to-toe with
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cavaliers. the charlotte hornets are the world. the winners of their last five and seven of their last temp at those wins have come during the soccer part of their schedule. charlotte with the real test on the road in cleveland against king james and the cavaliers. the hornets beat cleveland earlier this month but now they're on the road.
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work in the post. 12 off the bench hornets trailing for most of the first half. it is up and marvin williams answered a knock that down. trailing for large part because of king james throws it down. they fall 114-103. staying with the hornets van pelt the team's new scoreboard this morning. the upgraded model to be one of the biggest in the nba and entirely of l.e.d. panels. the board will feature two screens along with the hornets honeycomb design that will set it apart from the other scoreboards in the league. the project will start in july and will be done in time for the 2016/2017 season which is significant because the all-star game will be in the queen city
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>> to have people feel like they are so engage with every play that happens during timeouts and it's half time. it will be in interact of experience that will connect to our fans especially at the nba all-star game. cat barber and nc state putting is geared to the seventh rank north carolina. that was back on top by eight. north carolina would settle down and go to work. marcus p.'s following three that ties the game of the 29. few minutes later bryce johnson played so well this year he puts his man in his bin cycle. they never show begin going on to win 80-68. see id. play tournament taking
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to the women's bracket j. csu down by virginia guinean 84-60. second-seeded livings don't pavlich and 50 f. and 45. time to put up on the panthers 2015/2016 season. the nfl -- starts this weekend gentleman should dave gettleman along with head coach ron rivera and others had -- scouting for a post drafted talking creations. in the most notable free agent to panthers is cornered josh norman saying nothing is changed from the sentiments at the end of the season. they were trying to get a deal done and if not the franchise tag is still an option. whoever they take will be a two to three apart especially because the amount of young players in the sears draft.
1:48 am
you saw what happened when the b.a. started drafting 18-year-old high school kids. it was only a 30% rate. it's a whole new world for them so is it going to stop? stop us from drafting it 20 or guy, not hesitate to combine workouts begin friday. epic notes out of the nascar world stuart haas racing will switch from chevrolet to ford cars with the sprint cup series beginning in 27 t.. tony stewart said they were not disappointed wish of a push for two about them strengthen their position in the sport and ensure long-term stability and success for everyone on the part of the
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celine dion has returned to the stage iv the first time since losing her husband. award-winning singer reduced or popular las vegas residency. dionne began by honoring her late husband renee angelil who she credits with much of their success.
1:52 am
ovation as she talked about angelou saying he will always be with her no matter what. he died last month after battling heart problems and cancer. bill: hollywood's biggest night is just a few days away. ead then you -- annual academy awards get underway sunday paper 20. adam housley tells us about some of the other categories you will want to keep and i out for. >> most of the focus during oscar season is on acting in best picture nominees but there are many below the line honorees deserving recognition. first-time original song nominee david lange wrote simple song number three for the movie youth and he said the younger is a bit strange. >> i'm from the classical music world and perhaps that's one of
1:53 am
people love music and movies. music is really important in movies and people get. passionate about it. the competition includes lady gaga from a hunting ground the weekends burned it from 50 shades at ray and sam smith writings on the wall from specter. lang is an accomplishing decision but most people have never heard of them until now. >> i've i haveone a lot of work in the classical music world and that the pulitzer prize married to run a music festival. did lots of different kinds so i'm used to working in public fun things but the real
1:54 am
his the audience is gigantic and potential audience is everyone on earth. >> win or lose on sunday david will be forever known as an academy award nominee and if that brings more attention to his work all the better. >> one of the weird things about it is everyone thinks classical music has been abound for 200 years. i'm not dead yet so it's a very nice thought that people in the world will learn about me.
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"fox news." bill: getting into tomorrow morning the rain is moving out, the gusty winds are sticking around so take a cope with you to work. temperatures cooler and windchills in the 30s. 44 to 51-degree temperatures at night and partly cloudy conditions. mountain snow tomorrow as well and live freezing temperatures friday morning through sunday morning but it does warm up. 60s next week. do you think we will see spring at this point? >> i hope so, help the groundhogs are right. no more snow. kayla: i think it was two out of three groundhogs agreed this
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>> announcer: the following is a paid program for home standby generators brought to you by generac power systems. [ wind howls ] >> when the power goes out, even if it's just for a few hours, life is disrupted. but when it goes out for days or even weeks, life can be unbearable. no heat, no air-conditioning, no refrigeration -- phones and internet stop working. and for some, no running water. all of the necessities of modern life... gone. >> the power was out in this area for approximately 2 1/2 weeks. >> we were out of power for >> the basement flooded because the sump pumps went off. >> it was very hard to get food. it was hard to get gasoline. >> life changes drastically. >> without power, you're just
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>> without electric, you're at the mercy of mother nature. >> i do not want to be the victim of a powerless house. >> we're all aware of catastrophic storms that knock out power to millions, record snowfall that brings down trees and power lines, maybe even something as innocent as a squirrel knocking out a power substation. but no matter where we live, the nation's antiquated electrical grid affects us all. it's an aged and overloaded system that's due for a $2 trillion rescue. a rescue that nobody has plans to make. rolling blackouts, cascade failures, they're only gonna get worse. >> the development of the grid dates back over a century. most of it was built up a half a century or more ago. a lot of the equipment that we rely on in the grid infrastructure was designed for a 40-year life expectancy. a lot of that equipment is operating a decade or two beyond


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