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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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one man to hospital afterward range incident. hugh and you the latest on this investigation and meet somebody who witnessed the shooting and help elect him. thanks for joining us tonight for "fox 46 news." i'm bill melugin. kayla: i'm kayla ayres. first on fox tonight cars in the lobby of an uptown hotel peppered with bullets. this happened early this morning on south caldwell street. now police have three men in custody great ashlee mcgeehan has been following the story and she's joining us live in the studio with the latest. >> police say these three men were in town for the ciaa tournament and fired about 15 shots and the two vehicles and into the hyatt hotel in uptown. cfpb said howard kevin wright kevin demetrius thompson and dereke terrence bolton have been arrested for their involvement in the shooting. just before 5:00 a.m. on sunday police heard multiple gunshots in the area to witness one of
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no one was injured during the shooting but police say about 40 to 50 shots were fired creepily say wright wright was caught with an ak-47 also had another pistol in his possession. >> at the end of the day violence anywhere is bad. >> police have charged all three men with recounted shooting into an occupied dwelling and discharging a firearm in city limits. to the men thompson and wright are also facing carrying a concealed weapons charges. police say the initial information shows this was not a random act of violence. kayla: anyone within any to the shooting is asked to call crime stoppers read cmpd is reporting nine of her during the ciaa tournament weekend. they say poor will alcohol related three were simple assault charges and to board
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several event venues were cited in close due to the code violations. kannapolis police are investigating shooting that happened this morning. one person w police told the victim now identified as ryan barrett is at the hospital in stable condition. he was at the scene and lets us know how authorities are piecing together exactly what happened. >> kannapolis police blocked off orphanage road right after getting a call about a road rate shooting. happened sunday morning next to a church and a residential community. one witness who did not want to be identified said he saw the accident followed by the shooting. >> i have never witnessed a shooting and especially on a sunday morning with people heading to church and its a lasting expect to see. >> while police were not willing to go on camera we are told this is the shooting victim's scarred right next to it a shell casing
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kannapolis police have been out here for hours trying to determine exactly what happened. they saw the road range -- of road rage incident rest of the scene. the victim had his girlfriend and child in a car with him at the time. >> i have one -- jernigan said she's a registered nurse and knew she needed to step in and help. she brought the victim a towel and waited for the ambulance to arrive. she says she is still shaken up by what happened. >> anybody that has a temper so bad that you take it out on somebody should not have a gun. >> within hours the shooting victim's car was towed away and police cleared the scene but the community says the memory of what happened will stay with them for while. reporting in kannapolis neima
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bill: police also tell us that brian baird was shot by 27-year-old robert andrews. they say this happened as both of them were involved in a car accident. no charges have been filed at this time is still an ongoing investigation. please are searching for murder suspect after a man died when he was shot at a party. gastonia police say the man was shot at this home on lanier avenue. officers say the man was taken to the hospital via other partygoers. investigators are asking anyone who attended the party to contact the lease or crime stoppers. multiple shots were fired into a home in the 1800 block of florida st. on saturday evening. according to a police report the home was occupied at the time of the shooting by a 60-year-old woman. we are waiting on more information from police. we have seen some absolutely beautiful weather today. the question is how long is it going to be sticking around?
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is brian bash. >> one more day where things are looking good. temperatures change from yesterday. we are 10 degrees plus in charlotte more than 15 degrees warmer in bed and we will continue to see the warm weather lingering in tomorrow. look at these temperatures 50's and 60s. fairly cold nice to see this and begin looking at here headlines we have more sunshine tomorrow as well. we do want to mention we have a week cold front across the area on monday and a bigger cold front pushing across the area as we get into late tuesday and wednesday and that is going to mean chances for some rain this week. we will show you exactly what to expect coming up in just a few minutes. >> brian thank you. onto a "fox 46 news" date the high school by or maybe it case of arson or an electrical fire. the report said the bergen county fire marshal told the
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and atf officials say the cause of the fire can't be figured out right now because they can't go inside the building due to safety concerns. flames gutted the 99-year-old building monday. the former school have been look center of controversy over whether should be demolished. no word on when investigators will be allowed to go inside the building. kayla: a proposal put on hold. south carolina lawmakers have set aside a bill that would allow school employees to carry guns on campus. a house subcommittee voted to set the villa side. the bill would allow school employees to carry guns after two weeks of training. u.s. representative philip love said he was trying to protect the safety of children in it schools they can to put afforded police officer. >> the presidential candidates are now in their final sprint ahead of super tuesday. this is they try to shore up last-minute support before voters have their say.
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breaks down the race firms columbia south carolina. >> we are not taking anything or anyone for granted. >> it's no surprise that hillary clinton won the south carolina primary this weekend. the surprise was just how big she won. crashing bernie sanders by almost 30 points leaving every demographic white black seniors women and men. >> on a given night sometimes you win and sometimes ycu lose. sanders says he expects to do well on super tuesday but clinton appears to be government pivot to the general election taking a shot at donald trump in her victory speech. >> this despite what you hear we don't need to make america great again. america has never stopped being great. republican senators marco rubio and ted cruz also hammered trump on the campaign trail saturday. >> that's a very good way to get rich.
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going after rubio. >> he is a lightweight and couldn't get elected god catcher trump is well ahead in most of the 15 states and territories that vote this week but rubio says he can still get the nomination even without winning a single super tuesday state. >> you can still be 0-15 and have a lot of delegates. that's not the plan by sure absolutely we can. we will pick up a lot of delegates. >> it's all about the delegates. all tuesday in the republican side half of the delegates will be in place for the democrats it's about one third. in columbia south carolina caroline shively "fox news." kayla: still to come new details in the case of the virginia police officer shot and killed on her first day on the job. when investigators are now saying about her accused killer. bill: isis is claiming
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deadly attack. >> good evening. we want to bring you up to our 64 degrees to do. we did pick up a little bit of wind out of the south southwest at 10 miles an hour but keep in mind as long as it's blowing from the south it will keep warmer air blowing into our atmosphere so we will take that
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tonight may be get the documents are sightseers will be looking at. temperatures will drop in the 50s at 7:00 p.m., 57. we will see 54 at 8:00 p.m., 53 and 52 at 9:00 and 10 at loch wind speeds won't be horrible but a couple of degrees outside. go ahead and throw jacket on it will help. overall couldn't be a better night. as we look at satellite and radar across the area things have been very quiet out there. do want to point out a little way. here's the good news this is not a very strong cold front so let me show you what i'm expecting futurecast over the next couple of days. tomorrow charlotte mostly sunny skies. lower elevations but looking at rain you will find it around
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grain but 30% chance for showers and boom but that's essentially it across the area. we will see a few clouds during the afternoon in the piedmont so mostly sunny to partly cloudy but we will stay drive across the area. lending your day tomorrow 44 degrees as you get up, you might want to layer your clothing. 60s by noon. we will spend most of the 60s. more sunshine essentially a repeat of today and let's take a look out at the next three days. we will see temperatures of 67 on tuesday but as we get into wednesday while we are still the 60s a significant chance of rain. we'll address that further in 10 minutes from now. bill: it sounds good. additional charges are pending for the men accused of killing a virginia police officer on her very first official ship. the county police departments mourning the loss of officer --
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woodbridge. the department isn't revealing a lot about that but they said when they arrived they found a woman dead and an 11-year-old boy unharmed. there were two other officers on the scene who were also hurt in the shooting. >> we are asking as we monitor the conditions of our other two officers that remain hospitalized today. we are sincerely appreciative of all the support we have received in the community and our law enforcement families around the region and around the country. bill: the suspected shooter romberg -- robert hamilton is in custody facing several charges including capital murder. authorities say ab hamilton as an active-duty army staff sergeant. police in california are searching for suspects following a bloody stabbing incident at a kkk rally. three people were stabbed in anaheim yesterday.
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police say someone used the eagle on the end of a flagpole to stab and seriously injure the victim to the trouble began when a kkk rally ran into protesters along the march. a dozen people have been arrested. too at 22-year-old man who posed as a high school student is now facing new charges of statutory assault and corruption of minors. police say arthur samer and is jailed or identity theft charges. the new charges stem from his 2014 relationship with a 15-year-old girl. ukrainian nationals arrested in pennsylvania last week after investigation. police say samer changed his name to asher popp enrolled as a freshman at harrisburg high school in 2012. residents and classmates say they are in absolute shock. >> what he did was wrong but he was trying to get an education to better himself. >> everyone was surprised.
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they be met well. bill: police say samer's stated make united states after his visa expired enrolled in school. he joined the rotc program as well as the national honor society. kayla: isis is claiming responsibility for deadly twin bombing attack. the terror group targeted crowds of civilians in the middle of the busy open-air market in baghdad. this attack comes as iraq's army is preparing to try to retake the isis controlled city of mosul. corresponded bryan llenas reports. >> ambulances speeding to hospitals after deadly double bombing at an outdoor market in eastern baghdad sunday killing at least 59 people and injuring nearly 100 more. the twin bombing took place at this market and one of the bombs targeted a mobile phone shop. witnesses say one bomb exploded in a crowded electronics market in the shiite district of sadr
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reportedly from a suicide bomber triggering a blast in a crowd bombing. isis is claiming responsibility. the sunni terror group regularly targets shiite who isis considers heretics. meantime the attack comes as iraq's army is mobilizing troops. troops from the 70 1st brigade in the 15th division move towards mosul raid the troops gearing up for a major offensive to retake the northern city of mosul which is currently held by isis. god willing they will liberate mosul with peshmerga forces and allies. more than a million people still live in mosul the largest iraqi city controlled by isis. all of this as iraq is sending large numbers of native iraqi's returning to the country after making long journeys to your covert -- hoping to find a better life there. >> everybody was leaving. when i went there wasn't like that at all.
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six of these twin bombings marked a deadly event and a wave of attacks targeting commercial areas in and around baghdad. in new york bryan llenas "fox news." kayla: coming up, something all air travelers want. the proposal one lawmakers looking into that would regulate regulate -- on airlines. a girl suffering from brain
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you will find out how to make a bill: demolition on the rental car building in charlotte airport will kick off tomorrow to. the work is needed to make room for phase one of the airports concourse a expansion be the budget rental car building will be the first one to go to plans are part of $2.5 billion pension that will add 18 new gates. this project is anticipated to take 10 years to finish. it will be partially paid for
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kayla: new york senator chuck schumer wants to stop airline passengers from being squeezed into seats like sardines as senator schumer says. he wants the faa to set minimum seat side -- seat size for airlines. he said airlines have been checking the size of sheet seeds for the last 45 years. the average distance between rose and seat has been cut in half from 35 inches to less than 17. bill: prices at the gas pump are holding it steady. according to the average price of gas is holding a $1.75 a gallon. gas is even cheaper than that in our area. prices are down 7 cents from this time last month and they are down 65 cents from this time last year. why has the highest gas prices in the nation with an average of $2 and 67 cents per gallon. kayla: people in kansas pick up trash to make one young girls dream come true. 8-year-old amelia meyer a cancer
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of cleaning up the the environment and to make a wish foundation. last week hundreds of the community heard her wish and went to work on fulfilling the million stream. megan dillard has this inspiring story. >> running across the field. playing with friends, enjoying rare february sunshine. for amelia myers it's just another day at the park. what you can't see are the pink had a bright blue eyes of the 8-year-old girl fighting brain cancer. >> last night i asked her are you excited about tomorrow and she said i'm so excited and i said why quick she said because i get to pick up trash. >> make-a-wish gave amelia the chance to wish for anything. all she wanted was to pick up
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>> another reason is because i can get dirty and it can make animals sick. >> while she pulled up to kansas city swope park bid for a queen, she seemed most comfortable in her own element surrounded by her best friends. >> she is my greatest friend. she has been really nice to me. >> a selfless friend wise beyond her years. her wish come true. an 8-year-old girl giving back to the out doors she loves so much. >> that's what i've wanted for her. i want for her to be a kid. bill: presidential candidate marco rubio and ted cruz release. income in federal tax
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find out why they are pressuring donald trump to do the same. what's going on brian? >> the sun has set in and its absolute stunning. the problem is we are going to
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plenty of chances f kayla: recapping our top stories three men are facing charges following a shooting in uptown. this happened near south caldwell street at around or 45:00 this evening. 40 to 50 shots were fired and did two cars in the lobby door of the hyatt hotel. howard wright kevin thompson and dereke terrence bolton are facing charges including shooting into an occupied dwelling. police tell us all three suspects were in town for the ciaa tournament. anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact crime stoppers to make an alleged road rage incident since one person to the hospital. annapolis police say 29-year-old brian baird was shot by robert andrews that officer say the two
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car wreck. it happen on orphanage road after 9:00 this morning. there it is in the hospital in stable condition. so far no charges have been filed at this time. kayla: police are searching for a murder suspect tonight after man was shot at a party. gastonia police say he was shot at this home on lanier avenue outside of mt. holly and gaston county through the victim has not been eyed dinner by said the man was taken to the hospital by investigators are asking anyone who attended the party to contact police or crime stoppers. bill: you can ask for much better weather today. absolute gorgeous outside but unfortunately it's not going to stay like that for the rest of the workweek. here's chief meteorologist brian basham. >> haight bill. one more before things get nastier outside. warm weather across a good chunk of the country. if you have to travel anywhere
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days or the weekend very comfortable out there. if you excuse me for just one second we will advance this back here and get things moving. again look at the numbers. 72 across the south and east and we will see those temperatures stay fairly cool or warm as we headed tomorrow. looking at the numbers we have 50's in the mountains, 60s in the lower elevations piedmont charlotte coming at 64 degrees and monroe, couldn't be much better out there but as i mentioned before the break we do have some changes for -- chances for rain and we are looking for a 20% chance on tuesday night. that goes to 15% on wednesday backup thursday to 20% another chance on friday, significant chance they are 30 to 40% chance across area.
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the region. this cold front pushing in monday. a few clouds in the lower elevations a little bit of rain in the atmosphere that would clear out and see the winds blowing to the south and west. keeping us in the 60s for the next several days. a better system developing were a stronger system developing across the midsection of the country is beginning to tuesday wednesday. we start to see a small chance for rain tuesday night and a 50% chance for showers across the area on wednesday and the potential for snow across mountain ranges as well. major changes happening this week but tonight mild 30s and 40s, tomorrow 50's and 60s. essentially a repeat of today as i mentioned before so enjoy it and of course we will stay warm on tuesday 67 and keep in mind the rain rain chances don't have until tuesday night so monday to tuesday things will hold up
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the cold front will not -- with freezing temperatures thursday morning. another chance of rain on friday before we clear out and saturday and sunday looking pretty good. kayla: thank you brian. senator ted cruz is ramping up the pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns after the texas senator and marco rubio released their partial tax returns seeking to capitalize and comes refusal to do the same. the billionaire is blaming the irs. correspondent garrick penny has the details from washington. smith got the primary donald trump has been impervious to any attack that comes his way but in a few days before super tuesday the new line of attacks is what marco rubio and ted cruz are hammering on in helping to make a dent. the two senators upped the ante by releasing their own tax filings. they question why trump has refused to do the same suggesting there may be some
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trump doesn't want to get out. >> maybe he is not as rich as he says he is and maybe ckc has given large sums of money to left-wing groups like planned parenthood. i'll trump has a history business but that is preparing himself as a great leader who will turn the american economy around. he's not going to make america great, he's going to make america broke. >> responding to the attacks calling them buyers who had never hired anyone for a job. the donald attempted to -- the issue by agreeing he can't release his returns even if he wanted to because he's in the middle of being audited by the irs. it's an argument he is continued to make despite saying there's nothing preventing him from releasing his returns from being audited. some make you can't learn anything from tax returns about that worth. it's very unfair. i don't know why but for some reason the irs audits me every single year.
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rubio or cruz everly spared complete tax return as hillary clinton did last year. both said they'd be willing to be at the other candidates do as well. garrett tenney "fox news." still to come data breach at a huge university. find out how the financial data of 80,000 people might be at risk tonight. kayla: that day that comes only once every four years. how businesses are rolling out
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we developing tonight the financial data and 80,000 people might be compromised. this is after a hacker broke into the university of california-berkeley computer system. university officials say students alumni and current and former employees might he affected. they say right now there's no evidence that any information was stolen but they did notify
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so they can keep an eye on their accounts. attack happened in december right after christmas. university officials are working on tightening up security systems. kayla: a harness safety problem leading to the recall of more than 50,000 children's car seats. take a look at this video that's going to show 3-year-old braden long getting himself out of the evenflo car seat. his mom said she's been complaining for months to the company about how unsafe the seed is but it wasn't until the video they posted on social media took off that parents started paying attention. evenflo said no kids have been injured. they will start sending parts to make sure that kids can escape their seat. bill: that doesn't sound or look good. surveillance camera captured the sound of a hoverboard exploding inside of a chicago house earlier this month. investigators say it battery set off the blast.
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at the time but as you can see the explosion started a fire that quickly spread through one side of the house but according to consumer watchdog group the united states has seen more than 350 hoverboard explosions over the past six months. kayla: leap year comes around once every four years and this year retailers are ready to roll out the leap deals. fox business jerry willis has the details. >> this day comes every four years. today in which the universe realigned itself with our clocks and calendars for this year retailers are hoping the occasion -- or spending dollars. >> you have special events, giveaways, two-for-one specials, two for $29 specials so the list goes on. >> correct this italian gross offering coupons for on line ordering. celebrating their birthday at the hard rock cafe will receive
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before you head out check out things like hashtag leap year were hashtag 29 -- and see what you come up with. you could score some hashtag coupons on your way. leap year babies can take advantage of hotel deals. the forever young package in the georgetown hotel in washington d.c. includes dinner for two complete with her thick cake and champagne. primarily it's a day about drinking and special deals and menus that revolve around leap day. >> several retailers like footlocker best buy and men's warehouse are offering leap day coupon codes. if you miss it. >> it disappears before her very eyes so it gives consumers to jump in and buy. >> jetblue is offering user code winter 16. >> it's all about at the end of
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customers happy and attracting new ones. >> to jerry willis "fox news." new iphone an ipad could be unveiled in about a month. the new phone will have a smaller four-inch screen and a faster chip but is the next generation ipad pro-that's expected to headline the first product announcement here. napa watch and apple pay system are also expected that while apple has not confirmed the news the event is expected to be held march 21 today before apple will face-off against f. e. i overture quest to crack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. bill: hang up the cleats denver broncos quarterback peyton manning will announce his retirement. spending turns 40 years old next month. manning is not expected to continue his football career the broncos. coming off of a super bowl win win for super carolina fans the
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score of 24-10. still a little better out there for some of the panthers fans. >> is going to take a long time to get over that loss.
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the nascar icon be the ti
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decide not to use it curry were shot from curry. hymn what more can you say? seth curry added again the hometown hero throws a game-winning reporter printed a half-point line in the warriors one, 121-118 win over the oklahoma city vendor. it sits 12th of game which tied a single game and be a record. it's just unbelievable. jimmie johnson reaches another milestone on the track. the number 48 team went back-to-back in atlanta to tie one of the all-time greats dale earnhardt on the all-time wins list in seventh place. the quiktrip 500 at atlanta motor speedway jimmie johnson was cruising to an easy victory with three laps to go. more than a 52nd lead on kevin harvard who is in second place. ryan newman had some issues with the left rear of his car. the second caution of the race. johnson headed for an overtime
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johnson -- there's an accident on the back straightaway but johnson is able to make it to the line on the back stretch. jimmie johnson goes back-to-back and honors dale earnhardt -- dale earnhardt winning the quiktrip 500 his fifth win in atlanta. dale earnhardt junior and kyle bush junior ty dale earnhardt for his third cup victory. to make it such an honor and with the chaos in the crash and wondering about overtime i lost sight of that and i remembered my victory lap coming down and had to come by and through a tree out the window to respect the man. a huge void in my crew that i never had a chance to race with him but i'm able to tie his record. >> 76 wins tied with dale all-time. next up for nascar sin city for the cobalt 400.
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vegas motor speedway. the race goes green at 3:30 p.m. in kids be seen here on fox 46. i don't care who's on your team it's tough to win in the nba when you only scored nine points in the first quarter. that's right, nine points but as for the hornets court today in atlanta and that's a challenge they had overcome this afternoon in facing the hogs in atlanta. they trailed by 14 but they would rally in the second half. in the fourth al jefferson gets the wide open jumper. the hawks would pull away from there. atlanta beat charlotte 87-76. not bad for the warriors 7-3 and 3-2. >> the game was won in the first quarter. you build yourself that big a of a hole against your team it's
6:45 pm
if we leave here being happy because we had a road trip we will never be that good of a team. we leave here disappointed because we laid an egg with a chance to go forward, everything starts with that approach. today we were horribly disappointed in that way. we have to change it before tuesday. the report points will return home to host phoenix tuesday at 7:00 p.m.. college hoops controversy at pictures of florida state player and their win on thursday. the panthers up big james robeson a touchdown to break. second half panthers forced a turnover. michael young finishes with a flush 76-62. duke falls to 21-8 overall. acc player of the week his
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he scored 17 of his points in the first half of the cavaliers 79-70 with four win over north carolina.
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22-6 overall record and n yoko ono is home after being briefly hospitalized with the
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the 83-year-old singer went to hospital in new york city after having flulike symptoms. yoko ono is the widow of john lennon of the beatles. as stars arrive on the red carpet hollywood is bracing for a high-stakes showdown during the academy awards. that's after recent controversy over the lack of diversity represented in this year's nominees. it's the second year straight of all-white nominees and the acting category. the omission of actors of color launch the hashtag oscar so white. the movement sparked academy to make changes to his voting -- the hit show gotham returns 8:00 after robin taylor who plays oswald -- gives us a sneak peek behind-the-scenes on the set. >> > om here we go. welcome to the star of our set rated the good thing about it is clear in a giant delving inside
6:50 pm
best thing about this set is all the different windows. they can create any sort of lighting any sort of change from the time of day to the time of year. the other good thing it says you there are many different levels so for example we can have this crazy stuff happening down here and at the same time we can go all the way up here and i'm still in the same room. follow me let's check out some other stuff. this is where edward lives. i don't know if you saw the beginning of season two. he iss rsing back to life on this bed but one of my vote gss in about every set of
6:51 pm
he is a creepy guy. now we are on stage i. we were on stage ii. what's going toto the hospital. welcome to the asylum. here we go. this is an observation room. some nasty stuff goes on here that you will see coming up. here we are in the lunchroom of asylum. this cool thing about about this set come it's hard to telbut 's a swingset which means i it's a set used for multiple purposes. if you look really closely and look at the season this doubles as penguin slayer for the first half of season two. we are about to enter the cave. he's not batman yet. this is where bruce comes out and discovers the work his father had been doing. he found his father's computer all of his secrets.
6:52 pm
room right now. spoiler alert i'm not even going to show that to you. i will show you one more thing. we will go upstairs so follow me. this set in particular is breathtaking. unfortunately a lot of stuff is covered up with plastic acus this stuff is real furniture. they have crazy stuff going on all the time. so many of these things you would never see on sound. you would never for example gotham aesthetics. all of these magazines that are hand-picked. all of the books are real. february 29 mondays at 8:00 on fox. please watch and thank you so
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bye. bo welcome back everybody. the nice weather you had today you will see him tomorrow. you will see for portions of tuesday as well and to prepare for work and school tomorrow layers is the way to go. maybe a jacket to start but
6:56 pm
hit the 10 hours. at night evening 56 to 64 solo feel a lot like it does now. again lots of rain chances this week. a 50% chance on wednesday the tuesday night a chance kicking in late in the day so to say is looking good with highs 67. real cool to six-year wednesday in the cold front back in the mid-50's on thursday. again little changed thursday night, 20% up to 40% friday. not a good-looking weekend. if you want to plan for saturday and sunday to get outdoors you will be able to do it to 60s across-the-board, i like it. >> keep in mind don't get excited where you see long periods of warmer weather. we are still in winter. we have another month. kayla: i after my myself as to
6:57 pm
an odd april. >> marches spring in my mind. thanks for joining us.
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the students of springfield elementary have each created an alternative energy vehicle. one of which will ensure the future of humanity as determined by a short race across the parking lot. (mumbles): yeah, yeah. and now, uh, what is your car powered by, uh, fat little boy? hydrogen-powered fuel cells. ah, hydrogen-- yeah, yes, wonderful. my car is powered by the wind! i keep tell you i'm not a potato. be quiet, hash browns! dad, i'm so excited! i think-- hey, please don't stand so close. in the world of solar power, shadows are the arch-enemy. i think i might win. i believe in you and that's a given. but i don't know. that kid's car has flames painted on the side of it. why would he do it if it wasn't fast? children, start your engines! they're not engines! that's the whole point of this thing! yeah... just go.


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