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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> good evening. i am jenna caizza thanks for joining us tonight. police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead and isn't another to the hospital. it all happened overnight at the post. we're told 24-year-old devin mckey died this morning. his brother, antwan mckey, is in critical condition. sam smith is there with the latest. reporter: police are asking for the public's when this case. the people hope it is solved soon because they have seen enough violence in the area. i talked to some people who were at the legion last night. they didn't want to go on cram but did say everything was fine right up to the shooting they say they were surprised it happened t. they say people were having a good time and
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they told me security kept everyone inside until secured. i talked to a woman who was hosting a birthday party and didn't want what happened to ruin ad's event. a no, because i mean, shall and let somebody else steal my granded's joy. >> reporting in salisbury, sam smith, fox 46, wjzy. >> sam, thanks. at this point, if arrest v been made. we are check our weather. everybody is talking about spring break. i didn't know about you, in the adult world, we do do spring break. it feels like spring, kind of. we corrallish in that. he is bringing up the forecast. hi. meteorologist: know. i want to spring back to the time when we had spring break. that is possible? 20 years. i don't know how long that is.
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we are actually tracking rain. we're not in spring break mode just yet. it has not moved to charlotte. we are seeing the showers moving in here. again essentially across the mountain range. a few showers have dropped down in the foothills. a little bit of rain now. they are pushing toward you. a little bit heavier as it pushes direction. we're weight on that to move into our neck of the next few hours. we have a lot of clouds but not a lot of rain has move in. take your umbrella with you at 7:00 p.m. a little chance of rain. not great. up to 20% at 8:00 p.m. the best time frame is between 9:00 and 10:00. a lot of you guys are going to be out there. here is the good news. that is going to year out. we have a nice week ahead of us. i will show you that in another ten minutes from you no. jenna: thank you, sir. i am off, so i am relying on good weather. thank you. new tonight at 6:00. the tow truck driver is facing serious charges after police say he shot
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that was booted overnight. it all happened on central pacific avenue in south charlotte. police have arrested jarvis simpson and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. the person who was shot took him to the hospital. >> cmpd is investigating after two men were found with gunshot wounds off central avenue. a witness to the sooting at 4800 carriage drive circle called 911 around 11:15 this morning. when police got there t. they found two males with gunshot wound toes head. both were transported to the hospital in serious condition. it is unclear what exactly transpired but police say they do not believe this was random act of violence and they are now looking for a suspect at this time. >> highway papa toll is investigating a deadly crash in rohan county. troopers there say the victim was a race driver from canada who was
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the road in salisbury. he lost control of that eke, ran off the rad, and struck an embankment. the car then flipped and he was ejected the car. then the car rolled on top of him. troopers are not releases hig name at this point. in south carolina, the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash in york county f. the coroner's office tells us johnny anthony of clover died on south highway 161 york this morning. toxicology tests are being conducted tomorrow. >> some new information, tonight, from rock hill after a violent 24 hour in the city. one teenager is dead. four people injured after four shootings plagued that area in a matter of hours. 18-year-old jerryeas harding was shot and killed when someone shot into the car pray day afternoon. the shooting took place after another one that happened thursday night where three people were shot and wounded in a home. none of those injuries were life-threatening.
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and blue, filled the front of the gaston county courthouse today, but it was the confederate flag that folks brought with tem. more than 100 rallied for their right to fly the inning saying it is not racist but a part of american history southern heritage. the group sons of confederate veterans organized this event. >> it is part of our duty, as southerners, as family members of men who kerred america to take a stand and let our voice be heard. jenna: on tuesday, the same group plans to go to rally talking to legislatures with their right to fly that flag. one person is recovering after being shot in elizabeth. according to police, the vick tim was scott at copper creek court. he tried to driveaway then stopped at a parking deck at cpcc and called for help. it all happened just before 9:00 last night. met ks say the victim was taken to the hospital with nonlife
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no word on any arrest in this case. >> and the charlotte fire department dive team will be back in a pond off marwood circle on monday. official as say, they are still searching for a piece of the puzzle they say may help solve a gaston county murder this am the dive team at a pond all day friday. the search is related to the murder of 37-year-old lewis. lewis was killed at large party in gaston county early monday morning. officials would not explain what they are looking for but they did say, it is not a body weapon or anything dangerous. no arrests have been made. in just two days. republican frontrunner donald trump will be bringing the campaign to the charlotte area. trump will be holding a rally in concord monday. his campaign announced friday. the presidential hopeful will host the rally at the event center. that is slated for do in the at noon ahead of north carolina's primary election. the event has some supporters in the area
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has to say, but others argue, they are not ready another chaos, that comes with the campaign. and residents in five states are casting their votes for president today. as hillary clinton, bernie sanders battle it out on the democratic side. three republican hopefuls are looking for ways to stop frontrunner donald trump anticipate know he mentum. fox news correspondent reports. reporter: voters heading to the polls in five states saturday. they have contest in kansas and lou was and ma. republicans in maine and ken tk crile hoing caucuses can as are democrats in the brass. >> they got to be careful. we have to bring things together. reporter: donald trump and closest gop rife alals, cruz and ru bee row, are continuing their verbal counterattacks. >> lying ted and little marco. these are not, this is not presidential material, folks. believe me. these young americans are the chance to
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potential and destiny. they won't have a chance, if a hillary clinton or born ny saners is elected. [cheering and applauding] they won't have a chance purchase the conservative movement is hijacked by someone who is not a conservative. on the democratic side, bernie sanders campaigning unoi, taking a shot at the gop candidate. >> what we are seeing in the republican presidential process is like sixth grade food fight that you see in a cafeteria. >> hillary clinton calling on the gop-run nate to make decision about any supreme court nominee president obama may submit. >> the supreme court is on up the ballot. my name is on the ballot. the supreme court and the future of that court is on the ballot. >> democrats and republicans will have their say on sunday. this weekend's con175 delegates are at stake
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134 for the democrats. in lewiston, maine maine, molly, fox fox news. jenna: up next, i will talk inside of training
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arrives this summer. selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach.
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and created a direct line from our factory to you. saving you hundreds of dollars. >> whether you need new outfit or accessories, you can find a great deal at good will while helping community. a brand-new store opened today in the university area.
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grand opening, got refreshments, a chance to win prizes. this is the 23rd retail store in north and south carolina. the store is open seven days a week. we may soon be able to predict when and where a tornado will hit. researches say they found a link between tornado activity and complicated atmospheric wave patterns that shift every 40 to 60 days the link was fought the test last year and able to predict tornadoes. ten out of 15 times. right now, the system is predict higher than formal tornado ac of through march 19th. that is all just two scientific for me, so i will leave that stuff to chief meteorologist. he is joining us here on saturday night, bringing us the weekend forecast. hi. meteorologist: i will say 10 out of 15. that is really, really good. kind mine, science is always evolving on this. the more we learn. the better off, the safe are we are. still a ways to go. that is very good see that.
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mention, again. showers late today and in through tonight. the good futures is it is much better shape as we get to tomorrow. lots of sun for sunday, and how about this? next week, we'll get early jump on spring! then some. it will be really nice out there for much of next week. looking on track wave we have going on now. we got a cold front that is pushing to the area. don't too concerned. it is not a strong cold front. thunderstorms right that low pressure system but on the bottom em of this. it has to get over the top to do any damage. really, the appalachians, be a lot of time takes the steam out of the cold front. we are expecting to see rain, but at this point. it doesn't look like it is heavy rain, tonight. but as i mentioned. make sure you take umbrella with you. here is what we are expecting the best activity. again, mo where are are we looking for any serious accumulation.
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tenth of an inch of rain up. charlotte showing no rain again. i expect to see a few scattered showers across the area later tonight. 9:00 to 10:00 or 10:00 to 11:00 is the best time to see it materialize. be prepared. again, it should not last too long. i want to point that out. as i mentioned, tomorrow is nice. the last day of the spring home show at the park expo center. 59 there. winds blowing out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. again, tonight. i do want to pint out. we're down to 38 degrees. winds blowing out of the south-southwest at 2 to 5 miles per hour. i know you are taking time off. stick around. anotherten ten minutes were now. will show you how nice it is going to be for most of next week. >> thank, my dear. i plan on put might toes in the stanes somewhere a little warmer. maybe charleston. if cue focus on that area. meteorologist: i will. jenna: thanks. i am expecting my first baby this summer. i have two fur babies at home.
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starts as my dog frank and i learn how to cope with having a baby in the house. >> meet frank. my loving, adorable mastiff who has work to do before the first baby comes throm the hospital. i you time for doggie boot camp. >> hey, how is it going nice meet you. jenna: nice to meet you. thank you. perfect. come oin. so i brought in the expert dog trainer, jason, from canine scholars of char lott. >> have you been doing any training up this point? >> will be honest. we keep it, lay down, b but as far as that foes. we have not tried anything here than that. jenna: i am guessing we
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>> it is never too late. the phases you teach are different. jenna: frank is a good dog, but i may being looing through rose-colored glass like other pet owners. >> some people are oh blisseas and think their dog is amazing and there is lack things which they y they called me. jenna: i am not one of those owners. i a agree, frank are has a lot to handle and has his faults but we have three months to get him into shape before the baby gets here. jason tells me this is a problem a lot of families have. >> if you have good boundaries once again t. the dog and the kid can co exist. jenna: one things important to kind mind. >> the reality is, the gidded kids will come first. soccer practice happen, life gets in the way. wasn't to make sure everything is done for the family. the dog will get neglected for the most part because the children come first at the end of the day so we want to make sure we set up the dogs for success as opposed to thinking that everything is going
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about w both of them. okay. first. let's figure out if frank is doing the right thing when we go for our walks around the neighborhood. >> okay. >> walk to the next hour. then come back f. that is fine. >> at first, frank is not walking obediently. >> good. >> so it doesn't yank you off, right? you have some sort of control with that lash. he is not engaged with you. he he is not worried about where you are floor you are doing. jenna: it is something jason fixed quickly with firm, repetitive action. i want to heel the dog to actively listen which means you got pay attention to where i am going. good. take four to five steps forward. again. stop. good. good. wait. wait. wait. i want you to give it a little leash correction there. a little pop. >> good. >> another pop toward you. >> good. good f. now pet him right there. good. jenna: well, the walking is good. we have a long way to go before frank is able to hang out with the new
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next week, we're tackling phase two. oh, by the way. this is charlie. our other dog. he is relatively perfect, so he doesn't need training. >> all right, guys. in tonight's health watch. the navy is giving another chance to thousands of dal sallors who would have been kicked out for repeatedly failing the physical fitness test. in january, the navy loosened the body fat restrictions now allowing those with failed their exams three teems or more to get one more opportunity to be tested this ving. officials say, the service was losing too many talented sailors. some sailors were resorting to liposuction, diet pill or other measures to save careers. the navy is also considering a larger uniform size for the first time in two decades. >> and it has been called a breakthrough in kansas research. british scientists have discovered a way that may one day allow patients fight can store use their own immune systems to identifying the disease.
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cancer research uk. for the first time. researchers didn't fyked a biological signature found on the surface of every cell in a patient's tumor as well as immune killer cells that are able to zero in on thatting ture. instead of being given toxic chemotherapy. they could be given vaccines made from proteins in the own tumors to activate an immune system response. >> they may be young. you don't want to mess with these girls. how more and more girls and young women are getting into shooting. a it is a story trending out of south carolina. a student now facing charges after allegedly spreading nude photos of
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school. >> a south carolina teen is facing charges tonight for accessing the teach earphone and giving nude k tures of every her.
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private pictures on teacher cell phone. leann arthur says they were supposed to be a romantic jest ture for her husband, but she says a student took pictures of her nude photographs when she left the cell phone on the decks and walked out of the room. the student is now charge voirism for distributing the photo force whoever wanted on-line. arthur hopes the arrest will set example. union county you as this chaim they found other sexual photos on the student's phone. >> the photos of the teacher and also some other photos stolen from other people. >> leann arthur was also threatened with termination by the school board for contributing to student delinquency, the teacher resigned but has the support of thousands who have signed a petition calling for her rein still a of state. new tonight 6:00. a south carolina mom bleed pleading guilty in
6:23 pm
the 21-year-old of lexington pleaded gull toy voluntary manslaughter and has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. in 2012. he threw the boy against the floor and the wall. the doctor testified the boy would have survive fed had gotten medical attention. >> threaped people are lucky to be alive after a car slammed into a south carolina home. authorities say the driver,who was the only person in the car, flipped and crashed into a greenville county home friday morning. two people were inside at the time. the couple telling officials they thought it was earthquake and were startled by the crash. they were not harmed in this incident. the driver was not seriously injured. >> south carolina highway patrol is investigating the cause of this accident. those with young ladies are not messing around. they want to make that clear. they relatively famous in the competitive gun shooting world and now giving men twice the age a run for their money.
6:24 pm
>> at 17 years old. emily robinson is a only pettive u.s. psa action pistol shooter moving with a glock, shooting targets with ease. >> a lot of it is 90% mental. 10% physical. it is really a lot to do with how you think. >> robinson has been competing since 2012 after parent ares, both police officers, in kramerton, started teaching her gun safety. >> they kind of got me started with gun safety when me and my brothers were both three or four. very young. for safety reasons. she's the ap pelf her dad's eye. he is one of the good luck charms who travels to every competition with her. with the biggest smile on his face. >> actually, i brought a little plastic bear, and i like wrote it. it is really weird. >> and those good luck charms work. she was named a national champion last year in her glock active shooter glass giving men and women a run for their money. >> there is quite a few
6:25 pm
a lot of them start at 9:00 or 10:00 or when everthey are strong enough to hold the gun up and control it safely. >> while she is professional. robinson is constantly learning from people she competes with. >> i don't care who you are. can be the best in the world or be started out. you can learn something new at every match. because every match. i don't sheshoot the same people. i shoot with one squad this dy and the next. it depend on ho who shows up. m when she is not learning she is teaching known as the 17-year-old who is always lending a helping hand and the range and trying to be a team player in whatever ways she can. >> you want to be trying to help people and support them when they are shooting and help out on the range and score and do whatever you can on the ran tog help. one young shooter is soaring in her own right. >> she is a role model for me. i want to try to shoot more up to her level. >> she is a 15-year-old competitive shooter who right now prefers the long barrel of a rifle
6:26 pm
ryder takes this support seriously. >> i would admit that. there is nothing wrong with that as listening as you are able to correct your mistake and not too hard on yourself. she is not in it alone. her mom, dad, cyst remember her biggest support group. >> a lot more family orioned that than a lot of people think. i enjoy doing it allow with my family. >> the four of us will come out here. we will spend a rain day, we just saw, all have a good time and mom gets involved. both the girls do. we will come out here. we may be out here for three or four hours just shooting to have a good time. >> as she hones the skill of target shooting. rider is adding to a support that was male dominated and now has become a mixed crowd which people of all ages catching on to this competitive past time. you see a lot of guys at these. i love seeing new girls, no matter their age, and they, i think a lot of them surprise themselves about how good they can soot and how much better they can shoot.
6:27 pm
perfect for this little lady as she perfects the shot and moves ton training for action pistle shoot like her role model emily robinson. >> just pulling that trigger. just coming out here. just doing something that i am passionate about and knowing that my family is behind me, its the greatest feeling in the world. >> emily and mckala are homeschool sod they can travel to competitions to make time for practice. >> what goes around comes around. the kindness of a young boy is spreading across the entire area. meteorologist: we will get a little chance of rain tonight. we had taste of the 70's last week. we'll get a bigger taste next week.
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>> recapping tonight's
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shooting that left one person dead and sent another toll the hospital. it all happened overnight at the post. we're told 24-year-old mckey died this morning. his brother was taken to the winston-salem hospital. he is in critical condition. if you known thing about the shooting, you are asked to contact the police department there. >> and cmpd is investigating after two men were found with gunshot wounds in front of the apartment complex off of central avenue. a on those shootings at 4800 carriage drive circle called 911. when police ride of they found two males with gunshot wound those head. both were transported to the hospital in serious condition. it is unclear what exactly transpired but police say they do not believe this was random act of violence. they are not looking for suspect at this time. >> a sea of red, white and blue filled the front of the gaston county courthouse today but it was the confederate flag that
6:31 pm
f. more than 100 rallied for their right to fly the flag saying it is not racists but a part of the american history and southern heritage. the group sons of organized this event. >> and a boy is all smiles today after his kindness toward police officer last year was recently ac knowledged bid the officer himself. emily collins sat down with both and shows us how a little selflessness can go a long way. >> up until last week, 5-year-olded into idea how ach small donation he made last year really meant. >> do cool tricks and spin around. >> keeper is talking about the remote controlled truck give ton him last week by former police officer anthony white. white says it is a smallk to continue of appreciate for for the $76 donation cooper made to his cancer fund. >> it was advertising in
6:32 pm
they had a lot of, a lot of golf tournaments and different fund-raisers that they did for me. he heard about it. as they were going through the schools and they were doing a little school challenges. >> the yearlong battle with cancer has capp a captivated the entire community not only did they serve on the police force for seven years but left a lasting impression on every person he came in contact with. even those as young as cooper which is why coop ear mom nan says it was no surprise when decided to hand all the birthday money over to sergeant white. pitas gesture she says has installed character in cooper and helps him understand the true value of life. we talked about how expensive it is to get fixed. style sometimes you cannot work. you have medical bills, things like that. he thought about it. you know? he actually said, cane not believe he gave me a present with the money gave him. he should have used that
6:33 pm
now you both cooper ansar gent white are on the whipping end while cooper continues to learn valuable life lessons alongside of the family answered friends. sergeant white continues on his journey toward remission. remaining ever so thankful for each day. and a community filled with people just like cooper. >> i am blessed, i mean. the prayer shall donation, the go fund me paim, you know? all led you up to cooper. >> emily collins, fox 46 wjzy. >> and sergeant white was forced to retire due to the ill trans the police department in january. he is still accepting donations through the gofundme page titled join sergeant's cancer fight. the gel is $50,000. >> really good store think. we have are brian joining us tonight to brings the weekend forecast. i want to get outside do something outdoors. that is all. >> yeah. >> not much to ask. not too much to ask. a well, i tell you what.
6:34 pm
opportunities here over the next week. we take most of the weak off before we start to see rain chances creeping in at the tail end of the week. we got warm air moving in across not only here but as we get to march. you think the spring vacations and travel along the eastern half of the country. weather setting up nicely for us. right now, in charlotte, a little bit of cloud cover out there. i moustly crowdie. we got temperatures, though, still doing okay. we're sitting in the 5050's at 55 degrees. the winds blowing out south-southwest at 9 miles per hour. a lot offed with winds blowing out of the south. that will keep the warm air pumping to the atmosphere and as we continue to track this cold front and that is pushing toward our area and again, so far, not a whole lot of that has reached the lower elevations. however during the north. we continue to see showers. this is! here. this is not the latest. it gets moving. you will see it sitting south of boone. taylorsville, look ry, morgantown, you start to break you.
6:35 pm
to see opportunities. 30 to 40% chance of rain later tonight. all right. here is what is going on over the next few days. we look at the future cast. we got the cold front that pushes through tonight. we put a high pressure were shall sure system. high pressure causes tire sink. when you hit sink air it starts to dollars the sky. that is what is going to happen to us. i will help to warm us up as it scoots do in south to bring the winds out of the south and keep that nice, warm air flowing in. a little moisture attached it to. we see clouds come and go and once we get monday and for a few days but outside of that. really, again, looking at a nice week. now at this time is still chilly tonight with freezing temperatures up to the north. we are going to be in the upper 30's-40's to get to the south. and then tomorrow, we see those high temperatures in the 50's-60 than the lower elevations. upper 40's in the north and let's check out the extended forecast and how about this jenna. we're sunny on sunday. we're at 59 and jump top 64 on monday. we hit the 70's starting on tuesday.
6:36 pm
most of the week. we do see some chances for rain rolling in here on thursday fight. a 20% chance. again, another 30% chance ever rain on friday. how do you like this nice looking week, flight yeah. like adult spring break where you enjoy the sunshine. from a distance. >> start talking it. we start getting that cough calling in stick to work. >> exactly. thanks. >> pickup drivers, listen up. the kips announcing some shores with the car that could affect the safety on thed radios. stick with us. >> and you got spring fever inwe do. well, it is closer for some than others. vip break is right around then cooer for students so we break down the most popular destination. [laughing] honey, you gotta see this! time warner cable now makes your internet do more. honey! [laughing] honey? our ultra-fast internet with home wifi keeps your devices connected, [laughing] anywhere in your home. [laughing] honey, have you seen this video?
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discover how much more is included. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc. time warner cable. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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jenna: in tonight's business watch. apple has a new ally be the encryption fight. the united states is backing the tech giant's refusal to back to the the iphone of one of the san bern ma dean though terrorists.
6:39 pm
court order mandating apple to write software that would override the fon's pass cord an order apple has resisted. the united nations top human right owes physicianal says the fbi is asking ap foal make security and privacy of millions of people vulnerable to oppressive governments and criminals. official as are calling the software a pandora's box and gift for hackers. >> a successful case against apple in the u.s. set a precedent that may make it impossible for apple or any other major international it company to safeguard the privacy and anywhere in the world that is potentially a gift to authoritarian ridge ems a as well as criminal hackers. >> the fbi contends the iphone contains crucial evidence in the investigation of the terror attacks and that apple's encryption technology blocks law enforcement's ability to gather intel he gence on
6:40 pm
>> and if you drive a ford f-150 pickup. you ma i want to listen to this. the government is looking into reports of brakes failing on the truck. the probe covers about 420,000 vehicles from the 2013 and 2014 model years. some drivers reporting the pedals can go to the floor the complete loss of brake. ford says it takes customer safety seriously and will coop brate the investigation. the ford's f series pickups the top-selling vehicle in the u.s. >> you may notice some changes the next time you head to movies. amc theater is buying car mic cinemas. the billion dollar deal creating the largeest chaun in the country. it will cater to millions of new customers and amc currently owns and operates with more than 350 theaters nationwide including right here in charlotte. they have a little over 250 theaters in generally mid-size come thins.
6:41 pm
the higher end experiences such as plush rekinds to location. >> today's weather is getting us excited for warmer temperatures just in time for spring break. students at families are preparing for vacation while the top spring break destinations are orlando and cancun, some new destination nations are emerging including houston and paris. >> the average airfare prices are down 15% compared to spring break 2015 and the rates are up 8%. and people are paying a little bit less for the flight and people are really looking for places this year are that may be they can drive to the one tank of gas. one tank of gas trip. so they are going to be big in year as well. >> and just so you know, the first official day of spring is march 20th. >> and we were all talking about as adults
6:42 pm
>> that is what happened. >> who are these college and high school kids that go to paris for spring break. i know, right? >> i could barely go home. let alone paris. i got see my parent is a lot during ving break. the final day of the reg rar season and college hoops.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
coming up next in reporter: welcome back, everyone. the final dave the regular season of
6:45 pm
some big games on the schedule before tournament time. north carolina be a duke just tipping off. we have rules from that game tonight at 10:00 but let's start things off with nc state a down year for them but trying to finish things off on a high note at notre dame. >> ruping the break. over to barber. left alone for three. it is good! and the cat ties it up at 63. >> acc leading score barber keeping the wolfpack in the game almost single-handedly. cat on the prowl once gain. gets the bucket and the foul. the game high 29 to him. but the irish they pull away late. the failed ale a alley-opp attempt guess the other which and turns into a three for dy miteas jackson. notre dame hold tons win this one 89-7 a. just say with four. grant them a sot. woe. oh, no! oh. >> there is a buzzard
6:46 pm
one! it town. just at the buzzard. then he has the mean mug going that was a filthy dunk, though. give him credit to that one. one. of the looked back. up 17 at the break and go ton win 56-50. boston college 0-18 and acc play on the season f. yeah. the crowd that says it all. >> moving ton senior day at davidson. brian sully vann one of four wildcats playing the final home game the third leading scorer got things going rooting i way hitting the first jumper of the game. now payton aldridge just the sophomore but a big part of what the team does and he is a second leading ser on the team and finished with 18 afternoon and speaking of important players. the junior so lethal knocked done the jumper. 31 on the day for him. but back to sullivan. was his day. senior day. even when gets fouled on the jumper. it still goes in.
6:47 pm
wildcats get the win 87-80. next up to them. the a10 tournament. to the npa go for the first time. the charlotte hor nots complete thet season sweep of the pacers 101-101 victory last night at time warner areen inna. he continues to shine and the breakout season going for 33 points and ten assists. nick chipped in with 31 marking the first time that two hornet players have gone over the 30-point mark the same game since 2013 and the team has won nine of the last 11 games? are right. we have a chance to do something. we have a chance to, you fo he, accomplish alo lot and that is right. we got to be right night in, night out 48 minutes a game. we don't have the type of guys on this team, you know, we are not the type of teem go out to play half which and decide the last time okay we are going to play hard. we don't have that type of team. we got to play night in and night out. >> them a is back in
6:48 pm
home against the timberwolves. to nascar we go t. the sprint cup series rolls in to loss investigate was in weekend on sunday. kurt busch bush will be on the pole after posting the fassest time during qualifying last night. joey logano will start in this race and kevin harvick is the defending calmian in investigate gas and look repat the dominant performance on the west coast swing and revisited victory lane in investigate gas in and was the runner up at the auto club last year. other drivers to watch this weekend. martin truex jr. going her to third straight top ten finish and jimmie johnson attempts to pass sr. for the possession of seventh place this. the cobattle 400 is
6:49 pm
seen here i your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't.
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afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with
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>> the author behind the bestselling novels has died at the age of 7. pat conroy drew upon the abusive childhood in years spen in south carolina for most material. fox news has more with a look back at his life. >> he died friday night at home in buford south carolina surrounded by friends and family. the 70-year-old announced last month he was bat ling pan tree it aic cancer the pilaffed american author is best known for fiction work look the gray santini
6:52 pm
other bestsellers look the lords of discipline. in all the books sold more than 20 millionle worldwide. the read remember fell in love with the deeply personal style of writing each of the novels were handwritten influenced by the troubled downbringing in south carolina at the hands of abusive father living in a frank ture famedly. he once said in interview. one of the greatest gifts you can get as writer to be born into unhappy family. donald patrick conroy was born on october 26th, 1945 in atlanta, georgia. he was the eldest of seven children and he grew up in a military family attend 11 schools in 12 years his fathers with a marine i have a it a are and military hero who pat says physically abused his family forcing in the citadel. south carolina's state military college. his brash military upbring inspired the first novel the great santini and the father's real life nickname.
6:53 pm
enraged the family but brought peace between the father and him. >> four of conroy's novels were made in the oilholelywood movies. two were oscar nominated films including the great san continue ny and the most successful book the prince of tide in 1991 starring and directed by barbara stries sand. in a statement stries sand stated in part. the natural language was poetry and wrote sentences that there. he observed every nuance of human behavior and dug deep down for the truth presenting all the stubborn complexity. the meat green author lead leaves behind wife,
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
in new york, breyian >> the story had know laughing because the dog won't laugh w me. this dog does weigh more than that. this dog had to drive a semi truck. customers at minnesota gas station saw a golden lab bra dorr retriever a i pears to drive the semi across the road on friday. police say the truck was put not a ger and went through a parking lot across the street and over a you shall curb. a passerby discovered the dog sitting in the driver's seat when he jumped into the truck to stop it. that is hilarious. very funny. >> yeah. my dog trying to do that. i got a stick shift and afraid she will put it out of gear. i hope that doesn't happen as well. hi, guys.
6:57 pm
you will see this we have got pretty nice week ahalved us here. we got temperatures warming up nicely. 59 and again a little chance for rain tonight. we will hit the 70's and keep it there for monday, our weather tuesday through saturday. >> yeah. >> beautiful weather. i love it. spring fever. >> yeah.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
yeah. let's think this through. if we ask corporate for that, then... they are either gonna say... yes or no.
7:00 pm
we don't know what they are going to say. think it through! we have to think it through. because if they say no... can we not? no--yes, we have to. you know why? 'cause i don't like to be cooped up in that office. in that box all day long. heisman! because i need to think. okay, jim? oh, kevin! oooh! [michael laughing] ugh! nice catch. mm mm mm mm. oscar! intercepted. right here. give it to me. phyllis, give me the ball. okay, give me the ball. you guys... creed, give me the ball right now. give it to me. ryan. aaaah! aaaaah! fumble! yeah! (michael) all right, hey, dwight! whoo! hut hut hut hike! (michael) you all right, ryan?


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