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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 2, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. a tornado warning was just issued for parts of maryland. we have a live look at what's happening. bernadette? >> this is not the first warning today, but a new one just issued for dorchester county. let's switch over. tornado warning, this storm coming in from off the bay. there's some rotation and
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that's why they're calling for a tornado warning for these areas. we want to take you on a track starting to move away from church creek, moving about 15 to 25-mile-per-hour. very moderate speed.
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a lot of damage from yesterday. we're going to keep you updated, but for now over to adam. we'll check back with you. severe weather did strike earlier. cecil county was under a tornado warning earlier, and some folks there swear they've experienced very bad weather there. wic >> all of a sudden it sounded like the house got tore up. >> that storm comes one day
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after we learned not one, but two tornados touched down in maryland on friday. in other news this weekend, the military has recovered the remains of lieutenant spiker. his fighter jet was shot down at the start of the gulf war and now we have the final chapter for wjz. >> the only american unaccounted for from the gulf war has been found. the remains were found buried in the iraqi desert. it really does mean something to us. i'm just sorry we couldn't bring him home alive. >> these are some of the last pictures of spiker. >> i'd like to say hello to my wife, joanne, my son, michael and megan. >> he was shot down in the first few hours of the war. defense secretary dick cheney announced his death to the world. >> there's been a single american aircraft lost that involves a single casualty. >> his body had never been
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found. three years later when the wreckage was found, a cockpit marines recovered enough bones and skeletal fragments to make a positive identification. >> the spiker family pushed the pentagon to find out exactly
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what happened, saying learn more about three american hikers currently being detained in iran. they were reportedly hiking when they crossed into the border into the territory. one of the missing has been identified as joshua fatal of pennsylvania. breaking news right now, two men shot late this afternoon. police say an 18-year-old and 47-year-old man war on allendale avenue. the 18-year-old died from his injuries. an unknown male fled on foot. they believe he may have gotten into a white mini van that had blue stripes and dark tinted windows. anyone with information is asked to call police. public pools are the major hotspots in the warm weeks of summer.
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one family is trying to remind people about the importance of swimming pool safety. eyewitness news is live with this story. more on the story and hoping to accomplish. >> reporter: children under 14, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death. that's why one family is turning their personal loss into a warning. conner was just five years old when he drowned in the country club swimming pool in 2006. a terrible tragedy that his mother hopes people learn from. his death spawn had the conner cares foundation, pushing for stronger regulation and monitoring of maryland's pools. there are many working to pass new laws that would require more life guards. the other bill would require a defibrillator at all public
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pools that life guards are trained to use. a statistic connor's family would like to see changed. >> you can teach life saving techniques, drown proofing, things we can do for our children to prevent further drownings. >> reporter: both of the pool safety bills will be reintroduced to maryland lawmakers this january. we're live in baltimore, eyewitness news. derrick, thank you. in the past funding has been the challenge, but others saying you can't put a price on saving a life. baltimore county police say they're seeing an alarming trend in motorcycle thefts, the thieves also stealing the get away vehicles. >> reporter: stolen mini vans with ripped off motorcycles in the back. they're seeing more of this,
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especially in the last few weeks. a crime trend that involves bikes and a get-away vehicle. >> they'll tear the back seat out and then go looking for a motorcycle, pick it up and throw it in the back of the mini van and they're off. >> reporter: this owner has seen it happen. >> if you park your bike and they like your bike, they get four or five guys and slide pipes through, pick the bike up and shove it in the van and they're gone within 30 seconds. >> reporter: the first step is to make sure their bike is under lock and key, but many may have to go one step further to make sure their prized possessions don't roll off without them. >> to be wedged in between two cars or car and building to make it more difficult, anything that delays, they're going to go someplace else. >> since mid july there have been many thefts or attempted robberies of mini vans. a tracking device is critical.
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>> it's an emotional thing for customers. our bikes, we're close to them. it's part of our lifestyle. >> reporter: darryl runs the harley-davidson store and says some customers are surprised about the trend. >> they don't until it happens to them or someone they know. a lot of us ride together. if someone gets hurt, the word gets out. >> police say mini van owners should park their vehicles in a secure garage or well lit place and remove the keys. once again, a big home run. today wjz and a lot of familiar faces were collecting food for
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the food drive, part of the continuing community commitment to help in the cause. thank you for stopping by. we do have a tornado warning in effect for parts of maryland. >> it has been another wild weather day. first warning doppler radar, tornado warning in effect for dorchester and wicomico county making its way off to the east. nothing has been spotted on the ground, but there is rotation in some of the areas along this line. if you live in one of these areas, get to your safe spot. the storm is coming about 20- mile-per-hour. we'll have a complete weather wrap up and the rest of what's going on coming up. we'll check back with you in a few minutes. also coming up, tonight a summertime concert turns deadly. how storms brought this musical festival to a screeching halt. an act of revenge you're not going to believe.
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what three women are accused of doing to the man he was dating at the same time.
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there's a tornado warning in effect until 7:00 in dorchester and wicomico county. there's one coming in from the south and west and they're coming together that's where the concern is that there could be a tornado. we're going to take you in a little closer to area.
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it's moving off to the east. this is the line we've been tracking. if you're in any one of these locations, get to your safe spot now. there's a tornado warning in effect until 7:00. adam. bernadette, thank you. in other news one person dead, dozens injured after a stage collapse in canada. it happened at a country music festival. 75 people were hurt, 21 of them taken to hospitals. actor kevin costner were trapped underneath for a time. false imprisonment charges after they assaulted a man accused of dating all of them at the same time. one of the women lured a man into a motel room, tied him up and called the other women, beat the man, crazy glued some of his body parts together.
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one of them accused includes his wife. it appears there's a new strain of hiv. researchers in france say a woman from the african nation has a strain of the disease that is much different than the other three. officials say this type appears to be closely related to a form of virus recently discovered in wild gorillas. as bernadette has been telling you, there's a tornado warning in effect. we'll have the latest when we come back. r ur
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trilipix. there's more to cholesterol. get the picture. welcome back, everybody. let's get right to first warning doppler radar. a tornado warning in effect for dorchester and wicomico counties until 7:00. about 12 more minutes here.
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there's a few parts of this thunderstorm we're concerned with. where the two cells came together is right here. we also want to take you a little bit further down to the southwest where there's brighter colors at this point. we've seen that pop up just over the last few frames. you can see in these areas heading to elliot, possibility of hail, damaging winds and potential for tornado. there has been rotation reported by radar of all of this coming together that it could possibly produce a tornado. we've not had any confirmation of anything out of the sky. it's just on radar, but that is enough. if you live in these areas you want to get to your safe spot right now. what we're going to do does take you on a track here. as we head down this line, we take you out, we're going to see salisbury in probably the next 10 minutes. the hail could be coming down,
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but the worst is probably 15 to 20 minutes away. wicomico and dorchester county until 7:00 a tornado warning. we just dropped our flood warning for the beaches. we've had a lot of rain down there. because of that what we want to do is go back to first warning doppler and show you the rainfall amounts we've seen around the area because they're incredibly impressive. a lot of rain with these storms today. we're going to take you back. when you see the first warning switch. these are the storms.
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another thing i want to show you, when we take it through in time, that gets out of here and then there's another one that's going to come later in the week. the forecast for tonight, strong thunderstorms out there. they'll start to calm down overnight. tomorrow a quieter day. with the five-day forecast we can show you we warm it up, but another round of storms wednesday and another on friday. the tornado warning is in effect until 7:00. if you live in that area, and it is safe to do so, only if it
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is safe, we're asking if anyone has pictures of the weather, go itard to breathe.
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or high blood pressure before taking advair. we had a great day, grandpa! we sure did. ask your doctor how advair helps improve lung function for better breathing. (announcer) find out how to get your first full prescription free at hello, everybody. ravens wide receiver derek may son back to work today. doing gone sweaty at training camp less than three weeks after number 85 announced his retirement, he's back in uniform. may son, the unretired veteran doing what he does best, causing major problems for defenders. he's catching passes and 100 percent committed now days. >> i had an opportunity to reevaluate and talk to people. we felt that it was best for me to finish this thing out.
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i think it sends a good message, you know, to my children, you know, to finish what you started. >> what a worrisome weekend for the orioles, with a capital w. they fall to boston. allowing six runs, lasting an inning and a third. the o's scored six in the third. bringing home the his man. out of the game, and boston sweeps the o's, the final 18- 10. in golf. >> to say we didn't pitch well is an understatement.
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kept fighting, tried to put somebody out there that could do it. it wasn't our day. >> it sure wasn't. elsewhere, diff'rent strokes for different folks at the world swimming championships in rome, italy. won by team usa including michael phelps. they won it, won the gold in a new world record over germany and australia. phelps earns his fifth gold medal. tiger woods wins, funk wins, and mora is upset about being benched. we'll have more on that at 11. thank you. be sure to watch "without a trace" at 10 immediately followed by the news. it looks like the storm is starting to creep into salisbury. >> it is. if you live in the area you know the lightning has begun.
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i want to show you the radar before we go. this storm is moving to the east at about 20-mile-per-hour, the center still to the west. these are the areas, the warning in effect until 7:00. we'll be here through the evening also updating we'll have the latest if anything gets extended or anything new comes out. it's probably going to head to the shore. we'll keep you posted right here at and have updates on our website. if you have any pictures and
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