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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 8, 2009 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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on the job -- a stunning report. the nation's unemployment rate declines for the first time in 15 months. a temporary blip or is the country's long national nightmare coming to an end? taliban on the run. one of the most feared tris is dead. are they simply regrouping for more? 52 zoos in 52 weeks. so how does a family afford an exotic safari at the height of the recession? simple answer.
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one dodge caravan, 22,000 miles and a ride on the wild side. and the agony of defeat. what one body part do women hate most? stomach? huh-uh. hips? don't think so. it's the feet and we're offering a cure early today august 8, it's the feet and we're offering a cure early today august 8, 2009. captioning funded by cbs welcome to an "early show" on a saturday morning. it is a beautiful day in manhattan. hopefully it's a great day wherever you are. welcome, i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erica hill. i wish you could watch chris wiggle when you sees video of feet. there's a lot of flip-flop season left. >> 50% of women say if they could change one body part, it
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would be their feet. we'll come up with a couple of cures if you really hate your feet. i'll not a foot person. >> we'll make them look better. not only that we're tackling the cottage cheese thigh. your cellulite, it's out of here. can you believe it's 50 years since the iconic photo of the beatles on abbey road. there it is. they're barefoot. >> the horror. can you make it? >> the connection. a top story. a positive sign for the nation's troubled economy. for the first time in 15 months the number of people losing their jobs slowed last month. president obama said friday the economy is headed in the right direction. so things are looking up, right? maybe not. more than 14 million people were out of work and some have just stopped looking. anthony mason reports. >> reporter: stocks surged as the unemployment rate dipped. the dow gained 113 points on the
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promising job numbers. 240,000 jobs lost in july. still bad news but getting better. >> we're losing jobs at less than half the rate when i took office. >> reporter: more than a third of those unemployed, 5 million people, have been out of work for more than six months. that's a record. >> what industry are you? do you have a copy of your resume? >> reporter: 1,000 people turned out for a job fair in new york this week, sponsored by >> you would be responsible for relocation -- >> reporter: alice was recruiting for a small mortgage company. in the latest survey of job postings on the internet, is beginning to see a turn in some industries. retail, the energy sector and transportation all showed small growth last month. along with government hiring. >> i think we're hitting bottom. we're not bouncing up yet.
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that's a little ways in the future. >> reporter: if the trend continues, the economy could begin to create jobs again by the end of the year. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> joining us to discuss the better than expected unemployment numbers and their affect on the economy is karen finerman, ceo of metropolin capital and contributor on cnbc's "fast money." people see the uptick and they want to know if the recession is over. >> i don't know if there's one single tiny data point that says the recession is over. i think there's a mosaic definitely building of pieces of data that are positive. you're starting to see manufacturing numbers improve. this is clearly a good number, the employment number. this is one people focus on and gets headlines. the thing that's important about that is that helps so much psychologically. when you hear things are getting better, when you see the unemployment rate actually go down. i think there's so much to the
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economy that's psychological. so it is self-fulfilling in some ways. >> that's what i was getting at. people hear these numbers, they see the stock market on the rise, they think, now maybe we're making our move. the president says, the tough part is behind us now. does that play a huge factor in how the economy can make a comeback? >> if you look at where we were when the administration first came in, the financial world was on the edge of absolute collapse. we have solved that. that is really important so that we -- the banking system will not fail now. >> you know, that would -- on the front page of "the times," the economy turns, washington looks good. ben bernanke, timothy geithner, do you think they did the right thing? >> i saw what they did, i saw the financial edge we were on and they came up with this stress test plan and it worked. they addressed the situation and said, we have a plan to
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capitalize banks that are undercapitalized. a one-shot plan that this is the way every bank will be dealt with. not the very sort of ad hoc way the prior administration had dealt with things. and they were able to get people to believe, all right, there's a plan here, private capital felt comfortable, coming in, buying bank stocks. that helped to support the banks. they are healthier now. >> let's talk about the unemployment numbers, though, a downtick but could there be an uptick next month? have we turned the corner or could things potentially get worse? >> i think a lot of things happened so that there was a lot of noise in the numbers, the auto sector and that has abated. it could tick up, certainly, but the trend, the rate of decline has dramatically turned. >> 400,000 people who just stopped looking. do we see a reflection in these numbers as well that not exactly what it seems? >> we don't see that in these
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numbers. that's the shadow unemployed, if you will. but vb knows about that. economist have had that factored in already, right? so that to then pin the higher number -- the lower number, rather, the better unemployment number, on the idea of, well, you'reot counting everyone who was looking for work, they weren't doing that before anyway. so i think this is a very positive piece of data. >> great. that is the news everybody is waiting to hear and wanted to hear for so long. karen, thank you. erica, over to you now with more of this morning's news. >> i like ending on a positive note there. it is hard to believe but a lot of kids are heading back to school on monday. while parents may be busy shopping for notebooks and pencils, they're also concerned about keeping their kids safe from the h1n1 flu. now we have new recommendations for schools on the virus. joining us to talk about the new guidelines, pediatrician ivana lavigne.
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a few changes for parents. the first one, what to do if your child is sick and when to keep them home. >> right. that's a really good question because i think parents need to be educated in order to minimize the spread of h1n1 in the community. if your child has a fever over 100 or if your child is coughing, sneezing, just doesn't feel well, it's a good idea to keep them home until they're fever-free for 24 hours. >> before we were hearing seven days. now we're reducing it to hours and fever-free. >> right. we now have information from what happened in the spring of 2009. we have new guidelines made to minimize the spread of the virus and also enable people to go to school, go to work and really maintain their regular activity. >> which brings up the next piece of information that we're getting, which concerns school closures, which were really tough on a lot of families when they happened last spring. >> that's right. now we know that closing down the schools doesn't really help prevent the spread. we need to really do things that
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will. and the things that will is teach children how to wash their hands properly. i tell children to either sing happy birthday twice or the a, b, cs so they get a full washing in. it's important to teach kids to cover their mouths and their noses when they sneeze. not with their hands, but with their sleeve or into a tissue. >> things that make a huge difference. >> in the spread of the infection, absolutely. >> that's part of the prevention. when it comes to the vaccine, there are also new guidelines about who should get the vaccine, but it's not available until october. >> the vaccine is currently in development. it's important people get the regular seasonal influenza vaccine as well as h1n1 vaccine. the target area are those from 6 months to 24 years old. >> can and pregnant women. that and the regular flu vaccine because this particular vaccine does not protect against the regular flu. >> that's exactly right. >> what about if your child end
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up with the h1n1 flu, the tamiflu, is it okay to race to your doctor and say, i need tamiflu? >> most i saw was mild and kid got better within a few days. we're deciding whether or not to treat kids with tamiflu, based on underlying conditions, their age, exposure to newborns that are too young to get the vaccine. you have to take the whole picture in perspective. it's so important not to panic. >> doctor, great to have you with us. thanks. chris, over to you with our other top stories. >> thanks. a major victory on the war on terror. pakistan officials tell cbs news that the islamic militant group highest ranking official in the country was killed by a missile strike. while u.s. officials wait for dna confirmation the white house says pakistanis are safe if he is dead. terrorism expert neil
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livingstone joins us from washington on what this means. good morning. >> good morning. >> are-s this statement true, is the world a safer place now that massoud dead? >> yes, head of the 13 taliban groups in pakistan, whose vision of what they wanted to do with the country was essentially to force it it back into the eighth century, these were people that burned down women's schools -- girls schools because they didn't feel women deserved an education. they were carrying out attacks that -- against western hototel and were behind the assassination of former prime minister benazir bhutto. >> i want to talk to you about that. how big of a blow is this to taliban? i've heard this is what bin laden is to al qaeda, the death of this man. >> this man was probably more important to the taliban than bin laden is. bin laden is symbolic today and
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marginalized. massoud was the operational chief of the taliban. he was directing the war against the pakistani government. and he's going to be very, very hard to replace. >> how big a victory is this for the obama administration, do you think? >> well, i think it's a significant victory for the obama administration. at a time when they've come under attack from republicans as well as some democrats for, perhaps, too weak on the issue of terrorism and having a muddled policy. so i think in this case, the obama administration can take some credit. >> is the taliban the kind of organization -- will they have other leaders that will be ready to step in place and assume the same majt massoud did or will this take a while? i'm trying to figure out how big of a figure head this was and how it disturbed the hierarchy of the taliban. >> massoud is irreplaceable in
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the short term. maybe one of his subcommanders can move up and take over that role and eventually have the same amount of power and the same effectiveness. but it's going to take some time. during that period of time, the taliban is going to be very vulnerable and, quite frankly, many of those guys who are next in line have to be wondering, do we really want to take this job if suddenly we're going to be attacked, you know, by a predator someplace. it may be a very short job tenure. >> let me ask about this. you were close with benazir bhutto. what led massoud to mastermind her assassination? >> benazir was western educated, she represented a modern vision of pakistan. she was very pro-western. everything she was massoud hated. and he saw her as probably the most serious enemy to his vision of what pakistan should be. and now, of course, her husband,
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preside is in power. i'm sure for him this represent a great measure of closure. >> thank you for your expertise this morning. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. now it's time to turn to david with a look at other stories making headlines. priya, good morning. >> good morning to you. the health care reform debate has taken an ugly turn. north carolina congressman brad miller has receivequote, instigate town halls so they can show up and disrupt them. funerals are scheduled today for the three women gunned down by george sodini at a pittsburgh health club. the services follow a prayer vigil friday. nine others were injured in tuesday's attack when sodini
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open fire in a dance class before killing himself. in our next hour we'll have an exclusive interview with one of the survivors of the shooting spree. the family of tv pitchman billy mays is considering getting an independent review of the autopsy. the core another said cocaine led to his heart attack and he used the drug a few days before he died. mays' relatives say they were not aware of any nonprescription drug use by mays. the autopsy found powerful prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs in his system a long with alcohol. mark sandford will soon have the official residence all to himself. his wife and four sons moved out of the mansion on friday. in june the governor talked about an affair with aan argentinean woman who he called
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her soul mate. his wife and family will continue, quote, healing the family. here's something you don't see every day. secretary of state hillary clinton at a gala dinner at the restaurant in kenya, getting down on the dance floor. literally, there. it looks like she's having a good time. kenya is the first stop on secretary clinton's first stop on african tour. in 2000 you may recall a kenyan city councilman offered 40 goats and 20 cows for chelsea clinton's hand in marriage. 16 after the hour. let's go over to lonnie quinn for a first look at the weather. >> looking good. we are going to start seeing big-time summer weather here in the northeast. we haven't seen it this summer. this is the biggest story on this map. it's that little "h" right there. i'm starting to see the formation of a bermuda high. normally i see that filling in sometime in union.
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this year took until august. the heat and humidity on the way for the northeast. more so tomorrow and especially come monday. the other big story, a racing stripe of wet weather extending from the ohio valley out to the central rockies. it separates the warm air, which is going to be south of that, i'm talking big-time heat for texas and oklahoma, temperatures in the triple digits, from the cooler canadian air and where those two air masses clash, that's like chris said at the top of the show, wherever you today, you make it a great looking day. the heat and muhammad on the way to the northeast like i was talking about. >> i'm so excited.
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>> guess who really loves the beach now? >> wragge? >> you think? >> it wasn't the tan that gave it away. coming up, heroes come in all sizes. wait until you hear what this little boy did and why this young man is lucky to be alive. also ahead, the bottom line on the latest weapons of mass destruction. has the solution to cellulite arrived? ñ
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welcome back. clayton remembers he was vacuuming his pool and in the backyard next door 11-year-old was playing on his swingset when he heard an unusual splash. the man was having a seizure. thanks for, here. we appreciate it. david, let me start with you. how did you know what to do? what did you hear?
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take me through it. what happened out there. >> well, it was me and my sister and two -- and liam'shildren on the swingset. i heard a big splash. one of liam's kids saw him lock up and have a seizure. and so i saw him start going under water. so i ran to the deck, because i saw one of the other kids running. but he didn't go in the pool. he went to get 911. so i just reacted, i guess. >> well, what's it like, hailed a hero right now? i know, obviously, you're credited with saving liam's life. how is this new title? how are you wearing it? >> well, all the attention was kind of surprising at first. i mean, i -- on wednesday i thought i was really doing good when i got front page in the -- in the local newspaper. but then all the news stations started showing up. and now i'm on "the early show," so -- >> not bad, huh?
8:22 am
>> so i guess the attention is -- it came quick. >> happy birthday to you yesterday because i know yesterday was your birthday. liam, let me ask you. no offense to you. sitting there looking at the both of you, you're twice the size of this young man. he was able to pull yourom harm's way out of this pool when you had this seizure. how miraculous was this that he was there to hear you go into the pool and then save your life? >> i must admit, it wasn't just david. it was -- it was his father and his mother also that went in after me. so i have to shout out to them. and to north saddleboro police and emts who were there to help me out. >> how quickly were you to thank everyone, and when you find out exactly what had had happened, it must have been reassuring to know that you've got some good neighbors there. >> quite. i think we picked the right neighborhood to move into. and the boys definitely picked the right friend. >> would you able to talk
8:23 am
relatively quickly after you were released from the hospital? were you able to go up to david and say, hey, thanks? >> as soon as i got out of the car in the driveway, i made a beeline for their back deck and thanked them all. gave his father a big hug. >> david, let me ask you, did you get anything for your birthday that stand out? any rewhat ard for a job well d? >> i had a big didn'ter and i got a lot of presents i wanted to. >> did i hear correctly, did you get a puppy? >> on the day of my birthday we ent up to northwestern mass and picked out the puppy we wanted. it's going to come home in the end of august. >> you deserve it. take care of that puppy. take care of yourself, too. thank you for taking the time in joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. erica, over to you. >> what a great story. quite the kid. we are calling this a weapon of mass reduction. a new cellulite treatment that
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promises to end those lumps and bumps once and for all. does it really work? we'll put it to the test live right here. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
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this morning we're launching a little something we call to call our weapons of mass destruction at a woman's
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fiercest enemy, cellulite. it strikes 80% of us girls in our lives. maybe you've tried everything, the lunges, the squats and your cellulite still won't disappear. there's something called smooth shape that claims to smooth out the lumps and bumps once and for all. does it work? this dermatologist uses this on patient like susan who has been having treatments for the past month. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> why don't my lunges and squats and low fat diet work? >> because cellulite is resistant to diet and exercise. half is fat and half it really the fact that the skin is anchored down by little fiber strands so the fat pushes up, the strand pull down and you get sort of the cottage cheese appearance. >> and the strand aren't going anywhere. there's this new machine we're going to put to a test. we should point out, you're not a spokesperson for this. why did you think you needed it in. >> after four children and dieting and exercise, i realized it was hereditary and i needed
8:27 am
some help. >> you're going to have your last treatment, eighth treatment, live on the show. i'll let you get started. we'll check in with both of you in a little bit. i'll put my glasses on. the eighth and final treatment. then we're going to check back and see whether or not it's really working and getting rid of those lumps and bumps t
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guess which body part women hate the most? there's your clue. this morning we have the cure for your most embarrassing feature, your feet. welcome to "the early show," i'm erica hill, also "ac 360." >> when you're doing "ac 360" does it smell like it does here? we need ventilation. >> you're not a foot man, are
8:31 am
you? >> it's all right. >> we'll make it much better. coming up in a couple minute -- >> my platform when i run for miss america. 52 zoos, 52 weeks. weet the family that took a ride on the wide side. the big question, how could they aordinary ford it? we'll answer it. >> look at the cool pictures. i didn't know you could get that close to a giraffe. also ahead this half hour, the son of a musical icon blagz his own trail, crosby loggis, the new cd sounds great. i picked him out of a crowd. >> uncanny. great you're with us. let's get to priya david with another check of the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the alleged mastermind behind last month's suicide bombings at two american hotels in jakarta reportedly has been killed. local media say noordin mohammed
8:32 am
top was killed during a 16-hour siege on a suspected militant hideout. noordin is believed to have played an important role in bombings in 2002. this comes as a cia missile strike against a taliban pakistan chief is called a success. cbs was told massoud was killed wednesday. a dozen northwest airline jets had equipment malfunctions that made it impossible for pilots to know how fast they were going. it also seemed to have played a role in the crash of air france off the coast of brazil. all involved planes made with sensors made by talis corp. a home run by alex rodriguez put an end to a 15-inning pitching duel in yankee stadium last night. the game lasted 5 1/2 hours.
8:33 am
it was new york's fifth straight win, giving them a 4 1/2 game division lead over boston. those are the headlines. time for another check with lonnie of the weather. hey, lon. >> hey, priya. priya, just out of curiosity, did you stay up all fight to watch the red sox/yankees game? >> yes, you know me so well. that's what i was up doing, watching baseball. >> i love priya. i was watching the game. we have a birthday girl in the house because you are officially today a teenager. happy 13th. what's your name? >> ervine. >> i like that. 70s in north western england, then down to the 90s for the southeast. the west coast, the northwest behaving more like the northwest with temperatures in the 70s as opposed to the triple digits from last week. here's a close he look at your weather for the weekend.
8:34 am
i've got to tell you. interesting signs out here. now, you want honey to send you your flip-flops. >> yeah. >> how are your feet? >> they hurt. >> see, this is a segue, erica hill -- >> lonnie quinn, you're a master. >> i couldn't write this stuff. it's on a sign. it's all yours. >> it's a perfect segue to our next segment. we are talking about feet. it's shoes like this, or even flip-flops make you cringe because you want to keep your socks on because you don't want people to see your feet even during intimate moment? a new study shows half of women are ashamed of their feet. we're getting you footloose and fancy free. ♪
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we took a study of 500 women found half of them were embarrassed about their feet, always, frequently or sometimes. those women may be a pretty good indicator of how most women feel. facebook is home to dozens of "i hate feet" groups, the large-e has 1800 members. podiatric surgeon dr. lavigne here to help us with that. you're going to narrow down for us, this isn't making sure you have your toes painted. there are some serious problems. >> the number one problem we see are buninos, the painful bumps on the side of the toe. >> it stick out. >> it can get swollen or inflamed. you can use preparation-h, an ice pack and shoes that camouflage it. >> when you say preparation-h
8:39 am
and a cold pack, how -- >> it reduces the swelling so it doesn't make it so obvious. you can do a bunionectomy but that's last resort. >> corns are another problem. >> they're so painful. you'll see them on the second toe, the fifth toe. they can be so irritating when you're wearing you're shoes. a couple things you can do is also use ice. dr. scholls has a product, and lots of products with lambs wool. >> and basically your toe sticks up higher and rubs against the she. >> that can keep it from rubbing. on something as simple as that. heel spur, is that when you get the pain? >> you step off the chair, put your foot down on the ground and you have pain. if you gain a lot of weight over a short period of time, you'll get the heel spur. it's a bump on the bottom of the heel. we're usually make orthotics or
8:40 am
you can use a product like this called acti-patch. it's magnetic energy and gets rid of the pain associated with it. >> it's interesting. this is one of the issues you recommend not wearing flat shoes with. >> right. you can actually wear a heel. this will help the condition. >> because you're not putting as much pressure on it. >> right. and some exercises we give to you do. >> another big problem, especially because it is pedicure season, and i worry about this when i get my toes done, getting an ingrown toenail and how your toes are cut has a lot do do with that. >> when you get a pedicure, make sure they cut straight across, not into the nails. you may want to use vaseline, moisturizing agents. if you have an infection, it's best to use the antibacterial agent. vas vaseline is a great product for moisturizing.
8:41 am
>> something over $300, a foot facial? >> yes. it's a term i trademarked. what it consists of exfoliate, moisturizing and whiten the nail and an acid treatment to the bottom of the foot. >> does that peel off a layer of your dead skin? >> yes. it gets off all the hard callous material? >> even on my heels? i have hard callous heels. i'm not ashamed to say it. >> you have to see. >> how long will this last? >> usually about a month. it's intensive. you should go to doctors who do this procedure. >> that's a lot of money for people. if you're looking to do this at home, give me the erica version. >> the erica version is soak your feet in luke warm water, apply an exfoliate. you may want to use a pumice.
8:42 am
there are different whitening agents, a site where you can purchase these. >> what about putting a heavy cream and socks on at night, will that help? >> that will help. moisturize it and put oi sock on it, any cream. by the way, if you have really gross feet you don't like, as one of the models mentioned she doesn't like her feet, you can use mineral makeup to minimize -- >> to cover it up. >> to cover it up and cover up the corns and -- and it comes in all -- >> no reason after this, no reason to hide your feet anymore. it's okay to wear the socks to bed if you're wearing moisturizer with them. more more information, logon to chris, it wasn't painful. >> the way you described your feet they sound beautiful. >> it's not that bad. i'll show you. i'm sure you'd love to see them. >> bring them in. nice job. an amazing feat, one dodge
8:43 am
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♪ >> a little chevy chase family vacation. marla taviano had dreamed of taking their family on a safari vacation but with the economy they came up with a way to give their daughters the experience without leaving the united states. they visiteded 52 zoos in 52 weeks. a journey that took them to california, florida, and new york. before finishing in their hometown of columbus, ohio, this was quite a trip. they are here with their daughters. good morning to everybody. welcome back. so what made you decide 52 zoos in 52 weeks? >> wow.
8:47 am
well, i write books. i love to travel. i haven't traveled since i went to japan to do my student teaching. i would love to go and take my family. i don't want to be away from them, necessarily. the idea just came to me, i could combine what i love to do, writing and traveling and, with them and do that all at once. we look zoos. today's zoos are -- they really look like africa and china. and so it's almost like going to those countries, but it's a lot cheaper and a lot closer. >> what did you think when mom and dad said 52 weeks we're going to 52 zoos? >> i didn't think they were true. >> thought they were joshing you a little bit, huh? i mean, how -- logistics alone, how long did this take to plan? what was behind this? >> the planning kind of went as we went throughout the year. i mean, she would call the zoos ahead of time, plan all that. the neat thing is we had families, 31 families that let us stay with them for 44 nights. >> that's just -- you did this on a budget. so where were some of spots, besides that, besides families bringing you in? how else were you able to save
8:48 am
money here and there? >> the zoos worked with us on the project. they gave us free admission. the gas prices went down from $4 to $2. but, yeah, that was the big part. we traveled -- i mean, that cut a lot, a few hundred dollars -- thousands of dollars off the budget. >> we didn't buy anything we didn't need. we packed our lunches. zoos, if you have a membership to your local zoo you can get into pretty much every other zoo in the country for 50% off and sometimes free. so it's really a great deal if you're going to travel a lot. >> and just kind of packed everybody in the car and just made it a big old road trip, huh? >> yeah. >> yeah. they've been great. we took them in between holiday breaks, spring break, you know, in between christmas and new year's we went down to florida. as soon as school was over, they hopped off the bus into the van and we headed up to new york. >> let me ask you, kids. did you have a favorite zoo or favorite animal? i'll start with you, olivia. >> i liked the san diego zoo and the st. louis zoo. and i liked giraffes, elephants
8:49 am
and dolphins. >> there you go. >> i liked the st. louis zoo. i like all of the animals. >> yeah. did you have any experiences with the giraffes getting a little too close or the lions getting too close to the car? anything scare you? >> no. >> pretty fearless, huh? >> and the little one over there, did she are a favorite? did you have a favorite animal? >> do you have a favorite animal? >> puffin. >> she likes the puffins. >> no troubles, no aunt edna, no christie brinkley, no red ferrari, anything like that? >> no. one flat tire in texas but we got that taken care of. >> the pictures look great. looks like a wonderful time. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you so much as well. coming up, the son of a pop icon is singing his own tune now. you'll love our "second cup cafe" with crosby loggins coming up next on cbs. take it away, guys. ♪
8:50 am
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♪ there are going to be better days ♪ ♪ better days >> in this morning's "second cup cafe" the son of kenny loggins breaking out from under dad's shadow. he beat out a slew of other celebrity kids on mtv's "rock the cradle" but his real win, his first solo album "time to move." here to perform the title, crosby loggins. ♪ i'm jumping hard ♪ 3:00 a.m. i'm over you ♪ lying on the burning bed think too much it hurts my head ♪
8:54 am
♪ shining through ♪ if i could only have a chance to prove i could love you for who you are ♪ ♪ do you do you need something to get for nothing ♪ ♪ i made you wait long enough so come on it's time to move ♪ ♪ i've had time enough to know change my mind i can show you i'll be true ♪ ♪ i'm not about to give up yet if there's a chance i won't quit ♪ ♪ i'll do what it takes to get
8:55 am
through ♪ ♪ i left you only ♪ if i could only have a chance to prove that i could love you for who you are ♪ ♪ but do you feel you're giving somethin but getting nothing ♪ ♪ i made you wait long enough so now come on it's time to move ♪ ♪ it's time to move ♪ ♪ a different light is pouring in now ♪ ♪ i can see i'll never be the
8:56 am
way i was when i found you ♪ ♪ i left you lonely if i could only have a chance to prove ♪ ♪ i could love you for who you are ♪ ♪ but do you feel you're giving something but getting nothing ♪ ♪ i made you wait for long enough ♪ ♪ come on it's time to move >> that's fantastic. such a pleasure to have you here. thank you for coming in this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> i understand you almost said, forget the music thing, my dad did the music, i'm going to hawaii. i'm going to be a carpenter. >> i didn't really intend to ditch music all the way. i knew that it was so far in me -- >> you can't really ignore it.
8:57 am
>> it would never be easily gotten out. but i did need to get some perspective at a certain point. you know, i really idolized blue collar workers when i was a kid. i thought my dad had it easy. i learned my lesson. >> it's not easy on the road. it's not easy doing carpen
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
job well done. the experts never saw it coming. a decline in the nation's unemployment rate. are we back on track? or is there a little more darkness to come before the dawn? the mad man who took lessons in hate. >> this guy must die. >> today an "early show" exclusive with one of the victims who was inside the pittsburgh aerobics class, shot and left for dead after coming face to face with a killer hunting down women. it was 40 years ago today, four ls from liverpool took a
9:01 am
stroll down a liverpool street. the long and winding road goes right back to abbey road. a cellulite buster. a new machine claims to bust through the lumps and bumps once and for all. we'll test it and find out if it's really a weapon of mass destruction early this saturday morning, august 8, 2009. welcome back to "the early show," i'm erica hill, also cnn's "ac 360". >> i'm chris wragge. we have people from ohio, jacksonville. >> a 13-year-old celebrating her birthday from ohio. >> and someone from spain here. we've got international here on "the early show" this morning. >> how about that? we're getting rth rid of your cellulite, at least we're
9:02 am
trying. >> be gone. >> weapons of mass destruction we're calling it. check it out. >> one brave soul. >> this little tool apparently is is going to get rid of the lumps and bumps on the back of your thighs. does it really work? we'll ask this woman who's having it done. this is her eighth and final treatment. we'll give you the before and after and tell you how much it costs. >> how about that? good deal. >> might be. also our "chef on a shoestring," we have gone down to texas, woodland, texas, and john tesar, he's back with us. a shout out to my friends in woodlands. this is a sustainable menu, which i'm excited about. all of that coming up. before we get to that priya is standing by at the news desk with another check of this morning's headlines. >> good morning, everyone at home. history will be made with sonia sotomayor is sworn in as the nation's 111th supreme court justice. she's set to become the first hispanic justice and the third woman on the high court. it's also the first time the public ceremony for a supreme court justice will be nationally televised.
9:03 am
and cheered by the nation's better than expected unemployment picture, president obama says the economy is headed in the right direction. at the white house friday, mr. obama said, quote, the worst may be behind us. a number of economists agree. now, what the 9.4 unemployment picture doesn't show is the large number of people who have stopped looking for work and no longer consider themselves unemploy unemployed. almost 15 million people were out of work last month. and it was 40 years ago today the beatles were photographed walking across a london street named abbey road. cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer is in london. where i'm sure a huge crowd is gathering. >> reporter: they've dissipated. the traffic jam was unbelievable. i'm standing on abbey road almost where that famous picture was shot. you can see the crosswalk with
9:04 am
the crowd that gathered an hour ago to celebrate the 40th anniversary. when the beatles stand-in showed up this morning in their trademark roles to restage the iconic walk, you con see the crosswalk because of stalled traffic and a crash of cameras. even on ordinary days a constant stream of beatles fans make the pilgrimage. >> i came to aeb road to walk in the foot steps of the beatles. >> abby road, they shot the cover right there. >> reporter: the fab four were putting the finishing touches to what would be emi studios. on august 8, 196 they came out of the studio, crossed the street and made history. 40 years on, photographer ian mcmillon's image is still a hot favorite with fans. richard porter runs the nearby beatles cafe.
9:05 am
>> he took six picks pictures in all, three going one way across the street, three the other. the whole thing took ten minutes to do. >> reporter: since it's inspired countless imitators from sincere flattery affection yat spooks. it's als created spoofs and a traffic hazard. the traffic jam here earlier was monst monsterous. remarkably, everyone was in good humor, even the police, which shows you 40 years later the beatles can inspire peace and love. >> thank you very much. now let's head over to erica. a new video surfaced of a gunman who went on a shooting rampage at a pittsburgh health club. george sodini. his online blogs show desperate
9:06 am
and went to a dating seminar to learn how to pick up women. >> a nice guy must die. that's the problem with most of the guys in the room. >> that seminar did little to help. on tuesday night sodini open fire women taking a dance club. jacckylin joins us. glad to see you're out of the hospital. you're out of class, there with a couple of your friends. when did you realize there was someone in your classroom shooting at you? >> well, i'll just give you the rundown. we were -- at first we were doing a dance where we turn and snap so you could see him walk in the room. he brought in two duffel bags.
9:07 am
there's weights and pilates mats in the back of the room. it's ununusual for men to grab weights or a mat and exit. after a while he was shuffle through his bag and there was -- we were facing the front of the classroom and then the lights went out. as soon as the lights went out, it was uncommon and our instructor was in the front of the room. i turned to look and that's when i noticed he had two guns in his hand and you could see the fire. from there i just ran glue ran, got down on the floor. i know because of the position you were in, that's short of why -- you were shot on your right side, is that correct? >> yes, that's correct. >> so take us through that moment. all of a sudden you realize there's a man in your class shooting at you. you run for cover. i mean, it must have seemed like that lasted for hours on end. it's probably just a few seconds. >> oh, yeah, it was -- i mean, it was only two minutes the whole ordeal. you know, i ran to the front of the room near the exit. i don't really think i knew i was running toward the emergency exit. but i laid down and i laid on my
9:08 am
stomach. i thought, that's the best way to go, if i'm going to get shot, you know, your back is going to save you more than the front of you. just played dead. i think we all did the same thing. >> were you worried that you wouldn't make it out of that classroom? >> of course. that's what you thought. you know, i couldn't shut my eyes or anything. i had to keep conscience, keep my mind on other things besides the fact that i'm shot to survive. >> had you ever seen this man at your gym before? did he look familiar to you at all? >> no, i never saw him. at the same time, i just usually go to classes and run and keep to myself. it's me and my three friends we do it every week -- or every day. >> you sound -- i have to say, jackquilyne, you sound upbeat. i can't imagine a few days after, shot. i know you have a bullet wound and days of recovery. you're so intent onnen, a victim. >> you can't. he's not around anymore. there's nothing to be scared of.
9:09 am
you have to move on with your life. >> you have an incredible life. jackquilyne, thank you for taking time with us and good luck with your recovery. we'll head over to lonnie quinn with a quick check of the weather with rowdy people on the plaza. >> we have a lot of people out here. i do know this much, erica, because i see jacksonville signs, we have jacksonville, florida, in the house here. ma'am, it's a day in august and the temperatures in jacksonville, 94, right? >> 94, 95 during the day, hot, hot, hot. >> that's the story in florida, it's going to be hot, in the 90s. the real steam heat from texas into oklahoma, temperatures in the triple digits, also stretching out to the southwest. we see some showers and storms from the ohio valley, it will stretch through the northern plains into the central rockies. north of that, that's where the cooler air is. what's north of the northern pl
9:10 am
all right, everybody. it is that time. one of my favorite cities, lonnie's shout out today takes us to austin, texas. a big thank you to everyone there who catches the saturday "early show" on keye. austin getting ready for their festival cheese. over 1,000 varieties of cheese can be sampled at the festival. according to claire, the phrase in austin today is more cheese, please. we want to thank everyone in austin who watches us on keye. back inside to chris. >> they call it k-eye tv.
9:11 am
up next, a crash that claimed eight lives. should the drunk driver's family share the tragedy? that's up next. this weather segment sponsored by hershey's kisses, delicious, delightful one-of-a-kind kisses. ouch! ow! oops!
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9:14 am
today in our early line, the parkway tragedy in new york, where a mom drove the wrong way on the parkway killing herself and others. autopsy reports on drug and alcohol in her system and now another probe has begun. >> reporter: from tragic loss to criminal investigation, authorities are looking into the family of diane schuler, what was known about her drinking and drug abuse when she drove the
9:15 am
wrong way on a new york highway that led to the crash that killed eight people, including diane herself, four children in her van and three men in an oncoming suv, her 5-year-old son was the only survivor. toxicology reports found the equivalent of ten shots of vodka in her body. police say she was high on marijuana. her family vigorously denies she abused alcohol. >> she is not an alcoholic. my heart knows something medically had to have happened. >> there's no way she would have jeopardy the children. >> they say she was a diabetic and may have had a stroke. but there was an empty bottle of vodka in the minimummy van. investigators will focus on her husband, daniel schuler. what did he know about the substance abuse and could he have stopped her from the deadly crash? cbs news, new york. >> so our question for this morning's early line, who is legally to blame for the
9:16 am
tragedy? should diane schuler's husband or brother be responsible? joining us in los angeles is lisa bloom, cbs news legal analyst, from washington wendy murphy and author of "injustice for some" and thomas ruskins, the lead investigator for the schuler family. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we understand y i'm going to start you off. child protective services announced they're looking into daniel schuler here. where does this come from? how does this affect, i guess, this case? >> that's a good question. was he a neglectful parent for allowing his children to get into that car. child protective services has jurisdiction to ask that question. they have a reason to be concerned if, indeed, he knew his wife either was drinking, was drunk, was high at the time she drove away with his children in the car, or that she had a propensity, a problem, if you will, with alcohol and he knew about it.
9:17 am
then he could be held reckless under child protective services standards and potentially lose custody of the remaining 5-year-old child who survived if, indeed, that's the finding they make. >> we did hear daniel say in that piece, he's been saying it all week, his wife was not an alcoholic and he never saw his wife take a drink or be drunk in his presence. >> the lawyers representing the three adults that were killed in the suv that diane schuler's car had hit, they're looking at a civil lawsuit here. do they have a case? >> they certainly have a case against the mother's estate, if there is one. if there's any money in that estate. there may be insurance money from her car insurance. i don't see a case against the husband or against the brother. under american law individuals are not necessarily wrong for the conduct of another unless they contribute to it in some meaningful and significant way. from everything we've heard, mom got in the car at the campsite that morning completely sober. she was sober at about 10:30 a.m. when she went to
9:18 am
mcdonald's. sow sober at 11:30 a.m. when she was on a phone call. if, indeed, she ingested alcohol and drugs it was between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. when this crash occurred. it's hard for me to see how the brother or husband would be legally responsible for that. >> wendy, how does the family then have to make this case? daniel schuler was not in the car. by all accounts, did not facilitate this accent in any way. where is this case? what do they have to do? >> we don't know. we need to know more before we can answer the question. we would have to speculate about what he knew or should have known. the fact she could have drank as much as she drank leads me to believe she had a history. if he knew about the history there could be some liability because he was aware she had a drinking problem and he should have prevented her from driving, period. the family, especially through their lawyer, has had this protest too much quality about how she wasn't the type, she never would have done this, there's no way we knew anything. i mean, it's almost too much to
9:19 am
hear what they're saying. so it's raising questions for me. are they covering for what they knew because they're so firm in saying that they knew nothing. >> let's ask tom, he's investigating every aspect of the case for the schuler family. what new evidence have you uncovered? what is her background. we're hearing two different size of the story. the toxicology reports she blew a 1.9 and that doesn't include some alcohol left in her stomach. >> first of all, she didn't blow a 1.9. the tox rolling court comes back from an autopsy and the autopsy is always subject from questioning. as far as wendy's point, she's not an alcoholic. this is not a woman who drank, drank regularly. she was an irregular drinker. had had she drank, she drank half a drink. as far as what lisa said, her leaving the campground, people saw her, her husband kissed her good-bye, kissed the kids good-bye and put her in the car.
9:20 am
at mcdonald the police and us have both verified when she left mcdonald's around 10:30 a.m., she was totally sober. she made a phone call at 11:37, again, seemed sober. she was running a little late, she told her brother she would be home in time for her niece's -- >> dance retitle. >> yeah. that afternoon. >> the problem is the toxicology results. toxicology puts alcohol and thc in her system. marijuana could have been smoked 30 days prior and that test would come back positive. tom, you've got to get around the toxicology. huge amounts of vodka, alcohol in her system at the time of the crash. >> and a broken bottle of vodka in the car. this is a car that daniel drove, too. so whether he knew about that bottle in the car is going to raise liability questions as well. >> well, wendy, again you're incorrect in your statement. daniel didn't drive that car. he drove a separate car.
9:21 am
that's why daniel wasn't with her that day. he drove ahead with the dog in a truck. the car belongs to her brother. so any civil suit, even though i'm not an attorney, would be against that insurance policy or that person. it wasn't -- >> there was a statement made yesterday on behalf of the family that they had a habit of transporting open bottles of vodka back and forth. that was one of the ways they showed responsibility with how they brought alcohol to and from the campsite and back to their home. if he had a habit of that, he might have known he had had an open bottle of booze in the car. the a factor that that will hurt their defense. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to the three of you. thank you to the three of you again this morning for talking about this. >> absolutely. >> have a good day. more to come. this is "the early show" here on cbs. thursday, finally! dinner with the girls tonight. mmm... mexican, or italian? i really want dessert tonight. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need.
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9:25 am
>> or maybe everybody has been watching you fill in on "ac 360" for the silver-haired fox. >> we don't have "under the radar" over there. >> that's why we bring you here. that was the lead contract negotiation. we have "under the radar." here's video that may be heart to swallow. he can handle up to eight swords at once. why would he even try something like this? >> thank you. that's what i want to know. >> it's a family tradition, erica. some have traditions in our family. he grew up in a traveling road show, kind of like myself, and when his uncle retired, he got the job. occupational hazard? yes, the occasional sore throat, maybe some hall's would help? or maybe just not putting swords all the way down. >> or a little neosporin. how about something to shout about if your thoet throat's not too sore, the world's loudest scream. gathering in taiwan with sleeks,
9:26 am
howls, a russian man won the contest. 116 decibels. that's as loud as a jack hammer. he fell short of the world record which was made by a british lad in 2000 when she screamed 129 decibels, the equivalent of a jet taking off at 300 feet. >> can we hear this sound at full? >> and teenage girls thought they had it best. >> you finally, taking the plunge one more time in the south of spain, christina and guido took tir love to new depths on their 11th anniversary, renewing their marriage vows amid sharks and turtles at the aquarium. the idea was floated by guido's son, who took part in the wedding. packages start at $1500. >> do you think they were
9:27 am
worried at any point as he was placing the ring on her finger, it would just float away. >> you know what they say, nothing says love like a shark tank. >> that's what my husband said to me. >> how about a red dress instead of a white one.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
in honor of woodstock, it's the psychedelic show. >> psychedelic. welcome back to "the early show." ahead, the fight against cellulite. did our weapons of mass destruction hit its target? we're testing a new treatment promising to smooth out the lumps and bumps of cellulite. does it work? we'll find out in seconds. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erica hill. also ahead, healthy,
9:31 am
delicious and also good for the earth. our "chef on a shoestring" here this morning from texas, chris's old stomping ground, his menu of sustainable steak and seafood. what does that mean and more importantly, how does it taste? >> how about a double shout out, khou, houston, texas, that's where they're watching us right now. first, let's check in this morning for headlines. priya david joins us right now. >> good morning. hello, everyone at home. another chapter in the bernard madoff scandal is about to be closed. federal prosecutors expect madoff's former cfo to plead guilty to criminal charges. it's been rumored he's been cooperating with authority. madoff pleaded guilty earlier this year to bilking investors out of $65 billion. he was sentenced in june to 150 years in prison. a matriarch of the kennedy clan is in stable but critical
9:32 am
condition. a family spokesperson says eunice kennedy shriver is surrounded by love ones at a massachusetts hospital. she's the sister of president john f. kennedy, bobby kennedy and senator ted kennedy. she's best known for starting the special olympics. she's also the mother of california's first lady, maria shriver. and in these tough times, the san diego luxury resort has temporarily slashed its prices from $200 a room to $19. that is, if you don't mind sleeping in a tent and giving up air conditioning, lights, sheets and a bed. oh, yeah, you bring your own toil paper. the rancho bernardoism inn figures if you like it you'll come back and pay full price for all the thrills. back to hony.
9:33 am
>> seems to me air conditioning isn't much of a thrill. the economy's tough, people are trying to find ways to make money. this is mina and this is luke. mina, you have developed a new way to apparently walk your dog where your dog doesn't have to walk. >> we carry him everywhere. otherwise he sit by the door and waits for me. >> you designed this. there's a hole for the tail. this is fantastic. it's like pup in a bag. i like the whole concept there, mina. let's talk about weather out there. we see a bermuda high finally building in off the eastern sea board. it is going to get hot and steamy around here by the end of your weekend, he specially by the beginning of next week. northwest behaving like the northwest with temperature in the 70s as opposed to the triple digits like last week. there's a quick look at the weather. here's a quick look at your weekend.
9:34 am
ingenious, luke. i like your style, baby. erica, over to you. >> luke actually looks very cozy, doesn't he? >> just ahead, did the weapon of mass reductions work? suzann is having her final cellulite treatment. we'll find out if it really smoothed her shape. the big reveal is what we've been waiting for. can i pour? you can help me pour. good. ( laughs ) ( gasps ) do you hear that sound? they're popping! - really?! listen. - ( laughs ) ahhhhh... mmm. where'd the sound go? even when they've stopped popping, is it in your tummy?
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call now and get your free meter. plus, for a limited time, get a free cookbook when you join. call the number on your screen. little the big reveal for this morning's weapons of mass reducti reduction. it's a new treatment promising to smooth out cellulite, claiming you'll see tighter, smoother looking skin in eight treatments. does it really work? back is dermatologist from palm beach, florida, who performs the treatment and suzann who's been getting treatments this morning. this is her eighth and final round. we're just showing you, finishing up here, what does it do? this looks like a laser you're pushing back and forth on her skin. >> what it's doing is combine, the laser energy with a vacuum and mechanical massage. what the laser does is it frees up the fat and liquefies it.
9:38 am
and then the massage and the vacuum help to mobilize the insulin fat. >> are you melling it and moving it where you want to go so it smooths out? >> exactly. >> in laymen's term. >> that's exactly with we're doing. we're melting it, moving it out and letting her boeb absorb it and get rid of it. >> for folks who may have missed it, in the first hour one thing you said a problem for women is that cellulite just builds up this way. sometimes no matter how much diet and exercise, as with suzann, you said you couldn't get rid of it. we'll talk more about the treatment, we'll find out whether or not it actually works. we'll have you stand up as we take a look at our big reveal. this is your eighth treatment. over how long a period do you do these treatments? >> we usually do them twice a week for about four weeks. so about a month, month and a half. >> and it lasts about a half an hour each session? >> yes. >> we have a before picture of suzann. this is the after, obviously. i think we are a before we can
9:39 am
put up as well to see what the difference is. a little difference there. who do you think about it, do you notice a difference? >> yes, i do. i absolutely love it. do you feel tighter and slimmer? >> yes, i do. yes. >> so would you do it again? >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> this lasts for, what, six months? >> yeah. it lasts for about six months and thennist like a dental cleaning you want to go get maintenance therapy but you don't have to start over from the beginning. >> you don't have to do another eight treatments. >> to. you'll get two or three and it will be an enhancement procedure that lasts for several months. >> what does this ko? it's a fairly new treatment and i imagine it's not that inexpensive. >> the cost depend on what part of the country you live in and how many body parts you're doing and how much time it takes. so there's a really big spectrum. >> you did mainly your thighs for eight sessions. what would that run for someone at home? >> it depends on where you live. >> can you give a ballpark?
9:40 am
people need to understand, are we talking $30 and $3,000? >> you're talking between $1,000 and $2,000 body parts in one area. this has been approved by the fda to reduce the appearen of cell you lie. why do you think this is a good option for women? >> reporter: for a lot of women where exercise helps mobile i the fat and gimproves the circulation and get the fat in a more liquid form so your body can just get rid of it. . >> we have a fi more befopictur. these haven't been photoshopped if you're wondering. >> this is the first device i've let stay in the office because the patient i've treated love it. we'll continue using this. so far, i'm thrilled with this.
9:41 am
>> we'll keel monitoring and see what happens. dr. bear is not a spokesperson for the company so this is just your professional opinion. we'll see. >> we'll be happy to come back. >> good luck, continue on. it must feel great. >> it really does. much more to come here on "the early show". chris, what do you say? oh, you don't have cellulite. you're a man. >> you're right, i am a man. we have some some great, great food, absolutely delicious, three-course meal from our "chef on a shoestring," good for you and the environment. erica, please, i'm trying to cook out here.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
we're "the early show" with chris wragge and erica hill, coming to you from the general motors building on fifth avenue in new york city. you've got it. welcome back. he is a five-star chef from the lone star state, john tesar is sharing his love of healthy
9:45 am
foods from his new restaurant located in the woodlands outside houston. this morning it's all on a shoe string, folks, three courses under 35 bucks. great to see you again. great to have you here. nice to have you in our little city here. what's on the menu? >> we have an heirloom tomato and salad with feta cheese, turkey loaf with lemon tart with blackberry puree. >> looks good. the new restaurant opens up in two weeks? >> i think the 25th of august, there and between september 1st. in your old hometown. >> that's right. if you're in woodlands, texas, check it out. let's start with heirloom tomatoes. >> heirloom tomatoes are tomatoes that have been grown generation after generation. they have different personalities, different names, different flavor profiles. >> when i get to the amateur cooker like myself, you see tomatoes that look like this and you say, they don't look too fresh. the difference in twais between
9:46 am
the heirloom and regular tomato. >> sweeter, juice judier and seasonal. i have large and small ones. as many as you like. you want to put a little watermelon on there. going to put a little feta cheese on there. break it up a little bit. before i put the feta cheese i like to use a little sea salt. gives everything a little contrast. >> not much. >> just a pinch. the cheese has a little salt in it. if you like a lot of cheese, you know -- >> depending on your taste. >> it's subjective. you put the parsley on, a little fresh basil. >> garnish on the top. >> break it up a little bit. just like a piece or two. i'm going to put difficult. whatev waefr you want. you want soft herbs, not thyme or rosemary. this is extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. >> just a little bit? >> just a little bit because the tomatoes and watermelon have so
9:47 am
much juice, this just gives it a little accent. there it is. >> you're talking about great for the season, too. >> a little fresh pep othper on that? . the meat loaf. i had a restaurant in new york city and i developed this. meat loaf is traditionally meat and pork and we wanted it to be healthy. >> it comes -- it sounds a little heavy. >> but not boring. so we sauteed some onions and mushrooms and put it in the dark meat turkey. it's moister, more flavorful. low in fat, low in cholesterol. you can eat more of it. >> these are your onions, mushrooms. >> we sauteed them in vegetable oil. you want to kind of cook it ahead of time and let them cool. you don't want to put the hot mixture into the cold turkey. this is just like my mom's old recipe. we have a couple of old -- some bread crumbs.
9:48 am
you don't want to put too much because it's a filler and you'll taste the bread. parmesan cheese for character, a little italiano, and ketchup. the secret ingredient to any good meat loaf -- >> and eggs. >> -- is right here, ketchup and eggs. can't go wrong. give a little mix. you just mix it up. >> can you actually get the hands in it -- zoo if we weren't in television, my hand would be in there. >> you're just taking a more silized approach. >> we're going to touch other things. >> you don't want to be civilized, i'll be uncivilized. >> i love that about you. >> this it is what we do with meat loaf. >> that's why chris has his own apron. >> here we go. does that look gorgeous or what, folks? >> a little salt. i'll get the pepper, chris. excuse me.
9:49 am
we'll switch. >> i'm kneading here. >> seasoning is very important so you don't want to forget the salt and pepper. >> erica, i'll get awe scoop when you come over. we have a minute left. >> i like to form it into a loaf like this. we're in a restaurant, meat loaf, we have a little presentation to it. underneath i am my own secret, caul fat is a lining but disappears. similar to bacon -- >> looks like webbing. it's incredible. >> you can do that "silence of the lambs" thing. so i've shaped the meatloaf. you want to put it in -- i have three slices of bacon to give it more flavor. >> of course. >> you roll it up in the fat and bay c bacon. make a nice package. i'm from texas we cook slow and low. once you make your package, put it on a baking sheet, put it in the oven at 250 until it's golden brown. this is what it should look like in the end. >> you are a weapon of mass
9:50 am
production. >> now, i have an italian background. i like meatloaf and a little tomato sauce, highlights the ketchup. there's a special twist to it. i heat up my oil first. then i take my onions, carrots, the garlic would be peeled but we're not going to throw it in there. you heat up the oil. then you throw in rosemary and thyme. as the oil heats up, all of that slowly fries. rather than have chunks in your tomato sauce, when you're done, you take the flavored oil and pour it into the tomato sauce. >> look at that. >> you let that sit, simmer, is salt and pepper, for about 20 minutes. all that oil will come up to the top. you skim it off and serve it. we have a finished oil right here. >> looks great. grab a spoon right there, because we need to check your prices here. let's check your prices right now. >> because we need to eat. >> we want to see exactly where you rank with everyone. you get $33.24. does it make it into -- oh, look
9:51 am
at this. >> look at that. >> we have a bronze medalist. you're on the podium. >> you're on the podium. >> no one is beating liebrandt. >> it was the mushrooms. >> go to our website at john, thank you so much. we do appreciate it. >> my pleasure. stay with us. we're coming back to wrap things up after this. this "chef on a shoestring" segment sponsored by bounty, the even quicker thicker picker upper.
9:52 am
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yeah, there we go. >> the dog house. >> who let the dogs out? >> i know. >> very nice. reminder before we let you go. you can watch sonia sotomayor's swearing in at 111th supreme court justice on cbs. >> the something to put on your calendar, the real life julie from the movie "julie & julia," julia powell will be our "chef
9:55 am
on a shoestring." what is he doing? >> we have a special date tomorrow. unfortunately, we're not on the air but a happy birthday to on our man lonnie quinn. a big happy birthday to lonnie quinn. >> happy anniversary shout out to bob and linda, who were here this morning. >> bob and linda. >> uncle bob and aunt linda -- >> i'll share my watermelon. they'll be happy they came down this morning. >> everybody at home -- >> thank you, guys. >> thanks so much. if you see lonnie on the street, stop him, hug him, tell him you appreciate it like we do. his 50th birthday. make it special for lonnie. one more song from crosby loggins. thanks for coming out.
9:56 am
♪ in my head i barely know what i'm doing ♪ ♪ she doesn't quite understand this is not like a movie ♪ ♪ where everything's faith like and all happy ending ♪ ♪ the world doesn't work like that ♪ ♪ it's always changing ♪ she's sick of waiting ♪ her patience is over and she can see other designs tonight ♪ ♪ who had my shoulder but i don't have to argue ♪ ♪ she thinks she's way too experienced ♪ ♪ i'm just someone ♪ she takes me way too serious
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♪ you think by now she would know i am hardly deserving ♪ ♪
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this time, i'm gonna do it. i'm going to actually go to school. tell me about some of the stuff you've had to deal with. i just dropped out completely. i just got caught up in it with the alcohol and the drugs. i was arrested.


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