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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 17, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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officers in air area and today, mayor sheila dixon said that all of the police officers aren't enough. the shooting was the result of a feud between two gangs. >> we don't need it to happen in the harboring. we can't tolerate it. >> reporter: even a stabbing prompted the police to add extra officers to the hot spot. this had an impact on the attitude of visitors. >> during the i dark things are different -- during the day, things are different. >> reporter: all of the increased patrols can only do so much. >> they were carrying weapons on them and that's why we keep focusing on the legislation at the state to get some and deal with the guns. i guarantee you if they caught the guy, he would have been out the next day with a slap on the
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hand. >> reporter: and the mayor testified against numerous bills and the house failed to act. >> these legislators are part of a committee that's prodefense. >> reporter: and that's why the state's attorney's office says they've had a hard time beefing up to prosecution act. it could charge juveniles as adults. there's no des in our minds -- there's no question in your hinds that we need more laws to help us do a better job. >> reporter: and another problem with the gang violence is the stop snitching mentality. the police say that the victims aren't cooperative when it comes to describing the shooter. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. the owners of the pavilion say they're cooperating with the investigation. the sentence is in for the
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man that was caught with a pipe bomb. the 22-year-old will spend 8 years in prison. he was convicted of having an explosive device and attempting to disarm a police officer last year near the university of maryland downtown. in addition to the pipe bomb, a face mask was also found. he has an fbi file dating back years involving other explosive incidents including detonating a bomb in his mother's home when he was 13. thank you he plans on appealing the ruling. the hurricane season is heating i and the remnants from claudette brought rain and surf to the gulf coast of florida and alabama. people are snapping up supplies
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as the atlantic storm season quicks into gear and bernadette woods is closely tracking all of the activity. well, just with the 5:00 update, we're down to one storm at this point. claudette made the landfall earlier where and that's a low. ana at the 5:00 update, has been updated to a tropical low. it's still bring in rain, but it will move off to the northwest, but it doesn't have a tropical feature to it anyer mr. foreman now, bill is a strong cat core one hurricane and it is like -- category one hurricane. it's likely making its way to the west, northwest and curving. also, most of the forecast models bring it between bermuda and the united states and keeping it north of the caribbean. we'll track that and also,
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along the trial judge -- track, you'll notice that the end isn't until saturday. we'll have the forecast into the day. and thank you, wjz-13 is always on and for updates on hurricane bill and the season's storms, go to for the latest storm track and the special section. >> ask it's a blue monday for local governments association of counties ended this weekend with bad news from governor o'malley. pat warren explain that is the budget cuts could force counties into lay offs and tax increases. >> three, two, one. >> ground breaking for an emergency medical center is cause for celebration. a bright spot in an otherwise dismal out look. >> they're all concerned and they've taken cuts related to road related and transportation projects. it hurts. >> reporter: governor o'malley saw the plain this weekend when he told the leaders they stand to lose $250 million in state aid. >> i could tell in their eyes,
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it was making them feel badly and i felt badly to give the news and i had a hard time sleeping an i woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep. and i know, at this point, we're reducing the spending by $4 billion on a $15 billion state budget, we're into things that affect people in real ways. >> what do we want? public services, when? now. the state is $470 million short and they divide the education through schools and 11% goes to highier education and 9% to the public safety and police. and 22% spend on health and the rest of the state government gets 19%. the governor has taken education out of the picture and everything else is fair game. >> it's what we're forced to do
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in the time of tremendous contraction we're coming out of. that's to dismantle parts of the government. not for the sake of efficiency, but because we have no dollars tocol cover the things we would like to do. >> reporter: and the next rounds comes wednesday and there's no since of optimism that this time, it will be the last. reporting from annapolis, i'm pat warren. >> >> and governor o'malley says they're working out the cuts still. and the sentence is in for two young men behind a shooting at a restaurant. the surveillance was an internet sensation. >> the 15-year-old will spend nine years behind bars and the 17-year-old will spend two years. this happened in 2008. the incident gained attention
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because witnesses are seen on the tape laughing about the crime. the disturbing video caused mayor sheila dixon to call for changes in the juvenile system last year. all right, thank you. the victim was shot in the leg and has recovered. president obama took his health care pitch to the veterans today. the president appears to be willing to compromise on one key issue. >> reporter: on his push for health care reform, he had added the sales pitch to a speech to veterans in phoenix. >> it won't change the veteran's health care. that's the plane and simple truth. >> outside the haul, there were protests. >> democrats fear that the white house may abandon the
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public option to gain the conservative support. top aids signaled that he's opened for compromise. >> we have to have the choice in the competition. >> reporter: and the white house is willing to cor the ex- - consider the i think changes -- exchanges and some argue, that's not the kind of reform that the nation needs and republicans like the idea. >> we have a lot of those, or something like them, nonprofit that seem to work. i don't know if it will do everything that people want, but we ought to look at it. >> reporter: and giving up may anger liberals and conservative democrats say that would never get through the senate. >> reporter: the
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president barack obama says he feels that red tape is preventing veterans from getting the care they deserve. here's a live look outside right now. lots of sun and warm temperatures. bob turk has the first warning forecast. well, we haven't had a lot of consistent warm, sunny days this summer. that's what we have coming up in the next three or four days and by midweek, we'll have showers. around here, it's quiet and temperatures in the 80s and not terrible and humidity is up a little bit. out in the west, showers popping up. one or two in the mountains an by tomorrow afternoon, maybe out to the west and maybe north and west of the city. they could have a popup shower and better chance on wednesday and thursday maybe. scattered shower and thundershowers and a slow cooldown by the end of the week. thank you, bob. could you soon be watching race
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cars zooming through the streets? it's a possibility. we'll we'll is live with more on the plans -- weijia jiang is live downtown with more. >> reporter: this is a two way streak. the city has to decide whether or not the track, noise and costs linked to the race are worth it. >> reporter: baltimore could be a track like this one. >> baltimore has the components to make this a fantastic event and i'm so proud that even in the tough times, people are looking at baltimore. >> reporter: baltimore was given the racing development the rights to pursue an indy racing league competition. it would lupe around the convention center with the streets as the main strips. >> the communities are interested and see the opportunity.
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>> reporter: they're expecting it could bring in 150,000 visitors and generate up to $150 million. >> we're going to promote it as a three day festival of speed. >> reporter: you have to have a ticket to see the action and there would be plenty of it. drivers can clear is course around the city in a minute and at 180 miles per hour, they can take on the length of a football field in one second. >> our cars are smaller, and more nimble. >> reporter: he would know, he's a two time indycar champion. >> they're exciting and exhilarating. >> still,the city must review studies before turning on the ignition for the race. several uncertainties lie ahead. >> it impacts the neighborhoods and the communities. . noise levels and pollution levels would be flushed out before the city would give the
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consent. >> >> reporter: in july, 2010, the league will announce who will host the race and cleveland, boston, houston and denver are vying for it. yeah, but they don't have crab cake and you, weijia jiang. >> well, they're coming here. >> she'll be the indy queen. and calm down in health watch. the last time bruce springsteen was on this stage here, it was in 1973. he's coming back. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. details when we return abandoned cars are more than an eyesore. now, something's been done about it. and a great monday evening. stick around for the forecast, coming right up. ♪
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we're over the scene of a drive by shooting. >> in the in the sea hundred block of off -- 1500 block of laugh laugh -- lafayette. the suspect fired into a vehicle and we have a female suffering from a leg wound. apparently, the suspect, x which, the victim called the police quick limb they got to the area of 1700 block of
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rutland and they came up with a crime scene. there they were able to arrest a suspect in close proximity to where they found the bullets here and that male is in custody as well as a handgun nearby. good, quick work by the police apparently, the injuries to the victim, the adult female is nonlife threatening. the police are continuing to investigation and you can see the 15 through 1700 block of laugh laugh and rutland are closed. thank you, captain mike perry. abandoned cars are more than an eyesore and sally has more. >> that's right, the city leaders announced a plan to get them off of the streets. >> reporter: mayor sheila dixon
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is kicking off an initiative now. >> we have the resources, despite what's going on, we're stepping up and do more with what's left and this impacts the city and the residents in the quality of life of the residents. >> reporter: usually, the vehicles left on private property, they're urged to call 311 to report them. >> we'll rely on the city decisions of -- citizens to give us information through the 311 process. we're here to encourage. everyone to take responsibility to make this the clean estate in the country and we need your help as citizens. >> reporter: the city's part herring with vehicles of change. you can dispose of an unwanted vehicle, free of charge. >> we're going to get the junk
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cars that bleed toxins into the ground -- we're going to get them in the junk card year -- junk yards and into places where they should be. >> to donate a car for vehicles of change. there's a phone number to call. the nonprofit organization helps low-income families by making it possible for them to own a vehicle. sally, thank you so much. well, the state is trying to buy back inactive crab licenses. due to a poor response, they're offering a flat fee to the part time crabbers for their licenses. well, from the beatles to the rolling stones, at some time or another, music acts have head lined here in baltimore and now, the boss is coming. >> reporter: after 36 years,
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the boss is returning to baltimore. >> he's only played in baltimore once. it was 1973 and he wasn't the head liner, he opened for chicago. you can thank this man for the show he worked on it for six years. >> honestly, he was an uphill battle. maybe it count butte -- contributed it to luck, i had him and lost him. >> promoters took a second look at the arena. >> we have to sell out. we sold out several. we sold out, you're talking in seconds almost, because the computer systems couldn't handle it. >> he confirms a baltimore brew's show will sell out. >> i would put bruce at the top in demands for ticketing and for shows. >> he's been doing it the
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longest and he's here on the east coast. >> i start out and try to tell a good story, one that will hold interest. >> the story's promoters are past shows that feature icons. >> we came to baltimore and it was the fastest sellout in history. in other venues they come all of the time, it is what it is. it's not a big deal and for us, we're talk about the king of rock 'n' roll, basically. >> is there all right, it's november 20th and the tickets go on sell september 25th. >> and kind of wonder what goes into that contract. do they have someone that separates the green m&ms. >> well, it will be colder in november than now. >> well, it will be warm. >> and a little more comfortable now. 85, south east winds and the barometer holding steady. ban
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taking a look outside right now. we're picturing this over sky chopper 13. >> with we've had clouds, but that's kept it from getting too hot. form, it could break 90. to the west, we have showers
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uponning i and around in garrett county. out to the west from oakland to route 50. a little batch of shower and thundershowers popping up this afternoon. so, if you're heading out that way in garrett county and west virginia, we'll see showers before the next hour or two. tomorrow, a better chance and we'll see some of the activity moving across the region. 189 the high and normal now is down to 85 degrees 66 this morning and a normal now is down to 64. by the weekend, our normal high drops to the low 80s it gets more comfortable on average towards the end of the month. 100 degrees is the record and 88 last year. that was from ocean city and we -- and the dew point, last hour, it was in the low 60s.
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this hour, it's come up to 68 and that means it's stickier outside right now than earlier. we have a south east wind that keeps the moisture in the area the bay and the ocean. as long as you get the moisture and the temperatures aren't that high. tomorrow, a southerly wind and the temperatures will break it in many places. that's where we're seeing showers and thundershowers. it looks like that will start moving in the direction tomorrow night and afternoon. that will move into wednesday and thursday. laying across the region to the north and scattered showers around thundershowers along the front. and we'll go back out to the atlantic. bill, sitting out here, a strong hurricane, a category one and lit ramp up to a two or three by friday. somewhere to the south of bermuda. that's bermuda there and saturday, close to bermuda.
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that's where it will be and probably turning to the north and north east after that. let's keep our fingers crossed that it does that. by temp at 83 degrees an tonight, partly cloudy and warm and muggy and 70, back up to 90 and maybe, 92 in some spots and a slight chance of a shower late tomorrow night. mainly north and west. a warm and humid period coming up. and still to come tonight. his side of the story, newly signed eagle's quarter back, michael vick talks about his conviction for dog fighting. and maryland police are searching for the dangerous criminal that escaped from custody. and hurricane season is here and storms in the atlantic and caribbean and we're keeping an eye on all of this. >> this is mark viviano at oriole park. the final game of the home stand and the final day as an
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oriole for aubrey huff and we'll watch up with mcgahee, that's ahead when eyewitness news continues.
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it's 85 degrees and mostly
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sunny. here are the stories that people are talking about. tracking the tropic. a strengthening hurricane bill in the atlantic with several named systems making landfall. the first coverage begins with wjz. >> reporter: claudette brought rain to the panhandle sunday nightment most locals stayed put >> i just had to leave once. >> we experience this type of weather this time of the year. >> reporter: ana was a tropical storm and is downgraded to a tropical depression. just behind her is bill. weather experts say we can thank you el nino. >> and el nino equals wind sheer and that disrupts the storm organization.
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>> for now, people in the panhandle will be checking the damage after claudette's best shot. and now, the weather continues with bernadette woods been tracking the systems. and since they've recorded the story, we've lost ana. these are the three stories we've been tracking. claudette made its way on shore at 1:10 a.m. eastern time. the thing is that at 5:00, it's been downgraded and bill bears watching. it's a hurricane we'll jump back and show. it's a hurricane, we can come back out here. it's a hurricane. it's a category 1 hurricane. it will track to the west, northwest and strengthen as it does so. at this point, all of the tracks keep it away from the united states and it will be tracking between bermuda and the united states and it's
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going to strengthen and we'll keep you up to date on that. thank you, and wjz-13 is always on and for updates on hurricane bill and all of the storm, go to for more. at this hourer, police looking for a man who attacked a deputy. and the 20-year-old is on the loose and the howard county police have gotten one tip about his wear abouts. he choked a deputy taking him to a detention center after being convicted of theft. officers continued to search for him. if you have any information, call the 911 department and the sheriff's office. there's $5000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> back to you. and the sheriff's department city the in good
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condition now. and one is dead and others hospitalized in a double county. the victims were found earlier this morning and michael vick is on the practice field today with his new team, the eagles. last night, on 60 minutes, he spoke about the last two years of his life. he explains why he deserves a second chance. >> reporter: he supported a red practice jersey with his old number, 7. he threw passes and ran plays with the new teammates and coaches. >> reporter: in his first interview, he told 60 minutes that once incarcerated, he was brought to tears. >> the first day i walked into prison, and they slammed the door, i knew the magnitude of the decisions that i made. >> do you understand why people
6:34 pm
are out raged? i understand and i'll say it again. >> and it sickens me to my stomach, i was disgusted because of what i let happen to the animals. i could have put a stop to it and walked away from it. >> reporter: his new contract could net him $7 million over two years. fans have mixed reactions. >> i think he paid his debt. he deserved two years in jail. he deserves a second chance >> it's a privilege, not for someone who murders innocent animal. >> some won't agree with it and the people that do, they out weigh the other group. >> reporter: he's teaching children about the horrors of animal abuse. >> love your animals. >> and his actions speak louder than his words. >> still, regardless of football, i'll have a voice that can have an impact on kids.
6:35 pm
i'm a living example of whatnot to do. >> reporter: now, in other conditions of the reenstatement, he practices and participates and it could be october before he's allowed to play. and -- ere lick -- governorrer lick is not decided if he's going to rerun.
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there's something brewing in britain that's guaranteed to calm you down. tea is the calm in a crisis. >> reporter: in britain, tea as s as english as the queen. new research suggests they're a less stressed nation because of it. >> one of the things we've confirmed, in a moment of crisis, turn to the kettle. >> reporter: scientists put the volunteers in a stressful snare yes and anxiety levels struck harder to those who didn't have tea. brits knew that tea bags stress. >> it's a nice thing, when we have a problem, people say, let's have a cup of tea.
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it's about having a moment of calm. >> reporter: here in america, would that work? would we sit down in the middle of the busy day, for a spot of tea? when do you get time to do it. we have to work for a living. >> would you do it? >> we're going for coffee right now. >> they're hoping this stirs up support for their favorite brew. >> anyone can drink tea. >> everyone if you don't like to drink it. just the act of preparing tea calms you down. drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. now, according to a survey carried out for the research, 68 peculiar of brit -- 68% of britains turn to tea in a delimb ma. there -- dilemma. >> and firefighters are fighting the fire in
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california. and caught on tape controversy over this. >> i turn to coffee. we have a warm and humid few days shaping up and we're always on and here are the top stories at this hour. for the forecast, go to and the news.
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vick, a 23-year-old of st. louis, minnesota shot and killed brothers over the weekend before shooting himself. he's suspected of killing the brothers aged 32, 25 and 13 during an argument at a trailer park saturday night. he shot a fourth victim recovering from his injury. the gunmen knew his victims and he was a guest of one of their relatives. and thank you, the police don't believe that the shooting was gang or drug related. the fbi is taking on a case of a police beating. the police dashcam shows the arrest in february and officers
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say that the 42-year-old man smelled of alcohol alcohol. and the video shows is officers kicking an punching the man while held facedown in the snow. the man's attorney says that was access i have force. dozens are left homeless in texas after flames ripped through the apartment complex. it destroyed an entire building of 24 units. the and the red cross is helping several reds dens of food and clothing and several pets were lost and humans survive. and firefighters face a battle and one county in california is under a state of emergency. power's been knocked out. and among a half dozen major wildfires blazing in california, the blaze is threatening hundreds of homes and a power plant and transaction mission lines. the officials say the blaze was
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started by sparks after a hawk hit a power line. >> in santa barbara, it was a cooking fire from an illegal marijuana operation. >> in the santa cruz mountains, there's good news, the evacuation order has been lifted and two out buildings were destroyed. one filled with lumber and windows for a dream home. >> it was going to be part of the house we were going to build. >> that was made easier by the house that was saved. >> to have it come that close. well, i just have to say, the guy, they're my heros. >> that sentiment was echoed by arnold schwarzenegger. >> and we have the best
6:44 pm
firefighters in the world. >> fire officials say it's likely to be the end of the month before it's considered completely out. john blackstone, cbs news. and two of the fires are 60% contained and the other is 1/4% contained. here's a preview of what's coming up tonight. and coming up, the battle over aarp. president obama said that the senior groups supported his reform and the aarp said not so fast and a former nightclub promoter is using his status to provide fresh drinking water to those in need. those and more on wjz eyewitness news back to you. and thank you, here's a look at the
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another warm, sunny look outside and will the rest of the week be like this. . we'll update the five-day forecast and first, bernadette
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woods has a look at tomorrow. well, the whole week won't be, but tomorrow will be like today. starting out at 70 degrees outside and sunshine and patchy clouds outside. and now, into the afternoon, we'll warm up into the low 90s and the humid listen highier than today. by tomorrow night, it's dry for most of us and out west, a chance for a few thunderstorms. en now, for the rest of the five day, that's now. the chance of showers and thunderstorms increases wednesday and kind of humid and warm this time of year. thursday, a chance of a shower and friday, not down to 86 and the chance comes back to start the weekend, 86, 64 as we start the weekend this weekend -- one of the last weekends before school starts. >> oh, now you've done it. you've dress -- dressed depressed
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well, the angels are at camden yards and mark is too, he's an angel. >> yeah, it's time for a trade here.
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aubrey huff was an an honorable player and now, he was traded for jacobson to the tigers. he hit 32 home runs and he was the best designated hitter in the league and he traded to a tiger's team in first place in the central division and they could use a run, producer. and news of the trade came as a shock to huff. >> it's emotional seeing the young guys coming up and i've had a great time and to see them finish the year and grow, it's hard and at the same time, it's exciting to see the team that's in contention. >> he was a free agent and the door is open for him to possibly return to baltimore. luke scott is playing against the angels tonight. and tonight, i was in west mince ere and that's a final
6:53 pm
week of workouts before the team goes to owennings mills. it was another warm day after a hot practice yesterday and we saw suggs on the field for the first time in a week. he's recovering from a left heel injury. i caught up with mcgahee. he had strong runs and he's pleased with his work so far. >> well, it's my first preseason game since the first year coming. last year, i was rusty and still things, i need to work on. i need to hit it harder and hitting more yards. >> he made a donation for the prepare for success donation for school supplies for sis advantaged children and he donated 350 calculates for the kids. >> the jets come to town a week from today and today, they
6:54 pm
stirred the pot saying they're disappointed they're allowing the rookie to we are 99. that's what was worn by michael mcquary. he apologized for using an expletive. the ravens, and jets, a week from tonight. the fastest man in the world is faster than we thought. he won a showdown with tyson gays. both covered the distance in 9.58 seconds breaking the record by a tenth of the second. gays finishing time was the fastest time by an american. and let's slow town the speeds for the runners who came to support markakis and his foundation in the right side foundation at patterson park. he and his wife were the hosts of the event that drew in 500 runners. it was a pleasure to be a part
6:55 pm
of it. it was one warm run, 3.1 miles and in the head, we all felt it. orioles and angels tonight. thank you, mark, we'll be back.
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tonight, csi and eyewitness news at 11:00. >> we'll be back at 1:00 season and for bob and mark i'm denise koch, don't go away, we'll have the latest on the battle over >> tonight a race against time and the flu. the government now says we'll have only about a third of the h1n1 vaccines it hopes to have by mid-october.
6:59 pm
>> i'm magazine yee rodriguez. also tonight, public health insurance. the president still wants it but he's not insisting on it, drawing anger from both supporters -- >> we are -- >> and opponents hurricane season brings rain to florida. but it's really needed in texas. suffering through its worst drought on record. and the most amazing performance at this stadium may be in the broadcast booth. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> good evening, katie is off. we're beginning tonight with a possible setback in the battle against the h1n1 flu virus. it's expected to make a comeback this fall. and u.s. health officials had predicted 120 million doses of vaccine would be available by mid-october. but today they said no, we'll only have 45 million. cbs news medical


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