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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 19, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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custody is still in central booking. his bail was denied. meanwhile, the victim is showing signs of improvement, now listed in fair condition. >> oh, my god, are you okay? and he was crying. and just was blood everywhere. and his eye was just hanging out. >> reporter: kiron moore was working security near fort armistead park, when sketch- year-old -- 67-year-old james pritch was attacked. >> he said the boys came from behind. and had a bat, was banging him, knocked him on the ground. took his keys and sped off with his truck. >> reporter: soon after, police spotted them. court papers revealed that he told investigators this wouldn't have happened if the fisherman was a white man. lockner has a hitler tattoo that reads "he lives" a member
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of the aryan brotherhood. >> we have -- have our finger on a lot of these insane, violent people that police need to be focused on. >> reporter: as police searched for the other suspects, mayor dixon visited the victim in the hospital. >> his family is understandably shaken by this, and by the violence and what was said to him. and what was done to him. >> he is in stable condition now. >> reporter: neighbors saying it couldn't have happened to a nicer man. >> you never expect something like this. you would think in this day and age, with a new president and all, we'd be past that hate crime. >> i just hope the gentleman is okay and that they can catch the people that did this to him. >> reporter: and lock ner, earlier this year was arrested for assaulting his wife. police describe that confrontation as stemming from her communications with african americans. live at central booking, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> anyone with information on this attack is urged to call city police. we continue to follow breaking news right now, out of
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baltimore county, where there has been a possible drowning near pleasure island. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. captain mike perry has details for us. mike? >> reporter: hello, vic. this is a confirmed drowning at pleasure island, which is a popular boating and swimming park off of miller island and dundalk, baltimore county. the forest park service has a ranger in this area. apparently a 26-foot boat was off of pleasure island, when a rescue was called in. apparently initial information was that someone had jumped off the boat and drowned. upon arrival of firefighters and police officers, a victim was found tied alongside this 26-foot boat. and this was a male that had drowned. he has been taken from the water. and been confirmed dead at this point. now, police are investigating this as a suspicious death at this time. they do have investigators from the maryland natural resources police on scene and also other investigators en route to the
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scene, to investigate this. at this point, there is no word on exactly how this happened. but stay tuned to eyewitness news throughout the evening. and we'll continue to keep you updated as we get more details. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much. captain mike perry, in sky eye chopper 13. we'll bring you new details as they become available. a gunman opened fire inside a popular inner harbor tourist hot spot. sally is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: saturday night's shooting, part of a gang feud between the crips and the bloods. they say one gang member shot two rival gang members. so far, no arrests have been made. and police are now asking for anyone who may have recorded the incidents on their cell phones to come forward. police are also offering a $2,000 reward for information. detectives say the victims in the case have been extremely uncooperative in the investigation. vic, back to you. if you have any information, please call metro crimestoppers. the number is 1-877-lockup. we're keeping an eye on
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hurricane bill, as it inches a bit closer to the east coast. here's an updated satellite image from nasa. shows the wind field has intensified. and the eye of the storm is getting wider. but it remains unclear how bill will affect us here in maryland. right now, meteorologist tim williams is tracking this storm's path on the first warning weather center. tim? >> you talk about the wind field. but definitely, this storm is intensifying. down in very warm water. what we're looking at is a very, very concise eye. this is a category 4 storm. as of the national hurricane center's 5:00 p.m. update. the storm has sustained winds of 132 miles per hour. and is expected to move into cooler waters and pretty much just make a wide turn as it starts to head toward the eastern u.s. and it is cold air, basically just a glancing blow off of a front that is moving into our direction. bringing in a mix of thunderstorms and all. that's going to help keep this storm moving away from us. the gusts are at 161 miles per
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hour. what that means for us is that it is going to be generating a lot of heavy surf. a lot of rip current. and possibly beach erosion razz it starts to -- erosion as it starts to make its way past. into sunday, we'll start to see this storm making its way up into the canadian maritime. but for now, bill is still a category 4 storm. and very strong. we'll keep a very close eye on it. denise? >> thank you, tim. remember to stay tuned to wjz for the latest storm track, go to stay the race to find a new flu vaccine before this fall took a new turn at the university of maryland today, as children rolled up their sleeves to take a look at the shot. young people have become such a focus at preventing the h1n1 virus. when it comes to this new strain of the h1n1 virus, children are the focus for two reasons. vulnerability and mass infection. >> headaches? >> none. >> nausea?
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>> no. >> body aches? >> no. >> reporter: 11-year-old ethan's answers opens the door to testing an experimental flu vaccine on children. now that first tests on adults indicate that it is safe. 120 children, ages 6 months to 17, will undergo injections. >> take your thumb and hold it on there for me. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: the virus, first called swine flu when it erupted in mexico, has been sweeping the world ever since. >> it's just our new thing. then i guess it's going to be -- i'll have like an adventure. >> i just really wanted them to be healthy through the school year. and since this is a new strain, we just wanted to make sure that they were protected if they could be. >> reporter: the new flu it still mild. and it's that strain that they have developed it for. even if they don't take it serious, it is still nothing to
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take lightly. >> the younger kids are going to have more effects from the flu in general. >> it's like flipping a coin, as to what goes to vac -- dose of vaccine they'll receive. >> reporter: testing which one is more effective comes in follow-up lab work after the shots. >> reporter: running this trial with children is critical because they are the age group most likely to spread the flu. >> because yes, you could create something like a fire wall, where you could have the ability to control the virus to a certain extent. >> okay. we are done. >> reporter: in all,600 children nationwide will be taking part in this study. back to you on tv hill. >> health experts thought 120 million doses of the vaccine would reach americans this fall. but that number has been scaled back to 45 million. conversations between the virginia tech gunman and his counselor have been released. >> reporter: the files turned up about 5 weeks ago, after a counselor said he accidentally
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took them from campus. the records for sung we joy -- seung-hui cho said that he expressed thoughts of suicide. but when he met with a school counselor afterwards, he denied that he had any suicidal or homicidal thoughts. the counselor wrote in her files that she gave cho emergency contact numbers and encouraged him to return the next semester. but he never made an appointment. a year and a half later, cho killed 32 people on virginia tech's campus before taking his own life. >> thank you very much. the gunman's family gave permission to make the files public. as investigators tell suzanne collins, people were having sex in broad daylight. and families were complaining. >> look there. something is biting. >> reporter: a grandfather and his three grandchildren are enjoying the state park today. the older man had no idea that natural resources police had just concluded a four-day, undercover operation to stop
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men from meeting for gay sex in the park after increased complaints. >> if i had known that they were doing it out here today or saw it, i would have left immediately. i would not come. >> reporter: darrell mathias says he has no problem with what people do in private. and he wouldn't have wanted his grandchildren to witness sex between straight people other. -- either. >> officers arrested eight men during their sting. >> it was on the public trail that anyone can access, children, you know, families. they were possibly sometimes meeting in the rest rooms, which is kind of a semi private area. but obviously other patrons use that area also. >> reporter: the officers involved in this sting took the advice of the state's attorney. they were not to solicit sex. they were not to suggest it in any way, or to say much at all, so that if there was a case, it would stand up in court and not be entrapment. >> reporter: three undercover officers charged people with
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grabbing them in the groin. five others were charged with exposing their private parts. the problem became so bad, police say there has been a parade of 25 cars an hour, with just one man at the wheel, cruising all day, from 10:00 to 4:00. they say it had been popularized on a website called manhunt. >> regardless of whether it's man or woman, heterosexual activity, it's unacceptable in a public place. >> reporter: most of the sexual activity is taking part in a part of the park called high knock. but it also occurred less often in the lower campground section. >> makes me a little nervous. we have been coming up here for years, camping with our family. >> reporter: suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> police say the men arrested are -- six of the men arrested are married. they face charges of assault and sexual indecency. severe weather has been moving through to our south. take a live look outside now. sunny skies now. where are those storms headed next? bob turk is keeping an eye on radar. bob?
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>> now we have stuff north of us. south, still down there. take a look at radar. two basic areas that are going on. down to the south. across extreme southern portions ever our region. southern portions of the bay. particularly st. mary's, calvert county. now over to southern dorchester. and heavy rain with that as well. the strongest stuff did move through portions of st. mary's county. but hail reported. baseball-sized hail in a few spots. and funnel clouds. now, a severe thunderstorm warning just issued for you folks in northern york county. some storms in harrisburg to the northwest of york county. moving your general direction. it's possible that some of those can move in in the next two hours. right now, a broken line of storms. and north of martinsburg. it's possible that we may see a slight development of this little area right through here. and it may move into our region
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in the next few hours. watching that. still an active part of our weather picture. >> okay, bob. thank you very much. the world of television has lost a pioneer. cbs news producer director and creator don hewitt has died at the age of 86 after suffering from pancreatic cancer. more on hewitt's extraordinary career. >> reporter: when it came to broadcast journalism, don hewitt was a pioneer, helping to create the blueprint for television news. a career that can be described as illustrious, began in 1948. that's when he became the director of the first cbs evening news show. he directed many of the programs, including edward r. murrow's signature shows, "see it now." >> i can turn to donahueit and say-- don hewitt and say, don, will you produce the host. >> reporter: producing the general debate between john kennedy and richard nixon.
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>> i felt like the referee of a fight. i was giving them the last bit of instructions before they came out swinging. >> reporter: hewitt advised nixon to wear makeup. but he declined, appearing tired and pale on television, and eventually losing the election. >> reporter: he is credited with creating the look that for decades defined how television news was propertied. -- was presented. but his greatest creation was no doubt "60 minutes ," the show that changed the face of broadcast journalism. >> good evening. this is "60 minutes." it's kind of a magazine for television. >> reporter: it was the first to become a top 10 show for news. hewitt had already celebrated his 80th birthday, when in 2004, he officially stepped down as head of "60 minutes ." but he remained in the family,
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lending his experience and expertise, to lend a hand in searching for a new way to cover news in the 21st century. >> and we'll have much more on the death of don hewitt coming up tonight. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. flu season is quickly approaching. and once it arrives, your coworkers can easily pass along their germs. today, businesses received new guidelines on how to protect employees from an outbreak. wal-marts across the country are getting a huge makeover. including several right here in maryland. i'm we -- i'm weijia jiang in mount airy. we'll give you a tour of what you can expect in the future. take another live look outside this evening. cloudy night in baltimore. in some places. are we in for more storms? the complete first warning weather coverage is just ahead.
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ray major u.s. retailer is pulling back its sleeves and changing its look. weijia jiang explains what you can see in your neighborhood store. >> reporter: if this is wal- mart as you know it, say your goodbyes. >> we have, over the last couple of years, changed our brands. and now we are rolling it out nationwide. this is what the new wal-mart store of the future is going to look like. >> reporter: the mount airy location is one of the first to be completely revamped. over the next five years, wal- mart plans to remodel 70% of its stores.
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>> bigger. it's much bigger now. product displays. >> it was a mess. >> we're going to leave it open for you. >> great. >> one of the most noticeability differences is the aisle space. there's a lot more of it. you can line up about five carts in an aisle. which gives the customer more room to shop. >> it's much more inviting. >> reporter: because the lights are brighter, the electronics and food departments are four times bigger. signs are easier to read. and the pharmacy is near the front entrance. >> customers in this economy want one-stop shopping. >> reporter: among the other stores to get a makeover are baltimore, arundel mills. and petri way in rosedale. but other mega stores like target are also remodeling. the chain is adding fresh produce and food items to its sales. >> reporter: as it improves, it's a win-win for consumer, no
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matter where they shop. >> convenientwise, it's better. >> reporter: took about three months to complete the renovations. 70 people from the area were hired to do all of the work. >> thank you very much. there are more than 4,000 wal-mart stores in the country. all right, bob. are we going to get some rain tonight? >> lit rite now, all -- right now, all of the activity is north or south of us. take a look at temps right now. humidity up there. and the dew points quite high. south winds at 8. barometer, 29.94. holding steady. come back and take a look at radar after this.
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it's beautiful at the inner harbor now. is that your boat right there? >> yeah. >> where is mine? >> we have two areas of storms to watch. to our north and to our south. the stuff to the north may get to the northern sections. take a look at radar. up to the negotiate, you see that activity, moving across hagerstown, southeast of cumberland. approaching york county. where they have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:30. all of this stuff to the south. very strong stuff across southern virginia. and across extreme southern portions of the bay. right now, let's go down that way.
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deal island to elliott. salisbury to pocono city. worcester, wicomico. you guys are going to get some showers. some heavy in the next hour or two. also, it's just beginning to leave, finally, from leonardtown, st. mary's. then the batch across northern sections of york county, near harrisburg. that's also moving out to the east and southeast. northern york county. north of 83. north of the city. that's where we expect to see the activity. north of the baltimore region. this stuff out here may get to us as it moves across the mountains. if it holds together. maybe after 8:00 or 9:00, we might see some thunder and see some lightning. right now, it's very quiet. 85 degrees now. didn't get all that warm today. dew point, 73. 90, hagerstown. 81 in oakland. nice there. 90 at the beach. that will cool off very shortly, have some showers headed our way. pax river with rain down to 74.
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we did have a report in st. mary's county of baseball-sized hail. and golf ball sized hail. and a funnel cloud was spotted. we'll get more reports on that. but baseball sized hail is unusual. warm and humid afternoon. southerly winds continue, bringing this warm, humid air. looks like a couple more days of this kind of weather, with more showers and storms mostly as you can see. south. now that skinny line up to the north of the region. up to the west, a lot of activity. this is a very strong cold front that eventually is going to move across the great lakes. help to push all of this activity out to sea. and also help get bill out of the atlantic ocean over the next several days. stuff to the north. right now, we're in between. i don't think that's going to last. i think we see some activity. we stay in the warm, humid air, upper 80s and 90. and saturday, this front should move through the region.
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and clear out finally by late saturday. stronger than any thunderstorm activity obviously. tonight, any thundershowers a little later on. warm and humid. 70 for the overnight. back into the upper 80s and couple of thunderstorms. could be drenching downpours once again. >> wow. gotta cut the grass. thank you, bob. the annual making strides against breast cancer walk is less than a month away. and to mark the occasion this morning, the group held its kickoff breakfast at the m&t bank stadium. survivors, loved ones affected by cancer. and leaders in the medical community all attended to help raise money for this event. making strides against breast cancer is part of wjz's continuing community commitment. the four-mile walk will be held october 25th at the ymca at stadium place. registration and the walk begins at 9:00. probably thousands. >> we hope. >> hundreds of thousands. still to come tonight on
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wjz eyewitness news. a deadly string of attacks. new concerns at the white house tonight, after bombs go off. it has been six months since a florida girl disappears from her father's home. now, police may have the key to finding haleigh cummings. more space for more students. why one anne arundel county charter school is expanding its facility, just in time for the new school year. i'm gigi barnett. that story is
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thanks for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the deadliest day in baghdad, since u.s. troops withdrew from iraqi cities in june. a string of explosions left more than 90 people dead, and hundreds injured. as joel brown reports for wjz, people are wondering if it's a sign of things to come. the deadliest string of attacks this year in baghdad, struck at the heart of iraq's government. truck bombs blew out the windows of the foreign ministry, filled the iraqi parliament with smoke, and sent shards of glass going through
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the baghdad offices. when the smoke cleared, at least 95 people were dead. hundreds more wounded. >> these bombings were truly dastardly acts that need to be thoroughly condemned by everybody. >> reporter: at least 500 bombs exploded around baghdad. >> the coordinated attacks raise new concerns at the white house where officials worry whether iraqis can keep the country safe. president obama ordered u.s. forces out of the cities in june. since then, street patrols are largely in iraqi hands. the six targets were all government or commercial buildings. some of the most commercial buildings in iraq. he says they didn't do their job. the white house points the u.s. military is still assisting iraq's military forces. and the administration believes overall, things are getting better. >> it's obvious that the vast number of iraqis believe and want to live in peace and security.
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>> until this month, violence had slowed in baghdad. there was talk of tearing down the blast walls that protect and divide the city. but the bombs and bloodshed dealt a blow of any normalcy in iraq's capital. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the attacks come a day after prime minister nory al- maliki, during a visit to neighboring syria, headed iraq's security forces. meanwhite, the -- meanwhile, the taliban steps up efforts to scare people from the polls. they threaten violence against anyone who takes part in the election. three u.s. marines died today, trying to provide security. and six election workers have already been killed. the united nations considers tomorrow's vote as one of the most complex elections being attempted in the world this year. the search continues for the florida girl who disappeared from her father's home in florida, six months
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ago. sally is live in the newsroom with new developments. >> reporter: police say they may have the key to finding out what happened to haleigh cummings. her father's girlfriend was watching the girl when she went missing. misty cross theland said-- crossland said the girl was taken while she was sleeping. but now, police say that physical evidence contradicts what she told police. they also say there is no evidence anyone entered the home and took the child. >> investigators say the search for what leigh -- haleigh is ongoing. a warning tonight for people who live near the aberdeen proving ground. the test center says staff will be creating several strong loud explosions for the rest of the month. and into part of september. the detonations will likely be heard and felt across the area. the tests could also create smoke and dust clouds in that area. but the military says they are not hazardous to your health.
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metro officials say d.c. metro trains will continue to run manually for an indefinite period of time. trains have been running manually between two trains that killed nine people. metro's generality manager says -- general manager says trains won't be switched into automatic mode until problems are fixed. some say manually operated trains can be fixed. a warning for operators along maryland's highway 95. they say you should expect delays at night between baltimore and washington. construction is under way. the closings on the interstate will take place on route 198 in laurel to route 212 in beltsville. closers in the southbound lanes started at 7:00 p.m. and opened by 6:00 a.m. closures in the northbound lane, began at 8:00 p.m. and opened at 7:00 a.m. as many school systems struggle to build and improve systems in a tough economy, one anne arundel county charter
6:34 pm
school is growing in its body and now in its face. gigi barnett has more in tonight's school watch report. >> the blueprints are all laid. and they are almost complete. and right now, the halls are hospital. but next week, classes begin. >> everything here is much bigger than what we had over there. >> kendall is the school's principal. he said the old facility was in a business park in hanover. it was tight. and there wasn't enough room to expand or do much else. >> i worked hard in the hallways. at the same time, walking through the hallways is kind of harder. because they're smaller. >> under the county's rule, finding a space for classes is up to the charter school. as a result, chesapeake science, a middle school is the only charter in anne arundel county. there was another, though, the kip harbor academy. but it closed its doors because it couldn't find space. kendall says he had help.
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and they donated money and space to grow. and a passion for education. >> he has studied our school before he made this decision. probably [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the new facility is about three times larger than the old school. the price tag on the construction, nearly $2 million. and parents know the school is here. the waiting list is about 400 students long. >> we can actually do more activities that we could do in our other building. but we had to sort of downsize some of the things that we had. but now we know the sky is the limit. >> reporter: gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> chesapeake science point school is a middle school. but it has plans to add 9th grade in the year 2010. and eventually expand up to 12th grade. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a portion of the social security administration is going to be on the move to a new facility. checking with businesses and
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visitors to the ripken world series in ashdean. and meet -- aberdeen. and meet the three men. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember, you can look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. well, tonight, researchers are pointing out a disturbing trend among women. the u.s. department of transportation says the number of women arrested for driving drunk is up, nearly 30%. the most recent incident came last month in new york, when a woman drove the wrong way on a highway near nearly two miles before her minivan slammed into an suv, killing eight people. police found her blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. in tonight's eyewitness news healthwatch, new guidelines for businesses. healthwatch reporter kellye lynn says the government wants businesses to be prepared for seasonal and swine flu. the government wants businesses to encourage high- risk employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
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>> that means pregnant women, healthcare workers workers and younger adults who have health conditions like asthma. the new guidelines also urge businesses to prepare for reduced staff. cancel face-to-face meetings and allow employees to work from home. often a low-dose treatment can be brought. researchers say after being on these medications for years, women may need the hormone to help fight the cancer. finally, settling speculation over mozart's death. a new report suggests the music composer's death in 1971 may have been the result of strep throat that led to cancer. researchers discovered there was likely a minor epidemic of strepto coccal disease.
6:38 pm
>> the official death register lists his cause of death as fever and rash. i guess the movie was all wrong, huh? >> it was kind of ambiguous, it wasn't it. >> yeah. still to come. a woman dies less than a week after setting herself on fire inside a miami paul -- mall. details on the shocking scene and the woman's troubled past. an animal breaks into her home. why the bear may have forced its way inside. i'm bob turk n. the first warning weather center. more showers and storms in the region. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log ornl to -- log onto
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a shocking death. sally has more on the woman who set herself on fire. >> police say cecilia casal died from the flames she set on herself a week ago. stunned shoppers watched as she walked around for over two minutes. sasal suffered third-degree burns over 75% of her body. court records showed she had a history of mental illness.
6:42 pm
she was also convicted on prescription drug trafficking in october. she received probation in that case. >> her husband told a miami television station that she had spent extensive time seeking psychiatric help. a pittsburgh health club is set to reopen. on august 4th, george sodini killed three women inside an l.a. fitness club before turning the gun on himself. members will be allowed to return to the facility on saturday. the owner thanked the community for their support during the past two weeks. wicked weather caught on tape. take a look. funnel clouds were spotted in beaumont, texas. they quickly formed into a tornado. employees of a fast food restaurant caught the storm on cell phone video, minutes before serious damage was done. no serious injuries, however, after the storms. an aspen, colorado woman is recovering after being taked by a -- attacked by a bear in her own home. investigators say the bear broke through two locked doors.
6:43 pm
the bear took food. wildlife officials say the bear might have been trying to store food in anticipation. hibernation. maggie rodded -- rodriguez has more on what's coming up tonight. >> we'll have more on lara logan's exclusive report, as u.s. troops fight to get afghan vote tors -- voters to the polls. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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issue we in for storms this evening? eyewitness news is live. bob will update the five-day forecast. but first, meteorologist tim williams is in the outback with a look at what we can expect tomorrow. astome -- steamy one. very nice day. nice weekend shaping up. less of a chance of storms as we get into saturday and sunday. but that's going to be steamy. and that holds up for the rest of the ffng. as for inland, we're talking
6:47 pm
about temperatures starting off around 72 degrees. by the middle of the day, we'll be getting into that mid- to mid- to upper 90-degree range today. at the end of the day, we'll see a chance of showers and thundershowers. but again, widely scattered. some may see them. some may not. same thing we saw today. and looks like it will hold again on friday. and any of these thoir or thunderstorms can have very heavy rains and gusty winds. 88, 74. our warm wan. still humid. saturday, slow clearing late in the day. 86, sketch. buehl, sunday sunday and monday. some spots in the low 60s. even upper 50s in some of the cooler neighborhoods. the lost lennon tape, where john speaks to the beatles' breakup. coming up on entertainment tonight. why the beetles broke up.
6:48 pm
nearly 40 years after the split that rocked the music world. rolling stone has the lost john lennon audio tape. we sold out. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: yes. they sang all you need is love. but in this lost interview with rolling stone magazine publisher, john had no love to share. >> i said to paul, i'm leaving. >> why the beetles broke up is featured in the new issue of rolling stone, out friday. "people" magazine with alyssa milano's first wedding photos. and the heather locklear lookalike. can you name her world famous father? and you can see entertainment tonight. meet one of the new ravens who is
6:49 pm
introducing his
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end of season, end of summer road trip for the orioles. >> yes. well, they've got a few more of these. not too many. game 2 at tampa bay. o's hoping to find some success. because this season, they're lost when they're away from home. they're on pace for their most
6:52 pm
road defeats in more than 20 years. part of the problem is the transition that they're in. a lot of new players and most of all, young players. veteran aubrey huff played this week. made his debut as a detroit tiger this week. brought up to replace huff is michael aubrey. now, the o's picked up aubrey from the indians. he'll get a chance to play first because and d.h. now getting acclimated to a new team. i've only known what the indians do. nothing outside of that. you come to norfolk, meet a bunch of new guys. team that was winning. good opportunity. and you just try to make the most of it. >> reporter: this guy is not new to the o's. but he is back in the club. cam dazzling in relief last night. faced seven batters. struck out four of them. although it turns out, a 5-4, rookies defeat. it will be his first ever defeat at tampa bay.
6:53 pm
tillman looking for his first victory. jeff nieman is the rays' starter. tampa bay, riding a winning streak. first pitch 7:05. ranks resume workouts. mason stood out by wearing uniform number 9 in the practice session. it was his tribute to his late friend and former teammate steve mcnair. he does bring a certain flair to the feed, like this somersault to complete the drill. washington is exuberant. and i asked him about his personality as part of his game. >> i enjoy it. i show a lot of energy and excitement. and again, these fans are -- i mean, in it wasn't for the fans, we wouldn't have jobs. we're entertainers as well as athletes. it's justice great. because gain, i was a little kid at one time and loved to see guys who interacted with
6:54 pm
the crowd. and i take pride in that. >> reporter: washington brings it to his teammates. like this memorable confrontation. washington has been getting plenty of practice time himself. elsewhere in the nfl. the economic impact of brett favre's second comeback from retirement. this is the reebok plant in indianap indianapolis. cranking out favre jerseys with number 4. in wisconsin, t-shirts that show dislike for favre. they'll always remember you, brent, it says. and those wisconsin stores allow packers fans to return their old favre shirts in exchange for new anti-favre wear. yes, recycling is encouraged. tom watson today announced his commitment to come to town
6:55 pm
to play the senior players championship. watson missed the play here. since then, the 59-year-old staged a stunning finish. he will be at baltimore country club for the senior event that teed -- tees off on september 28th. >> senior rock star. >> yep. >> thank you, mark. be right back.
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don't miss the cbs prime time lineup. followed, of course, by eyewitness news at 11:00. that's it for us tonight. we're back at 11:00. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz. >> it's four little worda story. and that's all we do, tell them a story. >> rodriguez: tonight we tell the story of the man who invented "60 minutes." >> ilt's a kind of a magazine
6:59 pm
for television. >> we've got a piece to look at. >> rodriguez: remembering don hewitt. i'm maggie rodriguez. also tonight, the battle over health care reform. >> trying to have a conversation with you would be like tying to argue with a dining room table! >> rodriguez: are the democrats ready to go it alone? and marines on a mission to get afghan voters safely to the polls. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> rodriguez: good evening. when the telephone rings, chances are you don't automatically think of alexander graham bell, and when the television news comes on, you don't think of don hewitt. but maybe sds at least tonight-- you should. because if anyone one person deserves credit for inventinging what you're watching right now, that person was don. our friend and colleague, the first producer of this broadcast and the legendary creator of "60 minutes" died today of pancic


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