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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 31, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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out of control california wildfires claim their first victims, two firefighters. >> blees pray if their families of our two brothers that we lost. >> we'll go live to the blazes that threaten more than 12,000 homes. cadaver dogs are brought in as the search of the hellish compound where jaycee dugard was held expands. we'll show you stunning photos and find out more about jaycee from one of her former teachers. a mire ak kell at sea as three fisher machine missing for a week are found clinging to their capsized boat about. >> we never gave up hope, we knew thep strn and they were
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fighters. >> we'll speak with two of the men with their stwrug he will to survive. and bobby kennedy's daughter, kathleen, remembers her be you loved uncle, ted. early this monday morning, her be you loved uncle, ted. early this monday morning, august 31st, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good morning. i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez about. julie is in los angeles this morning. good morning. >> good morning and welcome back. >> thank you very much. good to be here. >> good to have you back. we will have the latest for you on jaycee lee dugard, the now 29-year-old woman who was found 18 years after she was kidnapped. her cap tore had kept her in tent, fathered two children with her. this morning her step pair is back and has new information. and we will also give him the opportunity to speak with the two officers you you see on the left there whose hunch about the
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suspect finally led to his arrest. sand a lot of people are still talking this morning about the memorial service friday night and beautiful funeral mass on saturday for ted kennedy. we are gg to speak this morning with kathleen kennedy townsend, the oldest of the kennedy grandchildren. >> but first, firefighters here in southern california are grieving the loss of two of their own. the men were killed sunday when their vehicle crashed as they were battling a massive wildfire. right now, there are at least 11 wildfires burning up and down the state. early show national correspondent hattie kaufman is in acton with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the biggest and most dangerous fire, the station fire. i'm here where firefighters are get something rest, but this fire is massive. it's expected to grow to 100,000 acres today. just two days ago, it was only 10,000 acres. i believe you can see in the other screen mt. wilson, which is an area where it's burning
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fiercely right now, and an area that firefighters have been very concerned about, all of the telecommunications for l.a. are locate the at this site. broadcast towers for all of the television stations and radio and communication for the firefighters. so that is critical. but right now, this is a fire that is growing and out of control. it's an inferno racing lieu thousands of acres fueled by triple digit heat, low humidity and trees that haven't burned in decades. the station fire is threatening 12,000 homes and forcing evacuations over a 50 mile area. >> to say this is a dangerous fire is a total understatement. >> reporter: two firefighters were killed when their engine went off a cliff. >> please pray for their families of our two brothers that we love. >> reporter: with no wind, massive smoke clouds were kept hanging over the l.a. skyline, blocking the view of firefighters in the air. meanwhile, high winds in the
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northern california sent out of control flames through neighborhoods and businesses, dozens were lost. >> trying to help a neighbor out. if it wasn't for me, my wife and the own, the whole place would have went up. >> reporter: early forecasts says that the temperatures are to cool down somewhat and maybe get a made reap layer today. doesn't look like that's going to happen. the red flag warning for high fire danger are remaining in effect until tonight at 9:00. we'll see what tomorrow holds. >> hattie kaufman live in southern california this morning. thanks. new new developments in the case of jaycee dugard, the woman found after being kidnapped 18 years ago. is the man who allegedly took her a serial killer? cbs news correspondent john blackstone is in antioch, california with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, harry. well, ve well, investigators spent the weekend looking for evidence that expand their search into
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the lot next door. we're also learning more about the woman who is actually believed to have dragged jaycee into garrido's car 18 years ago and that's his mysterious wife, nancy. phillip and nancy met while he was serving time at a federal pen tentry in leavenworth for a kidnapping and rape in the 1970s. nancy once worked in the health care industry and was rarely seen by neighbors. >> i never would imagine that somebody could have a compound and nobody in the neighborhood would even have a clue. >> reporter: these are the first photos from inside the backyard prison showing up close the disturbing conditions in which jaycee dugard was held captive. now a bizarre manifesto written by garrido has surfaced arizonaed to the san francisco fbi describing his efforts to control the desires that drive a sexual predator. cab dafr dogs entered the
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property as police looked for evidence ga redid he may be involved in the murders of other women missing in the area. >> we hissed an opportunity -- >> reporter: several opportunities. first a sheriff's deputy visited the property in 2006. >> he did not unfortunately go into the home or the wac yard. >> reporter: there was a visit from a sexual predator task force, regular checks by a parole officer. even the fire department. >> we're looking at the call history. it appears the fire department came out here six times. >> that address is a sex offender's address and a person on parole. so they should have some kind of red flag up about it. it just scares me to think about how sick people are today. >> reporter: now there's a lot of red flags here this morning. they're looking through the yard next door because at one time garrido was the caretaker of this and the resident who has moved in there now says that when he moved in, the lob locks were such that a person could
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only be locked inside, they couldn't people lock people out. one startling fact, the megan's law website shows that in this zip code, there are more than 100 registered sex offenders. >> john blackstone in antioch. thanks. joining us now from san francisco is maria christensen who had business dealings with phillip garrido. you run a recycling business. how is it you came to do some business phillip garrido? >> about ten years ago, he was highly recommended by another business person and he started coming around more and more asking for more business. at the beginning, he was kind of just odd. he would deliver at odd hours. i'd come in in the morning and the stuff would be on the door, so i wouldn't see him as much. >> but did your antenna ever rise up to the point where you thought this guy is anything
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more than just peculiar? >> no, i just thought that he was such a religious freak that he was just harmless. >> when was it that he started to talk to you more about religion and when did you begin to think maybe this guy is a little more than just strange? >> about a year ago, he like -- he would just keep coming and telling me about this stuff and gave me the cd, gave me the -- just flyers and, you know, asking can he come to my business and preach there. and i said no. >> and he asked for you money at one point, did he not in. >> yes. last year him and his wife came in and they wanted a $2,000 advancement on the receipts so that they can build a bathroom to start a church at home. >> did you ever go to his house? >> yes, and he wouldn't let me in. >> he wouldn't let you in. >> no. >> you ever see jaycee?
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>> no. i've only seen one of the kids. >> one of the kids. and especially in the encounter when he asked for you money and i know there was crying involved and he confessed to some things that we don't want to talk about on television in terms of sexual behavior -- >> yes. he was crying and -- they were both crying and she was hanging on to me and he was saying he had been in prison and i just figured drugs because he was so goofy. >> knowing what you know now, it might be very difficult as you look back over the last year. >> yeah. there was so many flags there that we should have picked up on. >> in conversations with others of your colleagues, did anybody ever say at one point we should call this guy in or somehow we reach beyond these obvious, obvious -- i guess they're obvious now, but the signs that he was giving you?
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>> he was just talking about religion a whole lot. he wasn't really doing anything, you know. nothing that we should be calling on because we didn't know his past. >> thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us this morning. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. we continue our coverage with this important question. now that they've been reunited with their family, how should jaycee and her little girls re-enter society? joining us from kansas city this morning, forensic psychologist brian russell. good morning. >> good morning, maggie. >> we have these three young lady, jaycee kidnapped when she was just 112, her two daughters now 11 and 15 and born into the situation and never known anything else. everyone wants to picture them now living happily ever after with their real family, but it's not that simple, is it is this. >> it's not. and there's a tremendous hope angle to the story, hope for even who has a missing loved one out there that they can be found alive, and hope for jaycee and her kids. but we have to be realistic
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about what it is that we're hoping for. obviously we're not going to be able to go back and restore to them these years that they've lost. so the question is what kind of quality of life can we help them to achieve going forward. and i do believe that it they all can find joy in this life and that we can restore some semblance of a normal wlf to them, but it's going to be a long hard road because we have trauma issues, we have all the reintegration issues that we're talking about. and we may even have some of these issues that people have talked about a lot on television the last pew days about having these bonds that they've formed maybe with the garridos. >> that's right. in fact -- >> people talk about stockholm syndrome. >> jaycee's stepfather feels guilty because she bonded with him and the fact this when he was arrested she cried and the little girls now are angry that their father is is this jail help how do you begin it to explain that, how do you begin to deal with that? >> well, fortunately for america
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and unfortunately for the people who need treatment in this case, it's really sort of unprecedent unprecedented. so in order to give and you good victim specific prognosis and treatment plan, i'd have to see the victims and examen them and assess them, but let me tell you where to start. you start with let'sing them know that they're safe. it's really too soon for them to have fully wrapped their minds even around that yet. and then that they're loved unconditionally and that they tonight have to feel guilty for anything that they did or didn't do while this was going on. it's too early i think for people in the media to be diagnosing the stockholm syndrome. that's possibly that she's developed an an finity for them and that the kids have, too, but what's more likely is that they just resign themselves to the fact that they were never going to get out of this thing and just tried to make the best of it, which is a different thing from liking the cap tore. >> brian russell, go appreciate your insight this morning. >> thanks. and can go up, we'll talk more about this with jaycee's stepfather who says that the girls have psychologists with them around the clock. he'll be here in the studio.
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we'll also speak with a forger teacher who says that neither she nor any of jaycee's former classmates ever gave up hope. >> russ mitchell is off this morning. jeff glor is at the news desk. good morning. good morning, everyone. georgia police investigation xwatsing a mass killing, still have no suspects in the deaths of eight people. the victims were killed saturday in a mobile home about 70 miles south 6 savannah. list have are l. not say how the victims were attacked. a ninth remains in serious condition and police are offering a $25,000 reward for information. the commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan says this morning a revised strategy is needed. with you in his review of the war, general stanley mcchrystal also says success can be achieved. and american little leaguers are world champs for the fifth year in a row. the team from chula vista, california staged a dramatic comeback beating taiwan 6-3.
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in seven previous game, they had not won and ira joe fish ser in for dave price. in those seven previous games, california against taiwan, they've beenththth yut scored 6. >> unbelievable. >> amazing victory. >> amazing. and in california, i guess one more world series title in little league than any other place. >> we're full of facts this morning. >> that's why we're here. other facts, speaking of california, not good news. the interior sections continue to really be hot and dry. morning fog, low clouds. the best hope is that hurricane jimena, which is climbs up from the south, which spread moisture later on in the week to help douse the flames. at the moment, they continue to rage. and
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an emotional weekend for the kennedy family and for a lot of family across the country. joining us now is ted kennedy's niece, kathleen kennedy townsend. good morning. >> hi, harry, how are you? >> i'm well. tell me your best memory of your uncle ted.
7:19 am
>> there are so many memories of him both political and personal. you know, i'm always touched by the fact that on the day that my cousin, teddy, who lost his leg, it was my wedding day and i had asked whether i should, you know, postpone my wedding because it was so traumatic for our family. he said in and he came and picked me up at my mother and father's house and walked me down the aisle and during the time talked about his own wedding and what a wonderful time that can be. and he was in the most tough, difficult moment for his own self, he was trying to be helpful and open and positive if me. and i think that is really a metaphor for what did he throughout his life. he's had a terrible, personal tough times and yet he was always out there helping others. >> you're my age, which means you're old enough to remember
7:20 am
when teddy and bobby and jfk were all alive as brothers together. >> well, what i really remember is them together is primarily in hyannis port when there was so many touch football games, which was great fun. or going sailing. i remember sailing with my uncle teddy and my father and we were in a race and i was -- with the three of us and i was the ballast, which for those who aren't the sale ares means i was just dead weight. just getting wet for four straight hours. but what i also remember during those times, not only sort of the fun family times, but obviously the sense of public life and that you gave back to the cup. my father was doing the hearings, teddy ran for senate in 1962, we remember that, and
7:21 am
he was just running on his name and i think my father, attorney general, because of his brother being president, but the point was you're given opportunities and then what do you make of those tumopportunities. an i think what we saw over the last few days is that people said ted kennedy, why not how you got to be senator, but when you were there, you did more than any other senator in american history. >> i've got 20 seconds left. does a kennedy belong in your uncle's old senate seat actual? actually, i have five seconds left. >> i think teddy kennedy gave much to our country. i think if my brother, joe, wanted to run, i think he's he'd put up a great race and be a great senator, but there t. there are a lot of people who can carry on senator kennedy's lega legacy. >> kathleen, thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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. >> hello again. it is 25 past 7:00. it is cloudy with a comfortable commute. >> a very cool refleshing flow. i have to be honest. i want to come back to the forecast. some sun, clouds but generally 75 degrees. go back to radar. we are starting to see the moisture migrate north just a little bit. i can't rule out the speck. i am changing the scan while we are on. here is the actual doppler, showing falling rain. i have to tell you something.
7:26 am
we could see a shower over the, christy in for sharon. it continues to be a busy ride this afternoon, if you are on the north side, looking at a ten minute delay, as far the west side, another 15 minutes, 795, national, again it is pretty slowly with the speed senators there. 70 eastbound, delays continue, that's from marysville road right up to the beltway, as for the 95 corridor, in the southbound direction we have a disabled vehicle, attracting plenty of attention on the loop, and here is a live look at the topside of the beltway, and hartford road. we have plenty of congestion there. now is time to buy an rv. check out 22-acre of new rvs, visit largest rv the lazy days of summer
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vacation have come and gone for school-aged children. eyewitness news and mary bubala live on the story. >> reporter: good morning. we are live outside of cross country where the doors will open soon. we have 20,000 students heading back to class, other the week ebbed, the finishing touches on many of the schools, gains including the 6% boost in aten dabs of high school, 7% at middle schools and a significant drop in the number of suspensions. all go back today. the kids went back in hartford, and carroll county. thank you. >> thank you. police are investigating the a boating fatality sunday near glen burnie, killing a 47-year- old man on one of them. a man and his daughter were thrown from the other but they are okay. the accident is still under police investigation.
7:28 am
in about an hour, major sheila dixon will be on hand at recently renovated dunbar. is ribbon is cut at 8:15. stay with us
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7:30 am
welcome back to the early show oig. it is a happy show because harry is back. i missed you. >> i missed being here. i missed you, too. and julie. >> now the gang's all back together and coming up, we have a lot of information for you. the school is back in session at a lot of colleges and already we're seeing reports of hundreds of cases of h1n1 flu on campus. and it could get even worse. we'll tell you what schools are doing differently to teach children about this. and we'll talk it to two
7:31 am
fishermen who are very happy to be alive. they spent eight days hanging on to the boat which capsized in the gulf of mexico. it's being called a miracle at sea. but first, one of the many people who are grateful that jaycee dugard was found alive after being kidnapped 18 clears ago is sue bush, jaycee's former fifth grade teacher. she joins us from nevada. good morning. tell me about jaycee. what do you remember what she was like as an 11-year-old girl? >> jaycee was absolutely delightful. she was always happy, she had a smile on her face. sparkly eyes. well liked by all the kids in the room. >> it comes across in the pictures that we're looking at of her had, but, sue, what do you remember about that horrible day that she was kidnapped and how did you learn about her kidnapping? >> well, you know, i actually learned about it after i
7:32 am
arrived -- i was at school already, i telled to go tended early. and somewhere between 8:00 or 9:00, i got the call to come down to the office and that's when i found out about jaycee. and i just want to let you and everybody and jaycee know that the entire community, her family, her friends, her classmates, her teacher, never, ever forgot her or gave up the hope that she would come back some day. >> so this day is just wonderful news after waiting 18 years. >> oh, absolutely. >> but, sue, what do you remember telling your students about this whole kidnapping case and what did the students say about her abduction? >> a lot of the kids already knew about it out on the yard because some of the children had actually witnessed the abduction because they were on the way to the same bus stop. >> what did they say about what
7:33 am
they saw? like how did jaycee react to being snatched? >> jaycee did everything she was supposed to do. she screamed and she kicked. we had had a d.a.r.e. training weeks prior and she did exactly what she was supposed to do that morning. she fought off her attackers. >> amazing. sue bush, thank you for sharing your memory and your thoughts with us. want to turn to our other guests. robin tax is a former wlaenks county deputy district attorney and the author of predator respect and child molesters. first of all, let's talk about the staff. how many registered sex offen r offenders are out there? there. >> there are about 500,000 registered sex offenders actually out there. that's only the people that are actually registered. those aren't the people who are sex offenders who have yet to be
7:34 am
convicted or awaiting trial or have never everyone ben been ar. so the numbers are a little misleading. >> what's the number who actually slip through the cracks then? >> there is about 100,000 people that slip through the cracks. and that means that they fail to register. those are ones that we though about and who aren't keeping up with what they're supposed to do who aren't registering or maintaining their address. >> so there's so many out there. parents are probably panicking right now hearing these numbers. what's the first step a parent should take to keep their kids safe? >> as i mention in my book, i talk about how we should take advantage of teachable moments. we should look at an opportunity, a silver lining in the case of jaycee, and remember that we really need to have the safety conversations with our kids all the time. but in addition, the registered sex offender list is something that everybody can access. it's free, it's easy, you you can google sex offender and it's
7:35 am
right there. and look by address. and everyone should look to see who is living in their neighborhood, who is living near their schools, who is living near their grand pashtss' homes or caretakers homes and not just look at the list as, okay, these are people that exist, but actually go into the list, take a glance at the picture, be familiar with who you may be looking for, but also look at the crime for which they're convicted. many times the registry will have on the list what is actually the case in phillip garrido's situation that it was listed that he had been convicted in a prior case for kidnap and for on rape. and if you have that rape there, this is something different than just unlawful sex or statutory rape situation. this is someone swwho is a violt predator. >> if a child is being snatched, what do you tell your child that he or she should do? >> exactly what jaycee did did, the screaming and kicking is definitely something you want to do. you want to do something to put off the at takingers and yell for help.
7:36 am
but not just help with the word help, but use the word fire. and at all costs to try not to get into the car if at all possible. everything's about buying time, not necessarily winning the fight. it's giving you a moment maybe gouging out with keys or using your fingers or taking an elbow to push someone away just to buy that couple extra seconds to run away. >> robin sax, thank you so much. now let's head back to new york and get another check of the weather and say good morning to ira joe fisher. good morning. > good morning. well, you'll see some sunny skies and hot temperatures in interior california. in the nation's middle, it will it will feel like the last day of august or something. and some showers will bub bell up over the rockies and it will continue to be rather soggy in the southeastern part of the country. but from the tennessee valley into the great lakes and extending over into the northeastern part of nation, temperatures climbing up into the 70s and parts of the great
7:37 am
lakes only in . first warning doppler. no shower activity per se but we have been watching a diagonal from the lower left hand side of the screen to basically the word dover. and some of this action aears to be getting ready to tag baltimore and clearly. so you may see a shower the next hour approximate a half or so. then a high today of around that's your latest weather. now back over to harry. the coast guard abandoned the search, but three fishermen lost at sea for more than a week never gave up. we'll speak to a couple of these guys in just a couple minutes right here on "the early show." discover gives you a cash back bonus on every single purchase.
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and all you'll need is 45 minutes a week to turn hungry off... and turn weight loss on. hurry registration's free too. weight watchers. stop dieting. start living. what you do with it is up to you. what will you get back with your cash back? it pays to discover. it is being called a miracle at sea. more than a week ago, three
7:41 am
texas fishermen headed in to the gulf of mexico where they should not encountered major trouble. hair 23-foot boat capsized and they were forced to spend the night next to eight days struggling to survive and as they clung on to the boat with only crackers and gum to sustain them. then on saturday, they were found by another boater more than 180 miles from shore. joining us now from blessing, texas are two of the three rescued fishermen, james phillips and curt hall. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> so you guys are going out to fish, you head out, you're out there. when did trouble really strike? james? >> friday. >> friday. >> as soon as we got there. >> as soon as you got out there. there are these pumps that keep the twin hold kind of fishing boat, and the pumps that keep it dry, they stopped working, is that right? >> the port side stopped working.
7:42 am
the star board, everything was working fine. and i don't know if it shorted out or burnt up or -- it just quit working and filled up the hole. >> so the thing goes over. and then you're left with no power and the most important thing, you might have had crackers, you might have had bubble gum, but you don't survive unless you've got water. what did you do for fresh water shall. >> we had two gallons of water stored in one of the front compartments of the boat and we started with that. and then after we got done to about a gallon and a half, i told curt, i said we got to do a little something more about water. i don't think this will last. and we had a fresh water tank that had 30 gallons of water on it, and i swam down and grabbed the hose and pulled it up. when i turned the nozzle, it was fresh water. and curt grabbed the end and cut it off and suckeded on it and had fresh water. so we had 31 gallons of water,
7:43 am
so i knew we could last a pretty long time. >> i'll tell what you, here's the other part of this sorry, because there's a massive search going organization airplanes out there, boats going by. i know you guys were not so far from a drilling rig. after it gets to be day three, day four, day five, they finally call off the search. were there moments out there when you thought we're they ever going to get picked up? >> no. never. >> really? >> never. i mean, even though there's thob out there, there's somebody out there and god just watched over us the whole time. i knew we was coming home. >> i imagine there was some serious praying going on. >> oh, huge. you have no idea. you have no idea. >> a lot. >> what did you promise no to ever do again if you came out of this alive in. >> we can't ensay that. there's lots of promises made
7:44 am
out there, and i'll hold every one of them about. >> well, gentlemen, we are so glad that you're safe and sound and in one piece and it's quite a story to tell and i'm sure it will be told a lot. and get everyone better as the years go on. thank you very, very much for taking the time to be with us. we're glad you're safe and sound. >> thank you. >> thank you. up next, college just started and they're already out breaks of h1n1 flu on campus. we'll tell you all about it when we come back. (mom) my son loves chef boyardee.
7:45 am
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for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it. it just makes you feel wonderful. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do. costs over $10. but blue bunny ice cream and toppings from walmart cost less. make ice cream treats at home just three times a month instead, and save over $220 a year. save money. live better. walmart. on this morning's "health watch," something that might surprise you. school hats just started and already we're seeing hundreds of cases of h1n1 flu at some colleges and universities around the country. nancy cordes is in washington this morning with the numbers. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: maggie, good morning. yeah, we have a lot of kids live manage close quarter, you've got a perfect preeding ground for an
7:48 am
aggressive virus like h1n1. so colleges all across the country are starting to take some extraordinary precautions. some colleges are already seeing an outbreak of swine flu as students turn to the dorms. at the university of kansas, there are 200 suspected cases, 150 at georgia tech. 100 cases at the university of tennessee, and more than 50 cases reported at the university of alabama. >> every time i see somewhere i can wash my hands, i'm pretty careful what i touch. >> reporter: at the university of maryland, students are getting a crash course on hygiene the moment they arrive on campus. >> we want students not to attend class if they're feeling ill. and we have asked them to prepare little food kits for themselves so they have nourishment and fluids and fever medications in their own residences. >> reporter: other schools are handing out hand sanitizer, even
7:49 am
teaching cough etiquette. >> trying to gel get them to recognize that they need to be prepared. >> reporter: the cdc is recommending that universities promote self-ice wlags. in other words, providing alternate housing for sick students who live some dorms. >> nancy, thank you. coming up, more on jaycee lee due guard, the woman who spent 18 years at the mercy of a kidnapper. her stepfather will be here live with us. you're watching t"the early sho" on cbs. >> announcer: "health watch" sponsored by mirk's milk produce producers. got milk? ♪
7:50 am
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hello. it is now 5 minutes before 8:00. there's some type of. >> invasion has begun. >> yeah christy has traffic right after weather. let's look, before we look at the forecast because i am telling you there's no mention of rain in the outlook but we have been watching shower activity. let me punch o th out wider if -- this out wider. we have been watching shower activity to the south but i am seeing this migrate north and i won't say you are not going to see a spring sprinkle from the city south, partly sunny,
7:56 am
beautiful with mid-70s. this is a breaking news if you will. now other to christy in for sharon. thanks. we do have delays still on the beltway, 95 as well. if you are traveling on 95 southbound, that earlier disabled vehicle we had at the beltway has been cleared but still a delay from white marsh up to the beltway on the northeast side. as for the north side, plenty of brake lights. and on the west side another 15 minute delay, that's from baltimore in from 795 to baltimore national pike and 795 southbound as you can see in the red, bumper to bumper up to the beltway. as for eastbound, stop and go from marysville up to the beltway, and here is a live look at the congestion on the north side at harper road. this is brought to you by sesame street live, imagine with elmo, september 10th to 13th. log on to for your chance to win tickets back to
7:57 am
you. abearlyer day start for children and parents as they get ready for the first day or second week. >> we are in front of cross country elementary. they're ready to welcome back their student this is morning. it starts about 8:45 this morning. overall -- over the weekend in baltimore city, teachers and staff put the finishing touches on many schools, on recent gains including a 6% boost in attendance at high school, 7% at middle schools and a drop in suspension. again baltimore city, county and howard county all go back today. >> after pleading guilty to killing a federal witness. police say 20-year-old eric -- in a fellow gang member planning to testify in a drug case as part of the deal, he will get 1 # 1 years. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, up next, cuddle parties
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
she may be back home with her real family, but things are far from normal for jaycee dugard. we'll ask her step tad, carl probyn, about the help jaycee needs to recover from her horrible ordeal. did a football coach push a teenaged player too hard and eventually to his death? >> football is a rough sport and coaches drive their kids hard. >> we'll go inside the fierce debate as the coach goes on trial. and they're the tupperware parties of the new millennium, but nos plastic and a lot more fun. we'll introduce you to cuddle parties. early it this monday morning august 31st, 2009.
8:01 am
it is the most beautiful morning in new york city. right? it is cool outside, the rains are gone. it feels great. >> can we borrow ira joe fisher's word? >> no. welcome back to the early show. i'm harry smith along with maggie rod gooe regez. julie is in los angeles. good morning again. >> i guess it's getting ready for september, which is tomorrow. you can believe? >> already. yeah. >> seems like a good time to talk about fall fashions and we'll begin our series today with a fabric that never goes out of style, denim. we have jeans this morning for every budget and every figure. also coming up as fall creeps closer and you get busier, we'll show you how to make some wonderful sandwiches and salads a that are great for maybe a light dinner or lunch at
8:02 am
the office. but before we get to that let's check in with jeff glor at the news desk filling in for russ mitchell. good morning. the largest of california's wildfires is now deadly. two firefighters died yesterday when their truck rolled off a cliff. at least 11 wildfires are burning in the state this morning. the worst is the so-called station fire north of l.a. hattie kaufman is in acton. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. this is a massive fire. it has already consumed 71 square miles an it is still only 5% contained. overnight, more homes were last. >> the homes that were destroyed last night were up in the acton area. this is in addition to the 18 homes and we know there were some additional homes that were destroyed in hidden valley area, as well. we just don't have the number you yet at this point. >> a tragic turn of evens here.
8:03 am
>> reporter: an inferno that has claimed thousands of acres and now two lives. the two gives were killed when their truck went off a cliff. >> we ask you, please, for for your understanding, for your patience, as we move through this difficult time. >> reporter: the time lapsed tape from youtube shows how in daylight massive smoke plumes bell much and bell low north of downtown l.a. looking more like a volcano than mountains on fire, that is up the sunsets an night reveals the fire below. and in northern california, high winds in the town of auburn sent out of control flames roaring lieu neighborhoods and businesses. dozens were lost. >> our house is gone. >> are you serious? >> i'm standing right there, honey. >> reporter: one of the firefighters who died was a captain who had been a firefighter for more than two decades. jeff? >> hattie kaufman in acton.
8:04 am
thank you. it is quite a crowd in space this morning. shuttle "discovery" docked at the space station last night. their combined crews total 13 people now. only the second time so many have been in orbit at one time. the gravesite of senator edward kennedy has been open to the public. crowds gathered arrest at arlington national cemetery yesterday to pay their respect and some left flowers to honor his memory. now hear's maggie. jaycee lee dugard is back with her family after being held cap 2i6 18 years. here to tell us how she's doing is her stepfather, carl probyn, and join us live from berkeley, california, twot officers who broke the case wide open, allison jacobs and lisa campbell. the biggest heros in america. good morning to all of you. let me start you with you, karl. i know you spoke with jay so he ig owe stepsister last night. she is with jaycee and the two girls in california. how are they do something. >> they're doing okay. step by step, like being on
8:05 am
mars. this is a brand nuf situation. it's never happened before. 18 years being gone like this, it's pretty remarkable. >> how has the trance sis been? we talked about that a little bit this morning with an expert, how hard it will be for jaycee and her two daughters who never knew anything about this existence in captivity to kind of get back into society. >> it's going to take a long time. they thought jaycee was her sister. they didn't realize that she had been kidnapped and the national center for missing children is helping coach her and bringing people into help. it will take long time. >> what is their emotional state, what did she tell you? >> i think the girls are okay. they were attacheded to him. they cried when this happened. it's like it's going to take a long time. people say when can you see them. whenly see them? it may be a long time. they don't know who i am. i'd probably scare them. so it will take a while. >> i know that there was a break
8:06 am
through last night, jaycee knocked on shayna's door? >> that was the day she wanted it duke and started bonding. and my daughter said that she said do you remember me? oh, yeah, we talked a bit about you. >> i want to show you, i'm not sure if you've seen them, the pictures of the living conditions. >> i haven't seen them yet. i haven't watched the news. >> well, these were released yesterday, i believe. this is where jaycee was living with her captore. i'm sorry, i didn't real wliz that you were purposely staying away from them. >> no it's okay. >> when you take a look at this, the horrible conditions that she had to endure, what comes to your mind? >> she survived. she did what she had to do. >> how did she survive? >> she's just a medical low person. she's easy going and like my daughter now, if that was her, she probably wouldn't have made it because she's feisty.
8:07 am
jaycee just bonded with this guy and they actually cried when he was captured. so they accepted it. after 18 years, you know, we had her 11 year, they had her 18 year, so they were a family. people have to realize, i don't know how he treated her or whatever, but they were attached to each other. >> and now she's back with her real family and your daughter and jaycee's mother, terry, are changing their lives completely to help her. >> yes. and my wife is the happiest ever in the world right now. >> she's not going back to work is this. >> no. eventually. my daughter is not going to college. she cancel this had semester. >> so they'll dedicate their live 1/00% to jaycee and those girls. >> correct. >> they need that extra attention. >> oh, yeah. she did say the girls were smart. i asked her how are the girls and she goes they're intel xweptd, they're smart. they didn't go to school, but they're okay. they're shy, they're clingy, but they're smart.
8:08 am
>> i. >> i want to give you an opportunity to say something to allison and lisa whose hunch when they saw this man with the two young girls at the berkeley campus led finally to this reunion with skra see oig. what would you like to say to them? >> i'd like to say thank you for solving this case. you guy disit. the police have missed it, another 16 time, nobody went near the backyard. you guys so muched this this. like i told you earlier, i'm ghg to buy and you box of chocolates. you guys are my here rows. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> allison, lisa, when you saw those two little girls, why did you see the red flag that so many other people had missed? >> years of training and experience, having been a police officer in chicago and various agencies. this is just what we do on a day to day basis. most times other people interacted with them, it was probably on a social level. and that's what we're trained to do. >> what was it about those girls
8:09 am
that said something is wrong? >> their demeanor wasn't that of regular girls that age. it was more robotic. they were almost in worship of their father. almost like his rantings were just very normal activity for them. so that's why our red flag wepts ents up on that, that what kind of living conditions are they having to deal with. >> it was so wonderful that you finally cracked this case, that investigators now admit they missed opportunities. they pointed the finger at you and made your life incredibly difficult. >> i wouldn't say they pointed the finger, but they definitely -- i took lie detector tests. i noous it was coming, so i accept that. >> do you have any anger towards them because you were a suspect for so long? >> no i knew it was part of
8:10 am
their job. i wish -- as far as the description of her, the car, it was a random case, you know, so -- >> i know that you want to mention several bogus websites have popped up. >> correct. >> people should not be sending money to websites. there's only one legitimate one is this. >> there is. >> what is it? >> it's on your -- >> so you want to -- >> -- or cbs news. >> exactly. so we'll put the only website, fuld like to help this family, that is legitimate is the one that we will put up on our website, early thank you very much for coming in. >> been a pleasure. >> a pleasure having pup a. and allison and lisa, thank you so much for everything. thank. >> thank you. >> ira joe has a look at the weather. good morning. nice people are here today visiting from indiana, cbcbcbcb,
8:11 am
south carolina, from the lovely community of windy city. we're in a windy city here today, wouldn't you agree? we have some serious weather about which to talk and that's interior california continues to bake. temperatures whether climb up into the 80s and the 90s and nearly 100 degrees. it is hoped that jimena, the hurricane off the baja, mexico peninsula will spread much needed moisture into california later in the week, but that's latter in the week. today hot interior california. some thorps over the rockies and we'll see some rain and thunderstorms over the . good morning. here is first warning doppler weather radar. i'm on a scan sha shows moisture, all of this stuff here i'm pretty sure is not, but you see below the circle l i am pretty sure it is. we have been watching shower activity through the course f the morning, down to our south. we have a bigger look there and some of it is trying to migrate
8:12 am
north, a high of 75. over the next hour or so i can't rule out a sprinkle from the city grid and south. >> announcer: this weather report sponsored by the mercedes-benz you must experience. the amazing e-chas. kind of a chilly august about # 1s here in new york. let's go back to wl a. and julie. >> thanks a lot. up next, need a hug? the truly touching story for you when we return. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. taking its rightful place in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz.
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so use caution when driving or doing unsafe tasks. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipation. today, laura decided it was time she learned how to show that bladder who's boss. talk to your doctor and ask if toviaz is right for you. costs over $10. but blue bunny ice cream and toppings from walmart cost less. make ice cream treats at home just three times a month instead, and save over $220 a year. save money. live better. walmart. let's face it, we live in stressful times. and that has led interest folks to come up with a very creative way it on get the tlc they're looking for. cbs news national correspondent dean reynolds has the story. >> reporter: welcome to cuddle
8:16 am
party, everyone. they all arrived that the quiet address on chicago's north side intent on cuddling. >> my name is will and i am your cuddle party lifeguard. >> reporter: cuddle expert will mckay and his trusty lieutenant read the rules of the road or mattress in this case. >> you must get verbal permission before you touch anyone. >> reporter: sapgsed cuddle parties like this one have been going on for about five years with pajama clad strangers hugging, stroking, spooning and massaging to their heart's content. >> god, that's good. >> reporter: in case you're wondering, cuddle parties are strictly nonsexual. the 11 participants here today were made aware of that in no uncertain terms. co-founders marsha and reed created the events to help people rediscover touch and affection. but nobody has to touch anybody if they don't want to. >> just great to have a place where i can get comfortable
8:17 am
saying no. >> reporte . >> can i touch your foreahead? >> yes. >> reporter: christian is an ftc or first time cuddler. >> i didn't think it was going to be creepy per se, i just didn't know how i was going to respond. >> reporter: so is all this touching good for you? >> touching as an adult is important because it keeps us connected to objection keeps our emotions high and keeps us feel going. >> reporter: it's hard to say whether cuddle parties are a phenomenon just waiting to sweep the nation. but in these difficult, stressed out days, who wouldn't want a hug? dean reynolds, cbs newnews, chicago. >> okay, additional cuddle party factoids, if you will? $30 to attend. >> three or 30? >> $30. before you start cuddling, you have to establish what's called, quote/unquote, your cuddle boundaries. and finally, at the end of the
8:18 am
party, everyone participates in what they call a puppy pile which i think we're about to see where they literally just kind of pile on top of each other on the floor. so any -- right. any takers? >> here's what i -- i got this e-mail and i thought that you were inviting us all over to -- >> cuddle my womb is this no. >> i love you all very much, but i would never do that with you ever. >> really? >> i'm not involved enough. >> if you got a puppy out of the puppy pile, then i would do that. and is there ever a buffet? >> that would be -- >> that would be worthwhile. >> i'll cuddle the buf fay. >> do i like one of the rules. one of them i think is if you position it's a maybe, that's a no. in other words, you shouldn't. right? >> okay. >> i only go to parties when there will be cheese.
8:19 am
>> all right. >> wow. coming up next, we'll tell you you about this right here. >> the body language. >> we're southern comfo up comft now. who is hugging me? >> who's your puppy? >> all right. we'll be back. what makes a hershey's bar with almonds pure? pure happiness. ♪ i'll stop the world and melt with you... ♪ pure delight. pure delicious chocolate with almonds. pure hershey's.
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back to "the early show." you know how they're always coming out with new products to help you lose weight is this this is a whip balm called burner balm. this is not fda approved but the people who came up with it said it was developed by a doctor and one person who used it lost eight pounds in four weeks. how it works is you put it on your lip, gets in to your bloodstream -- >> do you know what the powerful ingredient is? >> chrome number pakulminate,
8:22 am
caffeine, green tea, hoodia. you're supposed to feel a tingle when you put it on. >> are we talking about the cuddling segment? >> no we're talking about the lip balm. if you can get it open, it takes about eight minutes to kick in, but they say feel the tippiingl. >> eight minutes to open it -- >> eight minutes to feel less hungry. >> gives you like a tingle. >> you're supposed to feel less hungry and less tired. so check back in eight minutes and if -- >> we'll see if i've lost weight. >> harry, i'm shrinking, i'm slinging. >> no tingling. >> did you get any in ? >> no. it smells great. kind of like a puppy pile. >> keep out of reach of children. >> i'm going to hug you.
8:23 am
we'll be right back. you're watching t"the early sho" on cbs.
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> hello again. it is 25 past 8:00. it is a rainy south and east. christy will have what's going on around the beltway right after marty's first warning weather. i'm on an interesting display. this is moisture. i will go to the true doppler in just a second. moisture was aloft. we have shower activity now to the south of the area. this is going to be the real doppler. forget about all of this stuff here, it is kind of like ground. that's where the shower activity is starting to move through. so let's take a look at the forecast. eventually it is beautiful with a 75 high, partly sunny skies, the next couple of hours here
8:26 am
as far north as south baltimore we have to watch for shower activity. now to christy, wjz traffic control. thank, marty. we still have busy delay, on 95 in the southbound direction, we have some heavy delays from white marsh up to the beltway on the northeast side. as far the outer loop a busy ride on the north side, from bell air to providence. you are looking at a 15 minute delay. 795 southbound jammed from owens mill up to the beltway. and on the west side, sluggish from bell air to providence. on the harris areburg express way we -- harrisburg expressway we have an accident. as far as baltimore city, two accidents there at west baltimore street and at west hamburg. now a live look, here is the delay and also a look at 50 at the river bridge. this traffic report is brought to you by exxon, buy a large coffee and get a free half
8:27 am
liter aquafina water only at on the run locations. thousands of children started the new school year and thousands in the metro will start in the ranks today mary is live in the city. >> reporter: we are outside of cross done trillion the school buses are pulling up as we speak. students are filing out and heading into the first day of class. it is a scene repeated across the state this week. many of the school, city school system is hoping to capitalize on the 6% gain in attendance at high school, 7% at middle schools and a number of drops in the suspensions. don, back to you. thank you very much. good news for marylanders who owe back tax, the first tax amnesty holiday since 2001. those who owe tax money will have from september 1st to october 30th to pay back what they owe free of penalty and
8:28 am
half of the interest accrued. a day of hard work goes to waste, a day after the back river clean up association spent hours picking up trash along the river as they come back to find it orange color and bottles
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show" on this monday fp. >> it is monday. >> feels like monday. >> yeah, this is a monday feel definitely. coming up in this half hour, good morning, julie -- >> good morning. >> i know people are still trying to recover from that whole cuddle segment, which is -- >> kind of disturbed. >> we may need counseling. >> we're still sitting far apart. coming up, we'll look at what could be -- remember when this first story first appeared? the prosecutors are bringing a case against this high school football coach, they want to hold him criminally responsible
8:31 am
for the death of one of his players a hot august day, there was a practice, the kid got sick, ended up going to the hospital and dying. and we'll have the latest on this controversial trial in just a couple of minutes. also coming up, we're starting our series on fall fashion with a look at jeans. we have jeans for all shapes an sizes and budgets. and i want to give props to our prop people because hook at the leaves, right, on the ground pl it really feels like fall in the studio for the segment. >> because of the leaves or because the temperature is always freezing in there no matter what stooif time of the year there is? >> let's face it, there are mornings where it's august and i'm like can they bring up the space heat sner. also, great ideas for simple sandwiches with gourmet flavors from one of the country's hottest young chefs, made list sha perello, but first here's ira joe with requestowowowow a check of the weather. >> it feels very fallish out
8:32 am
here on the plaza. we have lovely people visiting, south carolina, illinois, upstate new york, but we also have being visited by some folks from noblesville high school, indiana. go millers. >> go millermillers, that's rig. >> and it was a mill town. >> yeah. >> all right. we don't want to go against the grain. let's talk about some weather. we'll see some thunderstorms over the rockies today and over the southeastern part of the country. and we'll see weather that feels very much like september on this last day of august settle over the northern tier of the nation on into new england. and it will be hot tomorrow. as far as tomorrow is concerned, it will it be nice and pleasantly warm literally in america's middle. about unfortunately, the hot dry weather continues in california.
8:33 am
good morning. here is first warning doppler. we are looking at shower activity trying to press north. it has been i will show you how widespread shower activity has been through the morning. i mean check that out. but some of this action is trying to migrate north. now the forecast for day calls for beautiful afternoon to be honest about the deal. a mixture of cloud and suns 75. over the next hour or so i am very confident that maybe as far north that's your weather out this last day of august. back to you. the controversial trial of a former high school football coach is expected to begin today. he is accused of reckless homicide in the death of one of his players. mark strassmann is in louisville, kentucky with the latest. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning. it's an american first, this high school football coach on trial for the death 6 one of his
8:34 am
players in the summer heat. jury selection begins here in louisville today, but also this case will be putting part of football's culture on trial. whipping a team into shape. outside jason stinson's home, dozens of his supporters rally on the eve of the head coach's unprecedented trial. across town at a local sunday football game, teams competed, parents debated. should a local coach go to prison pot death of one of his players? >> football is a rough sport and coaches drive their kids hard. >> not a lot of kids that will say i got to stop right now and have a drink of water if the coach doesn't allow it. >> reporter: a year ago go this month, sophomore mac gilpin died from complications of heat stroke. he had run wind sprints until he dropped on a hot summer day. but the player's father blames coach stinson for his 15-year-old's death. >> because it was totally preventable and he was in charge. >> reporter: stinson has denied being reckless.
8:35 am
>> one thing people can't forget in this whole situation is i lost one of my boys that day. >> reporter: but even after gilpin clapped, witnesses say other players asked for water and coach stinson called them cowards. >> this is about an adult human being who had training who was responsible for the health and welfare of a child. >> reporter: stinson faces two charges, rec wls homicide, and endangerment, potentially five years behind prison -- some prison. his lawyers will accident the death was a terrible accident, but across america, coacheses and parents are be watching. >> mark strassmann live with us from louisville. a lot of soul searching going on and a lot of people wondering just how this is going to turn out. joining us now is one of coach stinson's friends, rodney dougherty. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> how is coach stinson feeling on the eve of this trial? >> well, obviously he's nervous,
8:36 am
concerned being the first coach ever charged with something like this, but his faith in christ will carry him through. >> you're a good friend of his. what kind of soul searching has he gone through in this last year? >> i really couldn't answer that harry. that would be for coach stinson to answer. >> from the standpoint of so many people observing this and saying, well this, was , this w accident that happened, one of the things that i'm a little curious about is why you would withhold water from people on an athletic field. that's an -- i'm an old school guy, i played football through high school and college and we were lucky to get ice chips when i was playing football. and what the conventional -- that was the convention at wisdom 30 or 40 years ago fp everybody now knows that you have to keep these kids hydrated. i guess i'm wondering why he
8:37 am
would withhold liquids on a day when you're practicing in the 90 degree heat. >> water was withheld, harry. most of those boys has four to five water breaks that day. that's misreported. people who reported that were only there for a few minutes of the practice. >> does he feel like -- does the coach feel like he's being wrongly accused or being made a scapegoat or a target? >> oh, absolutely. this is a first for football. this is no longer about a coach. they're after the game of football at this point. >> and in terms of the community, what is your sense of how the community is responding to this? >> well, there's been quite a bit of support for him. we've been able to raise about
8:38 am
$90,000 to help him with his legal expenses. when you hear that the community is divided, you assume that that's a 50/50 division, but that's just not the case. the majority that are behind stinson is much larger than that. >> does coach stinson want to go back to coaching? >> he has said that if he's acquitted he does want to return to coaching. >> and he used to be in professional life and was not in the school system. he made a specific decision to become a coach, is that not correct? >> that is correct. he was working for xerox and felt he had a call from the lord to go mentor young men and that's why he ended up coaching football and teaching. >> it will be very interesting as this trial plays out. we thank you, rodney, very much for taking the time to speak with us. >> thank you, sir. now hehere's maggie.
8:39 am
>> announcer: this portion sponsored by the florida department of citrus, florida orange juice, healthy, pure and simple. it is fall fashion week here on "the early show" and we're kicking it off this morning with a classic, denim. elizabeth lake is senior style editor of "all you" magazine and she's here with jeans to fit every fwunlg et. good morning. our gom is to help you find the trendy jean for fall, but that also fits your figure. >> yes. more important than being trendy, fitting the figure. and fall is almost here and so it's time to start think pentagon that staple of your fall wardrobe, which is jeans. it doesn't have to be so hard to find a perfect fitting pair of jeans, but the ski really knowing how to shop for your body type. so at "all you" magazine, we're about two things, value and real living. we have some of our actual reareds have come with real jean problems and we'll get them some solutions that really work. >> come on out. she wanted to find a jean that wanted to minimize her hips. >> exactly. so jenny has a problem that actually a lot of our readers
8:40 am
have written in and expressed similar problems, where jeans that fit her hips sometimes gain at the waste. retailers will starting to recognize this problem, specifically lane bryant, which are the jeans she's wearing, have jeans that are cut more amply in the hips and more small in the waste, so it fits her perfectly and what's important, a dark wash which is very slimming and it creates a long lean line. we just gave her colorful shoes and a fun bag. so the ski >> so the ski to find a store that specifically taylors to this type of need. >> find the brands that suit your body type better. >> let's bring out ashley. i have this problem, had jeans look great in the front, don't do much for the in the rear. >> a problem i have, as well. and fortunately it's easily stopped. in this age of beyonce, everybody wants to be -- what you want to do is look for jeans
8:41 am
that have pockets with a lot of detail. so these are great choices xwlp so back pockets with a lot of detail? >> they give you volume. this is by victoria secret and they have the back snaps, button, even stitching detail, just things to create interest and illusion. >> thank you. let's bring up bria. she wanted to slem her midsection. she has a fantastic body, but she has trouble finding jeans that keep her tummy you said control. so what you want to come is rook for jeans with a bit of a mid rise. she's wearing gap long and lean style, which is really living up to its name. completely smoothing her, elongating her legs and she's looking great. we paired it with a top that has a sinched in effect. >> a lot of women i know want to be trendy and they want on-to-do the low rise jeans, but this is proof that some trends are not
8:42 am
for everybody. >> so true, because when you have a womanly body, you really want to shop in the women's section. it's cut to suit a with him's body and juniors and teen stores just do not. >> it looks great. thank you. and lastly, rene. what issue did she have? >> actually, with have kate first. >> sorry. she's apple shaped. what does that mean? >> just that her mid extension is a little bit larger in proportion to her hipses. so the first is go to jeans with a natural waste line. sort of a higher waste line. so you'll see her jeans come a bit higher, give her a little control. but the real secret here is that these are control panels built right in. so that's why she's looking especially long and lean. >> where do they have control panels? >> in this whole central area. >> i've never seen that. >> the secret. >> not anymore. >> you also want to balance out
8:43 am
the proportion. so a little bit of a boot cut leg to create that long line that we talked about. and we also have to point out the amazing shoeses she's wearing. $30 at payless. and we love them. >> kate, thank you so much. now rene. what was rene's challenge? >> rene has a fabulous plus sized figure and wants to show it off but smooth it out a little bit. so we put her in a pair of jeans with a little bit of stretch. and they're great for a couple reasons. they have that dark wash which is jply on anybody slimming. but also they have a wide waste band that will create the illusion of an hour-glass figure. they also have a hidden slimming secret, which if you look closely, there's white stitching detail up and down the regulleg. so it creates the illusion of longer legs than she actually
8:44 am
has. >> beautiful, rene. all the ladies, thank you so much. l elizabeth, thank you. for more on this, go to our website. up next, we'll show you how to make some wonderful sandwiches and salads great it for a light dinner or even lunch at the office. this is the
8:45 am
8:46 am
time for some simple sandwiches and salads that work as light dinner or a pack and go lunch. >> joining us this morning, melissa pa ril low, head chef of the soon it to open frances. >> you're naming the restaurant after -- >> after my grandmother who i grew up cooking with. >> can you share some of her secrets with us? >> absolutely. so today we'll make a couple really simple easy salads and
8:47 am
sandwiches. and the first is a jazzed up grilled cheese. we're using a nice mixed milk, really creamy cheese and we'll use a nice raisin walnut bread. >> is there any cheese that's off-limits? >> i say no. use your imagination. maybe even use several. if you want to go ahead and just brush the cheese. and then i'll have you cut a couple slices of the cheese, as well. and we'll sandwich that on to the bread. >> why do i want to brush it with olive oil? >> that will be our cook side and then we'll put the cheese on the other. and let's just load it up. real nice and gooey.
8:48 am
>> that's a technical term. >> yes, we learned that at culinary school. so you want that olive oil coated side on the outside and we'll go right into the pan. >> you put butter on that pan because i smell it. >> a chef's secret. >> so you want a medium heat pan here. and you can do this several ways. you can use a panini press, you can simply just use a spatula, or you could use a panini, an electric panini maker makes it really simple and easy. >> those are so hot right now. those are just pressed sandwiches. >> absolutely. >> can i try? >> yes, please, try. how is it? >> really creamy. >> and another fun really simple easy, late summer, early fall
8:49 am
dish is we'll do a little mixed green salad with a tomato vinaigrette. i start with tomatoes that have been peeled by just dipping them in boiling water. >> how long? >> just a few seconds. it depends on the ripeness and size. and then go into a little ice water bath and then the skin will just peel right away. and then i just do a really simple chop on theto mate toes. i like to use dark colored, very ripe tomatoes.notto mate toes. i like to use dark colored, very ripe tomatoes. otto mate toes. i like to use dark colored, very ripe tomatoes.the tomotto mate toes. i like to use dark colored, very ripe tomatoes.atoesotto mate toes. i like to use dark colored, very ripe i like to use dark colored, very ripe tomatoes.. i like to use dark colored, very ripe tomatoes. these go right into -- >> put me to work. >> i'll have you muddle these. >> tell us what that is.
8:50 am
>> you're using the stick to break up the fruit a little bit and ak secretary mixing it up. so we have the peeled tomato, this is lemon zest, and then a little bit more of a muddle, break it up just a little bit more. a little salt. >> i'm an expert muddler. >> check out your technique. >> this is my entire life just muddling through. >> i created the recipe just for you. >> thank you so much. salt, black pepper. >> liking it a lot. >> you you could use just a simple red wine vinegar. and then really nice extra virgin olive oil. and then we can go ahead and just mix it up, shake, shake, shake.
8:51 am
a cocktail that's actually a salad. >> let's see how that looks. >> come on in, check this out. >> did we get it right? >> absolutely. just pour it right over. >> nice muddling, harry. >> excellent muddling. >> quite the technique. so the greens in here are a little bit of torn mint leave, parsley and nice water crest. we'll mix that up. >> real quick question. so your brand new restaurant, it opens this fall. and in 30 seconds or less, what do you want to achieve there? >> small, comfortable, casual neighborhood restaurant. delicious food. >> thank you so much. go to our website for more delicious recipes.
8:52 am
enjoy your salad and sandwich.
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hello again. it is 5 minutes before 9:00. continue to look to the south and east both from our harbor cam and our radar over first warning weather. [inaudible] >> we will go back to me and back to mar the i if a moment. summer vacation is over for thousands of students in the area. they will join thousands as they start the new school year today. here is mary bubala with the story. >> reporter: it has been busy out here cross country elementary school, students are now pretty much in the schools, settling down and it has been an exciting day for them and
8:56 am
the thousands of students who are heading backed to. students and -- capitalize on recent gains including a 6% boost in attendance in high school. 7% at middle schools and a significant drop in the number of suspensions. again baltimore city, county and howard county all go back today. back to you. police are still investigating a boating fatality yesterday near glen burnie, two small boats collided killing a 47-year-old man on one of them. a man exam his teen daughter were on the other and they're okay. the accident is under information. the chesapeake bay advocate is -- to the federal environmental protection agency. this comes as the eps plans to restore the bay. they have ordered all draft reports by next week at the latest. the results are in for r the orioles, wjz food drive. it was another hit.
8:57 am
the news director behind the logo there presented a check for $311,000 made -- $31,000 made out to the maryland food bank yesterday. most of the staff, reporters and anchors helped collect food and money during the home stand when they played the bosston red sox. speaking of the orioles they hosted the indians and brian did his best to make them feel unwelcome. he allowed just one run in seven innings and struck out eight batters. the orioles win 5-2, and the games may not come but the ravens fans are liking the preseason. in the third on saturday night, the ravens beat the panthers 17- 3, ray bryce shined in carolina, sacking up 100 all purpose yards. marty is over in the first warning weather center. >> i'm ready for football. >> first warning doppler, a quick time queue. what we are looking at is shower activity out of the
8:58 am
south. all morning long, trying to migrate a bit north. let's come in a little bit closer to the city. and i am pretty sure that while we are seeing stuff in annapolis right now. 75, beautiful later on. don, take us out of
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