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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 23, 2009 6:11pm-7:00pm EDT

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that turbulence in the atmosphere. right now at 81, there are some showers and thundershowers out to the wist as you -- west, as you can clearly see. and they're moving off to the east at 20 miles an hour. a little batch of activity around greens wood. we saw the stuff in washington county disappear. to the northwest of the city, a little light stuff, from garretts burg. northwest of hanover. the strongest activity by far, right over garrett county. accident. that's moving off to the east/southeast. that is a thundershower. and it's possible that some of this act first will move into our region -- activity will move into our region by 9:00 tomorrow. and chance for more showers tomorrow. bernadette has a look at why that is certainly possible. we're going to remain in the same air mass and same weather pattern tomorrow. so tomorrow will be similar to today. warm and muggy with a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. but after tomorrow, the front gets out of here. we start to cool it down. and we dry it out. the dew points and the humidity are going to drop considerably.
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a lot of sunshine around on friday. however, it's not going to last all that long. because the new storm will be moving our way over the weekend. we will have all of the details coming up in the forecast shortly. >> thank you, bernadette and bob. president obama set out to chart a new course at the united nations. telling world leaders, america has no interest in going it alone. as allison harmel alison harmelin reports, he called on all countries to work together to tackle global problems. >> reporter: president obama carried the weight of the world's expectations his first u.n. general assembly speech. then, he spelled out his expectations. >> this cannot solely be america's endeavor. those who used to chastise america for acting alone cannot now stand by and wait for america to solve the world's problems alone. >> he laid out problems that he
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said required urgent cooperation. >> if we fail to act. we will get this on a scale that we can hardly imagine. >> president obama singled out north korea and iran. he said the world must stand together to enforce international law. stop global warming and stamp out extreme poverty. >> reporter: the president is also working on the sidelines of the general assembly to make headway. >> reporter: he first talked with the new japanese prime minister. then with russian prime minister demetri medvedev. the president is looking for russia's help, getting the u.n. to take tougher action against iran and its suspected nuclear program. it's no surprise that iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad does not have a slot on president obama's schedule.
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at the united nations, allison alison harmelin. wjz eyewitness news. >> and more than 100 were there to hear president obama's speech. still to come tonight. on the stand. actor john travolta tells the jury about the day his son died in a multibillion-dollar extortion trial. coming up. more money for port security. as terror bulletins sweep the country. that story as eyewitness news continues. flu season is here. how effective is the vaccine this year? important answers in tonight's flu watch report. some humidity is in the air. should we expect showers this evening? don't miss the updated forecast.
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in tonight's wjz flu watch report. get your vaccine. just how effective is the flu shot and is the nasal flu spray just as good? healthwatch reporter kellye lynn has the details of a new study. typically, the flu shot is
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between 70 and 80% effective in younger adults. how well it works varies every year. because scientists make the vaccine before flu season. and can't always predict which viruses will be circulating. debbie reynolds knows getting the seasonal flu shot can be a life saver. >> i had a heart transplant. so i totally get the whole thing. >> getting vaccinated is the best way to protect against the flu. but it's not always a guarantee. >> flu shots. they're good vac signs. not great vaccines. and now a new study shows all vaccines are not created equally. when it comes to protecting adults, researchers found shots much more effective than the nasal spray. they found flu injections were 68% effective in preventing the
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flu. while the flu mist was 36% effective. >> the shot was about 50% more effective than the nasal spray vaccine. >> reporter: one reason it may not work as well in adults is because it is made with a live, weakened virus that many may have already come in contact with. still, health officials stress vakszination is the must. >> get the vaccine. that's the best protection we have. >> i haven't gotten the flu since i've been taking the flu shot. >> reporter: for debbie, it's always protected her and her family. >> this is approved for people between the ages of 2 and 49. i'm kellye lynn lynn, with healthwatch. check in for complete flu watch coverage. the national football league's players association is pledging to raise or donate $1 million to help build the martin luther king junior memorial on the national mall. this is video of the groundbreaking back in 2006. the gift brings the fundraising
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total to $107 million of the $120 million needed to build a memorial. the site of the memorial will be along washington's tidal basin. right now, we're just waiting on a building permit to get it going. >> is that right? $107 million. that's a lot of. maybe some showers this eaching. right now, it's pretty quiet, pretty warm and humid. 81. humidity at 81%. and the dew point up to more summer-like levels. 71 degrees. winds south/southeast today. but barometer falling. come back and take a look at the forecast. cooling down for the end of the week.
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let's take a look at radar. we have showers off to the northwest of us now. for the time being, it is rather quiet. but there are some showers out to the west. we had some showers earlier. they kind of dissipated. west and north of chambersburg. some shower activity. but the strongest stuff, still pretty viable. grantsville down into west virginia. to the east of oakland. if that holds together, that line could be in the baltimore, washington metro. later on tonight. probably quite a bit later. maybe after 9:00, 10:00, if it holds together. and with the sun setting, we could lose a lot of energy. temperature-wise, it's been pretty warm. 88 in cumberland, but a lot dryer out there. 73 in oakland. been getting some showers. 83 in washington.
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82 in ocean city. the water temperature just came in at around 72. great time of year down there. quiet. water is nice. 83 in washington. as i said, 71, the dew point. that's the highest we've seen this week. and that's a pretty high dew point for the end of september. bringing warm, rather humid air. a lot of clouds this morning. then breaks in sunshine. got temperatures up quite a bit west. now, clouds moving in. showers to the northwest of us. and some yeping out -- developing out to the southwest. so we'll see possibly some showers later this evening. also tomorrow, with this front to our north, it will be crossing the area during the morning and afternoon. maybe a shower or thundershower. behind it. later in the day, our winds go more to the west/northwest. drying and cooling coming in on friday. friday looks like a beautiful fall day. much cooler. saturday starts out nice. but still some moisture looking to our south and southwest. and we could see some additional rain here. saturday night, into sunday.
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with that next system as it moves in from the southwest. so possibly there may be some showers here for the ravens game on sunday. fortunately, winds tomorrow southeast becoming west. sunrise, 62. sets, 7:00 p.m. and tonight, call it a shower. perhaps a thundershower in a couple of spots. warm, humid night. 66 tomorrow. maybe as high as 85. if we get the sunshine. a shower or thundershower. then clearing and turning cooler. much dryer by late in the day or tomorrow. we'll come back and take a look at the weekend. >> boy, warm in the morning. >> thank you, bob. well, week two of the pro football season is in the books. and we have some new faces on the leader board of our pro football challenge. upon jessica kartalija. back to brag again, live at, to update the standings. >> i know. the funniest part is we're still not sure how it happened. but somehow i made it on the leader board. on top for the second straight
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week. meteorologist tim williams with 26 points. stan saunders about rite behind him, 25 points. and then adam may and myself, tied with 24. not too shabby. as for our weekly winner. he got 14 out of 16 games correctly and came close to the final score on the sunday night game. he wins a $50 best buy gift certificate. you can still play, go to click on the top of the home page. >> somehow, it's kind of a disturbing scene. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. an angel on her side. wait until you see what happens to this little girl when a car backs into her. removing cigarettes from store shelves. which ones are now off the market. tainted fuel.
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it is 6:30. 81 degrees and partly sunny. good evening. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. and here are scientist stories people are talking about tonight. actor john travolta testifies in the trial of two people who issue accused of trying to extort millions of dollars from him after the death of his son.
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kelly cobiella reports for him. from the bahamas. he spoke of how he tried to save his son's life following a seizure. john travolta and wife kelly preston walked into the courthouse without a word, through a side door. reporters, cameras were kept to the side. in a soft voice, he began to describe the day has son jett died. the first time he talked about it publicly. the skein-year-old had a seizure and collapsed in the bathroom of the family's vacation villa in the bahamas january 2nd. he was pronounced dead a short time later. travolta told the jury his son was autistic and had seizures every 5 to 10 days. he said he performed mouth-to- mouth, and the caretaker pumped his chest while they waited for paramedics to arrive. travolta's testimony was put on hold because of,s.
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as an ambulance driver and a local are on trial. they said trasocietia wanted to deny care for his son, unless he paid them millions of dollars. travolta is the key witness. but prosecutors have 14 in all. and it could be a week or longer before jurors get the case. kelly cobiella, cbs news, nassau, bahamas. >> a nine-witness jury is expected to hear. tucially high ethanol. they fueled up before the cars started to have mechanical problems. it is mixed with gas to reduce toxic emissions. most of the cars have been fixed. heightened security warnings remain in effect for trains, transit systems and sports stadiums, trigger bide
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an apparent plot in new york. the alerts have gone nationwide, including here in maryland. alex demetrick reports, they stayed focused. in a shadow of a new warship. heavy protection for an event scheduled before the security alerts of this past week. a visit by homeland security secretary, janet napolitano. >> you hear about bad guys every day, they would love to put together a bomb. >> reporter: the fbi says this man had bomb-making plans on his computer in colorado. and possible accomplices in new york. >> we do not have right now information on timing, location or specific target. >> reporter: but there was strong worry those arrested and others still at large may have been planning to use backpack bombs, like the ones used in london and madrid, on new york trains and transit systems. that's brought police firepower
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to manhattan. and security bulletins to the rest of the country. >> we don't want to live in a state of fear or aloorm. but we want everyone remaining vigilant about their surroundings. report suspicious activity to local authorities. >> reporter: despite the vagueness of the threats, maryland like the rest of the country is increasing vigilance. >> i would say there is an added level of vigilance. and in terms of assets on train platforms and other places. >> reporter: assets that are about to increase. napolitano announced $4 million money will go to beef up security at maryland's ports. $2 million measure will also go to swift water response and dive teams and to improve fire protection. the grants were the reason napolitano visited. timing may have highlighted the need. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news.
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maryland should see the $6 million in stimulus money in a year. in all, they are awarding $630 million in state grants. top security makers should ask for tougher boating laws as boating deaths reach a seven- year high. they are proposing requiring children to wear life jackets and place age restrictions on who may supervise an unsupervised boater. 15 people have died on maryland waterways this year, despite stepped up enforcements. three students were injured in a school bus accident in western maryland. it happened in cumberland, allegheny county. a car struck the bus at an intersection. the children were taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. a strip mall captures an amazing near miss accident that could have taken the life of a little girl. >> reporter: watch the little girl in red. at first glance, it looks like the very worst has happened.
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but there was an angel sitting on 6-year-old jasmine's shoulder. >> had she moved one foot to the left or one foot in front, you know, this could have been pretty bad for her. >> reporter: police say the driver of the red toyota was backing up at a high speed. only a cement-filled parking pole saved little jasmine, lifting it above her. the driver was ticketed for reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. jasmine's tearful mom is just thankful that god gave her another chance with her. as for jasmine -- >> cars scare you now? >> yes. >> why? >> i get scared in the car now. >> the accident happened moments before -- if the accident happened moments before, it could have been a tragic ending. because jasmine was playing outside of the safety poles. time now for a quick look at the baltimore sun. why a local software company is
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suing facebook for patent infringement. what you can find at this weekend's baltimore book festival. and catching up with ravens inspirational director of development. o.j. frigants. and look for the updated first warning weather forecast. and a government-instituted ban on flavored cigarettes. why the federal government is blocking their sale. >> reporter: health authorities say these candied fruits and clover-flavored cigarettes are encouraging young people to pick up the habit. with names like sweet dreams and chocolate, flavored cigarettes can be appealing to young people. also tonight, women with epilepsy who want to get pregnant should pay close attention to the drug.
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a new study says it can increase the risk of birth defects. >> those exposed to anti- epileptic drugs had more risk. and also, in healthwatch, a reminder that the great prostate challenge continues this weekend. as part of wjz's continuing community commitment, make sure you come out for the great prostate cancer challenge. this saturday, at st. joseph medical center. for more information, log onto still to come on wjz eyewitness news. sounds like a movie. some crooks in sweden use a helicopter to commit a brazen crime. california burning again. more raging wildfires threaten more homes. i'm bob turk. first warning weather center. nice cooldown headed our way. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories at at this hour. for updates on all the day's
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news, and the updated forecast, log onto
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a wildfire in rural
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southern california continue to wind. so far, no homes have been destroyed. investigators suspect the fire began in the area of a mulch pile. but no official cause has been named. the rain has stopped. but the problems have not. residents are trying to recover their property. the damage is estimated at $250 million. a state panel finds probable cause of riecial discrimination today, against a pennsylvania swim club. the valley swim club in predominantly white hunt valley, got turned away. swim club officials say they were turned away, because there were too many children on hand for the number of lifeguards.
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and the majority cooperate swim. thieves flew. they hitched a ride on a helicopter, which dropped them directly on top of a cash depot. they entered the store through the roof then flew away with bags of cash. police later found the place abandoned upon. >> sounds like bond. james bond. >> that it does. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. coming up, extreme measures at a texas hospital, after 200 people a day complain of flu- like symptoms. could it be an outbreak? we'll have that story and more tonight on the cbs evening news. here's a look at tonight's clothe numbers from wall street. we'll roobit back.
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wanting to know how you can be an energy saver? the link is at the top of the home page. and next week, look for the answers from bge's energy expert. a humid start to the first full day of fall. a live look outside right now. how is the weekend shapingun? wjz is live with the complete coverage. and bob will update the five- day forecast. but first, meteorologist bernadette woods is in that
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humid outback with a look at what we can expect tomorrow. that's right. feels more like summer out here today than fall. and tomorrow will be similar to today. going to start out with clouds. a few peeks of sunshine. and as we head out, similar to today. mixed clouds and sunshine. but also, we dged see a pop-up shower or thundershower. warm and muggy woiz. but there are changes coming for the weekend. and the risk of showers will be diminishing by the weekend. cooler and dryer mid-70s. each cooler with increasing clouds. chances of showers saturday night into sunday. hopefully they'll be done by noon. 73 and 75. partly sunny skies here on monday. vic? >> thanks. mccnsy -- mckenzie phillips shocks the world with a new tell-all book. coming up on entertainment
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tonight, mckenzie phillips and her incest shocker. e.t. sat down with mckenzie and her father, while they were still engaged if their sexual relationship. >> i was just so high. i was doing so much cocaine, i reality didn't -- really didn't know what i was doing. >> reporter: candit-- candid tell-all by mckenzie phillips. >> i really didn't know what i was doing. i'm lucky to be alive. >> reporter: the year, 1988. mckenzie was 28. still in that incestuous relationship with her father, according to her new book. >> if he hadn't cleaned up, i don't think any of us would have. >> also tonight, the jackson brothers share their heartbreak over the loss of michael. plus, who will get the boot on dancing? marie osmond comes to e.t. with the scoop. and vince vaughn in our
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couple's retreat exclusive. that and more coming up later on entertainment tonight. and you can see entertainment tonight at 7:30, here on wjz. still to come on eyewitness news. the ravens begin preparations for their next game. mark was out there practicing in owings mills today. he has the latest on the team next in sports.
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mark was with the ravens this morning. taking their emotional temperature. >> this is the first game winning the division to familiar foe. you know they have to be ready for this one. they went back. but three of the ravens missed today's practice. linebacker jared johnson with a shoulder ailment. both out for what was reported as unspecified illness. ravens and browns, sunday here in baltimore. the players i spoke with today downplayed the perception that they are the best team in the nfl. heavy favorites to beat the browns. cleveland comes to town under the guidance of a new coach. they have struggled. losing their first two games. but the ravens say they expect a battle on sunday. i know cleveland is going to be in desperate need. i know they're going to come out and give us that game. >> there's not a lot of people in cleveland that like us. and i think it's vice versa.
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you know, over the years, it's been a rival rivalry. and you know, as of late cleveland hasn't always been the play-off team. but they always play us tough. number 80 is tony curtis. the new raven signed yesterday. expected to work primarily as a blocker and on special teams. cleveland comes to town sunday. you can see the ravens battle the browns, right here on wjz. our coverage kicks off at 1:00. ralph friedgen and his maryland terrapins are on his home turf saturday. they play home turf to rutgers. young team throwing in mistakes. and making matters worse, the coach says some of his guys don't handle the struggle. i know guys sometimes flip out a little when they get into the action. and yeah, whether it's inexperience. and then when we do make mistakes, some of us kind of go into a shell. and i talked to a couple of those guys. i said, you know, everybody is
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going to make mistakes. >> giving up an average of nearly 40 points per game. oregon coach chip kelly made quite an offer to an angry fan who was upset about oregon's loss. the fan wrote the coach a letter, asking for reimbursement for travel costs and more than $400. kelly sent the guy a $439 check. the fan, so impressed with kelly's response, is not going to cash the check. and wrote a letter, saying he's back on board. it's been that kind of season for the orioles. they face the blue jace. or's have dropped the first two. and toronto lost 6-5. o's hitters will face blue jays starter scott richmond. in basketball, there's an offer on the table for michael
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jordan and brian russell to reunite on the court. 11 years after this famous shot that beat russell and the utah jazz in the nba final. the owner of a minor league basketball team in utah will pay $100,000 to charity. if jordan and russell play a game of one-on-1 at halftime in a game in utah. no word from either player, regarding that offer. hard to turn it down if it's for charity. and i know michael would love to play. [ laughter ] >> thank you, mark. we'll be right back blan
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desire dont miss the cbs prime time lineup tonight at 10:00. at the berlin zoo. popular polar bear knut makes a new female friend. gio vanna is her name. she was a hit today with photographers and visitors, even though she appeared without her male friend imiewtd. zoo staff say the two have
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already met behind the scenes, not in public. we're not going to be prying. gio vanna will return to the munich zoo after renovations. >> can you see her doing that halle berry move, coming up and shaking off >> couric: tonight, the president tells the world america's "go it alone" policy is over. >> couric: and now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges. >> couric: i'm katie couric. also tonight, before iran's president addresses the u.n., he talked exclusively to cbs news. and we challenged him on his denial of the holocaust. mr. president, is this photo fabricated? is this photo a lie? the flu times two. long lines for seasonal flu shots, e.r.s overflowing with children fighting h1n1.
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and how to turn an economy around. why the world will be looking to pittsburgh. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. president obama says we have reached a pivotal moment. in his u.n. debut today, he challenged the world to work together to solve the problems facing all of us. and in a break with the "go it alone policies" of his predecessor, he says the united states is ready to began new chapter of international op


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