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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 23, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a damaging shot shown at acorn's office in bat march is damaging. acorn goes on the offensive, taking their story to court. >> federal funding was pulled, ties served between acorn and its supporters after hidden video appeared to show two workers giving illegal tax advice. tonight acorn says it's the video's producers who are wrong. wjz is live downtown. jessica kartalija explains why akon thinks they have a case. >> reporter: here in the state of mafr mayor it is illegal to tape-record anyone without their consent. acorn is fighting back. she posed as a prostitute, he as a pimp. in this youtube video the
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couple entered the acorn office on 25th street seeking advice from how bigs counselors on how to run their criminal business. >> dancing? >> it's not dancing trust me. >> dance is is considered an art. >> sex is kind of like dancing? >> yeah, great sex. >> reporter: acorn an organization representing low income families is firing back. >> in maryland, we still have a right to say dumb things in the privacy of our offices or our homes without being taped. >> reporter: now attorney andrew freeman is filing suit on behalf of the organization and two baltimore employees fired after the video went public. >> maryland law requires two-party consent. if i want to tape a conversation with you, i have to tell you that i'm doing it and you have to agree. >> there are going to be 13 el salvadorian girls coming into the house. we don't want to cause any trouble. >> that's fine. >> reporter: the lawsuit says the two acorn employees, sheryl williams and tonya
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thompson suffered extreme emotional distress. it asks that the two women are compensated half maldollars each. it seeks damages from the two film makers and the distributor, bright >> no one is defending the statements that the acorn employees made. they admit they were foolish and shouldn't have been made but they have a right to privacy. >> reporter: of the three attorneys currently representing acorn, two are from here in baltimore. one from new york. live at circuit court in baltimore city, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. since the video surfaced congress band federal funding and the census bureau and irs have served ties with acorn. new information about the two baltimore city officers who shot a man holding what they thought was a weapon but turned out to be a spasm lachlt the officers shot the suicidal man in the 2400 block of
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bridge hampton drive. he's listed in critical condition. a police spokesperson says two officers have been on the force less than two years. it's official. today the board of estimates voted to make $60 million in city budget cuts. the plan includes layoffs and furloughs but as political reporter pat warren explains the battle over the cuts may be far from over. >> reporter: the guys on the trucks and other city workers will lose a minimum five days pay in the afscme council 67 wants something from the county in return. >> we have not looked at any legal options but that's still on the table. . >> the furlough plan saved $13 million. the majority of the workers making less than $50,000 a year that means five days without pay. >> they've been asked to sacrifice a great deal. especially the majority 30,000 and below. they're living paycheck to paycheck. it's difficult to lose a few hours. that means they might not pay for their medication,
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they night not be able to pay a bill. >> reporter: remember this in the year 2000 when hundreds of workers including police and fire protested budget cuts furloughs and layoffs outside city hall. the same union says it could see something like that again this year. >> yes. absolutely. and then maybe a lawsuit also. >> reporter: afscme wants a guarantee that workers will be compensated for furlough days at a future time. >> i can't commit to that but it is definitely on the table for an option if we're able to do that. >> reporter: police and fire unions are work on how they can anteup savings without mandatory days off. >> worst case scenario to be honest with you if we can't and they will not participate, you know, there is a plan b. layoffs on the table. that is an option. >> reporter: the city and police and fire unions expect to have their issues resolved by the time the board of estimates meets on october 2021. reporting from city hall i'm pat warren, back to you on
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television hill. the first if you are lowe day for city workers will be friday october 9th. drama and confusion surround the race for mayor of annapolis. he razz running, stepped down, got back on the ticket and stepped down again. kellye lynn explains. >> reporter: xena pierre is responding to reports of a shady financial history and it's that past plus the scrutiny it brought that is forcing her to get out of the race for good this time. xena pierre is out of the mayoral race. >> i don't think she should give up. you have mayors in d.c., you have mayors in new york that have done worser thing. we have a whole lot of big businesses that went down. who are they to judge on her. >> reporter: she fessed up to financial trouble with her small business, mortgage and bounced checks. >> have i ever been late on paying a bill? because my funds could not
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stretch far enough? because i was busy trying to make certain as a responsible business owner that the staff was paid before me? you bet, yes, i did. >> reporter: this is the first time the state capital has selected an african-american democrat in the primary but she will not get the chance to become the first black mayor. >> we like xena a lot. she had her mistake. she talked about them. in her judgment and we didn't push her one way or the other. in her judgment it would have been difficult for her to continue. >> reporter: now the voters of this historic city will have three choices on election day. one is a republican. the second is an interest party candidate and the third will be whomever the democratic party picks on friday. >> i haven't been any part of any smear campaign or negative campaigning. this doesn't change my strategy. >> reporter: will it likely be one of the folks who was in the primary? >> good question >> but i will be back stronger. >> reporter: i did you tell put calls in with the republican
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candidate as well as the two democrats who placed second and third in the primary and none returned my phone calls. reporting live, kellye lynn, wjz, eyewitness news. >> the democrats will pick the replacement friday, election day is november 3rd. president obama's first speech to the united nations general assembly, he urged international cooperation. >> this cannot solely be america's endeavor. those who used to chastise america for act ago loan in the world cannot now stand by and wait for america to solve the world's problems alone. >> chief among the initiatives the president wants cooperation on stopping the spread of nuclear weapons he special in iran. a bizarre performance by muammar gaddafi in his first address to the united nations in 40 years, gaddafi rambled for an hour and a half, at one point calling the security council the terror council. he also referenced the jfk
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assassination. many offended delegates walked out as he spoke. the president did manage to avoid crossing path with gaddafi and iranian president mamoud ahmadinejad. there was a unanimous vote to give the first of five slots licenses to ocean downs near ocean city. it could open as early as memorial day next year. five days later and still many m dundau are reeling from the water main break that flooded several homes. >> there's nothing here. >> reporter: this basement was once finished. >> this is it. >> reporter: now it's just a basement that once was. >> i had storage right here. my washer drier. the heath system. this bathroom right here. this portion right here was my son's bedroom. and he lost everything. >> reporter: dozens of her
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neighbors, homes must start over. she just got power restored after friday's massive water main break. >> i haven't been able to go back to work yet and the type of work that i do if you don't work you simply don't get paid. >> reporter: the entire neighborhood is buzzing as baltimore county workers hall away truck loads of trash. as machines dry out over 100 basements and bge crews inspect homes. 19 are still without power and gas. on top of everything flood victims are already dealing with the maryland home improvement commission is using flyers to warn they could also become victims of unlicensed contracting as they try to rebuild their homes. >> if they hire an unlicensed contractor they're not going to be protected and put their family, their home, their investment at a huge risk. >> reporter: businesses are also recovering. it happened in front of the logan village shopping center. the shops are open but many have lost thousands of dollars. >> very much so. i've been getting from 40, 50
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phone calls in a day wondering if we were flooded. >> reporter: the culprit for all the damage, a severely busted 72 inch water pipe that surfaced for the first time since it ruptured sending 45 million gallons rushing into the area. they believe that part of the pipe exploded. in sparked a tremendous demand for more funding to maintain infrastructure and somebody to take responsibility. many residents plan to sue the city. sdemrfrnlg on thursday night don't miss anna may's investigation on maryland's crumbling infrastructure on eyewitness news at 11:00. few of ever considered getting a dog this may be the moment. seven of the 21 dogs seized from a home in orchard beach last month are healed and ready for adoption. all of the dogs were sick and malnourished. the owners are facing numerous charges.
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these seven are healed and ready for a loving home. boy do they deserve it. city covered in dust, a dust storm swirls in sidney, australia. what caused this rare phenomena. mackenzie phillips says she had a ten year sexual relationship with her father. a cooler and drier end to the week. i'm bob turk. the complete forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter, break news with kai jackson, first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano on wjz 13 maryland's news station.
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it is 34 degrees with some showers in our region. the complete weather forecast is coming up. brett hayes -- red hayes in sidney australia is a result of a dust storm kicked up from the out back, a combination of wind and high temperatures created this rare event. it caused delays at the airport and the harbor. however, no one was hurt due to this weather phenomenon. the fbi is investigating the bizarre death of a u.s. census worker in kentucky. bill spark man was found hanging from a tree with the word fed scrawled on his chest. federal agents are investigating if he was the victim of antigovernment sentiment. the 51-year-old school teacher worked part time
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conducting door-to-door interviews in clay county. a candid confession by former child star mackenzie phillips. in her new book she describes a decade long sexual relationship with her father john phillips. he was the lead singer of the 60s grou group the mamas and the papas. she confronted her father but admitted that it eventually became consensual. one of the en counters occurred the night before her wedding in 1979. she also revealed that her father introduced her to drugs. john phillips died eight years ago. she forgave him on his death bed. john travolta testifies in front of a jury in the bahamas about the details of his son's death. he is a key witness in the trial of two people who allegedly demanded money in order to keep his son's medical information private. travolta is expected to testify at a later date regarding the extortion threats. he thought about his
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family as he lay on the pavement shot five times after coming to the aid of another officer. it happened two months ago. now a baltimore police officer is struggling to put his life back together. susan collins reports. >> reporter: it was an ambush. officer jerome shirette was racing to the scene of a domestic violence scene to help another officer. the shots rang out before he could get out of the car. >> it came through the windshield and my whole left arm went numb. >> reporter: officer shirette was struck four more times in the shoulder the chest and buttocks. in this home video you can see he still got off two shots wounding the suspect. because a second officer was also grazed the suspect faces two counts of attempted murder. as shirette lay on the ground bleeding he thought about his wife and son. >> i didn't feel my chances of survival were great at that
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point. >> reporter: after more than a month in shock trauma and repeated inspections the man the police commissioner called a hero is facing great hardship. he still has two bullets that can't be removed and a lot of pain. he and his wife are struggling financially. people in the town where the shirettes live are stepping up. employees at this starbucks said they would donate their tips for a week and brought in $1,000 for the family. the shirettes say they're grateful for a fund-raiser by city officers and meals from two churches. >> boy scouts have helped out tremendously with meals and taking hunter when i couldn't to be taking care of him and yard record-breaking. >> reporter: the family who lives just over the pennsylvania border has had a series of misfortunes. rebecca shirette is disabled by multiple back surgeries and can't work and their 11-year-old son is learning disabled. >> the stuff that she was going through and how it was affecting her... >> reporter: two weeks ago one more bullet was removed. the one that took most of
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his small intestine is causing pain but his wife says it's a blessing to have him here at all. susan collins, wjz eyewitness news. a fund has been set up in hanover to help officer shirette. you can find it on a football stadium is a venue for an unbelievable long distance basketball shot. a group of room nates from texas a&m went to kyle field. on the third deck of the field and it banks in. the group is called dude perfect and they became internet sensations for the other wild shots but this one will be hard to top. >> we need to analyze that video. . >> that's physiques. they probably do a lot of physical studies. wind, angling. triing -- we have showers and
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thunder. we have been tracking this since 5:00 and it's made it all the way tomorrow baltimore region just north of the beltway. now some thunder and showers it's just moved through manchester. it's headed toward dover right now. and morning out to the east toward square et ceteraville and harford county. you folks up there, showers and thunder for the next 45 minutes. then it will be gone. here in the city you might see a little bit of this but right now it looks like most will pass to the north of the baltimore metro as you can see heading toward cecil county, southern pa and much of northern delaware for the next hour or two. temperature wise it's a warm night. 74 degrees. ducht way up there at 71. humidity 84%. winds south, southwest at 5. the barometer has been falling, 30.05 inches right now at bwi.
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74 here. 66 oakland. showers early on. 72 in kermlyn. 9 in ocean city is remarkable for this time of year. southerly winds keeps us in the warm humid air for about maybe another 12 maybe 18 hours. late in the day tomorrow we will start seeing changes. the winds will start shifting. a front going through the region ahead of this, we're seeing showers tonight but tomorrow the front will drop throughout area and a chance of more scattered showers and thundershowers until the front can pass by late in the day or tomorrow evening. so we'll have warm humid air one more day and behind it much cooler air moves in. much cooler for friday. low humidity. beautiful day coming up. by late in the day saturday that system to the west chance of more rain and cool temps developing here saturday night and may last into sunday afternoon.
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southeast winds becoming westerly. a low of 66 tomorrow then. clouds, sun, warm, humid day again, 88 to 85. and look for a shower or thundershower tomorrow and then some much cooler and drier air friday. 75, 51 at night. a fall-like day finally. 71 on saturday. some rain. saturday night into sunday morning. 75 and then partly cloudy, 79 on monday. turning chilly for tuesday and middle of next week. denise. >> thank you bob. coming up the ray venezuela are on a roll but for some the ride is bumpy. mark talks
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be careful what you say to the ravens. they don't want you to talk too high about them. >> reporter: they keep it in perspective. they are enjoying a 2 and 0 start and being lauded as the best team in the league. some are not celebrating. namely the defensive
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secondary. dominic fox worth admonished himself as being part of a poorest pass defense that allowed 336 yards to the chargers. more work with the corners and safety, some saying they feel badly because they allowed big plays like this. frank walker told me today, short memory of the last game. >> as a defensive back, you know, they say your memory has to be like totally gone. you have to be able to clear everything out. of course, nobody thinks they're in your mind but for the most part you let it go because we won the game which is most important. all the other stuff is added. >> reporter: the newest raven practiced for the first time. tight end tony curtis signed yesterday and wears number 80. he will work on special teams mostly as a blocker. cleveland browns come to town sunday. coverage kicks off at 1:00. the ravens are favored by 13 points. this is the first division game of the year.
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at eagles camp in philly michael vick prepares to play in a regular season game for more than two year. he spent 18 months in prison on a dog fighting charge. sat out the first two games as part of an nfl suspension. this is a meaningful day for vick. >> to be able to suit up and go out and play in the game when it counts i've been watching football you know from afar the last two years and you know this is a dream come true season for me. and in my eyes i've already won the super bowl and this team has already won the super bowl. >> reporter: donovan mcnabb continues to heal from a broken rib. kevin could be likely to start when the eagles play the chiefs sunday. vick or jeff garcia could be the back up. the orioles are not saving their best for last. the final weeks continue to be a struggle in toronto. jeremy guthrie pitched into the 8th inning. travis snyder connects for a solo home run in the 6th.
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guthrie a loud 7 runs. it's a 7-3 blue jays victory. 7 straight defeats for the o's, their longest losing streak of the year. good news, day off tomorrow and then they start a series in cleveland. and cleveland comes here to play football. >> thank you mark. be
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have you got 90 seconds?
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that's all a wichita man needs to draw a map of the united states. terry downing has been drawing since the fifth grade but now they're much more details. because of his skill he has earned a few beers pat bars over the years. he says the sdraungz are a way to show his appreciation for the united states. 90 seconds and he does the whole u.s. >> i bet he has to stop and ask for directions every now and then.
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