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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 24, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> reporter: we just got to the scene a few minutes ago, we are on high gate drive which runs parallel to parks high avenue. we're going to zoom in and show you as much as we can. what we've been able to confirm is an off duty offer has been shot. we know he's been shot in the stomach and that he is in the hospital right now. we are told he's at synide hospital. what we have seen from being here on scene, is a couple of young teens, young men who are being questioned to figure out exactly what happened. we have also seen the police helicopter presumably looking for someone. police have not been able to
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confirm anything other than an off duty officer was shot here in the stomach, sometime earlier this evening. vic back to you. another tragedy for police tonight. arlington police are mourning after a police officer was killed in a tragic officer. jason simmons was on his way to work when he lost control of his truck on a tough turn. the vehicle struck a guardrail and flipped on to its top. the road was wet at the time, a spokesman for the police department spoke to wjz tonight. >> it is an extraordinarily loss, not just for our agency but for his family and friends. this is a bigger mourning because he is the grandson of
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officer simons who died last year. >> he leaves behind a wife and a 6-year-old child. a 16-year-old baltimore girl is on life support tonight after contracting the swine flu. the girl was taken to the hospital after she collapsed at school. >> reporter: a month ago a student has a serious case of the h1n1 virus. state of -- students say they saw her fall ill earlier this week. >> we saw the people open up the ambulance door. this girl was walking all weird. she was holding her head. >> reporter: the girl's aunt telling wjz the 13-year-old went to the university of maryland hospital where she went into cardiac arrest and is now on life support. parents received a school letter confirming the illness with a reminder about keeping
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sick kids home. like other schools across the country, measuring ontebela will now be scrubbed down. >> i was really freaked out. because i was debating on whether to get the shot or not for them, now i'm all for the shot. >> reporter: the girl collapsed here at school on monday. some parents want to know why it took until thursday afternoon for a letter to be sent home. >> we could have gotten our kids shot or protected this for -- protected them from getting this. and now we don't know if the school is clean enough. >> reporter: the government expects up to 50% of americans could get the virus, resulting in 20 to 60 deaths. >> we are trying to see if we
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can add another drug to the vaccine. >> she made us all get some hand sanitizer off to wash our hands and get the germs off. wjz for complete flu watch coverage for updates and important information from the cdc. a baltimore city police detective is accused of stealing from crime scenes. pat crory explains what led to the -- pat warren explains what led to the arrest. >> reporter: mike lundburg had a criminal awarrant that led to his arrest. he is accused of stealing property from suspects in his investigations, and with embezzlement. police spokesman tells wjz about lunsburg assignment.
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>> we have a number of officers assigned to federal task force, that speaks to the commissioner's plan is partners with federal authorities so we can get rid of violent crime here in baltimore. that's what this officer was assigned to, one of those task forces. >> reporter: me and you are the only ones that split that ten grant right. lun sburg responds, oh yeah nobody knows. we took 1500 each the source says, free money says lunsburg. >> any crime simply is not going to be tolerated. we spoke to the chief this afternoon, he puts his support
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behind our decision. and he is just looking to find someone accountable. all right thank you very much. tonight a 14-year-old baltimore county girl has gone missing and police are hoping you can help locate her. this is monica mooth. she has been missing since monday. police say she was last seen getting into a red toyota camry outside the royal store. driven by a short white man possibly named jay. the westboro baptist church held signs that red, thank god for dead soldiers. his father sued and the court awarded him $1 million for disstress. and more than a dozen
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protesters have been arrested in pittsburgh tonight. >> reporter: it started as a peaceful demonstration but quickly turned ugly. as world leaders arrive for the summit in pittsburgh. at least 200 protesters clashed before crowds could get any where near. >> there is no freedom of speech in this country. there is no right to assemble. these are all rights that have been taken away today. >> reporter: police say they did not have a permit to march. >> the demonstrators are calling on world leaders to call more economic change and improve human rights. >> focus on the middle class, the worker class. the poor class and not the rich, like stop stealing money from the poor. >> reporter: for hours it was a cat and mouse game as police
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barricaded the streets while protesters demonstrated. just a few miles away, president and mrs. obama greeted leaders of the 20 most powerful and developing economies who will focus on the aftermath of the global crisis and ways to stimulate growth. some in pittsburgh say they are hopeful but also skeptical progress will be made. >> hopefully they can establish some things, but i'm not really optimistic about a whole lot. >> reporter: meetings will continue friday as will demonstrations in the streets. in pittsburgh, terry okita, wjz news. a number of other officers are in pittsburgh tonight helping with security. justice ginsburg was taken
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to the hospital with a deficiency. the city is rolling out a plan for their speed camera program. one camera will be placed at walter and gilmore. each ticket will be $40. you can read more in tomorrow's baltimore sun. a double blessing, one mother says she became pregnant while still pregnant. are you confused? more on this rare medical phenomenon. rain likely for your weekend. i'm bob turk i'll have your complete morning forecast, coming up next. a massive water main break, an entire neighborhood under water. can anything be done before it
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happens again? next, wjz investigates. epepeqgpgpepepepepb÷b÷
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it is 73 degrees and cloudy in central maryland today. first the 16-year-old was arrested near this fire in new caba california. he is under investigation for setting that fire and dozens of others in the area. none of them involve serious injuries or deaths. officials say the current fire
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is 60% contained at this point. a government issued failer did not hurt the family's health, it was found. tonight, anna may looking at baltimore's crumbling problem. a growing problem that's putting us all in danger. >> reporter: nearly kitting drivers and costing homeowners millions, water main breaks are happening at an alarming rates. more than 5,000 in the baltimore area since 2000. a line in york road has snapped several times. in april, a pipe ruptured
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flooding downtown baltimore. another break shut down amtrak service. and now, the worse break in recent history. when a pipe with a known design defect ruptured in dundock leaving more than 100 homes under water. carl posiani lost everything in his finished basement. and like many of his neighbors, the insurance company will not pay for the damages. should the city be warning residents to get flood insurance even if they live in an area that doesn't necessarily flood. >> we would like to say we don't know where a break is going to occur. >> reporter: public works calls it a crisis, guaranteed to affect some of the 1.9 million customers served by 3400 miles of water mains. >> reporter: how many of those miles are in danger? >> remember most of those were built when the city was built.
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you are going to see more of these occur over the years. >> reporter: that's why the city of baltimore requested 700 million for those projects. >> the insurance companies have it, they're not passing it out to people. >> reporter: ben carter is now calling for more money for repairs. >> this is a bipartisan effort as it should be. >> reporter: spending bar has become highly political, especially for big ticket projects. >> to fix the water main, how much would it be? >> $2 billion. >> is there any way to raise that money here locally. >> our rate payers can't afford to pay that kind of money. >> but rate payers also say they can't afford the government's inaction.
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>> they're just going to keep for these pipes to keep bursting, then the next community down the road needs to deal with this? good luck, good luck. >> in addition all of the drinking water flowing through the system, baltimore works also treats waste water daily, for 1.6 million people in the metropolitan area. actor randy quaid and his wife were tracked down and arresting after allegedly skipping out on a hotel bill. the couple left without paying the $10,000 they owed. they were arrested in west texas. the couple struggled with deputies and quaid had to be wrestled to the ground. one in three people were protected from getting the aids virus during a large study in thailand. those results aren't good enough for immediate use. details of the study will be
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given at a conference in paris next month. one arkansas woman's pregnancy is twice the event. that's because she became pregnant while pregnant. the expectant mother did not believe it herself when she was given the news of this bomb shell. >> 8.5 weeks along because i had a cycle. and she's like, well no, you're baby is 11 weeks and one day. >> the latest ultrasound shows that the brother and sister are doing fine. the babies are due to be born in december. >> okay, wow. >> i guess you tell them they are twins because there they are at the same time. let's take a look at the weekend. it's been a pretty warm day, still pretty warm out there. 73. winds are calm, the brohm barometer has been coming up.
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there's a little sprinkle activity going on. just light stuff. 64 in oakland. 77 washington, 76 down in ocean city. we do have quite a few clouds, to our north-northeast it's clear that this dry air is trying to push to the south- southwest. that's why we do not expect to see nothing more than a couple of sprinkles tonight. a lot of clouds are out but don't expect much rain until saturday afternoon. tomorrow should be a pretty nice day. we expect the winds to turn around. right now they're very nice. there's a big area of precipitation, steady rain out over illinois pushing to missouri into ohio this afternoon. some of that is being pushed out to the south and southwest of our region across west virginia and virginia. and a skinny little band of light sprinkles making it to south maryland. but to our north, high pressure is pushing southward. everyone though it looks like it's raining, it's too much dry air. it's not really reaching the
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ground. out here it is raining. that's when we expect to finally move out here by saturday afternoon. more like four or five saturday afternoon. now it quickly gets in here. the quicker it gets out for sundays for the ravens game. right now, looks like most the models have this rain done by about noon, hopefully on sunday. then a breeze picks up. things dry out. so a little bit warmer with more sunshine sunday afternoon. kind of chilly with rain however on saturday. a small advisory on the bay friday morning through saturday morning. winds as high as 20 knots on the bay. temps around 76 degrees. particularly west of this, kind of mild 63, tomorrow clearing not as warm with much lower humidity, temperatures in the mid-70s. so a nice afternoon. the next five days, as saturday clouds up with showers.
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67 that's it, 75 sundays the rain ends hopefully by noontime. and a shower possibly sunday evening. it gets cool again as the front moving through. thank you bomb. coming up the ravens are heavy favorites, but they still have concerns about the browns. >> com
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let's hope it's another wonderful sunday. >> the nfl is any given sunday. you don't want to get too confident about any game. the ravens are being touted as the best team in the nfl. while the browns are considered the worse. cleveland still in a tail spin that started last year. the browns have scored only three touchdowns in offense in their last three games. they are dangerous in kick returns thanks to josh chris. the ravens know him very well.
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he returned a kick off 92-yard for a touchdown in cleveland last year. how do you stop him? >> not much you can do on kick off coverage. he's going to kick the ball and he's probably going to catch it. you just have to do a great job of containing him. he's going to attack the whole field, and we've made a good point in our coverage to make sure he doesn't have any open windows. >> close the windows. favian washington returned to practice today after he missed practice yesterday with an illness. jackson is out with a shoulder injury. ravens and browns sunday right here. old miss quarterback devin sneed gets hit from behind and
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he lost the ball. the crowd in columbia sensing an upset after the turn over. even garcia gets tackled. an upset indeed. south carolina over old miss 16- 10 is the final. in golf, the pga tour in atlanta. opening round an outstanding opening for o' haire. and right behind him, you know who it is, tiger woods. laura park today's fourth race. watch the gray horse in the middle of the track. may 1 is his name. he keeps wants to go to the grand stand. but the rider finally gets him
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we told you about an off duty police officer shooting. >> reporter: vic the police department have just told us that the off duty police officer was here this evening, when he was trying to get into his own home when several
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people approached him and started shooting. we show you right now, they are still investigating here and trying to figure out what was happening. one thing they are telling us is that they know the officer was able to fire back at the shooter or shooters. >> gunshot was exchanged. we don't know if it's our service weapon. i would imagine it was his service weapon. >> reporter: but you don't know if any of people -- >> reporter: whoever shot this officer was trying to rob him. but obviously picked the wrong person since he fired right back at him. we know he is in surgery right now at the hospital. also there is the commissioner and the mayor who are expected to speak later on tonight about exactly what has happened. an officer off duty was shot here outs
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coming up next craig furgeson. that's it for us here. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. thank -- for everyone here, thank you for joining us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow, it will be friday. ( band playing "late show" theme )


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