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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 26, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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airy. a neighborhood mourns the loss of an entire family killed in an apparent murder/suicide. good evening, i'm adam may. maryland state police have confirmed a man murdered his wife and children and then took his own life. the incident took place inside a home in may i have a minute airy in frederick county. wjz is live outside state police headquarters. suzanne collins explains the motive for the deaths is unclear but the family was having some financial problems. >> reporter: the police are now saying jennifer dalton and the couple's two children were shot once in the head in their beds as they slept and that charles dalton the father turned that shotgun on himself. in mount airy people who knew the victims honor them with momentos of love, stuffed animals and flowers. police say charles dalton, sr., the father, killed his wife jennifer, his son charles, jr., 14, and his
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daughter emmaline, 7. >> his cousin lives with us and they play together and chevis there last sunday. vibrant, wonderful little girl. >> reporter: the tragedy has left the neighborhood grief stricken. children are learning about death in an abrupt, hurtful death. >> she asked why her father would do that. i said he was probably mentally ill. >> reporter: the bodies were discovered when jennifer dalton didn't show up for work. someone came to the house and spotted a body through the window. >> they all died from a single gunshot wound to the head. the medical examiner said that the wife and two children were victims of murder and that the husband's death was as a result of a suicide. >> reporter: a pastor wonders how could it happen? even though she doesn't know the family she wanted to comfort anyone needing it. >> if there is hurting things going on or problems, people should be involved in other people's lives. >> reporter: the question the community has is why. and why again?
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earlier this year another father killed his entire family in middletown, frederick county. in that case and this case the families had budget troubles. the daltons had been trying to sell their home for over a year. the price ha had just been reduced. police have discovered the daltons were struggling over money. >> you want to wake up and say it didn't happen. >> reporter: charles dalton was a carpenter but also had a job with montgomery county schools in the evenings as a maintenance man. back to you. >> reporter: thank you susan. wjz is always on. for the latest developments log on to a 25-year-old man is facing multiple charges tonight after attempting to rundown an anne arundel county police officer. it started in glen bernie where he fled the scene of a traffic stop. they located the suspect identified as demicia
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williams. >> the police became involved in the search for the subject, as they went in searching an anne arundel police officer found him walk ago long. he went over and attempted to strike the anne arundel detective. the detective fearing for his life pulled out his weapon and fired several shots. >> reporter: williams was able to escape the shooting but later turned up at a hospital and was treated for gunshot wounds. he's been arrested and is being hilled on bond. baltimore county police are investigating a suspicious death. david weeks was found dead inside this home this morning in perry hall. the #5u-year-old was murdered and it was not random act. if you have any information you are urged to call baltimore county police. gunshots ring out in baltimore city claiming the life of a young man. the shooting happened in the 1800 block of dover
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street shortly after midnight. jamal white was rushed to shock trauma and later pronounced dead. he was involved in an argument with two people right before the shooting but police have no suspects in kudz. five weeks until the annapolis mayoral election and there is a new democratic candidate. josh cohen accepted his party's nomination after the previous front runner dropped out of the race. >> reporter: surrounded by supporters, anne arundel steps into the race. >> have i ever been late on paying a bill because my funds could not stretch far enough? because i was busy trying to make certain as a responsible business owner that the staff was paid before me? you bet, yes, i did. >> this is not the way any candidate wants to become a party's nominee. and i'm well aware i was not the first choice to voters in
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the democratic primary. and it's with deep humility that i accept this nomination. it is a tremendous privilege to have the opportunity to continue my campaign for change in annapolis. >> reporter: cohen says his key issues are downtown business investment and reducing city spending. he'll face republican david cordall, a city alderman and law enforcement officer and chris fox a local bar owner. >> i think quite frankly this whole partisan infighting and all this fiasco in the party proves my point that this is something that we need to get rid of this city hall. >> reporter: changing the tone of the race a speaking point for cohen. >> for too long in annapolis our town has been torn apart by bickering and partisan rancor. i will governor the city with civility and respect. >> reporter: it will be an interesting race. election day is november 3rd. the cleanup after last week's massive water main break in done dock still
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kindz this weekend. residents attended a recovery service seminar at the water's edge community center. it was to help owners who have exhausted insurance openingses. residents are fed up and don't know where to turn. >> i'm trying to find out about different assistance than what they can cover and what they can't cover as far as lost wages and stuff like that. >> reporter: the 72 inch water main burst sending thousands of gallons of water into the streets that flooded more than 100 homes in that neighborhood. severe weather claims the life of a maryland teenager who is away at college. john sackett was swimming up the coast of north carolina when lightning struck nearby. witnesses say the 18-year-old was struggling before his body slipped under the water. he was a student at the university of north carolina in wilmington and lived in annapolis. here in the baltimore area we had a ton of rain today. as we take a live look
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outside tonight we can see that it's still a wet mess out there in the city. meteorologist tim williams is live. >> reporter: good evening everyone. we've certainly seen a lot of rain moving through the region. about a half inch we're approaching at bwi and marshal. while we look at temperatures still in the chilly zone, looking at temperatures right around 59 degrees with 97% relative humidity we're seeing brighter bands on the radar. brighter showers toward middle river. you can see bright orange colors:you can see it continuing to move across the region. we're going to see it move through until about tomorrow morning. late tomorrow morning we'll start to see a little bit of clearing. how clear and warm it gets after all this rain is out of here we'll have the details coming up. it appears that the rain
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played a role in a serious car crash here in the city tonight. at around 6:00 this evening two cars collided on #23u near jennifer. several adults were involved in the crash and a young child. emergency responders were forced to use the jaw of life to save people trapped in the cars. at this time we do not know the extent of anyone's injuries. a u.s. congresswoman in mourning tonight after her husband died while mountain climbing in tibet. representative caroline maloney represents manhattan and part of new york city. her husband clifton was an avid outdoors man. this weekend he hiked to the top of a mountain and then later died in his sleep. he was 71 years old. in world news iran says it has no problems with inspectors taking a look at its nuclear facility but the u.s. and other nations definitely have a big problem with the discovery of that plant. allison harmelin reports. >> reporter: president barack obama is not mincing words.
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with discovery of another secret nuclear site in iran he's laying down the law in his weekly address. >> iran's lead ers must now choose. they can live up to their responsibilities and achieve integration with the community of nations or they will face increased pressure and isolation and deny opportunity to their own people. >> reporter: iran has acknowledged the nuclear facility only after the secret has been uncovered. iranian president ma'am outside ahmadinejad defend himself saying it was only going to be used to produce nuclear energy. >> it seems to me what was done was a really big mistake. >> reporter: iran's nuclear chief says they will allow u.n. weapons inspectors to visit the site. still president barack obama and his western al lies are warning iran to put an end to a quote disturbing pattern of evasion. >> i think you'll start to see a tougher line, you'll see policies andy paloma si openly and behind the
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scenes that are attempting to craft a sanctions policy that will higher the ran and you'll start to see greater and greater attempts to isolate iran in the international community from this administration. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the latest nuclear facility is tunneled into a mountain southwest of ta ran near the holy city of gome. it could produce enough enriched iran yum to produce a bomb within a year. iran's nuclear chief didn't specify when inspectors from the international atomic energy agency could fist but that the tumoring would be worked out with the u.n. watchdog agency. still to woman on wjz's eyewitness news, annie le laid to rest. a mystery note. police get a strange letter connected to the disappearance of a florida child. caught on tape. a clerk attacked with a crowbar. police are searching for a
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violent shopper. . i'm ron matz. city school headquarters helping students return to class after they drop out. that story coming up right here on wje. i'm tim williams. the rain is coming down. how long will it last? the complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. now, complete coverage continues with adam may, meteorologist bernadette woods, and sports with stan saunders on wjz 13, maryland's news station.
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slain yale graduate student annie le is finally
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laid to rest today. family and friends came together at holy trinity catholic church in california to remember le. it was followed by a burial in a cemetery. it was found inside a wall in a yale lab building the day chevis supposed to get married. raymond clark who also works in the building was charged with that murder. investigators say a woman seen in this video in the blue scrubs may be the key to finding 5-year-old haley cummings. the young girl disappeared in february from her father's mobile home in putnam county. this woman apparently walked into the crime sunt of a local newspaper and delivered an anonymous letter. investigators say it contained a tip a tip and was signed with initials at the bottom >> you never know when the one will come in that will make the case. and this could be it. >> reporter: the woman claims she doesn't know haley's whereabouts and says chevis only a emergency.
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messenger. police have searched thousands of acres trying to find the woman. the father of a pennsylvania woman who faked her own abduction is now facing charges of assault. he attacked camera men. bonnie swilton said chevis abducted but was later found at walt disney world with her children. her father will be tried for disorderly conduct and two counts of assault. a clerk in arizona is attacked with a crowbar and incident is caught on tape. take a look at this video. a woman approaches the store's counter with merchandise and as soon as the clerk opens up the register, threw see t the woman lufrnlgz at her with a crowbar. the attack continued for quite some time as the clerk tried to fight back. the cashier luckily wasn't seriously history but the suspect did get away despite the rainy weather many still went to check out the baltimore book festival.
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chris gardener's story told in the film the pursuit of happyness. the book festival continues tomorrow. some opportunities who have dropped out of baltimore city schools had a chance to come back today. it happened at a resource fair at school heck. ron matz has more on reconnecting with the classroom. >> reporter: for years baltimore city schools have been fighting to reduce a high drop out rate. today at school headquarters on north avenue students who have left school had a chance to reconnect at the second annual school resource fair. some have dropped out for reasons. other than academic failure. >> they left because of life experiences, so it's to list to their stories and then show them the opportunities we have in schools and programs that will fit their needs, help them to get their diplomas and connect them to the next step. >> reporter: 16-year-olds days
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darius joiner wants to return to a new school. the youth opportunity academy. >> they had me sign a couple forms saying that i want to get back in school. milo indication and how would i -- my location and how i would achieve my goals. >> reporter: some may be just short of graduation. >> as a matter of fact we have one young person today who was one credit short from graduating and so because she came back today we have been able to reen roll her and she's going to take that course and be able to graduate with her high school diploma. >> reporter: that's what darius hopes to do and much more. >> you can't achieve nothing or get any jobs without being in school or have any education. i want to go to college and be an engineer for university of maryland. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> good luck to darius. if you missed today's fair counselors will be available monday and tuesday from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. . let's check in with tim
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williams. what a soggy mess. i was grilling under the umbrella today thinking what have i done but the steak was really good. >> reporter: pretty juicy. >> yeah. >> reporter: into the to bachlt you can't stop a good griller. >> the rain sure tried tonight. >> reporter: it has been raining since about mid-afternoon in some parts of the area and still coming down. doppler radar tells the story. area wide we're seeing heavy bands and up and down the 95 corridor you're seeing it. take a look at the brighter bands. that's what we're taking a look at. the bigger picture will show most of those showers are starting to move on out of here. we're going to see some improvement as we move on through the afternoon tomorrow. actually by early afternoon most of this will be completely gone. we're looking at current conditions. we're seeing temperatures just around 59 degrees. 58 the dewpoint. relative humidity at 96
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percent. barometer at 39.20. winds out of the east at 5 miles per hour. as we look around we're seeing temperatures from 56 to oakland, 73 around the shore. around the immediate metro area, we're seeing 59 at rock hall. 16 miles per hour winds around ocean city. pretty gusty as the storms will roll off to the east. this is the while bit of moisture. the radar composite shows how it is starting to move off to the east. the front that is going to push it out of here is going to be moving through overnight and into tomorrow. we'll start to see clearing by tomorrow afternoon late morning early afternoon and then we'll start to see a bit of a warm-up before the next front comes through bringing us cooler air by monday into tuesday and another chance of showers. sunrise tomorrow at 6:59 and sunset at 6:56.
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small craft advisory through tomorrow evening. 10 knots gusting up to 20. if you plan ongoing to the ravens game this is what we're looking for. clouds giving way to sun. kickoff 70 degrees. browns in town at 1:00. john john will have more in a moment. 75 degrees tomorrow. 79 on monday with chance of showers. 68, 68, 68 for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. coming up next in sports the terps try rebounding from last week's days pointing loss. shawn
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shawn is filling in starting with college football action. >> reporter: we have tons of sports and so little time. the terps are hoping to taste victory for the second time this season when they hosted rutger
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this afternoon. it was the scarlet knights who feasted on the soft shelled turtles. they give up the fumble in the end zone. george johnson jumps on it for the score. terps had five turnovers and a 34-13 loss. host clemson next saturday. at the state capitol navy quarterback ricky dobbs for four touchdowns as the mid-ship men beat western kentucky 38-22. navy improves to 2-2. baltimore for local college action. morgan state hosts towson. the second quarter it was clicking with a 26 yard touchdown. the tigers did have their chances but three costly turn over helped the bears beat the tigers for the first time since 2003, 12-9 is the final. at home with johns hopkins striking up a tunas bluejays dance all over moravian.
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the bluejays improved to 3-1. 2-0 in the centennial conference with a 27-0 win. tomorrow on wjz check out the raven play host to the cleveland browns in the divisional match up on wjz and our exclusive coverage starts at 1:00 p.m. a cloudy and rain night in cleveland for the orioles. it was bottom of the 9th, johnny peralta singled to center. indians walk off with a 9-# win. the sure bet o's have lost nine in a row. a day for celebration at laurel park as the late jim my okay's daughter was here for the ribbon cutting of the jim mckay maryland million. it was a classic and the race lived up to its name. down the stretch, so mucha
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hot wins. and we finish up with the legacy chase. top quality steep he will chase horses and riders. watch keel brynna. it was a special day for gbmc. the prediction ravens will win big. >> i would hope so. keep my picks going. thank so much. we'll be rig
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as part of wjz's community commitment hundreds came out helping fight prostate cancer by participating in the great prostate cancer challenge. the third annual event took place at the saint joseph's medical center in towson. it's the only 5k that helps raise awareness for prostate cancer. free screenings were featured with other events. break out the ozo. many made it to the timonium fair ground to celebrate everything greek. it's the 36th annual greek festival. there is greek inspired artwork and greek food including sweet treepts and
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gyros look good. the greek festival runs through tomorrow. a good place to stop if you're hungry. we'll be right b
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thanks for watching, everybody. be sure to watch tim and jessica. i'm adam may. thank for watching eyewitness news on wjz 13, maryland's news station. csi new york is coming up next. stay dry everyone and we'll see you again tomorrow stay dry everyone and we'll see you again tomorrow night. police band: 1-7 sector george. be advised, report of a 10-30 at 695... police band 2: two-five henry, be advised of a 10-31


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