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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 29, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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junior and his sister emma line. >> i understand the counselors will remain there as long as they're needed. at the high school, the principal made an announcement over the pa this morning. >> charles senior shot his wife, children, family dog and then himself. the triple murder-suicide has left mount airy stunned and saddened as parents struggle to explain the violent act to their children. >> i miss like playing upstairs in my room with her, and sometimes outside. >> breaking the news to her that night was devastating. the only thing that got her to sleep that night was sheer exhaustion from crying. >> reporter: teachers remembered seeing emmaline with a smile on her face.
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this letter went home to parents, with information on the funeral services and advice on how to cope with the tragedy. >> another is a service planned for friday. i believe some high school students will be attending that. and i understand that the principal has suggested that parents accompany their children. >> reporter: and that friday night viewing will be at the stover funeral home here in mount airy, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. meanwhile, the funeral servicings will be on saturday at the baptist church. reporting live from mount airy. a fire at a steal plant sends flames and smoke hundreds of feet into the sky over south baltimore. vick is live in the newsroom with more on how it happened. >> reporter: it all started at the elle furnace plant. at first, it was thought that there may have been some sort of explosion. but it turns out, some sort of buildup of pressure caused the flames and debris to vent through a stack, sending flames hundreds of feet into the sky.
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the flames were knocked out quickly. and steel workers were returned. a police officer shot during a robbery is transferred from sinai to shock trauma in critical condition. on september 14th, detective aaron harris was approached by two teens. he was shot three times and has had at least five surgeries. 16-year-old ke von wilson. and another are charged. police are looking for a person who broke into a home and stole hand grenades. the burglar took two grenades like this one. the owner of the grenades does not remember if they were disaim disabled or live. but police are asking anyone with information on this robbery to call them. a doctor at the university of maryland medical school, dies of an overdose. now, her boyfriend, a fellow doctor, faces a long list of drug charges. wjz is live at the university school of medicine. weijia jiang has more on what
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police found inside the doctor's home. weijia? >> reporter: police building this is the disturbing and tragic end to years of drug addiction for both doctors. >> reporter: 33-year-old clinton mccracken, a canadian research doctor at the university of maryland is at the center of a federal investigation, after police find large amounts of imported drugs inside his dover street home. the very drugs police say killed his 29-year-old girlfriend, carrie john, also a doctor at the maryland school of medicine. >> the boyfriend was taken to the homicide unit and interviewed. information was learned that the victim and her boyfriend had been purchasing recreational drugs and they had been using them. >> reporter: police say john overdosed on norphine. a drug typically used to help recovering heroin addicts. charging documents reveal over the past two to three day --
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years, the doctors purchased drugs online. police say they were smuggled from overseas. >> shocking to me. this is a very hard-working neighborhood. and some of the students and community members. and we all work together to keep this a nice part of the city. >> reporter: according to this statement, dr. john had been with the school of medicine since 2006. mccracken, for the past three months. after earning their ph.d.s, both were fellows with the department of anatomy and neurology. they both only did research, not see patients. >> reporter: at this time, investigators are not treating johns' death as a homicide case. they believe johns injected herself. but toxicology reports are not complete. >> the state cannot pursue criminal charges until the medical examiner has ruled it a homicide.
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>> reporter: and mccracken was released earlier this afternoon, on a $100,000 bond. he has a preliminary hearing set for october 9th. for now, we're live in downtown baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, weijia. in tonight's wjz flu watch report, dozens of midshipmen at the u.s. naval academy are in isolation. the academy is containing them. so far this fall, there have been only seven confirmed cases of h1n1 on the campus. >> maryland takes extra measures. it will decide whether to give documents. political reporter pat warren explains what the organizations are looking for. he and his family were pulled over by state police on
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their way home from the funeral, 17 years ago. we sued the maryland state police and we learned in the process of the lawsuit that they had actually instructed the troopers in that area to be on the lookout for blacks and rental cars. and claiming that they were likely to be crack dealers. >> profiling has been a continuing legal issue in the state. wilkins now represents the naacp in a suit required to turn over 100. >> when complaints are made. then none of the complaints are found for racial profiling. not a single one of them is found to be sustained. >> maryland's attorney general argues the documents cannot be released. >> the legislature has recognized that while we want to have public access as much as possible, none the little, there are certain privacy interests that legislation
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found to be appropriate to have protected. >> the naacp says it will continue to pursue legal remedies for determining whether racial profiling is a continuing pro practice with the maryland state police. reporting from annapolis, i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. >> the court of special appeals took the unusual step of having the full court hear the case today. ordinarily, cases are heard by a three-judge panel. it's cooled down today. here's a live look outside. most of the clouds were in the western sections of maryland. right now, cleared out here in the baltimore region. cooler. 65 now. west winds in the last hour. picked up to 24. with a gust of 30. certainly, continued to be on the breezy side. winds would die down tonight. and that's why temperatures once again today, most places will be back in the 40s except
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around 50, a little higher. we'll come back and take a look at the end of september, early october forecast. >> soinds good, bob. thank you. we're following breaking news for you. sky eye chopper 13 is live over a shooting. captain mike perry with more. >> we're at clifton and monroe, where police and paramedics have just been called to the scene of a shooting. this is actually on clifton avenue near monroe. we have an adult male here who has been shot, sitting on the sidewalk. police are searching the area for suspects. they have closed clifton avenue in both directions between monroe and over towards pennsylvania avenue. expect delays in the area. we'll stay on scene and keep you updated as we get back to you. >> thank you very much. captain mike perry, sky eye chopper 13. the afghan immigrant accused of an alleged terror plot has made his first court appearance. -- appearance. drew levinson reports for wjz court appearance.
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>> reporter: najibullah zazi pleaded not guilty to allegations he was planning a terror attack, possibly on new york city's transit system. the 24-year-old showed no emotions as several u.s. marshalls -- marshals led him in and out of the courtroom. alleges brought him from new york, to face charges that he planned to use weapons of mass destruction. >> the government will have to produce someone else. they don't have to indict him. cops are zeroing in on coconstir tors. -- coconspirators. and store surveillance video appears to show zazi buying those goosd. the -- goods. the fbi has also obtained evidence from zazi's computer, including bomb-making
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instructions. >> prosecutors are convinced. he poses a significant threat to the community. >> that decision has eased the minds of some new yorkers. >> i absolutely think this is correct. because i do believe that this was a serious threat. and could have been enacted. >> if convicted, he could face life in prison. drew levinson, weejt eyewitness news. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> zazi's arrest has prompted higher security in several places. plea for freedom. jail director roman polanski asks police to let him go. shocking case of abuse. a mother is behind bars, after keeping her teenage son locked inside a closet for years. celebrity dj a.m. died a month ago. what is being blamed for his death. updated forecast coming up
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with bob.
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a powerful earthquake hits the south pacific, sparking a tsunami. >> we have new reports coming in. this shows it 7.9, maybe as strong as an 8.3 earthquake. very strong. i guess the only good news is the earthquake was about 20 miles below the surface, wait, way down. very deep. about 120 miles from american samoa. has come ashore on pago pago. came anywhere from about 100 yards, doing damage there. knocking out villages. and the waves passenger from
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somoa to portions of new zealand. that whole area under tsunami warning. hawaii, officially under tsunami watch. about 7 or 8 hours. still have a watch for that reason. whether it affects hawaii or not, not so sure. but that 5-foot wave doing damage. and knocking out beach areas in some of the very small islands here in southwestern portions of the pacific northeast of new zealand and new guinea. kai? >> all right, bob. thank you. roman polanski remains behind bars in switzerland. the filmmaker is refusing to return to the united states to face criminal sex charges, dating back three decades. hollywood director roman polanski won't be leaving his swiss prison cell any time soon. the 76-year-old had evaded capture since he jumped bail, after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl in
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los angeles 32 years ago. his lawyers filed a motion for his release, but the swiss court says a ruling is weeks away. polance key's wife -- polance we -- polanski's wife has met with him in jail. his attorney is trying to reassure family and friends. >> the circumstances are very, very hard for him. >> reporter: lawyers will try to prove polanski's arrest at the request of u.s. authorities is illegal. supporters say he's been hiding in plain sight. >> seemed extraordinary. suddenly done now. >> polanski is supposed to be the star attraction. but it was the publicity over his appearance that got him caught. u.s. marshals reportedly waited until he was on the flight to switzerland before tipping offer with police. >> festival organizers say polanski's status as a wanted man never even crossed their
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minds. >> i really adore him as a filmmaker. and i adore what he has done for the film industry. >> polanski said it became clear the judge would impose a harsher sentence. decades later, his run may be over. but his long legal journey has only just begun. in zurich, switzerland, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> polanski has made visits to switzerland over the decades and maintains homes there and in france, where he has citizenship. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work tonight, let's check on the traffic with sharon gibala. >> reporter: overall, we are still not doing bad. overall, it's been a pretty good commute. we have a few issues, including that one that captain mike perry was talking about earlier. that one on clifton avenue. watch for closures there. we also have that accident on 295, approaching savage road.
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another wreck in bel air. four in the city. east 27th at green mount avenue. west pratt. one more in severn. newport road at upton road. that in the clearing stages. 95 northbound remains slow. only a three-minute delay, though, between 895 and the top side. belt-- side of the beltway. slowest spot, still the top side. it's an average speed of 33 miles per hour, between 83 and 95. there's a live look at the west side. not looking so bad there at wilkins. a little busier there on the west side. your delay is a three-minute delay, between baltimore national pike. there's a look at the top side. inner loop is five minutes between green spring and falls. this traffic report is brought to you by maryland mountain side. and maryland mountain online, home of maryland mountains. just two hours west of i-68. back over to you. >> thank you, sharon. we're following breaking news right now. sky eye chopper 13 is live over
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a fire in dundalk. captain mike perry with more. >> reporter: we are on van buren road, which is off of sawers point road, near the old dundalk community college, baltimore community college, with a two-story single-family home. heavy fire involved. now we're just seeing a lot of smoke. but there is smoke and flame still coming from the second story of this occupied single- family home. no reports of injuries at this time. >> captain mike perry in sky eye chopper 13. >> and we're back to fall-type conditions. a lot of sunshine. beautifully cool. 65. west winds will calm down. come back and take a look at the end. week forecast right after this.
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what a gorgeous shot. >> beautiful day. >> the breeze makes it feel more like mid-60s out. temps tonight, many places will be back in the 40s as it is right now, in oakland. they're already down to 46.
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it's being staying cloudy there most of the day. in the mountain areas. those clouds coming off the great lakes. only 46 there. 61 in cumberland. ocean city, the warm spot. with sunshine there at 73 degrees. pretty nice day. although it's been breezy all across the region, right announcement, the latest at bwi, they're up to 24, sustained with gusts to 30. 9 at easton. and only three at elkton. i have a feeling the wind gauge is not working. 13 in oakland. we have a breeze. chilly temperatures. winds will calm down tonight. all because of big area of low pressure spinning over here. and it's dragging cold air, from hudson's bay in central canada, across the great lakes. when picking up moisture. and you can see the rain showers. now, in a couple of weeks, when you have these colder temperatures, these will be snow showers. we'll see plenty of that, i'm sure. as the lakes are warm, the cold water, excuse me, the cold air
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over the lakes, picks up that moisture and there you see those showers. when these expect to develop here across upper michigan, that will cross our region tomorrow afternoon. that means we'll have a chance. we'll see the clouds bending up. maybe a brief shower tomorrow afternoon. it remains on the cool side as high pressure and that low up to the north combine to bring that cool air in. eventually, to the end of the week, that high will cool us off. winds come southwest. warmer air starts riding over the cool air. warm air has forced up. condenses. forces clouds. and already, the models showing showers in ohio, michigan and indiana. we do expect to see at least a chance of a few showers here. maybe little periods of rain with more clouds on saturday. sunday should clear up. but between now and then, looks like pretty nice weather. northwest winds in the bay tomorrow. at 10 to 15. gusts to 25. small craft advisory tomorrow on the bay. bay temp now around 71. tonight, let's call it clear to
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partly cloudy skies. a few clouds around. upper 40s to around 51 or so downtown. tomorrow, partly sunny with a shower possible in the afternoon. a high near 66. a bit of a breeze continuing at least during the next 24 hours. so come back and take a look at the weekend for you in a few minutes. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. no smoking. baltimore looks at restricting where smokers can light up. a proposal that can force you to put the butts out. foot drop is a common correspondence for m.s., stroke, and traumatic brain injury patients. now, there's a new option allowing them to walk smoothly again. i'm kellye lynn in linthicum, with the extraordinary technology coming up. >> ravens helping young people stay physically fit. the story coming up here on wjz.
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it's 5:29. 69 degrees and sunny. beautiful shot on the water.
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good evening. thank you for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the baltimore city council was considering restricting where people smoke and how they buy tobacco. wjz is live at city hall. suzanne collins has more on the two bills aimed at preventing young people from smoking. hi, suzanne. >> reporter: hi, kai. the first issue is flavored cigars. but also flavored wrapping papers. these are the things that the sponsors say entice young people to become addicted to tobacco. >> this flavored cigar is a popular item with young people. it's vanilla flavored and a lot cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. today, the city counselilate is- - council is hearing the suggestion to sell it only in packs of five. >> reporter: this 30-year-old thinks his flavored cigar smells wonderful. but he thinks the council bill stinks. >> sometimes people don't have enough money to buy an entire
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bag. so you buy one. and it's a little cheaper than buying the entire pack. >> reporter: the city councilman who is sponsoring the ban says researchers indicate that young people are starting out smoking by smoking these. and the numbers starting out smoking cigarettes is going down. >> reporter: a 28-year-old said smokers' rights are disappearing. >> i think they're gull -- all going altogether. they're so strict on trying to make everybody healthy. >> reporter: another proposal bans the sell of flavored rolled cigarette papers. the third and most controversial city bill, banned smoking outside hospital doors and alleys, all the way up to the curb. people could be fined up to $50 for an infraction. >> when they're sick or something like that, nervous, or something like that, want to come outside. and have a smoke. >> reporter: and you believe they should be allowed?
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>> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: the hospital faces complex legal problems. a tobacco lobbyist is opposed to all three. >> somebody is walking by mercy hospital, smoking a cigarette? what? do they have to stop smoking, cross the street because they can't smoke in front of the hospital? it's ridiculous. >> reporter: and these have not yet been voted on. but the chairman city said he is for preventing young children from smoking. >> they have already sued prince george's county for passing a bill banning cigar sales. baltimore county police need help identifying a suspect in an armed robbery at a convenience store. police say this man entered the royal farms store on wind lass drive in essex. and threatened the store clerk. another suspect was also involved. but his image wasn't caught on camera. anyone with information is
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asked to call baltimore county police. an 18-year-old will spend six years behind bars, for initiating a violent escape from a maryland detention center. rioting broke out last spring, allowing 14 juveniles to run away. michael martin pleaded guilty to escape and second-degree assault. nine teens were charged as adults in the incident. but martins is the harshest so far. a mother sits behind bars tonight, charged with torturing her son for 4 1/2 years and keeping him locked inside a closet. don teague has more for wjz on the child's escape and what will become of the woman's seven other children. >> reporter: the unidentified boy escaped from this northeast oklahoma city apartment last friday, with the help of his siblings, he made his way to the national guard post. dirty, malnourished, wearing only a pair of oversized shorts. he walked up to a security guard and asked to see police. >> he had scars, from where he was stabbed. he had scars from being beaten,
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scars from being choked. he had scars over the majority of his body. >> reporter: police have arrested his 37-year-old mother, larhonda mccall. and a friend, 38-year-old steve hamilton. according to this police report, the boy had scars from being tied up. others from being beaten with an extension cord. and still more scars on his stomach from being doused with alcohol and set on fire. during all of that time, he has never been to school and spent most of his time locked in a bedroom closet. >> there are several locations where this took place. all of them in oklahoma city. but at all of the locations, there was some type of torture involved. >> reporter: a next-door neighbor found it all hard to believe. >> from what i seen, mercy was a good mother. she talked to her kids with respect. please, thank you. come on, guys, let's go. >> reporter: the boy told police his nightmare began when mccall was released from prison in new jersey. she was then sent to oklahoma
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and he was sent to live with her. [ inaudible ] >> the boy's mother and her friend remain jailed on dr. 2,000 -- $2,000 bond as investigators continue to conduct interviews and collect evidence. a medical examiner ruled today on what caused the death of popular disk jockey dj a.m. >> the death of dj a.m. also known as adam goldstone has been ruled an accidental drug overdose. the performer was found unconscious in his new york apartment. he was in national headlines after surviving a plane crash in south carolina that killed four other people. the toxicology reports showed a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs and cocaine in his system. traces of various drugs, including oxycontin, vicodin, xanax, and benadryl were found in his body at the time of his death. >> a reality show, in which dj
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a.m. staged intervention for drug abusers. no word whether that show aired. people who had a stroke or other medical problems often experience a condition called foot drop that can interfere with walking. how the device stimulates the nerves is giving a smooth, steadier gait. >> this is how dave moore coney walked for 39 years. a childhood accident paralyzed him at the age of 39. making his right leg heavy and hard to move. >> it was very difficult to lift my foot. bend my knee. just to get around. >> reporter: the awkward gait caused back pain and left dave frustrated. >> i'd get up, trip. walk around the house. up and down the steps, i'm tripping. at work. it was relentless. >> reporter: but that was then. and this is now. dave has a smoother, steadier walk, as a result of this
5:36 pm
nl300. >> it's a device for people with what is called foot drop. what this does is tells the muscle directly to fire. and to lift their foot up while they're swinging their leg through. >> it consists of a lightweight brace, a transmitter that attached onto a user's shoe. and a handheld remote that allows the patient to adjust the level of stimulation. >> there are two electrodes in here. and they send an electrical current to the muscle in the nerve that activates the muscle to lift up their toes. >> reporter: it also increases blood circulation, and reduces the chances of muscle atrophy. >> dave was a skeptic. but now he's a believer. >> my foot raised as a walked. my foot lifted. that's an action my foot has not seen in 39 years. >> reporter: dave now regularly walks on a treadmill and is even playing tennis. i'm kellye lynn, with
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healthwatch. >> thank you, kellye. this can be rented for $500 a month. or purchased. also in healthwatch, are doctors adequately discussing health karen screenings -- care screenings? most patients are told of the benefits but not the risks associated with the tests. recent studies show that false positives often lead to needless, invasive procedures. the authors of the report stress that patients need to be fully informed before they take the test. the great prostate challenge continues this weekend. sunday from 9:00 to 3:00, you can get free prostate cancer screenings. all part of wjz's continuing community commitment. going green to save green. did you know you can save money and protect the environment all at the same time? vic is live to answer one of your questions about how to be an energy saver? hey, vic. over the past week, many of you have e-mailed questions to
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our bge energy saver. one of the more popular ones. what is an easy way to save money on my monthly energy use? we took the question to the energy saver at bge. and the answer is lighting typically accounts for 20% of your home's electric bill. you can reduce your energy by replacing old, incandescent bulbs. cfl can save up to $65 over the bulb's lifetime. sally, back to you. >> bge is offering discounts on cfls. to find a participating store, visit bge, smart and for more information on how you can be an energy saver, go to our home page. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. making a case for why the first time home buyers credit should not be extended. why towson has become a sushi strong hold. i want to read that one. and should orioles manager dave
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trembley come back this season? remember to look for that and more. a glen burnie middle school is $50,000 richer today, thanks to the baltimore ravens, the nfl network. and verizon fis on tv. it's all part of an effort to help students stay physically fit. they were cheering the ravens at corcoran middle school today. it was an old-fashioned pep rally. celebrating the keep jim in school campaign. childhood obesity rates have tripled since 1980. so ravens players urged students to exercise as much as possible. >> it might be the first generation that are predicted to live a shorter period of time than their parents. and that's a scary ordeal. >> the students say message received. >> it's everything. because you can't walk up the steps if you're obese. it's hard. it's just -- you can't really
5:40 pm
do anything. >> it's very important to be like skinny so you can do more things. and like you can work out. >> reporter: corcoran is getting much-needed money to fix up the tennis and basketball courts. and improve existing sports facilities. >> unfortunately, schools because of lack of funding are starting to cut physical education programs. and i think federal education is important. for everybody, but especially for young people. >> i try to make a point of going to the jim every day -- gym, every day, wherever possible. i think that's what allows you to continue to function at a high level. and that's what our kids need to learn as well. >> reporter: they are urging these students to stay physically active, at least 60 minutes every day. >> headache sure you're not just sitting around, in your house, on your computer, watching tv. let's get up, america. let's be fit. and it's going to be leading to a healthier future. >> and for these kids, the future is now. ron matz, wjz eyewitness news.
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in addition to the major improvements, corcoran middle school will also be able to purchase new training and fitness equipment. the undefeated baltimore ranks travel for a game with the proitds. that will air this sunday afternoon. then stay tuned for special post-game coverage. mark will have highlights and reaction. and marty will be there with the bulldogs. and mary at the espn zone for a little football talk. and still to come. swallowed whole. a car in georgia falls into a sinkhole. the effort to get it out. bring the game to chicago. why some are against the idea. a cool start to october. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, the dow slipped 47 points.
5:42 pm
s&p is down two and a third. we'll be back.
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we are following more breaking news for you. sky eye chopper 13 is over a pedestrian struck. >> we are in west friendship.
5:45 pm
this is right at route 32, and frederick road. the accident actually occurred just east of the intersection. apparently, a man had stopped to fix a problem with his vehicle when he was struck by another vehicle that was passing by. he was taken to a nearby landing site, where he is going to be taken to shock trauma by maryland state police medivac helicopter. right now, there's no word on how critical those injuries are. but they are believed to be life-threatening at this point. maryland state police, los angeles howard county police, on the scene, conducting the investigation on route 32. >> thank you very much. captain mike perry, sky eye chopper 13. turning now to weather. bob has a look at the updated forecast. tomorrow, a day a little like today. but maybe a few more clouds. maybe a sprinkle or shower sometime in the afternoon. temperatures only in the low to mid-60s. going to be a cool day. many places will be in the 40s in the morning. the next five days, a little bit of a warmup for the weekend. friday, back up to 72. saturday, chance of a little
5:46 pm
rain. don't let that symbol scare you. mab a few hours. 72. and sunshine returns on sunday with a high of 72. car swallowed by a sinkhole near atlanta. the driver was heading to work when his car fell in the hole. amazingly, he wasn't seriously hurt. they say looters vandalized the vehicle, ripping out the seats and stealing the speakers. traveling to the 2016 olympics. but jeff glor reports, has decision is not without political race. >> reporter: the most well- known members of the lobbying team have not left yet am including oprah winfrey, first lady michelle obam a. >> let the games begin. >> and her husband, the president, who changed his mind about traveling on monday. >> he decided to travel and be back on time for healthcare reform. >> reporter: ahead of the
5:47 pm
president, the aptly numbered united flight 17 left shock. with 250 boosters on board. after a rousing sendoff. >> it was me. it just gave me goosebumps, even thinking about it. i mean, it would be amazing. >> reporter: this will be the first time a sitting president has made such a trip. a sign of how badly mr. obama wants the gains in his adopted home town. he'll be joined by the heads of state. rio dejaneiro. tokyo and madrid. >> at this village center. >> reporter: chicago's olympic organizers believe the games will cost about $5 billion to stage. but would generate $22.5 billion for the local economy. though critics say both of those numbers are far too optimistic. and they point to a recent poll that shows support for games in this city has dropped to 47%. >> this thing is going to be financially ruinous, as well as environmentally disastrous. >> reporter: president obama
5:48 pm
will leave for copenhagen on thursday night and return to d.c. the next day. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for all of the news stories coming up, vic is standing by live with a preview. hi, vic. three weeks of terror. 10 people killed in the washington, d.c. serial sniper spree. two men were convicted. tonight, what virginia's governor is saying about the execution of john allen muhammad. over the edge. would you rappel down a building? i think he's still asking himself that. thanks, vic. employees and clients at a beauty salon in philadelphia are shocked when a walk-in client causes quite the stir. watch closely. you can see a deer, jumped right through the front window. it may have been coming to get a quick trim. but unfortunately, you sent all of the employees running to the nearest exit. they were finally able to get the deer out. eyewitness sports is next. this is mark viviano. the ravens are off to a hot
5:49 pm
start. and their offense is opening eyes around the nfl. no greater admirers than the ravens' defense. we'll hear from the team. and in baseball, the orioles continue to fall, while the angels rise. i'll have the latest when eyewitness news continues.
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mark is here with sports. talking about the ravens. moving along. >> having fun. continues to win some games here. undefeated, dazzling on offense. and the ravens are taking a look at the scoreboard. lighting it up with more than 30 points per game. and they do it with an interesting twist. cam cameron pulls everything out of the bag. the ball goes directly to ray rice, for a critical gain. direct snap. tosses. exotic stream. >> watching that on sunday, put it like this. they ran plays that i've never seen. and i practice with them every
5:53 pm
day. so i'll be damned if cleveland knew what was going on. at one paint, they did -- point, they did something. and i practice every day. how they recognize or how they remember all of those plays that they ran, join. there was a point, i felt sorry for cleveland. >> ravens open a bag of tricks in foxboro when they face the patriots on sunday. see it here on wjz. our coverage kicks off at 1:00. stay tuned after the game. our special post-game coverage. we'll have highlights and reaction. well, baseball talk has been unpleasant for the orioles, as they suffer through a losing streak that has now reached 11 straight. this after a loss to the rays in florida. embattled manager dave dave trembley. willy ibar step -- willy ibar. seven- 7 had 6, -- 7-6, rays.
5:54 pm
from the struggling o's, to the high-flying angels. they clinched a win over texas last night. ian kinzler gets thrown out to finish an 11-0 final. angels pitcher ervin santana goes the distance in the shutout. the celebration is under way. six play-off appearances. in eight years. the beer and the champagne flowed in the locker room. and in celebration, the team remembers nick adenhart, the maryland native who was killed in the car crash in april. they go out to the adenhart memorial picture, in right center field, sharing the celebration. there were tears. the angels are headed for a play-off series that will likely play the boston red sox. minnesota, starting a four- game series at detroit. game 1 this afternoon. i'll have highlights of the twins and tigers, play-off style baseball. that's ahead. plus, we'll hear from ravens coach john harbaugh
5:55 pm
about the team's success on the road. and he talks about quieting that road crowd, which they will try to do in foxboro. by the way, the patriots are the only team in the afc. the ravens in the franchise have never beaten. >> wow. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. how the mount airy community is trying it heal after a triple murder-suicide claimed the life of a family. i'm adam may, coming up with
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coming up now on eyewitness news at 6:00. shocking tragedy. how friends of the victims are coping. a university of maryland research doctor is dead, after overdosing on drugs. now, her boyfriend, also a doctor with the school of medicine, faces several charges. i'm weijia jiang in downtown baltimore. the details straight ahead on eyewitness news. blowing its stack. flames shooting 100 feet into the air. and a baltimore county industrial plant. what sparked it all? brisk september evening. don't miss the updated forecast. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now.
5:59 pm
a university of maryland researcher dies from a drug overdose. tonight, the charges her doctor-boyfriend now faces. and what police say they found inside their home. hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. serious allegations. a researcher at the university of maryland medical school is facing drug charges after his live-in girlfriend, also a researcher died, of an apparent drug overdose. wjz is live downtown. weijia jiang with more on this case, involving two doctors. weijia? >> reporter: yeah, police believe this is the tragic and disturbing end to years of drug addiction for both doctors. 33-year-old clinton mccracken, a canadian research doctor is at the center of a federal investigation, after police find large amounts of imported drugs inside his dover street home. the very drugs police say killhi


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