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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  October 4, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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swine flu vaccine is now just days away. good evening i'm adam may, in just a few days, the first marylanders will get their first h1n1 vaccine. derrick belcore has the very latest. >> reporter: this hospital scheduled to be the site of a news conference tomorrow as they try to spread more information about the flu strain that has so many on edge. in howard county today -- drive up, stick your arm out the window and get a free flu vaccination. >> we have to do it because we have a new baby. she's only three weeks old tonight. >> reporter: nearly 300 people lined up today, and this isn't the swine flu yet.
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this is the regular flu shot. >> the seasonal flu vaccine is slow to come in. this is actually one of the best places to get the seasonal flu vaccine. >> reporter: a similar drive up vaccination held saturday as local healthdepartments departments because they know in a few weeks, they'll be giving the h1n1 vaccine. the arrival of the vaccine in maryland comes just in time for many uneasy parents who are worried after learning about the death of a young girl who went to this baltimore school. 14-year-old destiny parker was in good health before she died after contracting the h1n1 virus. >> we want to roll this out in a methotical way. >> reporter: children will be
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the first to receive the vaccine, along with young adults, health care workers and people living with children under six months of age. the state says that initial shipment of the vaccine they'll get this week will only be enough for 1% of the highest risk population in the state. but they say, they will be getting much more of the vaccine in the weeks and months ahead. we're live downtown, i'm derrick valcore, eyewitness news. stay with wjv for the latest on the flu vaccines. for the latest just log on to a baltimore county student may face charges after bringing a gun to school. the student attends jappa elementary. the school has already taken its own disciplinary actions. an update now to a story that shocked baltimore's jewish
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community, jacob max, rabbi was convicted of sexual molestation. and now more women are coming forward. our partners at the baltimore sun say five more women are accusing the rabbi of inappropriate touching and inappropriate comments. his lawyer says that his client is innocent. this week the trial is expected to get under way for a man accused of killing his three children in the bathtub. mark castillo confessed that he killed his children in a hotel last year. a pair of police involved shootings in weekend in prince george's county. the first around 6:00 last night. a struggle insued and police
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say an officer shot the suspect demetrius thompson. thousands of miles away in afghanistan, troops are reeling after an attack that killed nine american troops. one of the bloodiest battles in many many months. this may force president obama to make tough decisions to keep americans safe. >> u.s. troops are beefing up patrols throughout afghanistan. following the deadliest assault on u.s. forces in more than a year. hundreds of insurgent militants stormed a pair of outposts in the kamdes district. as many as seven afghan soldiers and police were also killed in the attack and more than 20 are missing. the assault comes just days after the u.s. announced plans to withdraw from the area as part of a new strategy to move
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forces to highly populated areas. >> we've had the general come in, he has said the taliban is gaining in strength and that we have some what deteriorating situation in afghanistan. >> reporter: the top u.s. commandser is calling for an infusion of thousands more troops to combat militants. but the national security officers are down playing the concerns. >> afghanistan is a country that's quite large and it swallows up a lot of people. but i don't forsee the return of the taliban. and i want to be heard very clear, that afghanistan is not in danger, imminent danger of falling. >> reporter: president obama is reviewing a wide range of ideas for changing course in afghanistan. including pulling back, staying put and sending more troops. a key factor will be whether afghanistan proves it can govern on its own. in new york, katherine brown,
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wjz witness news. >> this attack was the heaviest u.s. loss of lives since july of 2008. that is when nine american soldiers were killed on a raid in an outpostin that very same province. let's turn to weather now, we had a pretty nice sunday afternoon. but things are beginning to cool down outside. let's take a live look, you can see it's still a beautiful night out there. minus that football game a few hours ago. bernadett burns is here with the weather. >> this is what we have going on, nothing in our area. you can see when we open this up, a lot of rain off to our south. and most of that is going to pass to the south. the next couple of days look pretty quiet around here. but we do have some changes coming. and we'll have those changes
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next. and the national fallen firefighters foundation remembered 122 firefighters who died at the job in recent years. among them are nine people that died after their helicopter crashed while battling a california wildfire. their names are all added to a stone monument at the national emergency training center in emmitsburg. bigger, better building is on the way for one fire station. tonight gigi bernett tells us how the money to build it comes from stimulus money meant to protect firefighters. >> reporter: the county is racking up one big bill fixing many little problems. >> there's been 102 work orders just on this building alone. >> reporter: so the county decided to ask for a grant. the department of homeland security said yes. and gave the station nearly $2 million in stimulus money to end the list of long repairs.
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>> if you look in the inside, it's actually very clean, very taken care of. the firefighters take a lot of pride in this station, but it's just structural problems they have no control over. >> reporter: a new building means faster services. >> there'll be a better response time for the fire department. and also will improve the safety of the men who work here. men and women who work in this station. >> reporter: a group of homeowners constructed the original building 66 years ago. over times, several add ons were made. but a new building will include building supplies that protect the environment. >> we are going to be using solar panels, so it's an ecofriendly fire structure. >> reporter: construction begins next spring and ends 15 months later. about 24 firefighters work
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at that marley park station. the annual ride is part of wjz continuing community participation. and today a big check was presented to the susan g. komen for the cure. >> it's my pleasure to present you a $200,000 check. >> reporter: impressive numbers there. it's the ninth year for the ride, where motorcyclists come together for a special ride helping cure breast cancer by raising money. that ride raised more than $200,000. more than a million bucks since people started getting on those motorcycles for a good time. well still to come on wjz's eyewitness news today. making his plea, the man accused of killing a yale student now heads to court. a hyperthermia death, a
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father tells his children to walk miles in the snow. decreasing your carbon footprint while getting into shape. after a beautiful day to the weekend, we are cooling down tonight. we'll tell you how long it's going to go, when eyewitness news returns.
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a yale university lab tech goes before the court today to face charges of killing a
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graduate student. raymond clark the iii has yet entered a plea. le was found in what was supposed to be her wedding day. bond for clark has been set at $3 million. well a greek man is under arrest this weekend accused of trying to smuggle a handgun through a pakistan airport. the man claimed that someone gave him the 9-millimeter pistol, that's when security scanners detected it. he is currently being interrogated. a woman is found dead inside her indianapolis home along with dozens of marijuana plants. the discovery comes just five years after that very same house was busted for the same drugs. take a look at this video from back in 2004 when a police raid turned up more than 100 marijuana plants and some cash
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that was buried in the backyard. police say it seems like the drug offenders didn't learn their lessons. >> here's that one of the individuals was arrested and convicted but appear to not serve too much time. that's why theinvestigation could expand. >> now police say they are trying to find out exactly who else knew that the marijuana plants were growing inside this house. investigators have determined the woman inside died of natural causes. the trial begins this week in the hyperthermia death of ran 11-year-old girl, and brother. they were riding in their car with their father, when it stalled, the children tried to walk home for 11 miles. he has pleaded not guilty to
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involuntary manslaughter. a los angeles man faces almost unspeakable accusations tonight. jeffrey graybill posed as a fertility doctor, he lured men to his apartment then sexually assaulted him. >> multiple felony counts of sexual battery by foreign object, practicing medicine without a license. i believe impersonation of another person. >> and police say gra yville stole the scheme from another man. he'll be in court coming up on october 16. well in tonight's health
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the night report, exercise may help prevent prostate cancer. those who were moderately active six times a week, are most likely to prevent the disease. our prostate cancer challenge is still under way. today we had another free screening. it was held in west north baltimore. men could get screened and find out about the factors for prostate cancer. men should start getting screened between the ages of 45 and 50. and african american men are especially at risk for this disease. also here in baltimore, 1500 people set out to lower their carbon footprints while peddling toward a greener environment. it is part of a program called the one less car campaign.
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the goal is to promote fitness and conservation. >> reporter: 1500 cyclists got ready for the event. fun for a cause. >> the whole message is making it safer to ride and making recreational riding easier for people. folks can get exercise, just having fun. >> reporter: the nonprofit group one less car organizes the tour to port event. this ride is the only fundraiser event for the group, and it's designed to take cyclists, routs from 10 to 15 miles all while promoting fitness and energy conservation. >> we try to reduce congestion, we try to get people to where they want go. we try to get people to work on time. if they want to get home to be with their kids, to be able to do it quickly and not have to be in traffic for hours and hours. >> reporter: for 16 years, one less car has put on this event with each year's proceeds going
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toward smart commuting options and bicycle advocacy. >> we feel if people get out of their cars and start walking and move, even if it's walking to the bus stop, it's less leads to a healthy body, a healthy community. wjz is always on for more information on the one less car campaign. just log on to meteorologist bernadett woods, a great day to get out there and do outdoor activities. >> it was a gorgeous day out there. for the most part, the next few days aren't that bad either. today this is where we topped out at, 68 degrees, still below the average. we started out at 48, as you can see we're on our way back down already. 53degrees, that winds dying down, it did get up at times today and it will begin tomorrow. notice the dewpoints down in
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the 40s, well that is where our temperatures are going. at this point we are ranging, we already have 48 degrees in oakland going down to a cold one tonight. ranging to 64 in ocean city. 61degrees still in d. c. light winds out there, from the westerly winds, now westerly winds are going to -- here's the storm just down to the south. and it will stay to the south, we will see some high clouds because of the storm to the south. by tuesday afternoon, that high gives way. that opens up the way for the storm to move our direction. this front right here gets through here, but it quickly gets out of here by friday. here's the forecast out in the waters, you will see small
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craft advisories back into effect tomorrow. tomorrow sunny to occasionally those high clouds we'll so passing through. 76 for our high and close to that average over the next few days. 72 on tuesday, even with the rain coming in 74 on wednesday. we go up to 75 on thursdays. this front coming through, friday or into saturday. a little uncertain into time: early next week, will be our coldest air mass so far this season. a sign that things are changing around here. adam. >>
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hello everybody, the ravened literally dropped their season. >> it had the billing of a play
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off type game and it lived up to it. the ravens fumbled the opening kick off and gave the patriots a field goal. but the ravens bounced right back by this flacco kick off. but that lead was erased quickly. baltimore's defense came up big, 3rd quarter tom brady hit by terrell suggs that ball is fumble into the end zone and recovered by edwards. that's a ravens touch down. they keep it a close game. in need of a touchdown in the final minutes. the ravens driving but mark clayton can't hold on. it's their first loss of the year, 27-21 new england. >> i like the way our guys battled and competed. you wait to see what makes of
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the next situation. >> at tend of the half it would have been a big score. but i guess it happens. we'll learn from it as much as we can. and move on to cincinnati. the ravens record falls to 3-1. they're back home this coming sunday. the bengals also 3-1. back to you. >> thank you mark. marvin lewis and his cincinnati bengals ready to rumble. slashed ocho-cinco. one handed catch, great play by chad. one handed snag. bengals 23-20. north cleveland still winless, cincinnati here next week. birds tied with toronto, 4-
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4. bottom 11, routine out? no bad throw from brandon league. his third error in 11. a bird finished their 09 campaign with 64 wins and 98 losses. finally jay hoss, overtook third leader thompson and won by one stock. 267-268. jay hoss wins the constalation. stan, thanks so much, still to come on eyewitness ne
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one of new york cities bridges is celebrating a big birthday this year. the manhattan bridge marching along. it's been riddled with design flaws over the last 100 years. visitors can enjoy walking
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tours and lectures for the next month. we'll be right back.
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that's it for us tonight, make sure to watch don and randy tomorrow begins at 5:00 p.m. i'm adam may and thanks for watching eyewitness news, csi new york is coming up next. have a great week everyone. ♪ look out! get out of the way! move! ( ship horn blaring )


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