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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  November 22, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. laid to rest, family and friends gather to say good-bye to a baltimore man killed in afghanistan. the mayor makes several public appearances as she waits for a decision from the jury. can the ravens win on home turf? looking outside, will our beautiful weekend weather stick around? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in the forecast. eyewitness news starts now. >> this is wjz tv, wjz hd and, baltimore. >> from the city, to the
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county, to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> good morning, welcome to eyewitness news this sunday, i'm jessica kartalija. >> temperatures around 40 degrees area wide. the only thing you need to take with you outside is sunglasses. very, very nice. there are some clouds, but a lot of sunshine. we have rain moving in the direction, timing is everything. looking outside, it's sun glare that will be a factor. a little due dew on the windows. you'll see the rain is moving through around the carolinas taking a long time to get here and as a result, we're not expecting to see it until late tonight. anything you're doing today, definitely okay. it won't get here this
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afternoon. some rain overnight, but the forecast looking like this, midday high in the 50s to near 60 if the sun stays out long enough. overnight lows around 40. we'll have your forecast in a moment. >> great football playing weather. here's what people will be talking about: the jury will continue tomorrow, but that hasn't kept the mayor out of the spotlight. reporting from city hall on the extremely visible presence in the city. >> the mayor dropping in on all sorts of events but saying nothing about the cloud over her. it's fireworks and fake snow tonight as parents and children come to see santa.
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mayor sheila dixon is there smiling even though the jury is still deliberating. >> how is everybody? >> are you waiting for santa? >> yeah. >> there are a few telling words in the talk like when the mayor says no matter what is in your lives, despite our struggle struggle, you can't help be a child at christmas time. >> life is good. >> the mayor has avoided answering questions about the trial. her lawyers requesting it, she's not stopping to talk about anything where reporters but she does speak with citizens and has a smiling face all over time. the day started with middle schoolers and a wheel park, a adopt a turkey event, sheila
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dixon is in and out of the black suburban. she will be surrounded by her protectors when returning to court for the third day of deliberations. her drawier seems pleased that no decision came on the first on second day. >> i think the reason they're asking for the day to be over indicating they're working very hard and are very conscience. >> reporter: if convicted she could lose her job and pension. if not, there's no way to say if she's been harmed politically. >> stay with us for the trial, we have a team of reporters covering the case, we'll bring you the decision as soon as it is announced. >> 3 officers placed on leave following another police- involved shooting in baltimore city. it started when baltimore
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county police chased a suspect and officials say the man began firing at both officers, those officers returned fire. >> three officers, one baltimore county officer was involved, a couple police cars were hit, no officer was injured. a high-speed chase leaves a path of destruction. the driver rammed police vehicles in two separate crashes sending two troopers to the hospital. it ended here in baltimore north of the harbor tunnel. he's charged with attempted murder and numerous traffic charges. less than three weeks after being deployed to afghanistan, a baltimore reservist is laid to rest. one exploded, killing him
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instantly. friends, family and fellow service members gather to remember a fallen soldier. >> you could meet him one time and feel like you were special to him. he was wonderful in showing attention to children. my son who is 13 just met him a couple of times and he just treated him like a special young man. chris was a profound individual. >> reporter: at 42, chris coffland decided to enlist. >> he was always a patriotic person and wanted to do for his fellow man and his whole life changed after 9-1-1. after 9-1- 1. he felt he had a commitment to his country. >> reporter: he was on a mission investigating roadside bombs in afghanistan when one
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exploded over his vehicle, he had been overseas for two 1/2 weeks. he went onto college at washington and lee where he was captain of the lacrosse and football teams. the youngest of five, he was 43 years old. >> god bless him. god bless you, and i hope to see you again some day buddy. >> chris coffland -- there's new information about the man suspected of opening fire at fort hood. army major nidal malik hasan will be confined in a mental hospital until his trial. there's probable cause that he committed the shootings that left 13 people dead. he is permanently paralyzed from the attack. baltimore's public works
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department trying to fix a water main. the 72" main burst in september flooding a huge area of the area. the work will cause several road closures. turning to sports, a tough game for the ravens as the indianapolis colts are coming to town. this match up has been one sided in recent years. >> good morning, it's always an event when the ravens take on the colts. they will clash here in afternoon. they come together with the history of animosity between the cities and some intriguing story lines. much of the talk is about the kickers, the ravens got a new
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one and the old one now quicks for indianapolis. peyton manning. >> it comes across the field and, you're looking at the lateral. we have to protect the ball. >> joe flacco is a fan of manning but they're not detoured. >> we just have to win a football game i don't care if it's the colts or whoever. >> they're playing well and coming off of a big win with new england. our fans and us will be excited to be able to play them. we're looking forward to it. >> flacco mentioned a home crowd, ravens fans will be in
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full voice. >> our fans know when to do it. if he comes to the line of scrimmage, it will be about 20 seconds on the play clock and has to be loud. >> the ravens cannot count on one player, but he vowed he will be back this season. thank you. remember, you can see the colts and the ravens at 1:00 this afternoon on wjz 13 and in just a few minutes, live downtown where fans are gearing up for the game. speaking of celebrating a win, another big celebration in the wjz family yesterday. >> was it? >> yes. >> who? >> ramona, you hear us talk about her. she's hear at the teleprompter.
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>> this is ramona and her newly, he's hers. >> lucky guy. >> ramona and andre celebrated yesterday. we would like to welcome them to the family as mr. and mrs. . >> he is so sweet, he sometimes drives her in and sits here, we joke he's our studio audience. >> double duty here. >> we're talking about the duck. duck has a one on it. that's for a reason. tomorrow, one day left for the mammoth manic monday meltdown. >> it's hard to say that every year. >> ron matz and the crew, this is the big one, is this when all of the best manic mondays of the year come together.
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the valuei think you can still vote on look at the best ones all year long and they will be awarded tomorrow. >> some good one this is year too. >> get down there, about 5:00, manic monday, tomorrow with don and marty on the morning show. >> you think they're rehearsing today? >> i'm sure. we'll see. >> and good weather for football. anything you want to do outside. talking about the bank stadium. this is the forecast for your day today. some tailgaters down there. we're looking at a very, very nice day. talking about cloudy conditions. the storm system we were looking at and have been watching is taking a long time to get here. i'll call an audible, partly sunny, clouds thickening, temperatures nice in the 50s
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but colts in town and game time temperature around 54 degrees at 1:00. enjoy, don't worry about the rain gear. looking at 37 degrees. humidity at 96%. looking at winds at 3 miles per hour. the barometer reading, the temperatures ranging to 45 in oakland city. some of the warmer spots at 48 and the winds are light coming up from the northwest, bringing us a drying wind. the air is dry, a good bit of sunshine and although the season -- sun tries to warm us up, the cool air keeps the temperatures suppressed. we will be comfortable today. rain trying to move into the region, going to take a while to get here, but high pressure eases to the east and northeast
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allowing the rain to move through. the low kicks moisture back into the region. as it passes through tomorrow night and tomorrow. the city and most of the state is going to stay dry. the clouds will be there, the rain takes a while to penetrate the dry air. it's going to get here but take a while to do it. next high tide at 9:59. your forecast today, sunshine mixing with some clouds, 56 degrees is your high. look for thickening clouds tonight. mild, 42 degrees around 35 and cloudy with a touch of rain tomorrow. your five-day forecast is coming up. thank you. still ahead, h1n1 virus vaccines, free doses handed out. >> facebook controversy, why one woman lost her health care benefits because of the social net working site. >> saturday's winning numbers,
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>> welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning on november 22nd. looking outside at 95 south. you see both lanes, 95 at montgomery park area and looking at a good bit of sunshine today. the average is 54, average low about 35. today up to 56. down to about 42. your forecast looks like this. a lot of comfortable air, you're looking at 37 starting off the day on the way to the 50s. lows into 40 degrees. your forecast with a little rain in the forecast around the holiday coming up in just a few moments. >> thank you. first turning to some of the other stories, prosecutors in the murder case against american college student amanda
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knox appeared in court for the final phase of the trial. her and her boyfriend is accused of killing their british roommate in a twisted sex game. the verdict is expected next month. a woman trying to refinance her mortgage gets the shock of her life, she learn her credit report list her as deceased. she had to fax explanations and pay for long distance phone calls to fix it. the creditor finally admitted the error. >> the astronauts get a special wakeup call this morning. >> she was sent here from heaven and was daddy's little girl. >> butterfly kisses in honor of the astronaut that just
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became a new dad. he announced it this morning after being notified privately. isn't that cool? that's cool how they wake them up. what would your song be? >> purple rain. >> my i-pod had flash dance on it. >> why am i not surpriseed. >> my poor husband. a condo at the ritz smashes records for baltimore condo sales. >> sources say a local celebrity is the new owner of the $12.6 million home. >> behind those doors is the most expensive condo ever sold in baltimore city and they hope the sale will encourage others to move in. the view from the penthouse at
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the ritz along the highway is hard to beat. the developer closed a deal for the most expensive condo ever sold in baltimore much like this one for $1.6 million. a price tag that pleased the real estate community. >> we're excited to promote that to a lot of the folks. the 12,000 square foot unit has 6 balconies and 6 and a half bath rooms. >> it was a huge day for us here in the project. >> the big question buzzing around town is who bought it? the hunt for red october, and clear and presence danger. >> sources say it's tom clancy. most of the potential buyers have been looking in the $1
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million range. living here means living in luxury, an indoor pool, theater, game room and a full spa. still the ritz has not been putting on a show for many owners. only 23 of the units have been settled. developer is confident about the future. >> i kind of look at it as one of the best things in baltimore. the luxury market is here and yesterday's closing cements what we've been saying. >> eyewitness news. >> the ritz resident is the home of the second most expensive condo in city's history. >> it sole for $2.5 million last year. >> it's beautiful, right tim? >> you tell me. >> a new family and a new last name. just in time for the holidays
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as baltimore celebrates epeqgpepepepb√∑
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>> nationwide thousands of children are waiting for adoption. the wait is over for some baltimore children. >> it's thanks to baltimore adoption day. >> reporter: from the first days he received her two youngest children through foster care, she knew adoption was in the future.
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>> i knew she would be with me forever. >> it began when the judge made the adoption official, not just for them, 54 other city children took on new names during adoption day, the most in baltimore at one time. >> we have 7 sets of siblings being adopt, that's families opening their hearts to keep the siblings together is special. >> it was a chance to take on a family name they always wanted. some explain the process. >> today we're going have our name changed and going, you're going to have mommy's last name and we're going to be a family. >> reporter: national adoption day is on our near the saturday before thanksgiving. >> it's going to be beautiful.
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it's going to be beautiful. because i've been waiting for this day, for her, for 5 years. waiting four for him. it's been a long time coming. >> the wait is over. in baltimore, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> 135,000 children nation- wide are awaiting adoption. >> still to come, another major hurdle for health care. what comes next. >> keeping up appearances, a tax schedule as she waits for jury deliberations to resume. >> a massive effort to make sure local families don't go hungry. that's still ahead.
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complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija, and meteorologist tim williams, it's wjz, maryland's news station. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm tim williams, it's 8:30. a very nice start of what is going to be a good day. hopefully it's a good day all around, weather-wise, sports-
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wise, sports-wise. >> weather will not be a factor in this game. we show you first doppler radar, started in the gulf and moving through the south carolina's and taking a while to get here. we'll see clouds thickening and if best chance of rain comes tomorrow. looking at temperatures in the 30s. our daytime high up to 60 degrees. a little rain or drizzle tomorrow. lows around 42 degrees, your completed forecast in a moment. first here's what people will be talking about: the verdict could be tomorrow in mayor sheila dixon's trial. that hasn't kept her from keeping up appearances. mayor dixon's extremely visible presence this weekend. >> the mayor dropping in on events, smiling but saying
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nothing about the cloud that is hanging over her. it's fireworks and fake snow at harbor place and parents and children come to see the man in red suit arrive by boat. the key speaker is sheila dixon even though the jury is deliberating her guilt or innocence on the theft charge from the needy. >> are you waiting for santa. >> there's a few telling words when the mayor says no matter what is your lives, you can't help be a child at christmas. >> does that christmas joy get to your heart when you're under stress. >> life is good. >> reporter: she has avoided answers questioning, she's not talking about anything with reporters but speaks with
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citizens and presents a smiling face all over town. the day started with an event for middle schoolers and then dedication of a wheel park, adopt a turkey event all the while she's in and out of the black suburban. she will again be surrounded by her protectors when returning to court at 9:00 a.m. for the third day of deliberations. her lawyer seems pleased that no decision came on the first or second day. >> i think the reason they're asking for the day to be over indicates they're working hard and are very conscientious. >> reporter: the mayor risks losing her job and pension. there's no way to say if she will be harmed politically. stay with wjz for complete
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coverage of the trial. a look at some of the other stories this morning, three police officers have been placed on leave following another shooting in baltimore city. it started when county police chased a murder suspect into the city. the suspect started shooting at the officer and the officers returned fire. a high-speed chase leaves a path of destruction. the driver rammed police vehicles in two separate crashes sending two troopers to the hospital. the chase ended here in baltimore north of the harbor tunnel. the driver identify as christopher murphy from pennsylvania and facing murder charges. a baltimore man laid to rest after he was killed in
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afghanistan. family, friends and fellow servicemen gathered to remember chris coffland. he was overseas investigating road-side bombs when one killed him. health care reform bill narrowly cleared in the senate. they called the u.s. one step closer to ending insurance abuses. not everyone is happy with the health care battle. >> the first round goes to the democrats, senators barely passed a measure that kept the health care reform bill alive. >> we have an opportunity to get it done. it won't be easy. i know that. >> the rare session was scheduled for a critical vote on whether to begin debate on the bill passed by the house two weeks ago. all 39 senators present voted
8:37 am
no. >> move over bernard madoff, tip your hat to a $20 billion scam. >> is this the size of many people's turkey next week. >> to keep it on the table, democrats needed to muster the support of all 58 senators and their party and two independents. >> it saves lives, it saves money and it saves medicare. pretty good deal i think. >> reporter: the struggle they will face, some democratic senators say their vote to allow debate does not mean they approve on the bill itself. >> although i don't agree with everything in the bill, i have concluded that i believe it is more important that we begin the debate to improve our nation's health care system for all americans rather than just drop the issue and walk away. >> reporter: senators now head
8:38 am
to their home states for a holiday break, but their vacations will be short. in washington, wjz eyewitness news. >> the health care bill will extend coverage to those who have no health insurance. >> there's a controversy brewing in canada. it started because of facebook. monthly benefits after she was diagnosed with depression. they pulled the plug after they discovered facebook photos of her enjoying chip and dale shows and it proves she is no longer depressed. she said she is just following the doctor's advice and trying to have fun. >> 5,000 free doses of the h1n1 virus vaccine are handed out in montgomery county today
8:39 am
from 10-2. the vaccine will only be offered to high-risk groups that include children and young adults and pregnant women and people with chronic health conditions. baltimore's young talent gathering to show off their moves for a good cause. >> all proceeds benefit a local non-profit group focused on the youth of baltimore. >> the theme of the day. >> now baltimore has talent. you're in the next clip coming up. . >> have you seen little miss sunshine? >> i have. >> leave it there.
8:40 am
it reminded me with the girl with the long hair. >> i thought you would say you did the dance routine. >> i didn't do pageants, no. >> understand. looking at a good forecast, one you can dance about. >> or play football to. >> that's true. the big game will be a nice day for the game, you can stress -- dress for the weather, looking at a nice day today. cool day but it is a football type of a day. the temperature as you look out at a sunny morning shaping up, 36 is the dew point. 96% humidity. 40 degrees in oakland and 41 in cumberland. 38 in elkton. winds coming from the north and
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northwest, 3 miles per hour around bwi marshall but they've been coming in with a cool component, it's cooler air and while we have the sunshine, we're mild, the average for this date is around 54 degrees, we'll get up above that, but we're watching this system, it shape up forming in the western gulf and moving across the states takeing it towards the mid atlantic. one good, the good news, taking a while to get here. while we talk about the potential for showers in the evening, we're not going to see them until tomorrow. better chance tomorrow. because it is taking long, now it impacts the holidays. we'll start to see a better chance of showers on wednesday into thursday as the storm system moves along the coast and takes a while to get out of here, we start to see the clouds increase tomorrow, better chance of showers on
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monday and then it's starts to move out tuesday and still dry but the shower potential remains through wednesday into thursday. we'll keep you posted. not a washout of plans but this disturbance will be close enough to bring us a chance for some showers. looking at the sunset at 4:47. winds at 10-15 knots. going up to about 56 degrees today. could be warmer with the help of the sun. clouds tonight but mild again the average is 35 degrees. tomorrow 50 degrees. clouds with a touch of rain and 50 degrees. tomorrow, it is looking better and better for the mammoth meltdown as long as the rain is taking longer to get here. 5:00, be ready, because there are hundreds of folks singing one song at about 5:45 in the morning. >> you're good at saying that.
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>> mammoth monday manic meltdown. that's why you say it. >> one day left until the mammoth, that thing, tomorrow. >> all right. >> there it is. >> still ahead, the perfect holiday gifts for animal lovers. >> joining us with some great ideas and a special dog who needs a loving home. that's not the dog there.
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looking at federal hill. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. the number of families needing money to put food on the table has doubled at one church. >> next week, no one is going hungry thanks to the maryland food bank. >> they team one the orioles to donate 4,000 pounds of food and $31,000 in cash. now those donations are going to the people who need them the
8:47 am
most in time for thanksgiving. >> we've only been able to do it on a small amount, since looking up with the food bank and thank goodness for the turkeys, we have been able to distribute 125 basket this is year. >> speaking of the orioles, nick stopped by lending a helping hand loading up food for thursday. >> it's good for the orioles and the wives and the players to get involved in the community to help out. it's a good feeling to you know be able to do things on the field and off of the feel as well. and here to help out. >> reporter: making a difference one turkey at a time. wjz eyewitness news. >> we have the right side foundation to help disstressed children in the state of maryland. the purple birds are
8:48 am
gearing up for a tough game against the colts. lots of pressure on new kicker, it's his first chance to impress after replacing steve and has to do it without the linebacker who is out after a low hit last week. indianapolis has won the last 6 meetings and they're undefeated this season. you can see the colts and the ravens at 1:00 here on wjz 13. i got distractedtracted with the puppy over there. >> they've been terming it, something from indy, it's a play on words they're calling him on the villain from indy, not the villain, something else. >> the enemy from indy.
8:49 am
thank you. >> it's a good football game. we've been talking about the last couple of sundays have been gorgeous, why haven't the games been here? >> weather not a factor at all. it was a special day for a wjz staffer. ramona and her new husband now andre, they're mrs. . and mrs. . andre west and got married yesterday. ramona is here 7 days a week many times. she runs the prompters and got married yesterday, beautiful bride and we wish them all congratulations. >> she's such a wonderful person. always has something nice to say. it was fun talking to ramona about bridesmaids and gifts and that kind of stuff. >> fun for them. >> and you too, come on.
8:50 am
>> the bride convention in the news room every day. >> congratulations, she looks gorgeous. >> absolutely. talking about that little guy there. that's snowball. snowball needs a home. we'll talk about gift ideas for the holidays for your pets.
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for a short time, dunkin' donuts has something the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. hello, and welcome back. katie, we're talking about gifts, christmas is approaching, the busy shopping season. gifts for people who love pets. >> this is snowball, she's a 2- year-old female poodle mix up for adoption. we have several gifts today
8:53 am
that would make wonderful presents for young people that love animals. >> going this way, this is a web kin, this is the new craze. lots of kids go out and get one of these and then they can go online and live the animal's lives online. >> it's like practicing for a real pet. >> absolutely. this is a vet outfit. everything that the young perp would need if they're interested in becoming a vet. they can can practice on the pets at home. >> for maybe the teenager who maybe is too old for dressing up like a vet, they can show off their love for the animal by having a t-shirt which is fun. we have the four real friends which is the first step, maybe not ready to have a live animal yet, but a cat that rolls over and asks to be pitted.
8:54 am
barbie. clean up your pups. >> i thought you meant a pooper scooper. >> no. but you can give the dog a bath and first step into the grooming world and for the younger child, some fabulous books, carl the rottweiler. a wonderful picture book, it introduces the child to a new breed. >> tell us about snowball. snowball is a lot of fun. we're a little shy, but before we came in, we were sitting down with me playing the drum. she likes to move her feet. she's quite a sweet girl. almost smiles at you when she spends time at you. she rides beautifully in the car. it would make a great pet for anyone except small children.
8:55 am
she may be a little too skiddish. she's a little shy. she should go home with a family with older children, an apartment would be fine for her. she's a lot of fun. >> is it good or bad idea to give pets as gifts? a lot of times people give them and not sure. >> we recommend doing for a gift certificate instead of bringing her home, give a certificate and allow them to pick out their own pet. >> that's a good idea. all the information, and the number on your screen. snowball, thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back
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five-day forecast, 50 degrees through the week and the rain tomorrow. we're looking at 54 degrees, clouds increasing, seasonal temperatures, all of the action
8:58 am
at 1:00. and don't forget, tomorrow is the day, ron matz downtown. >> we want to mention, father leo who was our guest yesterday morning is going rob on the cbs mornin
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