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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hello everyone i'm vic carter >> and i'm denise koch. here is what people are talking about. >> more snow is falling throughout maryland tonight. we have a few school advisories, those are running on the bottom of your screen. crews were out earlier this evening. here's a live look at the snow that's falling in tulsa, baltimore county and much of the area is under a freeze warning in the area. this is interstate 33, we are told the snow is sticking. it's slippery, but 95 and 65
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aren't that bad yet. bernadette woods is calculating the predictions. but we start with bob turk. >> i've been watching this snow and precipitation. take a look at radar, the latest indications are west of hagerstown we're starting to see it taper off. we've to deal with it till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. the least end of this steady stuff just past hagerstown. over towards fredricks, light to moderate snow. it's a mixture of snow and rain and in the beaches just seeing light rain. i think we will see probably till about 2:00 or 3:00 3:00 in the morning. snow started to move toward the region, you can see how it
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progresses from north to east. bernadette is in the outback, yes in some snow right now. we'll take a look at the current watches and warnings. and what we can expect from this particular storm. >> reporter: this is such a different storm from what we had over the weekend. nice fluffy snow during the weekend. today a very wet, heavy snow. it has created wet surfaces. initially when the snow started piling on it, and now packed. in the surrounding areas that's where there's a winter weather advisory. that corresponds to our initial numberless. numbers. we are still in this, the storm is still coming down. we might have another storm coming our way over the
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weekend. all of that coming up during our forecast. wjz is live in tulsa. and kelly mcpherson is there checking on the storm. >> reporter: here is our unofficial, inscientific way to show you. just about 3-inches that has fallen here in townson. here is what they've been doing all night to make sure the roads are clear for cars. on call since 2:00 p.m. state workers and contractors are anxious to hit the road. >> on other storms they put us on it right away. but on this new storm, they don't want to put you out sooner than they have to. >> reporter: the storm is prompting everything to prepare. >> we're going to be stuck at home. she has one child and she has two. >> and all the children in the
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block. >> reporter: so you are getting ready with food. >> that's right. >> we don't panic with the snow. >> reporter: why not? >> because we live in pennsylvania, you just shovel it and move on. >> reporter: this is the first accumulation in winter happening on a weekday. >> i have to get to work, regardless. i have four wheel drive, i'll get there regardless how deep it is. >> reporter: city, county and state crews say they are out in full force with salt and plows aiming for a safe wednesday rush hour. >> reporter: how long do you anticipate being on the roads. >> from this afternoon to 5:00 tomorrow morning. >> reporter: a lot of coffee. >> yeah, a lot of coffee. >> reporter: we have seen those trucks all around the area. behind me you can see it's still patchy. some areas are clear, where there's a lot of cars going through. some are not. we just got word from baltimore city that they are now in phase
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one. kelly mcpherson, wjz. >> thank you very much, kelly. we invite you to stay with wjz for more information on closures and delays log on to we have breaking news tonight from anne arundel county. the home invasion and robbery happened around 9:00 p.m. no word yet on how the two victims were hurt. police are searching for suspects at this hour. chilling testimony on capitol hill today, top intelligence agents told lawmakers that another attack from al-qaida is all but guaranteed and we can expect it in the next few months. >> what is the likelihood of another terrorist attempted attack on the u.s. homeland in
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the next three to six months? high or low, director blare. >> an attempted attack the priority is certain, i would say. >> mr. peneta? >> i would agree with that. >> mr. muller? >> agree. >> peneta says the biggest threat are from operatives in the united states. al-qaida is using more recruits with little training and more devices. police rushed to the cherry hill rail stop after a fight broke out. we don't have word yet on what sparked that fight. some terrifying moments for a window washer, found himself dangling 12 stories. weijia jiang reports on his efforts to save his life.
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>> in the hearts of harbor east. >> it's definitely a sight to see. >> reporter: heartbeats were racing. >> we train in high angle rescues. >> reporter: where a harness malfunction left a window washer dangling for nearly an hour. he was somehow separated from this chair. >> the mechanism that allows him to go up and down to wash windows lost power. >> he just had no means to getting down to the roof. >> they go all the way up to the top -- >> reporter: millly owens is an office worker who sees window washers every day, but not like this. >> we were hoping that they would get him down quickly, because it's so cold. >> reporter: somehow the victim maintained his cool as he was
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hanging in the air. >> you can't think about it, if you do, you can't do what we do. it takes a lot of deterrence. we are out here in the rain, the sun, the cold, but this is what we do, this is our job. >> reporter: in the ends the washer was pulled inside to safety -- in the ends, the washer was pulled inside to safety. he even walked down himself, but was too shaken up to speak on air. reporting live, weijia jiang, eyewitness news. and that window washer has not yet been identified. today governor martin omalley delivered his state of the state address. during the 30 minute speech the governor focused on job creation and his plans to create mounding home foreclosures. omalley spoke about the challenges his administration faced in this tough economy.
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the governor sounded a hopeful note. >> this recession will end, our journey is not over, and our best days are still in front of us if we make it so. >> some republican critics called the speech campaign like. this is the last speech the governor will give to maryland lawmakers as a group before the fall election. the last session, lawmakers passed a new law to stop you from texting while driving. some are looking to take that ban one step further. kai jackson explains the new proposal on the table, kai -- >> reporter: last year lawmakers tried to ban reading text messages while driving with no success. those who support that bill hope this time they'll have better luck. what you do behind the wheel these days has come under a big legal microscope. a range of behaviors that experts call distracted driving. actions that can have fatal
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consequences. >> i drive all day, i drive a tow truck. i use my blue tooth for the most part. >> reporter: it's already illegal to write or send a text message. now the lawmakers want to ban reading text messages while driving. in an effort to reduce distracted accidents. >> it involves putting yourself at risk. >> i think it's smart, if you're going to stop them from writing them, why not stop them from reading it. that makes sense. >> reporter: the ban on texting and driving -- some we spoke with don't believe maryland land go far enough in terms of mobile devices inside the
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vehicle. some believe practices should be banned all together inside vehicles. >> i think they should ban it all together. the more time you have awful the road, the more time you can wreck into someone. >> reporter: whether or not this bill which is house bill 192 by the way passes, law enforcement officials tells them it is still going to be difficult to did he recall whether someone is reading a text message, sending a text message or simply trying to make a phone call. that's also a difficult practice in trying to determine. >> thank you, kai. 19 states including maryland and washington, d.c. have some form of a ban on texting while driving. if the snow has you down vwi says let's head for the florida sun. the air tran has announced four new flights to and from jacksonville florida. beginning may four, two new flights will originate in
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jacksonville. currently air tran operates 51 flights from vwi. for three straight months, vwi has experienced growth from last year to now. >> we're not going to need it in may, we need it now. >> you can go pretty soon. a teenagers falls 30 feet into a ravine, how the boy was saved. arrogance, disrespectful and disgraceful, who is saying this about the mayor, next. i'm bob turk, your weather is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 31 degrees and snowing in central maryland right now. wjz is live in townsend and kelly mcpherson is live, she's going to give us an update. >> reporter: plows haven't been through, so there's more slush, there's even areas that haven't been touched. there's definitely a difference among the streets, so when you're out there, take it easy. back to you denise on tv hill.
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>> i'll do just that. we'll have your first warn weather forecast in just a few minutes. a teen was rescued after he fell into a ravine in prince george's county. he was able to climb up half way and yell for help. after two hour, people living near by heard him, they notified firefighters and he was pulled to safety. he was taken to a local hospital and treated. is there a link between autism and vaccines? vital research once linking the two has now been retracted. dr.andrew wakefield linked autism to a vaccine to fight for measles. many parents still believe there is a link. more than a dozen studies have been conducted and have gone
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against the doctors findings. tough words today for mayor sheila dixon. the state procuter pulled several punches. saying the mayor tarnished the position of mayor. >> reporter: the people of baltimore are owed the truth, finally. mrs.dixon is unwilling or unlikely to deal with the truth. now the mayor is days away from being thrown out of office for taking gift cards meant for the needy. so far she's showed emotion. >> and i'm sad not because of the decision i made, but because i have a great staff. >> reporter: but offered no apology. >> what i owe the citizens is to move on. >> reporter: in the court
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findings, the mayor's statements were described as laughable. >> if you're a public servant, you are there to serve the public, you are not there to line your pockets. >> reporter: the mayor has continued to tarnish the office of mayor of baltimore says the prosecutor. he urges a judge to sentence the defendant so she will finally become what she call yesterday's news. i'm mary bubala, back to you. >> just a few minutes ago, the mayor's office did contact us. but they are not offering a comment. wjz has complete coverage of the city hall transition, we will be live with complete coverage of dixon's sentencing this thursday and the swearing in of the next mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings. let's take a look at some
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updated snow videos showing what it looks like around baltimore tonight. as the snow continues to fall, everyone the flamingo at cafe hann is feeling the chill. according to the national weather service, the baltimore area will receive several inchless of snow overnight. no one knows that better than bob turk. >> what does several mean, we wonder? >> according to us, we still have more snow. we have right now sort of a moderate band of rain moving through the baltimore region. we're going to zoom into this area, just to the north and west of town. over to just east of fredrick, that's some moderate snow. further west it's a lot lighter. we're seeing now light to moderate snow. as we head to the west, west of hagerstown. there's a little bit more in ohio, we still have a risk of light flurries till about 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. the moderate stuff will be done about 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. let's take a look at the
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snowfall amounts once again. we've seen two to three inches in the building. we may pick up another inch or so. a few spots already have three or four may get up to five or six. it's a very wet snow as you probably see. you can make a snow man with, snowball fight, yes. three to four generally. temps well above freezing, speaking temps, let's take a look at some of them. 31 now, it's come up with degree. humidity at 96%. the dewpoint is at 30. which means it can't drop much more than that. the barometer is falling just a little bit right now. 31 here, 32 in eastton. above freezing down to our south. a lot of it is melting down 33. this is nothing like we saw on saturday where we had that very light powdery snow. we still have the warnings in effect. i think we may drop these in
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the next half hour. from baltimore down to portions of virginia. eastern shore, nothing going on there expect some rain. as you can see, this snowfall moving in this afternoon, moved across the region from the west to east. at least it was supposed to. we still have rain across the southeast. florida got a lot of rain. snow in our region, out to the west, it's clearing out. tomorrow afternoon we'll get into some of that. the bad part about this forecast, is way down in south texas is another storm brewing that could bring us heavier precept by friday. models show it already moving in friday and saturday. this could be another coastal storm, a lot to happen between now. looks like we'll be monitoring this thing all week long. so tonight still snow for a while. 27, two to four, maybe a few spots can see up to five or six. tomorrow, back up to 39 with some sunshine coming through in the afternoon. pretty nice day on thursday. 40, a lot of melting tomorrow
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afternoon and thursday. snow developing friday into saturday. could be locally heavy perhaps. 37, 32, 30, cold here on super bowl sunday. denise-- >> thank you, bob. be sure to tune in to wjz beginning at 4:00 tomorrow morning for the very latest on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if the ravens were going to play in the super bowl, we would be excited. >> it will be warmer than it is in baltimore. colts kicker matt stover played the previous 13 seasons for the ravens. media day brought thousands of reporters indoors out of the rain to pepper the super bowl
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participating with questions. peyton manning the most popular. freeney the most pursued, fielding questions about an injury. meanwhile, the crew is continuing to work on painting, the weather delaying that work. coverage picks up sunday at 6:00, indy a five point favorite. the new york jets fine their head coach rex ryan $50,000. the hefty perfect comes three days after ryan was caught on camera making an obscene gesture at a mixed martial arts event in miami. that made the new york papers of course, that led ryan to apologize but today came the
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team fine. he's like to receive fines from the league as well. mike canubel got the scoring started with that goal. washington beat the bruins 4-1. the 11 point streak beat the cavs record which was set 26 years ago. ravens owner steve bachati with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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john travolta is on david letterman. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter.


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