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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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budget battle, people rally fighting for school funding. >> we're here because we don't think it is for them to cut the
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budget. >> the message as lawmakers target schools for budget cuts. hello, everybody. this is what people are talking about. >> a overflow of people packed the mall, they were protesting budget cuts. we're live in baltimore. and the long-time untouchable state education fund is on the table for cuts. >> there are several bills being discussed that would impact the cuts. people who are down there say they don't like the options. >> don't cut the budget. >> the signs from 35 schools are on the legislature out of worry. you are worried about losing field trips? >> they carried adults and students here and all with one mission in mind to keep the city school funding as is.
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>> i don't have any discussions to cut, it is a tough year. so i don't have to make the decision. do not cut education. >> we need more money. maryland is spending 5.7 billion per year on education, that es20% of the budget that's been off limits until now, it's not a pleasant proposal but we're in a difficult bind. >> the bill getting attention would allow the city to spend less money than last year. right now budgets must maintain or. the budget or risk a opinion alty. they must pass the cost of pensions to counties. >> they need to look at progress and the progress that the schools have made in the past three years and consider that we're doing that in spite of economic issues. >> reporter: a member of the
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subcommittee debating the cuts said administrators should ready themselves for no increase from last year and prepare to trim town operations. >> take advantage of the turn around to say, wait a minute, look at where we are, how we're spending our money, we're investing in this k we make things better with fewer resources. >> reporter: the protestors represented the schools but the issue would impact every school district in maryland and when the decision is finally made at the end of session. the decision, all the issues that affect families will fall on to the laps of the school board. >> thank you, kelly. and we have reported several counties are cutting back on the budgets in preparation for more news from the state. breaking news now out of prince george's county after days of deliberations, the jury has a marble victory in the
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street racing case. it means there will be a new trial. mike hell grip has more from upper marlboro. >> reporter: testifyon taylor is only facing a traffic fine but the prosecutors will retry the felony manslaughter counts. >> are you disappointed? >> you conditional. only take one day at a time. >> reporter: family of the victims of the street race that it hung on the felony charges. >> was it unjust? >> yes. >> why? >> a fine for eight lives. >> reporter: any comment on the decision. the jury would not talk they found him guilty of engaging in a speed contest and reckless driving. >> our heart goes out to everyone. >> the prosecutors contended he was racing on indian head highway two years ago when a
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car plowed into a group of people watching another race. taylor can be held just as responsible as the driver. the state's attorney will not drop the hung charges against taylor. >> justice is moving in the right direction. >> i don't care about the time, how much time he gets. i want justice done. if he tells the truth. >> will you see that? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the jury were 9-3 on the guilt after two delays -- days of deliberations. mike hell gren at the courthouse, wjz news. >> and bullock will be sentenced tomorrow. new at 11, a recall by gm it is recalling 1.3 million compact cars in the u.s., canada and mexico because of power steering problems. models in the recall are a
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cobolt and g-5s. they are safe to drive but may be harder to steer when traveling under 15 miles abouter hour. go to win with win for a list of the affected models. a plane crashed near the gaithersburg airport. it was landing when it skidded off the runway into the woods. the pilot was the only person on board and survived. a hunt for the gunman who shot a business owner in broad daylight. it happened in towson. we go to shock trauma where the victim is being treated. >> reporter: that happened during the height of rush hour and police are searching for a suspect. the victim is here at shock trauma fighting for his life. his family is coping with the tragedy. >> the police are on the hunt for the suspect in the attack.
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it happened at 7:30 in towson at this gas station on east job what road. >> at this time it appears the suspect entered the business and confronted the victim with a handgun and shot the victim. >> reporter: the victim is william porter. his wife witnessed her husband being shot. and the suspect fled. >> he is a great guy, he would give you the shirt off his back. >> reporter: it does not appear money was taken and it does not appear the suspect and porter knew each other. they have owned the station for 15 years. ray had returned to work after having surgery. even more upset something that porter was on crutches and defenseless. >> he didn't get anything. he shot for no reason. he just hot.
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shot him. >> reporter: right now it is unclear if they were operational at the time of the shooting. or whether baltimore couldn'tty police recovered any video from them of the suspect to use as evidence. >> i feel confident in our state's attorney once he is caught that he will to his best. >> reporter: they have several children according to their friend. now, we understand that the suspect is a black male about 25 years of age, 6 feet tall and wearing a black hooded sweat shirt. thank you. >> if you have information, call the baltimore couldn'tty police. new at 11, another battle is brewing between a group of homeowners and exxon-mobile. the oil company was ordered to pay 300 jacksonville homeowner $150 million in damages for
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accidentally contaminated water wells. your the media partners say they are appealing a decision by a state environmental agency to allow exxon to continue some monitoring of the wells. exxon will no longer deliver bottled water to the neighborhood. the death toll is rising after the devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake. 723 people are dead. but the number will rise as communications improve. in the worst hit city. the people ransacked stores for food and water. others have no place to live. streets have collapsed. chile needs temporary hospitals and water purification system. the u.s. has promised some support. hillary clinton will be in chile tomorrow and bring some supplies with her. health care and reform and the economy are not the only things the president has to worry about.
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he has a slight cholesterol problem. he took a stroll to lower his cholesterol. the issue is revealed on sunday by a physical examination and the white house says the culprit the is too many cheese burgers and desserts. and the president is trying to quit smoking. subway pitch man jared is getting pointers are. from a famous athlete. michael phelps. he hit the gym with jared lately. he decided to train for the marathon after gaining a few pounds. with 14 medals phelps knows about getting and staying in shape. >> hopefully they are dangling some sandwiches in front of them. >> all vegetables. a delivery and a couple get as surprise with enit contains marijuana. how it got the there.
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suitable for the smithsonian. now a piece of the simpson case may be headed to the museum. the forecast next. in 2,006,000,000s were spent as two men vied for the top job. will there be a rematch? >> when will you announce? >> that's a trick question. will the former governor run? >> that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 35 drys. the parents of a san diego teen are begging for information on their daughter. chelsea king did not return home on thursday. police have arrested a registered sex offender but the questioning has not produced any leads. the district attorney said a decision about filing charges will be made on wednesday. an official cause of death in the case of marie osmond's son is pending toxicology. they want to know if drugs and alcohol played a part in the death. the results were inconclusive. the 18-year-old jumped from an apartment building on friday. he was studying a the a nearby fashion institute.
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the suit that oj simpson wore in his trial is going to the smithsonian. it end as battle between sports agent mike gilbert and fred goldman. simpson who is in prison for robbery told the judge by phone he approved of the deal. and it has not been contacted about the suit. and a washington dc couple make as surprising discovery after a package is dropped off at their home. they were suspicious because the box had their address but someone's name. they found packages that looked look they had dirt on them. the box was not plant for them. , my husband went through the wrap and said it's not dirt it is coffee groupeds. >> and it was important was
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turned over to the police. and the governor. o'malley went to iraq at the invitation of the pentagon. but former governor ehrlich said it was ill timed coming during the session. he said if he were governor, he would not have gone at this time. >> and stepping up criticism and this is fueling speculation that he may be gearing up for another run for governor. he will announce the intentions in the next few weeks. millions are spent, two men vie for the top job. will there be a rematch. . >> bob ehrlich wants to be governor? >> sure. >> will we hear you announce
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you will run for governor? >> during the next several weeks, plural, we'll make a decision. this has been a tough call. and they are willing to say we want you to be the governor. we had good numbers that gives you pause. it is a rational person it gives you pause if there is a place for you for you in the future. >> and sun set the democrats and new jersey. they are thinking hard whether they can pull off a victory in the state of maryland. >> and what is happening has an impact. >> they he have know what the able it i to raise the money needed to make a run for governor. >> we see a lot. you are on television a lot on the radio, your opinion is sought on a number of issues s that by dine.
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design? >> of course. what has me in the game at least is that i'm a former governor, name recognition. ability to raise money. all the things that would with incumbency are still sort of there. when it comes down to it is a gut. it is a gut call by me and kell. kid. kendall and drew and if i asked kendall should your husband run? >> yes with a free of trepidation. >> given one of the last debate its that you had, some say it represented more like a wwe match than a debate. >> and if tv was around they would be running ads against each other. the thing with the o'malley and ehrlich deal we disagree on things. you want different views and
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approaches. people can choose. >> and if the takes on o'malley? >> it will be a star wars. >> the former governor has been the brand for a law firm. he does a radio show with his wife and has time to coach his son's sport teams. we know this is a record- setting winter for snow. but the numbers from garrett county are inconsiderable. 262 and a half inches of snow have fallen. the snow is as high as the crews. >> good skiing if you can get there. >> yes. and that half inch put them over the edge. they may see more, i'm sure,
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before april. , we had a high of 49 # 0 and 11 are the records. 41 in washington and 38 in ocean city. and the west southwest. and no pressure and across the gulf coast. this will pass later tomorrow and wednesday, clouds and a bit of rain-snow mix. not a big deal. it will be warm. you may see an inch of slush. and by thursday. a slight warm up. clouds left over. and pacific air moves in. we may be in the 50s by saturday and sunday. this is off the georgia coast
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and moves off, spreads the precipitation. we'll see rain by thursday, friday, high pressure moves in with milder temperatures and sunshine. and clouds and 29 tomorrow. increasing clouds. 44 by the afternoon. by 6:00 or 7, you may see showers. we'll have clouds. and precipitation very light. 42 and 43. sunshine at pacific air mass not arctic. 50 monday, saturday and sunday and monday. some warmer -- warmer spring- type temperatures. >> yes! the terps receive national
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recognition. >> and a major battle at home. we have highlights in sports. i've had asthma for 12 years.
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by shopping at walmart instead. it's another cupboard filled. and another great day for the savers. save money. live better. walmart. a real fight. and the conference regular season morgan state at home in northeast romming out the red carpet for north carolina. i would not call that a welcome mat in a house of pain. reggie holmes, the honor roll graduate. outplayed them all by themselves. and led by holmes the ninth leading scorer. 21 of 32. on this bucket by austin just before the half time buzzer, the adg -- aggies took the
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lead. and kevin thompson named in the player of the week. here is the final and morgan 81, north carolina. and vas question the prayer of the week. grevos amid the terp's win streak. jordan williams. look at the big man get down for it here. he is the rookie of the week again. 13 points and 10 boards last week. and last but not least. mare land has leap frogged into the top 25. they are number 22. and number 21 in november. and 11-3. number 4 duke on witnesses night. and now our masn spring
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training report. and a herniated disk. and he is going to miss the first few games. >> the first week for sure and get in there and take more and get the body going. we'll work on the rotational stuff i have not done a lot of. so, probably the first week and maybe get into the games. opening day april 6th. kudos to bj sirhoff. path finders for autism. he has been elected to the hall of fame and the only tar heel to learn back to back honors. living here in charm city and is the proud father of an autistic son. that's a lot of sports.
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have a good evening. >> thank you. . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new exhibit showcases elvis as the fashion wing. king. you can see his wardrobe back to the early days. and it in. has a jewelry collection. >> there were ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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