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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  May 5, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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sears. life. well spent. this is baltimore. from the city to the county to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz. maryland's news station. >> in new york bomb plot.
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investigators want to know if the suspect acted alone. today why some experts say this case has exposed holes in the nations airport security. hello again. we're talking about this noon. investigators trying to figure out if more than one person was involved in the car bombing attempt in times square. the man under arrest appears in a lower manhattan courtroom. >> reporter: the man charged with trying to set off a bomb is talking. that is one reason shahzad's court hearing has been cancelled for today. he has already admitted driving a suv packed with explosives into the heart of times square. >> it is clear this was a terrorist plot. aimed at murdering americans. >> what is not clear, whether shahzad is a loan wolfer part of a larger conspiracy.
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he made several trips to pakistan. he came to the u.s. in 1988. he has a wife, two children and a job as a financial analyst didn't race any regular flags. but he quickly turned up on law enforcement radar after the bombing attempt. he was arrested within 53 hours. still, there are concerns about how he briefly slipped a way and manninged to get on a plain to do by. clearly the guy was on the plane and shouldn't have been. >> reporter: he was put on a no fly lift monday morning but bought a one way text in cash. >> it shouldn't have happened, but in the end we also have to remember that in fact it did work. >> reporter: the airline said it was working with an out dated lift. so now the government will require airlines to checkup date had no any lists within two hours. in new york.
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>> until now airlines have been required to check the no fly lift every 24 hours. now those that don't comply could face heavy fines. new details what led to a lacrosse player yeardley love and her accused killer. in 2008 police had to use a stun gun on george huguely when he er sissed arrest for public intoxication. >> reporter: as students place candles to mourn the murder of yeardley love. newly released court documents brought a stunning admission by george huguely. he told officers he and love had an altercation. he kicked his right foot through the door that leads to her bedroom. he shook her and her head repeated lithite wall. how longly's parents had nothing to say after their
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son's court appearance. >> we are coughed that her death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome. >> the affidavit goes on to say she was found facedown with a pool of blood with a large bruise on the right side of her face. her eye was swollen shut and there were bruises an scrapes to her chin. once romantically involved and both lacrosse players were just weeks away from graduating. now in the weak of her death, sadness and confusion have overwhelmed many. >> it's just so shocking to have a death at a school, let alone a murder. >> eyewitness news. >> according to his attorney, george huguely with drew from the university following his arrest. both of schools' lacrosse team will participate in the tournament. a gruesome discovery in a maryland funeral home as they found dozens of bodies stacked
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on top of each other in a garage. it was a follow-up to an earler one that reportedly also found problems of the the licenses of the two brothers that run if funeral home have been revoked. 3 police officers have been decided on myself conduct. they are accused of a throwing a baltimore 15-year-old in the back of a unmarked van and driving to a park in howard counties. they left him with no shoes or cell phone after pushing him out of the van. >> taking an urban city youth who does not have a car, that far benefits his will is a skin to taking a fish and putting him on a beach around asking him to get back to the water on his own. >> and if these allegations prove to be true, they really undermine the hard work that these officers do on a gift than day. >> reporter: another teen named in the indictment was reportedly dropped off in east baltimore one of the team's
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families has already filed a civil suit. nothing but clear blue skies. taking a live look outside on this beautiful afternoon. >> it is cinco de mayo and what better day the go out and have some marguerite as. >> hello to you. >> hey, why wait? i wish i could. it's a gorgeous day to be outside. any plans you have for outside if you're celebrating cinco de mayo, definitely the day will cooperate. area wide we are looking at temperatures around 76 degrees. 68 down on the shore, around the immediate metro area we are looking at temperatures approaching 79 to 80 degrees. 79 down in dc. and 79 in bell air. tapping into some very nice air up and down our region.
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everywhere near us and south we are looking at temperatures about 80 degrees. they are going to hang around for a little while. a change in the wind, though. >> thank you. good afternoon everybody the reason it's so very pleasant right now is remember over the last two days we've had two very accident and each came with a shower or thundershower wind chill. didn't really see a whole lot of cause an effect with these wind shifts. week cool front. got one more coming our way and the timing on this is going to be tomorrow morning. now let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. let's throw the front on this map. you will see a cool front sitting out over the great lake states. can't promise tomorrow morning you will see a shower or thundershower but like the past two days it's worth the mention. it is going to be a change in temperatures coming behind this front for the weekend and we're going to have those details
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coming up for you shortly. we will throw it back inside. you can start your engines. indycar racing is coming. we are live downtown with details of a new dale. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. a baltimore says it is a sports town. we are less than two weeks away from the -- now independent eye style racing that will bring more fans and dollars to baltimore. >> reporter: racing through the streets of baltimore is a done deal. today the city approved a five- year agreement. to bring the indy style racing to charm city. the gearly two and a half mile track. >> the first turn is going to be in front of. it's going to look so sexy on tv then we come back on the other side of the race track. >> reporter: over the next five years the deal will attract
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more than 100,000 visit ors. and create nearly 2,000 jobs. just what baltimore needs in a down economy. >> we know what a huge impact this is going to have for our community every summer. it really going to be probably the most powerful tourism weekend of the summer. >> reporter: but they amount quite ready for hi performance racing. the city will plug pot holes and fix roads. the contract student up under tough scrutiny. >> all the hard work and the heavy lifting has been done. >> the city won't pay for those improvements alone. the federal government will pay for about $5 million of those improvements an while everyone's engines are refusing now the ration did not begin until august 5th 2011. >> next summer. baltimore will join other cities like long beach
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california, florida and brazil as host of indy racing events. >> i think that's going to be very cool. still to come, eyewitness news at noon, oil spill cleanup crews have capped a leak. but more work still needs to be done to contain it. iceland's volcano has stand till in part of europe this noon. take another look outside on this cinco de mayo. we will be back with your forecast. ,,,,
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british petroleum has manninged to cap one of three leaks. the coast guard said last night's work will reduce the number of lake points that need to be fixed but it's not expected to reduce the overall flow of oil into the gulf. right anacruses are hauling a giant containment dome to this spill site hoping to keep it from spreading even more. volcano -- has shut air travel down once again. the european aviation industry complained the government played it too safe when they
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shut it down for six days last month. they ever hoping to come up with a better system to determine how much ash is too dangerous to fly. in agrees three bank workers are dead today. about 100,000 people took to the streets. while police used tier gas to try to dispers them. still ahead, eyewitness at noon. take a lookout side. we will be back for your forecast. take a look at today's
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work or maybe take a long lunch. 76 did he degrees rights now. keep in mind our average for this date is 71. as we're already into the noon hour, we're above the normal high for this date. humid it is 32%. we had do you points that were in the 60s. it felt oppressive. we've taken a shift in our forecast. everything is very delightful. winds at 6 miles per hour. your barometer reading is solely -- 69 in oakland. they share with that ocean city right around 68. we have 75 in northeast maryland. 78 down in packs river. the wind coming in from the southeast, bringing a bit of a cool component off the water. the southerly component brings the warmer air. but there is a bit of a north wind. high pressure is keeping that flow in. we are going to have that over
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the next few days. we're going to be tapping into very mild temperatures in the region. then we have 70s everywhere else. 81 in memphis that is all moving in our direction. a cold front is going to come through, maybe some early thundershowers for tomorrow. for the most part we are dry in front of it. we're going to stay in the 80s. temperatures aren't going to take much of a hit as a result. the only real dealings we're going to have with that. that will be tomorrow. it moves on out of here. high pressure comes in for friday. another chance for rain or saturday. that will knock our temperatures back just in time for mother's day on sunday. there are no adviseys on the bay. nice and warm with plenty of sunshine today. 80 for our daytime high. rain chance is bleeding into tomorrow. 83, just another nice day heading into friday. still to come, medication
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. >> in today's eyewitness news
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health watch. the maker of children's tylenol and other medications has shut down the facility where those drugs are produced. they are investigating the facility and whether ingredients contaminated with bacteria may have been used in some of those products. the over the counter medication may also have a higher concentration of the active ingredients than listed. it's unlikely the recall medication will harm children. as mom's gain weight so do their babies. obesity in pregnant women can translate to higher body fat in newborn. this can lead to problems later in life for these children. over weight women also tend to have more complications during pregnant. a couple of reasons to check back in today, the fire storm over a fan who ran on to the field at a phillies game. hear the surprising thing his
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weekend, the pollen is blowing around out here today. it's going to be generally sunny. it's looks like, though, friday night into saturday, we may see another chance of pop up thundershowers. that's going -- sunny temperatures, 83, but sunday and monday, back to the mid-60s and be blow normal for a while. now back inside. eyewitness news will be at 11. finally this noon a little dog gets a big honor. ronny is a nine year-old terror who protected his owner. he received a her row dog award yesterday. he was in the backyard when the kitty jumped the fence. it by the him but he by the
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