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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  May 5, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in virginia recounts her run-in with huguely back in 2008. police now are trying to piece together exactly what happened this in murder investigation. >> reporter: investigators are delving into the relationship between yeardley love and her ex-boyfriend, george huguely. huguely is charged with slamming her head against her bedroom wall after forcing himself inside her apartment. police found her dead, beaten body in a pool of blood. and wjz is learning more about a vent -- violent incident in hugueely's past. a fight with this roch who tazed him in the -- officer who tazed him in the outburst. he eventually pleaded guilt to public intoxication and arrest. >> reporter: i knew he was really intoxicated that night due that the fact that he didn't know a woman arrested him.
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and he did not remember tazed. and i don't understand how you cannot remember being tazed. >> reporter: she said he said, i'll kill you, i'll kill all of you all. i'm not going to jail. >> we ended up on the ground at one point. told him to stop resisting. he needed to comply with my orders. >> but the incident is in the not likely -- is not likely to come to trial. >> a judge is usually going to say, what he did in a drunken encounter with a police officer is not going to come into this case. >> reporter: huguely comes from a wealthy family and chevy chase. no one answered. >> here he played high school lacrosse. >> the school said, our hearts go out to all of the families involved in this will terrible incident. we ask that you remember them in your thoughts and prayers. >> it's shocking. you know, to have a death at a school. let alone a murder. >> police are also looking into
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weather huguely threatened love and whether he had been drinking heavily before their fight. >> there will be a vigil. it starts at 8:00. >> and just a short time ago, new information that police found a shirt with a red stain and a letter addressed to yeardley love in huguely's apartment. also, the funeral information for love was just relooked. a view -- released. a viewing will fake place friday afternoon and evening at ruck funeral home in towson. the funeral will be 10:30 a.m., at the cathedral of mary our queen. mary is live in the newsroom with more. >> hundreds of pages reveal more on what happened that night. they were shot at a party on halloween. bryce died from his wounds.
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>> the documents came. and guests passed guns through the window. dozens of witnesses gave varying accounts of what happened. police arrested two in the shooting. but the charges were eventually dropped. vic, back to you. >> no one else has been named a suspect. three baltimore city police officers turn themselves in after they were charged in the kidnapping of a city teenager. tonight, wjz uncovers exclusive information that one of the officers has been in trouble before. wjz is live at city police headquarters. adam may has more on the charges against the officers. adam? >> reporter: denise, all three of those officers have been locked up here at central booking all day long. meanwhile today, wjz has learned that one of the rochs has faced misconduct allegations in the past. and this cost city taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: three baltimore city police officers turned themselves in to central booking. on tuesday, milton smith,
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tyrone francis and gregory helen were indicted on kidnapping charges. they're accused of 56ing up two 15-year-olds in a police van last may. dropping one off in east baltimore. and driving the other to howard county. leaving him at patapsco state park, with no shoes or a cell phone. the boy's family has now filed a $10 million lawsuit. >> there might be allegations of practices and procedures of something that had been allowed to go on. and has, in fact, been sanctioned. by the hierarchy in the baltimore city police department. >> reporter: now, wjz learns one of the officers has been in trouble before. we discovered court records from a 2008 complaint. they were filed by a man who claimed officer hillen burned a seg ret into has forehead. the city cell settled that claim for $25,000, according to sources. hellen was only back on patrol for about a year before being suspended with pay during this year-long kidnapping investigation. >> it sometimes takes a while to look at all of the witnesses that prosecutors need to speak
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to and interview, prior to going to the grand jury. >> reporter: police officials have not commented on that 2008 settlement. but they are talking about the new allegations. we are not going to tolerate any behavior that undermines the integrity of this agency. or the hard work of the men and women of the bpd. >> reporter: today, they all went before a commissioner. two of them had their bail set at $2,000. and officer hellen had his bail set at $250,000. live at central booking, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> the naacp says it is pleased with the indictment of the officers. tonight think baltimore county police need your help to identify a man seriously injured while riding his bicycle. >> reporter: it happened just after 5:00 last night on bel air road at interstate 695. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene as crews worked on the unidentified man. white riding his bicycle, he was struck by a pickup truck. take a look at this picture of the victim released just a short time ago. he didn't have any
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identification on him. and is unconscious and unable to identify him. so the victim is about 5'to" tall. and weighs about 135 pounds. he has blue eyes. vic? >> if you have any information on this man's identity, please call baltimore police. did he act alone? tonight,ed federal investigators want to know if the man who tried to set off a car bomb in the heart of times square had help. and as randall pinkston reports, it comes as cbs news obtains an exclusive photo of the suspect in times square. >> reporter: this photo, taken about a year and a half ago, shows faisal shahzad in times square, with friends and family. just 100 yards from where he's accused of leaving an suv, packed with explosives. his suburban life in connecticut as financial analyst, husband and father, didn't raise any red flags. but police now know he purchased a gun after returning from a trip to pakistan in february. >> it appears from some of his other activities that march is
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when he decided to put this plan in motion. >> reporter: shahzad has already confessed, he rigged up the bomb. and told investigators he got training in pakistan. so far, u.s. officials have not verified that claim. >> reporter: while faisal shahzad waits for his first hearing in federal court, authorities are trying to determine his motive and whether he had any help. >> what we're starting to see more and more, the unguided missiles. by that, i mean they're given some training in terrorism. and then they're told to go do something. >> reporter: fbi agents started watching shahzad late sunday, after they figured out he bought the suv. >> i don't know why they lost surveillance on him. but this was not that unusual in surveillance matters. >> reporter: authorities put shahzad on a no-fly list monday morning. but he was not arrested until he was already on a plane to dubai monday night. emirates airlines says it was
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working from an outdated list. now, the government will require airlines to check updated lists every two hours. >> reporter: in new york, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> and just a short time ago, new york city police announced they have surveillance video of faisal shahzad, walking down an alley, moments after witnesses saw the smoking suv parked there. a 9% hike in your water rates? it could be coming soon. baltimore public works wants to boost prices to cover costs for infrastructure replacement and other system needs. under the proposal, yearly water and sewer bills would go up by $81 for a family of four. prices would go up in surrounding counties. because water comes from a system. a hearing on the proposal will be next week. a second straight day of absolutely incredible weather. take a look outside now. perfect way to celebrate cinco de mayo. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk were updating the forecast. bob? >> really was a beautiful afternoon.
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low humidities, sunshine, blue skies all day long. that will change somewhat by earlier tomorrow morning. i'll show you why. this front caused showers around detroit and cleveland and buffalo now in southern ontario. is by 3:00 tomorrow morning, near pittsburgh and louisville. and by 3:00 in the afternoon, it's already passed our region. during the morning hours, there's a slight chance of a scattered shower or thundershower with that front as it goes to the region. but the timing for those showers is not great. the afternoon would be actually more appropriate for showers showers and storms in the morning. not quite the right conditions. but we might just see something that behind that front. tim has a look at what we can expect for the balance of the day thursday. >> reporter: as you mentioned, the front comes through. and the best chance is early. this graphic sums up what is going on. really not a lot of moisture associated with this front. and the front is really pretty weak. we have other another front coming behind it that will get here late on friday into
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saturday. that is going to change the dynamics, i should say, of our temperatures for the rest of the weekend. especially heading into mother's day. bob will have that in your complete updated forecast now. back inside. thank you, tim and bob. ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. the city signs a contract to bring indy-style racing to baltimore. wjz is live downtown. gigi barnett has more on the just-cleated deal that is sure to rev up race fans. >> reporter: the city says baltimore is a big sports town. and the indy racing league agrees. but it also thinks that this skyline can attract many fans. they come down the front straightaway. >> this is the action. and the city approved the agreement today. >> this is an exciting day in racing. and if this doesn't excite you,
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you need to get your heart check the. >> they say the city's inner harbor is the perfect location. >> when i looked at the inner harbor of baltimore, it was like i hit the lottery. because i got the harbor and camden yards. and wide enough streets and the able to run the race, without impacting too many businesses or residences. >> for two years, the city negotiated with baltimore racing development, a group of investorrors for the event. now, over the next five years, baltimore's grand prix will attract more than 100,000 visitors. sweep a little more than $11 million into the city's tax coffers. and create nearly 2,000 jobs. it's a deal baltimore needs in a sluggish economy. >> we know what a huge impact this is going to have for our community every summer. it's really going to be probably the most powerful tourism weekend of the summer. >> reporter: but baltimore streets aren't quite ready for high-end performance racing. over the next year, the city will plug potholes and pay for improvements to the tune of $7.5 million.
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the next step now is pitching the play. >> it's very interesting. >> altogether, between $12 and $14 million will be spent to make improvements or preparation before the race. the race is august 5,; baltimore will join other cities like long beach, california. st. petersburg, florida. and sao paulo brazil as host of the racing events. >> that's going to be incredible. i can't imagine it will we'll get to see it. still to come. washed away. historic landmarks may be gone because of massive flooding in tennessee. ravens will be playing on all new turf. i'm jessica kartalija. wait until next season.
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when you see this. the details straight ahead. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, teaching miniature submarines to swim. just like fish. that story as eyewitness news continues. and wonderful wednesday evening. don't miss the update the first warning forecast. that's coming right up. ,,,,
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the only place that you can find southwest fares on the internet is we're not on travelocity. the only place. what's the other one? we're not on expedia. what about orbitz? no! southwest isn't on orbitz. the only place! let me make this clear. the only place online to get southwest fares...! i know. we're only on one website. you want to fly all over. you don't want to browse all over. [ all ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] we have breaking news to tell you about right now. a man has been hit in montgomery county. captain mike mike perry has details for us.
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>> we are in gaithersburg area, near wearing station road along the amtrak line. apparently a man walking along the rail tracks was struck by a high-speed amtrak drain as it was moving westbound. the information that we have is the latest that he was knocked clear of the tracks, suffering a severe injury. we're told he has multiple fractures and has been transported to a local hospital. you can see, mont montgomery county police are on the scene, as well as amtrak officials. they say the line here will be shut down and rail traffic will be affected until officials clear the scene and finish their investigation. the train is just north of the scene, where we are now. and itself had stopped at this time. we do not know how many persons on board. but the man has been
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transported to a local area hospital. he is aliveat this point. and as you can see, the investigation continues. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. captain mike perry, live in sky eye chopper 13. submarines are frequently named after fish. but researchers at the university of maryland want to do better than that. alex demetrick reports, they're trying to make mini submarines that swim like fish. >> reporter: a unique test designed to test robotic space vehicles. students at the engineering department ever taking on. >> in particular, we're looking at a combination of studying biological systems that exhibit collective behavior. like schooling fish, for example. and how we can replicate that. >> reporter: lots of moving subs, moving like a school of fish. so the project has been recording fish in a lab, breaking down movements based on sight and water pressure. >> and underneath the submarine, you can see an
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autopilot module that uses basically two digital cameras to perceive the environment around the submarine. >> instead of you controlling it, you can program the little board to control the summary. >> how has it been working out. >> on and off. >> the breakthrough would be subs that run themselves, doing things like charting currents and water quality. in the testing pool, remote control is possible. but in the ocean, radio waves are efficient. right now, robotic subs are tethered to the surface. but if they can be programmed to run on their own, with greater mobility. >> you can see the importance of underwater vehicles, even thou in the gulf, try -- now, in the gulf, trying to stop this oil spill. >> reporter: small, independent vehicles aren't limited to just working in water. >> one of our other projects in the national science foundation is to use unmanned aerial vehicles. again, the system is too dangerous to fly manned
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aircraft. >> provided he swims here first. >> the mini subis it substudy is being funded by a five-year grant. the goal is to get a school of 25 submarines to swim on their own. m&t bank stadium may soon be the most of more major events. a new field is being installed at the stadium. jessica kartalija was there, when it went on display earlier today. >> a cut above the rest. ground rues -- crews are hard at work at m&t bank stadium, laying a brand-new football field. >> there's over a billion little green fibers on this field pretty amazing when you think about it. >> reporter: it took a week to pull the old turf, laid back in 2003. and will take another week to perfect the new field. >> reporter: we'll come in with a machine. and they'll put a layer of rubber down. then we'll put a layer of sand down. after we've got that down, we'll take a rake and rake it across here. >> reporter: john folet is the senior director of fields and
6:20 pm
grounds. he says this artificial turf is more advanced. safer for players and better for fans. >> reporter: it looks brighter out here. >> yeah, it is brighter. because again, when they change the plastic and improve this u.v., that actually made it a brighter surface as well. it will really pop on tv. >> laying new turf takes a ton of glue and a team of turf experts. >> does this mean ranks will be -- ravens will be going to the super bowl this year? >> as far as i'm concerned, yeah. >> reporter: the first event am be on the ncaa lacrosse championships later this month. >> something you won't see permanently added here, the official ravens' logo. it will be painted on for games. and other teams here can also paint their logo on. like ncaa lacrosse. that's to make m&t bank stadium even more marketable. at m&t bank stadium, i'm jessica kartalija.
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wjz eyewitness news. >> and the field was recently voted third best in the nfl among artificial playing surfaces. >> great thing is weather doesn't really affect it. >> had like a foot of rain. just goes right through. it's amazing. nothing like that around here. let's take the beautiful weather. boy, was it gorgeous out there. 79 now. dew point up to 51. humidity still very low at 37%. south/southeast winds at 10. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at a beautiful end of the week after this. ,,,,,,,,
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it's eye beautiful afternoon. some suburban areas in the upper 40s downtown. in the mid and upper 50s now. we're in a very comfortable, actually warm for this time of year. 79. normal high is 71. 82 in washington and easton, 83 in hagerstown. 74, comfortable in oakland. and 64 now. a little chilly down by the beach. because the water is so cold this time of year. and it takes a long time for that ocean to warm up in early may, mid-may. by mid-may, maybe in the low 60s. dew points come up a little. 51. still dry. southerly, southeasterly winds today. as another front across --
6:25 pm
crosses the region. maybe a brief shower is possible. most of the activity is moving up toward ontario and quebec. secondary front. this is a little stronger. even caused snow this morning in montana. cold temps up there in the 30s. that is going to move through the area. late friday night, early saturday morning. and that has a better chance of creating some scattered showers and thundershowers. although the timing for both of these is not the appropriate time for the strongest thunderstorm. that would be like 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the afternoon. after daytime heighting. this front -- heating. this front, from buffalo to cleveland. to indianapolis. it's very weak. mostly to the east and northeast. we'll see these clouds in morning. still about noontime, a slight chance of a shower with that system moving through behind it. beautiful weather, for most of the day on thursday. and all day friday. it's friday night. once this high moves off, the next storm moves across portions of ohio. there could be pretty good storms friday afternoon.
6:26 pm
by the time it gets to us, late friday night, early saturday morning. just scattered showers. maybe a rumble of thunder. behind it, breezy. and it will turn cooler by saturday afternoon. west winds, 10 to 15 knots. gusts maybe to 20. and small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow for the west winds. but the west winds come down and dry out. and they warm up. tonight, just a few clouds coming in overnight. and in the morning, chance of maybe widely scattered shower or perhaps thundershower. 83 by the afternoon. it will get breezy. but all in all, a very nice, dry day. a little warmer than today. and friday looks like a great end of the week. it's saturday morning, late friday night, best chance of showers this week. >> okay. thank you, bob. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. special honor for the governor. governor martin o'malley named the biogovernor of the year in chicago today. why that means something big for these maryland students. i'm mary bubala. that story just ahead.
6:27 pm
i'm suzanne collins in sykesville. the residents of this town speak loud and clear about the decision to install speed cameras. they overturned that ordinance. i'll have that coming up next. 75 tons of help. how this massive structure may stop the equally massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico.
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it is just after 6:30. 79 degrees. and clear. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. one down, two to go. tonight, bp says it has capped one of the three oil leaks in the gulf of mexico. but 10s ever thousands of gallons -- tens of thousands of gallons of oil are still leaking into the water. manuel gallegus reports from venice, louisiana. a huge concrete and steel dome could be the best answer. >> reporter: this 75-ton, concrete and steel dome is what british petroleum hopes will finally put an end to this. >> it will actually seal over the leak. and then we'll engineer piping that goes up to a barge. and we'll be able to funnel that oil that's escaping now. >> reporter: 50 miles off the
6:31 pm
coast. remote-controlled machines are leaking into the ocean floor. for replacement of the structure 5,000 feet below the oil surface. bp expects to start containing the oil flow thursday. saturday, it will begin pumping the oil to the surface. and we are hoping that it works. if it can stem 85% of this flow. >> reporter: as bp tries to control the leak, state and federal officials and local fishermen are racing to keep the oil from contaminating these vital mashlands and breeding -- marsh lands and breeding grounds. >> reporter: louisiana state governor bobby jindal says these will serve as staging platforms to absorb 25 miles of boom. >> you hook it. stake it into the ground across an option in -- opening in the marsh. and the wave action will help the oil collect in these. >> reporter: ribbons of rust- colored crude oil could reach land friday. satellite images show the slick
6:32 pm
is now reaching the mississippi delta. and the damage to wildlife is already evident. this portuguese man-of-war struggled, barely alive. >> manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the coast guard is once again planning to burn off some of the oil on the surface. >> the water is slowly starting to recede. revealing the true extent of the damage across tennessee. and it is very bad. jessica is following the story from the newsroom. jessica? >> reporter: it's a grim picture in the historic city of nashville. the country music hall of fame and the grand ole opry house both were flooded. rescuers had to pluck stranded residents from their flooded homes. at least 10 people were killed by the flooding waters in nashville alone. and there are fears the death toll could increase. weekend storms dumped more than 13 inches of rain in just two days in the nashville area alone. vic? >> that is incredible, jessica, thank you. they declared 52 of the state's
6:33 pm
95 counties as disaster areas. some say speed cameras improve safety. others call them a government money maker. but when the town council in sykesville, carroll county, voted them in. residents responded no way. >> against, against, against. for. >> reporter: it's a moment of true democracy. the people of sykesville have spoken. even though the town council voted overwhelmingly in february for speed cameras, the pop las fout fought back, gathering hundreds of signatures to get it on a ballot. and last night, the ordinance for speed cameras is overturned. >> i think it's trickery. >> to get money? >> to get money. it's a money-making operation. >> reporter: 208 voted for them. but 321 voted against. the town manager said people felt adamantly, one way or another. >> folks who live on streets with problems with speeding fill feel strongly for them.
6:34 pm
folks have philosophical reasons. >> reporter: three speed cameras were to be established. one here at sykesville middle school. also at a preschool. >> my son goes to piney ridge, which is up the street. and he has told me a few times a car has sped by. >> reporter: police say a traffic survey shows it didn't change behavior. >> is in one location, it showed we had about 800 vehicles traveling 12 miles an hour or greater over the posted speed limit. >> many say yes, speed suggest wrong. but they didn't want those cameras in their historic town. >> i just didn't want the cameras. icare about the speed. and i think everyone needs to pitch and slow down. but i wanted there to be another way. now, people opposed to the
6:35 pm
speed camera law had to collect hundreds of secretaries in just 20 days to get it -- signatures to n just 20 days to get it on the ballot. 25-year-old christopher nicholson of the smith burg police department was shot and killed by a man who murdered his girlfriend. nicholson was the firstov officer to -- first officer to arrive on the scene. ann arundle county police arrest a suspect. police say this man, 46-year- old russell hartlove is responsible. they say he broke inthie neighbor's home -- into the neighbor's home 4:30 monday evening. about $1,000 worth of property was stolen and recovered. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore stun. morgan families move. and more on the decision to boost water rates. and coverage tonight of
6:36 pm
uva, in memory of yeardley love. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember, you can look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. a big honor for governor martin o'malley. mary has more. >> he's being named in chicago, biogovernor of the year, for his support of the biotech industry in our state, including $75 million in funding for the state's universities and colleges. >> reporter: maryland's biotech industry is being cultivated in front of our eyes, inside labs like this, at the life sciences institute. student curtisha charles is positioning herself for the future. >> i'm currently interested in the forensics department. as well as testing. we do a lot of testing. >> reporter: these students are enrolled in the applied science degree program. >> we have to use our brain and decide. and actually, do hands on. and i like hands on. >> reporter: many will go on to
6:37 pm
become lab techs. and director kathleen norris says their skills are in demand, even in this economy. >> right now, some of the industries have pulled back. and they're not hiring as well. but there's no money in research grants now. >> reporter: 15 students in this program will graduate -- this year. and many have already secured jobs here in maryland. >> reporter: for those still looking for jobs, here's a lead straight from governor martin o'malley who today was named biogovernor of the year, at an international conference in chicago. >> i met with executives in a great maryland company. they were hiring 500 additional people this year. human genome sciences. their earnings were up 300% in the third quarter. this is an industry that even in these tough times, has continued to add jobs in maryland. >> reporter: as part of today's award, governor o'malley was recognized for lawning a 10- -- launching a 10-year, $1.3
6:38 pm
billion initiative for moving maryland's biotechnology forward. >> biogovernor? governor o'malley also helped secure $8 million in funding for a biotech investor tax credit. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. all wet. wait until you see what happens to a cafer jacking suspect trying to flee from police. economic unrest. violent protests in greece. find out what this could mean for the entire world. i'm bob turk. the first warning weather center. are any showers headed our way? i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz is always on. here are the top stories on wjz document at this hour. -- at this hour. for all of the day's news, and updated forecasts any time, log onto hi! welcome to
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one person gets critically burned. sansan antonio's fire chief said that it was a critical blast. right now, residents within a
6:42 pm
half mile radius are evacuated due to heavy smoke. the cause of that explosion is unknown. more than 30,000 people are stranded tonight from a fresh wave of ash from iceland's volcano. several airlines canceled flights as the volcano pushed ash into their location. the volcano has shown no signs of stopping since it began erupting april 13th. salary cuts and tax hikes. but angry residents are firing back with deadly protest. >> reporter: angry mobs hurled molotov cocktails at greek police. smoke poured out of this bank in athens after demonstrators set it on fire. three people were trapped inside and killed. demonstrations are one thing.
6:43 pm
murder is another said the greek prime minister in his plea to end the violence. the riots, along with a nationwide strike that shut down schools and airports are a response to greek government plans to slash salaries, pepgdzs, and raise -- pensions and raise taxes. those are intended to save greece from financial ruin. the rest of the country is offering a $141 million bailout package. but only if lawmakers agree to the cut. the turbulence on the street put the world on the financial market into a tailspin. stocks were down again wednesday morning. because investors worried. if more go broke, they won't pay back u.s. banks. and they could stop paying products at a time when the u.s. could recover from its own economic crisis. joel brown, cbs news.
6:44 pm
today, marks the first deaths during a protest in greece since 1991. at least 12 people have been hurt so far. an alleged carjacker tries to outrun police but is not successful. stake a look at this. -- take a look at this. the 40-year-old attempted to outrun police. he tried to swim against the rapids. he finally got out. but doesn't immediately surrender. he reaches for a handgun. turns out the gun was fake. but he remains in custody tonight. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight. his vision, to bring better eye care to people in some of the most remote places. you'll meet the doctor whose kindness and generosity has literally opened the eyes of so many. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from
6:45 pm
wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:47 pm
another fantastic may evening. will this continue for the rest of the week?
6:48 pm
we're live with the complete first warning five-day forecast. but first, meteorologist tim williams is in the outback with a more detailed look at what we can expect tomorrow. tim? >> temperatures much like today will be in the low 80s. we have a slight chance of a shower. and it is going to be such a slight chance that many will not see it. and those of you will be so fleeting it it really won't affect you today. and overnight lows, dropping back down into the 50s to near 60 degrees. for the five-day, let's go to bob. >> looks like the next chance of shower will be friday night into saturday. it's going to cool things down. 78. 74 down to 43-degree mark by sunday morning. 64, a little breezy and chilly, by the way, for mother's day. and 66. some increasing temperature and a lot of sunshine here. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. the orioles get a stern warning
6:49 pm
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>> you've heard of see the ball, hit the ball? >> not at 90 miles an hour. >> you can't win if you don't score and you can't score if you don't hit. simply frustrating situation. andy macphail has seen enough. with a team struggling with runs, he spoke out today, basically sounding a warning that those who aren't hitting are in danger of demotion to the minor league. in a quote to the baltimore sun before the game, macphail said to put kindly, some hitters are underperforming. quote, i'm not saying with -- staying with them forever. it's not a suicide pact. they either have to start performing or they'll go to norfolk. our patience isn't inexhaustible. end quote. they have inner league options. a widespread demotion, not likely. and with that warning, they would face andy pettitte. and with two runners on, his first at bat. rimold grounds into a double
6:53 pm
play. the orioles did that four times today. the birds' glove work. not so hot either. two outs. mark teixeira. lou mont anez didn't make the catch. two runs scored for new york. when an out would have ended the inning. the birds' bat came to life late. here's ty wigging ton's run late. he's been the best hitter. but it wasn't enough to avoid the sweep. the o's lose the third straight in the bronx. 7-5, final. they will play at minnesota tomorrow night. outfielder adam jones watched today's game from the bench. he's nursing a hip strain. suffering the injury last night, visibly pained during a swing at bat and a third inning. his condition, day-to-day. no word on the severity of the injury or how long jones will be out of the lineup. the o's head to minnesota outdoor ballpark. today, the twins took on the tigers.
6:54 pm
orlando hudson hustles around. then the tiger the -- tigers turn in the play. brendan bosh gets there. but he can't make the catch. that scores a run. twins win. they're in first place in the central. o's play a four-game series in minnesota, starting tomorrow. preakness news. kentucky derby runnerup icebox is skipping the second jewel of the triple crown. trainer nick zitee -- zito will save the training for june. zito feels the two-week turnaround to the preakness, not enough time. post-season play-offs in the nba. jack nicholson in his court side seats. everybody wants to see the defending champion lake everies. lakers. bryant dropped in 30 points. up by a dozen at half.
6:55 pm
bryant plays defense, too. get it ahead to shannon brown for an easy 2. lakers coast to a 111-103 victory. l.a. taking a lead. with the series shifting to utah for game 3. jack nicholson. we had video of him cursing the referee. that you could still read his lips. he gets into it. >> and he's court side. thank you, mark. we'll be right back. ,,,,
6:56 pm
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miss the cbs priement time lineup tonight at 10:00. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. there's much more ahead on the cbs evening news with katie couric. including the time line of even camera pans to the right, shahzad was just steps away from the spot on west 45th street where he admitted parking an s.u.v. loaded with explosives last saturday night. 53 hours later, shahzad was in
6:59 pm
custody, charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. our justice correspondent bob orr is following the investigation. bob, you have new information tonight about the arrest. >> reporter: katie, indeed. the suspect continues to cooperate. in fact, he's been talking ever since he was grabbed in a bizarre scene that played out aboard the emirates jetliner. the desperate search for accused times square bomber faisel shahzad shown in this snapshot taken more than a year ago, ended just before midnight monday with quiet resignation. shahzad was seated on the plane. the door was closed as the jet prepared for takeoff. suddenly, the door reopened, and a couple people headed down the aisle towards shahzad. sources say without any prompting, shahzad looked up and calmly asked, "what took you so long? i was expected this? are you f.b.i. or n.y.p.d.?" a customs and border protection


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