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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  July 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those are happy passengers. how much does it cost for those snacks again? nothing. at southwest airlines, when we have a sale, it's a sale. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has flights starting at $49 one-way. book now only at [ rand ] how can you not want to get on the plane? come on and get on the plane. we're saving you money. now that's a plane full of happy. [ employees ] grab your bag. it's on. [ ding ] tracking a conspiracy, a shoot out erupted a baltimore
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county hotel as police raid a suspected counter fit raid. today the scheme is uncovered and how the suspects almost got away. hello everybody i'm denise koch and here is what people are talking about tonight. under the cover of darkness, the secret service and baltimore county police move in on a trio of suspected counter fitters. the suspects were tipped off that they were under surveillance and that's when a shoot out broke out. >> reporter: authorities were about to arrest them when one of the men, erik stokes took out a gun and shot at them. >> have you ever heard a
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gunshot? >> reporter: yeah. >> all right then. >> you hear gunshots in the air, you are going to run. >> i know they recovered printers, papers they were used to produce the counter fit bills. >> reporter: police say counter fitting is common and can be lucrative. the other two suspects fled during the gun battle but were quickly arrested. >> to my knowledge, the counter fit money was spent in the county. >> reporter: a bullet hole pierced the van of a ramada hotel workers that asked us to protect his identity. >> reporter: did you ever think manager like this was going to happen in the ramada. >> no. i never thought. >> it's sad that somebody had to die at the end of the day. >> he said get down, then she
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was like crying and i said, they're going to hell because they were right next to the building. >> reporter: a night many guests here will never forget. police found a large number of fake bills in the hotel, and they are asking business to be careful on what bills they accept so they don't get caught with a any fake ones. mike hellgren, wjz news. detectives that fired at stokes are on administrative leave which is routine. police will not identify them, they were not injured. we are in for some major heat and humidity over the next few days. again, everyone dangerous heat. for more on just how hot those temperatures are going to go, we go to bob turk live in the weather center. >> i have a very good forecast, i can tell you that much. let's take a look at the watches and advisories tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. in central virginia, they are
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under a heat advisory. take a look at these temperatures, tomorrow we're forecasting 96 on saturday. maybe as high as 10 #. but humidity increasing which means it's going to feel more like 100 tomorrow. and 105 to 108 is what it will feel on saturday. we'll come back and tell you what we have coming in a few. a lot of consumers may soon get hot under the collar when they see their electricity sore. >> reporter: utility companies could tell customers that their bills could be higher depending on how much energy they use. maryland has roasted on a
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number of days under the scorching sun this summer. the price for cool air can cause few stacks of green backs. if you constantly run your ac, you can prepare for higher than normal bills because of the extreme hot june and july. >> we strongly encourage our customers to reduce usage. >> 18 days were under 90 degrees. last year in june there weren't any days under 80 degrees. susan brown and her family say they are not affected by energy spikes because they use energy building. >> i don't have a problem with my bg & e bill because i am on the budget plan and my budget has been $237 for a couple of
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years. >> reporter: the average high for m maryland, 79.9 degrees and we're going to get even hotter. new developments tonight in the gulf oil crisis just a short time ago. the federal government ordered dozens of ships to evacuate the site of the broken well as tropical storm bonnie is expected to head straight for it. here's a look at the ruptured well under water after several days of debate. tonight bp says it will keep the containment cap on during the storm. johnson reports from mississippi. >> reporter: extreme weather threatens to stir the gulf. but even as tropical storm bonnie moves in the government says the cap on bp's ruptured oil well will stay shut. >> we've made the determination that it is best to keep the well capped. >> reporter: the government and bp are evacuating dozens of
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ships and the crews closest to the broken well. moving those vessels away will leave the well unattended for days, but bp is confident the cap will hold. >> we have to take actions because we have to make sure the people are safe, that's our first priority. >> reporter: the rough weather is still hundreds of miles away but it's already raising fears it will push oil directly toward the coastline. >> if it's close enough to the north coast there's going to be effects of it. >> reporter: one line of defense against the oil is already gone for now. be, p has ordered hundreds of skimming vessels back to port. the threat of the severe weather striking the coast has also prompted louisiana's governor to declare a state of emergency. >> we hope for the best, prepare for the worse. >> reporter: with a full evacuation, efforts to permanent lip seal the broken well could be put on hold till
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next week and waves are already starting to build. whitt johnson, wjz news. there were good news today for fishermen, oona announced they will reopen 450 feet of ocean for fishermen in the area. maryland education officials are looking into possible testing violations at avertson elementary school. the baltimore sun reports the investigation was requested after a dramatic drop in testing scores on the maryland school assessment test. last year, the sun reports 100% of third graders passed the reading portion of the test. but this year, only 50% of the class passed. tonight's school ceo andres alonzo says it's too early to draw any conclusions. rejected tonight a bill that calls for a living wage was killed in a city council
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hearing. the measure would have required major retailers in baltimore to pay workers $10.50 an hour. that's more than $3 above the minimum wage. after a marathon hearing which lasted several hours on the majority of members on the committee voted against it. also in city hall, concerns over staffing in the police department after a hirer than usual amounts of officers -- higher than usual amounts of officers on streets. >> right now we're over 100
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officers short. >> reporter: 42 officers retired in june, that's more than double the 17 who left in 2009 and 20 in 2008. the spike came in the heel of a contentious decision to pass higher pension contributions. that means drop in their payments and a rise in their retirement age. >> i think it's bad for recruitment, bad for retention. >> reporter: but the mayor adds it has nothing to do with pension reform. >> reporter: only three of the retiring officers in june would have experienced changing in their pension benefits under the new legislation. only three. >> clearly, clearly, this pension debate is not a significant impact. >> reporter: the police commissioner says for now, over time is offsetting the officers shortfall while the city launches a new plan to expedite
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a hiring process. hopes to fill all the holes by the end of the year and hire a record 350 officers in 2011. >> hiring additional officers, training additional officers and getting additional officers out on the street is a shot in the arm that we need at a critical time. >> reporter: the mayor says the money for the new plan will come from the general fund and it costs $3 million to graduate each police class of 50 officers. we're live at the police headquarters tonight, weijia jiang, eyewitness news. >> thank you weijia. the police commissioner says he also plans to increase the number of officer classes and graduates per class. we know the ravens are number one with their fans, but where do they rank on the balance sheet? according to forbe's magazine, the ravens are the 15th most valuable chain in the world.
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the leader of the pack is england's manchester united soccer club. fight against fees, a woman says a major airline lost her bags but the airline refused to return her baggage fees. >> i killed my kids. i killed them, i killed my children, i killed my children. >> you killed your children? >> yeah, both of them. and a woman calls 911 and telling them she killed her children, why she says she did it. a new tropical storm, i'm bob turk, i'll have the
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it is 79 degrees with some clouds in central maryland right now. the complete forewarn weather coming up. but first a woman in texas calls 911 to report she has strangled her two children. those tapes have been released and on them you can hear the chilling reason she gives for the murders. >> reporter: why did you do this? >> they both of them are not normal. they are autistic. both are autistic. >> reporter: both are what dear? >> autistic, i don't want my
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kids to be like that. >> they are both autistic. >> i don't want -- i want normal kids. >> the family of the 30-year- old woman said she was treated for mental illness in pakistan three years ago. she will likely be charged with capital murder. an investigation is under way at prince george's county after two people drown in a backyard pool. a 12-year-old was spotted motionless in a neighbor's pool. the body of the 12-year-old's 54-year-old uncle was found along with them. they believe he died trying to save the child. a maryland court awards $70,000 to a woman that lost her home. tonight she is warning other homeowners to be on guard. >> reporter: susan spicer works
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50 to 60 hours a week at a diner, it's a far cry from the retirement she had been planning for herself until a few years ago. that's what caused her house that she had been paying on mostly all her life. since she paid mostly cash, she had a small mortgage. when susan fell on hard times, she turned to royal financial services for help. >> he told me don't let it go to fore closure, he was going to save me. to sign the house over to him and pay to him for one year. then he was going to sign it over to him. within that year, he sold the house from under me. >> reporter: susan took the owens company to court and won
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thanks to this, maryland's foreclosure protection act. wjz has tried to reach the finance company, so far no answer from them. desperate homeowners facing foreclosure are easy targets. >> reporter: so the message is, do not sign a legal document without consulting an attorney. that is the only way you protect yourself. >> reporter: it's a message susan spicer wishes she learned before trusting her house to a stranger. >> that is everything i had. and i saved a long time for it, he just basically stole it.
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>> reporter: dereck valcourt. >> now the company involved in susan spicer's foreclosure got their license revoked. stone henge may have some company according toarchologists. a circular ditch was found. it could have been a foundation for a free standing wooden structure. excavations have been tightly restricted. wow.
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>> obviously that wood is pretty much gone by now. >> well, yeah. let's take a look at temperature conditions throughout the region. the humidity was not high today so it really wasn't all that bad. humidity is coming up there right now. due points up to 69. it's still 79, 86 in washington, 70 in oakland. ocean city on the boardwalk at 78. tomorrow we're going to be back up in the mid-90s, and the dewpoints are coming up. it's going to be very sticky, very comfortable. it's going to feel more like 80 degrees tomorrow. a big area of showers and storms on the rim of that heat along the great leaks moving through chicago, detroit. that's passing through our north. we don't expect it to rain after that. tomorrow afternoon with this warm wedge coming into the area and higher dewpoints, there might be a brief shower. although we don't expect too much of that. we do have that warm front that is going to go through the region and put us back in to
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the heat and humidity for friday and saturday. at least a portion of sunday before another warm comes down and will cool us down to the upper 80s by next monday and tuesday. and lower humidity too. so overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow. this warm front passes the area, we get back into real steamy stuff tomorrow. particularly on saturday, now i said a couple of weeks ago we got up to 105 degrees. that particular day the dewpoints were in the 50. tomorrow, it's not going to be that bad on saturday. dewpoints are going to be closer to 70, which is going the make it feel like 105-107. a lot worse than it was a couple of weeks ago. very uncomfortable start to the weekend. then that front coming through with more thundershower activity on sunday. let's go back to the tropics, a minimal tropical storm. this is cuba, it's right there.
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it's not a very big system and it really hasn't grown any tonight, in fact, it's actually the pressure has risen a little bit. here is what it's expected to do. go just south of florida and coming very close to the new orleans area. main just west of new orleans. winds now just about 40. some rain also showing up on the east coast of florida. that's going to spread west ward into monroe county, getting up to about benita beach if you know the area. could see five to 6 inches of rain down there by the way. bay temp 83 degrees, tonight partly cloudy. a few clouds, 71 tomorrow. warm, humid, hot, humid 96 and definitely uncomfortable. the next five days, nearly miserable on saturday. scattered shower and thundershower possible. friday, saturday, best chance on sunday. 196 down to 88 for monday and 196 down to 88 for monday and tuesday with ,,,,,,
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row,
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record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.
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a disastrous season blowing up in dramatic action tonight. some o's lose their patience in the process. this comes as teams begin to get some players back in uniform. like robertson who was out since january. starting pitcher kevin millwood returned from the disabled list. off since june 5th. millwood throws 6 innings in his return, gave up four runs. the action turns wild 7th inning. t y wiggington will be ejected. and later in that same inning,
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o's manager juan samuel losing his cool. samuel goes into full tantrum mode, he is thrown out in the sixth. for the third time this week, ed reed has ripped the ravens in an interview. today telling wbal he asked the team for game video and he was rejected. reed says he doesn't have to play for them, and he doesn't need their money. coach john harbaugh told wjz radio that he loves ed reed, that he expects the two to talk face to face when they meet next week. we apologize for what is a stuck tape there of ed reed. basketball news, gary neil has signed a three year nba contract with the san antonio
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spurs. neil was undrafted when he left townsend three years ago. played proin turkey and in spain and had a stand out summer with the spurs this summer so he earns the contract. scored more than 2,000 ,,,,,,,,,
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